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Anon98: Slight withdrawal lead to symptoms that have still not recovered

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I am a 25 year old male that has always struggled with anxiety stemming from my childhood. 2 years ago i moved to a bigger city after graduating collage. There was just so much change to my life that my mind went into overdrive. I just felt like i could not breath or live anymore. Therefore I choose to go on Lexapro just for some support, and this gave me the tools to stand on my feet again. But some side effects that never left me were sleepyness, sometimes insomnia etc. Because of these side effects, i intentionally chose to skip doses (i know its stupid). Some time ago i did this a bit too often which lead to the following.


In march i missed a couple of doses of Lexapro(5mg) and i started having withdrawal symptoms. Like panic, strong anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts etc. Most of these severe symptoms resolved within two week of continuing my doses.

But the problem is some symptoms have remained. In the start of the withdrawal, the tips of my index and pointer fingers went slightly numb, and were always cold. They have healed a bit, now only the numbness remains.

Another thing i experienced in the start, was that my libido diminished, i struggled with erections and i also could not feel much pleasure. But now two and a half months have passed and i've recovered a bit.


But some things still remain, like erection quality is 80%, and there isn't as much pleasure as before the withdrawal. And i also sometimes feel a bit of social anxiety and low mood.


I know im going a bit too far by being scared that this might be permanent. Is this normal recovery? Has anyone experiences this before? Will the sexual side effect eventually recover?

Please help me.


Lexapro 5mg

Jan 01 2022 - Started

Mar 08 2024 - Experienced withdrawal symptoms



Vitamin C, Ginger extract

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Hello, and welcome to Surviving Antidepressants. We are a peer support forum to assist in tapering off psychiatric drugs safely, or recovering from psychiatric drug withdrawal.


Your first task is to create a drug signature, with the following:


  • All current medication you take, the dose you take, when you started the drug, and when you made dose changes
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  • An accurate history of recent drugs, taken in the last 12-24 months
  • Dates for recent should be written as 7 Oct 2023, or Oct 7 2023, or early Oct 2023, or mid Oct 2023
  • A history of drugs taken 24 months ago and beyond - if applicable
  • Dates for historical drugs can simply be listed as start and stop years
  • Please do not use 07/10/23 // 10/07/23 as this is intepreted differently around the world


  • Please leave out symptoms and diagnoses. See my signature for example of clear and concise information.


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Current dose: 55.09mg  (1 July 2024)

2) Mirtazapine:

15mg - Nov 2020


Cod liver oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C

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