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  2. @Parisien I am 21 years old. Yah I hope it gets better and better in 2 years.
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  4. Well, my current sexual symptoms showed up after having sex with a new partner, so it’s possible that I contracted something from her. I also have a history of UTIs, and severe stress can weaken the immune system enough to allow a bacterial infection to spread to the prostate. I’m honestly not very worried about my the sexual symptoms. They’re bothersome, but tolerable, and prostatitis is treatable, so, if my doctor is correct in his diagnosis, a course of antibiotics should clear it up. I’m far more concerned about the cognitive, emotional, and neurological issues I’m faced with.
  5. Sicksagittarius

    btdt: introducing myself

    @brassmonkeyHi! Is it okay if I use a toothpaste with bentonite clay in it and not ingesting it? Or putting it inside my mouth can make me potentially really sick? I'm trying to find the most clean, organic toothpaste with no gums like xantham due to intolerances. I use primal life organics. Thanks!
  6. @PsychologiqueSafe15 Me for the moment I give myself 1 year, I have stopped for 1 week I will do a review next September. If it does not come back in 1 or 2 years then yes I will consider going back where I do not know how to find a solution because whatever we say about it sexuality does not summarize our lives but it is a large part of our life. It should also be said that there are blind people, disabled etc. But all the same, something is inflicted on us that we did not want when we thought we were treating ourselves at the base by taking antidepressants. I hope for you that two years
  7. @Parisien Love you for responding . Thanks for talking to me. You give me hope. I guess for mine problem it might take minimum 2 years to even give sign I am improving. on internet there must be plenty of premature ejaculation forums from coming off SSRI which we dont know . we need to find them.
  8. I have some questions if i am on .3ml of this poison what is it going to take for me to get back to homeostasis without having to take any of it. Is the reason im not really crashing anymore because the body/brain needs this in it just to sort of go back to normal? Or is it because that .3ml is now more powerful due to hypersensitization ? I currently feel like im just depressed, i dont feel like im on anything as far as the feeling of lexapro. I feel like its my old depressed self.. how long does it usually take for someone to come off such a low dose? Is there even a point to updosing if im
  9. @Dejavuthanks for stopping by my page. ❤️ I do notice that my nastiest waves produce the most promising windows so hold on to that hope for yourself. I hope you have decent ways to distract yourself from all the emotions—a good binge on Netflix or something? If you need any show ideas, let me know, I’ve watched them all. take care—Sheera
  10. @Dejavu yes—that simmering is always there. I have to think I would be feeling better if not for that constant anxiety. Thank you for stopping by. ❤️
  11. The prostatin to burst for the 1st time ie? It's weird that you did this months later I hope it will get better with time and with your analyzes
  12. @PsychologiqueSafe15 Yes but they should because it might help some me if I ever get over that damn premature ejaculation one day I would tell people that it is cause for hope even though we are all different when it comes to withdrawal. Not having an erection in the morning or not having too recent an orgasm during the act is annoying but premature ejaculation is downright disabling. If there are people who have successfully recovered from this I would be grateful if they can vouch
  13. I'm not against it but just remember we are going into Autumn and in Ontario you are loosing a lot of sunlight and your brain is making chemical changes to hibernate for the winter, so it's already making those adjustments. I still get Wellbutrin symptoms every Autumn for a few weeks and its been years since I was off it. If you want to make a modest drop go for it but don't force too high of a percentage or you might just tip yourself off into symptoms from the "Autumn blues" synergistic effect.
  14. Hi everyone i am now going on 12 weeks since my last drop of 1 bead. I feel good for the most part. I get random headaches which can be explained by the weather -I get storm headaches- and it’s been particularly rainy the last little while here. When working or distracted I am well, when I have a minute to think about Effexor I can spiral myself into anxiety and depression. How I’ll always be this way and never heal or get passed this 1 bead at a time crap -lol. anyways, just out of curiosity given my past, should I hold longer? @Colonial
  15. @Parisieninitially I was prescribed fluoxetine for 6 months for wet dream. Later after stopping I got leakage. Got panicked and went to various doctors and took over 7 other drugs. I reasearched my self a lot and found these drugs actually caused it went cold turkey all drugs. Now I am nearly 2 months off. yah people dont report as soon as they get better because they wont care to post and want to move on ahead of life.
  16. Thank you for this explanation. I am in withdrawal and have suffered sensitivities. I am now trying to stop my blood pressure medication due to very low blood pressure. It is not a beta blocker. It is an ARB. I have taken it about 20 years. It generally does not require a taper, but all cuts have resulted in strong waves. Trying to level off now, but I was stunned this could happen with a non psychotropic medication. I attribute it to my sensitized system.
  17. morgana

    Terry4949: withdrawal help

    thankyou for getting back to me @Terry4949 its along time to live on 2 hrs sleep...thats all i am living on at the moment and i wouldnt even call it a sleep...i lay there in bed for 12 hrs straight, body relaxed, mind blank, eyes closed and maybe i start dreaming alittle just before getting up for the day, i do not know how long i am dreaming for but its very shallow.... due to lack of sleep i am becoming depressed, i am soo tired but cannot fall asleep... my physical symptoms not only constantly change but are becoming worse... i am over it!
  18. AndyPants

    AndyPants: My Story with Lexapro

    Been feeling really nauseous and just generally yucky. At first I thought it was just stress, I have a couple big things in life that I'm really stressed about right now, but another thought I had was maybe my body isn't liking the increased magnesium since I've been taking a couple of those daily for a few days. Could be both, I don't know. I only took one magnesium today since I was feeling bad. One of the big things that I've been stressing about will be over with in a couple days, so that will help. But I've still got some other things in life that I've been struggling with a lot of stres
  19. @ParisienYes, I had premature ejaculation for a few days when the prostatitis first flared up. I never weaned off of Prozac at all. I was only on it for two weeks. I had a severe adverse reaction to it, and I stopped it cold turkey. I had mild sexual symptoms during the two weeks that I was on it, but they stopped as soon as I stopped taking the drug. I had no sexual symptoms for about 7 months, until I suddenly developed my current suite of symptoms.
  20. @ GéoJeepTantGéoJeepTaGéoGGGéoJeepTantGéoJe Okay thank you so premature ejaculation only happened a few months after your weaning? And today you have nothing left? Me under 10mg seroplex threw too much excitement and I had a delayed ejaculation see an impossibility to finish. Since I quit it's just the opposite I can't stay in bed for 1 minute
  21. @Parisien I didn’t have it at all until a few months ago. It went away for me, but I more than likely have acute bacterial prostatitis, which is not comparable to PSSD in terms of prognosis, as their pathologies are completely different. There are PSSD recovery stories out there, so, yes, it is possible that this symptom will go away in time for you. However, to be completely straightforward, I don’t buy into the naively positive outlook that many folks here have regarding PSSD, protracted withdrawal, or other iatrogenic syndromes. I’ve consumed all the literature I can find on the
  22. Keeping on Splitting it is fine. If you invest in a good scale if you don't already have one it should not be a problem going lower to 0.01 two times a day. At some point that far down in your taper, you would be jumping off to zero anyway.
  23. One thing I forgot and I wont bother u after. You can reply tomorrow if busy. I did like doing the split of 1 dose in morning and 1 in evening. Does this cause any problems in future when tapering dow or coming of completely? If I take 0.05, can I take 0.025 twice a day or because there's a gap and I've never gone as low as 0.025 in one dose, is that a problem? I wont message again tonight I promise. Just want an idea so I try not to slip up.
  24. One thing I forgot and I wont bother u after. You can reply tomorrow if busy. I did like doing the split of 1 dose in morning and 1 in evening. Does this cause any problems in future when tapering dow or coming of completely? If I take 0.05, can I take 0.025 twice a day or because there's a gap and I've never gone as low as 0.025 in one dose, is that a problem? I wont message again tonight I promise. Just want an idea so I try not to slip up.
  25. GeoJeep

    Psychogenic ED or PSSD?

    @ParisienHonestly, the sexual symptoms don’t really bother me very much. Most days, they aren’t very bad. It’s everything else that I’m worried about. I would like to have one day where I can think straight, not be constantly dizzy, or have a throbbing headache.
  26. Parisien

    Psychogenic ED or PSSD?

    @GéoJeep I keep my fingers crossed for you to keep us informed of your condition
  27. Update as of today i am on .3ml of the prescribed liquid currently feeling heavily fatigued from lack of sleep.. still not sleeping properly waking up in cycles. Day to day i still get crying spells i lowered my dose on the liquid to see if it was too strong compared to the pill form. I dont know if it was the correct choice. I feel as though its up in the air i am slowly going to go back up to see if it reduces symptoms of crying spells, dysphoria and other symptoms. I want to find the right doseage day to day where the side effects arent too overwhelming and the withdrawals arent coming on a
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