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  2. LilBit

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I continue to keep getting conflicting advice. I was really hoping this functional medicine doctor would be in tune with my situation and be able to offer some sound advice and get me on the right track, but it seems like she has no clue about those of us who have been injured by drugs and the possible hazards of the supplements. I honestly think my situation is this: I got hooked to a benzo, misdiagnosed as BP2, got put on a cocktail of antipsychotics, antidepressants, and so-called mood stabilizers which all wound up damaging me. Then I was exposed to toxins from MRIs, antibiotics, and mold. Now what I’m dealing with is a combination of insomnia, sleep apnea, neurotoxicity, and withdrawals. I think what is doing me in and eventually going to kill me is the lack of sleep, as it seems like my body is slowly shutting down because I’m not getting enough of it. I have no clue what to do at this point as no doctor I have seen has been able to really help me and I can’t seem to find anyone else who is in the same situation as me. At this rate I don’t even know if I’m going to make it through the next month.
  3. @Altostrata @ChessieCat You guys have been so helpful throughout this process and i wondering if you could help me again. i was recently switched from 15mg lex to 20 mg celexa by my doc, as he thought (Wrongfully) that my symptoms were from the lexapro. Regardless, I understand that these two drugs are extremely similar chemically, and that i believe 20mg celexa would be equivalent to 10mg lex, so i clearly made a fairly large drop (which i have not noticed any effects from yet *knock on wood*). My question is, if i am following the 10% rule, that means that I technically just made my taper longer, correct? would i have been better off staying on the lexapro. Even though I dropped my dose and have not had any side effects, i am having a hard time seeing this as a success since I just lengthened by taper by a number of months. Hopefully, since this drug is less potent compared to lex, i will experience fewer withdrawals?
  4. Frogie

    Tips for tapering off trazodone (Desyrel)

    What I did was I took 10 of my Xanax tablets and weighed them. They weighed 1.50 grams (mg). I then divided that by 10 to get an average. It averaged .150grams (mg). I took the back of a spoon and crushed the Xanax into a fine powder and weighed 5% off of the .150mg which equaled .142. I put the powder into "0" size vegetable capsules that I ordered off of Amazon cheap. I weighed a month's worth. I put them into a baggie and marked the baggie, "June, 2019 Xanax, 90 capsules, 5% taper from .150mg to .142mg." It was easier for me to do i that way than to dry cut each tablet. Brassmonkey told me to try it that way. He is very smart and has a lot of experience doing that. It's only my suggestion. The mods and especially Brassmonkey knows a lot about this. You have to do what's right for you. Maybe you could talk to Brassmonkey about it. That's how he did his taper off Paxil. But I will be here for you. It's nice to have a friend back ☺️ Take care, Frogie xx
  5. Thanks for reaching out...i read your post, and yes, we seem to be in a very similar position with. Unfortunately for us, this is getting in the way of our future endeavers in the medical field. How has the brain fog/DR been since you been tapering.. has it gotten worse or better?
  6. street129

    Tips for tapering off trazodone (Desyrel)

    Haven't been here over a year still at my beginning point 250mg of TrazodoneI need to get off of this drug. I want to dry cut but I don't know how to begin, a little help goes a long way. how do I start to do the dry cut with a scale. My ordered scale is on its way,
  7. phillyfan24

    Horns85: Lexapro withdrawal

    Wow, your story has given me such hope...thank you so much for updating along the way. I am dealing with DR and excessive fatigue after tapering lex and after reinstatement, and am taking it slow now. As as per your weight, have you had blood work done for your thyroid? I know the many that have been through this process have found that it messes with their thyroid levels. Specifically, hypothyroidism is something that will cause no weight loss no matter the diet/exercise.
  8. Today
  9. Sassenach

    BreathofAir: dual taper mistake

    Hi Rachel How are you doing today?
  10. I was having a thoroughly awful day. I was beginning to doubt whether the drug was working. I suppose most people know if it stops working as they may feel depressed. Problem is I was given this as a precaution and don't believe I was ever depressed. Fed up, down, tired, lousy but not depressed. I have no way of knowing for sure whether I had poop out or WD. The really good timing has lifted me and I am sure I will get there eventually. You make a really good Guinea Pig ( no offence intended ). I hope you get chance to share this Paul and the girls. SAS
  11. direstraits

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Thanks for all your support.❤️ much love,ds xx
  12. Frogie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    I try my hardest to stay positive, even in my situation. You'll be fine. Just some "bumps" you have to get through. I'm thinking of you... Take care, Frogie xx
  13. Thanks Sas! yeah I was feeling hopeless 😩 and that’s an understatement. Ive even managed to head a meeting at work using “big” words not forgetting my train of thought and having a clear head. That hasn’t happened even before wd and poop out!! I have had to record it in case it doesn’t happen again for a while and I can remind myself it really did 😊 thank you for hug 🤗 Sas how are you and do please answer ? Your friend LRH
  14. Frogie

    street129: hi

    Hi: It's been forever since I heard from you. The last time I saw you post, you said you were going to hold for a long time. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to try a taper again. If you go slow enough, and follow the instructions on here, you will do fine. It took me forever to listen. Once I did, I started to feel better and was able to get off the Lexapro. I've been off almost 3 months. I've had 2 little "bumps" but they only lasted a couple of days. Overall I feel good. I'm now tapering my Xanax, then I'll be done with these horrible meds! Just taking it nice and slow. But, the best news is we bought a house in a city! That was the most stressful 2 months after going through wd. but it's ours. Now I just have to be patient because we have to save the money for a moving company, but at least I know I'm getting out of here. And my fiance needs to find a job now that we have bought the house. Again, I'm so happy for you. If I can do it you can do it! Just nice and slow wins the race. I'm here for moral support if you need it or just to chat. I just don't get on very often. But I will check with you here and there. I have a thread that's called Frogie's Off-Topic where we can chat all we want😊 Good luck!!!! Take care, Frogie xx
  15. Hi you. I am so happy for you, you can own up now, were you beginning to doubt it would ever happen? If I was there I would give you the biggest hug, a really tight one🤗. You deserve it after the last few weeks. One question. Why are you on here and not enjoying it with real people? Hope it continues and thank you for sharing, really good timing. Hugs Sas
  16. direstraits

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    aww,thanks so much,Frogie...it means so much. I think we have to remain as positive as we can,not always easy but I think it helps. xxx
  17. eboyd

    eboyd: years in the making

    I took your advice and it seems that the adrenal supplements are too much for me. I feel way too amped up and I really don't like it. I ran out completely and didn't feel horrible off of them. I did go in to a small wave, but I stabilized pretty quickly. I did get anxiety at the same time in the evening off of them, though. The cold showers seem to help and the 5htp and magnesium at night helps to calm me down with the evening anxiety. I have also found that the 5htp fixes my gut issues pretty well on its own. I am currently taking the vitamin D, COQ10, and 5MTHF. It seems to work pretty well. I will stick with that and see how it goes. I may reduce the vitamin D since summer or is suppose to be here and I should be getting more sun.
  18. Frogie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Thanks. I wish it was sooner to move back to civilization, but it will be her before I know it. Thanks for the encouragement. I can use all I can get. I'm always thinking of you. And hoping you are getting better everyday.❤️ Take care, Frogie xx
  19. street129

    HI MARIE123

    Want to say hi to marie123, I'm waiting on the stuffs. I will inbox you once they arrive. It's such a good feeling when you find that compassionate person and can say all is not lost. Y out are highly admired.
  20. Shane88L

    Plshelp: olanzapine 5mg

    I hope you have loving support to help you during the hardship. You deserve all the love and support in the world.
  21. direstraits

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Yes,I've read all you've been dealing with...you're doing great! was glad to read you'll be moving back to civilization! Haven't forgotten you either...thanks for thinking of me. ds ❤️
  22. Frogie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    You will get better. I have to remember that also. I’m doing well, despite all the stressful situations I’ve had in the last couple of months. I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you. I am thinking of you. I just don’t get on here much. Take care, Frogie xx
  23. direstraits

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Thanks. Take care,ds❤️
  24. manymoretodays

    Dejavu: can anyone tell me what's going on?

    Hi Dejavu! What wonderful updates. You are amazing. Love, peace, healing, and growth, mmt
  25. direstraits

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Thanks,Frogie hanging in there. sounds like you're doing well...so happy for you. love from ds.xx
  26. Plshelp

    Plshelp: olanzapine 5mg

    Shane, Thanks for your inquiry. I have just been released from hospital again for the 2nd time in the last 3 months. They have taken me off all antipsychotics and antidepressants. Changed my diagnosis to borderline personality disorder and recommended that I attend day hospital for a outpatient program with a psychiatrist and psychologist team. I'm still struggling to function, but I'm more able to do things on my own, but I'm far from feeling like myself at all. I still feel dead inside on many levels. Thanks for asking, I hope that you're doing well. Namaste.
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