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  2. So happy for you my friend!🌹
  3. ViolinStudent

    ViolinStudent: Tinnitus - Withdrawal Symptom?

    Thank you very much. Now I understand the mechanism of fillers and active ingredient. So the equation is as follows: strength per capsule: 20mg ∵ actual weight per capsule: 0.254g (this one is different) = 254mg ∴ 254mg x (5.003154509899971‬ / 20) = 63.54006227572963mg So, do I need to calculate the amount to cut and take according to individual capsules, or just take 254mg as the actual weight? Thank you.
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  5. Ok, inbox is weer een stukje leger! Ga je gang. Grtz Jozeff
  6. Hi all! I thought it was time to give a bit of an update on how things are going since my last update 4 1/2 months ago. Since the new year has started I haven't really experienced this neuro-anxiety anymore, I still have situational anxiety from time to time, but that can be clearly linked to my anxiety disorder that re-surfaced after stopping my medication. In the first two months of the year I've mainly struggled with feelings of depression and apathy without any clear windows/waves pattern. This went better during march and april and I feel pretty stable since.
  7. Hi dutchmaddy, My inbox is full. I will remove some stuff and pm you my emailadres ok? Cheers Jozeff
  8. Hi dutchmaddy, Dat zou kunnen. Ik heb geen idee! Ik zal eens in mijn settings kijken of anders stuur ik je een pm ok? Ga t even proberen... Groeten! Jozeff
  9. Thanks @Altostrata, Yes, I increased that one day to 2mg but I wasn't sure whether it caused a worsening of symptoms or not. I was already experiencing akathisia. The following day I went back down to 1mg and aka plus poor sleep continued. Yesterday I increased the dose to 5mg. Poor sleep has got worse but aka doesn't seem quite so overwhelming. I'm at a bit of loss right now. I'm in such a bad state. My notes are : Tuesday – increased dose to 2mg 8.30 – woke up, anxiety, inner tremor, smoke, read SA 9am – moderate akathisia, i
  10. Glad to hear from you. I used to read your success story everyday until I started getting better. Yes, late capitalist for-profit healthcare is alive and well. We must be vocal about this, especially from those who are doing well and can tell the story. So wonderful that you continue to do well.
  11. I did read I did read the rest of the post. Your entire meaning, read in it's entirety, was obvious to all that your concern was for your friend. What you fail to see is that wishing harm for a good reason is never a means to positive resolution. It's never a Kind thing to do. No good end can come out of wishing ill, for them or for you. All of the negative energy you store up inside just waits to be released in another misunderstanding. Looking for a reason for a fight. That keeps your cortisol levels spiked and makes the symptoms worse an
  12. Rosetta

    Tao of the Brassmonkey

    Ha! Ha! Well, more or less 4 years since my “jump to zero,” too — off a cliff. So glad you were here for me. Congrats on a nice anniversary, Brassmonkey.
  13. Yes @hayduke I am taking only 6.25mg of magnesium while at home and it is helping. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion @morgana
  15. Doing fairly ok Emily. Muscle spasms which starts in the morning go away by themselves by afternoon.
  16. Following closely. I’ll be behind you soon hopefully! How’s it going?
  17. hi @Venkat sounds like you do need magnesium, on the days you do not need to go to work the next morning, take a magnesium the night before so it wont worry about the affects in the morning because you wont be working....unless you work 7 days a week...than thats a bummer! cheers morgana
  18. arbor

    Arbor: dealing with PAWS

    Sooo good to hear from you, @HardTimes, and to hear how you are. Good news about the windows--which I'm sure are the direction you're headed. But then the frustration and depression are so hard to deal with. People who haven't gone through all this would have a hard time imagining what it often takes to endure. Are you completely off now of meds? I sure hope you're enjoying spring in the Alps. The clear warm evening here is pale green with new leaves. I send you their shimmer. Arbor
  19. Hi @mdwstrx No one is posting on my thread, so I thought I’d ask here. Did you taper down to 2.5, then stop that CT, then had to go to 7.5 after reinstating? Sorry, I might be reading your sig wrong. How long were you off completely? I quit 2.5 as well but only for 3 weeks. Reinstatement has been fine so far. Have your symptoms been pretty minimal during tapering? I’m already at 1.25 ev other day (I know that’s a no no, but I go to the dr. For liquid nx wk). I’m wondering how to taper at such low doses. Do you have a plan for once you’re under 1mg? Thanks!!
  20. I’m trying to get off Lex too, so I’ve been following. I just wanted to post & say I’m sorry for the relapse. Hopefully it doesn’t last long!
  21. Arthur

    Arthur: looking for insight

    Thanks.. I’m holding my doses of everything at the moment.. I have trigeminal nerve damage and I am now going the route of trying nerve blocks and things of the such to manage my condition.. I got a double whammy with an almost impossible situation.. can’t add more drugs..I was put on them initially because of the nerve damage.. no one told me they use antidepressants for nerve pain.. I thought it just went away and then my dr told me I could just stop my antidepressant.... wrong.. 4 yrs of hell.. now I must find a way out without taking more medications.. double edged sword.. thank you for ta
  22. ScottishLass

    ScottishLass: hello and some help please

    Hi Altostrata, @Altostrata Thank you for your reply My sleep is really terrible and has got progressively worse over the week. Yesterday and previous night approx 2hrs from 6am to about 8am. Tonight, well It’s now just after 2.15am in Scotland and I’ve been attempting sleep since 10pm with no luck. I’m not quite sure what you mean by symptom pattern throughout the day? Something like this:- Terriblesleep, Increase in motivation in general, Particular ‘urgency’ to draw and paint and plan. Walking outdoors increased +++. Variable mood throughout day
  23. Rosetta

    Arthur: looking for insight

    Hi. I answered your question about Tylenol on my thread, but I didn’t put @Arthur. I read some of your thread. I’m sorry to see you are having such terrible jaw pain. I wake up with my right jaw in discomfort several nights a month. I have sleep apnea which I believe has something to do with the muscle tension of WD. Cause or effect - I don’t know. At times, the tension goes from my temple down to my chest (Pectoral muscle) and also, down to my back around the area of my shoulder blade. Usually, if I have those issues, a number of muscles up and down my right side are
  24. How are you?did you jump to zero? Please update.
  25. Broke my fast after 160 hours. Got a lot out of this one, 'broke through' on day 5 and had a couple of really active, full days. Felt calm and good that whole time, though my body was saying good run, let's call it today by day 7 (yesterday). Had some nuts, salad and fruit, gonna try and keep it healthy for a little bit at least.
  26. Classic sign of low magnesium
  27. I would like to clarify something. When I suggested a possible reinstatement, I meant only a temporary reinstatement to help ameliorate withdrawal symptoms. You would then eventually taper gradually off of this and become drug free.
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