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  1. Westie

    Westie: Intro

    Hello, I've been on this site reading for awhile and figured it's time to begin interacting. My journey began around '91 with a script for Prozac to treat depression. Since then there were times I wasn't on an AD, but always went back for more and my depression worsened. Luckily have avoided what I considered to be the heavy hitters like Lithium and Depakote, refused Seroquel after trying it for a couple of weeks... but was convinced that drugs like Lexapro and Zoloft were ok and could help me. While there were windows where I felt good, sometimes even happy and functional, my depression has
  2. If you or a loved one was harmed by antipsychotic drugs (such as Abilify, Seroquel, Invega, Zyprexa, or Risperdal) taken while in the custody of the Maryland juvenile justice system, PM me and we'll talk. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm.
  3. I have been depressed most of my life and most of my childhood is completely blank. I can't remember it at all. Often times, I have wondered if depression ran in my family and I have a suspicion that it does. My sister suffers from it, I can just tell my mom does (though she would not admit to it), and I know my dad did (before he passed away in 07). I am a Christian and have been most of my life. But a large number of people within the Christian community, and my family, feel like Antidepressants and any type of mental illness means you aren't praying hard enough, your life isn't right w
  4. My doctor said I was Bi-polar and started me on different drugs. Began Abilify, 10 mg in 2004 after the traumatic brain injury. I reduced approx. three mths ago from 5mg to 2.5 mg for 10 days then half again for 21 days then stopped. For the last few months I have had headaches. I have been told I was more fun to be around while on Abilify. Now my doctor wants me to cut the 50 mg of Zoloft to 25 mg. to give me some anxiety relief. She said that she wants me to start Abilify (generic) if reducing the Zoloft does not help. I'm afraid to do this because of possible sensitivity from alrea
  5. I am new to the site and actually have never used an online site for anything before so I hope I can figure it out:). I am down to 50mg lamictal from 200 and it's tough. Then I'm going to see if my psychiatrist will prescribe liquid abilify to get off that, I'm only on 2mg.
  6. Hey! My info: (I'm new here - little apprehensive to share but here goes) History is albify for 2 years with 1-2 month break early this year and recently Sertraline for the past 6 months I have tapered off my Albify @ 15mg as follows -> From 15mg for 8 months down to 7.5mg for 7 day 5mg for 7 days PLUS From 100mg for 6 months down to Cold turkey. This is a very emotional subject for me because I really never wanted to be on the medication but felt constricted to being on them. However now I've taken my destiny into my own hands and decided to taper down. Please note that I gave myse
  7. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. So I was on Abilify back in May for 3 weeks and then I went off of it. Everything went down hill so I went back on it for 3 more weeks then went off of it. It's been a month since my last dose. I wake up every morning crying for no reason. And feeling depressed for no reason. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process? I'm feeling really hopeless. PS I was on 2mg
  8. My doctor reviewed some bloodwork with me in November; it shows that I am in big danger of metabolic syndrome. Fasting glucose 107, A1C 7.5, cholesterol up 40 pts (20 of them the 'good' cholesterol), fat around the middle, 31 BMI. So I want off the Abilify. I planned to talk to my psychiatrist about it at my January appt, but he cancelled. My next appointment is in March and I really don't want to wait that long. I want off. I am curious about tapering this with the long half-life. Can I consider eliminating one dose per week? Or should I stick with the 10% per day? Also, I have
  9. If you or a loved one were harmed by antipsychotics prescribed while in the custody of the foster care system in Maryland and you re interested in being interviewed about your experiences, email me and we'll talk. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm. Here is a link to my writer's website: http://patrickhahn5.wix.com/meliponula My email address is patrickhahn (at) hotmail.com
  10. Cut down paxil from 20mg to 10 mg. 1 week ago. Been tapering off Abilify to 2.5 and now taking 0. Suggestions?
  11. Hello, everyone. I'm new here, but was a long-time reader over at Paxil Progress before it shut down. I actually thought a couple weeks ago how far I'd come and thought, "I should post a success story!" because I hadn't felt PAWS symptoms in an entire year by that point. Well. Today and yesterday, I've hit a rough spot. Let me start with that necessary evil, backstory. In late 2011 I was prescribed Abilify for the off-label treatment of trichotillomania, or compulsive hair-pulling. I did not have depression, anxiety, or any psychiatric disorder; my doctor prescribed this solely for the pulli
  12. Hi, In 2005, I started with Prozac and Klonopin (2 months) (reactions: increased OCD, started self-harm, suicidality increased, hospitalizations for od, a bit bipolar) Then my doctor added Abilify (and I believe he added a stabilizer), switched me to Effexor unsuccessfully for 1 month (reactions: more suicidality, panic, etc.) then I went to high dose Lithium for 7 +months (reactions: heavy weight gain, anhedonia) Afterwards, in 2006, I chose to travel the holistic route. I was briefly on another antipsychotic and sedative 4 years ago that left me with brain zaps (and possible motor t
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm so grateful for this site, everyone on it and all the valuable information here. I've been reading SA for the last 3 months, but I have just now gotten up the courage to post. I'm currently trying to taper off of 1.7 mgs of risperdal and .25 mgs of clonazapam that I've been on since November 2013. However my history with psych drugs goes back 13 years when I was put on Paxil for depression. One drug led to another and another and another and I found myself hospitalized multiple times along the way (please see my signature). I experienced what I consider to
  14. Hello, people! I ask you that question in the topic title, so I am pretty sure what exactly is my problem and it is supressed deep fear and aslo not feeling the pain which i am sure is healthy to feel in my situation. But when i try to feel the pain or the fear i can't do it to the point i know i should. I am taking Zyprexa and Abilify for 3 years and for these 3 years i was strugling searching, trying to understand what is going on with me and what exactly is my problem. i read a lot of books and articles. watched a lot af videos and now i finally realized what i needed. But i think Zyprexa a
  15. Hello, I had a history of depression, moving randomly, quitting jobs randomly, etc. Eventually this culminated in a suicide attempt at age 30 (hotline saved my life, thank you to all who contribute). I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 shortly afterward thanks to family history (depression and anxiety diagnoses for mother, vague diagnoses but committed half her life mother's mother, suicidal death of mother's mother's father) and my behavior. I rejected this and self-medicated for years, volunteered overseas, used St. John's Wort (which was surprisingly effective) and other things but had a manic ep
  16. Was taking Abilify 20 mg but tapered down to 5-10 mg. Was also taking Celexa 40 mg but tapered down to 20 mg. Doctor started me on Wellbutrin 150 mg a month ago to "give me a boost". Stopped taking the abilify and celexa but still take Wellbutrin 150 mg. The first month I felt fine, now even though I am on Wellbutrin, I am getting anxiety spells, some social phobia at times, and my depression is coming back. I come from a family with a lot of mental illness, and had depression with psychosis since I hit puberty, now I am almost 40. I think the medications worked in a way but by numbin
  17. Hi! I'm new here. I have a question regarding Abilify tablets. I just had to switch from liquid Abilify to the tablets because the liquid Abilify isn't being made anymore. I was wondering if I can either let the tablets (I take 3 mg, so 1 and 1/2 tablets) dissolve in my mouth than swallow a glass of water or let the pills dissolve in the small amount of water and then drink the water? Will this affect the effectiveness of the tablets? My pharmacy told me not to chew the tablets because the pharmacist said that parts could get stuck in your teeth, you wouldn't always get the same dose, et
  18. After 25 years on more than 20 different drugs to treat major depressive disorder, I have decided enough is enough. I've had 15 rounds of ECT, with no improvement. As a 'last resort' , my psychiatrist put me on Riluzole, which is used mainly to treat ALS. A side effect is lessening of depression. Apparently it works on the glutamate system in the brain, and not the typical neurotransmitters. I feel I have had some success with this medication. I no longer live in a deep, dark pit of despair. I do need to mention that over the last year (while being on Riluzole), I have expanded my spiritu
  19. Hello everyone. I'm happy that I found your website. I thought my life is ruined, but I read success recovery stories and I have a hope now. I was crying for about 20 minutes while I was reading. I don't know If I should tell you the whole story, cause it's a very very sad story. But for me the most important thing is to get answers to my questions. the brief story: I used some drugs for about one year: esctasy, some cocaine, LSD (twice only) and weed. After I stopped taking drugs health problems started: heavy hallucinations, voices, heavy paranoia, uncontrolled rage attacks and more. I g
  20. If you have been harmed by taking Abilify and you are willing to talk about your experiences, I would like to hear from you. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm. I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has taken Abilify as an adjunct to antidepressant therapy. Here's links to my latest article in the Canada Free Press: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/68695 http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/68708 http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/68717 http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/68731 If you are in
  21. I first took 20 mg cipralex. Then i take 10 mg for 2 weeks, then i take 5 mg in 2 weeks than to zero. Its that to fast? And i was on 7 mg abilify, and i just quitted abilify for 9 days ago. Why dont i feel witraval symptoms or stop taking abilify?
  22. bluestates


    Hello all. For over 10 years now I have been on some sort of medication or combination of them for depression. I think the very first one was Paxil way back when. It has been a roller coaster ride. I had been on Abilify (5mg) and Lexapro (10mg) for several years until a little over a month ago. The reasons why I stopped taking them are a bit complicated. I may go into them at another time. I tapered off the Abilify but not nearly to the extent I should have. I had no idea the withdrawal symptoms would be this severe. Thankfully I came across this site while searching Google. The f
  23. Have been on a variety of antidepressants and antipsychotics since a teenager. Currently take Celexa 40mg and Abilify 20mg. Have a history of just going cold turkey off medications (didn't know better). The last time I went cold turkey was a few months ago. - At first felt ok. Then became irritable, groggy, had a lot of bizzare vivid dreams and depressed again. Felt Ok for a little bit again, then the depression came back with a vengeance and was getting suicidal. So I went back on my medications. This has been my experience every time I would go cold turkey. I would think that my depress
  24. Hi Everyone, The short story is that I have had depression & anxiety for 15+ years. I have taken a variety of anti-depressants over the years and have experienced 2 cold turkey withdrawals that resulted in hospitalization (will never ever do that again). I am currently stable but feel "flat" almost all the time. I am ready to taper off of all my medication (if I can). I visited my psychiatrist today to request his help. He was less than optimistic. His comments included he is "100% against me going off my medication, 80% of attempts to get off meds fail, I will be on meds for
  25. I have been on Abilify for almost a year and have gained 20 lbs and also torn a tendon in my leg due to a car accident. The weight gain and injury to my leg have made me feel depressed and my blood sugar has gone up as well. I also didn't know that it caused hair loss but I have experienced that as well. I have been tapering myself off for the past three weeks and caved in today and took 2.5 mg because I have major anxiety about a mediation I have to attend tomorrow as a result of a car accident that caused the ruptured tendon in my leg. I am tired to not fitting in my clothing and working
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