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  3. tsranga

    tsranga: intro and withdrawal update

    8/11/2020 update So for the past two months I have been doing much better on the mental symptoms and the non-GI symptoms, with the addition of a couple of ayurvedic adaptogens. However, I am still going through phases of GI flare-ups and it's been very hard to identify what is causing them. The consistent pattern is the gas that comes on when I lie down to sleep, and it can keep me burping or/and farting all night long. A low-FODMAP low-histamine diet goes a long way in keeping the gas manageable. During a flare-up, I also experience pain/neuropathy in my extremities (hands and feet/calf). Interestingly enough, lying down with my back up on the couch helps me greatly in keeping the gut calm. The other non-GI symptoms that show up randomly are the orthostatic hypotension (mainly in the afternoons when the heat is up, or I am not hydrated enough), and the stuffy sinuses, burning eyes/ears. I have also noticed that on the days that I have some alcohol, usually when there is a social gathering, I am able to get great sleep (both REM and deep). This has been consistent in the 2-3 times in the last 2 months that I have had a small (20ml) amount of whisky. Has anyone looked at how GABA plays a role in sleep, digestion and metabolism and how they are affected in withdrawal? I am wondering if GABA has an effect on the GI motor activity, postural hypotension and the lack of weight gain in withdrawal despite a very good appetite. I have lost 40lbs and have not been able to gain any weight in withdrawal. It also seems to me that the nervous system goes through recovery one system at a time, and can come back to the same system to fix something else, and this is part of the whole wave/window process, there seems to be no consensus on how intense or long lasting the wave can be even at 18 months off.
  4. @composter Thank you! Yes, I'm doing pretty well. I agree. A slow taper is best. I went down .2mg every few days or so. Sometimes I would wait longer according to how I felt, just to make sure. I started March 2019 and finished Dec. 24, 2019. When did you start your taper this last time? It is a slow process but it will be worth it.
  5. In general it is not a good idea to mix any medication with grapefruit juice. There are several things in grapefruit juice that make it to react badly with many different medications causing them to not work properly. The decreased enzyme activity causes mal-absorption and reduced the bio-availability of many drugs which in turn causes misdosing. Most other citrus juices are fine, but there is just something about grapefruit that makes it a no go.
  6. Thank you Altostrata. Merci buckets. Am already feeling better now that I've gone back to 3 daily doses.
  7. I found this about grapefruit juice: Mixing Cymbalta with grapefruit or grapefruit juice may increase the risk of side effects or overdose. The acidic fruit interferes with the metabolism of the drug and may allow it to build up in the patient.
  8. Worthy

    Worthy: tapering advice wanted

    @Altostrata. Please can you help me start over with my taper as I am not coping.
  9. Absolutely, I know individuals who have great success with completely different strategies! I just kept failing till I found something that worked really well for me.
  10. @Altostrata ok i will move it earlier day by day i give you answer what happens thanks !!
  11. Hi guys, Time for an update. Things have been going on and off lately. Not too well but sometimes not too bad either. I had a vasectomy two weeks ago and had to take a week off from work and that didn't go very smooth because I had to spend the week on my couch lying down. I hadn't been tapering for a week or two but staying at home ramped thing up. I continued my micro taper 7 days ago. I prepare a citalopram solution for 3 days and decrease 0.4% every time. This is truly very slowly but after a couple of days (and 0.8% lower dose) I start to feel very bad. Derealization, feeling very stimulated and just want to crawl out my skin some days. Yesterday was perfectly fine but today is absolutely awful. It's 35 degrees Celsius here, sunny, swimming all day with my boys but I still feel horrible. I just cannot believe that such a small decrease in dose could have such an impact. I mean, I went from 11.1 mg citalopram to 11.05 mg for three days and then to 11.0 mg three days later. Could this really be too fast?? I just cannot believe that? Any thoughts? Cheers Jozeff
  12. If you went from 12mg amitriptyline to 10mg, that's a 16.67% cut. We recommend 10% decreases, calculated on the last dosage. If you have withdrawal symptoms now, further decreases are likely to make them worse.
  13. Altostrata

    Profoundanguish: tapering off Bupropion XL

    No, what I mean is stop thinking of yourself as a person who needs a drug to manage emotions, which may be normal.
  14. Sonia001

    Sonia001: citalopram withdrawal

    Hi, So, today I got yet another brand of Citalopram - Sovereign. All my tablets seem to vary in weight my, doses must be slightly different each time. Even tablets of the same brand vary in weight.😡
  15. Altostrata

    MiguelFreeman: question about Lexapro

    Have you tried these to improve your sleep? Tips to help sleep -- so many of us have that awful withdrawal insomnia Path to Better Sleep FREE online for everyone from the US Veterans Administration Music for self-care: Calms hyperalertness, anxiety, aids relaxation and sleep What is the sleep cycle? Melatonin for sleep: Many people find it helpful TV or computer use in evening can disrupt sleep: Bright light signals the brain that it's daytime White noise devices for sleep
  16. The gabapentin may have been helping you sleep or you may be having some withdrawal from going off gabapentin. This may resolve in a few days.
  17. 10% reduction across all 3 doses will give you a total daily dose reduction of 10%.
  18. I've given you my best guess about what might help, Arti. The Dominal may be interacting with diazepam. Taking them further apart might help you feel better.
  19. August 10 NOTE: Today - no more Gabapentin (final taper dose was 50mg last night at bedtime.) 7:30 am - officially awake. No noticeable anxiety symptoms. No twitching. 7:30-9am -lie in bed fatigued. 9:00am - get up. Arms and legs feel heavy/stiff and fatigued. Left arm/leg in particular. 9:10 - eat breakfast. 9:30-10:00am - force myself to go for relaxed bike ride to keep legs moving. 10:15am - try to relax. Arm / Leg muscle burning sensation. 11:00 - anxious 12:30 -snack/lunch 2pm - 200mg Magnesium 5pm - 15 mins on exercise bike 5:15 - ridiculous amounts of leg exhaustion, this makes me anxious as heck 7:30 - dinner 8pm - try to watch TV but too anxious/wound up (and exhausted) 8:45-10:30 - try to nap, only intermittent broken sleep 11:10 pm -200mg Magnesium, 1 mg Mirtazipine, 3 mg Melatonin 11:20 -bedtime. (First night without Gabapentin.) Sleep just doesn’t want to seem to happen very easily. 1:30 am - awakened. Arms and legs feel hot and restless. 2:30 am - awake again, same uncomfortable sense. 3:30 am - awake again. Anxiety. 4:30 am - awake again. More anxiety. 5:15 am - awake again. 6:30am- 7:30am: intermittent mini-sleeps of maybe 10 minutes. 7:30am - morning, officially no more sleep.
  20. Edited: after thinking again i think it might be problematic but if you think differently and you had good experience with a very little amounts of this juice please tell. What do you think about grapefruit juice during tapering? Can it increase the half life of cymbalta and lessen the withdrawl symptoms?
  21. Yes, I'll be careful. Sorry if I'm asking this again but I want to ensure I'm getting this right - should my next taper be 10% across all THREE doses OR 10% of ONE dose. Thank you Alto. 😍 Thank you again CC, and I appreciate the input Artistic1.
  22. MiguelFreeman

    MiguelFreeman: question about Lexapro

    hi all just updating still going true the wave things are getting more manageable main symptoms are stomach pains (improving) muscle twitches (coming and going sometimes a bit intense ) some depression but not constant and Gastrointestinal distress also improving since I took some probiotics at least my waves have been somewhat not intense i did some mistakes ofc did drink a single beer 1 week ago and did drink one or two cups of coffee in the last 2 weeks still trying not to smoke but I have considerably reduced to 1-3 cigarettes a day somedays I can actually not smoke sleeping wise kinda a mess recently take a couple of hours to sleep even whit the help of valerian root at least can get 4-6 hours of sleep and then normally lay in bed to try to sleep some more but do need to get up to eat even though my body wanna stay in bed if I do what my body tells me I will get worse since the acidity in my stomach does not let me go two long whits out eating ofc I had some suicidal thoughts but I have been able to deal whit them and accept that they are just thoughts and have no power and whats being helping the most is meditation and ofc reading success stories
  23. jeremy1069

    Dealing With Emotional Spirals

    Just came here to read this again. They have been back again after being gone for quite some time.
  24. Hi Sunnysideup,up I think covid19 is getting to us all one way or another, personally I am aware I have had more time to think and overthink my situation and choices made etc. I know it seems there is no way out but I look around and see people getting on with their lives and am encouraged that once I stabilize, I will do so too. As long as we take the necessary precautions there is nothing else we can do. The alternative is to vegitate. I get stressed by it all, dealing with covide19 threat and withdrawal is difficult enough without having to go through the grief you have been through so it's no wonder you get low moments. (Still getting the weirdest of dreams and other withdrawal symptoms). I hope you will find a window soon, as you have done before, it's only a matter of time I'm sure before you post another encouraging message. I hope your friends visit helped in the week.
  25. Flowers

    Flowers: tapering citalopram

    Thanks so much Brass and Chessie! I am still on a quest to find the syringe. I hadn't thought to try the Vets so will give that a go. I'll let you know when I have found one and am ready to start. I am so glad I can continue with this new easier way. What would I do without you guys? xxx
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