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  2. I’ve had some pretty awful anxiety and depression-like withdrawal effects, but the irritability is without doubt the hardest to deal with. It’s just there all the time. My partner feels the brunt of it. I keep quiet and to myself as much as possible so I don’t say anything I really regret, but even then the simplest ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to a question can sound snappy even when I try not to. I’ve even thought about taking myself off away alone for a few weeks when I get to the final stages of tapering, just so I can be alone and not worry about being mean to those I love
  3. Dear @bhasski, I read your story and can relate very well. I am happy you healed. Maybe it is not perfect but it is getting there. I was told patience is the key. I wondered it the Ayurveda helped you?
  4. @Rosetta-- that is an excellent post, thank you for writing it. Would you mind reposting it as a new topic in the Symptoms and Selfcare forum. Use a title like "My Experience Switching Antidepressants".
  5. So glad to hear that you are doing better. Keep up the god work and things should improve even more.
  6. Dear @rupa thank you so much for your lovely and encouraging words. You give me much hope. 🙂 I will definitely look at all these stories. When in the thick of withdrawal one is so scared that the state is permanent but with your words it got a little easier. I dont think I dare to try your method. I already did so much to make it quicker and it was a very scary place I went. I am happy it worked for you but I think I will take it slow this time. I am so happy you stopped by, I will try the silent chanting of my god, I should really start a spiritual practice again. I used
  7. Hey @Siderale, I can relate to some of the issues you are having, my last taper I went to fast(6 months). The first 3 months off I manged, and it was ok, then after that it felt like I fell of a cliff. I had that total body exhaustion, I remember lieing in my car before work, sooo tired from head to toe that I felt I could be dead. Rumination came back about just about anything, health anxiety, sweating ect.... I also had a weird chemical feeling in my brain, like something was off, not sure if you've ever felt that. Anyway I reinstated because I wasn't sleeping, and things w
  8. @Yersinia Thankyou for talking with me while I struggled this morning. This afternoon I’ve been a lot better, almost like I feel like a person again. It’s just so difficult getting through to the evening
  9. DiscJockey

    DiscJockey: intro

    Wednesday 8/4/21 (7th Day no Prozac) 730AM Woke up with extremely anxious. Body felt tingling and hot all over. Terror and doom feeling, mind was racing. Wide awake, body was stiff. Feels like cold turkey withdrawal feeling. 8AM went outside to backyard to get fresh air and to see sunlight. Felt really spaced out, delusional, anxiety. Had a cup of calming tea. 815AM went back to lay down in bed. Wide awake, could not fall back asleep. Tossed and turned, listened to a podcast. 830AM did morning meditation but could not focus while doing it. Mind w
  10. Thank you, @getofflex , for always having resources under your hand. I read all of those (very informative) topics again, and the encouraging success stories are my go-to place when I'm feeling too bad I am much aware that this all is an extremely long process; I am just wondering whether it would be "better" to reinstate (even though I am definitely aware of the high risks and little rewards) and taper off much slower as I always reacted well to escitalopram, including taking it again after a 6 months break, although it was due to a relapse and not WD (I'm absolutely sure of it)
  11. Mia1

    MaryMoo429: Introduction

    @MaryMoo429 it sounds like you are in a pretty decent space right now, that’s really good news. And acceptance just may be the last piece of the puzzle for you, it certainly has been the cornerstone to my recovery. When we truly allow things to be as they are without resistance or judgement everything becomes a little easier. There’s a little more space to breathe. Here’s to continued healing and feeling good!!🎉 @getofflex that’s AMAZING news about your sobriety, congratulations!! That takes a lot of courage and strength, I really admire that. Thank you for sharing. I also love what you w
  12. Today
  13. I’m sorry you’re getting hit with all this. I’m glad you can take it easy, hopefully the weather’s nice where you are and you can sit on the porch. I wish I could come over and visit you ❤️ I’m in a wave again, went to the gym but had to cut it short and come home. I’m experiencing fatigue, GI upset and difficultly concentrating among other things. I’m going to take it easy myself, just do some stretch yoga and meditate. Maybe try reading later. We do the best we can and accept the rest, right? This actually sounds fun, what color are you painting your bathroom? I think it
  14. SandCastle

    SandCastle: missed the tapering boat

    I just wanted to leave an update on how I’m doing. My back and hip pain is almost non-existent at this point, which is great. It’s been harsh and persistent since late April/early May. I’ve also been sleeping through the night pretty consistently, and if I do wake up, I can usually be back to sleep within 10 minutes, which is another plus. On the negative side, I’ve had increased muscle twitching all over, like an electric current running through me, itching, jaw clenching, throat tightness and heartburn. They come and go frequently so I’ll have a couple bad days then a couple good days and th
  15. ScottishLass

    ScottishLass: hello and some help please

    Thanks @Rosetta Never did I expect all this, never. Yes, I have the tools and I asked how to do it. Trying to see the light. 😔 Thanks for (()) SL
  16. @bhasski Wow,what a beautiful update dear bhasski...! If sleep gets little better,it's the indication,we are at the last stage of full recovery. Sinus can be treated with good pulmonology or ENT physician. My son who is almost at your age , got cured from sinus. My common cold goes every time with 7 days of simple levocetrezine. So much happy to see your progress bhasski. Please keep healing. Awaiting for your success story.
  17. Is it a feeling you get that your friends dislike you or have they told you they dislike your behavior? It's important to get out of our own heads (we aren't mind-readers!) but it's also important to check in on the effects our behavior is having on others.
  18. Hi @MindDrift I totally understand. We are here to guide you and support you. I can only give you my opinion but the decision is all up to you. If you were to increase further I would not do more then 0,5 mg each time as you mentioned. The reason I gave you the sert chart is to show you that there is a lot of benefit with the lower doses, and I always have found facts help with my decisions. I would not aim to get up to 5 mg, rather the amount that gets you stabilised, because it might even surprise you that it can be a low dose. You have the best judgment on wh
  19. Hi Tom, You are doing the right thing by focusing on survival minute by minute and day to day. That's all you can do now and that's enough. Regarding benzodiazepines, I understand completely your reasoning. I did it in the very beginning to be able to deal with the akathisia before I reinstated. My worry with them is not that you will get addicted but that they will interfere with the withdrawal itself. Contrary to the simplistic model of recovery, our issue seems to be not lack of serotonin but down regulation of receptors AND the interdependency that exists amo
  20. @Athosverona thanks for responding 🌞 i appreciate it very much
  21. That's the issue remaining .. I am positive about that it will too resolve or get better with time.
  22. so for me everything solved except my subconscious mind remain active in the night while I sleep. and sometimes it remains less active sometimes more active, depends on the anxiety level. never feel refreshed in morning. do you feel refreshed in morning.
  23. SandCastle

    Sleepless: unable to take medication

    Hi @Sleepless just wondering how you are doing now? I also had a setback from the vaccine and I was around the 12 month mark when I got it around the end of April. I had a pretty horrific two months and for the last month or so I’ve been up and down. Kind of down right now but it changes daily. Would love to hear how you’re doing.
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