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  2. Being afraid to make choices is also part of anxiety caused by withdrawal. That's why you need good choices. In comparisson with a paxil to fluoxetine bridge, coming down on EPO will be relatively harmless. You'll manage. Keep making daily notes. CNS is asking for more rest so this could be a good thing. I stopped taking magnesium and fish oil for a while when CNS was too upset. Have faith 🍀🦋 Next time tell your friend you'll call back when four feeling more at ease. You don't need any more (internal) stress at the moment. Just take care of yourself first. IF EPO curre
  3. @Rosetta you have been so kind to me and I've already asked too much of you so I'm sorry to pester you. I read on your intros thread that you had a pretty tough time in withdrawal 6-10 months out from your fast taper with suicidal akathisia. How did you manage to survive it? Did you go to hospital at all or reinstate anything? It just seems so impossible to me right now that I could endure this.
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  5. Getting prescribed Citalopram is also another option instead of the fluoxetine. I have taken citalopram 20mg before. I had very bad initial start up symptoms but then after 2 weeks, everything improved and I was functional. This was 10 years ago. I had to stop taking it because I very foolishly took MDMA whilst I was on it (I was at university at the time) and I suddenly had back all of the side effects. I was switched to Sertraline 50mg and after a couple of weeks of start up side effects the Sertraline started to work.
  6. The trickiest thing is that I'm not even sure if this awful 24 hours is a result of increasing to 2mg. The akathisia was building from yesterday morning and continued through the evening (took 2mg Sertraline at 5pm) and on through the night. It's 11am following day now and I'm still incredibly tense, akathisia, shaking, really hard to distract myself with anything. I'm very unsure what to do. I think taking the small Sertraline dose has helped my mood over the past 11 days but it hasn't touched the akathisia. I'm desperate for relief, longing for a day of fatigue and anhedonia like when I was
  7. I wanted to write a quick update for general information and to keep my journey documented in some way. I’m over 8 months off meds now. I just noticed my last post ended rather intensely & triggering. I apologise for that, however I think it’s understandable when you are dealing with constant SI and intrusive thoughts for months on end, to be desperate at times. It’s an awful situation to be in for all of us and I don’t want what I have written here to be a burden or trigger for anyone else who comes along and maybe reads my story. All I can say is It passes, it always has and al
  8. Thanks so much for your kind messages @Rosetta... After seeing what I've seen, I doubt I will ever want to bring children into this twisted world. I will only do so if I have every mean to protect them, which would basically be a **** ton of money (I have run a successful business & been into advertising since a very young age so that might actually not be a problem for me in the future). Honestly, I cannot see how I could make a bigger mistake than letting myself be poisoned and having my entire body chemistry altered in a way that could directly lead me
  9. Hello. It was a little longer since your post, but maybe you're reading along anyway. I've had the exact same thing for a week. My head is playing music 24/7. It's like it's running in the background all the time. There is not a second in which the song is gone. It's like an earworm but without a break. Was that the same for you? And did it get better at some point?
  10. JelenaCl

    JelenaCl: constant earworm

    It started about 8 days ago
  11. Healthanxiety101

    Healthanxiety101: citalopram withdrawal/urinary symptoms

    @getofflex Just read your post properly. I do have other symptoms, mostly slight pains around the bladder area and sometimes my right side near my hip and extreme anxiety over the whole situation. I have been through this before but it dosent make it any easier. Many times I have felt suicidal with this as it just absolutely ruins life. One thing I'm not doing though is going back on medication, maybe I shouldn't of stopped straight away but I knew the tablets where causing the problem so I didn't want to take another.
  12. Thanks @Altostrata I had a sleepless night last nigh and I am wracked with anxiety and panic. Right now I'm at a total loss of what to do. If I am too tolerant to Sertraline for it to give me any relief, is it worth trying a small dose of a different SSRI? I am in a really bad place and desperate, please help
  13. Well that's what I wonder since then. No change in meds, no new meds, same supplements, no alcohol, no alcohol in food, same syringes, same routine, no big news... I think I've checked everything in an attempt to find a logical reason for the disappearance of my brief windows and the return of high intensity of old symptoms. Guess we can't find logic with a destabilised CNS. I've made several guesses, wondering if it's the mysterious "8-10-12month waves" people sometimes talk about, or if my body just don't want Prozac. In February I started a low histamine die
  14. Thank you, @Mimi79 I slept better last night. You might have cracked the case! We will see from the MRIs, but he has other symptoms of SSS! It’s not a fun treatment, but, oh, to have an answer and cure! That would be amazing.
  15. Rosetta

    Mimi79: Will I survive?

    Mimi, While you are waiting for a Mod to help, I will leave some links here. I did not taper benzos. I’m not very familiar with that process, but here are my thoughts. Wait for a Mod to check my suggestions and then, if I am not mistaken, maybe you could show these links to your husband. If he could agree with you and help you talk to your doctor, maybe that would help. The only doctor in Canada who is listed on the Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s Website is James M. Wright, M.D., Ph.D., FRCPC in Vancouver (604) 822-2575. He is at the University of British Colu
  16. Catwoman35

    Catwoman35: withdrawal or relapse?

    Hi @Altostrata, I am taking oxazepam at 2pm and 10 pm because that is when my anxiety peaks and becomes unbearable. It helps when I take them, anxiety goes down. After I take oxazepam at 2pm, already at 3pm I feel better. Same in the evening, I progressively start feeling worse and then finally take it at 10pm and then my anxiety calms down and I can get some sleep. Except last night, last night I took oxazepam at 10pm and hoped to go to sleep but around midnight I started feeling very anxious and almost getting panic attacks. This was caused by my own thoughts. See, I turned
  17. Waving2MyWindows

    Waving2MyWindows: Well, here I am!

    Honestly after a few weeks...the Effexor withdrawal I no longer noticed (probably because of the Ativan) however on the other hand I was also in tolerance withdrawal from the Ativan. I was planning to get off of the Ativan anyway, but once I was off Effexor the tolerance from the Ativan could no longer be masked or hidden. Effexor was powerful enough to hide the Ativan issue and Ativan was still decent enough to cover a lot of he Effexor withdrawal besides all of the horrific anxiety and some head pressure i had from tapering the Effexor. All the nasty Anxiety i had from the to
  18. I don’t know if anyone is reading this but I just needed an outlet, today has been rough with anxiety and mental anguish I’m finding it so hard to stay positive and really need someone to tell me it will be ok. I just can’t take it anymore, I’ve been through this over and over on and off for 20 years not knowing then what I know now but all those times have taken their toll and I can’t see past this horrible terrifying feeling
  19. @ChessieCatHey,thanks for the help I read through the pinned topics, I think I did in the past,too. I was wonder if you have seen someone in my situation were trauma, ptsd/cptsd, have made things worse. I’m being emotionally numb, mentally slowed, physical numb, and it’s scaring me, traumatizing me. I can’t see a live without some of the things I lost at times, it’s haunting. Like all traumatized people, I’m in a cycle of worry and terror about how my future is because as time goes on I get worse. The one thing that effect both my non Ssri Brain and Ssri brain was the depression and traum
  20. Hi Kris. I’m a survivor of Prozac withdrawal and taper. I was on Prozac for 26 years before I successfully tapered from 60 to 20 mg. I took a break from tapering for several years and am now tapering again. one of the things I realized I never talked about and hadn’t attributed to withdrawal until I saw other people’s stories was the rage you’re talking about. I had stopped cold turkey in 2012. At the time I had no idea about withdrawal or that that was what I was experiencing. It wasn’t until I went into withdrawal again in 2014 and then found this site that I realized my experience i
  21. So another check-in just over a year after my last. I cannot believe it was over 6 years ago that I had been in the throws of withdrawal and then found this forum. the thought of that experience remains incredibly scary. I just read the article on I wrote for risk.com ( the link if anyone is interested https://rxisk.org/antidepressant-withdrawal-a-prozac-story/) The big news is that I have felt so good for so long that I have begun to taper again. I’ve also been reading research that indicates that long-term fluoxetine use appears to contribute to bone loss, so that was a motivat
  22. Demi918

    Demi918: Lexapro taper

    @AltostrataSure, I will only record symptom and drug that i will take. so far, My few symptom have gone worst while others manageable. Like Morning, Headache, Double vision, blurred vision, painful eye, Agitation, ear pressure, anxiety, body ache, tinnitus, confusion, and Neck and back pain. Afternoon - Symptoms would stay same just my headache would get bearable as day progress. and my Eye and ear symptoms would get worst. Evening - Mild Headache with increased in eye and ear pressure. my Agitation and anxiety would increase at this point (having some windows for last to
  23. Could things in the future improve for me because of homeostasis? The lack of joy and laughter i experience, my anhedonic orgasms, my 16 hour sleep rotations a day, my lack of motivation to do things. Could they all improve in the months to come? Im really thinking that antidepressants may be poison to some of us if not all, but sometimes i feel hopeless and i think antidepressants may be the solution. Anyone got some hopeful message for me?
  24. Yes I belong to the cymbalta hurts worse site as well and they were the ones that recommended I switch to the beads, which I did so by taking cymbalta. I’m in Canada and I guess this brand of generic has tiny irregular chunks which I have been weighing. However as I go down in dose, the scale will not register the low weight, that’s why they suggested I switch to count out the rest of the beads. Taper has been going well since may 2019 until now. I’ve been taking .5mg of clozapam a day, on bad days two tablets. I still need to function at work and this is getting through th
  25. How do I edit my signature?
  26. Rosetta

    ScottishLass: hello and some help please

    SL, I’m so pleased that you are feeling better! Gridley is a godsend, and he has helped me even though there wasn’t much anyone could do for my situation. Some people let the doctor decide the dose when they are taking tiny amounts. If he says 1 mg could not be helping you, ask him what he thinks is enough. It doesn’t matter as long as you have those capsules to use. This is not likely to happen, but you might show him this if he tries to switch you to a different medication: https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/docs/default-source/mental-health/tre
  27. Hi dear Rosetta, Just popping on your thread to say hello! I hope your recent nights weren't too bad. I was reading your post on the Covid-19 thread about your husband's headaches. It reminds me that one of my friends had those kind of headaches few years ago. It was debilitating and he was more and more anxious about it. They checked for anevrysm, but finally, it was a kind of silent chronic sinusitis. When they treated it properly, his headaches vanished. I hope you and your family are doing well. Take care! Mimi
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