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Helly: Withdrawal from blood pressure medication (nifedipine)

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Hello, I've come across this group and I'm experiencing my second time having terrible withdrawals as I reduce down my blood pressure medication, nifedipine which is a calcium channel blocker.


I wish I had found this site earlier so that I could have learnt about the 10% reduction rule etc. Although, this will be tricky as I am on the lowest dosage of 10mg and you cannot cut the slow release pills. 


With my first withdrawal, I had lots of anxiety, sweats, headaches, head pressure, facial numbness. This time I have had similar but instead of facial numbness I have had a feeling of facial muscle tightening. 


My symptoms start about 3-4 weeks after reducing the medication. 


Is there anyone that has had withdrawals coming off a calcium channel blocker medication. Based on your knowledge is this possible? In general I seem to have a sensitive nervous system. 


Thanks for your support. 



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Welcome @Helly

I'm sorry to hear of your withdrawal issues.


I'm not familiar with the medication you have mentioned. I've used the search function on the site and haven't come up with anything, either.


I have no experience with blood pressure medication, but do find it interesting that the WD symptoms are similar to those tapering off from ADs.


Please take a look around the site and see what you can learn.


Best wishes, Emonda

Please don't send me PMs. I am not a doctor. My comments are based on my personal experience with ADs and tapering. Consult your doctor about your own medical decisions.

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On 6/21/2024 at 7:18 PM, Helly said:

blood pressure medication, nifedipine which is a calcium channel blocker.


 is it the only blood pressure medication you are on?

do you have or have you had angina?

curious as to why you are weaning off it?

are you doing this under the guidance of your prescriber?


I was on a calcium channel blocker(CCB) for some time, and when I lost weight and changed my diet, I no longer needed it- my blood pressure was going too low taking it, and I was getting dizzy to the point of almost fainting

I was going thru withdrawal from lexapro (SSRI) at the time so I can't say if I had any ill effects from stopping the calcium channel blocker.

It was safe for me to stop this medication as I had very mild hypertension to begin with and probably should not have been on a CCB at all, frankly


but if you've got angina etc you do want to be doing this under the guidance of your prescriber. Anxiety and sweating can be signs of an impending heart attack, not to scare you but you do need to have physician input on this.  


other symptoms include but are not limited to:

Fatigue or weakness

Abnormal heartbeat


Shortness of breath

Coughing or wheezing

Pain in the throat or back that feels like a sprained or pulled muscle

Jaw pain 

Women are more likely to have atypical symptoms than men



are you on any other medications?






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I will remove this reminder when I am back. Keep on swimming, my friends. 


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