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  2. Good morning Ruth from a rainy Scotland Sounds as though you are doing ok -on you're up dose. Back to work as well good on you Need to chat properly sometime I could pick your brains. Have a good day Sassanach
  3. Sassenach

    Sassenach: is the updose working?

    Hey you I didn't know you were a laundry service oh and the banker as well. I am not ignoring you you and I will explain about Rachel. Been very busy. Will post today day and you can read on Monday day as you are always busy see at the weekend. Hugs to Georgie as I seem to send them to everyone else now there are so many of you you and keep forgetting her. SAS
  4. Sassenach


    Good morning Amanda As you can see the night shift has been very busy. Shep is the benzo boss. I hope you are feeling a little better this morning you are getting help to move this forward. Catch you later sassenach
  5. Sassenach

    Witsend: desperate for advice

    Good morning Wend Hope you have a good chill Certainly cold enough up here and rainy. SAS
  6. Emotionnal flatness, no inner monologue "thoughts", no libido, my penis Don't orgasm correctly crazy.. anéjaculation… my sleep is *****, i sleep but i not sleep with dopamine brain
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  8. ChessieCat

    demoone1999: my journey

    Hi demoone, I have seen you asking questions of another member, Yogagirl38. What you may not realise is that Altostrata, who has provided already responded to you and suggested a reinstatement dose, is this site's founder and she has personal experience with withdrawal syndrome as well as having done a lot of research. Please keep daily symptoms notes for the next 3 days on paper and post them here daily in your Introduction topic. This will allow the mods to assess your situation and whether you might need to increase your dose by a small amount. An example: 6 a.m. Woke with anxiety 8 a.m. Took 2.5mg Lexapro 10 a.m. Stomach is upset 10:30 a.m. Ate breakfast 11:35 a.m. Got a headache, lasted one hour 12:35 p.m. Ate lunch 4 p.m. Feel a bit better 5 p.m. Took 2.5mg Lexapro 6 p.m. Ate dinner 9:20 p.m. Headache 10:00 p.m. Took 50mg Seroquel 10:20 p.m. Feeling dizzy 10:30 p.m. Fell asleep 2:30 a.m. Woke, took 3mg Ambien (NOT "took 1/2 tablet Ambien") 2:45 a.m. Fell asleep 4:30 a.m. Woke but got back to sleep Posts made in Yogagirl's topic: Also posting this here so that you have a full history in your Introduction topic:
  9. Thank you and yes wanted to reiterate i am NOT a moderator and I can’t provide an honest plan without examining you in person, having access to your medical history, diet, lifestyle, and having access to any labs. Good luck to you!
  10. listen ambien is a seriously horrible medication that should be taken off the market. Are u on that as well? so lets say u are not on ambien and have not taken ambien within the past 2-3 months. Let’s say u are on absolutely nothing right now, and that u quit zoloft 150 mg 4 weeks ago. Let’s say u are having tardive dystonia/dyskinesia right now. I would recommend in that situation to NOT reinstate but to drink wholefat lactose free cow milk twice per day, seafood 3-4 days a week, and red meat smothered in duck fat on the other days. All the pasta u can eat but no bread unless u make your own quick bread with baking soda (avoid yeast). I’d want u to adapt a macro diet of 45 percent carb, 20 percent protein, 35 percent fat indefinitely. No bone broth ever. Bone broth is bad for people with dystonia. But roasted bone marrow is good (ive cured people of multiple sclerosis symptoms and parkinsonism and my own dystonia with these recommendations). Absolutely no vegan/vegetarianism. You really want to focus on consuming wholefat cow milk, red meat, seafood, pasta, but limit or completely exclude baker’s yeast. Minimal fruit/vegetables for vitamin c (we get all we need from animals except vit C unless u eat raw meat/drink raw milk). I am unconventional but my methods work lol. Do that and wait i out and expect to be waiting it out without medication for a few months. As long as u don’t have suicidal ideation (i dont know your medical history). On the other hand, let’s say the above, but let’s say u aren’t having movement issues, instead lets say u r having discontinuation issues as in severe nausea, brain zaps, coming out of your skin, like your head is moving but you arent moving, severe restless and parkinsonism, in that case, at only 4 weeks off, i would take 150 mg right away again. Stay on 150 mg at least 3 months, then go down to 125 mg and stay on that 8-12 weeks and follow the wean down schedule i posted. You are lookimg at taking 1-2 years to wean down properly. Ambien is a whole another story which is also like getting off heroin based upom patients ive worked with. Also emphasis on proper nutrition. Make sure : do u eat enough each day? Are u getting omega 3s daily and vitamin c daily? Are u getting red meat several times per week? Emphasis on fat, not protein, as lean protein messed up insulin same way carbs without fat does... for example, chicken breast, rice, vegetable is horrible meal. Chicken breast with mozz on top (as long as chicken is not fried) or chicken or fish cooked in duck fat or rendered bacon fat - with your grain, vegetables, that is good meal. Drink wholefat milk twice per day indefinitely
  11. Wait so i am confused. Are you saying you were on 150 mg, then quit cold turkey, then were on absolutely no medications for 4 weeks? What are u experiencing mentally and physically?
  12. @Altostrata I will definitely let it settle. Thanks.
  13. On average, better work day than the last ones, though everything started to fall apart after going home. I was also pissed off that "leaving early" was a lie. In total I work like 2 hour more daily than I did before quitting 8am. Not so tired, a little brain fog 10am. Felt "OK" 11am. Started to get dizzy and tired 2pm. Very dizzy 3pm. Felt a little dizzy, I think that the last coffe woke me more 6pm. Very dizzy 7pm. Very dizzy, depersonalization 9pm. Pretty sedated, very dizzy, trouble thinking, huge depersonalization. Very nervous, blame it on so much coffee during day I'm ready to call it quits, if I get asked at work how I feel, I'll tell them to get a replacement, I might last 3 more months and that's it, the schedule is too gruesome for me at the time. Func fact, since I started I've lost two rare remote jobs due to being unavailable In other news, I bought some empty capsule to use in the taper. And I'm seriously considering building a chainmail blanket as a weighted blanket alternative (can't use one, sweat like a pig at night) I have an appointment with the CBT doctor tomorrow, I'm dreading to hear I should think positive and the side effects will go away
  14. ChessieCat


    That's great news. Welcome back Dan and ten
  15. Altostrata


    Our esteemed former moderators, Dan998 and ten0275, are now Mentors.
  16. Altostrata

    Trissy65: venlafaxine / Effexor withdrawal

    Welcome, Trissy. How is it you don't feel well? What are your daily symptoms? How is your sleep?
  17. Welcome, Parox. What times of day do you take your drugs? Are your symptoms better at some times of day than others? How is your sleep?
  18. Need to know what time of day this happens. re: the morning cortisol, growing anxiety - as the sun comes up (on bad days) or anywhere btw 7-10am. I do use a fan, A/C, light-blocking curtains, and all those help. Thank you so much for the advice, @Altostrata. I did that today (no difference so far, but just the first day), and will continue. Re: fish oil + evening primrose. Agree. Will stop for now. I'm also going to stop eating coconut just to see. Yeah, it's really irritated. The blandest foods are causing issues. My best guess is, due to the med merry-go-round of the last 9 mo, and my predisposition to gastro. issues, something over the weekend poured some gasoline on a kindling fire and it's grown worse. And I just can't seem to tolerate any OTC stomach or allergy meds. This happened in May and things improved only after I started drinking some kombucha and apple cider vinegar (just a bit, daily); I took that regimen too far and it's possible I upset the histamine balance in my system [further]; that would be a possible explanation for the difficult last 6 weeks. And thank you for the broth suggestion; I get confused as to whether that's permissible with this diet, but I trust your advice and know you've been through the diet before. I have a list of 'okay' foods on the fridge . Mercifully, it looks like there's quite a bit of overlap btw the low-salicylates and low-histamine lists! I hope that, once things calm down and I've done a bit of 'challenging,' I can use the recipes recommended by the Low Histamine Chef so I don't have to think so much. Thanks, again, @Altostrata. I'll do my best to update over the next couple of days, but we have a sick kiddo (and mom) so it will be tougher than normal.
  19. Need to know what time of day this happens. I would stop all probiotics if I were you. Many people with histamine intolerance react badly to all probiotics. This indicates you are truly allergic to something you took earlier. If I were you, I would stop taking fish oil and evening primrose oil. It sounds like your gut is very irritated. You might want to have something like chicken broth and rice with a little cooked chicken for a while. It's okay to have just broth for a few days, let it settle down. It's possible you are also sensitive to salicylates in vegetables. For the low histamine and FODMAP diets, it's easier to make a list of allowed foods than to remember all the exclusions.
  20. Altostrata

    Nelly: coming off fluoxetine

    Sounds like a good plan for the supplements. Please include your sleep pattern in your daily notes. Would appreciate at least 24 hours of notes at a time, thank you.
  21. For sleep, 100mg trazodone is a large dosage. I am not surprised your leg symptoms were from the drug-drug interaction. Please do not make any more drug changes for several weeks, let the trazodone reduction settle.
  22. Altostrata

    Fausto33: Anhedonia due to antipsychotics

    Fausto, is emotional anesthesia your only symptom? What does it feel like? How are you sleeping?
  23. Here's some information which might help you to understand what is happening: Recovery isn't linear it happens in a Windows and Waves Pattern Withdrawal Normal Description When we take a psychiatric drug, we are adding chemical/s to the brain. The brain then has to change to adapt to getting the chemical/s. It might have to change something to do with A and then once that change has been made it affects B so another change has to be made and so on down the line. It is a chain reaction, a domino effect. The same thing happens when we take the drug away. That's why it's possible to experience such a vast array of withdrawal symptoms, and they can change, and be of different intensity. are-we-there-yet-how-long-is-withdrawal-going-to-take These explain it really well: Video: Healing From Antidepressants - Patterns of Recovery AND
  24. Tom37

    mdwstrx: Lexapro taper or not?

    Thanks for your message. Wave is manageable but yeah still not pleasant but is what it is. Definitely get better though it just takes so long but one step at a time until I reach the top. Good decision on doing such a small reduction. Best to wait a few weeks afterwards to see how you react then go from there and then to be safe once in a while give yourself a good longer hold to really let things settle before carrying on as the lower doses can be lot harder. Good luck!
  25. Altostrata


    Hello, Amanda. While you were changing your Paxil dosage, you were also changing your Valium dosage, is that correct? Please add start date of each drug in your signature. Can you list your varying dosages and dates you were taking them of Paxil, Valium, and quetiapine? My guess is what's going on isn't related to GSK Paxil, it's Valium or quetiapine withdrawal or maybe both, most likely benzo withdrawal as you feel better when you add another benzo -- zopiclone. You are getting rebound insomnia when the zopiclone wears off, it has a half-life of 5 hours at most. I suspect what's called for here is an updose in Valium, enabling you to go off zopiclone. Also have to figure out if the nightly quetiapine is causing a paradoxical reaction in combination with Valium. @Shep can help us figure this out. It would be more helpful to see your daily notes in this format::
  26. India

    demoone1999: my journey

    This happened to me and many others. A delayed reaction to the withdrawal. In my case 3.5-4weeks.
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