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  2. Hello Survivors, A quick update from me. Hoping this finds you all well and coping in these crazy times. Well, am not really back to my usual baseline. Have had very anxious mornings this week, started on Monday. But the anxiety tends to dissipate as the day goes on. I'm getting more in the way of palpitations at the moment and more physical feelings of anxiety. Needless to say, the isolation of living alone is sometimes not helping...probably having more walks than I am allowed....because it shifts the energy a bit for me. I'm very shaky, physically. On Tuesday, it will be about two weeks since I quit my fish oil capsules. I thought they might be aggravating my skin, but to be honest I've still got spots, so am resuming them again tomorrow. I think they do help to calm me. My sleep is a bit all over the place, too. I feel a bit dysregulated with sleep, routine, diet....need to really focus on that, next week. Had some work hassle last week, too, which added stress. Plus, my brother is now not eating or drinking very much at all, so it looks like he probably has a week or so left, maybe two. HOWEVER, some positives. I think that staying at home to work is good for me at the moment as it takes me out of the chaos of school. I've realised that school is very disorganised and that communication is very unclear. That is a BIG anxiety trigger for me, at the moment, and generally, too. In the long run, I'm not sure if it's the best place for me to work, but am not making hasty decisions as I know I'm also in WD and less tolerant than usual. Realising all of this is a step forward because I know what I want to create, going forward. It's good not having to get up and get the tube to work every day. I can do things at my own pace and that in itself is less stressful. It's been really nice to talk to friends via zoom/ Whatsapp etc. All in all, although there's stress, I reckon my body is getting a physical break from not trekking into work three days a week. I miss the children, though. Children really ground me, as they are very 'in the moment.' I'm learning about myself. I'm learning that it's very easy for my mind to turn in on itself during withdrawal, and that it's actually quite an effort to stop it. However, this is ultimately making me stronger as a person because I'm learning more and more to say to myself 'I am not my thoughts. They are just thoughts.' Those are my thoughts for today. Gonna catch up on your threads today, peeps. I'm gonna meditate and do legs up wall yoga, then I'm going out to pay a cheque into bank. Will come home and see how you all are Sending love and copious online hugs to you all xxxxx
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  4. brassmonkey

    Using a digital scale to measure doses

    Considering that you have just started to taper the small variations in pill weight shouldn't make any difference for quite some time. If you are doing a 10% Brassmonkey Slide you should be getting down to 15mgai in about nine months. When you get to that level you will need to be paying closer attention to the small variations, but even then two or three milligrams pill weight shouldn't make much difference. I'm not saying to be sloppy in making up your doses, but rather to not obsess over it quite yet. So we can do some quick calculations what is the average weight of one of your pills? We usually use 10 pills to determine the average weight. I am assuming that the 30mg is the strength listed on the package.
  5. Just sent you a pm, my lovely. Gonna give it another week off the fish oil and see if there's really any difference. My skin is greasy again this morning. I'm beginning to think it's NOT the fish oil, it's 'just WD.' Aaaaargh. I think I just have to wait for my skin to re regulate. So, am still dissatisfied with my complexion, it seems unfair to be feeling wobbly on both the inside AND outside but, it'll sort itself out. Also, gonna work on my microbiome, eat some more fermented foods, more fresh fruit and veggies. Pro and prebiotics. I think temporarily, the drug switching has ruined my skin BUT, it is temporary. Trying to stay off the sugar, but I did succumb to a small Easter egg yesterday.
  6. @Adili13 What does a typical day for you consist of. I mean what time do you get up have breakfast . what is your routine after breakfast and throughout the day ? are you leaving the house and socialising and getting some form of exercise each day ? if your system is sensitised don’t take supplements instead incorporate a really healthy diet with regular meal times; examples only ; breakfast: porridge with a small handful of chopped nuts and seeds. Or blueberries and banana. Lunch: gluten free bread with chicken and salad and an apple. Dinner: salmon cooked with a drizzle of honey on a bed of spinach , asparagus tips, roasted carrots brushed with olive oil and mashed potato and sweet potato mixed. Inbetween meal times you could have small snacks of fruit Or raw veg such as carrot sticks with humous or celery. you don’t have to have supplements if your body reacts to them. also if you are not working at the moment you need to make sure the days ahead are busy for you and you know what you are doing . Use a diary for this so that at the end of each day you have written down in your diary what you will be doing the folllowing day. And STICK to it. Also include in the diary a positive message for the day such as: “Every day may not be good but there’s something good in every day”. And Adili focus on that something good, hold it, feel it, mean it. thinking of you stay strong stay positive keep going LRH
  7. JanCarol

    Viper73: Need help please on paxil

    Hey Viper - I'm a little confused by your signature - can you edit it to include ACTUAL DATES (month, year) that you made those changes? This is important for moderators, to know at a glance, how long it has been since you jumped off the 1.67 mg? Additionally, you post that you have been off Prozac - do you mean Paxil? Or did you somehow get Prozac in there, too? With the first dose of these drugs, something in our brain changes. I believe that we can get better after leaving the drugs behind, but whatever that change was, tends to make us more sensitive. I'm over 4 years out from my last dose, and I know I still need to work at managing my mood and health. I need those sun-walks, I need my daily practice, I need my dietary restrictions, I need my supplements (I see Chessie wants you on Mag, Vit C & D, Fish Oil). I need my meditations and my communities (tai chi, karate, yoga, meditation, shamanic groups). Right now, in "social isolation" that community is hard to get, so I'm trying to make and accept more phone calls to hear friendly voices. I can omit some of these tools and practices, but not for long. I can skip a day (I skipped tai chi & physio yesterday - but back at it today), or I can skip a practice (I miss supplements sometimes, and don't freak out about it) - but on the whole, I have to maintain these things in order to stay stable. Failure to do so - or stress - or big events - or long days - and I can crash, just as if I were diagnosed again... So - breathe. I have a formula, if a mood lasts for 3 days, I double down on practices. If a mood lasts for 3 weeks, I ask for help (usually from a friend, but sometimes from a medical professional). Breathe - this, too, will pass. Like Apace said - you're doing fine! I hope you see the sun today!
  9. Victor3

    Tips for tapering off Lexapro (escitalopram)

    Thank you Altostrata for the info. I have another question. Is it possible that we might need more serotonin and dopomine and other neurotransmitters when we are completely withdrawn from these drugs? How do we produce those required neurotransmitters naturally if your body and brain can't produce it anymore.? What if we are naturally deficient from these neurotransmitters right from birth or through hereditary? Can exercise, proper nutrition, support group and natural supplements balance all the hormones and neurotransmitters? Please advise.
  10. @Albin So sorry to see you affected in such a severe and debilitating manner from these drugs. I really hope you're still here with us as you deserve a recovery from this hell!
  11. I am in. Sooner or later, these big pharma drug companies and doctors and psychiatrists that prescribe these kind of drugs are going to realize pretty soon the harm that they are doing to mankind. This is all about money. They just think of short term on how to make more money in less time and never think long term and holistically. Everything is going to be exposed soon. Man-made artificial drugs and chemicals are only a quick fix solution without curing the underlying disease. Products directly derived from nature are the only permanent cure. Proper diet, meditation and exercise plays an important role as well. I am ready to help you in any way that I can. God bless.
  12. I thought of a couple more points for my preparation list: (9) Look into non-medication solutions for anxiety (10) Connect with forum members who have similar symptoms/situation Are the symptoms I'm describing common or is this serious? The cognitive symptoms are debilitating. It is hard to distinguish the derealization from the mind fog and memory problems, but I suppose these symptoms tend to overlap or reinforce each other. I feel like I can't remember anything that happened hours earlier or a day ago. Other than brief impressions, I feel like I have no memory of the last two weeks since these symptoms flared up. Sometimes my mind just involuntarily zones out for a while. I feel like I have no emotions, personality, or personal history. It feels like I have always been suspended in this two week wave of derealization and mind fog. What's interesting is that these cognitive problems are somewhat circumscribed. While I have problems remembering what I had for dinner last night, I am still capable of improvising novel music over chord changes on a musical instrument. I did this to try to prove to myself that haven't lost myself completely. This seems to show that only certain types of activity are being impaired, while others aren't such as procedural and muscle memory. The only thing that gives me hope is that these symptoms subsided for a month before they came back again. In that interim period I felt cognitively normal besides stressing out over other health issues. But this wave feels different in some way. My mind keeps toying with the idea of reinstating. I know I've probably received all the advice you have to offer about that, and I understand only I can make that decision, but I just feel so lost. If I did reinstate using 0.1 mg I suppose the 10% taper would be even more difficult than normal because I hear it gets more difficult at low doses. So I would possibly even need to reduce by less than 10% and I would be working with such small doses that I would probably need to dilute the solution heavily. This just seems so intractible. I've heard of people jumping off at 0.1 mg after a proper taper. Is it even possible to taper by 10% from 0.1 mg? Are the risks of having your nervous system knocked out of whack long-term greater than the risk of reinstating? I keep replaying in mind how this could have been different. I could have seen a doctor or psychiatrist before starting the taper, but they probably would have suggested something comparable or worse. I thought I was being careful by using a protracted version of the taper suggest by my doctor years ago. I had come off before with a doctor's taper with no problem. Now I know about the kindling effect. I feel so foolish, but at the same time I feel there's no way this could have been prevented unless I had heard of this website before tapering. I had to google long-term ssri discontinuation symptoms to discover that this is even possible. I feel like I've ruined my life. I apologize if I am repeating myself. I know the contributors here are used to dealing with people who are in a bad place and aren't thinking clearly, and my intention is certainly not to frustrate anyone. I am just looking for any guidance or reinforcing words that I am on the right path. I hope that my previous post provides evidence that I am taking responsibility for my situation and aren't expecting others to rescue me. I am thinking about how half the world is under lockdown because of this pandemic. Meanwhile, during these hard times perfect strangers are devoting their free time to helping other perfect strangers on this website. I am so grateful for that. I hope that I can give back some day if I get through this.
  13. @PerAsperaAdAstra I’ve stopped all supplements other than the fish oil Bc I’m so sensitized at the moment and am reacting to everything. yes, the akathisia has really got me down.
  14. Rozon1

    ☼ Alexjuice About

    Hey @Altostrata and @alexjuice! Hope you’re doing well man! Read your entire story. From the sounds of It, he probably made a full if not close to full recovery since he hasn’t shown back up. I only hope!
  15. PerAsperaAdAstra

    Adili13: Paxil withdrawal - questions and concerns

    Sorry to hear about your current symptoms Adili13. Cannot begin to understand how akithisia must be a source of tremendous suffering. What kind of magnesium have you been using? Just plain' ol' citrate? Perhaps a different form might have a different outcome? But seemingly your sxs indicate a sensitive system. I can recall that something like coconut oil could throw me in panic when I CT'd. It must be easy for several OTC supplements to have an adverse effect on you with the destabilized system.
  16. PerAsperaAdAstra

    Using a digital scale to measure doses

    Thanks for your answer brassmonkey! I'm quite paranoid about these small differences in readings but because of your experience I'll trust it won't be much of a problem. Once I get to the point shaving off starts to be annoying I will start using the crushing and tablet method.
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  18. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    That's awesome Coco! I have a lot to learn from you.
  19. Cocopuffz17

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Yea, ibu are nsaids and they devastate your microbiome. I just powered through. I have not taken a single pain med in the last 17 ish months!
  20. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Ah, yes, my osteo advised Tylenol (paracetamol) over ibuprofen. My gut doesn't like ibuprofen! How do you manage muscle pain without NSAIDS Coco? Regular physio etc? In light of no NP for several weeks, I'll have to go it alone.
  21. Gridley

    Melissa03: Paroxetine wd

    Reinstatement doesn't make the symptoms go away but makes them become less strong and more bearable. Unfortunately, "soon" is not really the word to use. It can take several months for you to stabilize with a reinstatement That's why it's important to be patient and hold where you are and make no changes from your current dose.
  22. apace41

    Viper73: Need help please on paxil

    I agree with Colonial, Viper. A cold could certainly have triggered a wave for you, but it is equally possible that this is just your body continuing the healing process. It sounds like the symptoms are annoying but manageable so the best thing you can do is give yourself a little extra room and self-compassion. Lay low for a while and the wave will undoubtedly pass and you will, hopefully, emerge a little stronger on the other side. You are doing very well. Best, Andy
  23. Tom

    Update 10 years later

    I would say I definitely recovered from withdrawal. I wouldn't say I'm normal or have a great life, but that was true before effexor and the whole time I was on it. So it's hard to say.
  24. Yes, the fine line between knowing you need more help than You can provide for Yourself, when to ask for it, but at the same time not over reacting and broadcasting. Well said.
  25. Hi Jennifer @getofflex Great to have your reply. You have reminded me that within the last 2 weeks, I have experienced some of the best nights' sleeps I can remember. I have woken in the same position I fell asleep in, 7 hours later! What an amazing and surprising feeling, and makes for a day of clarity and energy. I hadn't linked sleep and immunity in these crazy times, but you are absolutely right. The COVID factor prompted me in the opposite direction- my fellow Australians are doing some serious hoarding in preparation for lock-down. I went to fill my prescription recently but pharmacist was sold out. This scared me for reasons everyone on this forum can understand. Fortunately I was able to get more a couple of days later. This experience shows how dependent I am on this drug and points to the predicament all of us, who are stuck on these drugs, are in. Imagine if supply dried up! We'd be stuffed. Stay well and sleep tight! Annie
  26. a random post about frustration, this is NOT at all related to WD recovery, I'm doing great and have not had any waves or issues at all I do have normal every day frustrations, though - like everyone does and this is my mini rant about something that is really bothering me, regarding the whole covid19 "thing" the news reporting is really annoying me. They keep announcing numbers of positive tests in different areas, then they'll say *for example*, that the number doubled in just one day, or it's up x % or something. does anyone understand how utterly meaningless these numbers are!?!?! you first have to know, how many ppl were tested!! what percentage of the population. right now, it's primarily those who are already sick and even then, it's mostly only the sickest of the sick In some situations, depending on where you live or who you are, it's folks who were knowingly exposed that are tested. since they are self selecting a group that is more likely to be infected, these numbers are practically useless- of course there are going to be a lot of positive test results how many of them are not needing any care, and aren't in the hospital? how many have very mild symptoms or NONE at all? these would be good things to know even the numbers of deaths don't tell us a whole lot- we need to know, how old was the person, what other health conditions did they have, and how long did it take for them to get medical attention? at least one person was turned away and later died. Now, I personally am not super great with numbers, they annoy me, so having USELESS numbers tossed out by the media annoys me even more! and these numbers are being used to ramp up ppls anxiety and fears I'm not saying this is not a big deal, this pandemic, but please, when you hear ever increasing numbers, ask yourself, what do those numbers really mean. Realize that in densely populated areas, of course there are going to be more ppl infected; there's more ppl *and* they live closer together than in other places! in some places more ppl are tested so of course there are going to be more positive results, in places where few ppl are being tested, there will be few results, so, if you can't tell us what percentage of the population is even getting the test, maybe just don't tell us these numbers!! they are useless. so, try not to get too paranoid, be smart and stay safe but don't let the news media scare you silly that's my rant for the day!! just once I wish the news media would concentrate on truly useful information 🙄
  27. mom2mkld

    mom2mkld: My introduction

    If my husband were not working full time and supporting me, I would not have anything. He is the only reason I have a place to live and food to eat. My son gets disability. I do not.
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