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  1. Hi Andy! Great to hear you are off Zyprexa! I know someone who is on this drug and it has really horrible side effects for this person! How long have you been drug free? You write that you took 1/4 a pill every other day. I wonder if that affected you somehow? Did you feel different the days when you took the pill compared to the days when you didn't?
  2. Thank you for coming back to post a success story Andy. Congratulations on getting off Zyprexa, it sounds like your life has improved a lot, this is so good to hear. How did you finally manage to taper off, even though we recommend the 10% method here, if someone is successful using another method, we like to know about it. How did you deal with the insomnia, how long did it last? How long have your been Zyprexa free? It would be great if you would update your signature.
  3. Hello I always wanted to return to the site and thank all that helped me in the dark hours and also the forum owner and originator for the tireless work that has helped so many people Heres my thread when I first asked for help http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/6865-andy-hello-tapering-from-zyprexa/ I wont go into how I finally quit the drug because it wasnt the normal 10% approach although I tried 5 times and failed miserably.I found a good understanding doctor who helped me reduce and more than anything listened to me without prejudice.This helped enormously,I finally
  4. Well, I stopped Zyprexa in 2012 and I consider myself completely recovered. But it was an 8 mo taper, not CT. If you are struggling I would really recommend reinstatement and a proper taper. 3 yrs before that a dr. tried me on 50% reductions and it was impossible.
  5. Rainfall god bless you, for sharing. Do you have before and after pics? Only if you want them shared, Picture is worth a thousand words, I know nothing about this, except that people judged me thin (sisters).. I was stress, menopausal, and normal ****..... I went to doctor, wow was "Viva Zyprexa year"" off label push ..........got zyprexa, mad in three days, and 8 damn years before I kicked the habit of the effexor for the fallout..... At the present time I have no appetite, but that should be considered "normal" as I do nothing, and am fat wrong word, way heavier than t
  6. Whatever you quit all this in 2002 10 years of healing from your quit time to when you wrote this. You obviously consider yourself healed when you wrote this. I am amazed at your clarity and strength. Congratulations. I am amazed how well you and quickly you healed I do suspect perhaps it is like child birth and the pain of it dims in time (just a thought) . I am curious if in some way some of the drugs were protective in keeping the damage from other drugs lower... I know it sounds silly coming from me. I like to know things sometimes and am curious about this. I will not say I know wh
  7. I am writing this as an addendum to My Story which details what ADs did to my life and discusses to a degree how I got my life back. However, I am writing this to elaborate on what certain problems where posed both physically and logistically after I stopped taking medications. Please keep in mind that I went COLD TURKEY and did not taper, which differentiates me from many people on here; also my story took place over 10 years ago, so my memory is not is 100% clear which means it is hard for me to apply a quantitative number to aspects of my physical recovery. In 2002 I quit cold turkey f
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