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  2. ChessieCat

    Dawnd: help to reinstate

    And if you don't like to eat dates by themselves you can make balls that contain dates. I'll send through some recipes.
  3. @ChessieCat ok, just did, thanks
  4. Adili13

    Tips for tapering off Paxil (paroxetine)

    Has anyone experimented with tapering down to 12.5 paroxetine ER and using that pill and it’s extended property to stabilize better than being on a liquid dose or paroxetine standard release.
  5. I suggest you ask this question in the Paxil topic: tips-for-tapering-off-paxil-paroxetine
  6. Has anyone experimented with tapering down to 12.5 paroxetine ER and using that pill and it’s extended property to stabilize better than being on a liquid dose or paroxetine standard release.
  7. Today
  8. Thanks for all that information @RachelSusan. You're correct about why I was asking. And I think you're right that it was a combination of things. I'm still a relative newbie to tapering. And also, believe it or not, to the concept of windows and waves. After my crash, my 10 month wait for stabilization was surprisingly linear. I had 1 day in all that time that I can recall clearly identifying as a definite window, but honestly, there are big chunks of that 10 months that I can't remember. The fact that I wasn't experiencing windows, per se, was quite alarming at the time, until I started to realize that each week was ever so slightly better than the previous one. I still find that odd. I'm so glad you have the support of a good partner too. I am in complete awe of the people who do this while living solo. They are so strong. There are some truly amazing people on this site. And I am so happy that you are doing well and creeping - relatively unscathed - toward freedom. You never knew it, but when you described how you laid on a cot in your Mom's room during her final days because you were too dizzy to stand, I cried for you. And look at you now! I'm sure she's so proud! You related that memory to me in an attempt to comfort me when I was at my very worst. I'm sure it was a painful memory for several reasons. That was very selfless of you, and I've always remembered your kindness, but I neglected to thank you. I'm sorry for that. I was not myself. With regard to my current wave, I guess 10% is just too much for me. I did well on 5%; barely felt it. Shouldn't have tried to push the envelope, but I kind of had to know, if you know what I mean. So in a weird way, it might have been worth it. Knowledge is power. Thinking about trying 3% when I shake this off, to get back into the swing of things. I'll let things settle out for a few weeks first. Day 6 of my wave: today, I woke with considerably less anxiety. It was definitely there, but it faded completely by this afternoon. Then came the waterworks, which invariably happens after the anxiety finally releases it's grip. Also my appetite has now returned (which is good news/bad news...lol!). What has ramped up now is leg weakness, hand tremor, some dizziness and a slight visual disturbance. It's a fair trade to ditch that horrible anxiety. I'm thinking the fact that the symptoms are morphing is a good sign.
  9. ChessieCat

    Mrcumbia: Prozac 25 years

    I've got a book Fitness After 40 written by a physiotherapist. She says to ease into a stretch, don't jerk. Don't bounce while stretching. Do not do a neck stretch if it produces pain or tingling down either arm. And as Dejavu said: DO NOT do quick circling movements with your head and neck. This puts strain on the neck joints. When circling the arms don't do it with straight arms out to the side, you can do it with elbows bent and hands on shoulders. And don't for the chin tuck exercise too.
  10. Csilover

    Csilover: What to do? Effexor

    @Altostrata I’ve become very agoraphobic. My startle response is high and my depression is much worse. I was feeling more connected to people and my emotions. Now I feel very distant and mood swings like crazy. Can’t sit still. Is two weeks too late to reinstate? Even a small amount? Like half a 12.5? I was doing really good the first week after the drop and then when I dropped the second dose and feel horrible. I know I need off seroquel eventually but my reaction to the drop has not been good and it’s been two weeks and my emotions seem to have only gotten worse as times gone one. I don’t know if it makes a difference with half life being shorter and what not.
  11. Dejavu

    Mrcumbia: Prozac 25 years

    I used a very flat pillow, or sometimes no pillow at all. My neck was sometimes stiff in the morning, but those stretches Chessie is talking about usually did the trick. Also, neck rotations are good, but remember to do them slowly. But if you can tolerate stomach sleeping, it also helps you breathe easier. Good if you happen to suffer allergies or withdrawal-induced dyspnea.
  12. That's fantastic! Really glad you enjoyed it. As an encouragement for other members, remember that it doesn't have to be something big like what Cocopuffz has done. Anything that you can do now that you weren't able to do previously is progress. I recently hurt my back and have had to rely on my daughter to do my washing. I experienced real joy this morning being able to do a medium load of washing (medium sized items) and hang it inside on a clothes airer. Something that I usually think of as a chore. And being able to easily get a meal ready for myself because I no longer need the crutches.
  13. ChessieCat

    Deblou46: withdrawal

    Hi Deblou, Please create your drug signature. This allows us to see your drug history at a glance. Please include any other drugs you have previously or are currently taking. Instructions for what is needed: please-summarize-your-withdrawal-history-in-your-signature This link goes to your signature. Remember to Save after creating/editing it. Account Settings – Create or Edit a signature Thank you.
  14. ChessieCat

    andy013: 4 years off and counting...

    I glad that you know to start with a very low dose and also that you plan to wait for a good amount of time before increasing. I will also the other mods for their assistance.
  15. ChessieCat

    Mrcumbia: Prozac 25 years

    If you start sleeping on your stomach, it might be a good idea to do neck stretches when you get up and during the day to "offset" any bad posture overnight. You could do a search online to see what might be good. Also be aware that if we change our posture in one area, it can affect other areas of the body too.
  16. ChessieCat

    mustafa: withdrawals

    Any you should make sure you still brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush.
  17. ChessieCat

    mustafa: withdrawals

    Thanks Brass. You're welcome mustafa. And the more often you can do it the better. If you get up during the night rinse then too. And definitely after eating or drinking (other than water). When I have a sore mouth I like to hold the salt water in my mouth for a little while before spitting it out. It doesn't have to be every time.
  18. RachelSusan

    RachelSusan: Zoloft - on, off and reinstated

    @Dejavu It is only a theory but I think the effects of tapering are cumulative. I think for my body I went too fast over a period of a few months and then it finally caught up with me. I went slower than the advised 10% but at the time it was just too much for me. I think the longest time the symptoms were debilitating was about 3 months. The longest period of time I had unabated symptoms was 6 months but I can't claim the entire time was horrible, 3 months horrible then some sort of nuisance symptoms that were in the background the rest of the time. In 4 years I have had more than setback. What I think I am hearing from you, but I am not sure, is possibly you are trying to understand why this happened so the you can avoid it in the future??? It could be the Flonase, it could not be. Could be the Flonase combined with the speed at which you were tapering. I am not saying you were tapering too fast, not saying that at all. Just could be that drug combined with how your body works. I tried to understand every time I had a setback so that I could avoid a future setback. I never really could know for certain which drove me nuts. The main thing is getting you to return to feeling good again. I think giving your body a chance to adjust for a bit longer is a good idea. Then if you don't adjust you can revisit your options. It sounds like your husband is a real good guy. I have the same on my end. I felt immense guilt for putting my husband through this with me. But in the end all my husband ever wanted was for me to feel good. Now that I have it under control and I do feel good, most of the time, he is very pleased. Your husband will be OK with it. Once you start to feel better he will feel better too. Hang in there. You will recover from this setback. The only question is how many days will it take? Let's hope that it will take as few days as possible. Warm wishes, R
  19. Yes, it is messed that capitalism has put cash over human life. There are improvements in it though. Especially with what the UK has done is a massive step. You will get there!!! It may feel like it will never happen! But it will! I am doing very well. I just did a 4 day canoe trip with some friends. It was roughly a 55 km paddle and lots of portages!! It was great I was barely able to get out of bed a year ago. Now I can do this! It seems surreal but it is not. You will get through it! Never forget! Everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed
  20. Yesterday
  21. Amazing to hear! Great work All the best in your future!
  22. Good luck! I will say as you decrease the dose....it can take a toll to be in a constant state of withdrawal every few weeks. I followed the GAB taper excel spread sheet and only dropped 5 or 10% at a time. If you have the holidays or an event you are looking forward to consider stabilizing for a longer spell like a few months. I wish I had down that maybe more often. It is nice to feel better and easy to forget its withdrawal that you are feeling and not you just unable to cope or something. Read the materials moderators send you about withdrawal. It will reassure you.
  23. mustafa

    mustafa: withdrawals

    @ChessieCat, @brassmonkey, Thanks alot for the very good information, going to try salt water and tell u how it goes. Good night for both of u ❤.
  24. @Claudius: I read your story many, many times while in the thick of my own gruesome near cold turkey WD. Thank you for the update on where you are now which sounds pretty good, all horrors considered.
  25. Mrcumbia

    Mrcumbia: Prozac 25 years

    Dejavu, thank you for giving me words of hope. Hope I think is something that helps a person endure difficult circumstances. Knowing that I’m not the only one I guess helps a bit. I wish all of you guys the best.
  26. Hi all, I logged in for one more time today after my last post now more than 2 years ago already! I am still doing pretty well. Now working for 4 years in my current job. There are still some residual issues which I did not have before my horrific almost cold turkey withdrawal. Also I still have to cope with the ongoing medical ignorance and my two elder sisters who still think my whole experience with Paxil/Seroxat is nonsense... and still sometimes sugggrest I should see a psychiatrist... I completely avoid the subject now in my sparse contacts with them. Luckily my 83 years old mum has been of great support , knows my story well and is so happy to see me function normally again. Also my current GP takes my story seriously. But my heart breaks when I still read recent stories here from doctors who still insist that WD does not exist and poeple need this stuff for life. So in short, I have my life back at least for the largest part. Now 12 years after the last dose I wonder if even further healing will take place but nothing is impossible I think I am pleased to see this site still exist after sites like PP and others have closed long ago. Hang on everybody and good to read that more and mroe people are aware of the need to taper extpremely slowly. I still wonder how things would have been if I would have known that 14 years ago. But I am still here and did eventuelly largely recover from a gruesom cold tuerkey withdrawal which makes me formly belief that recovery is in the end possible for even the worst cases.
  27. @Erell, thank you. I'm trying.
  28. True words were never spoken, @Gridley! Thanks for your support. It means a lot.
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