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  2. @Altostrata @Karma @Shep @brassmonkey @ChessieCat @Gridley Please help! I have been in.withdrawals for 10months now. 1 week ago I developed RIngworm. So for one week I have been using over the counter Hydrocort Cream. Cortisole. Over the last few days I.have been feeling terrible, even a akathesia like state. Inner restless/tremble. Arms legs head buttock groin. Am I having a reaction to this cream??????? This is external cream???
  3. Welcome, Variance. How did you taper off citalopram? Did you have any withdrawal symptoms while tapering? How has your symptom pattern changed in the last 6 months?
  4. ChessieCat

    jordidog: Paxil

    Clonazepam .5 mg -up to 3 -1/2 tablets per day Zoplicone 5 mg. 1 tab at bedtime as needed Please include the dates that you started these drugs.
  5. Altostrata

    lalala: Paxil to Prozac

    lalala, please see a doctor for unusual abdominal pain lasting more than a couple of days.
  6. Altostrata

    jordidog: Paxil

    That would be .25mg clonazepam. In the future, please refer to the dosage you're taking, rather than the number of tablets. "Depression" can be a side effect of benzodiazepines such as clonazepam. Not sure what 's going on. Making drug changes while going through something that's upsetting is not a good idea. However, if you continue to take clonazepam and zopiclone regularly, you may become at least physiologically dependent on them. My guess is when you were taking Paxil and Prozac, both SSRIs, together, you were taking too much SSRI for your system. Reducing Paxil, which was the crossover plan, might have fixed this, but your doctor failed to monitor your drug changes or follow through with the cross-over process. Not sure what happened when you dropped Prozac and increased Paxil, possibly more excessive SSRI. Could be that too much Paxil is causing your sleeplessness. However, rather than address what might be an adverse reaction to Paxil, your doctor has prescribed clonazepam and zopiclone. As this is as site for going off drugs and you're following your doctor's advice to increase drugs, not sure how we can help you. Please discuss further drug side effects and tapering concerns with your doctor and contact us again when you have decided to decrease your drugs.
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  8. KMart95

    Maxime: 3 months off citalopram

    Hey Maxime ! I'm from Nova Scotia, it's nice to see another Canadian here, despite the circumstances. I took Citalopram for nearly 10 years. I always had problems with my stomach while on it, and when I stopped it got much worse. I had constant stomach pains, vomiting, bloating, etc. I lived with it for a few months until I did some research and got tested for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Citalopram seems to be very harsh on the GI system. I have talked to a few other people who have had the same experience coming off the drug. You could try limiting your carb & sugar intake and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise, sometimes your stomach just needs time to adjust to the changes. Most of your serotonin is made in your GI tract, so it's understandable that many of us feel stomach discomfort when stopping SSRIs.
  9. So here's my log for today : August 25th, 2019 1 AM Woke up and fell asleep shortly afterwards 6 AM Woke up after around 5 hours of sleep in total 8 AM Got up, ate breakfast, took 25 mg sertraline 11 AM Ate lunch 17 PM Had dinner 22:45 PM Took 5 mg zyprexa and 0.5 mg ativan 23 PM Went to bed A good day overall. A little anxious, mostly about medication and tapering. Spent time reading, writing some music, taking a bike ride, and having a night with friends.
  10. tripsteady

    tripsteady: Lexapro 20mg for 8 years

    first week done! No symptoms to speak off as yet
  11. I’m really sorry to hear. I remember how terribly uncomfortable it was. Propanolol helped me a lot but if I took too much, it made me very nauseous. I kept it to about 2.5mg daily and only when I felt I really needed it. Below is a chart copied from my thread that shows the windows and waves of symptoms and insomnia during my recovery. Over time, the chart got too big to upload so there are later versions on my thread that show February and March but not the very beginning months. Those are helpful to see how things began to even out in the later months. I was feeling better by March so about 4 months in total. Hoping this helps. Please let me know if I can explain anything. Ps. Alto asked me to provide actual hrs of sleep in December. Up to that point; I hadn’t included the actual hours.
  12. Glosmom, Thank you for your hope and encouragement and for shining a light at the end of the tunnel. Risperidone is a beast, that is for sure. I took your suggestion to do things that bring me comfort, seeing family, watching a funny movie, going to the park, yoga online, etc. I'm in a better place and hope the work week goes well. I hope Glo has continued healing today, too! CarefulP
  13. Thank you- I will take a look at the links you sent me.
  14. DMV64

    DMV64: reinstate Saphris?

    No, he didn’t mean that. I think he just meant he would like to do more things together. I think it is hard for him. But he is very compassionate. I am tired a lot. Sigh
  15. BfromNJ

    BfromNJ: mirtazapine taper

    Hello. I have to say that my worst, consistent symptom is the urinary frequency and urgency. Havent found anything to help or ways to cope I'm afraid. It's terrible to feel like having to go all the time. I'm beginning to think since it seems to get better some as day wears on that maybe it's from my nighttime seroquel. But who knows. Insurance kicks in on 9/1 so I can see doctor again. Otherwise I'm doing okay. Dare I say so and jinx myself. I'm settled in post move and that's fine, although tonight I miss my daughter and being there terrible. It just hit me. I suppose that will happen. I do like it here though.
  16. Oh my gosh, I was thinking about reaching out to you today. It is so sweet of you to think of me. 💜 I’m having a tough day. The anxiety rarely gives me a break. I am looking into whether a beta blocker may help me get through the next few months. I actually already have a Rx for Propranolol. You mentioned taking that at one point. Did you have any problems with it? How long did your anxiety and insomnia last for? Hope Floats
  17. Gridley

    Maxime: 3 months off citalopram

    Very nice, Maxime!
  18. ChessieCat

    mickde1: life on hold

    I've moved your post from another member's topic (UnfoldingSky's) Here's SA's to topic: rhodiola-rosea-study-suggests-benefit-on-stress-related-fatigue-and-waking-cortisol Are you still on Prozac? Drug signature: 18 Jan 2019 reinstated Prozac .25mg currently 2 july 2019 prozac .25 mg
  19. Hi Neroli, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, self care is certainly important when going through withdrawals and my friends have been amazing too. I’m barely functional a lot of the time though due to my illness, and stress very makes it worse. Today is day 43 ( just over six weeks) since tapering from 6.75mg to 6.50mg. I’m hoping to drop to 6.25mg either tonight or tomorrow night. I’m always happy when I have a little less of the medication in my body. Let’s see what this next taper will be like, each one is different. My waves lasted longer with this last one compared with the one before. Okay, here goes my list of things I’m grateful for: 1. Went for a drive up the Coast last week with a friend. We were dropping her mum off and we only stayed for over an hour up there, but I loooooove road trips. It was four hours each way so I had a pleasant time.🚗🚗🚗 I find going on road or train trips really relaxing. 2. The ocean was beautiful up the Coast. It was a gorgeous shade of turquoise.🌊 3. We had lunch at the boat club overlooking the water at the marina. So pretty.⛵️🚤🛥 4. Spent the day with friends on Friday. It was nice having heart to hearts. They live opposite a river so it was lovely sitting on the balcony and watching the sun reflect on the water.☀️ 5. I got myself a new weighted blanket. Love it!🛌 6. Watched a black and white movie yesterday. Black and white movies are so cool! There are heaps on YouTube. 📺 7. Watched Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix again. Love the expressions on his face when he tries new food 🍱🍝🍜🍲🥗🥘 8. Managed to get some more errands done. Yay!🎉 9. Might be going out for Thai food with a friend tomorrow. Yummy!😋 10. I’m in my cosy bed today. Don’t have much strength to do anything but I am grateful for my bed.🛏 Take care💚💚
  20. mickde1

    mickde1: life on hold

    I'm not sure my post are going through or may be there's no one out there that has anything to say has anyone had any experience or has heard of anyone that has had any experience with reinstating with a low does of a natural herb the one i had in mind is Rhodiola Rosea i'm 44 months of virtual cold turkey and in a very bad state
  21. Thanks Frogie and Carmie. I am going very, very slowly until I get the hang of it.
  22. HI HF. Stopping by to say I hope that you're feeling some improvement even though it can be so very slow. I'm sorry you're still dealing with the anxiety. I did also for some time after reinstatement. It got much better gradually. 💜
  23. There are many existing topics on this site. I like to use google and add survivingantidepressants.org to my search term: beta-blockers-propranolol-metopropol-atenolol-etc tapering-beta-blockers-or-alpha-blockers
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  25. Maxime

    Maxime: 3 months off citalopram

    Another thing to help me going throught is drawing. Been drawing for years but i decided to relearn drawing from step 0. It get my self buzzy, without doing exhausting physical activities i would normaly do. It push the brain to work on something else, thinking to something else, if you really focus on it, it easy the bad withdrawals. I think is express well my pain for today lol
  26. Happy2Heal

    getofflex: weaning of Lexapro

    yes lexapro is uncommonly strong, a tiny bit goes a long way. I finally got off it after several attempts and I had to go super slow at the end (but still managed to go too fast and I suffered terribly for that) sorry for all you're going thru. the good news is, it was so worth it! I have a totally different life now. You'll get there too!!
  27. Hi Sassenach, The anxiety is really bad today. Not sure if it is because I have been mostly doing nothing so I have not been able to distract myself. It is like a 5. I know a 5 isn't the worst but my anxiety rarely gives me a break. It is practically 24/7. I need some relief. Is a beta-blocker ok to use to get me through this rough patch? I actually already have a Rx for this. It would be one thing if I experienced anxiety a couple hours a day, but mine is all day. Thank you, HopeFloats
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