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  2. Lol. It would be so nice to have a date and an assurance that it would be over. Even if it was like 4 years from now we could at least mark the days off like a prison sentence. This is cruel and unusual punishment for no offence committed.
  3. Good to hear that you have such a supportive doctor on board, and Stacy's been connected -- @intothewoods! Perhaps with your doctor's permission you can add her information to the thread on "Suggested doctors, clinicians..." or the Mad in America directory so others can get connected with her.
  4. Hey Rianon. I did a similar tapering schedule as you when I crashed. Except I was on my drug for three months and I crashed when I made the cut to 2.5 mg. It's a total shame that the pill manufacturers don't create 5 mg, 2.5 mg and even 1 mg increments. If they did that at least folks would know to take it much slower and it would make it easier for us to have the means to taper slower. But this site is a lifesaver for sure. Very crucial information on here that you can't get from a doctor or even a pharmacist. Glad you seem to be doing a bit better after reinstating the 5 mg. I reinstated back up to 10 mg and it took me around eight months to fully stabilize. I highly recommend you hold at your current dose for several months to stabilize, before you start tapering. There are a few Brassmonkey threads that go into more detail about stabilizing.
  5. Kostas

    Leo1983: SSRI withdrawal

    Hi again, As you described it, your wife's problem looks more medical than withdrawal. Hope to be well soon. I did a very slow taper of 20 mg citalopram, lasting almost 6 years! Now I am 7 years off any drug, and feeling fine. Keep well!
  6. Of course @RandyJames. Glad to be of service. It's always nice to have another tool in the toolkit to turn to. Keep us posted on how things go with that. If you happen to live in SoCal I can give you information on two places I know of that do vestibular rehab (one is a PT in Pasadena, the other is a chiropractor in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills). But it shouldn't be too difficult find someone local to you.
  7. BfromNJ

    BfromNJ: mirtazapine taper

    My legs are feeling funny. very activated and restless. like I need to stretch them or stand up. whole weird feeling through the body. any way to find relief from this? Im leary of fish oil as I seem to get more activated from it. If its akathisia, might it pass when I stabilize on this decrease? should I be stabilizing now at 12 days or is this sudden onset of symptoms normal at about this time? below is my journal from half of this day. 4/18- 5:00- woke up. layed in bed until 5:45 alarm . I think up once during night? cannot remember. -ringing/buzzing/tinnyness. ear pressure. disconnect. unusual for morning . 6:45- breakfast. - 200 mg gaba and probiotic. 8:00 - ringing/buzzing worse now. dizzyness and disconnect. shaking/pulsing/vibrating feeling head and body . can hear cracking sound in my head. continues thru morning. 9:30- very bad ringing/buzzing still 11:00- bad headache starting 11:30- luvox 18.75 mg (day 13 of taper) 12:30- legs feeling restless and weird. like I need to move them. stiff. more clear headed. not as much disconnected. tingling in bottom of feet. still shaking/pulsing/vibrating in head and shaky/pulsing/vibrating head and body. headache better. 2:00- gabapentin 200
  8. jonnypeters1234567

    RandyJames: need support

    Don't ct even if you feel really bad. The ct will just make your worse than you are.
  9. This is a great point, might be worth tabling the Klonopin taper til I get stable on the Zoloft. Good to hear from you Tom, seems things are finally settling for you. I am very happy for you!
  10. RandyJames

    Leo1983: SSRI withdrawal

    She's been off of them for like 5 years now. She's just made of iron or something lol. I was so scared for her. She does get lightheaded standing up but we're not sure if it's from the meds or not. Having WD kick in 8 months after being off the citalopram must have just sidelined you. You would have thought you were home free at that point. I'm sorry that happened. Did you taper or quit cold turkey? I hope you are feeling well.
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  12. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I really appreciate you taking the time to suggest this. I'll definitely look into this. I've been thinking about trying out some pt for the muscle stiffness so I'll try and find someone who also does the vestibular rehab. Thanks again and I hope you are doing well.
  13. Maryb

    Maryb: Cymbalta

    1:35pm - started to notice I'm feeling better (mood better, feeling a bit sharper, no nausea); 1:41pm - .5 xanax @SkyBlue @brassmonkey - How do I start to reduce .5 xanax which I take twice per day. Just took my .5 xanax. I would prefer not feel any withdrawal. What is the best way?
  14. Not knowing is terrible. I can't stand the thought of being this way, or worse if my taper goes badly, forever. I've been scared that as I first start the taper I'll start feeling a bit better for awhile and get my hopes up, and then at some point it will turn around on me and I'll be crushed. I hope you feel better.
  15. composter

    RandyJames: need support

    Rooting for you as you plan to taper! Would be a good idea to keep a log of how you feel as you make your cuts so you can see if there has been improvement. I totally get what you mean about not being able to tolerate TV. During my waves I've felt completely terrified of hearing any news, watching TV, or even checking email. Anything to do with screens and bad news felt completely overwhelming. You are not alone in that. But this is not forever. Healing is not a linear process but the brain has tremendous ability to repair itself. You will see the day when the suicidal thoughts are behind you and you can enjoy the simple things. Healing is on the horizon.
  16. Maryb

    Maryb: Cymbalta

    Feeling okay - stomach subsided 12:45pm - had lunch chicken noodles soup and half hummus wrap 1:00pm - playing solitaire
  17. Quick word to @RandyJames and @Dejavu, I know y'all are occupied just managing your day to day and may not have time for extra treatments, but I'd like to make a suggestion. I read through your descriptions of dizziness, visual disturbances, and neck/muscle stiffness and I think you would benefit from a specialized physical therapy called vestibular-ocular therapy. Nowadays PTs can receive further training in vestibular rehabilitation that can help with folks with neurological issues including concussion management. I worked with a PT as I was going through chronic post-concussive issues including dizziness and neck stiffness and she gave me some very simple but subtle eye exercises that retrained my vestibular-ocular system and relieved a lot of my issues. This is a non-drug and functional approach to repairing a system that can be thrown off by this process. If you're interested you can call local PT offices to see if they offer vestibular or concussion rehab, or search online directories for concussion rehab. I had a lot of success with it and I highly recommend it!
  18. Hi MMMM! Please excuse me for the late reply! Was having trouble with my password. I am hanging in there. Do you mind giving me a quick back round of your story.... That would be AWESOME.
  19. So I made the 10% drop to 10 mg on Monday. It's been three days so far and i have noticed an increase of symptoms: interrupted sleep, faster HR (low 100s), some dizziness/squeezed brain feeling, and a bit of impatience. It's been bearable and I want to see if it levels out over the next few weeks. But if things get worse I'll consider updosing to 10.5 mg or doing the Brassmonkey slide. I think as I go below 10 mg it'll make sense to convert to liquid and do the slide. I came across this Oliver Sacks piece this morning and agree wholeheartedly that gardens are soothing to the nervous system. "The Healing Power of Gardens": https://nyti.ms/2IGiy6g I am a young person who loves to garden and loves visiting gardens and farms. When I went through the acute withdrawal last fall, the only things that brought me peace were so fundamental: being with plants, listening to choral music, and receiving care and hugs from family. In fact I felt a visceral desire to go to the local Botanical Garden, which I hadn't been to in 15+ years. I could barely walk but my Mom took me there and we just sat on a bench, watching the pollinators and smelling the fragrance. It's become a favorite place of mine to visit for "nature therapy" since then.
  20. Hi @summer, The answer to your question is Yes. ❤️Best wishes. G.
  21. @Stacy I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble finding doctors who will support a plan to stabilize and taper slowly. If you have the means to do so, perhaps see if you can get a second opinion and establish a new neurologist or primary doc who is more understanding. I don't think it's wise to just take what you're given and hope for the best. I've had some luck with the Mad in America provider directory to find doctors in my general area who are aware of withdrawal and advocate slow tapers.
  22. @Stacy, I'm so glad you made contact with my doctor's office as she just helped me convert two meds to water solutions in Dec-January. She's keeps up to date on SA and the major media articles (NY Times, New Yorker ...see the Media section of SA) and also on psychiatric and psychology journals that are beginning to not be able to deny this. As @composter said, staying at the 10 mg is your main goal at the moment. You'll get there!
  23. @Gracee thank you for your concern. I have tried to research gabapentin. That is one reason I did not start gabapentin. I wasn't thrilled with the list of side effects, the tolerance and dependence that can occur, and the eventual need of a taper. But nearly everything has side effects to be aware of. I know one person who was given gabapentin for her chronic pain. She felt it was a pretty minor concern and not strong enough to do much. My PDoc clearly thinks I am overly concerned. I suspect he feels I am uncooperative with his efforts to help me. I just wanted to confer with minds wiser and more experienced than mine. I am so glad your taper is going well. I hope you had a good day for your fence painting. Painting is quite a job! It is good that you know when to balance activity with rest and self care. I have a question perhaps you can answer. Above I experimented with using the @ symbol to locate and put your name in this post. This is the first time I have tried this. I am very computer illiterate. When this is done is the individual then notified so they see the reply? If so I can see how it would be very helpful, especially when you want to reply to several people at once. Thanks Hope your day is a good one! I will be going to help with my grandbaby. It is always interesting even when it wears me out
  24. Dear uncomfortablynumb, i cannot see on what meds you are or were because I cannot see signatures on the iPhone. i lost all my emotions being on meds or withdrawing (very slowly). I cannot say what causes this. but i can say that i was certain that i will never have any emotion again for almost a year. After a reduction of quetiapine they started to come back. Not all yet and not in a linear way or so slowly I don’t recognize. They come as attacks, too and even positive feelings can be painful now. I definetly felt lobotomized when i had no feelings and the brainfog was worse. things have change , yet I have to wait much longer until emotions feel balanced out. I think of it as phases of withdrawl and recovery.
  25. @Stacy, this link should take you to where you can create your drug signature. Account Settings – Create or Edit a signature.
  26. Asta

    Asta: Cipralex

    Yes my symptoms are not so strong comparing to the past few months. But I don't feel like a normal human should feel, I don't feel well. But I think I feel more often like I felt bifore I started take this medication. Its very difficult to feel any progress because its a very slow process. But when I'm thinking about how I felt in the past then I realise that I am getting better. Its just that I would really like some ones confirmation that I'm on the right path.. I know that is very hard and some time's I can't cope any more and thinking why I have to suffer so much. Lee sooner or later we gona get there, and gona be able to enjoy.
  27. Was watching tv last night and there was some info at top left of screen with a timer etc, the numbers and writing was extremely small and I was sat quite far away but could read the writing and numbers very clearly, that would of been impossible to read last year, even writing 5 times that size would of been very blurry and not possible to read last year, was very surprised, hopefully vision will remain good from now on
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