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  1. Hi. I'm so grateful to have found this amazing group; it has given me hope which I badly needed. I have a very complex situation and don't know, even after reading a lot on this site, what my next move should be to help myself. Here is my story. In fall 2004 I started on 20mg of citalopram for GAD and panic disorder. I had typical side effects for a week or so and charge through because the improvement of my symptoms was fast and drastic. I increased to 40mg after one or two weeks with no trouble and I felt amazing. My anxiety was so diminished and my life got some
  2. I’ve always been an anxious person. However when my mum was getting diagnosed with lung cancer I hit an all time low April 2019. I had resisted antidepressants for years but felt maybe that was the time I needed to take them to try and help me cope with my mums diagnosis and what was to be a horrible journey leading to her death in August 2020. I tried citalopram first which didn’t go well, I ended up in A&E several times. My anxiety was so bad I couldn’t sit still, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, was Suicidal. It truly was the worst time of my life. Finally saw a psychiatrist after two w
  3. I’ve been on both of these meds since I was 15 years old and I am now 21. Im scared to get off due to the side effects that may occur… I had a really scary episode of phycosis where I tried to harm myself but the doctors don’t know what lead to it and I think it may be the medications im on.. I don’t really know what to do anymore im on 10mg of citalopram currently and 75 of lamotrigine… please help. Im experiencing anxiety and panic attacks at this time which I have never experienced before..
  4. hi, i'm thankful to have found this site but i really wish i would've found it at the start of my medication journey. i'll give some background on everything before i describe my situation now. so i started zoloft/sertraline in october 2019 when i was 19 years old, i was put on 25mg to start because i was essentially having one long panic attack that lasted several weeks and as a result i became agoraphobic because of how terrified i was of what was happening to me. i had a house visit from my doctor who prescribed me zoloft (i'd actually been prescribed diazepam too a
  5. Jojojones

    Jojojones: Mrs

    Hi, I have been taking Citalopram 20mg for about 10 years. I tried to come off about two years ago, but I did it very quickly and it was bad. I am trying to come off again, as I am worried I won't be able to get them in the future as I will not have the jab, and will probably have to go and live in the forest or something. I have been looking at how to make liquid solution with my tablet and water. But I find it too difficult to understand, what amount to take, etc. I have been shaving my tablet but I know this is inaccurate. I have been getting withdrawal symptoms. I am really sens
  6. In August of 2021 will be a four-year ordeal that began with a breaking through (tolerance) of the SSRI medication (Celexa) I was on for 20 years. During this four-year period, I experienced over 75 symptoms associated with psychotropic medication withdrawal and at two different times was at zero quality of life. Once for five months (within the first year) and the once for four months (in year two) three months after my last dose of medication. I have been treated by a Psychiatrist, several counselors, two functional medicine doctors, two nutritionist, two specialists with psychotropic med
  7. Hi all, and thank you for this site. After multiple attempts to taper over the last 5/6 years, some medically supervised, some not, I came off citalopram 10mg at the end of June this year with the intention of pushing through withdrawal come what may. I had been on 20mg until earlier this year and decreased straight to 10mg which I’d been on for about three months. Needless to say now I am now not having fun at all and am considering reinstating. My intention was to replace the SSRI with 5htp which I’ve been taking for a week at 50mg then 100mg. I still have some citalopram tablets left (I’ve
  8. Hello. I’m 62. I’ve taken an SSRI (primarily citalopram) since ~1997 for depression. I stopped drinking in 2011, and participated in recovery programs (through my HMO and Women for Sobriety) for several years. I began medical cannabis for anxiety and sleep problems in 2013. Over the past ~2 years, I’ve lost 50 pounds (going from obese to a “normal” weight), and have eaten better and exercised much more consistently than before. I retired in late 2020. Now that many of my stressors are less intense, or gone altogether, and I’m taking much better care of myself (including not self-medicatin
  9. Kia ora, hello - glad to find this site with the science and experience. Am on the decades long process of getting my brain and body back! A backdrop of CPTSD, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, TBI brain injuries, epilepsy (resolved after menopause) and non-epileptic seizures, treated by sooo many drugs. Have reduced in intermittent jolts with the predictable awful withdrawal impacts. Wish to do it as sensibly as possible from now on.
  10. Hello everyone I am new here and looking for advice and encouragement. Back in March I suffered my first panic attack due to a bad reaction from a bunch of meds I was on after my first surgery. I did not know it was a panic attack and all the physical symptoms I was having was from anxiety. A month later after finding out it was anxiety my doctor put me on celexa which I only lasted two days due to terrible and scary side effects. I was desperate though and so I decided to try out lexapro. I am sensitive to meds and so I was put on 5mg. The first few weeks were hell and by week 3 i began to ex
  11. Hello All, Sunday May 30, 2021 I have been lurking on this site for awhile but decided to join since the support would be greatly appreciated right now. Back in 2016, I was put on 10mg for some minor health anxiety. The next 4 years of my life were great and was able to handle any and everything that life threw at me. In July 2020, I decided to get on this holistic nutrition program, since I was experiencing some unpleasant GI symptoms and candida. Looking back now it was
  12. Hello everybody, First of al I would like to excuse for my English, since it is not my native language. In august 2020 I started using citalopram (first 2 weeks 10 mg and then raised to 20 mg). I used it until february 2021 and quit cold turkey midst february 2021. One of the side effects of citalopram was intolerable concentration problems. I used to have very sharp cognitive abilities, but almost immediately after starting with citalopram my cognitive abilities declined. My memory was awful and I could not conceptualize and make connections any more. I first thought that it was a
  13. Hi everyone (sorry for the misspellings and bad grammar - I'm from Denmark). Started on citalopram in 2010/2011 after a longer period of anxiety, where I was afraid that I was going insane. Checked my self for symptoms that I was about to go insane, had anxiety all the time, could'n sleep and could not relax as I constantly had and "what if"-thoughts. I didn't really share it with anyone - just hoped that it would pass. I can't remember exactly when I started on citalopram, but It was after visiting my parents for Christmas where I just started crying and was doing really bad. year.
  14. I have struggled with the evil twins of depression and anxiety for all of my adult life. I'm now in my late 60s. Current meds: citalopram 40mg/day; bupropion SR 100mg/day; buspirone 20mg/day; I've been on citalopram and bupropion for many years. Buspirone was added about three years ago. Under medical guidance I tapered too fast off benzos two years ago, a hellish withdrawal experience. I'm 99% recovered and ready to chip away at the heavy load of psych meds I'm on. I'm determined to do a slow careful taper to avoid anything resembling what I went through
  15. I've been on antidepressants for 27 years. I was changed to Lexapro from Citalopram about 7 months or so ago as the Citalopram no longer seemed to be working for me. My depression and anxiety became worse on Lexapro. The solution was that my doctors kept increasing the dose until I was on the maximum. Things became even worse and I reduced the dose myself as I knew it was the medication making things so bad. The anxiety was overwhelming. I am on day 12 off my medication. I tapered down over 2 months, which was slower than my doctor recommended. I am taking supplements that the d
  16. Hi All I found this website 2 years ago and it has been of tremendous help. Here is my story. Until age 24 (12 years ago) i have had a perfect metal and phisical health, always a very happy and joyful person. I moved due to work out of my country, destination far north scandinavia. Two year after, winter is terrible, absolutely no sunlights for long month and polar nights. This time it takes a mental toll and i get depressed for first time in my life. I get cipralex from the doctors and 1 month after i am back to work. This is the beginning of everything. I am abl
  17. i'd forgotten i'd joined this site over a year ago!? really not sure this is where i should be doing introduction? anyways ... i'm a young 69 year old female. about 16 years ago i found out through mutual work friends that my partner was seeing someone. i had been working at same company as my partner but took early retirement to stay home with our son. he worked downtown and i was in the suburbs. i wasn't heartbroken just angry and was determined to find out if he was still seeing her (same friends had seen them together) even tho he told me he'd stopped things the year before. he woul
  18. Prescribed 20 MG Celexa in June 2018 after a couple of close deaths within a short period of time. I felt brain fog on the meds but it did help with the depression/anxiety. Wanted to get off of the drug, so talked with Dr. in November of 2020 and without much research or knowledge, tapered quickly over a few weeks. Short term, I felt great. I had more energy, no brain fog, and actually started going to the gym again and lost 15 lbs. In March of 2021, a huge wave hit me and didn't see it coming. The last month and a half has been a battle! Faith and friends have helped me a ton, although
  19. Hello all! Thanks for accepting me here on this forum. I started Cipramil in 2019 because of altered state of mind after psychedelics, and shortly after got a balance disorder. I had problems with anxiety(GAD) and depression(dysthymia) before, but this 2 life events made it worse. I never needed antidepressants to function. The psychedelics altered my mind for a longer time. I did a lot of meditation and yoga at that time and also fueling this with psychedelics was not really a good choice. Now I know it is possible to change the structure of the brain patterns with these kind of t
  20. I tried Citalopram for 2 weeks had terrible symptoms so stopped, was given buspirone stopped after a week then trazodone because i couldn’t sleep, stopped that after 5 days was horrible, now I can’t eat or sleep can barely function, that’s been 5 weeks since then
  21. Hi. I am new here and not sure if I am posting right. Last year I was put on 20 mg of Citalopram. I used it for 2 weeks and stopped. The burning in my head and body was so bad. Head pressure ect. Being new to the medicine world I didn’t know my intense anxiety was due to withdraw. I thought I was going crazy and tried it again at a low dose of 10 mg for 30 days. Things were so bad. But I thought it was normal. I had read it gets worse before better !? But my reaction comes to find out was adverse. My Dr CT’d me. No taper. After that I experienced intense head pressure for a month. Shaking whe
  22. I have bad brain fog, can’t focus, can’t remember anything, have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. I also get headaches, anxiety, digestive problems, dry mouth, neck and shoulder stiffness, crying spells, and tinnitus. I suspect a lot of these are side effects from taking Citalopram or Buspirone, or both. I have had depressions off and on since I was a teenager. 2003 I had a burnout, and started taking Lyrica for anxiety. Some years after that I got diagnosed GAD and started taking Citalopram, the doc thought my anxiety was caused by an underlying de
  23. Hello everyone, I'd like to thank in advance for reading this. Last week I took 3 half-pills of Citalopram (10 mg). I have mild depression, and this was given me to help psychotherapy. The first night, I only had insomnia and the next day I felt my libido at zero, so I look up better the side effects, and found about PSSD and this group. I started feeling very anxious and couldn't sleep. 5 days have passed, still have anxiety and insomnia, and know I kinda feel apathetic and can't have an orgasm. I can't understand if I had an adverse reaction to the drug or
  24. Does anybody know coming off cetalpram could cause cloudy urine 5 months in was on cetalpram for 7 years
  25. Purplestars22: celexa withdrawal Purplestars22, Introduction topic Hello everyone on this forum, Wow I cannot believe that its been three years that I have been on this forum. Time definitely flies by. In regards to my journey in withdrawal, I can honestly say that my windows/ waves dissipated by late 2017, and I recovered from withdrawal. Of course, that is not to say that I may have some issues with anxiety or other things but its not the cause of withdrawal, I believe. All my symptoms of rumination, depersonalization, derealization, irrational thoughts, akathisia, h
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