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  2. @Gridley @Rabe @Carmie - thanks guys, you made a really tough day bearable with your support. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to let me know you are there and you care!
  3. Carmie

    Sunnyday: Go back up in dosage?

    Hi Sunnyday, Just checking in to see how you’re doing. I’m sorry you’ve been going through such bad waves. Are you getting any more windows? Hope you feel a little better soon. Sending sunshine your way☀️☀️☀️
  4. Carmie

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    Hi Kev, How did you go with the specialists appointments so far? I’m sorry you’re losing so much weight, and yes, it must be scary for you. Keep us updated on how youre doing. Sending hugs🤗
  5. I think it was more likely the pseudoephedrine that caused problems. It is a stimulant and is probably best avoided, or at least taken at a much lower dose when your system is sensitive. I haven't heard of problems occurring with paracetamol. It's a good idea to avoid caffeine when your system is sensitive. I switched to decaf coffee.
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  7. What Should We Really Call Psychiatric Drugs? - Mad In America.weblocWe heard back 2 days after we posted that Ruth had not taken any more meds, and was feeling okay. However, we haven't heard from her since and she lives many hours away from us. We saw a family member recently who said she was fine, but we are concerned that we haven't heard from her yet, especially since she has gone off cold turkey. Anyone have any articles or information or videos we can send her to encourage her? as she might be going through withdrawals and we are not sure how much her or her family know about psychiatric meds and withdrawals. We have sent her videos from Dr. Peter Breggin and MadInAmerica videos. However, although these websites have good information exposing a lot of the lies and misleading information that gets people trapped on these drugs, they promote psychoanalysis and scientology respectively which don't give complete healing from drug withdrawal or the original problem that led to the start of the drugs. Does anyone know any Christians who offer the same information and a solution? Here is the information we found that we have sent regarding psychiatric drugs: What Should We Really Call Psychiatric Drugs? - Mad In America.webloc Simple Truths about Psychiatry by Dr. Peter Breggin: http-::www.youtube.com:playlist?list=PLdo601sRKNc70BA5MV51kS-Mr6ypsvd1F.webloc (These short 10-minute videos by a psychiatrist summarize the harmful effects of psychiatric medications, and how to support those who are depressed, anxious, etc. Although his information on medication is accurate, he promotes psychoanalysis and as Christians we believe a necessary part of the solution is to replace psychiatric drugs with putting on Christ and following the scriptures. Breggin also has some strange ideas about evolution of man and history, which we think are inaccurate.) Dr. Breggin interviews Christian pastor, Daniel Berger: The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 04.12.18.webloc Chronic Brain Impairment & Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal.webloc (If short on time skip intro and start at 6:25, also skip 23:15-28:55m where Breggin discusses his views on evolution, which aren't accurate)
  8. Hi Neroli, Thanks for your kind words. I try to cope as best I can, don’t always do well at it though. I’m so sorry that you are going through a tough patch again. What I can say though is you can’t live in the future , you can only live in this moment. Worrying about the future accomplishes nothing. I know it’s hard but we can only live a moment at a time. Yes, that cut you made is probably still affecting you. I know when I’ve made small cuts a lot of the time it hit around day five or so. How were you feeling before the cut? I think it is important to sometimes have long holds, I’ve done it quite a number of times to get some kind of normalcy in my life. Only you know how your body is doing. I taper according to my body. Can’t wait to get back on my original tablets again, though it might take me another three months to stabilise. I will cross taper this time though. See what happens. I might do it in January. I’ve gone through three months of withdrawals for nothing and another three months probably to get back to where I started from. But like the saying goes, one can’t cry over spilt milk. I wouldn’t cry anyway, as I don’t drink milk🥛🤣. Great that you were able to gather some info for work today. We can only do what we can do. At least you looked at the positive n did something you were able. Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon, sending sunshine your way☀️☀️☀️
  9. Carmie, You're such a generous person - you feel joy in your heart for others who are keeping on keeping on. And you are doing that, too. 💜💜
  10. Hi everyone, Hope you are all coping as best you can. I actually had some brain again today after around a week or so of hardly being able to think or read. I’ve read a lot of threads and I’m so sorry about everything you are all going through. This really is one tough journey. I feel sad that one person cold turkeyed after they knew how to taper properly. Why would someone do that??? I can’t comprehend it. I read your threads and the struggles you’re all going through and how you all keep fighting on and that brings joy to my heart. We will win this fight!! Hang in there everyone, sending lots of hugs🤗🤗🤗
  11. Hi again, Six weeks is not long at all. You have made so many changes, you will never stabilise if you keep chopping and changing all of the time. If I did what you did it would take me at least a year to get stable. I pay for every change I make. I decided to go to compounding capsules n it has taken me over three months to stabilise. I still have symptoms but not as severe. I’m going back to water titrating the original tablet though because Brassmonkey said it’s better to use the original if you’re able too as it’s much more accurate. I might crosstaper in January and it might take me another three months to stabilise. It pretty much means I went backwards and had to put up with the withdrawals for nothing as I’m back where I started from. I didn’t know about the compounded formulas not always being accurate at the time. One can’t change the past though, one can only move forward. No use crying over spilt milk. We can’t avoid withdrawals whatever we do though, we can just lessen the intensity by not making a million changes or tapering too fast. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, CFS is no fun. I already had a lot of the symptoms people get in withdrawals before I even went through withdrawals. That’s because it’s a CNS illness and withdrawals also affect the CNS. The worst thing about withdrawals has been when I’ve had akathisia. When I’ve tapered too fast it got so bad. Before I knew about medications and withdrawals and the doctors cold turkeyed me I was suicidal. It was so bad and I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I thought there was something terribly physically n mentally wrong with me and I thought it was permanent. I didn’t figure out u til much later on that it was withdrawals. I know this is an extremely scary process but we will get there in the end. Take care💚
  12. Hello Carmie Thank you for dropping by - good that you have more of your brain back. I appreciate you coming over to see how I'm getting on. You continue to amaze me with your tolerance of all that you go through. The past few days have been rather tough again - more anxiety and SI, and the legs are just as leaden. Motivation is low, too. I've been at home working today - and the only way I could engage with it was to do some reading to at least gather information for some work which is coming up. I hate thinking of the future and how I'm going to cope with it. I need to cut my nails and I can't get the motivation to do it! So, I've had a nap this afternoon (not as toxic as usual if I doze in the afternoon) and I'm doing some knitting. Soon it will be time for dinner and then I can go to bed and watch Netflix. I cut 2.5mg off the Nortriptyline last Friday, so today is day 6 and I'm wondering if that is having more of an effect on the symptoms. I'm wondering now whether I consider holding for 6 months to see whether there is some kind of stability that can be gained. Just don't know whether the drugs are making things worse but if I take a drop it's shaking my system. I keep looking at your signature and I know that you have endured so much. Hugs back to you Neroli 💜💪
  13. @Carmie, I hit send too soon. Wanted to say I hope you're feeling better. My good friend suffers from CFS and I know it's a real bear.
  14. @Carmie, thank you for responding. I guess I just needed to see if my reinstatement dose was too high as some have suggested. What if I never stabilize? Is that likely to happen? It's been almost 6 weeks since I reinstated and I still feel awful, physically and emotionally. Eventually my body will acclimate won't it? I'm kinda getting worried here.
  15. Carmie

    Amyellis: Pristiq taper / Lamictal

    Hi Amy, Welcome to SA. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. Please put your drug signature in so we can see it at a glance. Just press on the link Alto gave you and read the link on tapering pristiq. Please don’t continue to isolate yourself. People on this site are going through the same things with withdrawals and can relate to what you are going through too. Feel free to interact on here so that you don’t feel so alone. This is a hard journey but we will all heal from these meds in the end. The process is very slow, but slow and steady does it. We will win this fight. Sending hugs Amy🤗
  16. Hi Dejavu, I left a message with the other mods so hopefully they will get to you soon. They will know your history more. This is not a real time site, the mods aren’t always on here. If it was me I would go back up to the 25mg and stabilise on that since you only went down to 22.5mg for one night. You should never taper if you’re not stable. By your signature I see that you keep making so many changes. You will have trouble stabilising if you continue to do that. Pleeeeease stabilise before you taper again. Sending hugs🤗
  17. Carmie


    Hi Novelist, Welcome to SA. Sorry your post wasn’t seen earlier. How are you doing? Please put your drug signature in so we can see your drug history at a glance. Just press on the link Alto gave you. Thank you. Also please answer her questions so we can help you better. I’m so sorry you are going through this. It really is one of the hardest journeys we will ever go through but we will all heal in the end. Sending hugs🤗
  18. @Altostrata @ChessieCat @Songbird or any other mod who is online right now, can anyone help me? I have to dose soon and have no idea what I should do. Thank you!!
  19. Andie

    Andie: Tapering off Pristiq

    Note to self- held at 32mg for 4 months. Currently Holding at 12mg
  20. Hi Out2C8383, Welcome to SA, Please put in your drug signature so that we can see it at a glance every time and don’t need to go through your whole thread to find the info. Just press on the link Shep gave you. Thanks a lot. Have a read of the links Shep gave you too, especially on water titrating. You seem quite knowledgeable already. I’ve been water titrating my meds for years. I always use my 25mg tablet in 20ml of water n have used that math. I’m not great at math but somehow managed to get myself down from 300mg of Seroquel to 7.5mg. I had to start water titrating on the lower doses as I could no longer split the tablets with my tablet cutter. Some people use scales instead of water titrating, but I’ve never used them and don’t know much about them. Wishing you all the best with your tapering 💚
  21. Carmie

    noblenoob: withdrawing from Zyprexa

    Hi noblenoob, Welcome to SA. I’m glad you found this site too. It is good that you reinstated but your plan for tapering is way too fast. You should never taper more than 10% a month. I can only taper by about 4% to 5% myself. Please read the links above on tapering. Going from 10mg to 5mg is way too fast. Please DO NOT do this or you may get severe withdrawals. Please add a signature to your post too of your drug history, just press on the link Shep gave you. It makes it easier for people to see your history every time you post, otherwise we would have to go through your whole thread all the time. Wishing you all the best with your tapering💚
  22. Carmie

    JackieDecides: Hello I am Jackie

    Hi JackieDecides, Just wanted to wish you all the best in your new job. You sound much more tech savvy than me. I’m hopeless. Keep up that positive attitude of yours. Sending sunshine your way☀️☀️☀️
  23. Hi QA, Just checking in to see how you’re doing? Are you still holding? Have you stabilised yet? Hope you’re doing okay. Sending sunshine your way☀️☀️☀️
  24. Hi Jozeff, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister, that must be very hard for you. Sending you hugs.🤗 That’s wonderful that you got to Disneyland with your family and you all had a great time. It really helps to have great memories to look back on when going through withdrawals. I’m a major photoholic so I always have photos to look back on too. Editing them is a good distraction too when going through waves. You have a good heart in wanting to help people on here and it is much appreciated. Take care of yourself first though as Gridley said. Do what you can when you can, and when you can’t just know you will still have opportunities to help others in the future when you are doing a bit better. Don’t stress about it, just keep getting better and continue to heal and one day you will be a success story, and you will certainly help people that way as well. I hope you have many many more happy days like you did at Disneyland. Sending sunshine your way☀️☀️☀️
  25. Hi Cippo, I’m sorry you are struggling so much, but cold turkey is really the worst thing you could have done. I see you’ve had lots of advice in the past not to cold turkey. I don’t understand why you would cold turkey?? I’ve been cold turkeyed by doctors in the past before I knew anything about withdrawals and medications and it was horrific. I wouldn’t do that to myself on purpose, and I would never wish that on anyone. Please read the thread Chessiecat sent you on how long withdrawals can take. It may take a while for you to stabilise now. One can’t change the past though, so you need to find yourself some distractions and coping skills to help you get through the withdrawals. I hope you have some hobbies or things that can help you to get through waves. I’ve always got a million things to use to distract myself. Have you decided to reinstate as per Alto’s advice or are you going to stay as you are? Reinstatement doesn’t always work but it is the only thing that might help a bit. Sometimes it can make things worse, but I’ve mostly seen in threads that it seems to help people. If the reinstatement works it doesn’t mean that all you symptoms will go away, they might just lessen a little. Only you can make decisions for yourself, but I feel very sad that you cold turkeyed. Wishing you all all the best in your recovery. Sending hugs🤗
  26. Carmie

    WantoffVen: venlafaxine

    Hi WantoffVent, Just thought I’d pop by and say hi. The chilli sounds yummy, hope you enjoyed it. I’m sorry about your coughing.I don’t know if this will work or not but I read that pineapple juice can help with coughing. I’ve read that quite a few times in different places. Again, I’ve never tried it but it might be worth a go. Not sure if you need to make fresh juice or if bottled is okay. Just google it. Can’t hurt, and it sure would be yummy anyway, even if it doesn’t help. Hope you get some more sleep tonight. What have you decided to do as regards the alcohol? Take care, sending hugs🤗
  27. Carmie

    Steve61: Dosulepin withdrawal

    Hi Steve, Just popping by to see how you’re doing. I’m so glad you’ve been getting some windows, it shows that we will heal. What wonderful news that some of your symptoms have diminished. When you end up in a wave again just remember how your symptoms lessened and that will help you to keep on going. I’m so glad too that your compassion and empathy has come back. I’m sorry that has been a struggle for you while going through withdrawals. It is good to feel and show compassion and empathy for others, as it is a good coping strategy too to take our focus off ourselves and onto other people. I’ve never lost it, I’ve always been a major empath, and I think that withdrawals have actually made me more empathetic. I hope you continue to have lots more windows. Sending sunshine your way, it’s certainly warm here today, might turn the air in on in a sec.☀️☀️☀️
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