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    Hi WR....just thinking about you lots with you taper and the arthritis! So hoping you are feeling better my friend!πŸ’œ
  3. I was just checking in Rosetta....SO SO happy to read this!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ’œ Could not be more grateful for you my dear friend!!
  4. Total Bed time: 8h 50m, total sleep: 8h, 90.57% efficiency Today was a better day at least In general, morning was bad but things started to improve around 12pm, was quite busy working on my personal projects Went to the CBT doctor, was better than I was expecting Made some measurings with the scale but I think I'm posting that on the tapering forum Tomorrow is rest day
  5. JackieDecides

    JackieDecides: off Lexapro, tapering omeprazole

    I don't think I've ever been called grrrl before - I feel more than a little smug. πŸ˜‰
  6. Today
  7. Thank you for the quick response. I just realized my brain has cleared up so much, and I haven't had soy since Thursday. Enjoy the rest of your evening!
  8. brassmonkey

    nick1990: citalopram crap

    Have a great trip and forget about us until you get back.
  9. Before worrying too much about your protein intake I would look into how your body reacts to the soy products. A quick google showed that a lot of the symptoms you just mentioned can be attributed to the use of soy products. Especially when mixed with protein and pro-biotic products. Not to mention interactions with medications that are similar to the ones we are involved with. For a person who is sensitized by ADWD the use of soy products would be highly suspect, particularly if they just started using them.
  10. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I'm going to try to power through this without the Zofran for a few more days, and see if things improve. If not, I'll make a decision then. A big part of the problem is that I have gut issues that predate the amitriptyline use, and were made much worse when I weaned off it too quickly. I waited over a year to try to wean off it again, so I don't think waiting any more is going to help much. Thanks again!
  11. I have also started eating a lot of tofu and tempeh in the past few weeks.
  12. I got a flurry of symptoms this week: brain fog, 2 ears ringing, briefly, 1 dizzy, 1 seeing stars, briefly, 1 stronger headache, sometimes sharp, often dull, numb or prickly, 3 abdominal discomfort, 1 chest pain, briefly 1 muscle spasms, mouth, eyes, arm, neck, briefly 1 nausea, 3 tiredness, 2 tension, 2 achiness, 2 weakness in legs, 1 sensitivity to heat, 3 (albeit it is very hot here) loss of appetite, 1 sensitivity to everything, even gulping water too fast, 1 slight burning feeling in my chest, much of the time, I think it is always there but is usually so slight and I am so accustomed to it, 2 intolerance for exercise, which leads to a wave of dizziness, nausea, feeling wiped out, feeling overheated then cold, 3 (up until this week I was doing vigorous exercise almost daily, and I got this occasionally, now I have decided only walking, stretching, cleaning the apartment) fungal rash returned, which I had earlier in my taper and which a doctor attributed to a suppressed immune system faint recollection of the feeling of the ground falling out from under me when I tried to fast taper, 1 Scale is 1-10 with 1-3 being mild, not interfering with functioning. Except for the last one, I experience these symptoms from time to time, but this all seemed to be a lot in one week. Since Thursday night I have been holding the dose at 0.370 mg. I have been feeling better each day since Thursday. Friday was the first day with no intense workout session. I reduced my protein at the suggestion of a renal dietician a week ago, but I think she didn't know what she was talking about. My kidney doctor said to eat 60-80 g protein per day. I had been eating 80-90 g when the tapering was going well. I tried 45 g/day at the suggestion of the dietician, and then all these symptoms popped up. (I already know that kidney patients are supposed to limit protein, but I think this was too little. I also didn't tell the renal dietician about WD, but I doubt she would have knowledge of it.) I also am eating much less pro-biotic lacto-fermented sauerkraut, which has seemed to be helping me so much with WD, because it is high in sodium. I discovered I was eating too much sodium (which is a concern for someone with a kidney condition). Since October I have been gradually increasing my taper rate from 5% to 9%/month, so that could be it, too. Now I am holding the dose and keeping the protein at 60-70 g/day, avoiding intense exercise and emotional stress as much as possible. Is there anything I can read about protein and WD? I want to kick myself, but I think I just have to wait it out.
  13. Have the migraines gotten better, Alan? How about the dizziness? Hope you are doing well.
  14. nick1990

    nick1990: citalopram crap

    Hi all. Haven't posted in a few weeks. Overall, I've been doing pretty well ! Had a good few solid weeks of feeling mostly normal, very functional and able to do lots of things. Possibly overdid the physical aspect of it all and have been in a little wave for a few days. The variation from baseline to wave is pretty minimal. Started with little eye twitches and then some came some minor depressed/anxious thoughts/feelings. Nothing too bad though. More annoying than anything. Bit of fatigue here and there and lots of dreams. Seems less significant than the last wave i had, so all in all - wave intensity 1.5/10 on the worst day. Im becoming conscious of letting the symptoms be. Not trying to do anything, no resistance, no spiralling thoughts, just accept and float with it, until it passes. It is making it a lot easier. We are soooo conditioned to fight and rebel against any discomfort - but its not our natural way. This is where the suffering arises. Once we can really just trust in the process of it all, the process of nature - everything changes. Not saying I'm a master, but its something I'm working on and i do still have to catch myself quite often when overthinking etc. So yeh, all in all - waves slowly getting milder and baseline improving . Stability isn't far off, i can tell - but i also have to remember I'm still taking a fair chunk of Citalopram (even though 1/3 of my original dose), so not going to suddenly feel amazing once stable. Really looking forward to slowly tapering. I know thats the way forward for me. Im off to Australia in 2 weeks for about 10 days. Going campervan travelling, nature exploring and some surfing of coarse. If I'm not on here for the next couple weeks, ill update once I'm back home. Hugs to all. Nick
  15. Onmyway

    Onmyway: I want this to stop

    Thanks Alan for the kind message. The emotional spirals are my main symptom right now. The pins and needles have abated quite a bit. The anger/anxiety is relentless until I feel absolutely exhausted and then fall asleep and wake up with anxiety/anger/urgency again. I so hope that this ends soon. I need a window. The various disputes with landlord insurance companies etc that I have undertaken now are not helping. I seem to get sucked into these whereas I was so able to take the loss before and let things go. Now there seems to be urgency, almost compulsion to deal with these issues NOW. I so hope this symptom lets up. I can't solve every injustice. I have read the dealing with emotional spirals threads and not much is helping. Deep breathing is useful for half an hour but it comes back with the same intensity. I was reading the analogy about the brain as a horse/elephant being driven by a rider. The horse/elephant is the emotional part of the brain and the rider is the rational part that presumably keeps the emotional in check. This works quite well when the terrain is smooth, the weather is good and the there are only small bumps in the road. However, when there is trauma (this book was about trauma - "The body keeps the score")* the elephant gets easily spooked and attempts at controlling are futile, or if not futile, quite hard. I feel like withdrawal is similar. The horse is really spooked and I am working hard at trying to calm things down. The wave has gotten a bit worse today. Part of it is because I am trying to change the time I take my 1.6 mg. Because I was getting dizzy before my dose (tipsy is a better description!) I decided that I would split it into 2. I usually take the full dose in the evening (midnight) and the last two days have been taking 0.6 mg at 5 pm and 1 mg at midnight. The tipsiness is better but emotional symptoms are worse. I am hoping that is a transitional period. I don't even know if it matters but thought I'd try to see if I can eventually take 0.8 mg at midnight and 0.8 mg at noon so that the blood levels are less variable. Does anyone else dread mornings?
  16. A good idea. You are very welcome here.
  17. Thanks @ittakesavillage all the best with it. We need it here in NZ and I'm so appreciative of all of you who have started it up.
  18. Thanks Neroli! This website link is now https://www.themindtribe.org/safetaperingsupportnz
  19. It’s now 12 nights since I stopped the Mirtazapine. This is a dreadful experience as there is no relief. I do get some sleep last night but it is so interrupted. I just wish I could walk out of my body. The aching is so strong. But the biggest problem is the knowledge that I came off a huge dose at a very quick rate. This leads to the fear that this could last a long time. I have taken 100mg of Tegretol for the last couple of days but it makes no difference. So I will probably stop taking it. I recognise how badly this withdrawal was handled. This is just frightening. I will stick around on the site as I appreciate the encouragement people give to one another on here. Best of luck.
  20. Hi NZ members!! My name is Rachel and I am over a year clean off of Effexor XR. Since then, I have been working with my brother, who is in the Mental Health sector, to support people on the same journey. Check out our new Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/safetaperingnz/ This group is for people considering, in the process of or who have experience with psychiatric drug withdrawal. The goal of this group is to create a hub of resources and discussion to support those who want to withdraw in a safe way. We recognise that psychiatric drugs can be beneficial for some while harmful to others. Everyone's experience is valid. We will not tolerate any shaming or discounting of others' experiences. If you are thinking about coming off your psych meds, we recommend you gather resources and support before starting the tapering process, and attend The Mind Tribe's weekly support group to talk with people who have lived experience. Please visit our website for a list of resources and education on how to taper. www.themindtribe.org Our support group is in Auckland and I will post more about it shortly but feel free to message me or reply to this post if you are interested. Lots of Love
  21. ittakesavillage

    ittakesavillage 1 Year Off Effexor

    Thank you!! Will do!
  22. Altostrata

    JackieDecides: off Lexapro, tapering omeprazole

    Jackie, you go grrrrl. You're on the move despite uncertainty. Love reading your "grateful" list, reminds me to do the same!
  23. Yesterday
  24. @BadMedicine Others here will have advice for you on how to untangle the sertraline from the olanzapine. I'm not at all fond of my original prescriber but I'm glad he at least didn't stack me on multiple drugs. You can get syringes cheaply at most chemists. I had to try a few for the larger sizes but they're common enough. Fleabay is also another option, pipettes are also easily found on there. I've done a lot of crying on and while coming off this drug! Lately less so since doing the deep work on the trauma, but I never mind a good cry :-) Cheers
  25. How have your symptoms changed since July 15, when you went back to 5mg? (That's what your signature says.) As you know, there's a reason we tell people to taper by 10% rather than 50% at a time.
  26. Altostrata

    bijay: Amitriptyline weaning problems

    Can you get by with a half-dose of Zofran a day for a couple of weeks? This might get you through. Otherwise, I might updose back to 8mg and coast on that for the rest of the summer. There's no hurry to taper off. Let your nervous system rest.
  27. Altostrata


    Is this how you feel when you wake up or does this ramp up in the afternoon?
  28. Thanks @Altostrata. I will try to do that. I get certain periods of the day when I am available to post, but it's been spotty; I apologize for the inevitable confusion. I'll strive to do one full day at a time. Ok. That makes sense. Thanks in advance, @Shep. So, 0.25mg morning and then night, or 0.125mg morning and 0.375 night might be better? Me, too. It was how the gabapentin and Klonopin were prescribed - with the idea that I'd be able to 'taper off the Kloponin pretty quickly' and keep only the gabapentin on board, according to the hospital doc. I left the hospital (late Feb) taking 1200mg gabapentin/day (300 2x/day and 600/night). I was immediately severely constipated, and within 3 weeks I had developed terrible acid reflux - most acute immediately taking gabapentin. It also didn't feel particularly helpful. So, the IOP doc suggested I cut the whole daily dose in half - 200mg 2x/day and 300mg/night, and the stomach issues settled. Most recently, though (just before join SA), I tapered to 0mg/day and 300-->270mg/night (since it was starting to cause some physical dysregulation after taking it). I have been tapering the Klonopin since the hospitalization (still am, though on a hold right now); I tapered completely off daytime doses back in late April, I believe. I can't believe this, given both drugs work on GABA receptors and have been around awhile, but the database reads "No results found in our database - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist." πŸ˜• Any advice on how to proceed? Thank you, again. This all makes sense. I know that when my digestive system is irritated, other allergies are more acute. Re: the almond milk, it looks like most recourses say almonds are moderate-to-high in histamine, (and high in but otherwise suggest almond milk, which is confounding (https://www.histaminintoleranz.ch/downloads/SIGHI-Leaflet_HistamineEliminationDiet.pdf). Better to just eliminate it for now. Something is going on with food; over the last 6-8 weeks at least, my anxiety had spiked at least 50% of the time immediately after - or as - I eat. Thank you, again, @Altostrata! And let me know if you need any more information from me, @Shep.
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