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  2. Well done Dave! Congratulations ! It is "normal " to feel a bit anxious after you jump of Mirtazapine. It is weird to suddenly not have to take anything before bed. Even though Mirt did nothing for me and I went through a bad WDS, when I stopped taking it, I felt really vulnerable for a good week and it took me about a month to get over the anxiety of not taking anything. So, I completely understand how you are feeling at the moment. But soon you will forget about it and move on with your life. Good news about your ear operation. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care, Hopefull.
  3. I thought I would share this just to let other people here know that while friends and family can be well-meaning, most people have no idea what drug withdrawal is like. (I'm through 95% of the withdrawal now and things are looking really good, so hooray!) About a month ago, towards the end of my Seroquel withdrawal depression when I was still having a hard time getting off the sofa and crying at everything from movies to songs to telling stories, my aunt sent me a message checking in. I told her "I'm still waiting for my brain to level off the meds. It's taking a long time and I'm very sad." She finally replied today: "This may sound insulting, but even a simple job at a restaurant. It would get you OUT, buddy. The truth hurts, but as your aunt, I want to let you know my feelings." I think that forever the phrase "The truth hurts" will mean to me now "I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about." And here's the rub: she's been on lithium for depression for forty years! -FleeingFluoxetine
  4. Sassenach

    BreathofAir: dual taper mistake

    Good morning Rachel You seem to have made your decision based on what you did in the past, but I think your nervous system was pretty stable then. Is that correct? If it was there is no guarantee, in fact it is highly unlikely that you would follow the same course again. The only predictable element in WD is its unpredictability. The Escitalopram is central to your recovery so it should be the last thing you take risks with. Before you make the final decision talk to your GP about other possible means of treating your side effects. The Escitalopram is working, it is evident in your writing, but as you say the burning and anxiety are unbearable then look at others ways of controlling them. You are only three weeks in from updose and have improved so much. As Tom pointed out you will start from zero with an already sensitised nervous system. If you do see your GP make it clear you do not want to updose but would like help with the other symptoms. How does your husband feel about an updose? I know the rock and a hard place is horrible so I can only wish you guidance. We need more of this. Let us know your decision, may your god guide you. Strength from the North Sassenach PS before you make your decision check out @Longroadhome thread for yesterday
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  6. Please vent as much as you like, It helps to unload and be authentic and we all understand here in SA Sorry that you are feeling that terror again and I can understand the freak out. But this may just be a few hours, day or two thing, as if you remember you always had these small blips. Hold on to hope although I know the WD mind will always want to catatrophize
  7. KMart95


    I have only ever read that long holds to stablize are a good thing, at least on this forum.
  8. for me, insomnia IS the fear of not sleeping. not sleeping (or not sleeping well) for a night or two is normal (again, for me), but if I get into a fear of it and not relaxing, then it becomes insomnia.
  9. Please, if you're going through withdrawals and are struggling, there is no need to read this - it is not necessary for your healing. I am in a state of DP/DR that is intense, most days. I no longer have panic attacks, and this should be something that I take positively, but I am questioning it... Is it apathy, or acceptance? When I read a post that, if the me last year were to read, would have sent me into a state of high anxiety, I just don't get affected by it at all. I am just not there. I have read that people recall memories of their past and an emotion comes... When I try to recall past event, I cannot feel anything. I don't really care though. Is that normal? Should I care..? When I went to town the other day, I tried to picture my house, and my mind was blank. I couldn't picture any part of my house. I saw the house I used to live in. I was very confused. I also couldn't remember my home address when I was at the post office the other day. I was so shocked I told my wife when I returned home afterwards. She reassured me that it was anxiety. I want to believe that... It is 3.20am now. I am wide awake, as usual. When I go to bed, I will use my phone until my eyelids get heavy. I will have vivid dreams, to the level I have never had before in my life. They never have good feelings associated with them. Even dreams which, logically, should promote positive feelings, bring with them feelings of... dread, or anxiety. I wake every 3-4 hours, and have done so ever since my stopping of olanzapine. I am grateful that I can at least sleep to the level I currently can.
  10. Does anyone know if there are any interactions between vitamin C and buspar and Zoloft?
  11. I came back to read her posts again... My heart breaks for her... I wish she had a loving family to support her through the pain... Rest in Peace...
  12. LilBit

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    Thank you Rich, you didn’t upset me, it is more the fact that I would have expected better from the FM doctor and the experience left me greatly disappointed because I suspected what everyone here is mentioning, which is why I posted in the first place. You have been nothing but helpful and I appreciate that!
  13. LilBit

    LilBit: polypharmacy nightmare

    I completely understand and appreciate your advice! I am glad you put those doubts there because that is important, blindly trusting a doctor is what got us here in the first place so it only makes sense that this time around I want to research as much as possible to make the best informed decision. I am extremely grateful that you took the time to share your knowledge and experience with me.
  14. Shane88L

    Helpless: 15 mg Mirtazapine

    Hi helpless, I'm so sorry you're going through this nightmare... I can relate to much what you're going through on some level... How are you doing now? Best wishes, Shane.
  15. Mikegs96

    Melatonin for sleep

    So I bought the Nature made brand 3mg's of melatonin. Since that is considered too much should I cut it in half?
  16. Melatonin 1mg, 81mg Milk peptides, L-theanine, Valericalm tincture mix, scullcap tincture, Suan Zao Ren (jujube seeds) Pretty much all of them. Valerian and Skullcap are known to go into tolerance after a few weeks of use and need to be tapered. Melatonin can go paradoxical after long term use, as can milk peptides and L-theanine. They all, in some way, interact with serotonin and can cause problems in that manner.
  17. Hi Albin, I'm so sorry about what has happened to you... How cruel and unfair... I believe that you will feel better in time, even though it doesn't feel like it right now... How hard it must be... My heart goes out to you.. Doctors know nothing of the damage they cause to us. They are arrogant and ignorant, dangerous people. I often wish they suddenly realised the hurt they have caused us and continue to cause to people... I often wish they get sent to prison to atone for their crimes. I used to not have this anger in me... I'm struggling myself with withdrawal from olanzapine I was put on for... mild anxiety. Anxiety. 8 months later and I'm beginning to have an easier time with life. Hope to hear from you, Best wishes, Shane.
  18. eboyd

    eboyd: years in the making

    Yes. I take Vitamin D in the morning with the COQ10, and 5MTHF. 5HTP and magnesium in the evening.
  19. Grayskies

    Grayskies: new journey

    Thanks brassmonkey.. No medications for the migraines— my doctor actually wanted me to increase my Effexor back up to 75 mg to treat the migraines.. I’d pick migraines over undoing all this progress. The good news is I’ve been having them without the headache, so it’s just 20 minutes where I feel like I’m losing my mind is all.
  20. mdv42

    mdv42: looking for help

    Thank you! They are following the Ashton Manuel, but I think your right. I need someone to help me with a taper plan from the klonopin 1mg bid (with the occasional .125 for anxiety)
  21. Hi Holly, Thank you for writing your positive post... It helps! I hope you're keeping well! Best wishes, Shane.
  22. I'm on my fourth day at 55 mg of Venlafaxine. I continue with severe back pain, which currently effects my whole body. I see a back specialist tomorrow. Fatigue has also been severe. All the above some what masks what is going on due to the drops in Venlefaxine. Cheers to All who persevere.
  23. Hi Alto. -when I get out of bed in the morning: half of my cytomel dose (12.5mcg) with probiotics -after breakfast: 1.6mg Paxil 1000mg Camu Camu vit.C and 1000 IU vit D -Around 1PM: other half of cytomel (12.5mcg) -Around 2PM (after lunch) : 500mg Camu Camu vit C one teaspoon Omega-3 fish oil -Around 9PM : 1mg melatonin 3 capsules of 130mg elemental magnesium (from 1000mg magnesium bisglycinate), one tablet of the Chinese Suan Zao Ren which contain mostly jujube seeds (started only recently) -Around 10:30 PM when getting to bed: one 81mg aspirin or one regular Advil (both help just a bit with sciatic pain but mainly for sleep) 2ml Skullcap tincture -When I wake up during the night: a 4th capsule of magnesium bisglycinate 200mg L-theanine one 150mg capsule of milk peptides 3-4ml of the ValeriCalm tincture mix About once a week now when I can't get back to sleep after only 2 or 3 hours of sleep, I take 7.5 mg Imovan. It used to be much less frequent than that, I feel my strenght is leaving me. Also when I have had 2 or 3 really bad nights in a row (by that point I am very panicky) I take 45mg oxazepam at the beginning of the next night. I have done this maximum 5 times in the last year. However right now I feel that if there isn't a change soon I will slide towards more of that to stop myself from hurting myself. My sleep varies a lot. I get to bed around 10:30-10:45 PM. It takes between 20 min to 1 hour to get to sleep I guess but I don't look at the clock. I wake up between 1:30 AM and 3AM but more often closer to 1:30. I take the other stuff, sometimes get back to sleep within an hour or two for another about 2-3h, sometimes no. Sometimes I can fall asleep by the end of the night/early morning, sometimes no. However I am so exhausted in the morning that I can't get out of bed before 9AM. So I get anything between 2h to 6h maybe 7, but ALWAYS fragmented. I would say I sleep an average of 3-4h total but I don't have any device to record or anything. I always lie down during the day because of exhaustion, rarely can sleep then but it happens sometimes a bit. I hope this is clear for you. Thank you Alto for your help.
  24. Can you post your story please
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  26. Thanks so much Altostrata, My sleeping is always the same, I don't feel tired until very early in the morning, after 3am usually. Trying to sleep before then just doesn't work. My brain seems to be far to active. When I begin to drift off to sleep, I tend to wake suddenly in a panic, and anxiety stays with me until I can distract myself enough to try again. I waken after every few hours, and use my phone until I can fall asleep again. I've grown quite accustomed to this manner of sleeping by now. Sleeping 5 hours - 7 hours each night since stopping olanzapine. I feel grateful that I can sleep this long. Thanks for those links, I had a look at shame, guilt, regret and self-criticism so far. Thank you. Shane.
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