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  2. Thanks Gridley, not forcing myself feels relieving. I really appreciate you helping me, I don’t think that I could get through this without support from yourself and others. I love animals and I have two dogs that depend on me for a walk daily. We found a small kitten about two months ago left outside, so now we have one adult cat and now this kitten we’ve named George. He is a handful at times, and a little too much for me some moments. Too difficult to turn him away. My young adult children are taking on more responsibility for him because I’m not my normal self. I’ve read that your a dog lover also. I lost my dog Princess last October, she almost made it to 15 years old. I miss her so much every day. She was always by my side. Thank you again, your helping me stay strong and I really appreciate it. Hugs 🤗
  3. direstraits

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    thanks,Carmie so nice to hear from you again. this has been a very difficult month,very few windows. was better yesterday and was able to finally vacuum and shower,even got dinner ready,usually my husband does it. this summer has been so hot and humidity has been unbearable,even at the beach.supposed to cool off tomorrow,hope I can enjoy the weekend. I'm glad you had a wonderful day with your friend,that sounds so lovely. I just love being by the water so much,well I am a Pisces.😄 🐟 big hugs,ds❤️
  4. @brassmonkey : Honestly thanks for your inputs, I will try to incorporate it , i love reading the blog or the data you have posted. From the 9.5 th month onwards , my symptoms have increased. Headaches , more afterimages , low grade fever for every few hours a day with severe muscle pain and tingling feeling on my toes and feet , weird visual disturbance . I think I got astigmatism , floaters are prominent , strangely tinnitus stays at its bay , i feel the volume is reducing or maybe i'm habituated to it , I heard so many ppl go thru the NOTORIOUS 10th MONTH Wave , I might be going through this , the reason being I got all my vitals checked and everything has been normal except for Vitamin D and B12 , which I'm taking one weekly and daily basis. Might be my symptoms are due to these vitamins deficiency . Vitamin B 12 stands on 194 Vitamin D on 24. i heard ur blog which says after 10th month wave most of them to base level or at least reduction of majority symptoms hope that happens to me . @Altostrata u have any inputs as to about low grade fever and fatigue during withdrawal , its stands at 98.9 degree F some days and max 99.3 degree F , not more than dat. I got Blood Count done , Scans and LIver and Kidney Tests and Thryroid test : All with range , ESR ( just to check for inflammation in body ) is also in normal. So I voluntary got Vitamin D and B12 done I had an MRI in DEcember , I'm not sure if I need one again , headaches are minumi maybe 1 hour in a day ( its like burning feeling ) , the doctor is also confused , and I don't take any tablet for the fever , it comes and goes by its own , sometimes i feel feverish , but when i check the temperature its on the normal range ( 98.5 ) Im scared if I'M missing something on health perspective , just the simple answer for this is the notorious 10 month WAVE I need your inputs/Suggestions here
  5. Daily Log: 8/21 (Wednesday) 8/21: 12 midnight - woke up, tookd 1 mg Melatonin, I may have fallen back to sleep but I am not sure 2pm - next time I remember looking at the clock, took 1 mg Melatonin, got up and laid on the couch anxiety is there but lower than it was 24 hours ago instead of dwelling on my anxiety level, i was just focusing on why the heck my body wont let me sleep 5am - noticing major butterflies in my stomach 6am - got up to feed dogs 6:30am - took 1.25 mg Prozac 8am - got to work anxiety has lessened a bit, like a 2 now 8:15am - anxiety is like a 1 now, I feel ok I noticed the chest pressure has gotten a lot better just still worried about why I am having so much difficulty sleeping when it used to be the easiest thing I did in life and with such interrupted sleep, I feel very wide awake 8;30am - 1st day of taking 250 mg DLPA 9:30am - snacked on some grapes and then some yogurt 10am - feeling a little different in the head. Not sure if this is dizzyness. 10:30am - getting that tired feeling, feeling like something is "rushing" my head If I were at home, I would like down to rest not sure how to describe this odd sensation in my head - maybe a buzzed or drunk feeling? 11am - anxiety is at a 2 (just got back from a walk, too) 11:30am - ate a little lunch 11:45a - anxiety is a 2 or 3 chest pressure is stronger making it harder to breathe comfortably and heart palpitations 12noon - took a 1 hour lunch, rested in my car 1pm - anxiety is down to a 1, I wish i could go lie down some more 2pm - mid - lower back is bothering me 2:30pm - feeling very awake but not wired or restless, anxiety is still low 2:45pm - went on a walk 3pm - feeling heart palpitations, it feels like my heart is thumping rest of anxiety is low but the palpitations make it a 3 3:45pm - heart palpitations have gone down anxiety is back to a 1 my mood is better, mentally I am feeling more "normal" right now 4pm - anxiety back up to a 2 4:05p - took a walk 4:20pm - anxiety is a 2 or 3 biggest concern today is now my back pain and the heart palpitations, like a 2 - 3 range not a lot of breath support when I am trying to talk 5pm - left work 6:30pm - anxiety has lessened 8pm - took 400 mg Magnesium and 25 mg Iron lying on the couch, I notice I am moving around a lot, very fidgety, can't get comfortable maybe a little RLS in my left leg? beginning to feel sleepy though 9pm - I actually dozed off on the couch but something woke me up right away took 1.25 mg GABA Calm 9:30pm - took 1000 mg Tryptophan 9:45p - took 1 mg Melatonin 10pm - went to bed 8/22: 12 midnight - woke up, took 1 mg Melatonin, could not fall back to sleep 1am - got up, went out to lay on my couch
  6. Do what you can do. I wouldn't force myself. I don't push myself. Just do the basic things you can do without pressuring yourself. You could tell your husband that feeling good sometimes, then bad is totally normal in withdrawal. We call it windows and waves--windows being the good periods, waves the bad. It can switch back and forth several times a day.
  7. Hi Gridley, I just came back from a walk with my dogs. My legs feel like jelly and I’m exhausted. So I find driving to my counselling appointments too much at the moment, so should I only do bare bones necessary things? I don’t feel capable to drive on the freeway, just too stressful. I feel like I need someone to be with me when I go to the store, it’s all overwhelming. Is this normal, will it ease up. I actually feel like I’m never going to get off this drug. I don’t want to be on it, my family says that I’m not myself . I’m so emotional and the lack of sleep I’m sure is contributing to it. I just feel desperate at times. My husband finds it all confusing on how I can be almost fine then not so good. I’m sorry I’m trying to be strong it’s really difficult. So if I’m not up to counselling and anything else, I shouldn’t do it, just make myself do some basic things until this calms down, it should calm down correct? Thanks for your support, I depend on it, your really helping me.
  8. Hi Shep, I appreciate your assistance with this. Prior to July 24th, I hadn't felt the need to use Melatonin for a while. I maybe took only 1 mg Melatonin and that was enough. After July 14th, with the horrible insomnia, I guess I decided to up the dose myself. With the insomnia, I would take 1 mg Melatonin around 10pm, however, after that, it was whenever I felt it necessary. So, yes, I have been taking anywhere from 3 mg - 4mg (there were a couple nights I did 4 mg) per night throughout this whole ordeal. I can cut back on this if you believe that I should. Thank you, Hope Floats
  9. I've always been a bit agoraphobic and withdrawal has definitely heightened that. WD does that, takes existing tendencies and exacerbates them. I find that when I have to do something (even drive down to the little village from the mountain where I live) can ramp up my anxiety. I really don't push myself too hard or force myself to do things, but I do try to do a few things. I try to find a balance. I'd suggest to find a balance, staying home when you need to and want to (always being kind to yourself) but still doing a few things that aren't too anxiety-producing, if you can.
  10. yesterday was awful for some reason. I had trouble sleeping the night before and so I had real green tea (not decaf) and got a headache later and ate a lot of sugar/crap instead of food and felt depressed. well, glad that day is over. I am grateful I don't have to look for a job. I am grateful I have a place to live. I am SO grateful for library books. Just finished Eat, Pray, Love and Liz is a woman who had terrible depression but got better. in large part because of taking care of herself: eating healthy, doing yoga, and meditating. I really really need to meditate and I'm going to start...this weekend. I'm going to this weekend for sure. maybe even tonight after work for even 5 minutes? well, maybe. but this weekend for sure.
  11. JackieDecides

    DMV64: reinstate Saphris?

    give yourself more time, as a wise person said. congratulations on being free of the Saphris!
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  13. Frogie


    Thanks Gridley: I’m sure things will settle down as soon as I do. I’m just taking it slow and not worried about it. I just can’t or my anxiety will ramp up worse. I’m so glad you are doing well. Makes me very happy 😃 Take care, Frogie xx
  14. Hope, this does indeed look like a paradoxical interaction happening, as you and Sassenach noted. I'm glad you're seeing improvements regarding the change in 250 mg DLPA. But I'd also like to address the issue of the high dose of melatonin. You may have already been given this and read it, but just to be sure, please see: Melatonin for sleep Please read through the first post in the Melatonin for Sleep thread. Please keep posting your drug and symptoms journal over the coming days and let's see if we can't help you set up a schedule that will have less of these paradoxical events. How much melatonin are you taking each night? The total this past night was 3 mg, which is a very high dose. Is this your regular amount or does it change each night?
  15. Hi @Carmie, Thanks for checking in. The cut is going well so far, since I only cut about 5%. The weight gain is really troubling me though, because I have an insatiable appetite. No matter how much I eat, I want to eat more. It is really affecting my self-confidence. I can't wait to be off the quetiapine, and it feels like it it taking forever to get off. I hate what these meds do to us. The studies will be stressful until 20 September, so I don't want to try control my eating until then, but after 20 September, I am going to regain control of my eating. How are you doing on your recent cut? You have come so far. Regards, B
  16. DMV64

    DMV64: reinstate Saphris?

    Thanks! It’s a little rough right now. Feel pretty shaky and agitated I believe that Shep said we should do the Geoden next. And I’m already doing that in liquid form about three times a day. So I guess that’s where we should go next? Glad you are getting sun!
  17. drugged

    drugged: multiple drugs

    The last 5 days I've taken it daily. Once a day. I really don't have a schedule for taking it and any day or night I can do without it I don't take it. I apologize that that makes it more difficult. I haven't wanted to develop a lot of tolerance for the drug so I've tried to use it only intermittently whenever possible. Ditto for the zolpidem though I'm currently taking that every night at a reduced dose. I know I'm on way too many drugs and I know they interact and I know they all cause dependence and ultimately withdrawal but I have been trying to minimize my use of the ones labeled "take as needed." The last 12 months have been extremely stressful for me and my little family. We've moved twice, once being cross country, and not because we actually wanted to leave our home in AZ. Trying to acclimatize to a colder, wetter climate. Changing doctors. Financial issues. Then my new nurse practitioner here doubles my venlafaxine dose and that throws my entire CNS into turmoil.
  18. Shep


    You'll have to find the balance of getting things done and resting. From your diaries, it's clear you're already spending a bit of time every day doing basic household chores so they don't pile up, so you're already a good judge of what you can and can't do. Even if it's only 10 or 15 minutes a day spent doing a chore, it helps.
  19. ChessieCat

    drugged: multiple drugs

    Account Settings – Create or Edit a signature We need to know if you how often you are taking diazepam, for instance every day, alternate days, twice a week, once a week, once a fortnight.
  20. Jlkdr

    Jlkdr: off Prozac

    I am continuing routine for meds etc, sleeping well. Still waking with what I call mild anxiety. I wonder if that will ever leave.
  21. Good morning Gridley I hope that your well, i had a better day yesterday trying to keep myself busy and stay positive. My sleep still isn’t great, I awakened anxious during the night and slept very lightly after the awakening. I have a counselling appointment this afternoon and I have anxiety about driving on the highway so my daughter will drive me. The thought of leaving my house to do normal things is causing me anxiety. Driving on the large highway, grocery store, going to a dentist appointment etc. is really creating anxiety. Those things just feel too much for me at the moment. I don’t want to become agoraphobic, but isn’t what I’m feeling just from a frazzled nervous system? So wouldn’t forcing myself to do things just make things worse? I looked on the site to find any information and didn’t find much on advice on what to do. What do you suggest I do , I find your advice very helpful. Thank you.
  22. drugged

    drugged: multiple drugs

    I take 5mg diazepam as needed, usually not more than once a day if that much. Currently I take 50 - 100mg tramadol upon waking and 100mg tramadol at bedtime. Tramadol is prescribed to take as needed. BTW - in my signature I have the diazepam dose wrong. Instead of 10mg it should say 5mg. The prescription is take as needed up to 3/day.
  23. Ibnabu

    Ibnabu: an inquiry

    Hi and thanks for the answer, Since 5/14/2019 till two weeks ago I was hit by recurrent infections. First severe tonsillitis, then after about 55 days another tonsillitis and two weeks ago with prostate infection. I took amoxicillin for the first tonsilitis, erythromycin for the second and Levox. for the prostate infection. I never faced recurrent infections in a relatively short time like this in my life (i am 50 yo). I had fatigue during taking antibiotics and some symptoms returned after stopping Levox. Now it is better but my bowel is affect by this. I do not know if this is withdrawal related or not. I wish I could know. I am 35 months after taking my last evil cipralex. I am afraid that infections will continue. Antibiotics cause setbacks and I hope i will continue healing.
  24. Hi Bee, How are you going with your latest cut?💚
  25. Hi Freedom, Glad to see you’ve been able to taper again. Hope the waves settle a bit soon. You’re on such a minuscule dose now, it’s amazing how every drop still affects us so much and then doctors say to people that are on 25mg of something to just jump off because it’s such a small dose???? 25mg is a really, really high dose. I hope all all goes well when you finally jump off, sending hugs🤗
  26. Carmie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Hi Direstraits, Sorry to hear you’ve felt like you’re going backwards lately. It certainly feels like that sometimes doesn’t it? It’s up, down, up, down. Sometimes we feel the downs last too long. I’m a master at distractions when it comes to waves. Hope you’ve managed to go on one of your outdoor adventures to the beach. I went on a four hour drive up the Coast with a friend to drop her mum off on Tuesday. The water there was a beautiful turquoise shade, my favourite colour, I couldn’t stop looking at it. We had lunch at the boat club overlooking the water. Beautiful! Sending hugs🤗
  27. drugged

    drugged: multiple drugs

    August 21 Wednesday 1:30 am woke up but got back to sleep 3:00 am woke up with anxiety, restlessness, rapid pulse - a mild akathisia and abdominal discomfort 10mg diazepam 5:00 got up took morning meds, anxiety less but not entirely gone, diarrhea (third day for this) 75mg venlafaxine 20mg omeprazole thyroid meds 6:00 am ate light breakfast neck and base of skull tight and painful 8:30 am nausea, anxiety, dry mouth and eyes 8:40 50mg tramadol - forgot to take it when anxiety woke me up 9:00 am anxiety easing a bit 10:00 am no headache at all, wee bit of anxiety, appetite is back, feel very tired (drug tired) 11:00 am snack 1:00pm abdominal bloating and pain (IBS) ~2:00 pm main meal 25mg Lyrica 15mg buspirone 3:00 feeling pretty good, weak but good 4:30 pm took 37.5mg venlafaxine 5:30 stiffness and pain starting in arms, shoulders and upper back, 7:00 pm 100mg tramadol 8:00 pm 50mg trazodone 5mg zolpidem
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