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  2. Altostrata

    Ella56: Drug withdrawal

    Good idea, give it a chance. The emotional spirals are not withdrawal symptoms, they are the way you handle stress. You need to look at this technique and decide if it is working for you. Have you ever worked with a psychotherapist? That you went into a emotional spirals shows nothing about how the increase to 1.5mg Celexa might or might not be working for withdrawal symptoms. We don't expect small increases in dosage to eliminate psychological distress. We recommend dosage increases to reduce withdrawal symptoms. If you want to be treated for a psychiatric or psychological condition, you need to see a doctor. We don't handle that here. See Dealing With Emotional Spirals As explained numerous times, I cannot answer questions about symptoms without seeing how they fit in a daily symptom pattern. Please post 24 hours of notes at a time.
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  4. Happy2Heal

    Rozon1: Effexor withdrawls

    I eat a whole foods plant based diet, low in added salt, sugar and fats it's mainly vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains. no meat, eggs, dairy, as low fat as I can (but I do love my all natural peanut butter) It's almost impossible to be constipated on this diet, AND huge bonus, it's incredibly CHEAP I get a lot of frz veggies, but even fresh ones I much less expensive than meat, for example. I eat a lot of oatmeal, it's really good for issues with constipation. you need to also drink a good amount of liquid. I don''t usually get this graphic, but people who eat like I do typically have 3 or more BMs per day before I started this diet, I'd been diagnosed with IBS -C, I know what severe constipation is like, it's not fun but it's surprisingly easy to treat or cure. give it a real shot and you'll see. If you're not used to eating many veggies, it's best to increase them slowly. too many too soon can cause a lot of gas chewing your food slowly can also help. good luck! you can do this.
  5. Welcome to SA, Fp1984. Congratulations on being Ativan-free. You are by no means a lost cause. You kicked the benzo, which bespeaks a strong will and a lot of resiliency. We have many members diagnosed with depression who are drug-free and doing well. Before the advent of all these drugs, depression was regarding a self-limiting condition that resolved on its own. We recommend non-drug coping skills to deal with what life throws at you (more about that later). Regarding your Zoloft taper, we recommend tapering no more than 10% of your current dose every four weeks. Why taper by 10% of my dosage? This link is specifically about tapering Zoloft, including how to get the small, non-standard doses you'll need for your 10% taper. Tips for tapering off Zoloft (sertraline) We don't recommend a lot of supplements on SA, as many members report being sensitive to them due to our over-reactive nervous systems, but two supplements that we do recommend are magnesium and omega 3 (fish oil). Many people find these to be calming to the nervous system. Magnesium, nature's calcium channel blocker Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) Add in one at a time and at a low dose in case you do experience problems. We recommend using non-drug skills to cope. Take a look at the links in the following link and see which you think might be helpful to you. Non-drug techniques to cope This is your Introduction topic, where you can ask questions and connect with other members. We're glad you found your way here.
  6. Gridley


    Thanks for dropping by, Rosetta. I'm doing well. Maybe 5-6 more months to get off the Lexapro, maybe a little less, depending on how I'm able to handle the tiny amounts of powder, then on to the Ativan. Very few symptoms except that sleep is just so-so. Ecuador has a very strict lockdown, we can only drive one day a week, one person per car, and there's a 2pm to 5am curfew. I hope you're doing well. I'm glad you got your trip to Spain in before all this.
  7. Tpain

    Tpain: Paxil withdraw

    The headache and akathisia (inner restlessness and irritability) I have for pretty much all day. Ok so basically your saying I am hopeless. Thanks
  8. Alanmane

    Alanmane: try hard

    We should try it, but not as bad, as quite balanced and lately less quantity because I am at such a low dose I feel depressive symptoms that terrify me and I can hardly manage, I feel little hunger, I sleep all the time (I sleep a lot but during the day I am tired ), I have the feeling of being idiotic and vulnerable, sometimes with the nerves or the article well the words and worst of all my mind feels dull, it literally costs me to think quickly and have ideas, this makes me feel too bad and I hard to accept. Right now I can believe that this is an effective effect of reducing the drug but I also think that a real depression is emerging. At the moment I can work but I am having a hard time and sometimes I think about stopping for a while, I know that he is positive and has an attitude but I don't feel pleasure for anything lately, everything is very dark and confusing... I hope will be better son. Thanks for all.
  9. Ella56

    Ella56: Drug withdrawal

    @AltostrataI have went ahead and took 1.5mg for 4 days now. Today tho by accident i took 2mg. Pharmacy gave me a different syringe and i took it by mistake.. I knew right away what i did. Legs feel shaky. I decided maybe it might help my nervous system. Feeling very depressed. Last night i went into an emotional spiral..feelings with my daughter. Tired. I was told i dont need to go back to 10mg right to get better. So i hope this small doze will help. I dont know what i need and if i can get better. Now suffering it out for a few days at least 7.
  10. Cjeanr

    Cjeanr: Prozac bridge information

    I’m not so sure now that my withdrawal history is actually withdrawal or bad reactions to SSRIs as the genetic testing showed. I am concerned about the high serum levels of Prozac and that a ten percent decrease isn’t enough. And with the bad reaction I am having to the Prozac the thought of ten more months of this reaction is very depressing.
  11. Altostrata

    Rozon1: Effexor withdrawls

    This and roughage from eating fruits and vegetables is the basic common-sense way of relieving constipation.
  12. Altostrata

    Tpain: Paxil withdraw

    Do you often get a headache after drinking coffee? What do you mean by akathisia? Does this happen only in the morning, after you drink coffee and before you take Paxil and Wellbutrin? Does it go away later? We can't answer your question about Adderall. Your drug history is so complicated, we can't tell what caused what.
  13. Altostrata

    Cjeanr: Prozac bridge information

    Interesting, but none of those results are meaningful for tapering, though they may explain any adverse reactions you've had. We still advise tapering Prozac by 10% per month, especially with your long history of withdrawal syndromes. As far as substituting Effexor or Pristiq, that's something we'd never advise anyone to do. Both of those drugs are much more difficult to taper than Prozac. Your doctor may be concerned about maintaining you on drugs to avoid "relapse." If your intention is to switch drugs for treatment of a putative psychiatric disorder, that's between you and your doctor. We don't do that here, as we do not diagnose or treat psychiatric disorders. What we do is help people go off drugs if they've decided to take responsibility for their lives without the effects of drugs. That choice is up to you.
  14. Tpain

    Tpain: Paxil withdraw

    Can someone please advise me on my meds? I badly need to stabilize so should I just stay with what I am on now until I feel more stable? Any insight into why the adderall helped me but now no longer does since being in withdrawal?
  15. Altostrata

    Bea123 Amitriptyline

    Please let us know the results of your observations before moving on to the next test step. We may be able to help you design a good experiment.
  16. Cjeanr

    Cjeanr: Prozac bridge information

    Sorry i have been out of touch this week. I haven’t had anything new to report until now. I got the results of my genetic tests back. SSRIs are apparently not good drugs for me and additionally I have high serum levels of Prozac in my system even at 10 mg dose. So now I want to start a taper but I am wondering if I should just decrease to half for a few weeks then half of that. My doctor wants me to try Effexor or prestiq but I honestly am scared and just want off everything. The anxiety is still horrible at 10 mg. I have read because of the longer half life of Prozac the withdrawal is not as bad but wanted your thoughts. I know in the past you have said take it down 10 % at a time but with the high serum level right now I don’t know if that will affect how I feel at all or if I need more of a decrease?
  17. Altostrata

    Cmoi: Withdrawal done!!

    Thank you, Cmoi. That's a long time to take Zyprexa and the other drugs. What withdrawal symptoms did you have when you went off each drug? How are you feeling now?
  18. Bea123

    Bea123 Amitriptyline

    The thing is I am at the 'observing results' stage now. I Will see if i can reformulate later. Thank you so much for your tapering advices!
  19. I think it's more likely you had a wave, probably from watching Netflx too late at night. What is your usual sleep schedule?
  20. Thanks @manymoretodays I checked symptoms of IBS, and I can say I don't have any. I am using liquid Prozac to taper. That certainly makes it easier to go slow. I have on the taper for just under three months. More months to go. Maybe the pandemic and my taper will end at the same time!
  21. Altostrata

    Bea123 Amitriptyline

    I think going from 30mg to 20mg for a week is a good idea. You need to see what effect that has. If you don't get a withdrawal reaction after a week, I would decrease to 10mg and stop there for at least a month. I would not ever quit 10mg Prozac cold turkey after taking it for more than a month. It needs to be tapered. Besides, you may feel better when you're taking 10mg Prozac. You don't know that yet. I am surprised you do not remember the principles of hypothesis, test, observe results, reformulate hypothesis.
  22. HopeforHealing

    Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

    Hi @Armorall, thank you so much for your response! I'm guessing Juliet is Mrs. Harch? It's frustrating not to be able to get more specific info on outcomes. I know of a girl in a facebook group I'm a part of who has had improvements with HBOT from Cymbalta withdrawal, but she also apparently had evidence of TBI. What about the possibility of seeing a local doctor who offers HBOT and just starting with a few sessions?
  23. Altostrata

    Worthy: Tapering Advice Wanted

    Please do not start new topics about your tapering plan. See responses earlier in this topic. Cold-turkeying Zyprexa at 1.25mg and mirtazapine at whatever dosage you're taking is high risk for withdrawal symptoms. You keep on asking us to give you ways to go off your drugs that are fast and high risk. We don't do that here. We cannot tell you what will happen. Quit psychiatric drugs suddenly at your own risk. There is no reason to keep asking us about it. We don't recommend it. Since you said you have enough mirtazapine to taper, do not understand why you are planning to cold turkey it. You seem to have a great interest in cold turkey. There is no safe way to cold turkey. The way you're going off drugs is haphazard and high risk -- as we've told you many times.
  24. SurvivingOnAnime

    SurvivingOnAnime: Dealing with CT from Lexapro

    @Gaebbi I'm also optimistic about how I'll be feeling in a couple of months. I hope the depression lifts for you soon. I seem to get it now in waves of about an hour or two, rarely for longer than that. But I had it quite steadily before that. It does seem like the anhedonia comes in when some of the other major symptoms depart. I had anxiety return this past week after having been mostly gone for awhile, but it was at a low level and seems to have gone away again today. Irritability (which I hadn't considered a distinct emotion before) has been more present these past couple of weeks. It is both interesting and terrible that we go through the same horrible and weird symptoms. Even though some symptoms might revisit at a low level, I feel like the anhedonia is the last big hurdle to healing. Once the happier feelings come back, I don't think it will be so bad going through whatever fine-tuning our brains have to do after that. 🙂
  25. I am sorry you and your mom got sick. I would leave the car windows and doors open to air out. I think we've talked about this before. Your nervous system will have to settle down from this upset. There is no reason to be desperate. You are working yourself up to hospitalization or whatever. We don't have any instant cures when accidents happen. We cannot answer emergencies. If you feel it's best to take psychiatric drugs for whatever bothers you, that's your decision.
  26. Giulietta

    Cathy4: Zoloft withdrawal gone awry

    Hello Cathy How are you feeling? I have been thinking of you and wondering how your painting is going. Be well and huge hugs, G.
  27. Hello Sunny How are you doing? And family? Are you at work? Any update on a kitty? Thinking of you G.
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