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  2. ChessieCat

    Emily02: Zyprexa / olanzapine

    It's better to hold for longer than to risk tapering too soon. You will need to listen to your body/symptoms. Once you reach withdrawal normal (link below) it's a good idea to hold for a bit longer after that. When you do make your first reduction you might consider doing a test reduction of a small amount to see how you respond. You could try a 1% reduction. If that goes okay then you can reduce by a larger amount the next time. Stability WDnormal
  3. You're welcome. I've added the links for what i found to the relevant topic. It would be really helpful if you post your experience with myogenes in that topic once you've dealt with them. Please state that you are in the UK. Thanks. genetic-testing-personalized-medicine-liver-enzymes-genotypes-genesightrx-genomind-etc
  4. UK sites. Please note these are NOT recommendations, just sites I found when I did a search online. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/genetic-and-genomic-testing/ https://www.myogenes.com/ https://www.geneticdisordersuk.org/beginners-guide-to-genetics/genetic-testing/ https://geneticalliance.org.uk/information/service-and-testing/
  5. Emily02

    Emily02: Zyprexa / olanzapine

    Hello Hayduke Thanks for your reply! Yes, you’re absolutely right that it’s yo-yo dosing. I just didn’t know what to do you know. Here the docs take you from 5 to 2,5 mg and if you’re unwell than they put you back on 5 again. It’s the second time it happened to me. I’m glad I found this page. It’s been a week now that I’m back on 5mg and my sleep is getting better and almost no anxiety. When do you think I’m ready for the 10% slow taper?
  6. Thanks so much @ChessieCat I just ordered it from myogenes!
  7. Nocturna

    Nocturna: withdrawal or relapse

    Hi Manny, Indeed I started tapering the Abilify by 0.5mg/month. Now I realise it should be 10% of the last dose, not 10% of the initial (which makes sense - geometric progression instead of arithmetic). So in the next month I'm doing a smaller drop. My psychiatrist thought that's too careful (she keeps calling doses below 5mg "baby doses"), but still she supports me in tapering off. If you are stable for a couple of months, talk to your psychiatrist again and he might support you lowering the dose further. From my own experience, it's the easiest if you are as open as possible with your pdoc.
  8. @KenA Thanks for reading my story, KenA. So good to hear that you are feeling better. The best is yet to come! @Pawlove Thank you, too, Pawlove. ❤️ @waves12 Thanks for your kind words, waves12. I can't answer you right now but I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Aurorax
  9. @Deepu I read your story, Deepu. You took Fluxovin for three years, which caused sexual dysfunction, quit august 2019, and started Bupron and Nexito. You stopped Nexito ct 50 days ago. You also mentioned that you smoke weed and drink alcohol. That is good news. You don't even know if you still have PSSD and loss of emotion. The drugs you are using may be causing some of your symptoms. I can't give you medical advice, but if I were you, then I would consider the following: 1. Stop using weed and alcohol. 2. Decide how to taper Bupron. The moderators can help you with this if that's what you want to do. They can also help you decide whether you should reinstate some Nexito and taper more slowly. Please do NOT go cold turkey again. It's very dangerous. I see that you already discussed some of these questions with the moderators. They can help you with how to taper, but they can't answer your questions on how long you will have to suffer or take your worries away. You will have to be patient and listen carefully to their advice, instead of doing the opposite of what they are telling you. I understand that you feel scared and lonely. You can always post your thoughts and feelings in your introduction thread. I and others will do our best to support you. You are not alone in this. I never had PSSD and haven't done enough research to answer questions about it. The only thing I know for sure is that many, many people have had it and recovered. I wouldn't worry about this if I were you. You need to be off all drugs for at least a few months to know if you still have this. Try to put this worry aside until then. I know it's easier said than done, but you are stronger than you think. I'll get back to your other questions later! Aurorax
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  11. https://www.geneticdisordersuk.org/beginners-guide-to-genetics/genetic-testing/ https://geneticalliance.org.uk/information/service-and-testing/
  12. I've checked that link for Roche and it doesn't go to anything. I've looked at the site and can't find anything about gene/genetics testing. You could ask your doctor or contact Roche directly. Just found these: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/genetic-and-genomic-testing/ https://www.myogenes.com/
  13. Hi Leo, thank you. I would say it took me almost 4 years to feel fully recovered, although 2016 when I started tapering was not as bad as 2017 when I was down at 5 mg, from what I can recall. So 2 out of 4 years were the worst for me, while the other 2 years were very rough as well but more manageable. During 2016 before I found SA I often wondered if I would ever feel happy and if I was the problem like the doctors told me, because it seemed strange that no one I talked to knew about this. It's very easy to start doubting oneself when society is too unaware to understand the problem and so unwilling to help, I think. It's very lonely. This forum helped me doubt myself less, in combination with the strange symptoms I started getting in 2017. I mention it because I saw your latest post and could relate.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the type of testing which Alto mentioned. genetic-testing-personalized-medicine-liver-enzymes-genotypes-genesightrx-genomind-etc I noticed these posts:
  15. Hi @Altostrata thanks for all the info. The genetic test - would that also tell me if I was not absorbing sertraline well as well? I don’t think they do it here in UK But I think I heard someone say they knew someone who got it from the US - would you happen to know where in US might offer this? the flu symptoms are definitely withdrawal I also had them in Feb/March when I had a bad crash which is strange that I crashed then as I wasn’t reducing any drugs for a while but I know there is no pattern to these things. My teeth have not smashed down quite as violently the last couple of nights although all other symptoms still intense but I am hoping at least something is calming down. I have increased diazepam to 4.5mg I am so disappointed to have done this but I didn’t know what else to do.
  16. hayduke

    Emily02: Zyprexa / olanzapine

    Hi Emily02. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it. Not surprised with that yo-yo dosing. It took me 5 months to gradually taper from 5 to 2.5mg and I did a six month hold after that. Slow and steady wins the race Cheers, Hayduke
  17. Thank you for your amazing post and so happy for your recovery. Did you go to therapy whilst going through all this ? I am 4 years off from cold turkey and it's a living hell every day and just wonder if I am missing something that's preventing me from getting better like therapy that's why I ask you if you don't mind and if you had trauma to resolve and dragons to slay. I feel I can barely go on like this and I am in my 50's now and lost my life the last 4 years and feel defeated and no idea if I will regain any glimmer of a life again. It is lovely and isolating and friends and family lost patience. It's very hard living alone and the fear of this being permanent is now overwhelming me. Can't work and don't think I will ever manage to work again and this fear brings the loss of my home after being here 22 years paying a mortgage and now unable to. So scared and have such dark thoughts that I won't make it. Any hope you can pass on will help me. Waves
  18. Sorry India, hadn't seen you post this when I reposted the same document above. Hope you're doing ok.
  19. Erell

    Dealing With Emotional Spirals

    Dealing with emotionnal spirals is a large part of my journey. With time, I've noticed that in order to be able to not dive into it, I need to use several steps. Thought I could share these steps with you and hope it might help some folks ☺ These steps take practice but I found that the more I use them the more it becomes automatical. These steps won't erase symptoms, but they might help to live with them and to create new mind-habits (and we love neuroplasticity ). Let's use anxiety symptoms as an example : Step 1 : Aknowledge anxiety : instead of panicking like " oh no, what's happening again" / " I'm feeling strange, something is really wrong" ... I try to simply recognize symptoms without judgments : "Ok, it seems that I'm feeling anxiety symptoms". It can help to recognize it 'physically' : " I'm feeling a bit dizzy, and my belly is heavy". Step 2 : Give yourself permission to feel these symptoms. It is ok to have these feelings, this anxiety. "These symptoms are normal, my brain is working to heal" "These symptoms are ok, they mean my body is still working" "These symptoms are normal, I'm in a place full of people and I don't like that" .... Step 3 : Breath : I take some deep belly breathing. Step 4 : Use a kind internal dialogue : Instead of sentences like : " I'm such a failure" / "I'll never feel better"... I use sentences like : "Wow, you're very strong" / "Im proud of myself for keeping on trying" / "Thank you my brain for working hard to heal " / " well, this hour might be uncomfortable, it's ok, I know I'm strong enough" .... (Some people use "I" to talk to themselves, others use "you". Personnaly I let my brain choose and it can vary 😄). Step 5 : Try to make fun of the situation. This one is particularly tricky, but I find that if I can find something funny in the situation it helps my mind to not catastrophize. Step 6 : Change the channel-move : now it's time to focus on something else, if you can : go for a walk, cook, do a puzzle, sing,.... ☀️ (Had issues to find the right English words to write this post, hope you can get the general idea)
  20. Yes, Erell, every step headed in the right direction will get us there eventually. The following could be the reason I felt irritable: I've been feeling very frustrated and down over the last week and started getting some back and leg pains. It was very confusing because I would have times when I felt good and then I would feel worse and I didn't know if my back injury was recovering or worsening. So I decided to see the physiotherapist. It's just as well that I did. She was very thorough and it turns out that I've been over doing the exercising and my gluteal muscles are tired. She told me that the symptoms for the bulging disc (L4), sciatica and gluteal fatigue all very similar. She is confident that I have recovered from the bulging disc. She wants me to cut back on the exercising and says that things should be greatly improved in about 1 week's time. She also did acupuncture followed by massage to help get things firing again in my glute muscle. It was such a huge relief to find out that it wasn't my back injury and that the discomfort and any pain I get is not causing more damage to it. This afternoon I managed to go out for a bit of a drive. Yesterday afternoon I had another very tiny piece of tooth come out all by itself. The gum is healing over but there is still a strange sensation when I press on parts of the area with my tongue so I suspect that there is still more there. When I saw the dentist this afternoon he took some photos of the area and will discuss it with one of the surgeons, and will ring me if I need to see him. So it's a wait and see approach and to contact them if I have issues. So one huge relief and a smaller relief. Another week and I'm hoping I can be enthusiastic about doing my house work.
  21. I have not been taking Klonopin daily. This is my Klonopin schedule Before this no Klonopin since 8/17 9/21 - Klonopin .03125mg 9/22 - Klonopin .03125mg 9/29.- 3:30pm Klonopin .03125mg 9/30 - 1AM - Klonopin .01238mg (roughly 7 1/2 hours after last dose). I was trying to see if it'd help at all, but no luck. Lexapro + Klonopin Schedule is below: Really sorry haven't slept in 3 nights now. I'm doing really terribly. Tonight vomiting, insomnia, burning pain all over body, really sweaty, feels like something is keeping me wired 24/7, can barely lay down. Right now I feel like heading to ER, but I was told they'd just put me back on a high dose of benzo. Trying to avoid this. 9/29 log 5:03am - Bowl of Cheerios and Milk 7:19am - burning in back, arms, feel wired / electricity 7:30am - had blood drawn (blood tests for b12, liver, etc.) 7:34am - 4.46mg Lexapro 7:49am - sweaty palms, feel more wired, burning back, arms, hard to sit still 9:16am - Milk and plain Cheerios 9:43am - burning intensifying, lightheaded 11:02am - sweaty palms, lightheaded, burning subsiding for the moment 11:24am - burning returning to back / arms. Started to feel some nausea 12:31pm - bone broth 12:50pm - Strawberry banana smoothie w/ protein 12:50pm - still wired 1:58pm - burning going back to severe, can’t sleep still feel wired 3:33pm - Klonopin .03125 mg 3:59pm - Already feeling some relief 4:35pm - some mild relief 5:00pm - Chobani Strawberry Banana yogurt 5:12pm - lots of relief from burning pain, felt relaxed, but stomach chest starting to feel amped. Palms / feet sweaty 6:30pm - had a bowl of Cheerios and milk 6:30pm - trying to sleep, back hurts, arms hurt, stomach uncomfortable 1:00AM - Klonopin .01238mg 1:30AM - Berry smoothie 4:02AM - Still no sleep all night
  22. Thanks @Altostrata and @Colonialfor your reply. I went from 150 mg Seroquel ( Quetiapine) to 0 over the course of 5 months. The lowest dose available was 25 mg which I chose to split in half and quarters as going lower. I had some withdrawal symptoms: extreme fatigue, nausea, upset stomach. But they were all manageable. Fatigue being the hardest one to handle. Today the only symptom left is a low level tinnitus. All the best for now Cecilia
  23. So pleased for you. Can i just ask how long would you say your full recovery was?
  24. @Altostrata i Post my daily Notes a few Posts back. I am sorry altostrata please dont be angry, i know you need my Information to give advice But it is so random and difficult to detect something after taking the drugs. In generell i Would say i never feel better after taking diazepam or Dominal. What most Time happens At 7pm or 8pm i got restless legs, and restless, This increase most time after taking Dominal and i become allways agitated and restless in the bed But cannot say if this is the Dominal or the withdrawl From paroxetin. When i lay in Bad i am so nervous it could happend that i stand up several times after Lay down for toillet like a Robot if i lay my feet wiggels. And this porridge Not know what happend in the night like in Trance. If for this the recent is Dominal then this is the terrible Thing ever. In some evennings it was more or less endurable and after taking Dominal i become restless that i cannot sit still on the coach moving From right to left Change the Position deep breathing because so tense. What i also can say since lower Dose of Dominal this freaking out, screaming, and inner preasure become a little milder i think I give my best to detect what happend an notice and what i can also say is changes all the Time i feel different every Week what i am Now is so different compared to 2 or 4 weeks ago and more different than 2 Month ago.
  25. Thanks, I really appreciate it! I lost a decent amount of weight when I first started following The Plant Paradox. I gained it all back once I started learning how to adjust to my new way of eating. I may even have more muscle now that I have way more energy to workout! Ya, that is a tricky one with not wanting to lose more weight. I essentially replaced protein with fat. I eat a ton of olive oil/coconut oil. Ya, it feels odd to get a haircut now after not having to for so long
  26. Adili13

    Erell: struggling with paroxetine

    Thinking of you a sorry you're having such a difficult time. I relate to many of your symptoms, especially the strong chemical anxiety and feelings of unreality. I spend much of my time inside as well. We will prevail, my friend. I think it's good that you're spending less time on your screen. I might have to follow and do the same thing. Reading stories often sends me down a slope of catastrophic thinking. Best to avoid it entirely until we are more stable! Peace, Erell.
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