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    BreathofAir: dual taper mistake

    Good morning to you Sassenach, My alarm calls have been going off erroneously all through the night! The time between laying my head down on the pillow and the Zopiclone doing its best to pull me under is the only slight relief I feel in the whole day. And yes, buried somewhere deep down, there is a good, dark, sense of humour waiting to burst out again. I am not particularly religious either, but I would describe myself as spiritual under normal circumstances. When I returned back to the UK from Canada eighteen months ago, I took up bell ringing in our local churches. The village where I live has a beautiful Norman church, but it doesn’t have a full set of bells, unlike the next village, where I mostly ring on their eight bells. I was still heavily medicated when we returned and I was surprised I could manage to learn something I considered so complicated. I don’t have a sequential mind or very good rhythm, but I do have an ear, so somehow I managed to make progress and was finally allowed to ring at weddings, which was a wonderful privilege. For the WWI one hundred years remembrance we half muffled the bells, so you would only hear half the peal; the other half being an unearthly echo. It was extremely moving and like nothing I had felt before. Neither of my great grandfathers returned from the front, so both grandmothers were left to raise seven children each. I truly believe that people were made of difference stuff back then. At the moment I am unable to ring, but I can hear them across the river and it’s a source of some distress to me at the moment, I have to admit. I don’t know how much of your usual activities you are able to enjoy, but I am still unable to read my usual books, watch anything or engage in conversations for very long. Did you find this yourself, or not? Regarding your Escitalopram dose, do you feel it’s enough? I am going to have to look at my regimen very soon because I can’t remain on the Zopiclone or Lorazepam for much longer. It is just so complicated and frightening. But anyway, I hope the sun has found its way to you and you have a lovely Sunday. I have more of the wonderful cleaning exercises lined up! Sending you my best wishes for the day. R xxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. I have been taking 25 micrograms of Levothyroxine (for hypothyroidism) for three months now, metabolism has improved and I am more awake. At he same I am down to 25 gr of Sertraline (from 50mg). I am feeling quite anxious, running mind has been a problem for a while now. This seems to get worse as I reduce the dosage of sertraline. It is like a continuous buzz, songs or unimportant thoughts that keep repeating in my mind without me bringing them up. They just take over. Meditation works, but I have to make a big voluntary effort to dive into that peaceful void. So this is my update. I hope everyone on this site is doing well on their path. 😍
  4. bubbles


    Thanks @Rosetta and @JackieDecides. Today is decision day. I'll drop to 4mg today, hold for a few days and then down to 3.9 fore the rest of the week.
  5. I agree. You need to have it if a worst case scenario happens, ie if your throat/mouth start swelling and you have difficulty breathing because of that.
  6. Priscilla

    Priscilla: questions about Zyprexa

    Update: Can people really heal in years or is that just told to calm people down who may otherwise be hopeless? Sorry for the ignorance in my question it's just that 6 months is a long time to be sick and after this long being sick becomes the norm for me. By the way, I'm feeling fine it's just that it's really hard for me to savor the ,moment when I know soon enough i'll be feeling bad again. Thanks for reading, Priscilla
  7. Today
  8. They’re going up slowly! It could do with another push 😊
  9. Things to be grateful for: Encouragement and support from every wonderful person on this site. Managed to get out for a walk with a friend (who dragged me out, actually) A friend who will drag me out Sun on my skin Watching dogs playing in the dog park Local school-girl neighbours who came and washed my windows and outside walls. Their mum who was a paramedic and believed that the drugs could have done this to me. Managing to make my own lunch and dinner
  10. BeWell

    BeWell: AD taper

    I wish I would have found you years ago...😔😔😔 ~ hurting so bad
  11. BeWell

    BeWell: AD taper

    Excruciating leg pain and foot pain. And body pain. TD in right foot. Something feels very wrong. Why does mum body interpret this as the highest possible pain ever? Is this damage? Is this normal? Why can’t my brain just recognize this as a symptom and deal with it. The pain started before the Valium was introduced. Not this high....Is the Valium messing with the terrible AD withdrawals? Years of improper taper, switches, etc.? 25 years or so of meds. How am I going to make it?
  12. Evening Primrose oil has really helped me this month with reducing/eliminating the anxiety and depression I get just before it. I am at day 28 and only experiencing minor low feelings (my hair sucks, millenials bug, I hate this city) but not the suicidal despair I have felt in the past. Started it a little over 3 weeks ago. I guess the test will be if it helps next month and the next too but right now I am hopeful. And it is gentle on my CNS.
  13. Thank you for your insight, dear Rabe. I guess I get really scared when I feel a wobble and wonder if I'm going to crash. I will give this reduction a time to settle. Thinking of you, too, as you find your way through dyes and cross-overs and different meds. Sheesh what a process you have to get through. You're a brave woman going ahead like you are and coping. love to you, PF Neroli 💜
  14. Yes. Good ideas. Not a bad idea to have an epi pen available. But perhaps you could use benadryl or something first? Let one of your doctors make that call.
  15. @manymoretodays Thing is I dont do well with epinephrine either...but I can ask what to do.
  16. @manymoretodays Ok...that is scary. But yes I will contact him on Monday...doesnt mean he will care or get back to me but I will let him now. I could also let the PCP know that I like. Thanks to you all! Actually I have wondered the same things myself.....
  17. Hi Neroli...I have personally found this to be true both in starting and tapering the two meds....one affects the other. SO I think for a time there is a settling of both meds before the other can settle in...IDK if is real but it has always felt that way to me. Thinking about you my dear friend across the pond. Take care. My heart is with you!!!💜
  18. Hi Rabe! We've been discussing your allergic reactions........Shep, brassmonkey, and I. Brassmonkey also found this informations on Viibryd: Between the clonazepam and the Viibryd.......and not being totally sure which causes the eye and lip swelling, I agree that you should contact your prescribing doctor as soon as possible, and consider getting an epi pen. The ODT clonazepam might have started an allergic reaction to the clonazepam. I think that reflects brassmonkey's thoughts on the matter. And the Viibryd might also be a culprit. Also you might ask your prescribing doctor if his reasoning behind getting you off the clonazepam first had/has anything to do with your allergic reactions. Not to scare you here. Just to make sure you stay safe. Hope your daughter visited or you had a nice Skype visit with her. And I'm sure brassmonkey will be by when he is back on too to update you on his present status and locations. Best, Love, peace, healing, and growth, mmt I don't need you to post your daily logs just yet. Just be sure to contact your doctor first thing on Monday.
  19. Here you go SteveT. Your new introduction is here. Just click that link and you are on your way there. Goodnight.
  20. manymoretodays

    SteveT: Wants to taper AD

    Hey Steve and welcome aboard to your introduction, Fill us in here with a bit more information about yourself and your history. And this will be your introduction to the community and other mods and administration. This will be where you can ask questions specific to your situation and communicate with the mods and other members. We can get you directed to a bit more information too, as we get to know you better. I'm sorry you've felt scolded. Not our intent. Then, after introducing yourself.......please put your withdrawal history in a signature Love, peace, healing, and growth, manymoretodays(mmt) I'll check out the links that didn't work tomorrow too! Thanks for letting me know.
  21. Rabe


    Hi WR...SO happy to hear things have settled for you enough to try another drop. Wanted you to know I am thinking of you my friend and that I hope it goes well!! Love and hugs to you!!💜
  22. @manymoretodays I will post some of my days if thats ok...perhaps that will help all of you in some way? Or no?
  23. @manymoretodays Sorry...not I did not share that with her. They all believe I need to address anxiety and cant think beyond the allergy tests being negative but someone reacting to things in general. The only thing I have mulled about is that I took the Viibryd after the GI procedure when I woke up sneezing and reacting to something they used...thinking the lidocaine they gave me without asking. Need to use pure form as react to ingredients in other forms of numbing agents. My dentist at home came upon that and I never had a problem with it after used the pure form. SO the Viibryd was taken with toast and peanut butter and an apple after the procedure while sneezing and all...used apple juice in the prep that finished that morning. Not long after I could not use peanut butter or apples and I thought what the heck??? But perhaps the body makes a connection...I have no idea but its a best guess....just like it reacted to the other ODT at home. Its all interesting if nothing else. Thank you again.
  24. Sassenach

    BreathofAir: dual taper mistake

    Good Morning Rachel. Your alarm call. Same pills, same time, same dose. Are you keeping your diary to help the mods now your meds are settled. Pity is was raining used to spend a lot of time in Hexham, Berwick and of course Holy Island. What are the hills called just a few miles inland from the coast? It is great that you are interacting with your husband in a positive way, two are stronger than one. And now drum roll please Rachel BoA has a sense of humour. Great story about the toilet door and you used the word fun. Have faith in yourself because something/s is working so really important to stick to doses and times. I am not religious but I wish a little extra peace this Sunday, the start of a new week of getting better You will have the shiniest floors in Northumberland.🤣 You mentioned colouring pencils, what do you draw/sketch? Have a good one Sassenach
  25. That was on 2016...August I think. Yes....after that I got the red, puffy eyes, the eczema, the fluid filled looking lower lip swelling and reactions to lots. Came here in November of 2016.
  26. Hi marconyc, Thank you for reaching out. Happy to hear you are doing better. Do you still get the wave and windows pattern?
  27. @brassmonkey I can say that when I reacted to the CL ODT I also reacted badly to the Prevacid ODT I had been on for years....and then was reacting to all the meds and had trouble eating. Ended up in ER Wheezing and all after the Klonopin ODT...they told me cant be allergic to it after all these years.
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