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Life1611: Missed doses of brintellix for 6 days only after two day use & lost sense of self

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Firstly my life feels screwed up because of my own mistake. Now i have losted sense of self and i dont know what to do. Doctor and therapist think they can help but personally it feels impossible. My family has said same but i dont know.


So last year summer i started Brintellix antidepressant. I used it two days then stopped for 6 days because i was unsure am i ready to really start it. But after 6 days i ended up to continue it. About after two weeks after returning to brintellix i experienced temporary emotional bluntness for few weeks which went away. Since then i used brintellix to this year april but stopped because i founded out it to be ineffective. After that i have been about 1 month in clomipramine but it has helped only for anxiety.


But now i am in situation because of missing few days of brintellix only after two day use and because experiencing temporary emotional bluntness i fear my personality changed after and because of missing doses and i didnt realized or noticed it because honestly i struggled mentally very much during those first weeks of brintellix (daily crying, panicking and hopelessness etc) i fear those crying and panicking masked personality changes what happened from missing doses. I have also severe idenity crisis because i dont remember presicely myself before starting brintellix last year summer. Has anybody experienced something like this and got through it? Or any advices what to do? I feel at this point meds dont help me to get interest to life back because i have constant identity crisis



-Brintellix 10mg for two months (May-June) in 2023. After two months being 1 month off. After one month started again and increased dosage to 20mg every two weeks. Stopped Brintellix completely in 2024 end of March.

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Hello, and welcome to Surviving Antidepressants. We are a peer support forum to assist in tapering off psychiatric drugs safely, or recovering from psychiatric drug withdrawal.


Your first task is to create a drug signature, with the following:


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Current dose: 55.09mg  (1 July 2024)

2) Mirtazapine:

15mg - Nov 2020


Cod liver oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C

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