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  2. WiggleIt

    Djibril: derealization escitalopram

    Dear Djibril, Welcome to our community. We are sorry you are suffering. I have questions about your medication history. Google translations can sometimes be inaccurate. Please be patient when I ask questions because I am trying to make sure I understand everything. I am sorry if my questions will repeat what you already wrote. 1.) What year did you start tranxene? 2.) What year did you stop tranxene? 3.) Were you taking 20 mg when you started taking tranxene? 4.) Were you taking 5 mg when you stopped tranxene? 5.) Are you currently taking 4 drop of laroxyl at night? 5.) Do you live with any family who can help you? 6.) Do you write or speak any English? It is okay if you don't. I am asking because I am curious. Thank you!
  3. Stick around, you will find lots of knowledgable, caring support on SA. The key to success in withdrawal is slow, small and steady. I learned the hard way. Hugs, G.
  4. i noticed a strange thing somewhere around the 100-75mg taper point off of my SSRI i type A LOT and never ever had dyslexia, never had issues with spelling either, in fact won the high school spelling bee when i was only in 6th grade and went to semifinals, but once i reached this phase i started spelling words partially backwards or out o f order see i just skipped where i shouldn't have, lol, anyways it's very annoying but i have to go back and correct every line almost... is this just an indication of brain damage or possibly re-wiring that emerged or has anyone else experienced this? it doesn't happen while writing freehanded but typing only. other cognitive impairments but i just wondered if this was a "thing"?
  5. Thanks for reading the thread, RachelSusan. Yeah, it got pretty damn hairy there and stayed that way for quite awhile. I often clung to the information on this site like a drowning person hangs on to a life raft. Also, the ordeal of losing my oldest daughter to suicide in 2007, and which was the catalyst for the entire mess with Lexi/Alex going on antidepressants, made this traumatic journey pale at least a little by comparison. But I can honestly say this is one of the hardest things I've gone through in my entire life. However, I learned SO MUCH and feel it was part of my journey. Thank you for caring and your kind comments!
  6. 3mg melatonin might be too much. Melatonin
  7. You shouldn't post it anyway as it would be copyrighted.
  8. We prefer members to be anonymous, not just for the member's sake, but also for ours. We had a member who, several years after joining, entered a career where he didn't want his psychiatric drug information to be known. I had the task of going through all of his posts, and the quotes of his posts, and changing them to his new name. And that isn't even a sure thing, because the information can still be in the archives of search engines. Changing all mentions of his name was frustrating and very time consuming and is not a good use of our volunteer moderator time. We much prefer to spend our time providing information and assistance to members.
  9. Login is required to the website (Medscape). I have a saved copy of the image, but it is over 40 kB so I can't attach it in this message.
  10. Gracee, omg thank you so much! i was about to give up until Jozeff stepped in to help me too! i call him my "Beaker of Hope" cause he's a chemist and it's like "Beacon of Hope" but nerdier πŸ”¬ πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸš° haha i just read your drug signature, looks like you've been to hell and back more than a few times. but you're back on it now, probly this is it, the last round and this time you'll win.
  11. thecowisback

    thecowisback: wondering why I'm giving up Prozac

    i never had depression before. i was put on prozac for ocd. i looked at the side effects for amlodipine but i started taking this quite a few months after the depression started. i changed the dose to see if that was affecting my sleep. it doesn't seem to make any difference to my sleep pattern but maybe it affects my moods. i had high blood pressure for a few years and used to take ramipril. i stopped taking that before i stopped the prozac. i had my thryroid checked last autumn. the doctor says i'm on the right dose so won't alter the dosage. the surgery only tests once a year.
  12. hey Jozeff thank you! πŸ‘Œ i will just use the 50ml flask since that's how you designed it and follow your instructions. just wanted to make sure it wasn't a typo...i've read so much that sometimes i get information confused in my head... so yes, I will take the 50 mg pill and take the remaining part of my dose via the 25 mg pill dissolved in 50 ml water and drink the amount from that liquid shown in the E column on my spreadsheet... so for instance my first week i'll take a 50 mg pill dry whole plus drink 37.50ml of the liquid solution from the dissolved 25mg in the 50mlflask. ...and then drop to the next week and take one dry 50mg pill whole and drink the 34.06ml from the 25mg pill dissolved into the 50ml water. etc. and when i get to week 20, i will be discarding the 25mg pills. i will be only dissolving a single 50mg pill in 50ml water in the 50ml flask and drinking it all for a week, then dropping down a week later to drinking 49.47 of the 50 ml solution. etc well i guess i didn't need the 25mg flask after all! lol maybe it'll come in handy one day when i begin my taper of of clonazepam? or not... dunno how that one is even gonna go because i take 0.25mg clon in the AM, 0.25mg clon in the after noon and 0.5mg clon in the PM....but i've got at least 3 years before i start that taper. you know, people like you are going to be invaluable when the dr's and pharmacists start taking this thing seriously cause (the dr's anyways) have NO CLUE πŸ” how to do this. i even had one pharmacist tell me "oh you need to just bite the bullet and cut those seroquels in halves or you're NEVER gonna get off of them"!!! what a moron. really insulting. i wonder what he thinks now, over a year and a half later, seeing me coming in to the pharmacy to pick up my scripts, still tapering off of that ol seroquel? to my credit i have come down from 400mg to under 75 mg in that time. but he either thinks "wow she's going so slow" or maybe "wow i was really wrong about her going too slow/too fast..." on the syringes, i had a little trouble seeing the lines last night so i had Hubbs draw a blue dot on the one i was supposed to draw up to. i'm a little concerned since i'm not sure exactly wich line equals what amount between the ml's ...i think i see 4 lines between each bigger ml line...if that's right, then does each space equal 0.2 ml? and i'm supposed to round up to the nearest tenth, to the nearest small line between the bigger ml lines?
  13. ChessieCat

    JoshD: my journey

    Set a reminder to do this, even if you don't feel that you need it at the time. It gives the nervous system some down time. And the more often you do it, the more it will become a habit and you will do it more automatically. I've found that I notice sooner when my body is starting to tense up. For example noticing that my shoulders have moved up and I'm not as relaxed, or when I'm driving I notice that my breathing is more shallow because I'm concentrating. mindfulness-and-acceptance
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  15. Glosmom

    ☼ rupa: Risperidone victim

    Thanks for your updates, Rupa! I find it so helpful to read about your experience especially since you have jumped to zero. Knowing the path of others, when one is following, is very comforting. May you continue to feel better and better. Glosmom
  16. Hi @noearthlyfamily, I have been following your thread and just want to tell you how much I admire your determination. I do hope you will continue on your taper-journey. I caved in on previous withdrawal attempts and regret it now. Wishing you the all best. G.
  17. ChessieCat

    JoshD: my journey

    We strongly encourage members to learn and use non drug coping techniques to help get through discomfort and tough times. Understanding what is happening helps us to not get caught up with the second fear, or fear of the fear. This happens when we experience sensations in our body and because we don't understand them we are scared of them and then start to panic. This document has a diagram of the body explaining what happens in the body when we become anxious: https://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/docs/AnxietySelfHelp.pdf Anxiety Stuff - all kinds of stuff about anxiety attacks and things that help ... Audio FEMALE VOICE: First Aid for Panic (4 minutes) Audio MALE VOICE: First Aid for Panic (4 minutes) Non-drug techniques to cope dealing-with-emotional-spirals Dr Claire Weekes suffered from anxiety and learned and taught ways of coping. There are videos available on YouTube. Claire Weekes' Method of Recovering from a Sensitized Nervous System Audio: How to Recover from Anxiety - Dr Claire Weekes CBT Course: An Introductory Self-Help Course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Resources: Centre for Clinical Interventions (PDF modules that you can work through, eg: Depression, Distress Intolerance, Health Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Panic Attacks, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Social Anxiety, Worrying)
  18. ChessieCat

    JoshD: my journey

    Here's some additional information which you might find helpful: Recovery isn't linear it happens in a Windows and Waves Pattern Withdrawal Normal Description When we take a psychiatric drug, we are adding chemical/s to the brain. The brain then has to change to adapt to getting the chemical/s. It might have to change something to do with A and then once that change has been made it affects B so another change has to be made and so on down the line. It is a chain reaction, a domino effect. The same thing happens when we take the drug away. That's why it's possible to experience such a vast array of withdrawal symptoms, and they can change, and be of different intensity. are-we-there-yet-how-long-is-withdrawal-going-to-take These explain it really well: Video: Healing From Antidepressants - Patterns of Recovery AND
  19. ChessieCat

    JoshD: my journey

    Anything that adds stress, even good stress, can increase withdrawal symptoms, as can illness. If it was me, I'd be stressing out before the exposure, so the exposure itself would be even worse. I had a helicopter flying lesson for my birthday 15 months ago and even though I enjoyed it my withdrawal symptoms increased for a few weeks. But at least I knew what it was so did not add second fear to it. waking-with-panic-or-anxiety-managing-cortisol-spikes what-is-the-sleep-cycle tips-to-help-sleep-so-many-of-us-have-that-awful-withdrawal-insomnia Q: Do you take your magnesium in one dose? It is better to spread it throughout the day. You could try dividing it into 4 doses. Magnesium Not many medical professionals understand psychiatric drug withdrawal. Which is why this site exists. Our nervous system has become sensitised and we need to be as calm and stress free as possible, not adding it. Neuro Emotions I'll add some additional information in the next 2 posts.
  20. 3rd night of taking melatonin 3mg chewable ..still woke up at 2:30am went to bed at 9:00pm Any suggestion that Might be helpful. I bought a sleep mask waiting for amazon to deliver in another day or 2
  21. manny03

    manny03: withdrawal from Trintellix

    Update I can report the tremors have subsided, though have an odd sensation were my shoulders and head get stuck, just how it would occur before I had an tremor episode. I have my moments were I feel fine, then feel like I'm about to get weak, though it doesn't occur. 'Withdrawal depression' is still in effect since sounds shameful to say, though I'm only showering one day a week. I have moments that I get aggressive though not like before when I was in the medication. Sadly, I'm still having acne/red spot break outs. In addition, it seems I still easily bruise which never occurred before my withdrawals. G.I symptoms are still there, though not as intense as before. Like I've mentioned several times in this thread, it seems my stomach muscle forgot how to work since I would either feel like I'm about to get a heartburn episode in the pit of my stomach, I take tums and it goes away. Or when I eat I feel an ache sensation on one spot in the middle right of my abdomen, then after almost finishing my meal, I felt I was getting full, then I passed gas, and that sensation went away and finished my meal. Last night, during dinner I almost had no aches or sensations which is a plus. I'm seven months out of cold turkying my medication. I do see improvement, though the symptoms shift or are lingering longer than they should.
  22. @Altostrata Thank you. I have been taking magnesium daily for over a year. It does help with sleep! I use a magnesium spray on my feet and legs at bedtime. Last year I took fish oil for several months but didn't think it helped me. @ChessieCat Thank you, I did read about the Brassmonkey Slide method. I might try it in future, after I get down to 5mg.
  23. Tom37

    Tom37: Lexapro taper

    Thanks....I think when you crash while tapering holding is the key thing when after stability. Think if I changed my dose while still so sensitised it could just get worse. Maybe the moderators or other veterans do have a different opinion. When in a window I think I have seen overall improvement in certain things even though frustratingly slow, it’s just these waves knock the life out of you.
  24. You could take 1/2 the increase amount. So if your updose is 1mg, take 0.5mg and take the new updose/full dose amount at the normal time.
  25. mdwstrx

    mdwstrx: Lexapro taper or not?

    Thanks. Sorry to hear the wave is still with you. Posted on your thread. As far as tapering, the alternative is to be stuck on a med where it's possible to lose access to it. I think of those elderly folks in homes where they have to rely on caretakers to medicate them or less pleasant scenarios I won't go into. There are so many reasons to get off this drug, if at all possible. I think its best to get to a very minimum dosage at least - under 1 mg hopefully.
  26. oh it was a mental hspital , Millwood in arlington. but thanks!
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