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lovespirit: Feel as if coming off Citalopram gave me a false Mulitple Sclerosis (MS) DIAGNOSIS

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- started citalopram 20mg in 2013
- abruptly stopped in june 2015  (emotionally plummeted, no physical symptoms) 
- started again in september 2015
- tapered off at the beginning of november 2017  (horrible withdrawal symptoms - dizziness, brain zaps, suicidal thoughts, trouble thinking) 
- diagnosed with MS in nov 2018 
- started again but on a lower dose (10mg citalopram) april 2019 (diagnosis of MS really got to me) 
- currently taking 10mg citalopram 

Hi lovely people of this website, 

I am posting my first post,   and wonder if anyone else has been diagnosed with MS after suffering major brain zaps from withdrawing from 20mg citalopram quite quickly? 

I have this intuitive feeling that it is connected.  I only have limited time right now so I will post more information later. Would love to connect, and am preparing to taper off VERY slowly in the future too. 

Kind Regards,


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Hello @lovespirit. A diagnosis of MS is something I assume is not made without a number of tests. Did you undergo many tests before you were diagnosed? It seems rather extreme that you would be told you had MS on the back of some brain zaps from withdrawal.


You can read here the process of diagnosis that is used in the UK:



Active Monday-Friday UK time


Taper calculator spreadsheet



1) Sertraline:

50mg - Oct 2020, 100mg - Dec 2020, 50mg - April 2021, 75mg - May 2021, 50mg - Sep 2021, 55mg - 23 Feb 2024, 60mg - 20 March 2024, Start tapering - 24 April 2024

Current dose: 55.09mg  (1 July 2024)

2) Mirtazapine:

15mg - Nov 2020


Cod liver oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C

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