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  1. Hello I always wanted to return to the site and thank all that helped me in the dark hours and also the forum owner and originator for the tireless work that has helped so many people Heres my thread when I first asked for help http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/6865-andy-hello-tapering-from-zyprexa/ I wont go into how I finally quit the drug because it wasnt the normal 10% approach although I tried 5 times and failed miserably.I found a good understanding doctor who helped me reduce and more than anything listened to me without prejudice.This helped enormously,I finally
  2. I posted my story on another forum in a different topic (link below) but I also wanted to share to more people, so here is a repost. It is kind of long, but maybe it will be an interesting read. For anyone interested in my story, I had a relatively short time with zyprexa, around two months, but I quit cold turkey without relapse for over a year and getting better. To begin with, my dose was 10 mg, with lithium for a week, increased to 15 mg at the last week. Every moment of taking these drugs I wished I could get off it, but under the supervision of doctors and threat of hospital
  3. Hi, I wrote my introduction on the 4th of October 2019 ☼-francisco-on-the-way-to-a-success-story At that time, I was seven months of all meds – I stated that the post was a combination of an introduction and a success story since things were on course at the time. Since that post, my mental has been put to the test like never before but it's now been around one year and 10 months since I stopped taking meds and I believe my mental health has passed the test. I was given a diagnosis of bi-polar by a consultant psychiatr
  4. @Andy reading your story is absolutely amazing I'm tapering now I been for a few months I was prescribed 7.5 of zyprexa once a day about 5 years ago but I only took half I refused to take the whole thing and I'm glad that I didn't I did gain weight but my weight stayed the same for these past 5 years in the summer time I didn't like how I was feeling and started reading on the Internet about this drug and realized why I was feeling the way I was and mind you I was only taking half of 7.5mgs so I stopped taking half and started cutting them into 1/4s which I done for awhil
  5. Diagnosis: Severe Bipolar 1, Severe Depression, Severe Anxiety Disorder. (tried Big S 3 times, Self Harm (cutting, burning, smash indexes with hammer)), Bought 2 cars in 2 days, 4 Rolex watches in 3 days Blah Blah. 80 ECT's. I think the Doctor's have me properly diagnosed but improperly medicated. I spilled the beans I've been dropped from one med and changed to another so many times I can't list. However, no problems doing so. 2003: CT Klonipin and Xanax at same time. I was put on 10mg Klonipin, 3 weeks later had withdrawals within hours of taking dose. Doctor's added
  6. All, I originally read Andy's thread, joined the forum, and replied. The Moderator moved my reply to the new members intro section. My experience is very similar to Andy's. My last dose of Zyprexa was almost 12 weeks ago. I took it for 14 years and I started my rapid taper at 30mg/day. I started my taper at 10% and immediately got about every withdrawal in there is. I had to get off Zyprexa because the side effects started killing me once I got to such a high dose and for so long. My Doctor wanted me off so she had me taper by 25% every 10 days. when I got down to 2.5 mg, I went to
  7. @pug i am so pleased to read your healing journey. Im just in the beginning of mine. Its been absolute hell for the past 5 months. I went through benzo withdrawls 9 years ago and ended up on zoloft took it a year and got off fine. 3 years later had a panic attack ended back up on zoloft low dose 25mg for 13 months and wanted off i was having tons of side effects. I tapered per my pysch in march which was way too fast and when I took my last piece ended up with SI, reinstated got worse ended up inpatient they upped the zoloft and added buspar got 100x worse went back they ct me from zoloft and
  8. Link to kirby's success topic: my-story-1.2-years-and-getting-better For anyone interested in my story, I had a relatively short time with zyprexa, around two months, but I quit cold turkey without relapse for over a year and getting better. To begin with, my dose was 10 mg, with lithium for a week, increased to 15 mg at the last week. Every moment of taking these drugs I wished I could get off it, but under the supervision of doctors and threat of hospitalization I was forced to be fed this stuff. Right after the supervision stopped, I convinced my family to let me quit an
  9. @Aeroman im so glad to see your doing well. I went through benzo withdrawl 9 years ago, I actually chalked it up to post partum this whole time until now as Im going through antidepressant withdrawl from zoloft right now. After my benzos 9 years ago i went on zoloft for 8 months and got off fine. 3 years later I had a panic attack and went back on low dose 25mg for 14 months and had so many adverse reactions, I had no idea antidepressants could cause withdrawl :(. In march of this year I tapered according to my pysch over 2 weeks I actually added a week. Immediately I got suicidal ideations an
  10. Wonderful. You gave me so much inspiration and our stories seem similar. Im almost 11 months off zoloft and almost 8 months off zyprexa i was on the zoloft for 1 year. And tapered too quick tried reinstating made me worse ended up in the pysch ward and put on zyprexa for 10days and slowly tapered. Its been a long very scary year. Im big into nutrition too. I was wondering what kind of diet/lifestyle do you reccomend i eat extremely well. Also just finished tapering the naturthroid the dr put me on 8 months ago and felt was making me worse :/. Obviously have adrenal issues. I still struggle wi
  11. Congrats Andy for comming off Zyprexa! I ve been on Zyprexa and Kvetiapin via misdiagnosis (anxiety and lack of sleep) for 4 months now and will try to taper slowly. My plan from 3,75 mg is 3 weeks on 2,5 then 3 weeks 1,25 and then 3 weeks 0,625, do you think that is too fast? Hopefuly goes well because side effects are killing me, I ve been a cyclist all my life (41 y) now I dont have a mood or energy to even ride a bike, put alot of weight and cant concentrate at my job, let alone my sex life gone.... Also I would like to ask you how much were you sleeping while on Z
  12. I am still waiting to stabilize on Paxil and Zyprexa. How stable were you when you started your Zyprexa taper? Were you taking anything else at the time?
  13. Hi Andy , hope your doing well. I was on Zyprexa Wafers for 7-8yrs and I'd had enough and bout 6wks ago i went from 15mg Wafers then 2wks later dropped to 10mg then another 2wks to 5mg then 2wks more stopped completely. Im now just into my 4th wk of Withdrawals. Ive been having alot of aches an pains headaches an terrible insomnia. I do have some Dizzy spells aswell. Dispite all this my mind is very clear an has been since i went of Zyprexa. I think this is making me determined to see it thru. I'd like to ask you or anyone on this forum do or have you experienced any of my Withdrawal Symptoms?
  14. daybydaystepbystep

    andy: Finally off zyprexa

    Thank you for sharing your story Andy! I too successfully came off Zyprexa cold turkey. I wish there were more success stories on the Internet of Cold Turkey survivors. It took me about 3 months of being off zyprexa (10 mg) to see a lot of recovery. My sleep has recovered a lot too. the insomnia was the worst. peace, hope, love. Day by day.
  15. I was lucky in that able to get 2.5 mg tabs. I went to 1.25 mg then halved those to 0.625 mg. Going below 2.5 mg was most difficult for me. I know some places have liquids and strips. Get to the level as low as possible before taking your last dose. I’m not an expert. I went off Zyprexa too fast. Going below 2.5 mg was tough for me Good luck
  16. Hi Andy, happy to hear you fully recovered. Gives hope. I'm currently on 2.5mg and by a doctors guidance I'm going to lower it to 2mg next month and the down to 1.25 the following month and then stopping. I'm wandering how exactly you did it? Can you be clearer with what you did? There's only a minimum of 5mg zyprexa where i live. So I'm currently cutting that in half. The plan next month will be to cut the 5mg in half and chop some off the half so it's 2mg but it will be hard to know exactly how much I'm taking. I'm starting to get into a workout routine so I'll be fit to work out w
  17. Madeline - you read other stories of others who slow tapered off zyprexa? How are they now? Are you back to normal after the zyprexa? I can't remember. How long were you on it?
  18. Andy thanks for sharing. Your story gave me strength and hope. rupa: I read a couple of other stories of slow tapered who also off zyprexa. Rupa: I also Tapered off zyprexa though was on it a very short time-- see my signature. I cut the 2.5 pills into quarters using a razor blade. I'm still on Zoloft unfortunately and tapering that....
  19. I am writing this as an addendum to My Story which details what ADs did to my life and discusses to a degree how I got my life back. However, I am writing this to elaborate on what certain problems where posed both physically and logistically after I stopped taking medications. Please keep in mind that I went COLD TURKEY and did not taper, which differentiates me from many people on here; also my story took place over 10 years ago, so my memory is not is 100% clear which means it is hard for me to apply a quantitative number to aspects of my physical recovery. In 2002 I quit cold turkey f
  20. hi dkslueth when I was younger (mid to late 20s) I was on several APs, the older ones, stelazine and haldol (haldol for about a year..? then back on for some months here and there, and then given other APs, trilafon, respiradol (sp?) and I forget what else) I recovered from that round of APs sometime between 2002 and now**, I was on huge doses of seroquel for a long time, 400 was the min dose, I think it went up to 600 or more. I was also on zyprexa but I got so heavy on that and was so sleepy I had to discontinue it- I think that was actually in 1996, when I was 40.
  21. Hia aria, great story very inspirational to all of us. I like to ask you a question regarding some of the symptoms that we experience during withdrawal and how they might progress. I spent over the last year and a half polydrugged with zyprexa, lexapro, xanax, and zoloft. It's been now almost 6 months that I tapered/ cted everything. I had akathisia right after zyprexa Ct. it is gone now but I still experience some sense of inner tension and extreme anxiety from time to time. I like to ask you how did post drugs anxiety progress for you. also, starting from mo
  22. my regular thread was locked, it's no problem posting here!! It's helpful to others to see these conversations, I'm sure sorry you're going thru such a rough time. akathisia, that's the worst I've never heard of kavinace, will have to google that I hope things settle down quickly for you try hard to keep things as simple and as steady as you can. You've been thru a lot of meds so your system is probably very sensitized and things that once had one effect, now may have the opposite, sadly that is what I found out when I tri
  23. Hey aero, i have really bad brain fog and cognitive issues they wont go away now im 4 months clean. Anhedonia as well. But unlike you i took zyprexa. Could it be irreversible brain damage done by this drug ? Zyprexa is more dangerous than ssris. Did you have those symtoms ? ty
  24. Hey andy, how long have you been off zyprexa ? Are you completely drug free now ? ive been off it 9 months now but i feel really bad brain fog, short term memory loss and anhedonia. I took lexapro and xanax for a while when i quit zyprexa but im drug free now for over 4 months and i have those horrible symptoms. Do your have them too? Will they ever go away ??
  25. Hey guys , i took zyprexa , flupentixol and imipramine few years ago and am not healed yet
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