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  2. Sicksagittarius

    sicksagittarius: Lexapro/escitalopram withdrawal

    So using fresh herbs and powdered spices are good for you but impact the autonomic dysfunction? are all herbs and spices stimulating? I researched oregano, basil, tumeric and ginger just now and they are all stimulating. I incorporated them in for flavor and anti inflammatory impact so I could get off my pharmaceutical drugs. Should I slowly eliminate each one over a period of days to see if it helps calm my system down? Or just stick to it and see if I regulate since its been so long? I put the spices on everything I eat practically to give it flavor so maybe its way too much. Did I just prol
  3. ChessieCat

    TruthSeeker99: Looking for answers

    You are welcome. Click on the arrow top right of the quote box my post above. It will take you to that specific post which is within the SA Covid topic so just click on Page 1 at the top of the page to go to the start of the topic.
  4. ChessieCat

    street129: hi

    Thank you. I created the website as a link to an email campaign that I did contacting medical professionals by email. People do not like clicking on links in emails because they might contain a virus. I wanted the email to be short enough that people would read it. But I also wanted to provide more information. Here is the topic about my campaign:
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  6. CharlieBrown


    Hey, I try to use terms like "Plumbing" or "Downstairs" but often people are asking quite personal and specific questions. I know people are looking for reassurance. So I also try to be clear and concise. I recently said: " I went from total erectile dysfunction to "normal" (what I was educated 15 years ago, is/was average sexual performance. Fluid amount, longevity and sensitivity.)" Do you think that is too explicit? I tried to use proper terminology. I don't know... I want to be clear. Maybe it's just me. Is the word "Flaccid" improper/graphic? I don't think so.
  7. Tyler84

    Tyler84: Help . Mirtazapine wd .

    Still doing pretty bad .. haven’t reinstated yet . But jsut trying to survive . I hope it isn’t this way for months more I’m already 16 weeks off
  8. street129

    street129: hi

    @ChessieCat Ive been on the site a lot the pass few days just reading different things, I read your website and how you to took half of your pill and it was an interesting piece, I too made a big error in my doses, began to taper much less than my actual mg, and manymoretodays saw the error and was helping me out of WD. I've been doing good at my taper until my eye surgery and interacting with eye drops causing me right now ito be n WD. I love your stories, interesting piece.
  9. JanCarol

    DMV64: reinstate Saphris?

    Hey D - good to hear from you. You don't need to tag me either, your thread comes up in my feed. So - first I have to say - I'm proud of you for being so stable and slow and heading in the right direction! Remember when it was touch and go? Challenging? Struggling? Yeah, those don't seem to be there, now! You are feeling okay - so much so, you are thinking of dropping the Geodon. This is awesome! I know you may feel like 2 mg isn't doing much, but it is. Geodon hits a few receptors. I know that 2 years seems like a long time, especially fiddling with liquid and doses an
  10. While changing your diet is good for you, one must realize that herbs or spices that are known to help regulate mood, blood pressure and blood sugar are also likely to affect autonomic dysfunction issue common with WD. Ginger, garlic and turmeric are all wonder additions that, built up over time, will help not only your over all health and aid wd symptoms, but but any thing natural used AS a medicine and known to stumulate the body is going to change your bodies chemical processing. You may have just added too many stimulating items all at once, instead of adding one supplement-herb at a tim
  11. TruthSeeker99

    TruthSeeker99: Looking for answers

    Thank you , I will make a drug signature , is there a thread for people to discuss the pros and cons of the vaccine?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thanks guys. I ended up doing the full week of 0.00625mg. Today I have reduced to 0.005mg. Spoke to the doctor and my blood platelets are okay, haemoglobin normal and blood clotting is okay. D-dimer (which can indicate presence of a clot) is not bad but she spoke to the head doctor and he said to have another blood test on Monday. So I’m going to have a full fasting blood test done, including B12, for which my sister and mother both require/d B12 injections. So that includes blood sugar and cholesterol. I figured I might a
  14. Hi. I’m a human being who reinstated and my akathisia did not remit. So be very careful. However benzos completely masked my symptoms for a period. Where i had near total relief. Is it the same for you? Take care. I know how you feel and I’m truly sorry. This is so so hard.
  15. ChessieCat

    Blanca: tapering Invega

    Please post questions about your situation here in your Introduction topic. Posts made in other areas of the site might not get seen by the staff. Thank you. Alto requested that you create your drug signature. We need to know your drug history before the staff can answer your questions. Thank you.
  16. Sicksagittarius

    sicksagittarius: Lexapro/escitalopram withdrawal

    @ChessieCatSince I tried so many new things at once, like drastically changing my diet to be more balanced with fish, green veggies, fresh herbs and spices like basil, oregeno, tumeric and ginger on my food instead of lots of sweet potatoes and a few vegetables as well as clean beauty product exchanges for old toxic ones like makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, body soap, jojoba oils for skin and hair, I'm having a hard time deciphering what could be causing my prolonged nervous system upset. I've been under chronic stress so not sure if the stress has just prevented this h
  17. Sicksagittarius

    sicksagittarius: Lexapro/escitalopram withdrawal

    @ColonialWhen you dropped too many unhealthy foods at once, what were your neurological/metabolic issues? Was it the sleep paralysis you felt or was that after eating the carbs and sugars that would rush to your brain? I changed from never eating fish to eating it twice a day, too quickly dropping the sweet potatoes completely that I ate multiple times a day and adding a ton of new green veggies at once and herbs like basil, oregeno and spices tumeric and ginger, and probably too quickly dropped the processed chips but not as drastic as the others. Not sure if this could contribute to the upse
  18. street129

    street129: hi

    @brassmonkey@Frogie @manymoretodays @Rosetta @Colonial @ChessieCat thanks for your reply, the llittlest word can mean a lot to us when we're looking for the right word that make us see and understand things that's not in our thoughts and the light bulb goes off and we then gets it. Thank you guys. I did go back to my eye Dr. on October 8th which was last Friday and I informed her about my bad reaction to the prednisone that I was experiencing while taking my sleeping pill trazodone, She had advised me to stop the prednisone the following Monday, October 1
  19. @LarrySHi Larry! I know you want to keep on schedule and that you feel your symptoms are manageable. I will only say it once because I can't feel how you feel and I know I'm running a risk of you telling me to myob. No one knows what this drop will do until you do it. I would wait another month to see if your symptoms improve and give yourself more time, but that is my opinion. Holding a few more weeks is one thing we know won't be harmful. You don't owe me any explanation or justification. Absolutely, I wish you the best with this drop! (I'm not suggesting that you hold so I can beat you to
  20. Hi getofflex, thank you so much for commenting. I started escitalopram because I was having sleep issues (couldn't fall asleep for the entire night or the next day). Because they weren't improving from changing sleep schedules/melatonin/meditation so I thought maybe I have anxiety so I decided to try antidepressants and see if it it helped me sleep better. But I tried escitalopram when I had no school (and I wasn't working or anything due to covid) so I didn't notice how they decreased my cognitive abilities until after taking it for four months and I had to return to school did I discov
  21. okay good! i’ll post tomorrows probably a bit later so you can see a fuller day going forward. and no i’m not on any, i’ve been to hesitant to rock the boat with any so at this time i’m not on any supplements. nope! i haven’t drank alcohol at all while on medication and i don’t use any substances i agree, i’ve always found it weird that it’s worse at those times and then around 4pm it’s like someone flicks a switch. but i will continue to post like you said, thank you for your help as always!
  22. Please do not tag me. Thank you.
  23. getofflex

    holli: messed up zoloft tapering?

    Your daily journal looks great! I take it you are not on any supplements. If you are, please let us know, and include them in your drug sig, and include them in your daily journal with times o'clock you take them and doses. Are you drinking alcohol or using any other mood altering substances? Please continue to do a daily journal for the next few days, and report it here. From looking at today's journal, I tentatively say that you look like you are currently having an adverse reaction to the 12.5 mg Zoloft. Fifteen minutes after you take it, your an
  24. Update: My sleep has been mostly normal and my GI issues aren't bad anymore. However, I still get random chest discomfort/pressure and a globus sensation at times even if I take Pepcid daily. So weird to be feeling this after many months of discontinuation.
  25. ChessieCat


    Please note that the following has been added to topic what-will-get-you-warned-or-banned
  26. ChessieCat

    PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Please note that the following has been added to topic what-will-get-you-warned-or-banned
  27. ChessieCat

    TruthSeeker99: Looking for answers

    Hi TruthSeeker and welcome to SA, I suggest you read this post first. It is a post made recently by SA's founder, Altostrata. Note this comment at the bottom of her post which I personally think is very sensible. Please note that members need to make their own decision about whether to get vaccinated or not. You are being careful and doing your own research which will hopefully help you to make an informed decision. As soon as you can, please create your drug signature which will appear below every post and will allow us to see your drug history
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