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  1. hey pug.....just love your story gives me hope.....i'm 28 months into this horrible nightmare started 1 -13 -15......I suffer 85% of what you posted re what wd stuff you endured. I'm so happy that your recovery is going well.....The thing that scares me the most is a psychiatrist took me off Zyprexa & Lexapro alternating dose cuts every 30 days( I got so damn sick and he felt it was not wd and that I needed new drugs... glad I refused) took 8 mo to get off Zyprexa & 14 to get off Lexapro. Hope I will not experience a double whammy from that. I have been very ill lost 55 lbs in 22 month
  2. Hey guys , i took zyprexa , flupentixol and imipramine few years ago and am not healed yet
  3. Hi Jamie, I was on numerous kinds of antipsychotics over the years including Thorazine, stelazine, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Trilafon and I don't remember the others? They were always mixed up in a combo with at least two antidepressants, Xanax or Klonopin and maybe a sleeping pill? Throw in various Lamictal, lithium, Depakote. The psychiatrist was forever looking for the perfect drug combination when in fact it was the drugs themselves that were making me bizarre. I read in my psychiatric notes I was on 10 milligrams of Xanax a day to control my "nervousness" which turned out to be Akathisia. Readi
  4. hi aero, i read you experiencend AKATHISIAand inner restelness; i experienced the same during my zyprexa Ct it slowly subsided along with agoraphobia and panick attacks but now 2 months off all medications i feel much better although i still experience residual inner restlesness and agitation. I dont know if i should attribute this to the zyprexa still or to the SSRIs i used throughout last year.. Anyway i wanted to ask you aero, how far in withdrawal did you start feeling better with INNER RESTLESNESS? also ANHEDONIA which i experience as well to some extent; how long did it take for you to
  5. Very inspiring that u made it.I freak out sometimes because I think omg this is going to last forever.mine all started with a urinary infection was put on cipro and had bad reaction.my doc decided I needed atvian to sleep.that's when my world changed.I got extreme health anxiety so then they added zyprexa than changed to seroquel.now I believe all the health anxiety was caused by interdose withdrawal from ativan.I had so many health test all negative.
  6. Andy has said it perfectly. Exercise. That’s helped me the most. You’re not gonna feel or have the strength to do it but you have to force yourself. If you haven’t exercised in a long time, start by walking. I don’t lift weights, I swim. I get 100% relief while I’m swimming and the endorphins effect from an aerobic workout lasts 3-4 hours. Plus it helps with sleep. it. I told my Doctor exercise helped. She said to exercise more. Getting this crap out of your system requires a total lifestyle change. It takes willpower, guts, internal strength, and dedication. Commit to living witho
  7. Very glad to here aeroman recovery story! Im 1 year and a half off psychotrpics cocktail(zyprexa,imipramine, flypentixol) a vey severe withdrawl symptoms enough to make me unable to leave my bed for 1 year , im slowly recovering been through alot including brain zaps, panic attacks and severe suicidal depression, well im a little better now where am able to take a walk arround eventhough im anhedonic and numb but that panic feeling got subsided..aeroman when do u think my emotionas gonna hit back? Tho im better physically but wmotionaly still disabled?
  8. @andy what was the longest period of time you were on Zyprexa? Also highest dose? I have gathered from reading that the longer you are on something the harder it is to come off of it. I can find the source where they tested this on rats in Robert Whitakers book if necessary.
  9. I went off olanzapine (zyprexa) and abilify cold turkey as well. It was very difficult for 3 months but I recovered and do not miss the psychiatric drugs at all.
  10. Im a little over a year now off all psych drugs i have a lot of improvement but still dont enjoy the things i used too before the drugs. I just dont enjoy them and most of the time Im thinking about healing and health issues and stopped envjoying lie. I think zyprexa is the drug that is most responsible for this and I still dont have my brain back. Did you experience these aero? It's like anhedonia and a slowed brain function at the same time. Cognitive issues as well. Are those reversible or will they persist? Thank you
  11. hey andy hope youre doing well. Im a little over a year now off all psych drugs i have a lot of improvement but still dont enjoy the things i used too before the drugs. I just dont enjoy them and most of the time Im thinking about healing and health issues and stopped envjoying lie. I think zyprexa is the drug that is most responsible for this and I still dont have my brain back. Do you think what im experiencing is reversible? Thank you
  12. Thank you for coming back to post a success story Andy. Congratulations on getting off Zyprexa, it sounds like your life has improved a lot, this is so good to hear. How did you finally manage to taper off, even though we recommend the 10% method here, if someone is successful using another method, we like to know about it. How did you deal with the insomnia, how long did it last? How long have your been Zyprexa free? It would be great if you would update your signature.
  13. I am almost 62 yrs old. I was started on psych drugs against my will at age 18 I was mostly given anti psychotics, lithium and other so-called mood stabilizers (lamictal, depakote, zyprexa, seroquel) plus tried on various antidepressants of several kinds. Then the SSRI's were added (and with them, meds for sleep and anxiety that I never had before the SRRI's- ambien, klonopin and the seroquel was actually given to me for sleep because I was on 40mgs of lexapro and was a bundle of severe nerves and sleeplessness!) I was started on zoloft in 1996 (possibly 1995)) Then I wa
  14. I feel the same way. I am disheartened also. I was on antidepressants for almost 28 years blindly following my psych dr hoping it would get better with each new med he threw at me! I can’t tell you how many meds I started and stopped ct .. I finally decided to stop all meds a year ago since I felt like a zombie! I was on massive doses when I decided to stop. 5 mg of zyprexa which dr told me to just stop in a few days, 200 mg of sertraline he told me to stop in a few weeks reducing in big chunks and finally did my own taper of 6months of 450 ( yes not a typo) 450 mg of Effexor xr, which I found
  15. hey andy, I am 1 year now off zyprexa and I feel much better. I'm thinking of taking a supplement containing all the B vitamins as well as Ginko and other minerals to help me with persistent tinnitus. What symptoms you had while on B6 vitamin? I'm thinking of taking Vitabiotic's Neurozan which contains Ginko as well. Thank you
  16. Hi Plshelp. I don't know how they are now, but I found a couple of stories on the internet that kept me going as they tapered off and seemed fine after. My usage is in my signature. I was on it a short time, but at a high dose of 10 mg, and then started tapering soon after. I am OK from zyprexa taper, but am still on zoloft, and if I miss that by a few hours, I feel really bad. It will be a long journey yet.
  17. Andy ! You cold turkeyed, but never complained much about your symptoms here in the forum. Your depression episode's reason is your daughter's birth. Over the Entire Internet, your's is the only success story about coming off zyprexa. I know how annoying getting dreams (hallucinations)every single day is. But you would say dreams are nice. Your patience and positive attitude is phenomenal. You will definitely rebuild your life my friend. The Best life is awaiting you. ------------------------ You are my
  18. powerback

    Aria's recovery

    Hi Aria ,your story is inspiring and I need it going into the next 6 months .what has happened to me has led me down many paths and research .on the doctor topic.im finished going near them ever again but its far from simple .I think I read it lately on beyondmeds.com ,"there is a big responsibility taking on recovery" ,the amount we have to learn and understand but worth every second of our time . I used to be in a doctors for everything ,one day he says take vitamin c for the flu [withdrawl symptom at the time but I didn't realise at the time].and it clicked for me .the more I pushed
  19. I held for 3 months when I was struggling ,changing my diet and excercise drasticallly helped me The liver can regenerate given the right nutrition and time,don't believe everything doctors tell you I never even think about zyprexa anymore
  20. Hi Andy, I have tried to get off zyprexa several times now. This last time i did 10% cuts and held for 30 days, but just as in previous attempts i could not get past just above 2.5 mgs mark. I think you said that for you it was just under the 2.5 mg mark that was most difficult for you. How did you do it? How did you finally get past that mark and was it easier after you did? Please help me if you can. I have reversible liver disease from this drug but if i dont get off of it the damage to my liver will become irreversible and i will need a transplant to live!
  21. How long did it take for your symptoms to resolve ? I took lexapro and zyprexa now 6 months off I really have bad brain fog and confusion. I took each drug 3 months
  22. I have added a tag, "antipsychotic recovery", to this topic and to Success Story threads where the original poster mentions having taken an antipsychotic medication. If you click on the tag that appears below the title, you'll get a list of success stories on this site with that tag. Edited to add: Clicking on the tag brings up all topics with that tag, including Introductions and "Tips for Tapering" topics. I ran a search for topics with tag="antipsychotic recovery" and location=Success Stories forum. Here are the Search results Partial list of "anti
  23. thanks andy for the quick reply. So everything is back to normal now? how do you feel cognition and memory wise? I'm 8 months post zyprexa today and I dont feel myself again. I quit 5 mg abruptly I'm much better say 80 percent better than 8 months ago but still not myself again Do you think I need more time to heal? how long did it take you? thanks and good luck
  24. Rainfall god bless you, for sharing. Do you have before and after pics? Only if you want them shared, Picture is worth a thousand words, I know nothing about this, except that people judged me thin (sisters).. I was stress, menopausal, and normal ****..... I went to doctor, wow was "Viva Zyprexa year"" off label push ..........got zyprexa, mad in three days, and 8 damn years before I kicked the habit of the effexor for the fallout..... At the present time I have no appetite, but that should be considered "normal" as I do nothing, and am fat wrong word, way heavier than t
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