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  2. Lucy1983


    My is issue is odd to me and I don't really know how to explain it. But it has gotten continually worse. The whole idea of a partner relationship seems strange to me now. I see couples holding hands or touching in any way and it kind of makes me ill. I do not want my husband to touch me so I completely avoid all contact. Any sexual references on TV pretty much make me nauseous. I am questioning the entire love attraction thing. I was never this way prior to WD and it has been ongoing for 9 mo.
  3. brassmonkey

    Erell: struggling with paroxetine

    "I'm being curious, and perhaps listening too much to the need to find a rationnal explanation or to understand my current rough "setback". I've seen some of your posts where you mentionned a "special wave" that often hit people around 8-10 months after jumping to 0. I was wondering if this theory makes sense in the case of a switch : it's been 8-9 months since I fast tapered Paxil to bridge to Prozac. (5 months that I'm holding the same Prozac dose). I'm wondering if I'm suffering from prolonged Paxil WD, a "special nasty 8 months wave", from Prozac. Would you agree
  4. Yesyes123

    Toast: looking for peer support

    @Toast, I have been deceived by psychiatry in a very similar way. It's good, at least, that now you know the truth! I know someday you will be free from SSRI's. What is your taper plan? Cheers
  5. Today
  6. @sunnysideup69appreciate you always, my friend! Hope you’re ok! @Longroadhome I’ve read articles that say there’s an increased risk of developing dementia for people that were on drugs with strong anticholinergic properties for extended periods of time. Paxil is one of these drugs, unfortunately.
  7. Jen1234

    Goosie: insomnia crisis

    Awww I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I was under the impression you were feeling anxious as well. Sorry I misunderstood, but it sounds like maybe a little more is going on too. I’ve experienced that overall burning sensation but only several times in the middle of the night and it always seemed quite random. I thought maybe it was some form of a panic attack, but I’m not sure.
  8. Goosie

    Goosie: insomnia crisis

    Thank you @Jen1234 for your kind reply. You are probably right - not akathesia but extreme anxiety. It’s just odd because I don’t feel worried or anxious- just in pain because of the extreme discomfort. I woke so happy to have slept only to find myself on fire. Does this make sense? Do you feel this sometimes?
  9. Jac12844

    Jac12844: New here and scared

    @Shep I just read the link you posted to me before about TMS and I'm concerned that this may be cause problems for me as well.
  10. No i have not read anything about water theraphy. I would think tho untill i manage to get off the medication whould it be possible to start doing that ?
  11. MNgal1960

    MNgal1960: need to get off of 3 meds

    About the cocktail thing, the insomnia preceded the drugs and is better, not worse on them. It got worse as I tapered. It got better when I added the propranolol which was to block the effects of adrenaline on the heart. I was being jolted awake with a racing heart. There's my daughter at the door. Will have to come back later. Thank you!
  12. MNgal1960

    MNgal1960: need to get off of 3 meds

    Hi, Shep! How are you? Yes, I could use some advice. I was not on any meds when the insomnia started in 2012. This whole drugs mess is all about sleep. Well, it is to me. Not to the doctors who believe these meds cure things. I slept some last night so am able to think again. I can go days with almost no sleep and then I am no longer thinking straight. And then I get worn down. And I don't even want to try any more. Death looks good. It would be rest. I take 100mg gabapentin 8:30AM 3:30PM 11:30PM I take 1/2 tablet Q at 10PM I take propran
  13. Jen1234

    Goosie: insomnia crisis

    I hope it helps you Goosie! I’m not sure you’re shrink is correct in labeling extreme anxiety where you want to crawl out of your skin as akathisia. I think the two are separate conditions, but might feel similarly at times. I’ve felt that extreme anxiety where you are squirming in your seat, pacing, want to jump out of your skin, ect but its not akathisia. I tell you this in hopes it calms your nerves about having it. I think you’re probably more on target about the cortisol. You’re gonna get through this period I’m sure. You have excellent coping strategies under your belt and unfortunately
  14. MNgal1960

    Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

    It was over a month before I saw benefits. Also, I took twice what the label said divided into 3 doses/day (one with each meal). I think the package said to try for 6 weeks before deciding it didn't work. I'm sorry, it was long ago and my memory is not great. Best wishes to you.
  15. Goosie

    Goosie: insomnia crisis

    Thank you @shep for the lovely reply. I did sleep a few hours last night but unfortunately it did not alleviate my “akathesia”. I spoke to my shrink and he said the extreme anxiety where you want to crawl out your skin is akathesia. I believe this to be off the rails cortisol. I started phosphitydal serine and Triptophan as my dr said it could help. I am trying to stay positive in the midst of hell. I am trying to read all the success stories where people survived this extreme anxiety and insomnia. sending lots of love.
  16. Jac12844

    Jac12844: New here and scared

    @Shep and @Altostrata do you think the insomnia, anxiety, and activation could be from the lithium? Or maybe the klonopin coming out of my system as well? I definitely have had worse insomnia since starting the lithium. I've been on it for 5 days and have had increased energy. Yesterday and today I've felt some agitation as well. I'm also wondering if depakote could cause tingling/burning sensations, anxiety, and insomnia? This is all such a mess. Thank you for your help.
  17. Hi @Byepolar, Welcome! I can definitely relate to feelings of increased aggression and anger. Though in my case, I felt like the SSRIs I was on previously made me overly submissive, and when I finally stopped, I finally "woke up" to certain injustices in my life. However, my levels of anger do vary, and when I feel particularly angry, one thing that I have found helpful is remembering a time when my brain was reframing things differently and I felt less angry about the particular situation. This works for me because I am usually angry about particular aspects/events in my life, and the s
  18. PerAsperaAdAstra

    PerAsperaAdAstra: getting off of Paxil properly

    Thanks for the message Jolene! Thanks for mentioning the NHG PDF. Haven't seen that one. Although I'm quite positively surprised by the fact that the NHG document states some good stuff (not downplaying the withdrawal symptoms of those in withdrawal, use of the serotonin occupancy curve), but in regard to the schedule no harm reduction approach seems to have been used. I almost get withdrawal symptoms only thinking of the fact it suggest getting people off antidepressants in a mere 20 weeks or so. That has the potential for a world of hurt, withdrawal wise. Recently
  19. @Neon, I am so sorry to hear of your horrible suffering. But so glad to hear that you were recently able to get a bit more sleep! I am extremely lucky in that insomnia is not really a symptom I have experienced -- I get mild insomnia where it sometimes takes me a few hours to fall asleep, but in general it is not bad for me. I am really sorry to hear you are suffering like this, it must be so awful. I found magnesium helped make me sleepy and generally calm me down a bit more but I also like you am scared of getting another dependency, so I haven't been taking it regularly. I guess another sug
  20. Hi, This time the worse withdrawal symptoms were 2 weeks (14 days) Unfortunately, there is still fatigue I get tired suddenly every day at about 3 p.m. Then a more depressed mood develops. There were many other symptoms during the first two weeks Is current fatigue somehow related to cortisol? Do others also have a period of more anxiety-restlessness and then fatigue-exhaustion? Yesterday I went to the sauna. Unfortunately, this can not be done now, after particularly tired
  21. @DaBro Thank you for this. I am glad to hear these moments get better with time. It is tough, for me I have felt like they are getting worse with time, but I am also less than a year into the withdrawal process. It has been so incredibly difficult. This gives me some hope though, thank you <3
  22. Sleepless

    Sleepless: unable to take medication

    @Janece Thank you Janice. 🙂
  23. Hi @Neon& @Altostrata, I just wanted to give you an update. It’s been 13 days that I reinstated 5mg of Cipralex. (Lexapro) Overall, things are okay. The reinstated completely zapped the withdrawal symptoms, most notably the intense gagging/nausea in the morning and early morning “shakes”. I should mention also I that a few days after I reinstated, I also decided to quit smoking. Today and yesterday, I have noticed a lower mood, but I do think it’s to be expected 10 days of no smoking. I’m going to just focus on moving forward and try not to pay attention to w
  24. Bluemoon3


    I slept from 10.30 to 8.30 and I rest till 11am. I woke up very often but I fell asleep again in a few min. I am feeling more and more tired those days. It’s pregnancy. I don’t walk as much.
  25. Gridley

    DemonOfSarila: Tapering lexapro & trazodone

    Welcome to SA, DemonofSarila. Thank you for completing your drug signature. It's very good you've stopped the alternate dosing, which can be very disruptive to your system. We recommend tapering only one drug at a time. Otherwise, if there are problems, you won't know the cause. Regarding tapering the Trazodone first vs. Lexapro, we generally recommend tapering the more activating drug first, leaving the more sedating drug in place to support sleep. Lexapro, like other SSRI's, is activating. Trazodone is a bit of a mixture in that it can aid sleep but can also caus
  26. Will be praying for you sleepless , just remember that each and every day that goes by you're getting better , no matter how long it takes .
  27. Sleepless

    Sleepless: unable to take medication

    I’m able to eat chicken and egg whites. I can’t eat the yolk. I’m assuming it because they have too many vitamins that trigger me.
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