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kenneth: paroxetine and PSSD

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hi all

this sight seems full of kind people with similar stories. I'm hoping to find someone on the same boat who has recovered or someone who is in the process of recovering.


I can't tell you my exact times and process with paroxetine. All I can say is I was on the drug for around 2-3 years. Several failed attempts at stopping paroxetine and having pssd symptoms. I'm completely off.


I've had symptoms for around 6 months, but I've only been off the drug fully 1 month.


To be honest I see more scary than success stories. If I find any at all please people come together and share your recovery it's been basically half a year and this whole times it's been terrible on the inside.

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started paroxatine and mirtazapine around the beginning of 2021 (paroxetine 5mg) (mirtazapine 15mg)

doctors slowly increase dosage of paroxetine 60mg over the course of two years into 2023 

halfway 2023 I try to stop paroxetine not liking who I am and I'm only experiencing extreme brain zaps and notice I have premature ejaculation which I never had 

I slowly decrease the drug ending 2023 trying to have stopped a total of around 3 times now (panicked) fully realizing it has caused premature ejaculation

end of august 2024 I'm at 5mg paroxetine try to stop again except now I have full on withdrawal but no brain zaps I reinstate at 2.5mg paroxetine 

July 12 after taking 2.5mg every other day I completely stop paroxetine 

left with premature ejaculation will update if ever better 





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Welcome @kenneth,

So the moderators can best help you, please complete your drug signature by following these instructions. Adding a signature ensures your drug history appears at the bottom of every post, making it more efficient for those trying to assist. This link should go directly to your own signature: Account Settings – Create or Edit a signature

It would be helpful for us to know the month you stopped your AD, and how you stopped. Did you stop cold turkey, or gradually ease your way off? What dose were you on?

7 hours ago, kenneth said:

To be honest I see more scary than success stories

Why not have a read of the success stories section of this site. There are plenty there to read. Many people that succeed don't come back to share their story.

Recovery from ADs and tapering is not linear. There are good days and not-so-good days/weeks/months. This is referred to as the Windows and waves pattern of stabilization.

This is your own Introduction topic.  Each member has only ONE Introduction topic.  Your own Introduction topic is the best place to ask questions and the place to journal your progress.  This keeps your history in one place and means you do not have to repeat your story. 

Once you add your drug signature, someone will try to help.

Regards, Emonda

Please don't send me PMs. I am not a doctor. My comments are based on my personal experience with ADs and tapering. Consult your doctor about your own medical decisions.

Start of taper: Jan ’22 Vortioxetine 15mg, 

End year 1: 4.5mg, 

End year 2: 2.38mg, 

Year 3: 19 Jan 2.33mg, 26 Jan 2.28mg, 2 Feb 2.24mg, 8 Feb 2.19mg, 29 Feb 2.15mg, 7 Mar 2.10mg, 14 Mar 2.06mg, 21 Mar 1.99mg, 10 Apr 1.95mg, 17 Apr 1.91mg, 24 Apr 1.87mg, 1 May 1.83mg, 23 May 1.80mg, 30 May 1.76mg, 8 Jun 1.72mg, 13 Jun 1.66mg, 3 Jul 1.62mg, 10 Jul 1.58mg, 17 Jul 1.54mg

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