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NoMoreThanks: It's time for a change but how do I deal with the lack of support around me?


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I have suffered with depression for most of my life. Most of the time I didn't know and was just a grumpy introverted sod. About 30 years ago I saw my doctor about my moods and received my first antidepressant. It’s so long ago I can’t remember what it was. It did change my life for the better as I could actually feel things within me that I never felt before. As yes, I felt alive again. And so started my long journey on antidepressants.


Around the tie of the GFC, I was trapped in a business venture that was doomed to failure. The project was great but the banks withdrew support and so the business failed after a seven year struggle to survive. And during that period I saw my first psychiatrist. He changed my meds to Effexor 75mg, then 150mg then 225mg, then 300mg then 375mg and finally 450mg. They didn’t work. I was still depressed. I gained so much weight that my general health suffered.


I changed doctors after during my last visit he simply advised “You need to believe in God and trust him!” Duh! What a load of crap to be told by a medical professional. And at that point I met my current psychiatrist. I was weened of Effexor which was substituted for with Duloxetine but a similar pattern emerged. And I now take 90mg plus Rivitril plus Tegretol plus Quitiapine plus a sleeping tablet. :( I have asked about trying to reduce dosages and medications but always find resistance from him as well as my wife.


Interestingly I have slowly reduced my weight. It’s still very gradually coming down. Part of this has been a major dietary change. I have gone “Whole Food Plant Based with minimal salt, oil and sugar”. And I do feel much better. I’m more alive than ever before, even with the meds, and so now wonder if I really need them.


I have read about some of the other negative health effects of antidepressants and so would like to either remove, or significantly cut back what I am taking. I have joined this group to learn from others journeys and then to try to emulate them.

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Current meds:  Duloxetine 60mg. It was 90mg but I reduced it to 60mg with no altered mental state which got me thinking "Do I need them?" and finding this site.

                          Clonazepam 125mcg

                          Quetiapine 50mg

                          Zopiclone 7.5mg

There has been no change in meds for 3 years and my moods are stable.  I actually feel very good; especially following a change in diet, massive weight loss and increased exercise.


1993: Commenced antidepressant(?) 30 years ago.

2003: Diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety which ultimately prevented me from working.

2003 - 2015: Condition worsened so prescribed 75mg Effexor to replace original antidepressant. This slowly crept up to 450mg and still no better function.

2012 Changed psychiatrists and after discussions about my massive increase in weight. Effexor was replaced with Duloxetine 30mg, then 60mg and then 90mg over the past 11 years

The psychiatrist also introduced Quetiapine (Anxiety), Tegrotol - Carbamazepine (Anxiety),  Rivitril - Clonazepam (Anxiety) and Zopiclone (Sleep) as the Duloxetine increased. So the time frames for the drug use range from maximum of 11 years (Duloxetine) to minimum of 3 years (Clonazepam).

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Welcome to S.A. @NoMoreThanks,


So the moderators can best help you, please complete your drug signature by following these instructions. Adding a signature ensures your drug history appears at the bottom of every post, making it more efficient for those trying to assist.


3 hours ago, NoMoreThanks said:

I have joined this group to learn from others journeys and then to try to emulate them.


There are so many helpful insights regarding tapering to learn from others on this site! I learn more each time I log on.


As soon as you include your drug signature, one of the moderators will drop by to try and assist.



*Please don't send me PMs* My comments are based on my personal experience with ADs and tapering. Consult your doctor about your own medical decisions.


2017 – 2022:   Vortioxetine 15mg, Jan ’22, 15mg->5mg over 4 weeks, Feb ‘22 5mg -> 7.5mg due to WD, July ’22 6.75mg (found SA website), Aug 6.07mg, Sep 5.46mg, 11 Oct 5.00mg, 18 Oct 4.88mg, 25 Oct 4.75mg, 1 Nov 4.63mg, 8 Nov 4.5mg, 3 Jan ’23 4.39mg, 10 Jan 4.28mg, 17 Jan 4.06mg, 13 Feb 3.95mg, 20 Mar 3.85mg, 3 Apr 3.75mg, 10 April 3.65mg, 31 May 3.58mg, 8 June 3.50mg, 15 June 3.43mg, 22 June 3.35mg, 12 Jul 3.29mg,  19 Jul 3.22mg, 26 Jul 3.15mg, 3 Aug 3.09mg, 30 Aug 3.02mg, 7 Sep 2.96mg, 14 Sep 2.89mg, 21 Sep 2.82mg, Oct 11 2.75mg, Oct 19 2.70mg, Oct 26 2.64mg, Nov 2 2.59mg, Nov 23 2.53mg, Nov 30 2.48mg, 7 Dec 2.43mg, 17 Dec 2.38mg, 19 Jan 2.33mg, 26 Jan 2.28mg, 2 Feb 2.24mg, 8 Feb 2.19mg,  29 Feb 2.15mg,  

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