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  2. @Altostrata i moved from 12.5/5/20 to 12/5/20.5 schedule on January 23rd. The hiccup happened at the beginning of February, which I now think was just an adjustment I have to make each time I get a new prescription. I had two days I dropped 0.5 off the night dose, then went back to 20.5 at night February 7th. So I’ve been taking 12/5/20.5 consistently, all in water, since February 7th. It seemed to take about 9 to 10 days of consistency to recover from the setback. But when I recovered it seemed my days were better than my good days before. My new prescription of 5s is ready but I haven’t picked them up yet. Kind of nervous to change back bc switching from 5pills to water prob amounted to a slight dose reduction. It also seems like my tinnitus, and the zappy sensations have improved since I stopped taking the 5mg pills. I might just keep doing what I’m doing, even though it’s somewhat inconvenient, and then maybe try to reintroduce the 5mg pills down the road. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Hi A Thanks for helpful update. Re depression- “very sad and down feeling, particularly when gloomy outside”., This is probably 70% of my experience. Drive anywhere in evening, walk down lonely street and depressive sensations are v bad and palpable. The 30% is where my brain won’t allow me to watch anything remotely scary (not horror, just basic crime stuff) Couldn’t watch Dr Who the other day, as sort about Frankenstein. How bizarre is that. Thankfully, haven’t been ruminating too much about when will it end. Also get the lack of pleasure and inner restlessness thing, but guess they’re different? God bless and protect you and yours.
  4. I think your symptoms are stemming from the Ami fast taper. I don't think the benzo use is playing a part -- only 12 times in that time period is likely not enough to cause a problem. The symptoms you describe in your second post are typical AD withdrawal symptoms. It's very encouraging that you're getting better.
  5. @Snorky I just came to the conclusion recently that I may have complicated things by taking benzos intermittently. I don’t know but it’s possible and I will never under estimate the benzo in terms of withdrawal. But some of my symptoms have lessened or gotten a little better. I definitely still have many many of them. Right now my biggest challenges are the overwhelm/sensory overload which went away for a while but has resurfaced - maybe not to the degree it was before but it sure makes it hard to function; the crippling anxiety and the nausea and the adrenaline surges/jolts that happen usually at 3am and 6am. I still have burning skin, weird perception things where things aren’t quite normal yet and are surreal; I also have days where the derealization and depersonalization are worse; blurry vision or it just doesn’t seem like I’m seeing as well; ringing in my ears; insomnia sometimes; vibration feeling under the skin, muscle twitches, I get this wormy feeling in my teeth, flashes of light, the depression is more like Im never going to get through this and a very sad and down feeling - especially when it is gloomy outside which happens a lot in the winter (of course I never had this before the drug); brain shifting feeling especially when I move my eyes and of course there is the vertigo, which has gotten better. It was at its absolutely worst from October to December. Then the anxiety, nausea and overwhelm are otherworldly. Loss of appetite too which has resulted in 35lbs. I’ve been off for 5 months at the end of this week. Although I have seen improvements Im still not where I need to be. And again, I can’t tell you if this is just the Ami, the Ami and the benzo or just the benzo. The one lesson I did learn is that doctors don’t know what the hell they are doing with these drugs. They prescribe them and don’t understand or realize the potential harm and dangers. They never tell us - that’s why we end up in these positions and honestly, I don’t even think they know! Don’t forget too - I was only on this for 50 days and took Ativan about 12 times in a month and a half/two months. I had a very quick taper which might as well been a cold turkey. I wouldn’t say my symptoms are stabilizing yet, some have just gotten less intense and some have resurfaced. Definitely experiencing waves and windows patterns.
  6. Oh one more thing, my neurologist told me if i ever have to take a med in the future that a dystonic flare happens again, he said to take benedryl right away to stop it. I don’t know if benedryl would help days after but u could try a benedryl to see if it makes some of your symptoms now subside?
  7. Hi! Was it a floroquninolone antibiotic like levofloxacin because if it was then yes, that antibiotic causes dystonia and affects the CND system through how it affects GABA in the brain, so once discontinuation of the antibiotic happens you will go back to normal, could take 2-3 months to go back to normal. Try to avoid all medication unless absolutely necessary and before you take it, check to make sure it does not interfere with GABA, serotonin or melatonin, which the prescribing doctor won’t know about, but a pharmacist would, or read the package labeling which is usually available in detail on the manufacturers website. In my experience the only safe meds are advil, tylenol, and percocet so i avoid all meds unless im dying lol. You should get better soon just be patient in the mean time!!! Good luck!!!
  8. Watching her sleep is nice bu it would be nice during the day. She sleeps in the morning all curled up in my arms. I love cuddling with her though. I think I might try the melatonin, but I just don’t want to add anything else to my pill collection 🙄 I’m having weak muscles in my legs and internal trembling from about 4 am to noon or so then it lets up. I just contribute mine to benzo wd and try to ignore it. I have to take my son to get an injection in his neck in March. I hope I can drive in rush hour by then. I end up being lazy most of the morning where I used to get my laundry and housework done during the morning. I’m thankful my fiancé helps me do things around the house. I don’t know what I’d do without him. You will heal, it’s just another symptom we have to deal with, at least with me. My sleep is terrible lately. Especially when my fiancé gets up at 3:30 am for work and isn’t quiet lol... sounded like a war was going off in my kitchen this morning. I wish I could sleep one full night. It would be so nice. Good luck with your symptoms. But we are going to heal. I figure if this is all I have I’m grateful. I could be a lot worse. Take care, Frogie xx
  9. @Sassenach @Altostrata @Gridley Question for you - do you think that my symptoms could be related to the Ativan? I did take them for during my first week and a half during withdrawal but did also take them a few times over the month and a half on. I think I took them about 12 times total? In varying doses unfortunately.... 0.25 to .75. Not every day but I guess that doesn’t matter when it comes to benzos. Maybe I kindled myself? What do you think? God I hope not. Could this be the reason I am having a challenging time? I quick tapered off the Ami after only 2 months use approx. Would love your thoughts.
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  11. Gridley

    rayballbat: Celexa withdrawal

    You need to wait until you're feeling stable, and there's no way to predict how long that will be. Your taper was very fast. We recommend tapering no more than 10% of your current dose every four weeks. Some, especially if they're destabilized, as you are now, have to go slower. You are at risk of withdrawal from a psychiatric drug after one month. A year on the Lamictal is definitely long enough to throw you into further withdrawal if you don't taper slowly. Doctors know nothing about safe tapering and invariably taper their patients too fast. Any M.D. can prescribe psychiatric drugs if your doctor isn't cooperative and supportive. Why taper by 10% of my dosage? This link is specifically about tapering Lamictal, including how to get the non-standard doses you'll need for your taper. Never skip doses as this makes withdrawal worse. Tips for tapering off Lamictal (lamotrigine) Taper only one drug at a time (don't taper the Klonopin until you're finished with the Lamictal). I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. This link may be of some help in talking with your doctor. What should I expect from my doctor about withdrawal symptoms?
  12. Any mods can you answer this? I had crazy hypnic jerks last night, like would wake me up and I was like "do I have akathasia now?" It's weird because I never fully awoke, just kept dreaming but would feel the jerks. Anyway, I think I cut more than .3 melatonin last night. Also, that morning I took melatonin. I didn't have to wake up until 9:45am and my son woke me up around 7:45am, I was annoyed, so I took .3 melatonin so I could get back to sleep. Could I be having such violent hypnic jerks because I took too much melatonin in one day?
  13. Happy bday! To another year of healing!
  14. Yes, it took a lot. But I knew I needed off of it. If I knew the proper way I would of tapered slowly. But I trusted the medical “professional” on the matter. It is still challenging, but immensely better than where I was.
  15. Hi guys! I don't come in here very often so I might not answer your questions. Every symptom you have, I've propably had it too and I got better. I've been with my boyfriend for 1,5 years now and I met him after 1 year of being drug free. It is possible to get feelings back and have a sex life. But you also need to work for it yourself and train your brain to function again. I did handcrafts, went to long walks, rode a horse whenever I was able to, played lots of board games and that is how I got my mental function back.
  16. manymoretodays

    Ryder: Zoloft to clomipramine

    Hi Ryder, @Ryder Are you referring to your Anafranil above, as to what you have had compounded? When did you switch from weighing to the compounded formula? This may allow for more accuracy as you are making reductions. How are you feeling a "bit funny"? Hoping, for you, that it is just a minimal change in dose strength, sometimes a few bumps can be expected after making a formulation change. Anafranil is a trycyclic AD, not an SSRI. Tips for tapering off clomipramine(Anafranil) And sorry to hear about your recent hospitalization. Here's what we have, on site, our topic about: Getting custom doses at compounding pharmacies I wouldn't go back to your "homemade brew" just yet. You haven't changed your formula very much, as you were shaving and weighing before. This compounded formula may be more accurate, going forward. Was it expensive, or too pricey? If not......it sounds like a good plan, for better, improved consistency of your dose. When did you last taper the Anafranil? Best, L, P, H, and G, mmt
  17. Thanks. Your the one I seriously follow and you're the one giving me hope. I was doing well 4 months off Lexapro, but had a course of antibiotics and it all went haywire. I'm on my withdrawal again now, from where I started gone back to that point again... I never knew antibiotics were such a trigger. Are u aware of any more potential triggers? I'd be glad if you can speak out of experience, in your three year journey.
  18. @sunnysideup69 Happy birthday, Sunnyside! May this year bring you copious amounts of healing joy! Here’s to you, good friend!!
  19. Hi Pug how long did you have upper back and shoulder pain for and did you find out exact cause ? this has developed a couple of weeks ago for me and I’m putting it down to WD as I have had several muscle/joint/disc problems since starting my journey that I definitely associate with coming off the meds thank you for always being so supportive youre famous around here !! LRH
  20. Mimi79

    Mimi79: Will I survive?

    Seroquel: Maybe 3-4 Times a week in the last month. At 25mg. The nights I don’t use it, I have good sleep. Ativan: I’ve been several months not using it, but in the last month, Maybe 2-3 pills per week, at 0.5mg. I never use it 2 days in a row. And never twice the same day. Thanks
  21. Ativan can cause interdose and rebound symptoms, so some of your symptoms may be caused by this drug, too. Please include Ativan in your daily notes. Questions: When did you start taking Ativan? At what dose? How often do you take it? Are you taking any other drugs or using any supplements? If so, please list them. How many hours are you sleeping each night? Please include this information in your daily notes. Ciasim, it may take two or three days of notes before we can tell how these drugs are affecting you. So you're going to need to stay calm and find ways of distracting through your symptoms. Otherwise, you may end up on a psychiatric ward where you don't have the option of tapering and possibly ending up on even more drugs. None of the symptoms you've mentioned are life-threatening, just uncomfortable. These symptoms won't hurt you. Find ways of distracting - favorite TV shows, drawing or coloring, taking a walk every day, listening to calming music, etc. You may not be able to emotionally connect to these activities, but they are calming to the nervous system. And right now, staying calm and learning to breathe through your symptoms is important. Please let us know more about your Ativan use. Also, please note we are a volunteer-run forum that is only periodically moderated throughout the day by staff who are also going through withdrawal. So we aren't able to respond immediately. So another reason to learn to accept your symptoms calmly and find some distractions to help you cope throughout the day. Here are more ideas: Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms "Change the channel" -- dealing with cognitive symptoms
  22. Please help, should I stay on 75mg sertraline? Should I go of quetiapine? I ve only been on them for 2 weeks. Symptoms above gotten worse and worse the last 10 days. Started quetapin 300 mg for 14 days ago. Went up to 75 mg sertraline 9 days ago. Please, I am having a real hard time. Have unfortunately taken Ativan to be able to deal with panic and suicidal thoughts.
  23. 08,00 wake up, don't want to go up and face the day, as soon as I go up I see how bad I am functioning 08,30 take 75 mg sertraline 9.00 it feels like I am walking on clouds everything is swaying and I feel wired and as if someone pushing me forward plus derealisation. All days look the same. This symptoms last until when I go to bed. 20.00 Take 300 mg quetiapine 10.00 feel heavy and more dizzy Same pattern every day
  24. Honestly I don't understand you. You are sure that you can't recover. How do you know? Any medical facts? Who told you that it's impossible to recover? People recovering from stroke, tumors and so on. They can't walk but after some time they are walking. My neighbour recovered from stage four lymphoma. And you telling yourself you can't recover? Sorry it's bullsh*t! But first what you need to do start to believe in recovery this is the first step. Good luck!
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