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  1. Hi everyone, I apologize if I'm doing this wrong but I need advice. I've been on celexa at 5mg for two years. With permission from my GP (who suggested I could simply stop taking the 5mg all together or taper) I began tapering February 22nd at 2.5 until March 1st. I quit thinking it was such a low dosage nothing would happen. Withdrawals hit hard (daily headaches, nausea, flu like symptoms, sweating, chills, fatigue), after a visit to urgent care I restarted 5mg on March 5th. On March 6th the headaches were so bad I took a 10mg. On March 11th I could barely stay awake at work so I took a 5mg t
  2. Hi members, moderators, and administration. I(member Marsha) have started this thread for my husband. He is too ill to do it. I do all of the calculations and prepare his citalopram capsules for him. An addiction doctor controlled his librium taper to this point. He was taking 40 mgs citalopram and we made the first reduction all of September. He had issues with insomnia but when we made the second reduction to 32.4 mgs he had severe insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms that after 7 days starting today October 7 have updosed 5%. To 34.2 mgs. We will wait until he stabilizes before reducing a
  3. Doc. said reduce Celexa by 1/2 due to QT prolongation risks. Went from 20 to 10 mg. 1 month ago. Feeling pretty crappy as indicated all over this forum. At 72 I'm not sure I want to start a multi-year withdrawal process. Might just switch to Wellbutrin?? Any comments certainly welcome! 2000 - 2008 Zoloft 2008 - 2014 Paxil 2014 - Present Celexa
  4. Hi, 44 yr old healthy male, 20 months of GAD, against my better judgement I decided to try Celexa. Started 2.5mg then 5 then 10 then 15 then 20, with the help of my psychiatrist. He wanted to wean me up slowly over the course of a few months because Im anxious regarding these meds,,,, I now have been on 20mg for 11 days. It seems that as the doses increased I have added woozyness, dizzy sensations, headaches, jaw and face tension, and just feel really spacy....I dont think these meds are for me and I want to wean off of them, these symptoms have gotten worse over the cours
  5. Hello everyone, Another one joining the ranks of survivalists. I've been looking and reading hundreds of posts on this site for a few months now and I've finally decided to join the community. I've read a lot about people's experiences and suffering, which is not easy to read. So I guess I'll get into what brought me here. It was in my late 20's I started suffering from crippling panic attacks and GAD, as well as having a low lingering depression due to always being anxious. I have no idea why all of a sudden I had my first panic attack, I did smoke some weed in my ea
  6. Hi There, To make a long story short, I tried to taper off my celexa. I was tapering 10% down of my original 20 mg dose, and tapered 10% every two weeks for two and a half months. Also the schedule my doctor put me on for tapering was quite erratic. So 10 mg a few days and then back to 20 mg other days. My tapering was never an exact amount each time I tapered down. Anyways, I felt good tapering down for two months and a half but then just 4 days ago the withdrawal hit me pretty good. Obviously the tapering was too fast. So almost as soon as my withdrawal started I took the orig
  7. ADMIN NOTE DJones's benzo thread Hi, I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself and ask for some advice I have been on various ssris for 11years and about 7 months ago I decided to wean myself off celexa which I had been on for the last 5 years at 40mg. I weaned of to fast over the course of about 3 months and was off for a total of 1 month when I crased hard with anxiety, fear and depression. I went back on 40mg of celexa after being off for a month but got panic attacks and weird sensations in head. After 2 weeks the doc than got me off that and put me on Paxil for 2 week
  8. Hi all, I felt depressed around beginning of April realised something was wrong. I have depression and OCD. I went to my doctors and they put me on citalopram which i was on about a year and a half ago took ages to work then then finally did and I was better again also with talk plus counselling. I was on citalopram for 2 weeks last month and it didn't agree with me I was so sick so I changed to sertraline for 2 - 3 weeks and it still made me ill and my ocd worse.With my doctors advice she signed me off for a week and I came off them completely. I went back for
  9. Hi everyone, thank you so much for reading this! Ive had a really bad two years. I will give a bit of history. I am 29 now. From 16-21 I was on 20 or 40 mg celexa. I honestly can not remember. For extreme anxiety. It honestly helped me so much. I quit it cold turkey and dont remember having many symptoms. Ive always struggled with anxiety though. Fast forward to 2014. I had my first and only child. Right after i had her I knew something was wrong. I didnt sleep for 5 days straight, heart racing, high BP etc. My dr put me back on 20 mg of celexa. I went to my pcp and he tested my th
  10. Hello all, my name is Alicia. I'm a mother to a small child with autism. My whole mess with these medications happened before she was even born, and I am ashamed to say that I was even on celexa during my whole pregnancy with my daughter and of course I was told that celexa was perfectly safe during pregnancy, but now I wonder if her autism is related to the stupid ad. I only wish I knew the dangers of these meds long before now. Anyways I first took celexa back in 2011 after I developed panic attacks, they also gave me clonazepam. I quit the clonazepam a little before I got pregnant with
  11. Hi everyone, i have sailed on over from PP. Can anyone tell me what happened to the forum? Im happy to be here but curiosity is still getting me. I'll share a bit about myself. I was on various SSRIs for 10 years, mainly celexa, and finally tapered free Jan 2014 after a two year taper. Years before the taper i would switch meds hoping it would stave off the weight gain. Little did i know that i was in constant start up effects and withdrawal. Life seemed to have stopped at that point which is maybe 6 years ago. During this period i looked high and low for answers to why i was feeling so sick
  12. Hello Everyone! I've taken Celexa for several years for my anxiety/panic disorder. It has worked fairly well for me over time but I seem to have recently developed adverse side effects. There have been times over the last several years where I didn't suffer from any anxiety or panic and have felt amazing. The last couple months have been very stressful for me and something seems to have changed. It seems the Celexa is manifesting some very uncomfortable and debilitating side effects. I've had terrible anxiety and nausea/dizziness. I've also been experiencing tachycardia during the
  13. I started citalopram about 10 years ago at 40 mg. I have spent the last four years tapering off. I was at 10 mg. for about 2 months, and then at 5 mg for about two weeks. I felt ok, so then I stopped completely. I was ok for about a week after my last dose, but then started having really, really bad irritability. I have no patience and have a lot of trouble sleeping. At night, when I'm trying to sleep, I feel very jittery. I'm assuming it took a week to get it all out of my body. So I've just read about reinstating it. I just made up the liquid solution. I thought maybe I'd st
  14. I am coming off that evil drug and have never been so sick in my life. This is so hard and If experienced every symptom flu like symptoms,brain shivers! diahrea, sad, angry etc. Its not even a narcotic. so why??????
  15. MedusaInAkron

    MedusaInAkron: Off Celexa

    I'm new to this site and glad I found it. I'm 58 years old and have been on antidepressants for 24 years. It started with Prozac in 1994 and have been on most of them--Zoloft, Paxil, Lexapro, Effexor since. In 2013, I weaned myself off of Effexor, but not long my doctor prescribed Celexa because I was crying all the time. A little over a month ago, I weaned myself off of the Celexa, and I'm determined not to go back on any meds, despite the fact that I struggle with emotional dysregulation (angry outbursts, fits of weeping); at least the vertigo and brain zaps have finally quieted down. I'm do
  16. Hi I am new here and hope someone can help. I have read that if you suffer from discontinuation syndrome you need to restart the med at a low dose. I believe I suffered from Poop Out whilst taking 10mg Celexa over 6 yr period. 7 months ago I agreed with my Dr to come off over 2 wk period as it was a very low dose. In medical terms it is but I am a highly sensitive ecosystem and have been hospitalised by antibiotics which damaged my liver so I tread very carefully on dosage. 10mg to me is someone elses 20mg. 2 months after tapering I was diagnosed with CFS/ ME. I have terrible cognitive i
  17. Hi Everyone, I started using 20 mg/day of Celexa almost 20 years ago for severe PMS symptoms. I resisted using antidepressants for a long time, trying supplements, exercise and meditation first, but nothing helped. In desperation, I tried Prozac for a few months, but quit because of the side effects (dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, tiredness). Then I tried Zoloft and also stopped after a couple months. I couldn't stand how I felt. I felt itchy and tired all the time. Finally, I found out about Celexa (which was newly approved for use for depression in 1998). Celexa helped (I experie
  18. Hi, As I am new to this forum I like to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer and I'm from Holland. I'm 33 years old. I have been on celexa for 17 years.. got forced by my parents when I was 15 and haven't been able to quit them since. Now I'm 3 weeks into weaning of again and it has been hell. I went from 20mg to 15mg and am planning to stay on 15mg for 3 months or at least till I'm stable again. I'm also planning to have fluods instead of pills so I can wean off more slowly as I feel I'm going too fast now. My withdrawal symptoms are: headaches, nausea, dizzines
  19. Hi everybody. I never joined a forum before but now it's time. I've been on AD's for about 20 years now. Always resistant to staying on them, because of flat affect and just a lot of fear of side effects. Started on maprotiline (yeah, nobody's heard of it) a tetracyclic, then tried St John's Wort, SAMe, TCM, before getting prescribed Celexa. My pattern was to stay on until I felt OK, than go off, probabl;y way too fast for my sensitive system, and crash. Aside from sadness and lack of energy/motivation, my main symptom was horrible insomnia -- I have atypical PTSD symptoms from a major
  20. Hi, I am 63 years old and have been on psychicatric drugs for 34 years. In the past five years I have discontinued Trazadone, Lamotrigine, klonopin, Seroquel. The most recent one being Seroquel at 600mg. I tapered by 25mg. per month. I had horrible withdrawals and still had symptoms after three months after stopping it. The most troublesome symtoms I still had was the sweating/chills, Chorea involuntary movements, burning sensation in my head, face, legs and arms, anxiety. I have been on Celexa for the past eight to ten years and just recently discovered that Celexa can cause Chore
  21. Hi new to the forum here. 10 year history on various drugs for anxiety/mild depression with the longest use being 8 years of celexa. So i felt like I was stable in life and the side effects were making me crazy so I talked to my PCP about tapering. I tried to reduce the drug 5mg every 2 weeks (starting at 30 mg) and of course after I was off it was hell (physically - brain zaps, vertigo, motion sickness, etc) for the next 6 weeks until I decided to put myself back on the drug. So I recently went back to my PCP and he recommended genesight testing to find which antidepressant would cause f
  22. Jennifer78


    Hello...I'm new to this website and I'm still not sure how this works. I'm looking for some hope I guess that's what you'd call it. I have been on meds for 15 years. Only an SSRI until probably 3 years ago. I was on Celexa 40mg, Abilify 10mg and Wellbutrin XL. I was so over medicated I felt numb and I couldn't function. I didn't know what was wrong with me & then I thought maybe it's to much medicine. I lost my health insurance on 12-01-16 so I couldn't afford all these meds so I stopped taking the Celexa & Abilify on that day. I'm still on Wellbutrin. The reason I stayed on it was I h
  23. I have two experiences of taking and stopping antidepressants. The first time was in 2003. I was in graduate school, we had just moved into a new house that needed lots of work, we had a 3 year old, and my best friend was given 5 months to a year to live. It was a horrible time in my life. I knew that I had to get through this time without completely shutting down. I went to my doctor and told her I needed anything that would help. She set me up for counseling twice a week and a prescription for Prozac 10 mg, increasing to 20 mg. The Prozac was a miracle for me. I took it for 1 y
  24. BanjoAnnie


    After being on Celexa for the second time in my life, I have tapered and am now off a drug that I know made my life worse. I was diagnosed first with PPD, one year after the birth of my youngest. I went cold turkey off the drug at that time, mostly because of a non-supportive doctor and ignorance. I survived that for almost 15 years, and then many family events started happening - mother diagnosed with ALZ, children graduating and moving out, one moved back home, young adult rebellion after college, a marriage, loss of a longtime friendship...I was exhausted and over-taxed, not depressed! Tear
  25. I’m going to try and do this correctly but I’m going on almost no sleep in the past 5 months.. Two years ago I started having numerous new physical symptoms (night sweats, bloating, headaches,etc.) and felt very drugged. I started to wonder how many of the symptoms were related to the meds I was taking. I decided to start by tapering the low dose of Valium I’d been put on 4 years before to help with sleep. I don’t remember how I tapered. Probably too fast. After stopping completely I spent a month in withdrawal (and menopausal) hell. I did not sleep for a month. In desperation, I v
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