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farmgirl729: Venlafaxine and abilify taper


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I found this forum after starting a too fast taper and I’m not sure where to go from here. I started 150 mg venlafaxine xr in Feb 2020. I went down to 112.5 mg in summer 2020 with no side effects that I remember. We tried to taper to 75 mg in February 2021. I missed a week accidentally and ended up back on 112.5 mg after severe mood changes. November 2021 we tapered abilify 10 mg to 7.5 and then to 5 mg in Dec 2021. In January we tapered venlafaxine 112.5 mg to 75 mg. I had a period of mania and insomnia that lasted 5 days. Psychiatrist tapered again starting Feb 17th to 62.5 mg. 37.5 mg extended release and 25 mg immediate release half tablet (12.5) am and pm. Since Feb 18, 2022  I’ve had an intractable migraine. No meds are touching it and I can’t take most due to having hemiplegic migraines. Neurologist started me on depakote Feb 26, 2022 (which I really don’t want to take but was told only option for hemiplegic migraines right now) and a steroid taper. Psychiatrist wanted me to start gabapentin for withdrawal but It didn’t help so I didn’t take it for more three days and I also learned what it can do. Psych med wise I am also on 15 mg Adderall for fatigue and mild adhd. I also have a script for prn Ativan 0.5 mg that I rarely take. I’m just not sure where to go from here. 

I have added what supplements and otc I’m currently on too. Scripts in signature. Contemplating stopping nac and ashwagandha. 

Loratadine 10 mg 

Magnesium 100 mg tablets 400 mg am 400 mg pm

Macapause- 2 pills am 2 pills lunch 

Wise women herbals women’s meno caps 1 am 1 pm

Vitamin d3 5000 iu every other day 10000 IU on other days

Thorne Omega 3 with CoQ10 1 pm 

Adrenal natural glandular 2 pills am 2 pills pm

Activated Quercetin 3 capsules pm 

Chelated Zinc 30 mg 1 pill pm

NAC 500 mg 1 pill pm 

DIM Elite 2 pills am 

Methyl guard plus 2 pills am

Sensoril Ashwagandha 250 mg 1 pill am

Rhodiola 200 mg 1 pill am 

French oak extract 200 mg 1 pill 

PS 100 100 mg 1 pill am 1 pill lunch

Jan 29, 2020-current venlafaxine started 150 dropped 112.5 July 2020. Dropped to 75 mg Jan 15,2022 Dropped Feb 17, 22 62.5 mg (37.5 er daily 12.5 ir twice daily). Feb 2020- current abilify 10 mg dropped to 5mg since Dec 2021. Dec 17, 2019-current verapamil er 120 mg 2021-current adderall 15 mg Feb 26, 2022 depakote 1000 mg Feb 26, 2022 prednisone taper Nov 2021- current progesterone Dec 17, 2019-current baby Asa 


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Welcome to SA. We are a volunteer run site helping member such as yourself taper off antidepressants.


This is your introduction page. This is where you will receive information, ask questions and meet member just like you. We ask that you only have one page so that we can keep all your information in one place.


It sounds like you have done a very fast taper and then gone up and down, which desensitized your central nervous system (CNS)). I would hold for a while so you can stabilize before trying to taper anymore.



Tips for tapering off aripiprazole (Abilify)


Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


Dr Joseph Glenmullen's WD Symptoms Checklist


One Theory of Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome


Brain Remodelling


Keep it Simple, Slow and Stable


We don't suggest supplements on here as they can cause problems with your CNS. We do suggest 2. If you want to try one, try a small amount, wait a few days and then try the other one.



Omega-3 Fish Oil


If you do take vitamin d, it should be taken in the morning because it can be stimulating and upset your sleep cycle. Also, you can become dependent on Ativan in as little as a week so be very careful with that. I wouldn't take it at all.


Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. I'm glad you found us.

PREVIOUS medications and discontinuations: Have been on medications since 1996. 

 Valium, Gabapentin, Lamictal, Prilosec and Zantac from 2000 to 2015 with a fast taper by a psychiatrist.

 Liquid Lexapro Nov, 2016 to 31-March, 2019 Lexapro free!!! (total Lexapro taper was 4 years-started with pill form)

---CURRENT MEDICATIONS:Supplements:Milk Thistle, Metamucil, Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Levothyroxine 25mcg, Vitamin C, Krill oil.

Xanax 1mg 3x day June, 2000 to 19-September, 2020 Went from .150 grams (average weight of 1 Xanax) 3x day to .003 grams 3x day. April 1, 2021 went back on 1mg a day. Started tapering May 19, 2023. July 28, 2023-approximately .87mg. Dr. fast tapered me at the end and realized he messed up. Prescribe it again and I am doing "slower than a turtle" taper.

19-September, 2020 Xanax free!!! (total Xanax taper was 15-1/2 months-1-June, 2019-19-September, 2020)

I am not a medical professional.

The suggestions I make are based on personal experience.

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