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  1. Yes I did ... but it wasnt too bad it was very light and it just would happen every now and then ... not so often though. I believe my doctor took me off too fast , when I first talked to her about coming off I wanted to tell her that I prefer to cut my pills in half and do it little by little but because I've been on the lowest dose that you could possibly be on I felt like I would be ok . Back in 2019 when my 1st doctor weaned me off I didnt experience any mental , emotional or physical symptoms at all , and he weaned me off super! Fast , at that time I didnt know anything about coming off m
  2. Hi, I wrote my introduction on the 4th of October 2019 ☼-francisco-on-the-way-to-a-success-story At that time, I was seven months of all meds – I stated that the post was a combination of an introduction and a success story since things were on course at the time. Since that post, my mental has been put to the test like never before but it's now been around one year and 10 months since I stopped taking meds and I believe my mental health has passed the test. I was given a diagnosis of bi-polar by a consultant psychiatr
  3. Hello @andy, thanks for posting your success story. I am currently in week 6 of being completely off Olanzapine. I've had a hell of a time, insomnia is my number 1 problem now, but your success story gives me hope, there are so few success stories on the Internet (That I could find) when it comes to Olanzapine cessation. Congratulations, it is quite the achievement!
  4. I am off risperdal 2 years. Its now past this drug for me. in 18 months off i had a psychosis which i recovered after 5 months. Im now tapering olanzapine You should cut this crappy drug. It has lots of sideeffects.
  5. Andy ! You cold turkeyed, but never complained much about your symptoms here in the forum. Your depression episode's reason is your daughter's birth. Over the Entire Internet, your's is the only success story about coming off zyprexa. I know how annoying getting dreams (hallucinations)every single day is. But you would say dreams are nice. Your patience and positive attitude is phenomenal. You will definitely rebuild your life my friend. The Best life is awaiting you. ------------------------ You are my
  6. More of the Story . . . (continued from: here) So in 1998, after meeting my Birth Family, I decided yes, my friend was right. I was bipolar. I went back to the counselor that helped me survive my "mania" in 1995, and sought psychiatric help. Even my Zen-friend said, "Maybe you need professional help?" because she was beginning to get frustrated with me. Looking back, I was probably depleted from renovating and moving into the house, and dangerously dissociated from the Yogi's invasion of my soul. In 1997, I discovered that Yes was touring again. (I
  7. Hey All - Nicholantana writes: Yar, that is a crazy cocktail - and the seroquel and olanzapine might mean a longer recovery slope. But you are having windows! Even if they are just 10% windows, they are windows! Keep on putting one foot in front of the other, even when it has no meaning, even when you don't want to...time will help you the most. Hey @Hibari - I've been meaning to get back here for your question - sorry, but I don't spend much time on the computer right now - I see that other moderators have
  8. Thanks Jan Carol. I'm not sure how to update signature, can you let me know?? I was on a crazy, unjustified amount for a short time. seroquel 250, olanzapine 10, Mirtazapine 30, lex 20. For about three months, came off over the space of 7/8 weeks. 21 months ago. 21 months clear, anhedonic 90% of time. Had my strongest window yet 4 weeks ago. My best week in two years. Back to zombie mode now. Any idea of a time frame I should expect?? thanks for getting back to me. hope you rediscover a sense of balance!
  9. Dear Andy Hope you are good Four days back I jumped zero olanzapine from 0.625. From that day I am getting 2,3 hours of quality sleep. How ever I am managing to keep shut my eyes 3 more hours. Today I am facing difficulty due to continuous improper sleep. But no other withdrawal symptoms. So please I am looking up to you to what to do. How to manage this sleep problem without reinstating? please.
  10. I went off olanzapine (zyprexa) and abilify cold turkey as well. It was very difficult for 3 months but I recovered and do not miss the psychiatric drugs at all.
  11. Hi Andy what were the symptoms when you tapered the olanzapine if any., The insomnia when did it stop and for how long?
  12. I am only posting if it helps others and gives them hope,In the last three years my drug history looked like this and it started with prolonged antibiotic use which is where it all started to go wrong for me.Cant be specific with dosages and dates as its all a blur.The doctors constantly wanted to up my dosages when I complained I was feeling worse,one thing I look back on and am glad I stood my ground on was refusing to take higher doses of meds ,especially olanzapine. They wanted me on 15mg but I refused much to their disgust 3 months ciproflaxin for suspected prostate infection 3 month
  13. I have added a tag, "antipsychotic recovery", to this topic and to Success Story threads where the original poster mentions having taken an antipsychotic medication. If you click on the tag that appears below the title, you'll get a list of success stories on this site with that tag. Edited to add: Clicking on the tag brings up all topics with that tag, including Introductions and "Tips for Tapering" topics. I ran a search for topics with tag="antipsychotic recovery" and location=Success Stories forum. Here are the Search results Partial list of "anti
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