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  2. Time was, essentially, THE healer in Lex1992's recovery.
  3. cindersoot

    cindersoot: two weeks off prozac

    It sure seems that my life is a mess right now. I lost my mother year ago and with her death the truth now my entire family disowned me. My husband is emotionally abusive, I have no friend. I'm at the end of my rope.
  4. cindersoot

    cindersoot: two weeks off prozac

    The therapist and receptionist are close friends.
  5. Hi, slept ok last night but during the day the wd is bad. Thinking of updosing, but here is the problem: I can only cut the 5 mg excitalopram pill in 4 relatively equal parts. This is how i ended up gaoing from 15 to 13.75 mg. How do i manage to not updose back to 15 mg? Are there fancy pill splitters that can cut a small 5 mm diameter pill in 8 ? Or do i crush a pill and dissolve in water? thanks for the advice!!!
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering for those that recovered, how long did it take you to recover emotions? I have done a taper from Trintellix after being on different SSRIs for 6 years. My emotions slowly disappeared, and reappeared sometimes during the taper. Now that I am completely off the medication, my emotions have slowly gone away again. Along with this, my libido. Interestingly enough, the anxiety disappeared and now it's just been onn and off lack of emotions. The only symptoms I have been dealing with for a while have been brain fog, mild DP/DR, mild anhedonia, lack of emotions, and lack of focus. I am also still on Adderall so I don't know how much that affects my emotions. It is hard to tell how long this withdrawal will be, my tapers were usually only a month or two of symptoms. Praying that it will not last years.
  7. Hi @Miracle123 @JackieDecides Thanks for dropping by. I’ve wanted to spend more time encouraging others on here today but I’m struggling to think, I still have the virus. I’m actually in tears at the moment, nothing to do with withdrawals. I have a lot going on in my life that I won’t share here. Jackie, yes, I’ve done the garlic thing too, I actually chopped up raw garlic and swallowed it. It helped heal an ear infection once. I got some coconut oil yesterday which is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. It’s helped in the past. If I had some at home earlier I could have killed the virus as soon as I felt a sore throat. Sending lots of hugs through my tears🤗🤗🤗
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  9. Nevertoolate

    Nevertoolate: Lexapro

    Thanks Carmie xx I'll check it out. 🌹🌹
  10. LilBit

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    I started the split dosing on the 12th when I got below 250mg and switched from Depakote ER to all Sprinkles. I didn’t post when I made the change, I hadn’t been on the site in a bit. It seems like my brain fog and mood has gotten better but my sleep is still terrible. I am trying to get in as many calories as I can! I’ll post the results of all the labs I had done yesterday as soon as they are available.
  11. Hi, i read peter breggin’s 10 percent method here. download848.mediafire.com/xc0ar44wz4eg/q9v2n9jxopu8x25/2000_breggin_your_drug_may_be_your_problem.pdf he says discontinuation in 10 steps at a rate of 10 percent each (from the original dose) he says these step reductions can vary from days, weeks to months he generally recommends 10 percent reductions every 7-10 days. So it seems that his views are being misrepresented in SAD’s 10 percent tapering section? Breggin seems to think the average person is ok cutting doses 4 times faster than this website. or is Zyprexa an outlier? can somebody please clarify.
  12. I know the feeling well. During periods of my life when I was having panic attacks all day, it was sometimes hard to exercise. It’s brutal, man. I know. It’s easy for me to give advice because I reinstated and am feeling somewhat better, even though I’m not back to normal. But even when my withdrawal started and I was having panic attacks, often the only thing that would calm me down was a long run. I remember one night I ran 9 miles just to try to get my nervous system to calm down and interrupt the constant depressing thoughts looping through my head. Felt like I was running for my life. Maybe I was. The fact that that you are hanging in there without fully reinstating the way I did is really courageous. I wish I’d had the stamina for it. Keep fighting. Keep going to therapy and doing the homework. We are all pulling for you.
  13. RachelSusan

    RachelSusan: Zoloft - on, off & reinstated

    @RusTW Hi RusTW, I have had really bad headaches and sinus problems while in the middle of withdrawal, but it was only during a bad withdrawal. I can't say it was at the beginning or any specific time during withdrawal, perhaps just the entire time. What about you? Is this something you have experienced? I am glad you are starting to feel a little better overall. I know you have your occasional wave but it does sound like you are doing pretty good, which I am very happy about. I hope that we both continue to improve.
  14. I'm still confused about the SSRI. I'm so jaded by all these meds I really do not want to start taking the Celexa. I'm so pissed right now at the thought of withdrawal from trazadone.. I just want to freak out... I'm nearing month four off Prozac. I feel like things have not been getting worse. I've read how some get hit at month 3 or 4 so I am a little worried. Would it be wise to wait this out? Foolish? I mean there's no guarantee I will feel better, the little Prozac I did take didn't change anything, and I would just end up with withdrawal down the road, right? I have taken Celexa and nothing positive happened. Is it possible the worst it gets has already came? I do get large windows of feeling better. If I knew for fact it was from the SSRI and not the benzo, I would do it. Really the only thing I can't stand is the unrelenting anxiety and inner tremble and that could be from the Klonopin, right? Funny thing about the benzo is I have a prescription for it, even a large amount I saved from not taking the full amount every month. I just can't bring myself to take any. I think I'd rather die. I feel like this is all one sick and twisted joke. I know I'm asking for the future to be predicted, but I can't stand the thought of letting all this suffering and waiting to be for not.
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  16. Gracee

    cindersoot: two weeks off prozac

    It is likely the receptionist and therapist are not communicating??? Will you consider sorting this out personally with your therapist?
  17. @marconyc I feel exhausted all day from these daily anxiety attacks. I’m sure you know the feeling but I’m starting slow.
  18. I mean how could you not? I have been doing lots of complaining to my therapist as I am not functioning well at all, and am not myself. I am stuck in a variety of ways but lately have been getting stuck on just how blatantly unfair this situation is and the irony of it all. Like I was given a pill to help with something I struggle with that ended up making the very thing I struggled with 100 times worse, and then on top of that, gave me about 500 more things to struggle with, and created even more emotional turmoil from the side effects that are difficult to manage on a day to day basis and are changing the course of my life. Last year I was a somewhat depressed obsessive person with a passion for fishing and hockey, and loved music and a good book here and there. I was talented and intellectual and took pride in my book smarts. Now I have no passion, can barely find the energy to force myself to engage in the things I once loved, and feel no sense of satisfaction from any of it. I can barely read and feel like a stuttering idiot most of the time. Depression is one thing but being deprived of the things that defined you and your life is another thing entirely. I have been off now completely 8 months and though some hours I am in a better mood and things are less of a struggle, most of the time I am fighting to just get through the day without crying my eyes out from the mental pain and physical exhaustion. Sure the situation could be worse in that I could be going through all this and also be a paraplegic or be blind, but thinking optimistically doesn't seem to help when your body is not capable of experiencing positive emotional states any longer. It is a difficult and impossible reality to face. I think the worst part of all this is there is really nothing that can be done. You just have to suffer through it and hope you heal from it. I have no idea how I am going to get my life back or if this is what I am going to be from now on. I do not know if I can handle this situation for 50 more years. I have barely handled it for one.
  19. mdwstrx

    mdwstrx: Lexapro taper or not?

    Not as good of a day as I've had recently. Chest/back achiness and hot flushing seems to have subsided which is nice. Instead, a slight bit of the old heart pounding, slightly irritable/edgy and unsettled chemical feeling is here. Either a continuation of a small wave or the switch to full liquid yesterday has ramped up new symptoms. Played sports for a couple hours this morning and joined a group of twenty or more for lunch afterward at restaurant. Didn't really enjoy as I had a hard time focusing on sports and felt different from the rest at lunch. I have to remind myself of the number of people who have offered up that they either are or have been on these drugs. Amazing really. Example: 24 yr old hair dresser - fluoxetine (and according to her, most the girls in the shop are "on something") 6 fellow sports players - citalopram, prozac, effexor xray technician - ssri(?) gal who called to give xray result - ssri (?) gal at church - prozac aunt - ssri(?) uncle- ssri(?) friend -escitalopram friend - wellbutrin I could go on but it's safe to say they are still prescribing this stuff, a lot. Crazy. A couple of other questions for anyone willing to tackle. Is Wellbutrin hard to go off of for someone who's been on for 4 years? My friend has tapered to one 10 mg tablet of Prozac, 1 x a week. She's taken that one pill a week over a year. She's afraid to stop. Do you think she would have wd if she does? Or should she consider tapering the dosage of that weekly pill? If the latter, I'll suggest that she sign up here for guidance. Thanks.
  20. Rachellynn

    Rachellynn: Prozac & Remeron support :)

    @Goosie that’s good to know. Thank you for the info! I was pretty happy the day after i slept a few hours and then dream state for a few hours. I don’t remember much of last night but was up and down a lot. It’s all becoming a huge run-on sentence. I am constantly waiting. Trying to distract the best that i can. Praying for better sleep sleep tonight for the both of us. Sending you love❤️
  21. RusTW

    ChessieCat: so I'm not the only one

    CC music looping has helped me so much.its nice you found it too.i mostly listen to 80s or classical
  22. RS did you ever notice that you were getting headaches at the beginning or during a wave.
  23. Survivor1

    Waiting12: Needing advice

    Hi Waiting12, So sorry that you are still in the thick of it. It's quite remarkable that only one dose is sufficient to do this. Shows how unique we all are... I have had almost every symptom throughout my drug withdrawal journeys but am fortunate to be spared akathisia. I can't imagine what it must be like. In times when all seem lost, I always tell myself (literally, aloud) "it has to get better" and I try to imagine 5 years down the road. It really cannot be like this 5 years hence. The hardest part is to pass the time until then! I too wonder about taking different meds and reacting to them. My most recent was propofol. I have never had a reaction to it, had it about 4 times before for various procedures. But now it has thrown me for a loop. I hope you find some relief soon. We are all due for some good news ... Take care and hang in there.
  24. I’ve already said my piece. Did more harm that good for me. Nasty drug with an even nastier withdrawal profile. Please tread lightly.
  25. mdwstrx

    mdwstrx: Lexapro taper or not?

    Hi Carmie. I have some questions for the mods, including one on the post above that came from another's thread. I know the concept you mention is from BrassMonkey's essay. I'm just not sure what it means in the context of stabilizing without further tapering. Question: When does wd end if not the absence of symptoms (if one is not actively tapering)? Question: If I taper to a low dosages successfully, is it likely that escitalopram will no longer work for me in the event an up-dose is necessary? Thank you.
  26. Yes I need the sleep, was just kind of worried about the sudden symptoms. I will start taper tonight and see how I feel. If the heart gets any worse I may need to quit suddenly, which after reading this board is not a good option but not sure what else I could do. Had no idea how nasty this stuff is. Unless you really dig for info, all the Google links show this as a very "benign" medicine. I'm starting to see a pattern..
  27. Since I have been in withdrawal I have lost weight, probably for a variety of reasons, mostly a stress response and over exercising as a way of coping. Just dawned on me that being underweight (my bmi is 16.5) might be intensifying my wd symptoms. Do the moderators have thoughts or info about this? thank you!
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