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  2. Notes so after that big wave. Lasted 11 days. I had mediocre windows for 2 days and then the fatigue started on the third day and turned into a wave again. Now the waves usually will start out with fatigue in the morning low symptoms and then turn into anxiety and then all the combined symptoms Symptoms are going from moderate to extreme_ anxiety fog insomnia fatigue SI and racing thoughts and Mild GI issues.
  3. Even though I have this hate towards religious stuff, I'm still open to it, meaning that if a person suggests me a religious solution, if it helped that person while tapering psych drugs, I'll be open to it and try it.
  4. papaloapan

    Losing faith

    Even though I have this hate towards religious stuff, I'm still open to it, meaning that if a person suggests me a religious solution, if it helped that person while tapering psych drugs, I'll be open to it and try it.
  5. Hi Carmie our new cat squirrel has taken over the house. The first few days he was hiding and sleeping all day and we couldn't find him and now he comes out at night time and cries and begs for attention to which he gets. We have a springer spaniel also that loves to play with him. They get along really good. Nature is good to have around us. That's awesome you seen a baby Magpie I've never seen a baby before. We live on the edge of the mountains also so there is coyote are magpies Hawks vultures lots of rabbits and lots of quail.
  6. Carmie

    ☼ Miracle123: Lexapro withdrawal

    Hi Miracle, Thanks for popping over to my thread. It was nice to hear from you again. I’m glad you’re living life to the full now. Yay!💚
  7. Sebas

    PerAsperaAdAstra: getting off of Paxil properly

    Good evening #landgenoot in hetzelfde schuitje. Ik stuur je een link naar de betreffende procedure. Deelname is nog mogelijk cq wenselijk. Formulier invullen en kleine bijdrage (€295) betalen. Bij langdurig gebruik/ernstige afbouwklachten en zeker indien je voor een bepaalde leeftijd begonnen bent. https://www.letselverhalen.nl/stichting-seroxatclaim Je hebt al veel info geabsorbeerd lees ik. Mocht je nog vragen hebben dan weet je me te vinden. Afbouwen van paroxetine/seroxat middels suspensie kan ik je aanbevelen. Neem de tijd, het gaat vele jaren duren om het goed te doen.
  8. Hi Rosetta I just wanted to wish you a nice evening. Hopefully you can feel peaceful and relaxed. I used to like to stay inside during the rains down there. That's what I liked about Southern California is after the rains everything is all magnified and clean. LOL Russ
  9. Thank you @Rabe and @neroli. Today has been easier except for the wake up. The cumulative effect on my life is really taking its toll. My house is worse than ever. All I can do is lie here. My friend cancelled our playdate. I think she forgot. It's raining. I'm just giving in to inertia today. I'm supposed to teach art tomorrow. I'll figure it out from there, I suppose.
  10. Carmie

    Sunnyday: go back up in dosage?

    Hi Sunnyday, That’s great you’re getting windows, and that they last for a lot of the day, it shows that your brain is healing. I’m really sorry you’re grieving your old self, but one of these days you will come out of that cocoon and become the beautiful butterfly you once were. Just because we don’t feel like yourself during withdrawals doesn’t mean we will always be like that. Our brain really have a marvellous ability to heal. As Miracle said, it’s good to find distractions when you’re feeling stressed. I have millions of them ( a hyperbole ) 😁 Take care💚
  11. Carmie

    Anna1120: Doxepin taper

    Glad you’re doing well Anna, Have you started tapering? Sending hugs🤗
  12. Carmie

    PerAsperaAdAstra: getting off of Paxil properly

    Hi PAAA, I’m so happy you’re doing well, I’m really glad that the reinstatement worked. Yay! That’s nice that you’re encouraging others, I’m sure that they really appreciate it. This certainly is a hard journey, and unless someone has gone through it it’s hard to understand and comprehend. Doing the Brassmonkey slide sounds like a brilliant idea. I think most of us have made mistakes in the past. We can’t change the past though, we can only learn from it. What we need to focus on is today and moving forward. No amount of worrying about what happened in the past changes anything. Onwards and upwards!😁 All the best with your tapering when you start again.💚
  13. Rachellynn

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    @LilBit you are not having total/complete insomnia anymore!! That is great...it will be slow (perhaps) but you are making strides and it looks like you are no longer losing weight which is also good. I have faith in both of us. You got this🙏🏼
  14. Hi Cruizer, That’s great that you’ve been feeling a bit better. Good idea to hold longer too if you’re going through stresses. I’ve sometimes done really long holds after I’ve stabilised because I had important events coming up, or because I just wanted a break from tapering. I love your positive attitude, that you no longer look for an end date, that you simply look for the improvement in the quality of life, that you’re in no hurry. Yes, slow and steady really is the way to go, trying to rush our taper doesn’t get us anywhere faster as we will only end up in bigger waves and we have to hold longer anyway. I don’t look for an end date either, I just focus on each day as it comes and look at the positives in that day. I hold as long as I need to before I do much next taper. You’ve done really well so far coming down from 150mg. Keep up the good work!💚
  15. LilBit

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    Thank you @Rachellynn... not really sure if it is improving but I'll take what I can get. I feel like my situation is difficult because it is a combination of withdrawals, adverse reactions, insomnia that I originally had and sleep apnea. It is going to be a long journey but it has to improve eventually!!
  16. I like your long rambling updates - they are good to read and good to see you have the capacity to write them- often times we feel brain damaged but we ha e our ability to read and write -‘ that at the very least is comforting - I love love love chips! (Crisps) my favorites are sour cream and onion - provsvly simliar to pickled onion- French connection is one of my favored clothing brands too - you have a company over there called “Friday on my Mind” that I adore - lots of retro style designs - I am bigger too so often I can’t find brands that I love in my size - lately i I dress like I live in an institution- sweat pants and slippers everywhere I go- I feel bad for my family- I look and feel so feeble minded - my facote bands- Blur lush elastica belle and Sebastian oasis the stone roses courtney Barnett many are are no longer together but I still love them- my favorite American food is probably meatloaf and mashed potatoes - with lots of ketchup! I have used brown sauce on my meatloaf before and I really like it but it’s expensive to buy here - best tv show I still think, hands down is Breaking Bad, but there are many others that I love - The handmaids tale (drama on Hulu) harlots (drama on hulu) the walking dead (drama) community (comedy) superstore (comedy) seinfeld (comedy) also so we watch keeping up appearances here - we love it - i hoow your having a good day😊 i am in the middle of waves of anxiety rolling through my body as I lay here and watch my daughter play video games on her computer - I feel frozen and like I don’t want to move - I always feel like if I move my anxiety gets worse so I wait for another day to get over with so I just sleep- i hooe for better days For all of us - love from across the pond ! One day day I will make it over there for some real blood pudding!
  17. I’ve been on Wellbutrin and Zoloft together since I was about 15 and was on Prozac prior and I started taking that at about age 13. Has anyone here been on antidepressants long term since they were in their young teens and recovered? I’m so afraid I won’t recover due to my brain not even being fully developed.
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  19. boymom

    boymom: Zoloft / sertraline

    Mods, I desperately need input on my current situation. I tried to do a drug signature but cannot think straight enough to do one. I'm listing my drugs/supplements below instead. Here is what I am taking now in an attempt to get more stable (I've been seeing a naturopath who put me on the 5HTP, Calm, GABA, magnesium and a very high dose of fish oil): Vit C Magnesium glycinate 3750 mg fish oil 100 mg 5-HTP after breakfast Calm formula with 100 mg of GABA and 50 mg of HTP At night 100 mg of GABA supplement 5 mg of Lexapro at night 1/4 - 1/2 of Klonopin as needed Lately I have been feeling completely destabilized. I have suicidal ideation at times although I won't do it. I'm terrified that I am not able to be a good mom to my son. Am I taking something that is making my condition worse? I've been taking the above combination of Lexapro/HTP/supplements for about 7 weeks. I do not know what to stop taking or whether I should wean off of any of the above. I'm feeling desperate. Please help.
  20. Update - Day 19 of Reinstatement 12.5 mg of Sertraline - 17,18,19 March were okay days with patches of anxiety, anhedonia and depression - 19th March in the evening (8pm - 10 pm) I had a couple of hours of very severe hopelessness and depression. It was as if i could'nt feel anything ... with a chill down my spine - 20th and 21st march seems like the anxiety is back and has gripped me again - serious wave with continuous background anxiety about everything (finances, job, withdrawal itself) this seems like its permanent as it hasn't changed in the last 48 hours at all ....hoping to wait it out In other updates I was able to get a response from Dr. Duncan Double in the UK and hope to get an appointment with him asap. Please share your thoughts and advise.
  21. Yes Tanha!! That’s the definition of hope. Very good to hear!
  22. Rachellynn

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    @LilBit your sleep improvement is really giving me hope! Keep going! Sending love and healing❤️
  23. Why taper paper: dose-occupancy curves
  24. direstraits

    jonnypeters1234567: 11 months off Citalopram

    could be,hopefully a mod. will reply.🙂
  25. Question for a Moderator. I recently saw a video on this web site that I can't seem to find again. It was had four people talking about their recoveries. I think they were British. One was of a black women talking and a man named Paul. Do you know the video I am talking about? if so where is ? I really would love to listen to it again. Thank you
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