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  2. Good morning 15 december/ L-tryptophan +/- 130 mg day 4 Sleep 11.30. pm until 5.30 am. Wake me not very anxious. Nausea, horrible neck aches, arms burning a lot ! 8.am : get up. Restlessness 6,, anxiety 7, dépression 5 : the same almost the day. 9.am : prazepam 4,75 mg 10. am : aches reduce a little. Noon : escitalopram 1,5 mg, eat, nausea, stomach is burning. 3.pm : prazepam 4,75 mg 7.30.pm : dîner aches increased : back, neck, arms burning a lot : 8. 9.pm: prazepam 4,75 mg neuro-emotion bearable : 3-4. 10.30. pm : go to bed with aches, nausea and stomach and bowel burning. Sleep 11.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Woke in panic, cry. End of sleep... --> Yesterday Neuro émotions very hard. Want to cry all day long. Aches very, very hard. Harder on morning and evening. Arms, shoulders, back, neck burning a lot : 8. Nausea, stomach burning. A lot of bruxism. Headhache 6. Ball in stomach. Have a good day. Vega.
  3. Prayers and hopes for a good outcome, Rus. I think you offer good advice on a lot of items. Only you know your body and you know when something isn't right. Talking to your doctor is a lot better than doing fear-based research on your own. And yes, dealing with the reality of a condition is preferable to dealing with the unknown. In the past few years I've dealt with a few conditions of my own and of family members, including the deaths of two family members, one of which was very untimely. We are stronger than we think!
  4. When I get super anxious, it hits me in the chest, too. But I think it "feels" muscular as opposed to buried in my chest like a heart condition would.
  5. mstimc

    Waiting for The "Real Me"

    Thank you Coco!
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  7. sunnysideup69

    Erell: struggling with paroxetine

    @Erell, hello my lovely...most likely a reaction to Saturday, don't you think? You did have a 'party all night' in terms of energy expenditure on Saturday, with your parents. But it sounds like it was worth it. Sending hugs. This will settle again xxx you just need to rest xxx
  8. I have cold hands and feet’s but not everyday. I never experienced this before tapering.
  9. Good morning. Diary Sunday 15 December/ day 82 on 10mg Paroxetine 5am : woke up then back To sleep, woke up Again with alarm at 7.30am. 7.30am: 10mg Paroxetine + 1 fish oil capsule 9am : Feel tired, like if I had a party all night. Anxiéty: 4 / restlessness: 4 / despair: 3. 12 : 1000mg evening primrose oil 3pm : anxiety: 4 / restlessness: 4 / despair: 3. Went To a 30minutes walk outside. 5pm : anxiety: 4 / restlessness: 4 / despair: 4 7.40pm : going To bed, tired. Intrusive thoughts, doubts. anxiety: 4 / restlessness: 4 / despair: 5. 10pm: anxiety ramp up a bit, Feel very agitated. Everytime I close my eyes, I woke up highly anxious. Finally Fall asleep around 11.30pm. Woke up anxious this morning at 7am. ---》 not feeling very Well this morning, some depressed feelings (life seems meaningless), and strong intrusive thoughts about being stuck in anxiety and agoraphobia forever. Good day To all ❤
  10. sunnysideup69

    puthappinessfirst: starting the fight

    @puthappinessfirst, woah, sorry, I thought I'd answered your question...I'm a bit late! Well, I'm gradually stabilizing after a med switch, since November things have generally calmed down a bit. But am a way off tapering yet. Like you, I'm surviving, working part time, beginning to enjoy my job again, getting better amount of sleep, concentrating on nutrition and self care and beginning to socialise again. Teetotal since April 2019. Life has been a bit stressful in my family , also, since August, but I'm still managing to slowly stabilise, through it all. Just trying to appreciate the little steps forward of progress. Have just emerged from a 10 day wave and am glad to be out of that, squeezing enjoyment out of the windows when they come How are you doing?
  11. Good morning moderators, I have a question. This is a way into the distance yet, but am wondering if I should take action sooner rather than later. I'm currently taking extended release Venlafaxine 75mg in tablet form (it's called ViePax). However, it seems that the best way to eventually taper from this drug is via the bead reduction method, then ending with maybe switching to the tablet IR version and making a solution, think that's correct. My question is around when to switch to a bead version of this drug...it doesn't seem like I can get a 'beads' version of Venlafaxine in the UK, just a version with mini pills inside. Would it be better to ask my doc to prescribe the brand name Effexor? I believe that's the bead version of this drug, and is it wiser to do this sooner or wait until I've stabilised better on the Ven? Definitely making progress but still having some wider swings in anxiety than I'd like and not ready to taper. Thank you
  12. rola

    rola weaning deroxat

    hello December 15, 19 day 2 months and 6 days at 1.58mg paxil. I woke up at 8:00 a. m. 8H30 1.58mg paxil instability 10 visual disturbance 10 all morning 12h meal I'd lie there all afternoon. Around 6pm I get motivated, I iron clothes for an hour but sitting 9h meal 8:00 p. m. I go back to bed in front of Tv. instability 10 and blurred vision 10 all day lying down at 11:30 p. m. Wake up at 7:00 this morning. very difficult for me this day ,my daughter is at home and it is very difficult to pretend to be well (she doesn't know) let's hope for a good day good Monday to all
  13. Notes for Sunday 15th December, another pretty good day ❤️ Today was a bit emotional but that felt good. Haven't been able to cry properly for ages and felt like some kind of release was happening, felt like very healing tears. Woke a few times but got back to sleep. 520 got up, anxiety 0, in a good mood 630 slight headache, eyes are sore, red bumpy rash underneath is back 700 Velafaxine XR 75mg, (some slight intrusive thoughts about family started around 7) 730 breakfast AFTER meds, haven't tried this before 800 sudden intrusive thoughts about family, some fear about disaster happen, guilt about staying in London for Xmas, all out of proportion, anxiety 2, tensing of upper body 800 1200mg fish oil 820 warm bath, still slight anxiety 2, wobbly after bath, tense arms are now wobbly and shaky 1045 return from walk, fatigued, anxiety reduced to 1 1100 meditation 1230 lunch 1330 slight increase in anxiety, 1 or 2, slight palpitations, anticipating calling parents 1430 1430 begin a two hour crying spell...provoked by emotional end to a series I've been watching, it's actually really good to cry, feels like a tension release 1630 crying spell over, feeling a bit exhausted but calm and zero anxiety/depression 1800 supper, music, tv 2100 screens off 2145 bed, takes a little while to drift off, probably about half an hour **Last week, managed to socialise twice. Once on Tuesday evening, for a meal, when I was still feeling in a wave Saturday afternoon, had a cuppa with a friend for 1.5 hours or so Just noting these as it's quite a big switch from how I'd been feeling; had no desire to connect with anyone for a while **
  14. You're one of the only people i've seen here from NS ! I am in the suburbs, close to Halifax so I have access to a therapist. I have seen many therapists over the years but I ended up finding a social worker that I absolutely love ! She's very laid back and non-judgemental. It can be hard to find a good one, especially if you're not in a heavily populated area.
  15. Hey KMart95, I'm also glad to see someone else from Nova Scotia here. 😀 Are you in a rural or more populated area? I'm in a rural area right now and it's been hard finding a suitable psychiatrist/especially hard finding a suitable therapist since the same therapist is obviously not going to work for every person, but I really have no choice/can't shop around. Anyway, thanks for wishing me luck. You too!
  16. For quite a while, I needed to have the TV playing softly in the background so I could sleep. Films that were historical costume dramas were best, they usually had soft, classical-style music and no explosions. Jane Austen films were my favorites.
  17. Kernol, hang in there, it's hard but you can do it.
  18. sunnysideup69

    Lynnardgirl: can’t stabilize - it's been 7 months

    Hi there, unfortunately it CAN still be WD after 11 months. (Had a similar experience last year after 10 months and did a panic updose....not recommended.) Hang on in there, you had a good window and this will go again. Do you think there was a trigger? eg did you have acupuncture? Did you have any alcohol?Were you a bit overstressed, are you rushing to get ready for Cmas? There may NOT have been a trigger, these waves just happen.
  19. Hi @Altostrata I will try that. I have fallen into the darkest depression I have had throughout my whole withdrawal experience I haven’t even been able to write my notes I’m sorry. My teeth were slamming down so hard in the night and my mouth was twitching. I don’t know how I am going to make it through the day
  20. Thanks @Altostrata, I will keep the TV/music suggestion in mind for future. It just seems so cruel that your nervous system would not allow you to get the sleep that you need. @Onmyway, thanks for sharing, it always helps to know that you are not alone. I hope more members join this thread.
  21. I been having this issue you just mentioned, but my story is a bit different although I dont remember how much zoloft I was on, I had a treatment of zoloft with risperidone(zoloft 2 years and risperidone 6 months) insomnia came after 1.5 years on zoloft Im not sure If I upped the dosage but I think I did however after stopping both at the same time cold turkey 14 months ago I still experience insomnia and many other symptoms, including heart racing I measured my blood pressure my heart was couple times over 100 bpm and its always around 80-90 and the insomnia you described its just like mine, I dont feel tired at all and this been happening for 14 months however after around 4 months with really bad sleep I thought I was getting better because I was managing to sleep 5 hours almost everyday for around 5-7 months and then just recently it got so messed up my insomnia just got back to day 0 and its so bad Im not feeling tired and im ***** up this is just ******* crazy, never knew docs would pescribe that, new doc wanted me to get back with an snri I almost killed that b**** because I told him I was experiecing these symptoms he just denied that they were from the withdraw because apparently "withdraws" dont last that long, stupid ass, im glad I did not take other poison anymore, now I really need to get ******* better.
  22. I was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. All during withdrawal I had symptoms that were related that I just put to withdrawal. During withdrawal I had OCD about symptoms that would come and go. It was prior to the medication I was worried about dying. Prior to the medication I had the symptoms that I have now and it was overlooked by my urologist. I have had my PSA level and DRE exam every year that showed normal. In the recent two or three years I was having more infections in my prostate that were treated with antibiotics. Come to find out it was candida that was infecting the prostate due to weak immune system and antibiotic use and probably early stages of cancer. Right now I'm about a week out from my biopsy of my prostate with major symptoms not knowing what to do but knowing I can count on myself to always trust my gut feeling now. I'm learning when it's time to really run to the doctors and that's the only time I'm going to go. During these last few years I was ridiculed about being obsessed about my health and my gut feeling was right something was wrong. Just saying here don't chalk everything up to withdrawal because it might not be. Be logical methodical take notes and ask questions and be as proactive as you can. Never let a doctor intimidate you on how much time they spend with you or how much they need to explain because it's your Sanity- and your life. Since the beginning I remember telling the first doctor I seen I thought I had prostate cancer and he laughed and said I was too young. I had to face my fears over the past few years and it became a reality. I know I didn't will myself cancer. I think I have finally overcome the fear of it though. My good friend withdrawals helped me with that. If you're out there in your scared of having it. I can say from my experience being obsessively scared of it is worse than having it. Don't let your fears rule your life because we only live for so long. Withdrawals or not it's our choice.
  23. Hi thelegend Ugh this is horrible! Started last week and maybe a few hrs yesterday was my only window! feel like something else is wrong because I feel so awful! This still can’t be withdrawals after 11 months but I guess it must be
  24. Cocopuffz17

    Waiting for The "Real Me"

    That is great to hear! I have also found myself noticing things as you said in other people that I would of never noticed before going through this challenge of AD WD. By reading your story, you have grown immensely in a positive direction! It will continue and thanks for sharing your experience
  25. I am so sorry @Lynnardgirl, when did the wave start? I assumed cause you hadn’t been around that things were getting better. Just remember you had a real window...that is progress even though it may not feel like it now.
  26. Guilietta


    Thanks, Gridley I have spent more than an hour reviewing my logs for a pattern or trends. It looks like things became worse from late November to the present in 4 major categories (cardiac, 3 days of intense auras, dizziness/wobbly legs). This is about 4-5 weeks post change to beads (.4 mg). With emotions - who knows. Does this mean anything to you in terms of rate of taper? I wonder whether symptoms changed and/or worsened since going to beads, including anxiety (cutting out sugar will help with the latter). After 6 weeks on .4 mg - I can say that I have experienced more dizziness/wobbly legs (8 times since starting beads) vs. 3 times in September. I didn't look back into August. I have had 7 or 8 since 10/14. Since 12/1 I have had wobbly legs/dizziness (I had to sit down) on 4 days: 8, 10, 11, 15. Auras: three very bad days for auras - 11/30, 12/2 and 12/4 being notable. The 4th I nearly called the MD and now I know next steps for taking ativan if I need to - thanks to you, Shep and Rhiannon. Tacchycardia/Low BP: very persistent this week - throughout the days. I first noted these 11/25. It worsened over the past 5 days. From an emotional perspective - I have experienced a lot of triggers - in addition to a high level of stress (part of which may include the holidays). 1200 mg (360 mg Omega-3). So is calcium in food fine (1200 mg for the bones etc.) - but calcium supplements should be omitted. Thanks. I will add this to my shopping cart. Sorry you are similarly afflicted. I can manage it when sitting unless it is very bad (turning, moving my head, etc.). Rescheduling morning obligations (or missing church) are definitely disruptive. Thanks, G.
  27. I have these constantly. I wake up at least twice a night with an intense panic attack/sense of doom. Have never had a panic attack before WD. I can't get back to sleep easily but sometimes getting up and turning on the lights/opening the window looking outside helps. It might take an hour to calm me down. It happens when I nap during the day as well. I don't think I have woken up from a sleep without these since the start of WD. My room is completely blacked out. Thanks Alto for the tip on leaving something turned on. Will try that. Also I have many more nightmares since WD and more vivid dreams. But that would happen before as well when I missed my dosage of citalopram. It was like clockwork.
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