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  1. LiaJ

    Digestive Enzymes

    Hello Everyone, I'm here to talk about poop and digestion. Has anyone here used a full spectrum digestive enzyme to aid with constipation or IBS in general? I am considering trying it. Personally, I have been using Miralax daily to induce bowel movements because I am not having them on my own. I began having issues after W/D. I suspect now that my nutrient absorption is compromised for the stress of the event and continued daily stress contribute to this issue. Lately it seems that everything I eat causes gas, bloating and constipation, and I eat what I perceive to be a flawless diet. It has recently occurred to me (why it took this long I don't know) that poor digestion and nutrient absorption could be the culprit. I'm sure this is a common tale for those of us on psych meds for an extended period of time and have then endured a stressful w/d. Anyhow, the digestive enzyme I am thinking about is made by Thorne, which is a reputable company. I learned of them through Ben Greenfield, who is a nutrition researcher and human optimization expert. Any time I consider taking a new supplement I tend to reach out here first to see if anyone has used such a thing and what their experience was. Here is the link. Also, I am curious to know if paradoxical reactions to L-Theanine are common. I was considering adding that for anxiety support. I have been wary of supplements in general but feel as though now it might be safe to start using them. Thank you to all, and be well
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm pleased to find this forum, but I am sorry that it is for the reason it is. It is amazing how many people are suffering from AD WD, and the symptoms and length of time it can take. I found this site from searching withdrawal symptoms, because today is my 10th day at my lower dose and I have been feeling worse today than at any time since I halved my dosage. Recently I became absolutely miserable about my aches and pains, which were stopping me from doing things around the house and causing sleep problems. I started wondering about them and then remembered that I had had to go off Prozac (about 20 years ago) when I got muscle weakness. St John's Wort also caused similar but not as bad muscle weakness so I stopped that too. I started researching AD symptoms and made (what seems to be) the connection that I have Serotonin Syndrome so I made the decision to reduce my Pristiq from 100 mg to 50 mg. The doctor suggested alternating between 100 & 50 for 2 months, but because the aches and pains are debilitating I decided to see how I went going straight to 50. After a couple of days I did get mild zapping / electric shock sensations, and also headaches for several days at the end of the 1st week. I slept a lot over the first 3 days (and was able to sleep at night). Then I had several nights where I had trouble sleeping. Last night I slept through for the first time. I had several days where I had an upset stomach which I had thought was a tummy bug but I now realise it is possibly from the withdrawal. At this time, I am feeling achy (a bit like the flu), different from being on the higher dose. This surpised me because I had been going well. Thinking back, the first few days I wasn't drinking coffee. Then I started having coffee in the morning again and yesterday I had one at breakfast and then another at lunchtime. What I have read on this site confirms my suspicion that it may be the cause of me not feeling as good as I had so no more coffee for me. Yesterday I decided that I need to started taking more care of my nutrition (I haven't had much of an appetite lately), and what I have read here confirms this. I am taking one day at a time, and I am not making any decision yet as to whether I will go off the Pristiq completely or stay on the 50 mg. At the end of last year I completed a free Government funded online workshop (I'm in Australia) which I found very helpful. Even though I had previously seen a psychologist, had done a lot of reading of books and internet articles and "knew" CBT (which I have nicknamed Change Bad Thinking) I found that doing the workshop (which was over 8 weeks) was very helpful because it was practising the CBT, instead of just knowing it. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best as you deal with whatever you are going through. Unfortunately, that is the hard part. We have to go through it ourselves. Thankfully, though, others can support us. Take care everyone. ChessieCat
  3. Hey! No worries! I appreciate your reply! Years....I would say at least 8... maybe even longer, I was so young that I cannot remember further into the past. That infuriates me... IT IS SO WRONG that they are allowed to just deny deny deny and then prescribe more and more. It is the capitalist mentality....Not all are like this. But some will throw all morals out the window for cash, even human life. I thought it would be....but now it is like second nature. I will not let my nutrition derail me anymore. I have slipped up enough and it crushed me. I am using what works for me and this is the main variable I have changed with coming off the medication this time compared to the previous 3 times that all did not succeed. In late 2015 I started losing my hair... fast like full head of hair to bald in under a year. This condition is called alopecia areata. I came to accept it as doctor told me this is an autoimmune disease and they don' tknow why it happens. It just became something I would have to deal with. A few years later it was progressing to full body hair loss, alopecia universalis. I have regrown all my hair on my head, the pigment is returning slowly. With this condition it comes back unpigmented and gains pigment as you heal. I went from bald to 100% regrowth and 95% pigment in just over a year after coming off the medication....this is not coincidental with the medication. It was caused by this medication and the inflammation is causes in the body. I had chronic fatigue as well..... I had zero energy for many years. I also had my tonsil get sooooo inflamed that I had to get them removed as they caused issued with swallowing. This was after about 6 years of paroxetine use. My blood would not clot either. I came to accept this as my normal. It took along time to clot. Even my tonsil ruptured 1 week after surgery. Now my blood clots way faster than I am used to. I would consider this normal as I got so used to the way it clotted before from over a decade of being on medication. The way my body heals is also WAY faster. I have been putting my body through way more physical exercises everyday and I recover faster. I would get injuries in sports and they would nag for months, now I have 1 day if that for recovery from physical exertion! Yes, the body is able heal from anything. I truly believe this after going through this. I strongly believe the "standard" nutritional guidelines are awful. One other thing that was extremely rough and comparable to PAWS was withdrawing from sugar when I first started this journey and cold turkeyed it. I laid in bed for almost 3 days with no energy and was shaking/sweating it was tough, but worth it. You will feel better. Slow and steady wins the race. That is awesome that you are having a good day today! Yes, the window and waves pattern is SO accurate. You will get there! Everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed I have a few nagging one. I get headaches and tinnitus everyday. I have had these since I first started tapering. They were AWFUL in severity and have been getting better slowly each month. I get random spasms throughout my body at times. But they are so sparse it doesn't really bother me. I would say 95% of the symptoms have resided. The remaining ones have dropped in severity. We will get through this and live strong lives after this is done! Have a great evening!
  4. Hello, I am new here. I really appreciate everyone posting their stories, struggles or successes. It helps me understands what I have been through WAY better. I was on paroxetine(20 mg) for 11 years for social anxiety. I was told by my psychiatrist that it would be "a vitamin I take for the rest of my life". Little did I know it would rob me off all my emotions in life. Over the last 11 years I have had a decent amount of "we dont know why this happens" health conditions. I now look back and blame alot of it on this drug. Since coming off of this drug my health conditions have improved, but some of the withdrawal symptoms kick my butt here and there. Reading the success stories, I know these will get better with time. So I am keeping my nutrition dialed in and my attitude positive. Thanks!
  5. Updates are now finished. Thank you. Please let me know if you find any problems... if you want to share this post it might be better to use the one on the site as the format is a bit better. I couldn't get it as nice on here. https://beyondmeds.com/2020/05/30/everything-matters-beyond-meds-navigation-menus-etc/ ABOUT Browse by subject Meditation Mindfulness Yoga Food/Diet/Nutrition Dx depression Dx schizophrenia Dx psychosis Hearing voices Trauma/PTSD Ecstatic dance Food About Beyond Meds Readers experience 8 yrs off psych drugs documented Radio and video To be or not to be on psych meds MADNESS Be Well healing/transformation stories Psychosis recovery Healing trauma and PTSD Suicide prevention It Gets Better Series Sleep/Insomnia Open Dialogue: Care for Psychosis Neuroplasticity: heal your brain Mental distress as transformative journey Reframe Reframe your experience Rethinking depression Rethinking bipolar Hearing Voices Anxiety/fear resources There is nothing wrong with you Celebrating non-compliance Grief collection Trauma & PTSD info Trauma and your body More trauma links Sleep/Insomnia How I deal with mental breakdowns Meditation: collections Yoga for challenged nervous system Music/Sound/Dance Ecstatic dance Shamanic-like nature of consciousness Spiritual emergency Aromatherapy Foundation for healing Open Dialogue: Care for Psychosis Toolbox for healing Healing Recipes etc. Diet and nutrition, general Mental health and diet Diabetes/Obesity, metabolic issues Gluten, mental health info collected Gluten: info with commentary Gluten-Intolerant: Myth, Meme or Epidemic? Gluten Sensitivity Vs. Celiac Vs. Intolerance How does one figure out if they’re gluten intolerant or if they have celiac? Gluten linked to schizophrenia/bipolar Evolutionary Psychiatry: nutrition and mental health Histamine intolerance My cat, real food and the human race Psych meds & FAT Mitochondria: heal chronic illness with diet coming off Withdrawal links and info Protracted withdrawal info Toolbox To be or not to be on psych meds It Gets Better Online support in withdrawal Benzo Info Antidepressant info Effexor Recovery Lamictal redux healing documented 6 yrs off psych drugs documented The System Mental (Illness) system collection Patient/Professional Divide Patient/Professional Divide Bridging Patient-Professional Divide Be the empowered patient Healing journey For those in helping professions Biopsychiatry/Chemical imbalance info The chemical imbalance myth: by Chris Kresser Chemical imbalance myth takes a big public fall “The chemical imbalance theory of mental disorders was disproven long ago” Bipolar Medication Myths — Joanna Moncrieff MD Joanna Moncrieff: The Myth of the Chemical Cure Biopsychiatry: a critique Antidepressant info Consent and choice Forced Treatment Relationships with MDs Letters to my shrink Psych meds, brain injury Shrinks create addicts then cut cord A plea to prescribing MDs: help us heal Chronic Illness Living well while being sick Chronic illness info Protracted withdrawal syndrome Healing pain Chronic pain collection Descent experience: metaphor for illness What does it mean to heal? Endometriosis Yoga for rehab Isolation when ill This is what it’s like Life as a meditation Misc Informed consent Guest authors Inspiring passages Dark night collection Empathy, compassion, vulnerability DSM news and opinion Spending time alone Just for fun posts Video/Audio ✶DONATE✶ ✶BOOKS✶
  6. No, mine did not pass. It got worse and worse, not to scare you but this was my scenario. After changing my nutrition and getting off the paroxetine I have grown my hair back. I documented my challenge here https://www.alopeciaworld.com/forum/topics/aa-for-3-4-years-partial-au-for-1-2-years-i-have-100-regrowth-on If you have any questions ask away! I strongly believe the effects these medications have on the GI tract is why we develop these autoimmune conditions. I see more and more people with long term drug usage develop autoimmune conditions. Yea, that is smart to reinstate and stabilize. You will get through this! Everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed
  7. buggedout

    Night time issues

    So, I wanted to share this as a means of coping with my symptoms and I am hoping to get some input to put my mind at ease. I am sure that many of you have experienced these things if you have anxiety as bad as I do. A couple weeks ago I started binge drinking again and I woke up one morning with really bad heart palpitations, and general malaise. This freaked me out. I figured my electrolytes were messed up and I drank a bunch of coconut water and ate really good, and went on a hike. After a few days of not drinking the palpitations stopped and I felt fine again. Mistakenly I had one more drinking binge which was one week ago today. For me a binge is about 5-6 sugar drinks with a mixer. I don't get "drunk" per say but I usually just get a buzz and then get tired and go to bed early. Anyways, I went to bed around 10pm last Thursday and as I closed my eyes to rest, my body started to feel really odd and I developed a severe case of tremors and also had a minor diarrhea. The tremors lasted about an hour and I did fall asleep after that, but it was a restless sleep... I woke up feeling malaise again. I have been on a healthy diet and exercising since. For the next 3 nights the same thing happened, though it progressively got better each night until Sunday night I finally fell asleep without tremors. Since then I have still been having issues with anxiety at night time. I seem to have developed some kind of phobia of just going to bed and relaxing. Although, when I do sleep it is relaxing and deep, but I wake up in the middle of the night with extreme panic and anxiety. I have to tell myself to calm down and after a few minutes I can go back to sleep. Also, I have panic attacks as I am falling asleep, a weird but strong butterfly feeling in my stomach just as I am falling asleep and it jolts my body awake and I panic. I feel like I am just stuck in a loop now. I have improved my diet drastically and also cut out the alcohol for good. (Have a phobia of that now, too). But I am worried that I will never feel "normal" again. No matter how many hours of sleep I get, I still feel like something just isn't right with me. This morning by body felt borderline achy and I anticipated another tremor coming on but it never did thankfully. But today I just feel yucky. I have no idea if this is 100% anxiety or what the deal is. I am not in ANY pain at all. I just feel weird, like you feel when you are starting to come down with a cold or flu. I'm hydrated. I am getting all of my nutrition. I am active. But my body seems to still think something is wrong. Of course I am scared that I will never get better -- this happens any time I get sick as I am also a hypochondriac, of course that never helps. Has anyone had anything like this happen? How did you cope? Did it go away eventually?
  8. Thanks Alto! Sorry for my late reply to your message. Thanks for the links. I completely forgot to include it but I do have a liquid fish oil supplement by Barleans. I forget to take it a lot but usually 2 - 3 times weekly. I have to remember to take it every day with my other supplements! The multi I have been using for almost 10 years. I am not sure if I actually need it. There are times I get a lot of nutrition from my diet and then other times when my diet isn't so good. So I've just kept it up. It isn't too expensive. It helps my anxiety just knowing that I take it even if it isn't entirely necessary. I was taking a magnesium for a brief period because my doctor recommended it for my muscle cramps. Honestly I didn't really notice any difference with anything. Presently I eat a diet that is high in magnesium among other electrolytes (and I am aware that too many electrolytes can cause issues so I try to be careful not to go overboard). I won't jump off at 15mg. I was just getting eager, but you are right, that is not a good idea at all. I take the beads out and weigh them on my scale. I do 10% cuts each time. I try to do it monthly but my anxiety has been so bad lately that I have been procrastinating with the cuts. I plan to do another one next week if I am feeling well. Lately I have been having malaise and sleeping issues. Minor light headedness during the day time as well but I've been experiencing that for years now and it is likely allergies and a combination of things so I've just learned to live with it. I did make a post in the symptom category outline what I have been experiencing lately for anyone that is interested.
  9. Usha , Dear, I am glad about you that , your, all other withdrawal symptoms have subsided. I can better understand your pain, that I came walked those paths. Every withdrawal symptom is as painful as the other. No symptom is less painful. Now your concentration should be ,on , getting healed from this sleep , dream problem. I remember , I was listening to simple OM chanting without much orchestra in the back ground, to get the brain trained to think , what I say. So whole day , whole night simple Om was playing preventing brain to think chaos. I remember , the diet and every nutrition helped me to heal the physical brain. Warm milk with turmeric helped to get less disturbed sleep. I am the one , who believe in the recovery, irrespective of the time period of the suffering. What made me to bring hope to my belief? Aeroman , Brass Monkey, Mam Altostrata, you name them, Yes, there are N number of experiences , lives in this our own beloved forum, who recovered and reached normality. So will you Usha. Much love from Hyderabad , south India.
  10. Hey LRH, those two reasons are the exact reason I went on paroxetine in the first place.( I was chronically depressed and unable to leave my houses often 50% of the time due to insane anxiety attacks) I have had almost none of those original symptoms come back, other than some slight anxiety caused by WDs( I am now 15 months paroxetine free). Psychiatrists love to use the chemical imbalance theory to get you as life long customer. People forget that pharma and healthcare ARE MASSIVE BUSINESS $$$$. But what did they do to confirm this? In my case all I did was have a chat and took a 30-40 year old survey on anxiety and this is how they determined I had a chemical imbalance, not sure how yours went down? Quite odd considering if they know what causes it they should be able to test it to confirm it, right? A majority of serotonin is created in the gut, over 80%. So food would be a MASSIVE factor in that creation of serotonin. I have tried 3 times before with no nutritional changes and had every original symptom come back and was unable to stay off the medication. This time I changed my nutrition and have been able to come off and am reversing all my health conditions AND smashing personal fitness goals that I could not obtain 10 years ago!!!!!! Everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed
  11. Cocopuffz17

    cielo: Depression

    This sounds exactly why I went on antidepressants in the first place. I would get so nervous and have panic attacks with sweaty palms. I no longer have these. I am 15 months paroxetine free. I attribute this to nutrition changes I made which directly effect your gut microbiome. This is where a majority of the serotonin in your body is created over 80% is in your gut. So it only makes sense that foods you eat direct effect this. I follow The Plant Paradox by Dr.Gundry. I highly recommend taking a look at it.
  12. Cocopuffz17

    Hanna72: I will be free

    Absolutely. These drugs effect literally everything in the body. I wouldn’t be surprised if it all has to do with serotonin as is it found all over the body. Be strong it will get better. The body is an amazing machine and will heal itself giving the proper nutrition and time.
  13. ChessieCat

    Kiki2015: tapering Abilify

    I'm sorry if I upset you. That was not my intention. Personally I find it helpful to do some research on the internet about things which concern me. It can sometimes help me to gain a better and/or different perspective on things. Some things that you might consider: We can't compare ourselves with what has happened to other people. Specifically related to IQ tests, any comparison made would be better made with a test, of the same type (there are various types of IQ tests), that you took previously. Examples: Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Differential Ability Scales Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults Peabody Individual Achievement Test Here is another site, Medical News Today, which also states that an IQ of 100 is average. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/327241#testing This is at the bottom of the page. Please note the text that I have highlighted. "Summary The average IQ score in the U.S. is around 100. However, although IQ scores may provide some insight into a person’s overall intellectual capability, people should avoid placing too much emphasis on the results of these tests. Cultural factors, nutrition, access to education, and illness can all play a role in how well a person will score on an IQ test."
  14. Cocopuffz17

    Arti: paroxetine 17years intolerably

    Hey, I know the challenges associated with this medication as I was on it for a long time as well. I personally found changes in nutrition were extremely beneficial and required to get off of this crap. I tried 3 times before and was unable to. This time I changed my nutrition( I follow The Plant Paradox by Dr.Gundry) and am now almost 15 months paroxetine free!
  15. Admin note: For discussion of lamotrigine (Lamictal), see Lamictal (lamotrigine) to calm post-discontinuation withdrawal symptoms This following is an article that has propagated all over the Web, by someone named Altostrata. It has been updated for this post: As I've been suffering from Paxil withdrawal syndrome since October 2004, I've studied the medical literature on antidepressant withdrawal syndrome. What I've learned about the alerting system and glutamatergic system in antidepressant withdrawal syndrome may be informative. Antidepressants cause downregulation of serotonin receptors. In a mechanism of brain self-defense, the receptors actually disappear, becoming more sparse so as to take in less serotonin. It is thought among withdrawal researchers that people who experience the worst withdrawal are slower than others to repopulate serotonin receptors. Others believe those who suffer the worst are those whose brains are highly neuroplastic and adapted more thoroughly to the influence of the medication. Relative slowness to upregulate receptors doesn't mean there's anything intrinsically wrong with our brains, it just means there's variability (of course) among nervous systems. Even among people suffering the most severe antidepressant withdrawal syndrome, repopulation of serotonin receptors probably occurs long before symptoms disappear. However, while the serotonin system is repairing itself, an imbalance occurs in the autonomic nervous system. The locus coeruleus "fight or flight" center becomes disinhibited and the glutamatergic system becomes more active than normal. This is called disinhibition of the alerting system, and it generates symptoms that are awful: panic, anxiety, sleeplessness, and dreadful imagery among them. This paper explains the mechanism in withdrawal causing alerting disinhibition: Harvey, et al: Neurobiology of antidepressant withdrawal: implications for the longitudinal outcome of depression; Biological Psychiatry. 2003 Nov 15;54(10):1105-17. Once disinhibition of the alerting system takes hold, it becomes self-perpetuating. The whole question of neurotransmitter imbalance -- a chimera of psychiatry anyway -- becomes moot. No manipulation of serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine is going to help. In fact, it usually makes the condition worse. Noradrenergics -- buproprion or Wellbutrin; mirtazapine or Remeron; SNRIs such as Cymbalta, Serzone, Effexor; and St. John's Wort, rhodiola -- stimulate "fight or flight" activation, as will most SSRIs. Drugs and substances that are stimulating should be avoided. Even drugs that are calming may cause a paradoxical reaction as the alerting system fights to stay in control. My guess is: The first phase of withdrawal, the acute phase, is the initial shock of withdrawal, with the most defined symptoms, such as brain zaps and nausea and possibly waves of unusually intense "depression" and "anxiety" -- actually, emotions generated by the neurological upset. Later, glutamatergic hyper-reactivity and autonomic instability take over. Often the autonomic instability causes wide hypersensitivity to drugs, supplements, and even foods. Out of control, unrelated to environmental or psychological triggers, the alerting system sends intense, spontaneous signals to the adrenals, which produce the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This is not strictly brain damage. Brain damage means some physical part has been permanently removed and can never be recovered. Rather, this is iatrogenic neuropsychiatric damage. According to established principles of neuroplasticity, the nervous system can repair itself and regain functioning that is close to normal. In cases where there is no apparent iatrogenic cause for autonomic dysfunction, it often spontaneously resolves. Low stress, good nutrition, and as much sleep and gentle exercise as possible are key. [ironically for those suffering from lamotrogine (Lamictal) withdrawal -- too-fast Lamictal withdrawal causing glutamatergic rebound -- lamotrigine is a drug that tempers the activity of the glutamatergic system, incidentally reinforcing an intact GABA system. Microdoses of lamotrigine can assist recovery from antidepressant withdrawal syndrome. I am being treated with about 5mg per day and it is helping me recover. Cautionary note: Lamotrigine may not be a universal treatment for withdrawal syndrome. If you want to try it, make sure you consult a doctor who is very familiar with using it and start with very small doses -- .5mg to begin, slowly titrate up to 5mg or more; stay at the lowest effective dose. Nausea and headaches are signs of too high a dose. (2mg tablets are available by request from GlaxoSmithKline; 5mg tablets are available by prescription; lamotrigine can be made into a liquid by a compounding pharmacy.) In too large a dose, lamotrigine, like everything else, can make your symptoms worse.] In the medical literature on antidepressant withdrawal, symptoms of alerting system disinhibition -- anxiety, panic, sleeplessness, irritability, agitation among them -- are sometimes misidentified as "unmasking" or emergence of bipolar disorder. This leads the clinician to medicate with a cocktail of drugs upon which the patient does poorly, the neuropsychiatric damage from antidepressant withdrawal being compounded by additional medication and attendant reactions. In Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker describes this process as the way many children, suffering adverse effects from antidepressants, are led into a lifetime of medications for misdiagnosed bipolar disorder. It's always the victim who's blamed, not the drug. It's about time we took a closer look at what withdrawal does to the nervous system, and question whether the chronic downregulation of serotonergic receptors caused by long-term antidepressant prescription is a benign condition. For discussion of lamotrigine (Lamictal), see Lamictal (lamotrigine) to calm post-discontinuation withdrawal symptoms
  16. LiaJ

    Getting to know herbs (spotlight CBD)

    I just purchased a bottle of full spectrum CBD oil from Plant People. I am nervous to try it but have spoken with so many people who experience an increased sense of wellbeing while using CBD. I am tempted to try it because beyond my self-care rituals of exercise, yoga and meditation, nutrition, etc, I am feeling a pervasive sense of anxiety and restlessness. I'm sure this is attributable to what's happening in the world today, and generally feeling a loss of control and uncertainty about the future. I wonder if it is an appropriate time to experiment with something like this.
  17. Absolutely! You can take back control of your life at any age! I was told I needed this medication for life and that I had a chemical imbalance. Odd now that I changed my nutrition intake and came off the drug that none of the original anxiety has came back(all of my health conditions are reversing that doctors did not know what caused them, odd that I out performed modern medical doctors by literally doing that opposite that they said(removing the medication I was told I needed for life and changing my nutrition))..... odd... not so much. A majority of the serotonin is produced in the body is created in the gut microbiome by the food we eat, not in the brain. Changing nutrition is the only reason I was able to get off of this medication after numerous attempts that did not succeed before. You got this SUNNY! Step by step.... this is a 100 mile race and we walk a foot each day..... but that foot each day is in the right direction! Everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed
  18. first posted here: https://wp.me/p5nnb-eMl Somatic mysticism, diet and returning to my ancestry…. I like using “somatic mysticism” to explain my experience because I feel everything deeply in my body. I can feel my cells doing their work quite often and I feel all manner of metabolic movement and I feel far more than I can even begin to really know from a biological standpoint. Still when I listen and pay attention I collect data, information to act on. With this info I continue to heal and become (consciously) one with all that is. Thich Nhat Hanh said, “What we most need to do is to hear within us the sounds of the Earth crying.” And yes, I hear the earth and all it’s sentient beings as well as the plants and all that is animated. I feel it all…and am only just beginning to discern my intelligent and grounded place in the midst of it all. The brain injury that bared my nervous system made it impossible for me to do anything but feel it all and figure out how to navigate it…thus the gift in that which almost killed me. I always loved food and cooking and then food/and substances (herbs etc) became my main vehicle into union…it’s been fascinating. I can feel what every food does in my body. Psychiatry would call the vehicle an eating disorder…but it was life-force asking me to pay attention. Awesomeness. The reason it would be called a disorder is because it involved having to eliminate many foods in order to hear anything at all since my nervous system was shattered to oblivion from the psych meds. Paying attention meant removing as much stimulation as possible (every food was a stimulus early on. Too much info to take in and negotiate) so, I had to start from as blank a slate as possible. Of course a blank slate is not possible in our modern world where we are bombarded with all manner of stimulation 24/7…so getting it as quiet as possible and only taking in the stimulation that would help me heal was of critical importance. Once discernment became possible I could add back foods and i have. Healing at this point, plain and simple is response to that which is. If our bodies are screaming then that is what we must respond to. Emergencies always deserve priority. so, yes, After many years of insane food and chemical sensitivities, my body now knows how to get appropriate nutrition. Pretty cool. Good news is I can eat everything again. I need to pay attention to my body as to when which remains very important…healing is constant change in this body. I don’t really use supplements (nutritional isolates or soft pharma) anymore…except for some minerals … most of my mineral needs are provided for by shilajit though…I got to where my body rejects isolates … still tolerate some amino acids, too I guess. Cow milk is still out and I no longer eat meat either and really needed it for a good long time. i wanted to be a vegan because it’s the only way our species can be sustainable and kind, both. I am grateful that after ten years of studying food and mindfully eating everything that went into my body I’ve learned to navigate the transition. In any case, I eat anything that I want and need…so cool. Gluten too!!! Coming back to my Mediterranean roots has been downright profound. Hello bread and pasta!! Wonderful prebiotics my gut LOVES. Oh my god. I spent 11 years not eating any gluten. (and it made sense at first…that’s the thing…I needed to quiet down the chaos and elimination was critically important. Knowing when to add things back in is the part that is missing in much of the health fads out there. Coming into my ancestral diet has coincided with deep ancestral work on the psycho-spiritual level. I love how my story connects all this stuff in my healing process. It makes an otherwise very painful and difficult process not at all devoid of joy and wonder. There is nothing that is appropriate at all times. I may go without eating any grains for weeks at a time and then when it’s time I enjoy the heck out of pasta or popcorn or whatever else I need. There is nothing I simply say never again to in the way of food anymore. My body knows. The health gurus and doctors and naturopaths etc do not know what my body needs. Only my body can share that with me and it’s always changing depending on what is going on both within and without. Being awake isn’t about being perfect or all-knowing. It’s about simply being who we are with total and deep acceptance, while we fulfill our role in the unfolding drama of humanity. You got that right. The drama doesn’t end…we simply get to watch it in awareness. And yeah, sometimes, we still get to play the idiot and the fool. Now we can just enjoy it and learn from it rather than judge ourselves for it. *** The hungry ghosts know. Listen. *** More on somatic mysticism and how it’s often misunderstood first posted here: https://wp.me/p5nnb-eMl
  19. Closing in on 15 months off paroxetine. The improvements from the worst parts till now are amazing. I still have headaches and tinnitus (they are much much less than they were during the acute and post acute phases). I do have a slight muscle twitch in my left arm and right leg. It randomly comes and goes. It is also getting better. Overall I would of never thought I would be feeling this good. After how awful I felt for the year after I started this journey(3 month taper and 9 months post taper). I have been working out 5 days or more a week and hitting 150-300 situps/pushups per day. Some days are challenging.... but I draw back on the time when I was laying on the ground crying that I was unable to do one push up per day. It drives me through! I do notice when my nutrition slips it will start a wave.... I added a snack that had a bit more sugar than I have been eating and within a day or two I got worse headaches/tinnitus so I removed them from my diet. Everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed Be strong everyone you will get through this!!!
  20. Well I finally feel that I am far enough along on this journey that I can post some pictures of things I went through that I know are related to being on this medication. When I developed Erythema Multiforme for 2 weeks in 2011 that should of been my first clue that something was up. I went to ER and they told me that this is EM and they don't know what causes it. So I took anti histamines and steroids for a few weeks and it went away. But boy did it suck. The doctors did not make any connection to the medication and this health condition. So I just took it as a blip of poor health and continued on. I had chronic fatigue for over 8 years that I took an iron supplement with b vitamins in it. If I did not take it I would fall asleep right after work and sleep for 12-14 hrs everyday. Doctors did numerous tests and not a single test came back of concern. But why are all my tests normal if I am having all these health troubles? My personal experience is that these drugs mess with your stomach acid and cause your body to not break down foods properly, so you are unable to absorb the proper nutrients from the foods you eat. This is why taking supplementation works and eating the foods with the vitamins in them does not. 2015 ish I had such swollen tonsils I had to get them removed. Here is another inflammation related health condition. Late 2015 I started losing my hair. I went to the doctors yet again and nothing could be done they said. So I just went on with life and went from having average hair to losing it super fast. Soon after I had almost no hair on my head. I tried different diets and had decent success, but never felt better overall. https://www.alopeciaworld.com/forum/topics/aa-for-3-4-years-partial-au-for-1-2-years-i-have-100-regrowth-on This is the whole story of my alopecia with lots of picture throughout the post. I also had a keloid scar on my shoulder that I needed steroid injections 1-2 times per year to keep it down otherwise it would rub so much on my seatbelt that I could not wear one. I also developed a huge pain in my tooth after a cavity was filled that I could not chew on the left side of my mouth. (I had this filling redone 4-5 times) 2018 - My alopecia was progressing from alopecia areata(scalp) to alopecia univeralis(full body). This is the point I made myself a promise. I will never let myself be this depressed in my life ever again. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Either I will find a way or make the way! This statement changed my life. I had previously saw success with going on a paleo diet for over a year, so this clearly showed nutrition had at least something to do with it. I kept reading on nutrition and people that had success reversing autoimmune diseases with nutrition. This is where I found The Plant Paradox by Dr.Gundry. Oct. 2018 - In the first 6 weeks I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. This gave me the courage to be like I can get off this medication. Alot of you know the rollercoaster of AW and PAWS. I thought growing my hair back would be the hard part. That was not the case, getting off this medication was the hardest thing I have ever done. I went through absolute hell coming off this drug. The fatigue I experienced I was unable to do 1 push up, not a single one. I now daily do 150-300, some days I can hit 500! These drugs cause massive inflammation in the body. I had to heal my gut with nutrition changes to be able to get off of this medication. I am so thankful for this website as I would of not been able to get off of this medication if I continued to follow standard medical protocol from the prescribing doctors. I was SOOOO close to being on the pharmaceutical merry go round for life. In closing, 95% of the health conditions I have/had are reversed or reversing. My hair is almost completely back, my keloid scar has disappeared, I have been able to chew on the left side on my mouth that I was not able to for years and overall I feel way better than I have ever in my life. The really unfortunate part is with dealing with all these doctors(naturopath, dermatologist, psychiatrist, surgeons, GI specialists and many others) not a single one ever considered the medication being the problem. They all knew I was on it. When I met with the Psych for the last time he was still like these drugs aren't known to cause these issues. The two variables that I changed was removing the medication and changing my nutrition.
  21. If you have any recommendations for doctors, therapists, or clinics knowledgeable about tapering or withdrawal syndrome, please add a post to this topic. Here are other sources for doctors who might be helpful regarding tapering or withdrawal syndrome: Doctors who will diagnose drug withdrawal See Benzo-wise doctors who will assist in benzodiazepine tapering for withdrawal from benzodiazepines. (This list may contain some entries that are out of date, but has been added to recently. These doctors may also grasp tapering of other drugs.) MadinAmerica.com has a list of practitioners who would withdrawal, mostly therapists but some doctors http://www.madinamerica.com/service-directory/ Safe Harbor's list. Look for MDs and DOs, who can prescribe. The physicians, who take an integrative approach, have volunteered their contact information and generally answer the question "Help take patients off of psychiatric drugs?" with "Yes." This list is a little difficult to use, you may need to look at it page by page. The doctors below have shown concern and knowledge for slow tapering off antidepressants and indicated willingness to work with patients on treatment plans including non-drug treatments. Before making an appointment, follow the links next to a doctor's name for more detail and use search to see comments about the doctor elsewhere on the site. Unfortunately, many doctors have reservations about the drugs but think they know more about tapering than they actually do. If you consult any of these providers, please let us know your experience. If you do not wish to take any other psychiatric medications after quitting, they should respect your wishes. If you find they do not, please let us know and we will remove them from this list. Click on their links to see more about these doctors: PHYSICIANS UNITED STATES US East Coast Mark Lichtenstein, MD, Hardwick, VT Alice H. Silverman, MD, Montpelier, VT Mark D. Green, MD, Medford, MA Bill (Wm D) Slaughter MD, Cambridge, MA Judy Tsafrir, MD, Newton Centre, MA Harold R. Jordan, MD, Northampton, MA Visions Medical, Wellesley and Dedham, MA Bruce I. Goderez, MD Hadley, MA Windhorse Integrative Mental Health (inpatient), Northampton, MA and San Luis Obispo, CA Holly Major, RN, MSN, ANP-BC, QTTT, Griffin Faculty Practice, Integrative Medicine Center, Derby, CT Kelly Brogan, MD, New York, NY Samoon Ahmad, MD New York, NY Ernest Shaw, MD, Kingston, NY Laura Kelly, PhD, RN, APN-C, Eatontown and Asbury Park, NJ Denis Moonan, MD, Providence, RI 02911 (closing practice) Michelle Barwell, MD, Pittsburgh, PA Joe Tarantolo, MD, Washington, DC (removed from list) Julia Frank, MD, Washington, DC David Pickar, MD, Cabin John, MD (removed from list) Eric Taswell, MD, Washington, DC Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, Washington, DC William Ronald Gaertner, MD, Richmond, VA US Southeast David Allen, MD, Bartlett, Tennessee (retired) Daniel Johnson, MD, Asheville, North Carolina (inpatient only) David D. Harwood, MD, Montgomery, Alabama Noel T. Rivers-Bulkeley, MD, Atlanta, Georgia Charles Whitfield, MD, Atlanta, GeorgiaKathleen Carroll, MD, Brandon, Florida US Central Toby Hazan, MD, Farmington Hills, MI Elizabeth McMasters, MD McHenry, IL Andrew Pundy, MD, Park Ridge, IL David Bransford, MD, Grand Rapids, MN (Itasca Psychiatric Services) Henry Emmons, MD, Minneapolis, MN (will do Skype and phone sessions) Marie Casey Olseth, MD, St Louis Park, MN George P. Dawson, MD, Saint Paul, MN Varsha Rathod, M.D. Saint Louis, MO Mark Foster, DO, Greenwood Village, Colorado (practice to open in 2013) Tammas F. Kelly, MD, Fort Collins, CO Scott Shannon, MD, Fort Collins, CO Libby (Elizabeth) Stuyt, MD Pueblo, CO Florian Birkmayer, MD, Albuquerque, New Mexico US West Coast Maria Yang, MD, Seattle, WA (relocating, not currently taking patients) Prachi Garodia, MD, Medford, OR James R. Phelps, MD, Corvallis, OR Malika Burman, MD, Portland, Oregon Paul Conti, MD, Portland, Oregon Paul Abramson, MD, San Francisco, CA Ira Steinman, MD, San Francisco, CA (antipsychotics only) Steven Balt, MD, Walnut Creek and San Rafael, CA Eleanor Hynote, MD, Napa, CA (deceased) Peter V. Madill, MD, Sebastopol, CA Elizabeth Bowler MD, Davis, CA Christina Lasich, MD, Grass Valley, CA Kent E Rogerson, MD, Stockton, CA BENZOS ONLY Eric Noble, MD, Los Angeles Allen T. Pack, MD, Los Angeles, CA Linda D Moghtader, MD, Beverly Hills, CA Brett D Shurman, MD, Los Angeles, CA David Rekar, MD, Los Angeles, CA Stuart Shipko, MD Pasadena, CA Joe Gallagher, MD, Freedom, CA (see Pajaro Sunrise Center) Debra London MD, Ojai, CA Windhorse Integrative Mental Health (inpatient), Northampton, MA and San Luis Obispo, CA CANADA Javeed Sukhera, MD, London, Ontario IRELAND Terry Lynch, MD, Limerick, Ireland (not accepting new patients) Ivor Browne, MD, Dublin, Ireland Pat Bracken, MD, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland UNITED KINGDOM Robert Lefever, MA, MD, B Chir., South Kensington, London (addiction focus) Bob Johnson, MD, London (not accepting patients) Sami Timimi, MD, Lincolnshire Peter Haddad, MD, Greater Manchester Duncan Double, MD, Suffolk and Norwich David Healy, MD, North Wales Nagore Benito, MD, London AUSTRALIA Rob Purssey, MD, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (will Skype in Brisbane) Yolande Lucire, MD, New South Wales, Australia Dr. Shaun Tampiyappa with Conduit Health in Melbourne Australia NEW ZEALAND Tony Coates, MD, Auckland FINLAND Jeremy Wallace, MD, Vantaa, Finland Hasse Karlsson, MD,Turku, Finland DENMARK Lisbeth Kortegaard, MD, Hoejbjerg, Denmark NETHERLANDS See the 22 psychiatrists listed at the end of http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/5195-tapering-strips-to-be-produced-for-paroxetine-and-venlafaxine/?p=66738 INPATIENT (RESIDENTIAL) FACILITIES CooperRiis Center, North Carolina Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center, Watsonville, CA (in fundraising stage) PSYCHOTHERAPY John Breeding, PhD, Austin, TX Mary Jean Paris, PhD, San Francisco, CA Barbara Croner, MFT, San Francisco, CA Jon Keyes, LPC, NCC, Portland, OR (will refer to Amenda Clinic for tapering, prescribing, nutrition etc.) Will Hall, PhD, Portland, OR Eric Buck, Holistic Therapy Onlilne, Sacramento and Davis, CA National Empowerment Center (Dr. Daniel B. Fisher's organization) guide to consumer-run organizations http://www.power2u.org/consumerrun-statewide.html Aku Kopakkala, psychologist, Finland If you consult any of these providers, please let us know your experience.
  22. Cocopuffz17

    Panicpax: Paxil victim

    Hello, I know the challenges of this medication. Have you ever made nutrition changes? I know changes in my nutrition were the only reason I was finally able to get off this medication. I had tried 3 times in the past without nutrition changes. Remember everyday that passes is one day closer to being healed
  23. Yes, I would say it definitely is caused by these medications. I to developed an autoimmune disease while on paroxetine. I have almost fully reversed my alopecia with changing my nutrition. It has been a long challenging journey, but every moment is worth it as I know it will get me to my goal! It has reduced the inflammation in my body and allowed my body to continue to heal. I am glad you have found relief with humira. Actually one of the youtubers I found out about this lifestyle from is the reason I changed my nutrition lifestyle. I would of not been able to get off of this medication without it. She actually had life crippling arthritis. Here is the video if you are interested in taking a look
  24. cmm1180

    cmm1180: Tramadol only withdrawal

    I am in agony. Just complete agony. I had such bad internal vibration last night I could barely sleep at all. I am a complete mess today. Cannot sit still, internal agitation, mind agitated, fear, anxiety. All that on top of fear that I might die from not eating enough. My mind is often blank or cannot think. Probably because of lack of calories. Every bite of food I put in my body makes me shake and vibrate, and makes my legs burn. I don't know what to do. @Altostrata any thoughts? I know you cannot really comment on nutrition or things like that. However, your knowledge could be of great importance in the symptoms department. I cannot tolerate magnesium....I have tried. Almost akathesia like symptoms with that. I took a tiny piece of a children's tylenol. Is this withdrawal from that? Or further damage to the blood brain barrier? Is there anything that might help?
  25. Hanna72

    Hanna72: I will be free

    Update: I have been doing really good for the past few days. My only WD symptoms have been, few brain zaps here and there, brain fog, not very good memory, fatigue, low energy. But the good news is that I have been feeling so calm, which is the best reward and just feels so good I can’t even describe. In 17 months now on this journey I finally can feel a tiny bit of myself coming through and just writing this makes me cry, so obviously sensitive still😅 I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but like I have always said, it will be a success, there is just not another option for me in my mind. I will do what ever it takes to make it over the finish line💪 Unfortunately my nutrition has been a big challenge, sugar for sure, so I have just signed up for a program that helps me with that, cause I need guidance there. Been reading a lot on coping skills for my anxiety, it’s something that I need to feed my brain on. I also need to get some exercise in my daily routine. So a lot of work ahead. Just so thankful for this forum and proud to be among all of you in here. Would not be here if it wasn’t for you all🙏
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