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Marci: slow taper off of clonazepam, or Klonopin.

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This is my first time posting here. I have been on many psych meds and am currently coming off of two. The main struggle is with the benzo. I have had much difficulty getting below 1.5 mg. I have been working with my doctor but I am not sure how I like his idea of changing from one benzo to another. He said valium is much easier to taper off of. I have been able to cut back some on the 1.5 mg. I know it isn't going to be easy and there is never going to be the "right" time. Life keeps happening and if I wait until the perfect time it will never come. So I am just a tad under 1.5 mg right now. I seem to be doing okay but with all the meds that I have been on and for as long as I have been on them, my brain has suffered damage. I just hope and pray it heals as I continue to have the meds reduces. I am just looking for support as I endeavor to really continue on with the slow taper. Thank you,


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Dear @Marci

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Regards, Emonda

Please don't send me PMs. I am not a doctor. My comments are based on my personal experience with ADs and tapering. Consult your doctor about your own medical decisions.

Start of taper: Jan ’22 Vortioxetine 15mg, 

End year 1: 4.5mg, 

End year 2: 2.38mg, 

Year 3: 19 Jan 2.33mg, 26 Jan 2.28mg, 2 Feb 2.24mg, 8 Feb 2.19mg, 29 Feb 2.15mg, 7 Mar 2.10mg, 14 Mar 2.06mg, 21 Mar 1.99mg, 10 Apr 1.95mg, 17 Apr 1.91mg, 24 Apr 1.87mg, 1 May 1.83mg, 23 May 1.80mg, 30 May 1.76mg, 8 Jun 1.72mg, 13 Jun 1.66mg, 3 Jul 1.62mg, 10 Jul 1.58mg, 17 Jul 1.54mg

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