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  2. Superwoman

    Superwoman: Effexor taper

    @manymoretodays, Ok, I will do it this upcoming weekend. I don’t have much time during the week with work and all my doctors appointments. I didn’t make any changes from September though December other than dropping the extra bead. Thank you MMT. I am proud of myself. I didn’t know if I would even be able to lower this med at all. The first time I tried to get off was horrible. It scared me so much I went right back on it. Congratulations on you for getting off all meds. I can’t wait to be med free.
  3. I personally started drinking coffee from the withdrawals. The fatigue was so crushing I needed to. I definitely lowered it as my fatigue improved. I am glad to read your success after many years on this medication. It destroyed my body and my doctors never ever questioned it. Now I know have been healing ever since! All the best! Thanks once again for sharing your story!
  4. 2/23 4:30am awoke in panic from nightmare, brain-nausea and a bit dizzy 8:30am restless light sleep after nightmare, take 20mcg levothyroxine, water 9am 67.5mgai sertraline, breakfast, still feel like living in the nightmare 10:30am .112mg klonopin 11:00am walk, anxiety throughout, fear, a bit of terror even (feel like I did last September when WD was in full swing, hopefully this is hormones) 12pm saw dog get hit by truck. Very disturbing and hard to see. Anxiety turns into panic 1:30-4:30pm stay in room while head feels weird (brain nausea), some derealization, terror, neuroemotions 4:30pm make salads, feed Henrietta, feel slightly better 6pm eat, stomach discomfort and gas afterwards 7pm paint 8:30pm play w/Henrietta, clean litter box 9:15pm in bed, hope for peaceful night, meditation
  5. manymoretodays

    mom2mkld: My introduction

    It just depends on your phone really. The editing. Once you post, and before you hit submit reply, see if you can see the editing strip. It's at the top on my computer and has a size box. Then I can select all, and change the font. On my much smaller screen android phone, I can see the editing strip across the top, but don't see a size box. Although, it is possible that you can get to doing further editing from your phone. And find a size or font selector. I know with mine, I'm always finding more that it allows. So....it might be possible. It's good to keep notes on your phone mom, it can be a convenient method. And then you know how to transfer them here too. So you're one up on my skills. Don't stress it. Get some good rest. And talk nicely to yourself. Sometimes, going through all this crapola, and all, WD, and meds included, we have to become our own best buddies. Or best friend ever to ourselves. It's late. You are tired. Everybody needs you, around you, and it can be so overwhelming sometimes. That's all. I mean it stinks, but don't let yourself disappoint yourself......something like that. This is a marathon here. Not a simple relay race. Not even a remotely competitive sport. You sound like a very strong and courageous women to me! With so many responsibilities too. Cut yourself some slack once in awhile, okay? Look at all that you've done well enough......and you've had some busy days. Not perfect days, but days filled with caring for others and just days of caring. That's important. You. Are. A. Very. Valuable. Human. Being. Waving my magic sleep wand for everyone tonight......rest well. Tomorrow. Another day! Nite nite termites......Zzzzzz face mmt.
  6. That’s great to hear. Yea, the waves definitely being the doubt. But when there is windows it is sooo good. Like unbelievable! Yes, your brain does have the power to repair itself. The human body is amazing and resilient when properly nourished and drug free. I honestly want to use the term brain destruction. I have watched the cells of my body be destroyed over the years and now realize a majority of it was from the medication I was on. I am now just over a year off and have watched these health challenges reverse. I was on 20 mg for 11 years. I attempted 2 CTs, absolute failures and I went nuts. Attempted 1 psychiatrists guided taper and was unable to sustain it after 1 month, I reinstated. My most recent taper was 3 months at 25% of original dose per month. This was the information I received from my psychiatrist and was not a fun time coming off! But now I am almost 13 months drug free and have watched all my health conditions reverse. I also made nutrition changes which helped immensely!!
  7. manymoretodays

    Superwoman: Effexor taper

    I think just the more recent changes would be really helpful, to see, at a glance, Superwomen. 2019 and early 2020. I could see some of your tapers noted, at the tops of your daily notes by backtracking a bit. I don't have any idea though, what happened since 2018 Sept. where you note EffexorXR 112.5 mg + 0.4 mg(1 bead) And congrats! 91 mg, now of EffexorXR. That is an accomplishment!
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  9. mom2mkld

    mom2mkld: My introduction

    My brain is not working well. I’ve messed up on documentation I take 10mg Claritin at night. Not lexapro I am frustrated about my typing and thinking and functioning. I do not want to help mom pack because I can’t even jeep my own live together
  10. mom2mkld

    mom2mkld: My introduction

    I’m going to bed now. Am tired. Can I change font on here? I have been doing everything on my phone. Only once I used computer. I tried to quote outside of box with phone and it didn’t work. I use notes on phone to log my day. I guess I’ll have to use computer to change font. Last day from my phone. For schedule: 2020-02-23 Woke up 6:30am. 5 and 1/2 hours sleep 7:00am. Took 0.93mg klonopin and laid back down. Listening to a message from YouTube with earphones. 12:00pm. Took 10mg of Lexapro after being woken up by a phone call. Still feeling sick with cold. Drinking coffee right now. 2:30pm. Took 2 fish oil caps, 1 multivitamin, 1 CO Q10softgel, 1 vit D, vit C, zinc, Adaptogen, calcium/magnesium cap Just apathetic, sad. Useless. Cannot talk about how badly i feel. And chest is tight. Family drama. My husband went over family house. Sister texting me. Got nothing much done again today. 8:00pm 1.84mg Klonopin 10mg Claritin 11:00pm 2 caps Best Rest 6mg melatonin Discouraged Lying down have to read all you wrote tomorrow. But family is wanting me to pack my mother all week. I can barely take a shower. My husband is off work so I won’t see him. If I pack her all week I will definitely have to use my phone so font may be big unless I can figure how to change in notes. Life is overwhelming. I am behind in all that I need to accomplish. I disappoint everyone
  11. Superwoman

    Superwoman: Effexor taper

    @Altostrata, @manymoretodays, I will update my signature. I have to go through my medical records from the last 15 years. I have a long medication history so it might take a little bit. According to what Brassmonkey said, I think that the symptoms are normal month to month fluctuations of the taper and my WD normal is improving. I feel overall better than two months ago. I think that it is mostly fluctuating baseline but there could be a little withdrawal as well. The symptoms were not anymore sever than my baseline pre 10% taper. I reduced the dose yesterday and did notice some definite withdrawal symptoms of increased brain zaps and sexual dysfunction. I still feel the symptoms are manageable and I am eager to be at 75 mg. Then I can hold there and not have to taper for a while. Next month I will be at 75mg.
  12. Thankyou for all the support everyone, i really appreciate it! it helps so much to keep me calm I realised i was getting a very inconsistent dose dry cutting i think my doses were fluctuating between 12.5 - 15mg, So i have decided to switch to taking my pill in liquid form for consistency at 13.5mg, as i think this is an average of what i have taken over the past week. I'm going to stick at the dose till i have 2-3 weeks of good sleep. Anyway here is an update on my progress 20.02.2020: Slept 5.5 hours 21.02.2020: Slept 5 hours 22.02.2020: Slept 5 hours 23.02.2020: Slept 7 hours, woooo!!!!
  13. manymoretodays

    mom2mkld: My introduction

    You got that quote just fine. I think it's easier if you quote, and then reply outside of the quote box. I can't believe I missed when you added to quotes in red, but somehow, I do see your reply to what you just quoted......right in the box!! So, go figure. (If you want to quote a whole post, just hit the quote button. If you want to just do a partial quote, select the part you want, with your mouse, and then when you are done selecting, you should get a quote option that pops up, just for what you selected) I don't know then mom, on the magnesium. Like I said, I just shake mine up in a liter bottle and then re-shake before sipping. Some particles float around a bit, I don't worry too much about that. Some members just take capsules of magnesium only too, split up throughout the day. When you can look at the magnesium link, you'll see the different kinds that you can try. And it's not all that pricey or expensive. It is a good idea to drink water, plenty of water with magnesium, and in general too? Do you get enough water in each day? It's oddly, nicely, but oddly amazing how sometimes little things can help........just basic simple things.......when you are getting ready to taper again. Sorry that you are sick. I'm wondering if I have a cold or something. I have been sneezing ALOT and easily tired lately. Did you take an extra dose of Lexapro on the 22nd? What's Airborne? What's in the Best Rest that you take at night? Good to stay consistent too, with the times you take your meds. I noticed a little flucuation in some of your notes. I think, that as long as you are within an hour of usual time for taking them that's good. And then keep your morning Lexapro spaced from the morning klonopin too. I think you've got the Lexapro 2 hours after the morning klonopin, so that's good. Some of your symptoms during the 24 hours, do look like some sure could be some WD symptoms. Even though, it's 2 whole months now, or more, since you have made any drug changes.......often what we see here, are WDsymptoms, that come and go, then slowly improve........and best case, when finally medication free, are much, much better. And yes, your sleep is often interrupted, it appears, or broken up, after an early morning awakening. We've got a lot of stuff that might be helpful, as far as with sleep and general sleep hygiene. Good sleep IS so important. If you can get even, some nice 5 hour stretches though, that's good. Important topics about symptoms, including sleep problems and if you scroll on down, in the very first post, to sleep problems, you might find some helps. (the links given are for now, or later too, mom2mkld. They will all just be here for you when you get a chance to read more, or even if you wake up in the night, and decide to just come online, until you tire again. I don't want to stress you into thinking you have to read everything, right after it is posted) Can you do the daily notes in a 14 font? Much easier to look at, read, and study. I'll ask Shep to take another look soon too. Really? Were you feeling cold at the time? What kind of thermometer are you using too? I'm hoping that is a typo error again, as that's just extreme! Many thanks mom, for the good effort on notes, and checking in too. Healing thoughts, and intentions, for you and yours. L, P, H, and G, mmt
  14. Hi MatrixCode, I am glad you are feeling better. And interesting, on the psychiatrists view on your fatigue being related to the Lexapro. When did you lower the Lexapro/excitalopram? Try to do an update/edit to your signature please MatrixCode. Just go to AccountSettings/signature and add in the date of your most recent change please. Very helpful, to see your recent tapering history at a glance. How much melatonin are you taking? MC, you've just done two 50% drops in each of your medications. And so, if I were you, I think I would just HOLD now, for at least 6 months, before starting to taper again. And I would love an update, during this period of time that you are HOLDING. You've had a lot of drugs and changes in your recent past, and yes, this does make for a very sensitive nervous system. Then at that point, 6 months from now........let's get you going on a careful, harm reduction taper, off of the Lexapro first. Unless you are having adverse effects from the olanzapine, or side effects. And yes, you are right about going slow and careful, even more careful, when you get to the lower doses. No reason you can't review and begin to plan ahead. Get real familiar with Why taper by 10%, of each previous dose. And then look at the Lexapro specific tapering topic some more, and decide if you want to work with liquid, or weighing, when you begin tapering again. I hope I have left you links above in your introduction to refer to. This isn't going to be something that is over and done real quickly. Take a look through this link too: The rule of 3KIS:Keep it simple, slow, and stable And don't be a stranger here. Try and just leave some simple updates, every week or so. And yes, ask questions too. Maybe even support some of the other members if you would like to. Read in some of the forums too. Just go to the main page and you'll see all the different forums. All for now. Best. L, P, H, and G, mmt
  15. HopeforHealing

    Carnivore diet

    I can definitely imagine it's expensive! Are you buying conventional or grass fed/pastured? I've heard constipation on this diet is common. Have you noticed any improvements in mood or withdrawal symptoms at all?
  16. cathnz

    cathnz: Tapering off Mirtazapine

    Hi @Altostrata 20th Sept - 29th Sept 2019: Mirtazapine 45mg. Diazapam being reduced from 10mg down to 0mg this week (in 2mg increments couple of days). So I haven't been on Diazapam since the end of Sept 19 as per my signature (above). I was prob on it about 6-7 weeks (intermittently in the first couple of weeks). Symptoms no different now than before starting and stopping the Diazapam though. Some symptoms became apparent when my paroxetine began to poop out (I was only on paroxetine then nothing else), but the worst of the symptoms I have now (which I suspect may still be akathisia) began in the week or so after the abrupt swap from paroxetine to Mirtazapine. The was no Diazapam in the picture at that stage. They added that later to 'cover the anxiety while they bumped the dose of mirtazapine up'. So how I'm feeling now was present BEFORE the Diazapam. But of course, getting put on that, then stopping would have just added fuel to the fire in my already unstabilised system. Re the daily record... I'm just in the process of recording that. I was going to post it when I had info from a few consecutive days (so it was all infront of you rather than having to check each day). Is that advisable?
  17. cathnz

    cathnz: Tapering off Mirtazapine

    It's only through my dogmatic sheer willpower that I'm not on more (and I'm only on the one BTW... mirtazapine ... the paroxetine and benzos were stopped 5-7 months ago). The physchiatrist wanted to add a mood stabiliser, an anti physchotic, or a beta blocker. As horrendous as I feel and desperately want relief, I just know in my heart it will make things worse. But it's soooo hard on the days where I feel I can go on no longer, and to push against what my friends, family, and Dr all want. My support worker told me I owe it to my family to get better (so I should address meds). But at least I have the crisis plan there, but I haven't filled it out yet because I didn't know what the best crisis plan was. Like what's the LEAST damaging option if it came to that?! I'm so flooded with adrenaline. I just need this **** out of my body. Is it normal to be scared of a life off drugs? For 17 years I've believed that they saved my life. I was non functioning off them. The prospect of falling deeper is scary. Its hard to change your whole mindset. I've always thought "it'll be ok, the meds keep holding me up through tough times". It's quite terrifying not having that safety net anymore. It's this a normal reaction?
  18. manymoretodays

    Superwoman: Effexor taper

    Hi Superwomen, I moved your last question over here. I didn't want to confuse Roxane Are you referring to your own introduction? It is saved on this site. If you bookmark your page. Then it would come up from your bookmarks to access, and then you would just log in. Other options are available to you too, as far as if you wish to follow members or topics. Just tick/click your user name, at the top right of the screen, and you'll see further options that you can explore. As far as your symptoms go, do you think you are experiencing WD symptoms, or just a flucuating baseline? (referring to your last post) I think, personally, I prefer to feel emotions, rather than flat-ness. So, I think it's good you are feeling a bit. Perhaps some of the anhedonia has resolved? And I'm not real clear on your tapering right now. Can you update your signature Superwomen? Last I am seeing there is 2018, with a whole lot of changes. Go to AccountSettings/signature L, P, H, and G, mmt
  19. Well, it has been preliminarily determined that I may be having seizures. At first I thought the symptoms were related to my food allergies (lethargy, mental fogginess, confusion), then to low blood sugar but both of those have been conclusively ruled out from a medical standpoint. These “episodes” would increase in frequency every time I would lower my Zoloft and when I attempted to lower my Klonipin. I also began to notice that my eyes were “weird” after each episode. It was discovered that my pupils were dilating unevenly after each episode. So now the working theory is that I may be having seizures. Consequently, I will immediately be discontinuing my Wellbutrin. My jumping off point is 150mg XL. Please wish me luck. I will update with any medical discoveries as soon as possible but getting into neurology in a timely fashion seems daunting. Thank you for your support! Stuck
  20. Hi ciasim, @ciasim, How are you doing today? And great posts, so I quoted them here. Give a try at some daily notes please: Keep daily notes (I extracted a sample note out of the link above) 6 a.m. Woke with anxiety 8 a.m. Took 2.5mg Lexapro 10 a.m. Stomach is upset 10:30 a.m. Ate breakfast 11:35 a.m. Got a headache, lasted one hour 12:35 p.m. Ate lunch 4 p.m. Feel a bit better 5 p.m. Took 2.5mg Lexapro 6 p.m. Ate dinner 9:20 p.m. Headache 10:00 p.m. Took 50mg Seroquel 10:20 p.m. Feeling dizzy 10:30 p.m. Fell asleep 2:30 a.m. Woke, took 3mg Ambien (NOT "took 1/2 tablet Ambien") 2:45 a.m. Fell asleep 4:30 a.m. Woke but got back to sleep This time, in addition to your drugs and doses, please note your symptoms as they occur throughout the day, to the right of the time. Include all drugs(even any that are not prescribed, we call them over the counter drugs here), and any supplements taken, as well as your sleep. And I don't want to overwhelm you, so if you can, please go to AccountSettings/edit update signature and add just the dates, drugs, additions of drugs, and doses. The signatures are what you see below members posts, unless viewing from some phone devices. And just a summary of drug history, and most recent changes and additions. They give us, at a glance, an idea of where you have been and are at presently with medications. You've got all that information in your longer post that I quoted, you would just need to organize into the 12 lines allotted for signatures. And if you get to this task, don't forget to hit/push the SAVE button when you are done. So......prioritize the notes, and if you can do both(signature and notes) great, if not, I can walk you through the signature later. And it looks like Shep and Altostrata have been by as well. Please attend to any questions asked in their posts too. I hope it is just a bit easier for you, coping wise, today. Best, L, P, H, and G, mmt
  21. KiwiSue

    KiwiSue: Effexor withdrawal, Prozac

    My symptoms have been really mild over the last 4 days, which was when I came out of the intense wave. This is the best I have felt in quite some time so I'm very grateful. Oddly enough I have found that I seem to sleep better when my symptoms are bad, and when I'm feeling good I don't sleep as well. I get a headache in the early morning quite regularly, it usually eases off once I'm up. I have decided not to go with my doctor's advice to switch to Sertraline, but have strengthened my resolve to withdraw from ADs. Would you advise that I hold at 10mg for the time being?
  22. Ella56

    Ella56: Drug withdrawal

    I'm just worried I ran into a friend. And I felt this total disconnection. And it freaked me out. It was like I was disconnected from myself and I couldn't connect with her. I never had that on and an anti depressant. Am I losing my mind? And I so I told her what I have been doing just thinking it might make me feel better. But it's still there today I'm having a bad day. I went off celexa in about 2 months and had been on years. I am just scared if i should go back on and taper after reading all the things people go through. I have made it to 4.5 months but went through help and almost ended up in ward it was only a month ago i went to hospital overnight but they had no place at the psyc ward soni went home so scared and weak. I just stay home a lot..eating healthy. Hoping each day is closer to health.
  23. Alto, thank you for moving my content to where it belongs. (I couldn't find it;-) Drug interaction worksheet: https://www.drugs.com/interactions-check.php?drug_list=1115-0,276-0,243-13622,1476-0 Drug list: I take all of these... prozac 10mg long term, recently raised to 10 after seeing anxiety at 8mg. atorvastatin 40mg doubled mid-january per cardiologist aspirin 81mg long term lisinopril 20mg Rx'd mid January by cardiologist. ...first thing in the morning about 7am every day. and since mid january I've been experiencing elevated anxiety, holding breath, tight stomach, impending doom, can't think clearly, constantly checking on my mental state, general undirected agitation makes me want to jump through my skin. not yet at the level of needing xanax (haven't' touched that Rx in years) but close. Best solution so far has been to take another 1mg after dog walk, and miraculously I feel much better within an hour. did that a few times, raised dose to 9mg then 10mg and as of Much better is great, but what should I do to get back to "so comfortable I want to resume my weaning"? I got down to 8mg and thought i was doing fine, then along came the hypertension (maybe caused by prozac weaning?) and cardiologist and more drugs. these 3 all happened about the same time, so i don't really know my trouble is not enough prozac, could be too much statin or lisinopril is not the right drug for me or what can a stable brain come up with for this? 18 jan 2020 Rx'd lisinopril 20mg (ACE inhibitor for hypertension) 18 jan 2020 Rx'd atorvastatin doubled to 40mg started seeing anxiety, assumed prozac dose too low, held at 8mg, it just got worse. Feb 8 2020 increased prozac from 8mg to 9mg. Feb 12 2020 increased prozac from 9mg to 10mg. Feb 16 ? 10mg at 7a, still anxious, add 1mg at 9am, better. Feb 22 increased prozac to 11mg. still anxious at 9am but afraid to make a move.
  24. Altostrata

    Jmizz: Lamictal taper suggestions

    This is good! How long have you been taking 12, 5, 20.5 doses on the same schedule now? Is the new batch of 5mg tablets more tolerable?
  25. gardenlady

    Snorky: Reinstatement of amitriptyline

    Oh, my....how wrong you are! Reinstating to a full dose can absolutely be far, far worse than the status quo! Believing otherwise is a fantasy. If you think you've experienced the worst that is possible, you will find how devastatingly wrong you are if you reinstate to a full dose. I'm sorry to be so negative, but you need to hear the truth.
  26. Altostrata

    Dave1: Kindled CNS, need help pls

    You might take 200mg magnesium citrate 3 times a day. If you get loose bowels, you're taking too much at one time. Dissolving it in water and sipping it throughout the day can take the edge off symptoms. Please stop changing drugs, take everything on a very regular schedule. Please keep daily notes of times of day you take your drugs, their dosages, and your symptoms throughout the day. You can post 24 hours of notes at a time in this topic, in a simple list format with time of day on the left and notation (symptom or drug and dosage) on the right.
  27. Altostrata

    mustafa: withdrawals

    mustafa, please don't worry about your neurotransmitters, what's going on is a lot more complicated. Is your stomach hurting from fasting? If so, you should stop fasting. Please look in the Symptoms and Self-Care forum for discussions of stomach problems.
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