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Bee stings


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Hi All, 


Has anyone had any experience with apitherapy (Bee sting therapy)?


I've noticed my mood dropped for a week or so 2 weeks after I stopped beekeeping for the year. 

My (hobby) bee hives are settled for winter here in Australia so I haven't needed to open the hives. 

So I haven't been stung by them either.


Of course winter has come as well so it could be that.

Or just random.  





Off all SSRIs as at November 2016.


Been on SSRIs (mainly Lexapro) for around 15 years.

failed attempts to go cold turkey before I got proper info on it.

Over last 2 years I've slowly gone from 20 mg Lexapro to 2.5 mg Lexapro.

on 25th Jan 2015 I've now moved to home made liquid Lexapro.

Plan is to drop roughly 0.2 mg per month over the next 1-2 years.  

25th Jan 2015 2.5 mg Lexapro liquid.

24th Mar 2016 1.0 mg lexapro (crushed tablet mixed and refilled into capsules)

Planned to be at 0.0 mg lexapro by about October 2016. 

I also take 50-100 mg modafinil per day, no short term plans of stopping/tapering modafinil but will re-evaluate after I'm off lexapro. 


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