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  2. ChessieCat

    Andie: Tapering off Pristiq

    That's interesting. I met someone recently who was taking 200mg Pristiq and showing signs of serotonin toxicity. She may have been taking some other drug as well, I can't remember, maybe something for sleep. Watching her agitation and scattered thinking during lunch time reminded me of what I had been like. I wrote down the information of SA and also the name serotonin toxicity for her and told her to speak to the doctor about it.
  3. ChessieCat

    Tattycorum: Introduction

    If you have only just started dividing your Ativan I suggest that you wait a while before changing the dose time for a split dose of Zoloft. Keep it Simple, Slow and Stable The half life of Zoloft is about 26 hours so provided you didn't take a dose later, you should be okay. However, if you do decide that you would prefer to split the dose it is better to move part of the dose by 1 hour each day. I suggest that you keep notes on paper to see how it is affecting you. If you usually take the dose in the morning, taking 1/2 at night time may affect your sleep. If that happened you could either reduce the evening dose and move the balance earlier by an hour each day until the same time as the morning dose or you could move the entire evening dose forward by an hour each day until you are taking it earlier in the day and it doesn't affect your sleep.
  4. Andie

    Andie: Tapering off Pristiq

    This sounds all too familiar to me. I was sweating in the middle of winter, sweating under bright lights and sweating having hot drinks. Just sweating ALL the time. I would carry a hand Fan in my bag and I’d have to pull it out at the most embarrassing times. I was also covered in excema from the constant sweating. I went to Singapore when it was at its worst and that was a very interesting time to say the least! Then my blood pressure and heart rate shot up and I was getting that heart flipping you describe. To me it felt like heart lurching. My GP was concerned (but didn’t make the connection to the Pristiq) and I was then sent to a Cardiologist. It was the cardiologist that then advised that I must try and come off the Pristiq. He said he sees many women around my age (early 30s) on SSRIs and SNRIs presenting to him with similar complaints. Like you Chessie, I was very agitated and I felt fogged out and disconnected. In hindsight I was probably having bouts of confusion too. I never realised any of this until I started coming down. To me that is the thing that upsets me the most- not knowing myself. I was clueless. Totally and utterly clueless about what were and weren’t adverse effects of Pristiq. I feel really very shell shocked.
  5. jen84

    jen84: Effexor withdrawal

    Today is a very rough day. First of all, I called in sick to work, i did manage to get out of bed around 1030, and went to work for noon. I left work at 430, and cried the entire drive home. I've been crying on and off for the past 4 hours. I did keep track of my schedule and emotions today, I can post those if necessary. I emailed my boss tonight and told him what's going on with my anxiety. I dont know why I did that, reaching out for help I suppose. I have made contact with a few counsellors today, and should hopefully have an apt this week sometime. This is crazy, I feel out of control and I'm terrified. I dont know what to do, im trying to rode it out, but it just keeps coming at me. I dont know what to do.
  6. @PoetJester please stop making drug recommendations.
  7. @PoetJesterDerek you know that you should not be making drug recommendations.
  8. ChessieCat

    Andie: Tapering off Pristiq

    I too was taking 100mg Pristiq and experiencing sweating in the middle of winter. My diastolic blood pressure went up after my dose was increased from 50mg to 100mg and I would experience what I felt as my heart flipping, which I think others call missing a beat. As my dose got lower I also realised that I had been feeling confusion and agitation. I believe this to be mild serotonin toxicity. My doctor did not make the connection between the increased dose and the increase in blood pressure.
  9. The skills I have now are things that I have learned since I joined SA and started tapering. I wish I had learned them many years ago when I was in my teens. This is the link: happy2heal-my-victory-statement And yes, you should feel proud. You may have been worn out after the full first day back yesterday. Remember one day at a time, and if necessary hour by hour. If you start to feel anxiety, I suggest that you don't post about it it here when it starts happening. That can make your anxiety worse because you are thinking about it and living the experience and feelings. Instead, start using the calming techniques and non drug coping methods to settle yourself down. Then later you can post about how you dealt with the episode, as long as writing about it doesn't trigger another attack of anxiety.
  10. Today
  11. Hi all and thank you for your messages on my thread. You're all very inspiring to me. All the suffering we're going through yet you all still go out of your way to help others. Just an update: it seems that my high anxiety has lifted for now. The only thing I've done different is that I've been eating every 3 hours. I also make it a goal to finish my plate within 15 - 20 mins. I've been losing a lot of weight. I've always been skinny and i continue dropping weight which is scary. Even as i eat every 3 hrs, I'm losing weight.... but it seems to "feed" my anxiety. Ever since i started doing this i experienced a 3-day window. Then i had 1 day where i felt fatigued but the anxiety was gone. The next 2 days after were also windows. Not 100%, but it's a big relief. The only troublesome thing I'm experiencing in the past 2 nights is when i lay down to sleep my chest/ ab muscle seems to be super weak. I can't even explain it. It feels extremely uncomfortable to lay down like my rib cage isn't supported and hard to breathe. Yet this morning, i woke up and that feeling was gone! For now, I'm enjoying these windows. I'm monitoring myself and nervous about how I'll do on my next period. The last one was horrible for like 2 weeks. Hopefully, it's a bit more manageable this time around!
  12. DrugSlave

    DrugSlave: Tapering Effexor

    I decided on a 1.7% reduction from 23.1mg to 22.7mg over 5 weeks. Super cautious for now. I felt pretty good today... according to my journal, the best day in almost two months. I worked from home this afternoon but I think I could have gone in. I've been going for walks and doing yoga. Both activities seem to help a little.
  13. Okay, it’s been around a month since I last posted, here’s an update. I want to be more specific than this and clearer but due to brain fog and fatigue this is as best I can make it. First, sleep: Still irregular (I’m now getting anywhere around 3 1/2-8 hrs of sleep each night, mostly around 6-7 hrs, i got the 8 hrs maybe twice), I wake up 2-4 times each night still, falling asleep at bedtime is better (takes an hr. or under), I don’t have any noticeable night symptoms anymore, but if I wake up in middle of the night and stay awake for too long, my body starts trembling and then I’ll get agitated/anxious (this also happens if I can’t fall asleep in an hour at bedtime) Supplements: I added vitamin D3 since my doctor said I have a deficiency. She told me to take 2,000iu. My multivitamin already has 400iu and due to fear of withdrawal worsening, I’m only taking around 500iu vitamin d3 tablet a day. So 900iu in total each day. I’ll increase if my next blood test says I’m still deficient or when sleep becomes a lot better. After SOOOO many experimentations and careful observations of symptoms, this is what I now decided on how to take my supplements Magnesium glycinate 50mg after breakfast, one 4 hrs. later, one 1-1 1/2 hrs. after melatonin, one if wake up and can’t fall asleep, one more if wake up again and can’t fall asleep Melatonin .2-.4mg during or after dinner (around 9-9:30pm), since changing melatonin from .75 to this, i have been sleeping better B12 reduced to 1250mcg taken after breakfast (2500mcg made me dizzy and anxious I think, also taken later in day feels like it makes insomnia worse) Multivitamin and fish oil at breakfast (only one fish oil a day since two feels like makes sleep worse) Vitamin D3 after breakfast If I forget to take b12, I’ll not take it again until next day at right time since I believe taking it too late causes bad sleep and worsened wd symptoms Day symptoms: Mostly Tiredness, heavy brain fog, depression, neuro-emotions (was in a constant rage the last 3-5 days, prob. exacerbated by PMS) Other things I want to mention: If I can sleep less than 6 hrs, I know I did something wrong, unless it’s due to something I can’t help (stress from an event or whatever). If I can sleep at least 7 hrs, I won’t have any wd day symptoms except for mostly brain fog and mild fatigue. If I sleep less than that, I get a bunch of symptoms I don’t think I experienced any waves yet or at least they are really short. Maybe my magnesium and supplements are holding it back. My period hasn’t start yet, it’s been 24 days. It usually comes by now. I want my period to start so bad since I know i’ll feel a lot better and also get away from this pms. I also like periods since it makes me feel cozy and warm. I think i developed seasonal affective disorder. The sun sets so early where I live. I don’t think it has ever set this early this time of year before. It sets at 4:20pm. My depression gets worse after sunset.
  14. Well, last night was the first time in a very long while I've experienced things that felt similar to WD. This whole process of selling and buying has been a total nightmare, unlike any other time I've made this kind of transition. I think anyone would have melted down as I have a number of times over it. Last night, I had hot and cold flashes, and a very strange feeling in my head. Not brain zaps, but more a feeling that my brain wasn't quite right. I did a lot of qi gong, which helped both those symptoms, as well as the emotional bent I was on. At times, anxiety has felt similar to what I felt during WD. People keep reminding me that moving is one of the top 5 stressors. I'm finding it hard going through it alone, even though some friends have been very caring and supportive. It's still just me making all the decisions and paying for everything on my own. I only have 1 month until I move, with a lot to be done in that time. Am doing my best to take one step at a time, but I do feel overwhelmed in some moments. Last week, I bought a couple of audiobooks which I highly recommend. Of course, they may not be appropriate for everyone and probably wouldn't be the right thing at certain places of WD. But for this time of real difficulty, both of them have been extremely helpful: https://www.soundstrue.com/store/guided-meditations-for-difficult-times-1376.html https://www.soundstrue.com/store/self-compassion-step-by-step-3172.html I haven't been on here to read lately. Having enough of my own angst, without becoming overwhelmed by all the suffering on here. But that's totally about caring for myself through this time; I still care about people on here going through WD.
  15. Oh Tania! I have to laugh (not at you). You have a withdrawal sister Over here for sure! I go into what I call total body failure as well. My symptoms are identical and I know hard it is to keep the rest of your life going when you feel like that. Pristiq is basically Effexor’s evil twin. My story is really similar to yours. I’ve been taking Pristiq for 8 plus years and it was only supposed to be a short term thing. My GP prescribed it. The only reason I kept/keep taking it, is to keep the withdrawal at bay so I can function like a normal person. How are your side effects? I was sweating 24/7 and I was having periods of intense tachycardia and high blood pressure. That was when my Doctor said enough was enough and I had to come off. A childhood friend of mine came off Effexor and has been free now for many years using a slow taper and then a switch to Another medication. She’s doing really well. It is possible to come off. Using the 10 percent method described here, I’m down to 12mg of Pristiq from 100mg with only a couple of bumps along the way.
  16. It's reassuring (though sad) to hear someone else has similar symptoms to me. Most people I have spoken to have one or two, maybe three symptoms. But for me... it's pretty much total body failure!
  17. Ok. As long as you have capsules to take. I'm thinking of you. Hopefully the new V will be better.
  18. Hi Chessie and Tania Just in regards to using the mix of Effexor and EnlafAx. That’s a really clever idea. When I was very first trying to come off Pristiq my Psychiatrist tried to switch me to Venlafaxine and use the bead counting method. Because I was so very sensitive, he wanted me to use the TevaPharm Venlafaxine as 1 bead was equal to 1mg. I could then be much more precise in my reductions. I realise the TevaPharm is going to need to be paid out of pocket too and I’m not sure if it’s even available in NZ Just something I remembered and thought I’d share.
  19. Thank you @Songbird. That's what I figured, but I guess I can't blame her for being careful. I dont have kidney or heart issues. She is well meaning but clueless. As long as she keeps writing the scripts (which she seems more than happy to do), she can be as clueless as she wishes. The good thing about a doctor who thinks these drugs are beneficial is that they tend to support long tapers, right? Not that we are on the same page, but more like a confluence of interests. Had my first accupuncture treatment today. 20 minutes in, I felt the anxiety and depression drain from my body and I suddenly felt very hungry. I've not had much appetite at all for several weeks. I also caught myself smiling, which hasn't happened in a while either. Afterward, I went with my brothers to the grocery store. My anxiety heightened during the trip, I definitely felt the weakness in my legs, and I had a short crying spell when I got home, but I'm still glad I did it. I even managed to make a couple of jokes. I don't think I could have managed the trip without the accupuncture. I'm looking forward to next week's appointment to see if I get the same affect. I'm still pretty chill right now. Really liking my ND so far.
  20. Rezten

    Rezten: Effexor withdrawal

    Today's update I will be lowering Trazadone to 60.75 mg tomorrow 3:30 a.m. woke up. Slept on and off until 7:30. Got about 5.5 hours of slee 8:00 took 1.5 mg Valium . Moderate anxiety 9:00 ate breakfast took 100 mg magnesium 12:00 1mg Valium, ate lunch still moderate to high anxiety 12:30 took 1/2 hour nap 2:30 100 mg magnesium emotional/ anxiety 4:00 took .5 mg Ativan 6:00 ate dinner Went to mental health support group. Very anxious some brain fog 7:30 update SA page, 8:00 .5 mg Ativan 9:30 67.5 mg of Trazadone and .5 mg Melatonin 
  21. well... the capsules I have left are the ones that were so out of the acceptable range Brass did for me....but I have been using them cause I have no others. Have been using the older Viibryd as well cause was wanting to save the 20 new capsules I had for the crossover. Will start using those tomorrow. New CL were supposed to come yesterday and then today...guess were sent out today...so maybe not tomorrow either cause they wont mail til end of day tho Friday pharmacist said would put in mail Friday. It will all come together .... things happen for reasons...wasnt meant to be right now. Thats ok. Thanks Rosetta!!! Hope your day was ok! I'll check on your thread...love and hugs to you!💜 I've been thinking a lot and it isn't the fear of tapering as much as what the tapering does...throws off my electrolytes and blood sugars and all...and then my digestion stops and I cant eat and I take a huge plunge....weight loss and muscle wasting etc. Things are some better today overall and I am grateful for just that....and for everyone here!!😀 Thanks again my friend!
  22. Tattycorum

    Tattycorum: Introduction

    Hello Fellow Travelers, I'm down to 1.99 mg in my journey of reducing 10% each month! Only 14 months until I will consider stopping, at .46 mg. I started making my own liquids. I realized that liquid would make it easy to divide my dose into 2 x a day. Since the half-life is relatively short, I wonder if this will make things easier. I don't usually notice that my symptoms are affected by my monthly reduction but I do have chronic symptoms (tinnitus, nightmares, morning depression, anxiety, head tremor, heat intolerance, exercise intolerance, rapid heartbeat.) I just divided my lorazepam / Ativan dose into 3 x a day hoping that will help with the above, and now I'm inspired to ask if dividing my sertraline might also help. Thanks for any ideas!
  23. Hi Dylan, I'm sorry you're experiencing this. I was on the same boat. Was on 10mg lexapro for a year then tapered for 4 months (even though dr said i could taper safely for 2 weeks). 6 weeks after last dose was when i experienced severe withdrawals and had to reinstate like you at .30mg. The feeling that you're gonna die are normal withdrawal symptoms, and YOU WON'T. That feeling will also go away soon. Be proud of yourself for going to work while feeling like this and driving! It sounds like the reinstatement has given you a bit of a relief already. That's a good sign!! Give yourself 2 - 3 months to stabilize and then taper the small dose. I use one of the member's success stories here as inspiration. Her name is happy2heal. She was on ADs for decades and on her last withdrawal experience she had to reinstate .30mg. She successfully tapered it off for a year and just continued to improve from reinstatement all the way to 1 year off drugs. Please hang in there and allow yourself the help you're getting from your parents. We need as much support as possible!
  24. Alanmane

    Alanmane: try hard

    Just to say that all my symptoms have improved a few hours ago, at nightfall. It is a relief and I am surprised by this greater tranquility suddenly.
  25. Hi Tania I have never had anyone describe my own withdrawal symptoms so perfectly! I do remember reading the article below from the NZ Herald and it really resonated with me, as I was overseas at the time . Whenever I travel I always feel like my medications are the most precious possession. I also carry medical documents approving their use (the UAE are quite strict about psychotoropics from my experience. GPs aren’t allowed to prescribe these in the UAE so they are considered restricted meds) I Worry more about where my meds Are than where my passport is ! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11782731 Welcome !
  26. @manymoretodays No capsules at all today and nothing from the doctor...said would let you know. Thank you again for everything. Take care.
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