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  2. hey @Carolina, just wanted to say hi and I hope you are doing reasonably well. I see you got a lot of great advice already. I can tell from my personal experience that meditation and mindfulness has helped me A LOT to deal with the difficulties of withdrawal. A lot of people do well with yoga, so maybe if that is something you are interested in, you can try. I think it is good to learn techniques before withdrawing or early on, so you have them at hand when some difficulties arise. Also I wanted to let you know that I know of three mothers who have had happy, health
  3. Bad wave again last night.. Shacking, SI, pacing, unable to stay in house.. Seems to have gone again today.
  4. Hi @Yesyes123 I am happy to hear that you are starting to stabilize and feeling a bit better. And are already implementing all the great advice. You are getting some really great support and I am sure you will make it. PS I take 500mg MagnesiumCitrate and dont have runny poo, so it works for me 🙂 PPS @JanCarol that was a beautiful post and it was very inspiring to me and gave me a lot of hope even thought it wasnt even addressed to me (I hope it is okay I hijack this thread to tell you that, if not I can of course edit and delete this part, hope you dont mind
  5. Please make sure you're being super mindful of your diet to help with any upticks in GI issues. Since you've only been on it for about 2 weeks, hopefully you haven't developed dependency. Please let us know how you do. Also, while you're tapering the omeprazole, it's best to hold your antidepressant taper. One taper at a time. Please see: The rule of 3KIS: Keep it simple. Keep it slow. Keep it stable. Indeed it is. Please see: Is Your Medication Making You Sweat? 10 Drugs That Cause Excessive Sweating as a Side Effect
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  7. Marta

    Marta: Intro

    I came here just to update after 3 YEARS. APRIL 2020 I arrived to 0mg. Remember I reduced 3mg in 3 years!!!!!!!! WD synthoms hundred times more manageable,not bedridden. Now they come and go but windows are huge now in the order of >1month. (I don't know if you want to call it a success story) I hope I will never update this story. Hugs to all who came across my story
  8. JesusSavemefromWD

    ☼ Leo1983: SSRI withdrawal

    Try milder exercise first to see how ur body and brain reacts.
  9. Hello @Prevail, I am glad to hear you are doing better! I think it is a great idea to stop smoking now before you go start your taper. And already 10 days, that is really good 🤩 I am a smoker myself and really wanna stop but I find while being in intense withdrawal it is just impossible for me. I am really looking forward to stabilizing and being able to do that myself. Also I think it is important not to be hard on yourself in case you do not manage to do it (but I think you can absolutely manage to do it, dont get me wrong). It is tremendously difficult for anyo
  10. Hello @Erell, thank you so much for replying ❤️ I am happy to report that I have not had a sleepless night in a week now. It is not great, I have to admit, I get around 2-5 hours per night but it is something, so I am happy 🙂 I realize this, I have read so much on this forum, but my withdrawal brain is just so keen on catastrophizing, and sometimes I can't stop and go a bit crazy. I dont think it helped either to hear that you might die from it from a doctor at a moment where you are barely keeping it together 🙃 I have to say thought she was really lovel
  11. It takes about a month to develop a dependency on an antidepressant. However, because you were taking St John's Wort from 2011 to November 2020, you may have developed a dependency to that, which also increases serotonin. So you may be more dependent than if you had never used this supplement. We recommend people taper off of St. John's Wort because it acts so similarly to an antidepressant and can have similar withdrawal symptoms. For more information, please see: St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) I would not taper 1% per day off the Prozac, as that'
  12. JesusSavemefromWD

    Carolina: How to calculate dosages for taper

    Hi Caroline , I am so upset every time I hear doctors who Do NOT recognize WD and want to put a patient in antipsychotics to make things worst (and most of times don’t even inform that it is an antipsychotic). They tried to do this with me as well... after being on a low dose of Zoloft for just a few weeks I started having out of my body experiences, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, depersonalization, depression, tinnitus and paranoia (never had any of these before Zoloft, I started Zoloft due to work related anxiety triggering intense chest tightness). Instead of the reasonable explan
  13. Shep

    Goosie: insomnia crisis

    I've seen so many people go into lengthy protracted withdrawal due to throwing this or that into their bodies after they come off these drugs. Please research anything and everything before you take the word of a doctor. You don't have a "normal" nervous system right now. It's still very raw and very vulnerable. Also, this is a golden rule not only for psychiatric drugs, but also for supplements - only one thing at a time. Please see: The rule of 3KIS: Keep it simple. Keep it slow. Keep it stable. Tryptophan may be problematic. Please see: 5-H
  14. In addition to my story in the opening post i have one more question. Does anyome recognize the excessive daytime sweating especially during exercise and summer days as a side effect of the ssri? (So not in wd but as a side effect). Its really hard to deal with this sometimes .
  15. Hey @Toast, how are you doing? This has definitely gotten better for me. The anger and aggressiveness is I think very normal in withdrawal, especially at the beginning. This has pretty much faded away. Also as a bonus, I used to be quite hot-headed as a child and teenager (until I was drugged) and going through this has helped me in that aspect a lot, I catch myself a lot earlier having a somewhat exaggerated reaction and just tell myself that is is really only exhausting for myself to get worked up and also for others and that usually calms me. So I am a lot
  16. About the post-Covid-syndrome I have to add that I know several people who have had Covid (all age-ranges) and developed post-covid-syndrome and none of them has been treated with any psychpharmacological drugs. A few of them had gotten Melatonin for sleeping difficulties, that is it. Maybe it is different in the US, but in Europe they only give drugs when it is really severe and as far as I know very rarely they give psych drugs (I work in the medical field but of course I only know about the country I live in). So that is some good news 🙂
  17. bubbles


    Syringes came today so I've now got supplies for several months. I'm still at 1.6mg/ml. I didn't notice any difference with this bottle, but I decided to have another week before dropping. I'm worrying a bit. Not uncommon, and not really bad, but my policy for the most part has been not to drop if I'm not feeling fine and my policy has stood me in good stead so far. This bottle is also going down more quickly than I'd expected, so I think I'm losing more in rinsing off the syringe/cup than I'd anticipated.
  18. Your emotions do come back, but it's slow. And that's a good thing. It gives you time to practice your non-drug coping skills during waves so that when your emotions do come back, you're not overwhelmed by them. Being emotionally numbed down by drugs for years and then being numbed down by withdrawal for months or years can leave you vulnerable to overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Even good emotions can be overwhelming. Trust that your mind/body knows what is best for you and let them guide and teach you what you need to do to prepare for living drug free. Mindfulness and breath
  19. Shep

    Jac12844: New here and scared

    This is an insane drug cocktail. Please decide if you wish to come off these drugs or continue down the path of psychiatry. I'm sorry you're in this position, but we're not medical professionals here, so sorting through this is really beyond what we can do. However, I can give you two options to think about: rapid taper off the new drugs (you'll need to stay on the ones that you were already on) and work on non-drug ways of handling upticks in symptoms without going inpatient and losing control over your own agency and what you put into your own body (please see your
  20. Are you getting any sedation from the gabapentin earlier in the day when you take the morning and afternoon doses? Or are you already feeling a bit sleepy after the propranolol and the melatonin that you take at 11 PM, before you take the last gabapentin at 11:30 PM? Just trying to see which drug truly is contributing to you getting any sleep at all.
  21. Thanks for your post. I'm glad to see you already making the "the drug may be my problem" connection. That will make it much easier going forward. Please go ahead and update your signature as requested in my last post (the link to your signature is also in that post). Once we have a timeline for when you were on and off these drugs, we can help you set up a taper. Please also include the date (month and year) you started taking modafinil and the dose.
  22. I would hold the antidepressant at this dose until you're able to reinstate the birth control and see how that affects you. You've given the AD reinstatement about 2 weeks already and haven't experienced anything negative, no adverse or hyper-reactive response. So you've got a baseline formed now. Once you restart the birth control, let's reassess and see where you're at. I'm wondering if maybe your poor night of sleep may have been from having delivery and cake, as processed foods and sugar can ramp up symptoms. I know you were, as you put it, "celebrating" a birthda
  23. Amira

    ☼ Leo1983: SSRI withdrawal

    Great update Leo, hang in there, alot of people say they turn the corner on the third year and Aeroman said he fully recoverd between year 3 and 4
  24. Leo1983

    ☼ Leo1983: SSRI withdrawal

    Im just wondering about each time i try to excercise..
  25. Really struggling badly tonight with terror and head pressure. Could use some hope and encouragement.
  26. Thanks for all the help Shep. I added the date i started omeprazole in the signature. I think I am going to reduce the omeprazole by 25 percent.
  27. Laurenjade08

    Laurenjade08: mirtazapine withdrawal?

    Hi MNgal Thank you so much, this is just what I needed to hear right now. I do feel like an absolutely useless human being, never mind mother right now. I know I shouldn’t, and I’m giving them as much love and affection as I possibly can right now which is all I can give. Also RE the benzo.. I know what you’re saying. I’ve heard of and seen so many people struggling with benzo withdrawal - some people have said they have been through it and mirt is not much different, it’s brutal. Ive just dragged myself to drop my children off at school, and now I’m back home a
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