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  2. @AltostrataI really understand there is no definite answers. Its a gamble.. I will let you know what I decide to do. Thank you again for you relentless work in helping us all
  3. Hello Rosetta Sorry to hear you are feeling so awful: You always have a way of saying and writing so beautifully responses to other people to give them a pick me up, so I'm quoting back to you something you wrote on my thread not long ago and it was such a comfort to me: "While I am in a wave I can't see any reality outside of the one I am experiencing at that moment. I can't remember or believe that I will get better. Once the wave lets up I can. Otherwise, I'm just distracting myself from my reality in order to get through. I need someone to say to me: You will get better. You will get better. You have before; you will again." You will get better. You will get better. You have before; you will again. Things do change and tomorrow could be a whole lot different. Warm wishes - we're hanging in with you Neroli 💜
  4. I'm very sorry I can't be more definite about what you should do. I can't predict what will work, you'll have to feel your way along. That's what everybody does here.
  5. mbanks

    mbanks: Abilify liquid 9mL taper

    Whats ur dose? Can you remember when you were off the drugs, did you feel at peace for many months and then all of a sudden start to feel brain zaps, depression and overheating after about 3-4 months? That’s how I felt
  6. Have a great time, Carmie! (I'm up late tonight over in the other hemisphere.)
  7. Definitely @puthappinessfirst @intothewoods I’ve got so many other artists that I would love at a recovery party too: One Republic, Ben Howard, John Farnham, Bastille, Muse (minus the couple of songs that have swearing in them), Pete Murray, Icehouse, Lee Kernaghan, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. I think our recovery musical party would go on for a month with all the musicians I like. I’ve been so anhedonic lately, but I’m actually feeling excited about the show at the Queensland Petforming Arts Centre tonight. Belinda Davids is amazing at singing Whitney Houston songs! I loved her show sooo much last time that I had to see her again. I’m getting picked up soon. We’re going to a Thai restaurant first. I had red Thai curry for lunch, which I made, so I’m getting a double whammy of Thai food today. Yummy! Hope you’re both coping as best you can. One day this dreaded withdrawal journey will end. Sending hugs to you both🤗🤗
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  9. mbanks

    mbanks: Abilify liquid 9mL taper

    On box it says 1mg of Abilify in 1ml. Why? Is this significant?
  10. @Altostrata thank you for all your information. . I must now choose what to do . Thank you again
  11. That sounds like waves of symptoms to me. Your symptom pattern does not sound like an adverse reaction to the Seroxat dose. Again, if you want to try a tiny updose, you'll see if that's the right direction. I don't know what else to suggest. There are only a few ways to go -- up, down, sideways. Other than that, there's crossover to Prozac to bridge off Paxil. Best to work with a doctor on that. The Prozac switch or "bridging" with Prozac Not being doctors, we can't prescribe additional drugs for you, I'm sorry.
  12. @Altostrata The akathesia type symptoms are sporadic throughout the day also accompanied with like a burning skin on lower legs. I feel the need to move but its not essential, but I do cross my legs somewhat. I have no mental issues with it like suicidal or rage or ocd. Also no involuntary movements. No skipped doses or exposure to anything. Sometimes the throb at the back of the head is linked to its initial starting. I many thanks your reply. I didn't realise the volume of people on this site needing help. I'm also not aware of how many moderators are here either, as I seem to be at your door repeatedly. Once again thank you so much.
  13. Glad you’re still doing well Hazel, Good on you for having a long hold and really allowing your body to stabilise. Let us know how you go once you start tapering again. I’m down to 7mg now. I tapered again a week ago, so far the withdrawals haven’t been too bad. Last time I tapered I had pretty bad waves in amidst the windows for about three weeks. I just take each day as it comes. No use worrying about what tomorrow will bring, or even the next hour. We have to make the best of the moment we are in. I’m going to do another three 0.25mg drops, and then I’m going to try some form of micro tapering. That’s months away though. Wishing you all the best with your continued recovery.💚
  14. Are these symptoms worse at any particular time of day? How about after you take Seroxat? Have you accidentally skipped a dose recently? Are your tablets old or have they been exposed to heat or moisture?
  15. Carmie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Hi Direstraits, I’m sorry you’re still struggling so much. Yes, this journey really is a sad journey, there is so much suffering. I still try to look at the positives in my life though. Anhedonia has been pretty bad lately, but I continue to do things I love, even if I’m feeling numb. Neroli has started writing down what she’s grateful for, there are still many things to be grateful for despite the torture we are going through. I’m going to a show tonight at the Performing Arts Centre, which will be nice. It’s a Whitney Houston show by a South African singer, Belinda Davids. I’ve seen her before, she’s amazing. The music is such happy music. Last time my friends and I couldn’t stay seated the whole concert. We had to get up and dance.💃 The Show was down the Gold Coast, I’m not sure if we can stand up in our chairs at the Arts Centre. I’ve been to there heaps of times, but they weren’t events one would dance to, so we’ll see. Yes, definitely direstraits, here’s to better days ahead.💚
  16. I’m so sorry you’re struggling so much Rosetta, Sending lots of hugs 🤗🤗🤗
  17. Hi Cleerity, That’s really great getting your dosage down by a quarter soon. Slow and steady really is the way to go. Well done!💚
  18. Carmie

    Byc28: bilateral temple pain

    Hi Byc, So glad to hear that you’re taking 20mg daily again, instead of alternating doses. Yes, please give it at least a month, maybe longer, to stabilise. Then you can start tapering again by no more than 10% a month. I am doing under 4% myself. Wishng you all the best in your recovery.💚
  19. Hi Jozeff, Nice to hear from you. Yes, great choice holding while going through a major life event. Enjoy your new baby when he or she finally arrives. 👶🏻 Sending hugs🤗
  20. So glad you got a good night’s sleep Jackie🛌😴😴😴💚
  21. Hi Shoehorn, Everyone is different when it comes to withdrawals, and the patterns that may happen at one stage may totally change in the future too. Withdrawals are all over the place, there’s nothing linear about them whatsoever, I’ve learnt that in my case. A lot of people get delayed withdrawals too, like you, and that’s happened to me as well. Some people who haven’t felt the drop early on have decided to taper too soon because they thought they were doing fine. Off course, then they ended up having to hold a lot longer because the waves lasted a lot longer. I’ve done that in the past, thinking I’d be okay. Nope, not a good idea! I’ve learnt so much on this site since then. I’m all for holding as long as it takes now, and then a bit longer. The holds are just as important as the tapering. Thanks for your kind words, wishing you all the best with your continued taper too.💚
  22. bunchesofoats

    bunchesofoats: starting 2nd citalopram taper

    I'm learning to program and I just noticed there's no space between the word "Location" and the person's location. The code has print("Location" + userlocation) when it should have print("Location " + userlocation) Needs a space before the end quote. Or something like that, depending on what language this is in. Yay I'm learning something 😁. Maybe.
  23. bunchesofoats

    bunchesofoats: starting 2nd citalopram taper

    Day 6 - 20mg 8% taper = 18.4mg diary Yeah, today was harder. I woke up at 5am with body rushes. I almost laughed when symptoms returned, like "ahh, of course, hello." I still felt decent all morning, but the lack of sleep and the additional change to liquid in my last dose caught up to me. Been having trouble eating and today was no exception. Feeling dizzy, intestinal cramps, nausea, hot flushes (though to be fair today was a hot day). Self-loathing thoughts about how much I've lost due to this path,. Anger at others for not providing better help to those vulnerable. Anger again at myself for not doing a better job protecting myself, even though that's the entire point of my anxiety (or so it thinks). I remembered today about how in 2011ish my dr prescribed my citalopram. I was on a double dose of prilosec at the time and had been for years. He didn't think to ask about my other medications, and he didn't know these two interacted when I told him. I went to work with crazy hot flushes and chills, thinking maybe I was sick, until I saw my pupils dilating and contracting wildly in the bathroom mirror. That to me signaled serotonin and from there I realized it was the citalopram. I had SSRIs pushed on me so many times, and I didn't want to give in because it didn't seem worth the negatives (which I didn't even know the extent of at the time). I finally gave in, and now my mind just keeps repeating, "why couldn't you get it together enough to not be so broken?" My entire career/current lack there of hinged entirely on my poor mental health. Why wasn't there more support? Why didn't the help I did seek pan out? Enough feeling sorry for myself. Nothing to do now but try to make it work (hearing that in Tim Gunn's voice). But man am I scared I'll never make it work. Today was not productive. I did quite a bit more than what my bare minimum was in the past, though. Still, though, when do I get to "really start living"?
  24. Sorry I know I may seem like I am not listening, but I don’t know what to do so I unfortunately went back to doctors advice. I held for almost a year on Paxil with no improvement, I felt I needed to make a change, I know it was a risk, but I just didn’t know what to do anymore.
  25. @AltostrataJust to let you know before I attempt a up dose again. I have developed a new symptom over the last week on and off, lasting for periods of hours at a time. Maybe akathisia. Feeling of restlessness and urge to move my legs, also genital area, stomach and lower arms. I also getting a deep rear head ache burning. I feel my brain is shaking inside with upper body inner shakes. I cant rest or go to sleep. Things are definitely worsening. With these new symptoms especially. Should I still try reinstatement. Please reply
  26. Thank you @Carmie. I used to worry about my pattern of side effects because it seemed to start much later than most. Many SA'ers say they start to have side effects from a reduction within 5 or 7 days. I do not get mine until 3 weeks or even later. It is weird. But it seems to be consistent so that is comforting. Reading your signature, you have been through a lot and come out strong. I admire you! I wish you the best for your continued taper.
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