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  2. jonnypeters1234567

    Akrontes/Distraut: How can I help my son?

    I know excactly what you mean by this. We lose our buffer as the years go by, and have to start from scratch with coping. How are you today?
  3. Nuttinanna


    Help! Picked up latest prescription and its a different brand! Rang pharmacist but she just said "its the same active ingredients" like they always do to anything generic. I am very anxious about it causing problems. I started it this morning and it tastes different. Is this ok or should I ask them to change it for the original one.? Have a niggling feeling that this could be a cheaper version and they are changing it because I have been taking it a long time and its expensive. The original one was called Fluoxetine and by Cipla. This one is called Prozep (Fluoxetine) and by Chemidex Pharma. I know if I try to change it I may have a fight on my hands as our surgery is struggling financially so need to know if I am panicking unnecessarily. Maybe its just a case of just getting used to the new one for a month without dropping but would rather not waste any more time. xx
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  5. RobbieP

    Sara90: Visual snow symptoms

    Same here, plus the palinopsia. Came on when i started mirtazapine, got worse when i went up to 30mg and getting worse now I'm coming off - really dont know what to do! :-(
  6. Junglechicken

    ☼ Junglechicken

    Had a very bad night. Couldn't stop crying, followed by being woken up by a racing heart and thinking I was going to die (again). My TOTM arrived this morning, so I suspect these are all peri-meno symptoms. On Wednesday during my interview, I had a massive hot flush. Yes, it could also have been anxiety, but happened 2 days before my TOTM. On Monday, I'll be talking hormones....this is a nightmare.
  7. I'm afraid to take anything at the moment! Started CBD oil hoping to calm me down a bit but that's it. I really dont know if I should be listening to the doctors and get of the mirtazapine fairly quickly in case they are causing more damage while still taking them, or to follow the slow tapering advice in case its the withdrawals causing it :-( the snow started when i was on 15mg and the weird stuff started when i went up to 30, so all points to dose increased on the mirtazapine
  8. I second that -- find it impossible to tease out what is WD-related and what is perimenopause. It'd be interesting to have more info/data on it. Kinda upsetting though that depression happens in perimenopause; I am still regular so possibly just pre-menopausal. I don't want to think about the potential of more crazy depression coming down the line.
  9. brassmonkey

    Dealing With Emotional Spirals

    Hi gardenlady-- That is sounding a lot more like neuroemotions then Emotional Spiral, and that's a whole 'nuther ball game. The technique of AAF (Acknowledge, Accept, Float) is going to be more appropriate for dealing with it. Best bet is to do a site search on AAF as there are several good explanations of it floating around the site. In your PM you mentioned feeling worse with each microtaper, that is a sure sign that a good long hold is in order. Brassmonkey
  10. Great thank you for that information. Was unsure of how I should approach a cross taper. The reason I asked about the cannabis was I smoked last night with one of my friends because I felt like I could handle it. But today I’ve been feeling some anxiety returning and I am guessing that is why. Hopefully I can get back on track by avoiding it from now on.
  11. Please Altostrata it is 6am in the morning woke at 4pm. Usually sleep all night. Think I am worse on this reduction. Had irrational and having irrational thoughts and thinking crazy thoughts about past things I was not happy about. But did not worry me but my brain is giving crazy intrusive thoughts like "you weren't happy then you think you were" My brain is not making sense and it is scaring me. Should I go back on to the 15mg dose tonight. I am still sobbing and crying episodes too during the day but it is these irrational thoughts now which are so scary. Please advise me!! I have only taken the lower dose 11.25mg for 3 nights.
  12. Hi Dalalea-- Congratulations on making it to the one year mark, Well done. The continued fatigue is a total pain, I've been fighting it too, but it's slowly getting better. Keep up the good healing. Brassmonkey
  13. When you order the scales get a package of 1000 size "0" gelcaps also. They will make it a lot easier to make up our doses, and they're pretty inexpensive. Let us know when you're all ready and we can walk you through it all.
  14. Wow how awful! I’m so sorry you are having to go through this also! It’s terrible. I wouldn’t wish any of this on my worst enemy.
  15. sasquach How are you doing now.
  16. My mistake, I entered the percent of taper wrong. Never mind. It is showing that the taper will take seven plus years to complete, which mathematically is correct, but in practical terms not doable. The physical limitations of making the reduction below 1mg make it very hard to complete the taper in this manner. It may be an idea to add a note about this and truncate the program at some point. I'll take more of a look at it. There is some discussion on this problem on the Brassmonkey Slide Method of micro tapering thread. BTW I do like the calculator and think it will be very helpful.
  17. wantrelief

    NewMorning: My journey

    Oh New Morning I relate to much of what you are saying. I do think this is withdrawal talking. Hang on, New Morning....how you are feeling now will not always be so.
  18. Hi Miracle, Thanks so much for checking by. Yes, been having an amazing time at Surfers Paradise with friends. I don’t have a lot of strength so I’ve had to rest a lot, but I’ve had the best time. One of my friends booked us into a fancy schmancy high rise. Sooo beautiful. You should see the pool area, it’s like paradise. The outdoor pool is too cold to swim in at the moment, though there is a warm spa outside that I didn’t use. I went to the indoor heated pool. It was amazing. I helped young kids that were staying there to swim from one end of the pool to the other. I think the best thing one can do in this struggle with withdrawals is to help others. It really does help to get ourselves outside ourselves. I’m in a window but still have symptoms. We were on floor 33 n every morning I could see the beautiful sunrise. It was amazing! Hope you’re doing okay Miracle, I’ll check in with you soon, Sending you hugs 🤗 Hi Direstraits, I’m so glad you love the beach too. It’s really extremely important to not forget about nature when you’re going through withdrawals. Best thing ever!!!! Thanks for asking about my trip. It’s been amazing, pools, the beach, delicious food etc. Surfers Paradise here in Australia is a mecca for tourists n I thought it would be too touristy but I was terribly wrong. Even though there’s lot of tourists it’s so chill! Looooovee the atmosphere. Its such a family atmosphere. My friends n I were in bed around 10pm though too😁. Sending hugs to you🤗 Hi Rosetta, Thanks for your kind words. Not doing too bad. Going to get my compounded formula in a week n I’m going to try n get myself steady in that first n then I’ll start tapering. Ahhh!!! The process of tapering is no fun, but that’s life. What can we do except to slowly keep moving forward💚 Hi Rabe, You are a sweetheart, thanks for checking in. Yes, I had an amazing time. I went on a boat to explore all the Gold Coast canals yesterday. I didn’t want it to end. I’m happiest when in nature. Sending you big hugs Rabe🤗🤗🤗
  19. manymoretodays

    wisco: Lexapro, Zoloft withdrawal

    Hi Wisco, Sorry about that......I did not see this introduction before. We like to keep members with one introduction. I merged your topic about constipation here. Would you do a signature for us: Please put your withdrawal history into a signature Include your history with medications. Questions about your specific situation can go right here. You are welcome to comment on other topics as well. Thank you.
  20. RusTW

    David182: Hello all

    Thanks David -I'm gonna try them out.
  21. NewMorning

    NewMorning: My journey

    I'm really breaking down, I don't get any joy from life anymore. Or even relief from constant angst. My whole body, my subconscious, doesn't want to continue living. Is it a lie that I'll eventually wake up from? I'm only hoping that one day I will appreciate the fact that I continued on, and find some meaning, or contentment, or joy down the road. As they say it's the permanent solution to a temporary problem. But what if it's not temporary? Is it worth it to scrape and drag through each day, to make it to the next, to do the same, and on and on? Am I just doing life wrong? Is there something I'm missing, or some choices I could be making that I'm stubbornly not? Is it just a natural transition one makes when you hit your mid 30s? All the hope and idealism from youth fades to the dark reality, and you start to shut down, retreat internally, and wait out the end? Is my attitude just garbage? How do you get a new one? Do I need to find god? Or just start walking, abandon my belongings, go on a pilgrimage and see where I end up? I'm so tired, but not the good tired, that doctors and nurses get from 12 hours of helping people. Maybe I need to live for other people somehow, in whatever way I can. Sorry for the negativity, I think I needed to vent.
  22. David182

    David182: Hello all

    It’s my pleasure. I love to help. 1000mg fishoil morning and evening so 2000mg total daily. I use GNC brand as it’s pretty pure (free from mercury, etc). Other cheaper options are available; just make sure it’s free of mercury. 100mg magnesium citrate morning and night. It’s easer on the stomach than some other types and absorbs into the body easier too. If you find you have stomach issues just back down the daily dose a bit until your body adjusts. Make sure to keep up on electrolytes and water as well. 👍🏻 Thank you, one day at a time! : )
  23. I've officially crossed the one year mark of my last dose of Zoloft! Many of my symptoms have gotten much better but I still have a few that bother me on and off. I almost always have a constant underlying fatigue. I still have tinnitus that never fully goes away. It's louder in my right ear. I'm trying to walk as much as I can every day. I had two days this week above 11,000 steps. I had my grandson for several days this week because his summer program was over but school hadn't started yet. We were on the run most of the time. I felt good during that time. I'm pretty tired now that it's over and will try to get some extra sleep in the next couple of days. I tend to push myself as much as possible and don't sleep as long as I'd like to but I've always been a night owl so evenings are better for me to work on projects. I couldn't even dream of doing any of that 6-9 months ago when I was in the middle of severe withdrawal!! I'm so thankful I found resources like this forum to help me make sense of what I was experiencing!
  24. RusTW


    I think they're trying to do an after-hours party up in my head but I'm shutting them down early with 50 mg of poison- Seroquel.one heck of a day.Thanks Mirage
  25. RusTW


    I got You -Rabe and Rosetta in my corner thank God.The toughest ladies on the planet to kick butt on them too.
  26. RusTW

    David182: Hello all

    David182 what kind of fish oil and magnesium do ya take. If the dizziness and nausea gets really bad I take promethazine 25 mg it's an antihistamine. I try not to take that though unless it's really bad. I might try the Dramamine though thanks for that. The feeling I got in my head is like a cloudy hangover after drinking with anxiety. Thanks for getting back to me man I appreciate that. I hope your doing good
  27. David182

    David182: Hello all

    I’m sorry @RusTW. That feels so incredibly awful. Windows are a good sign and they will become longer. Are you taking any fish oil or magnesium citrate? I’m replying mobile and can’t seem to access signatures when I am. The fishoil really helps my thinking and magnesium helps me calm down. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do but when I’d have bad anxiety, I would/sometimes do take Dramamine to help calm down. It has a slight calming effect effect while also helping with dizziness and nausea (if present). I don’t know if it’s technically the best route but it’s helped me and I figured it was much safer than using a benzodiazepine! stress relief essential oils also help me. I was skeptical at first but it can help take off the edge. oh and taking an epsome salt bath with lavender really helps with anxiety and sleep. I’m a shower type of person but this bath route helped.
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