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  2. Hi @manymoretodays, I'm back on the Omega topic. I just checked, and my Solal Omega All has the same 3:2 ratio of EPA:DHA as the Barlean's one you mentioned. I will try it again to see if it is activating. The reason I want to try it is because I am getting a few brain zaps (one or two a day) and I suspect that it is related to switching from controlled-release paroxetine to immediate-release paroxetine. I read @brassmonkey's "Are We There Yet?" thread, and he pointed out something that I think may be very relevant to my case: "no holds for changing manufacturer, no holds for changing from tablet to liquid, no holds for stabilizing after illness or vacations". So is changing formulation (but not dose) the likely cause of my brain zaps? Has anyone else experienced brain zaps after a formulation change? And did Omega 3 help? (I did also step down the quetiapine, but I have never had brain zaps related to quetiapine before). Thanks for listening, Bee
  3. I am still trying to settle on a tapering method and stick through it all through my taper. I bought an analytical balance (a 0.1 mg scale), but I would not mind returning it. It might not be easy to measure with it below 0.02 mgai. I might want to go lower than that since I started at 1.00 mgai Risperidone. The minimum weight of the scale would be 10 mgpw, which would be 0.02 mgai. According to https://withdrawal.theinnercompass.org/taper/understanding-limits-digital-scales-accuracy, I could "Consider if the significance of the scale’s errors could be lessened by working with multiple tablets or capsules at once, thereby increasing the overall base weight on the scale." I'm not sure if that means I could place a whole pill in my measuring dish on the scale and then measure powder along side it to measure a quantity of power less than 10 mgpw. (I would discard the whole pill and then just consume the powder.) I'm concerned about making a DIY liquid mixture because Risperidone is not soluble in water, and I'm not sure, for example, if I suspended 0.25 mgai (the smallest pill size) in 10 mL of water and followed Rhi's suggestions for stirring whether I would be able to reliably measure how many mgai were in 0.1 mL. (That would be 1/400 of my original dose.) I am thinking that because Risperidone is not soluble in water and I am dealing with smaller doses than most other drugs come in, even if I measured the same way every time, I might not be able to be consistent with liquid mixtures. I got a prescription for 0.0025 mgai from my psychiatrist and brought it to a compounding pharmacy who said they could fill a month's supply for $65, which I think would be manageable. That would be 1/400 of my original dose. I assume I could cut/crush the pill to get even smaller quantities. I am asking these questions because I noticed that on both this site and withdrawal.theinnercompass.org, DIY liquid mixtures seem to be the preferred method. I also don't know how painstaking it is to measure out specks of dust on a 0.1 mL scale, in the end. Any insight is welcome!
  4. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    thank you Carmie 😀
  5. Carmie

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Well done!!👏👏👏👏
  6. powerback

    powerback: tapering no 2

    Hi Iatrogenesis and martina not overseas exactly just a hop over the Irish sea to Scotland,got caught up in the storm and stuck in the airport all day and evening because flight was cancelled on Wednesday.flight took off at 11.45 pm ,it was scheduled for 15.30. it annoyed me because I had a feeling it would be cancelled[I did the usual blame myself thing for even leaving for the airport ,this is very bad self critical thing I do ] ,the lady in the Airbnb said we could stay all day and no pressure to be out but the flight wasn't cancelled until we got to airport ,we stayed on the coast so I would of loved a walk and watch the waves in the storm . nothing changed really still bad and want to be asleep for ever ,every second of life is just a chore and hard . The people I went with weren't to pleased but I already have the unwanted experience of managing withdrawl so stuck in a terminal is a peace of cake .
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  8. powerback

    powerback: tapering no 2

    HI WR ,im so confused I cant make a decision .im desperate that's the problem ,the last month is getting increasingly worse ,intrusive thoughts are making my waking and sleeping brain overwhelmed and all my reading to help myself out of this mess just makes me aware of how bad and deeper the hole gets ,sometimes I think going back to drinking is a good thing to make it all go away but I cant afford to be homeless or thrown out of were I live so this stops me ,if ide the wealth and circumstance I would do it because this isn't something to be endured.im too sensitive to even turn the radio on ,the topics are usually middle class problems of no pay rise this year and I'm terrified the next bad mood im in will result in me homeless. Theres a demon in me that wants to destroy me ,withdrawl or not why should society put up with this .any throw away pass remark about mental health winds me up . I need to get out into the sun today ,ile force myself . Take care .
  9. Im the same with the weight ,the chronic stress is pulling all the muscle and tissue away from my butt and this is exactly what the research says on stress,you need to eat when not hungry ,chew the food loads so to help with digestion.up protein also and see how you get on ,if we are doing exercise to accommodate our withdrawl discomfort we are adding to the problem .not eating and over exercise is a big issue ,we have to replenish what we are expelling .I was reading that we need to be up on our amino acids to help with anxiety . Its a sunny day I will force myself out for a walk ,oh I wish I was still in Scotland having a nice peaceful coastal walk ,I hate my town im sick looking at it .
  10. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Have also lost 12Ibs of weight (so far), that puts me a third of the way along my weight loss journey. That's 5.5 kg.
  11. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Thank you Andy! No, its like synthetic sugar (really odd) and started last week after the worst of my virus had subsided. ND reckoned its due to being run-down.....getting over a virus?? Does your mouth get gunky over night?? I recall for well over a year (after we moved back to the UK), I was phlegmy. Health professionals put this down to "Thames Valley syndrome". Because its pretty damp here, people go down with colds and viruses pretty easily. Best, JC
  12. apace41

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Good luck, JC! Fingers crossed. Is it metallic? That’s a strong sign of stress. Call me “metal mouth”. Best, Andy
  13. Aw, heck. Best wishes DJ. I survived a house move last year after 40 years in previous one. Some of the rearranging stuff and thinking helped me, mentally. Hope the same for you.
  14. Eleven10

    Eleven10: 30 months off Prozac

    May try that thanks I feel like my sleep is not improving at all on 1mg of lamotrgiene. Maybe I should go up?? i wake after two hrs with terrible ruminating thoughts, I try and count or distract or listen to music but nothing helps. Loops of negative thoughts that are almost painful as I cannot stop them. I toss and turn for hrs then fall asleep about 6am and wake bang on 8. I feel so exhausted and depressed I cannot move but cannot go back to sleep. This has been a constant since I stopped Prozac almost 5 years ago Functioning during the day is impossible
  15. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Interview next Friday for a 6 month contract (its a start), and yesterday sent my PhD proposal / CV to a couple of potential supervisors. Fingers crossed this all comes together. STILL got a weird taste in my mouth. I think its to do with bacterial build up at the back of the tongue (where the taste buds are), and so certain tastes just stay there??
  16. Ah crap DJ sorry to hear this ,don't over think the move too much ,our thinking is always worse than the reality ,still hard all the same .the positive is the low price keep that in your mind, if I lived near by ide help with the remodel ,I do all my own work in the house ,the missus is the worst kind of customer I told her lol. I once helped a friend move house on very short notice over a weekend [years ago in my prime] ,he had 5 daughters so you could imagine ,since that I have never fretted about this kind of thing .I ignored the phone calls when the American fridge had to be moved for a third time ,come on like I have my limits lol. Be proud today my friend but I understand about the sleep ,its torture ,I just had to relay how bad things have been to my sister that lives in OZ ,she keeps pushing me on very sensitive matters so I had to put her straight ,shes a good sister but Shel go the same as everyone else in time ide say and loose patience . I got held up in Glasgow airport during the storm ,flight was at 3 ,we took off at 11.45 pm .was cancelled just as we went through security ,so had to rebook . Happy birthday to your son and enjoy the day as best you can.ile gather up some stuff I've watched on sleep hygiene and send it to you . Playing symptoms down to even ourselves is a way to protect ourselves ,the acceptance thing is the hardest for me .I live in a state these days that society want to be protected from like the plague ,I better find some fight in me fast but what if my will has been eroded away ,I live like a scared child in an adult body .sorry went on too much ,should keep all this crap for my own thread lol. Be safe and take care .
  17. Effexor XR. When does one start to feel better after a taper crash and updose/reinstatement? These are thoughts from my own records and experience. Maybe they will prove helpful to someone, but caution advised, as we all know "everyone is different." I commenced the "SA" taper 2 years ago from 225.0mg. Today, after my crash at about 56mg, 6 months ago, I am in the 5th day of feeling much better. A good "window". When I realised I had well and truly crashed and burned, I made four modest updoses over the last four months to where I am now. to 62.5mg (hold 33 days) to 75.0mg (32 days) to 87.5mg (25 days) - suffering badly, but possibly, if I had stuck it out for another week, may have been sufficiently stabilised.) to 100.0mg with current window commencing after 22 days. My journal/spreadsheet also reports of a reinstatement after a crash at 0.0mg* 12 years ago in spring 2006 - "75mg - getting better, 21days....." *Effexor XR again. Our NHS is more cautious - "Depressed mood and lack of interest in activities may need up to 6-8 weeks to fully improve." But this refers to ADs in general, not Effexor/venlafaxine specifically. The AD experiences of reinstating/updosing/tapering/crashing/staying off can be overwhelming and seemingly endless. Patience can pay off, though, if we are fortunate.
  18. Shep

    LilBit: Polypharmacy nightmare

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, LilBit. I eat a banana a day for the potassium and I've read it's good for sleep due to the potassium and magnesium, as well as L-tryptophan. I never heard of a tea form, so I'm going to give that a try. Sometimes just having a soothing hot beverage can help. If you find it's helpful and wish to share the recipe, here's a good thread for doing so: Herb Teas: Camomile, Ginger, Mint, etc
  19. Just one last thought for the day everyone, Pleeeeease try and get out in nature as much as you can. It really can help with getting your emotional equilibrium back. I’m not saying you won’t be terrified of your symptoms when you’re in nature because when you’re in a wave you’re holding on for dear life. Nevertheless seeing the beauty around you even if you’re feeling anhedonic or in a panic situation does help. Yesterday when I went to the Parklands it boosted my spirits so much. All those beautiful spring flowers. I’m hoping to go down to my sister’s place next weekend if I have the strength and spend lots of time at the beach. The beach really is my happy place. Another thing, please don’t isolate yourself. I have spent time with friends even in the middle of waves. I don’t have social phobia as such and I am an extrovert so I guess that helps make it easier for me, but even if you’re an introvert and are scared being around people because the withdrawals make you so, do you have a friend or more that you feel comfortable with? Just spending time with one friend can help soooo much. I really wish I could take everyone’s pain away, sending each and every one of you the biggest hug ever🤗
  20. Shep

    Leo1983: SSRI withdrawal

    Leo, please be respectful of the moderators who are giving you information. If you read through your thread, you'll see you have repeatedly asked the same questions again and again regarding how long it's going to take and if your symptoms are normal. You also weren't interested in reinstating and instead, wanted to wait it out. ChessieCat was simply reassuring you that it's not just you and giving you some extremely helpful ways of coping to help you wait it out. By posting on the site, you are implying you want a reply. If you wish to write only for yourself and not for other people, please start a private journal. This is a great activity to do anyways because it's very helpful for symptoms such as anxiety. Journaling / Writing Therapy / Therapeutic Writing Moderators will often reply to members' questions. Alto relies on her moderators to help run the site. There are dozens of members posting daily for information and you can't expect Alto to be available for every discussion and question you have. Text communication is difficult for everyone. Please give the moderators the benefit of the doubt that we are trying to be helpful, not intrusive. Recovery is not linear, so the concept of "relapse" is tricky. When you start to move toward healing and have a setback, that also is a part of the healing process. For more, please see: How psychiatric drugs remodel your brain Are We There Yet? How Long is Withdrawal Going to Take? James Heaney has a great blog where he explores these themes, such as this thread: Waves and Windows in SSRI Withdrawal As he writes: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Withdrawal is a process of alternating good times and bad. The more you’re able to mitigate the bad with mindfulness, the shorter the waves become. Our minds often work in feedback loops. One thought leads to another through association, creating the pattern of our minds. Mindfulness allows us to shape the pattern to a certain extent. The more you can recognize that a harmful thought is just part of a wave, and not a normal part of your normal mind, the faster you’ll get to the next window. Eventually, that last window becomes reality, and the next wave never comes. The mindfulness you’ve developed getting there will remain, though. _________________________________________________________________________________________ We do see members having waves quite aways out, especially for folks who come off cold turkey or by a rapid taper. And there also is the concept of "battle fatigue". This is the fatigue that comes from dealing with symptoms on a daily basis for months. Many of us become more than a bit exhausted, especially with an illness that is largely discounted by the medical community and for many of us, we also have to hide it from co-workers and even friends and family. That's why we are so adamant about the non-drug coping skills - they will help you not only with the usual day-to-day withdrawal symptoms, but also with collateral damage and battle fatigue. I'm glad you are understanding that your "withdrawal symptoms are classic". That's a great start in the way of acceptance. The goal is to use these non-drug coping skills to not only navigate withdrawal, but to put you in a place of being able to handle anything that comes your way by the time you do finally reach the finish line. I hope your withdrawal is not a drawn out process and that you are feeling better soon, but please don't risk alienating and burning out the moderators just in case you do need to keep posting here.
  21. 19.9 5.30am Woke Rumination crying anxius 7am Ate and meds (Effexor XR75 mg, Buspiron 3 mg Lamotrigin 200 mg) 11.30am 7,5 mg oxapax due to anxious rumination Extreme restless and crying 12am Lunch 6pm roing and at ease rest of the day 5pm dinner 8pm 3,5 mg buspiron 10.30pm To bed. Slept all night 20.9. 5.30amWoke at ease 7am breakfast and meds 12am lunch 12am am 7,5 oxapax as anxiety and crying is building up 1pm relief 3pm restless and crying Got a hug and had some relief - dinner 4pm roing and at ease 5.45pm anxiety crying restless 18.20pm 7,5 mg oxapax due to ekstreeem anxiety ruminating restless Can’t contain myself. 7pm relief moderate anxiety 7.15 3,5 mg Buspiron and snack 10.30pm Moderate anxiety To bed. Leg muskuls twitzing. Slept all night 21/9. 5.30am Woke anxiety crying can’t sit still restless Can’t contain myself. Went to bed trying to calm down 7am 1/2 mg oxapax No reliefs 8am breakfast and meds. 9am Got a hug and talked to therapist got some relief. Moderate sadness and crying 12am Lunch Is the above the things I should write here in order to see if there is any pattern?
  22. Manny78

    Abilify Water titration

    Hello. Is anybody doing water titration? I am doing it. I am at 15 mg and I feeling bad. I started 10 months ago at 20mgs. I am having tremors in my legs. I would like to speak with people with the same experience.
  23. Well, I’ve had weeks of watching the tv with ear plugs in because I could hear next doors tv through the wall. It was driving me mad. The last 3 nights I haven’t worn the ear plugs and I have been fine. I haven’t noticed next door at all. I don’t know if it is temporary relief but it gives me a lot of hope because I was beginning to think it wa a permanent problem. Good luck Steve
  24. Carmie

    Introducing micromonster

    Hi micro monster, Im sorry that it was stressful for you going to the doctor. Yes, our emotions can be all over the place with withdrawals. Those nasty neuro emotions. Make sure to get some rest even though you’re not on holiday anymore. Take care💚
  25. Carmie

    lalala: Paxil to Prozac

    Hi lalala, Sorry that you haven’t found a place to stay yet. Yes, I like my distractions. It keeps me going when I’m going through waves. I’ve founds millions of things to distract myself. You only get messages from my thread if I quote what you’ve said on there. Is that what you meant? Hope you find a place to live soon. Sending hugs🤗
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