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  2. Dejavu

    planifolia: Lexapro reinstatement

    Just checking on you @planifolia. How are things?
  3. Update: This wave continues, but continues to be mild. At the risk of jinxing myself, I think I'm coming out of it. I am unfortunately dealing with yet another death in my family - the 4th in two years, plus also losing a dear friend in that length of time. Sitting vigil at the hospice with family members last night, I had a sudden spike of dizziness, DR, and anxiety. I went to the restroom and put on a panic talk-down video I have, and the symptoms began to subside after a bit. I slept very well last night and awoke with no anxiety. Then in the shower, a bit of breakthrough anxiety, muscle weakness and tremor. Gone again with 30 minutes. Grocery shopping with hubby was pretty much symptom-free, except for a bit of tingling in my legs. Then back to hospice for a couple of hours and then home. Since then, random transitory waves of dizziness, sore leg muscles and an uncomfortable but not unbearable headache. All in all, symptoms are 2-3 out of 10. I want so badly to get on with it and start my taper, but I suspect I would benefit from holding for another 30 days, so that's the plan at this point. However, just like all other things withdrawal, that is subject to change without notice.
  4. @JB1234 , how are you doing? I'm no longer able to sleep during the night lol. My nighttime akathisia returned, although I'm seeing improvements in other areas so I'm not too concerned.
  5. Rus, how are you getting along? You've been on my mind. I hope you are continuing to improve.
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  7. I'm so happy you're feeling better! I've been thinking of you. I haven't been on much because I'm going through yet another death in my family. My uncle, who is also my godfather, is slowly dying, and we are keeping vigil at the hospice. It is unbelievable the number of loved ones I've lost in the past 2 years. So much for keep stress levels down...lol!! But I'm glad to hear of your improvement. You sure deserve it!! Hugs!!
  8. Dejavu

    BreathofAir: dual taper mistake

    Rachel, please try an epsom salts bath for the burning skin. It really helps! I get crazy itchy skin, but only late at night. How weird is that? Keep breathing through this wave. That's all it is. Please don't updose, sweetie. You've already had slight improvements. I know you don't think so, but you truly have! Updosing will reset the stabilization clock, trust me. Don't make the same mistake I did. I couldn't leave my dose alone and the price I paid for my impatience was almost constant suffering for a full 6 months before seeing any real improvement. This too shall pass.
  9. Some people find improvement in mental wellbeing after just a session of physical activity, i'm sure you heard of runner's high. But regardless, continuous excercise gradually improves mental wellbeing, so it should be measured in weeks and months. i think it;'s best if you start slow and build up on your physical activity. The CNS is still quite fragile and sometimes too much physical activity can cause things to go bad again. Maybe start of with walks, yoga before going off to run or the gym It's great that you have been having some relief the last 2 weeks!
  10. Thanks everyone. Very little sleep last night. Maybe 4 hours. I woke up as usual, but I couldn't go back to sleep until 7:00 am. Then I slept about an hour and a 1/2. I don't know for sure why this is happening, but it must have to do with my period. On top of so little sleep the night before I'm exhausted now, but I wasn't during the day. I would find that strange, but considering the last 2 years of oddness, I'm not surprised by anything. I made it through the day without crying or having a meltdown, no problem. That's odd, too. I didn't have to go anywhere. I spent the day with my daughter studying Spanish and building a Lego set. I wasn't particulary fatigued. I wasn't anxious. In the night there was some anxiety, but it wasn't crazy, off the charts, anxiety. A lot of sadness. Thought about how my family was. How I wasn't very important to them. I'm sure my grandparents wouldn't have realized it seemed that way. I was probably raised the way they were. But their presence wasn't great during my teen years when my mother neglected me. They had no idea what was happening. I didn't tell them. I wish I had known what mother was doing was so wrong. Now, having a child, I'm appalled. It's such a deep sadness. It's something I had expected to disappear someday, but instead having a child seems to make it more present. Of course, it could be all the neuroplasticity dredging up memories. I practically live in that time period during the night. It's bizarre. No dystonia today. My tummy problems cleared up late last night. My chest isn't tender now. No headache today. So, I'm wondering what's up. Those things should be staying the same or getting worse right now. Ah, well, bonus!! I should be so tired I will sleep tonight, but there's no telling what might happen with this syndrome or my cycle. It's late, 10:00 pm. I should have been in bed 2 hours ago.
  11. UnfoldingSky


    Bluewisp, I will try to re-write what I wrote...
  12. MikeysMum

    BreathofAir: dual taper mistake

    Rachel I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling greatly again. You had made such progress and you will again. I have a friend who talks about how even the slightest blimp in navigation equipment can make a boat go way off course. But the opposite is true too. One slight teeny change can alter the course of our day, minute by minute. When I was reading back I noticed how you'd been doing some relaxation exercises, going to your neighbours etc. I know that will be the farthest thing from your mind at the moment but you've done it! Also, I understand the fear of being alone (if/when your Mother goes away). I felt terrified of being alone with my daughter at one point. Sometimes we can only deal with things hour by hour or minute by minute. Take care. Listen to the mods re drug dosage. Thinking of you from across the sea xxxxxxx
  13. hayduke

    gladtobehere1984: switching antipsychotics

    Hi gladtobehere1984 I've been coming off olanzapine ('zyprexa') for a while now. I was easily able to get from 10mg down to 5mg over a few months with simple and large reductions. I hung out at 5mg for a while. 5 to 2.5mg took a fair bit longer and was more challenging. Now I'm below 2.5mg looking for zero. Slowly! You can see the general outline in my signature. I would certainly agree that you will probably want to be going more slowly the lower the dose goes. The effects of these classes of drug seem to be non-linear. This is the idea behind making each 10% reduction of the dose 10% of the _previous_ dose instead of the initial dose. You quickly gain a sense of when to say go or whoa. Someone else on here said any reason you're thinking of to hold is a good one and I agree with that. Even if only for an extra week. You quickly get a sense of how fast you can go and how to best manage it to suit you. Lately I've been using The Brassmonkey Slide Method of Micro-tapering - Tapering - Surviving Antidepressants as my basis and find this the most comfortable. In response to your quote above, you're on the right track with keeping an eye on signs of trouble. Though I wouldn't be too quick to hand control back over to the same mob that got me on this muck in the first place. I found this booklet to be very helpful: https://www.bps.org.uk/what-psychology/understanding-psychosis-and-schizophrenia I suggest downloading and reading that. It explains how, during withdrawal, you can set up a support network among your friends and family as well as health professionals that you choose - i.e. understand and support what you are doing - rather than just be thrown back to the same bad old scene. Finding supportive clinical psychologists has been the key for me. With their help I was able to unearth and release what lay beneath all my difficulties. I knew something was wrong most of my life but I didn't know what. Turned out I was sexually abused when I was 4 or 5. Enormously relieved to have it by the tail now and I can get on with the rest of my life. The psychiatrist I was sent to in the old days didn't give a stuff about treating my trauma, he wanted to drug me endlessly even when I was getting appalling side effects from the olanzapine. Good riddance. I hope you can find some resolution for your troubles and good luck with your taper.
  14. glasspitcher

    glasspitcher: off Zoloft, escilatopram

    I used to have extreme anxiety for no reason, no mental anxiety just physical for months... possibly akathesia but idk I never felt like pacing or anything. In the first 3 weeks had brain zaps/anger and other weird stuff. the anhedonia crept up and slowly got worse and worse. I got the anhedonia though from when I first started zoloft. DPDR and existential obsessions, but that could have been from my weed induced DPDR. The anxiety thing is gone now I just feel fatigued/relaxed with anhedonia emotional blunting and weird depression, no interest in my old hobbies at all. Sort of... Idk anymore. Like i played video games today but did I enjoy it I can't tell, it just feels like a distraction. My life is so weird now seriously.
  15. Dmitry

    Dmitry: hello

    How long were on the medication? I also thought that getting off after 8 months should not be too difficult. Was I wrong.
  16. Hi @headup I really appreciate your story and although I imagine it's really hard to still be having symptoms after the amount of time you have been off, I find your story really inspiring and hopeful, so thank you. I also have a lot of head/mental symptoms, and can relate to feeling frustrated by this. I miss my quick wit and the way my mind used to work. I also have the brain on fire feeling... not like a headache, but just like a burning. So strange. These awful drugs. Anyway, I don't have too much advice for you. Sometimes I take a cold pack from the freezer and put it on my head and get some relief that way. For morning cortisol, I have also found some relief from taking a supplement called Seriphos (which contains phosphotidyl serine). There are some threads on it here on this site (with varying experiences), and I learned about it here: https://www.juliarosscures.com/identifying-and-correcting-elevated-cortisol-levels/ I was so glad to hear that you have been having significant windows of feeling emotion and of the anhedonia moving... these are the symptoms that I find the absolute worst and devastating-- I simply cannot be told enough that they can change. I'd be lost without trying to hold onto that hope. Wish you well!
  17. Also a quick note that the 5g creatine / enzyme CoQ10 combo seems to help ward off fatigue - I'm not conscious of feeling more energetic but just seem to be having a lot less of those patches of lying on the bed thinking "I don't have the energy to get up and do anything". Also not having much trouble getting 9-10 hrs sleep if the situation allows it, winter sure helps with that.
  18. Update: The day before the most recent cut I was at a party and someone kept feeding us shots of some liqueur after too many beers to really think about the sense of it. Result was I didn't keep my meds down that night. (Fun event though!) Compared to the rare occasions I've accidentally skipped a dose in the past, I recognised the general outlook - spaciness, a sense of looking out on the void etc - but it didn't feel like nearly as far a gap as when I missed one on the higher doses. I made the 0.05mg cut the next day anyway and did feel a little wobbly at times for a day or two after the missed dose, confident that it wasn't the cut that made a big difference. Still quite functional and no real distress, was able to get through work fine and feeling close enough to whatever 'normal' means these days by mid week. Planning another 0.05 cut tomorrow night. Cheers
  19. hayduke

    Priscilla: questions about Zyprexa

    Mental anguish doesn't sound pleasant at all. Certainly withdrawals can cause it. Serotonin and dopamine are huge players in mood, motivation etc, and they are disrupted during withdrawal, esp with CT. Not to mention a host of other effects. Walking (in nature if possible) and yoga are two things I've found that help your body and mind find its more natural comfortable state, at least for the day. It might be worth finding a sympathetic clinical psychologist to help you with that anguish, especially if you recall experiencing it before taking these drugs as well. That support has been pivotal to my healing. Hope you're feeling better soon
  20. Thanks will do. I have not drunken a y alcohol for a year
  21. ChessieCat

    Theresa123: tapering Prozac

    When to end the taper and jump to zero? It doesn’t end at “0” Use "Copy of Standard" tab OR "Microdoses" tab: Tapering Calculator - Online
  22. Theresa123

    Theresa123: tapering Prozac

    Once down to 10mg if making 10% decreases we could make 30 or more cuts. At what point would she stop. Do you taper to 1mg? To .5 mg? Also at this point she is taking 10mg pills. Also, what is a reasonable amount of cuts to make going from 10mg to 0? Thanks for the help
  23. brassmonkey

    Tao of the Brassmonkey

    Yes elbee that should be pointed out.
  24. mdv42

    mdv42: looking for help

    The Mirtazapine did not work for me, even in the lower dose. I would wake up after 3 hours and feel drugged. My Dr wanted to raise it 30 mg before I stopped it and started back up the klonopin.
  25. ChessieCat

    Roses: Prozac withdrawal

    This is an example of what Alto requires: 6 a.m. Woke with anxiety 8 a.m. Took 2.5mg Lexapro 10 a.m. Stomach is upset 10:30 a.m. Ate breakfast 11:35 a.m. Got a headache, lasted one hour 12:35 p.m. Ate lunch 4 p.m. Feel a bit better 5 p.m. Took 2.5mg Lexapro 6 p.m. Ate dinner 9:20 p.m. Headache 10:00 p.m. Took 50mg Seroquel 10:20 p.m. Feeling dizzy 10:30 p.m. Fell asleep 2:30 a.m. Woke, took 3mg Ambien (NOT "took 1/2 tablet Ambien") 2:45 a.m. Fell asleep 4:30 a.m. Woke but got back to sleep
  26. mdv42

    mdv42: looking for help

    Thank you, I have seen multiple Drs and this is the most and best information I have received! I fall all asleep about 1230 and wake between 2 (on a bad night) and 3. I then try to stop my mind and get back to sleep and may have a moment of 10 to 20 minutes before giving up and getting out of bed at 6. Part of me wonders if this goes back to the Ativan I was taking over the winter 1mg most days. In late January I started experiencing insomnia, i was prescribed multiple meds in a short period trazadon, Ambien, temezapam, seroquil, and a few others that nothing worked or gave me sides effects. Most recently I have gone back and forth between Mirtazapine 7.5 to 15mg bid which did not work for sleep and then onto the current klonopin.5 mg that I have been taking bid and .25 as need for panic/anxiety in which I have tried not to take as much because i do not want to become addicted, which may be to late. I have been doing this for about over 2’weeks, but also had been on it in March/April for about 2 weeks give or take. My symptoms are racing heart upon waking, nausea, fog, severe depression, racing thoughts, memory issues, and hand tremors to think of a few. I agree reed with the Lexapro, my dr thinks it will help my anxiety/depression, I just want my natural brain back.
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