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  1. Here is my prescription history, or what I remember of it and where I'm at now. I don't remember most of the meds I've been put on, but I do remember being put on Paxil by my PCP when I was 19 after going through unbearable depression, or what I thought was unbearable at that time. I was not given any other recommendations, such as seeing a psychologist or LCSW. At 19 years old, I thought my Doctor knows best and I should do what my Doctor tells me. Once I met my husband about 4 years later, I decided to try something else due to a lack of libido, which I had been struggling with bef
  2. Hi all! My history below.. i am lost and dont know where to go from here. Im desperate as im self employed and scared to go to work! Venlafaxine 150mg 2 x 75mg per day, tapered far too fast (Due to Doctors Advice). Extreme withdrawal, depersonalisation, suicidal feelings. Doctor reinstated dose at 150 mg xr, felt horrendous, constipation, disconnected unable to work. Doctor then upped my dose to 300mg all the above symtoms but even worse. Again followed doctors advice on discontinuing venlafaxine had awful withdrawals but no panic attacks. Doctor perscribed sertraline to help
  3. Hi everyone. I got sick in 1997 with postpartum depression (I'm 40 years old now) and started taking psych meds for the first time in my life (see my signature for what kind of meds and dosis). After being sick for so many years I finally feel strong and confident enough to start a slow taper and I'm so thankful to have found this forum with so much knowledge and heartwarm people! I actually started tapering a little bit before I found this forum so I can see that I have started out a little rough with dosis cuts that have been to high and to quick, but from now on I'm going to do
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've been taking 20mg of Citalopram for the last two years, and made the decision to taper off and eventually go completely off the medicine in the next few months. Does this seem like a good tapering plan? Here is what I was thinking: From 20mg down to... - 15mg for 1 week - 10mg for 1 week - 5mg for 1 week - 2.5mg for 1 week - End Is this a good or bad plan? Should I change each dosage to longer than just 1 week, like 2 or 3? So far I've been on the 15mg for about 4 days now and I have mild but manageable side effects: dizzy, very mild occasional heada
  5. 3 days ago i statred citalopram taking a 20 mg pill once a day. the first two days i didnt experience anything i would consider out of the ordinary. however last night and today i have been attacked with flashes of extreme anxiety and lightheadedness, nearly to the point that i pass out. Now during all of this I am completely coherent, however my body and mind feels as if it is under the influence of a powerful euphoria inducing drug. i have a higher level of paranoia than usual as well.. Needless to say I would like to tapper myself off this drug but however I am unsure as to how many millig
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