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  2. I am sorry you feel that way, I am just a guy struggling, trying to figure out the best course of action. Certainly not my intention to waste anyone’s time, though I get how you feel the way you do with all that I have done the last 6 months or so.
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  4. RubyJ

    RubyJ: tapering off Abilify

    Thanks so much -- I'm sorry that I didn't reply then, I thought that I did! I've been asymptomatic steadily for at least two weeks now after reinstating, so yesterday (April 24th) I tapered my next step down to 0.14mL from 0.15mL (10% is 0.135 so rounding up got me 0.14). Hopefully I can stay on track to reduce again in 4 weeks! Oh, and after Medicare part D went back into effect, I had no trouble getting the bottle of Abilify. Timing . . .
  5. Hi, Cleerity -- I'm so excited for you that you've had such success. Slow but steady, said the tortoise to the hare xD I hope it continues so!
  6. DogLover

    Overwhelming anxiety

    the most helpful for me is deep breathing. i take a deep breath, hold it for ten second and exahale. i do that 20 times. then hold my breath for a minute. ill repeat the process 3 times. while im counting to ten i visualize the numbers. the entire thing is pretty physical, but its the only thing that helps with bad anxiety.
  7. Gracee

    RedMachine: stuck between two rocks

    Anxiety is the worst. Do you sometimes take benzos to take the edge off?
  8. childishbranzino

    childishbranzino: Lamictal and Abilify

    If it’s safe I’d like to be off much sooner than the eight weeks from now that puts me at but I don’t have enough information to be comfortable going any faster
  9. childishbranzino

    childishbranzino: Lamictal and Abilify

    I reduced my dose to 0.2 about a week ago. Right now the plan is to reduce by .025 mg every other week starting next week until I’m completely off of it, but I’m open to other suggestions.
  10. Carmie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Well said Gracee 💚
  11. Gracee

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    You are having good days. Use them as reminders that there will be more of them.
  12. Carmie

    Dmitry: hello

    Hi Dmitry, Thanks for doing your signature. Could you add the tapering dates and the doses of the Escitalopram to your signature as well. Thank you. Reinstating has helped a lot of people. It doesn’t help everyone though, and in a few cases it’s made things worse, but a lot of people have found it beneficial. I’ve actually updosed myself when I tapered too quickly in the past and it really helped me. I didn’t know about this site then, but I just thought if I go back up a bit it might help, and it did. I had such severe akathisia that I felt like I was being electrocuted. After a week of that I did an updose, and within a few days the symptoms subsided. You’ve been off the meds for a little while now so it may not be wise to back on the last dose you were on. You might want to reinstate a smaller dose. I’ll see what dosage the other mods advise. Please keep up updated as to how you’re doing. 💚
  13. Dave, You have never listened to the mods' suggestions in the past. Why are you putting them and us on this merry-go-round again?? Sorry, if I am inappropriate, but I have a huge amount of respect for the WD suffers on SA and the mods who volunteer their time and expertise. Sometimes it sounds like you are playing us.
  14. Hi asc, If you are feeling suicidal please seek local support. Please see this topic: for-those-who-are-feeling-desperate-or-suicidal This is the link for support in Canada: canada-suicide-hotlines
  15. ChessieCat

    Donations gratefully accepted

    See Post #1 and click on the box in the quote. The donations button is not available at this time.
  16. Carmie

    puthappinessfirst: starting the fight

    That’s true Happiness, Let’s continue to make nice memories no matter how awful we feel. I love having fun things to look forward to. If I’m too sick on the day, well I’ll do something another day, but just having things to look forward to makes a difference. Next month I’m going to a bird park twice, with two different groups of friends. The birds fly on you, you just have to be careful you don’t have anything loose and dangly on as they’ll fly away with it. A friend of mine nearly lost his glasses once. I’m going to be wearing long sleeves too as they can scratch and bite too. I looooove nature. I’m also hoping to go to Australia Zoo again in the near future. I have to see the meerkats again. Awwww! So cute! I’ve got a number of friends that have asked me to visit and stay with them too, I’ll have to get around to doing that too. I’ve just been so sick with CFS. I’m spending lots of time in bed. I’ll get to visit them all one day. Here’s to continuing to have fun things to look forward to.💚
  17. Carmie

    ☼ direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Hi direstraits, I’m really sorry. I do know that feeling like you have to get away and can’t stay in a certain place, it happens when I have bad akathisia. It’s like you’re not in control of yourself. Fortunately I’ve been able to keep the akathisia to a minimum by tapering slowly. Yes, five years is certainly a long time to be in protracted withdrawal. I really am sorry. Alto had the same thing happen to her, but she did eventually recover. There is no quick fix unfortunately. It’s just trying to get through a minute at a time some days. Sending lots of hugs your way🤗
  18. puthappinessfirst

    puthappinessfirst: starting the fight

    Agree with you there. I'm out and about more than I was while I was "stable" on meds. Distraction is key and being around people usually makes me feel better, less alone. Plus gives me something positive to look forward to. I get bad when I stay in bed and ruminate.
  19. I am sorry. I really accept defeat. Thanks everyone for trying to help me. It got me through the past months. Goodbye. I wish you all well on the rest of your lives
  20. Carmie

    Songbird: a little about me

    Hi Songbird, Sorry your shoulder is still causing you problems. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m glad you’re doing okay otherwise though.💚
  21. Carmie

    puthappinessfirst: starting the fight

    Hi Happiness, Glad to hear you’re doing okay. Enjoy the Willie Nelson concert. Yes, something with a fringe is the way to go. I’ve got a nice vest with fringes, I love fringes and crochet clothes. My concert was great, but the anhedonia was pretty bad still. It doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love though. We have to try and live as normal a life as possible. Hope you have many more good days💚
  22. Carmie

    Empath: lingering symptoms

    Hi Empath, Just go to the Success Stories forum and have a look at the stories there. Most people once they’ve healed don’t write success stories, because they just want to forget what they’ve gone through. Also, here in introductions you’ll see many people improving. Look at the ones that have the sun symbol next to their names, most of those are well on their way to recovery. If you want to know about any supplements the best thing to do is google survivingantidepressants.org and then the supplement. Looking at screens at night makes your brain think it’s still daytime and thus it doesn’t produce as much melatonin, which we need for sleep. That’s why it’s better not to look at screens a couple of hours before bed. If you do, use blue light glasses as that gets rid of some of the blue light that interrupts melatonin production. Take care, sending hugs 🤗
  23. RusTW

    ☼ Junglechicken

    JC I'm working on it.didnt realize I had it as bad.in 2017 I wiped out my gut with cipro.Since wd I've had more problems. The diet is very hard.im doing it slowly. Russ
  24. Hi gannet, Glad to hear you haven’t had any of the emotional effects of withdrawals. Yay! It’s amazing that doctors can think that 30mg is a small dose, it’s “only” 30mgs. Some people have jumped off at 1mg and have still gone through bad withdrawals. Wishing you all the best with your tapering.💚
  25. puthappinessfirst

    puthappinessfirst: starting the fight

    Hi Carmie, So lovely to hear from you. How was your concert? I'm supposed to see Willie Nelson in the near future. I have to get some fringed clothes so I can look the part when I go! I'm pretty sure I'm at my WD normal. After my CT crash, adverse reaction, and RI, I think things are going a lot better than they could be. Maybe it's because I had been on no other meds before and didn't try a plethora of them after I crashed. I also never stopped and restarted my meds before all this. I was always very consistent. *knocking on wood here*
  26. Hi Mikeyboy, Yes, insomnia and cortisol spikes are so common in withdrawals. Do you go to bed snd get up at the same time each day. Do you stop looking at screens a couple of hours before going to bed. I’ve found both these things helpful. Some people have found making your room as dark as possible helps a little bit with the morning cortisol. Cold water swimming is fabulous for withdrawals for a lot of people. Cold water in general is good as it stimulates the vagus nerve. I’d love to live near the beach, it’s my happy place. Enjoy your swimming.💚
  27. puthappinessfirst

    puthappinessfirst: starting the fight

    Thank you for the well wishes, Dave. I'm doing ok, not amazing but not horrible. I distract myself a lot and try to stay positive. My symptoms have stabilized in the month of April. Soon I'll be ready to slowly taper, still trying to decide if I want to go for liquid or compounded pills. But I still have time to figure that out.
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