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Found 351 results

  1. Greetings all. This is my very first post by the way. I have been reading a lot of the posts on this site and there is a wealth of information regarding tapering. However, what I would really like to know is why should I taper at all? I am currently taking the following drugs daily 187.5mg venlafaxine 150mg pregabalin (Lyrica) 2mg risperidone Sometime I take zopiclone to sleep but most nights I don't need it. I don't drink alcohol or take any other substances. I meditate and I eat reasonably well. I get moderate exercise. I am enjoying my work and in general I am feeling well. I was very ill in 2008 requiring hospitalisation though. The diagnosis was psychotic depression. I had a relapse in 2012 and I made a suicide attempt at that point. Since 2012 I have been reasonably well and I am getting better all the time. I can suffer from anxiety at times but it's very manageable. Sometimes I feel a little depressed but who doesn't. I have managed to taper the venlafaxine down to the current dose myself. I was taking 300mg not so long ago. Tomorrow I plan to taper it another 10%. I see a psychiatrist regularly and I told him that I was tapering. He just wrote my a prescription for the new dose. I will be back to see him next week. To be honest, I would like to be eventually free of these meds entirely but I worry that I may have a relapse of some sort if I stop taking them altogether. So far the tapering has been going well though. I keep a diary to monitor my mood and there has been no significant change since I started reducing the venlafaxine. I just don't know though. I feel as if I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want to be free of the drugs but perhaps they are keeping me well? But, in the long term, from what I have been reading they could be doing permanent harm. I just don't know. Please advise
  2. After many years I am working on getting off Effexor (Venlafaxine) XR 75mg. Four days ago I switched from Venlafaxine XR 75mg to Venlafaxine 75mg, and am feeling some withdrawal symptoms! Emotionally upset, and constipation and gas. Should I be splitting this non-extended tablet and taking it every 12 hours? If anyone knows, please let me know. I am planning to taper very slowly, in small increments. Will see how it goes. Also, seven years ago I began developing a neck spasm, which developed and was diagnosed as Cervical Dystonia, also called Spastic Torticollis. It is painful and debilitating. Also have at this point soreness in my neck muscles, and spine, these symptoms have developed since the past year of not sleeping well (another symptom). Only in recent months I began to find that the drug may have caused this condition.
  3. Hello! Writing from Colorado. I found this forum through Google. I've been considering and researching coming off Effexor for about a year. It's time. I have new health insurance and can no longer get brand name meds. I've tried generic before, but it doesn't work the same. Planning to taper onto generic and then hopefully, in time, come off of it altogether. Current doses in bio below. I appreciate any and all advice and feel very lucky to have found this site.
  4. wombles


    Hi all, I have only just started reading all the wonderful, hope-giving posts on this forum. I have been on Effexor for 20+ years and while I had ups and downs it did seem to do the job mostly, although in saying that I would have fatigue which I would put down to the depression - but who knows?? Anyway a couple of years ago I got very fatigued and was diagnosed with Ceoliac Disease, so went GF and started to feel really good, then after about 10 months the fatigue set in again, my Dr felt I should increase the Effexor. Now in the past I am aware that Effexor raises my BP and ( it can also cause lactation in non pregnant women as after seeing a psychiatrist years ago who said "these are safe, some people take up to 10 a day with no effects! " so dutifully me took 5 as instructed of (I think either 75mg or 150mg memory shot sorry!) then started to lactate!! Anyhoo had my meds increased again this time which led me to a hypertensive crises! So after seeing several doctors and finding that the cause was the Effexor (which I tried to tell them!) I was taken off that and looking back now even though I did wean off over several months I probably didn't go slow enough on the last 37.5mg. I was sick with flu at the time so I felt crap anyway! After 6 weeks I had suicidal thoughts so another doc tried Valdoxan which sent me to sleep within 20 mins of having it - not good when you do shift work! So next to try was Zoloft which did nothing, then went on Brintellix and was assured it would lift the brain fog - unfortunetly it made me even more scatterbrained. Not to mention while having all these meds especially after the raised BP I was having new symptoms and still debilitating fatigue. Whenever I increased the meds I would get short of breath or rather air hunger, this may be due to adrenal fatigue? The last 18 months have been a roller coaster ride for sure but it still fascinates me that after going GF I am more sensitive to the meds. Perhaps as the gut healed I absorb more? I have had recent tests with my new integrative GP which shows my endocrine glands are exhausted and I have low levels of all my minerals. So I am now on 8mg of Brintellix which I have to roughly guess by cutting the tabs ( I notice with these ones whether I am becoming more suspicious but the tabs are an oval shape with no middle score so is it manufacturers way of making more money as it is harder to halve them?? )I am so cynical with the world and angry and irritated a lot of the time. Thankfully I have a wonderful supportive husband! Sorry for long waffle!
  5. For the past 5 years, I had been on Effexor 37.5 mg. While not a huge dose, I realize how extremely difficult it is to taper off of this drug - along with how difficult it was for me to find information about how to taper. I was finally able to do it, and I'm happy to say I'm totally off of Effexor now! So I'm here to share what I did in hopes it can shed some light on this subject... The psychiatrist I had always gone to only offered one method to taper off of Effexor, which was to take one pill every other day, every two days, etc. For those of you reading this, you know that that is next to impossible with the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. I had done some research online about Effexor tapering, and all I could really find in any capacity was in regards to cutting the pills to slowly taper off. So I called my psychiatrist and requested the tablets instead of the capsules I was taking (which proved to be a pain, and took about 2 weeks to finally get). I tried cutting the tablet Effexor 37.5 mg's into halves, fourths, eights, and sixteenths in order to taper instead of taking the pills every other day. This was highly inaccurate, and after 3 months of decreasing by 10% (3.75 mg for me) per month, I realized this was going to take forever to taper off. I had the intense brain zaps, dizziness, nausea, tiredness, irritability, etc. - all of the symptoms that had motivated me to stay on the medication. I found a new psychiatrist who told me about the Effexor-Prozac bridge. I was skeptical at first because I just wanted to get off of medication completely, but after taking time to think about it, it's NOT worth losing days and nights, time off of work or school, time not being able to be spent with friends and family, just to get off of this horrible medication! Here's what he prescribed me and instructed me to do: Week 1: Take normal dose of Effexor 37.5 mg along with 10 mg Prozac daily Week 2: Take normal dose of Effexor 37.5 mg every other day and 10 mg Prozac daily Week 3: Stop Effexor 37.5 completely (I know, a little intimidating but the symptoms were dramatically less!) and take 10 mg and 5 mg Prozac every other day, daily Week 4 - on: Gradually arrive to 5 mg Prozac daily, then every other day, every two days, every three days, etc. My psychiatrist told me that I could do any of this at my own pace, but to allow at least a week for the Prozac (taken every day) to be in my system. There were some days where I had mild withdrawal symptoms, being a little tired, small brain zaps, a little stomach ache - but nothing that kept me from living my everyday life. Obviously I'm no doctor and can't know anyone else's situation but mine, but I hope this helps just a little!
  6. SynyKon

    SynyKon: Need help

    I don't know where to start. Several months ago I began seeing a psychiatrist so I could continue getting my prescriptions for Klonopin. That has always been the best med for me, really helps my anxiety. Due to diagnosed liver damage, she severely lowered my dosage from 0.5mg 3 times daily to only one a day and added paxil for depression even though I told her I don't have depression. I was on that for a month and told her it was not working, if anything I felt depressed since starting the med. So she switched me to 37.5mg of effexor 2 pills per day. After one month, told her it wasn't helping me so she increased my dose to 3 pills per day. I've been on this mix for two months and the longer I was on it, the worse I started to feel. I actually started feeling extremely depressed and overall emotionally unstable. 4 nights ago, I had a complete emotional breakdown. I walked out of my house with all my meds, went to the fire department nearby that was at that time closed and I swallowed my last 10 Klonopin and at least 12 effexor. I grew so dizzy and lightheaded that I could barely walk but managed to get home and fell asleep. For the next two days, I felt fine, just tired but then yesterday out of nowhere, I began feeling very sick with severe abdominal pain, electric shocks shooting through me, severe nausea and diarrhea, numbness everywhere, severe disorientation, lower back pain like an extension from the stomach and abdominal pain, severe dizziness, weakness, emotionally broken (crying uncontrollably for no reason, unable to stop), rapidly changing chills and feeling hot, slightly slurred speech, etc. I could not eat or drink anything, even water, without feeling sick. Finally fell asleep and woke up today with the stomach and abdominal pain so strong I can't stand straight and feel like I might fall, still feeling very weak, severe dry throat, still very nauseated, etc. I am at a loss. All my psychiatrist cares about is getting me working, she does not listen to me at all, very condescending and I do not feel she has my health and safety in her best interest. I currently am without transportation and I'm desperate for help. I'm worried about my liver, the Dr expressed real concern about it but neglected to give me much information other than he was concerned about the damage they found. I'm scared, depressed because I'm in no condition to take care of my 3 year old daughter who keeps asking, "mommy are you sick? You need to go doctor?" Please anyone help.
  7. I'm new to the forums - currently taking 225mg Effexor, .25mg Klonopin, and .25mg Risperdal. My psychiatrist noted that the Risperdal is temporary (will be taking it for about 3 months), but after reading about withdrawal from this particular drug, I'm wondering if I shouldn't begin going off it sooner than that. It's worth noting that the depression and anxiety that I was experiencing even with Effexor and Klonopin did subside almost immediately after beginning Risperdal. At any rate, I already know I'll be beginning a taper off Klonopin soon, after successfully dropping from .5mg to .25mg without any side effects after 4 weeks - I think I got lucky there. I've been on Risperdal for 28 days, so my natural question, given that withdrawal from psychiatric drugs can occur for anyone taking them for "1 month or longer" is whether I should just stop immediately, since it's been just shy of one month and my dose is low, or if I should taper. I understand that I shouldn't expect a definitive answer to this, but I'm very interested to hear what others think and, quite frankly, very scared about what I'm about to face, given the need to taper from two different drugs. My psychiatrist will undoubtedly tell me to just stop taking it after I've been on it for 3 months, as she seems to believe that there are no withdrawal symptoms from any psych. drugs. So I kind of have to go it alone on this decision without guidance from her. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone.. I am 5.5 months into withdrawal from effexor and my eye/visual symptoms have only gotten worse by every month/week and I'm getting really worried. Is it possible to completely lose my vision in withdrawal? Has anyone become blind because of this medicine or can I rest my mind in that it will get better when the other symptoms disappear? My symtoms are very much similar to what another member described in this forum: it is the sensation that my eyes cannot accept the input of the objects presented before them: a strained type of feeling upon visual stimulation. pushing a child on a swing will cause great strain on my eyes as my eyes struggles to maintain proper focus on the moving object. Also, everything looks very sharp and it feels like my eyes can not really "cover the whole picture." Wierdly enough, my vision was back to 100% after the last pill and it lasted for something like 2 weeks before it got worse again.. Please, I'm desperate, if you know anything then let me know. I have googled on the internet but have not found any information about someone who have lost their vision due to effexor or other ssri's.
  9. I'm so glad I found this site. I am an 18yr old who was diagnosed with generalized anxiety, andPTSD on June of 2012. My GP referred me to psychiatrist who started me on meds. I was a little wearyAbout going on medication but he gave me xanax as needed and they workedImmediately, I figured if this helps maybe other medication would too.I tried Buspar, Prozac, Zoloft all which gave me immediate side effects.Lastly and I say lastly because after Effexor I will not go on any other psychiatric drugsAfter going through all this hell.Aug 2012 I started Effexor went up to 150 mg, started to feel social anxiety and depersonalization. I talked to the doc about wanting to get off of it. My Mom mentioned to him that her half sister had been on Lexapro and had helped her. He wanted me to wean off Effexor with Lexapro. I left his office and decided on my own to not take Lexapro and cut Effexor dose in half (75mg). Next day I felt more myself. BUT the following day all w/ds set in. Literally was bedridden for 3 months.I had severe vertigo, vomiting, etc.Went to see Doc and he said he hadn't seen any of his patients go through so much w/ds for this length of time. I replied that I was much worse now than before walking into his office.My Mom and I started researching all info on Effexor. She bought me fish oil, Benadryl, Ginger tea, B complex, Magnesium.In Jan 2013 started to feel somewhat better. I decided it was time to start tapering.I am on generic immediate release tablets. I weigh the pills with a jewelry scale and shave off a smidgen. I break them in half and take them through out the day.I am at 48.75mg.As I go lower Should I change to Effexor brand XR.?What helps mood swings?I forgot to mention that Effexor at 150mg made my anxiety much worse.Now at lower dose anxiety has subsided and panic attacks have gotten much better. I don't know if it's due to all the reading I've done to learn how to lessen their effect. Or that I'm not so afraid of them anymore.I am afraid after hearing other people's experiences that I too will get to a point on a lower doseThat I will not be able to get through it.Will I have protracted w/ds since I've only been on Effexor a year now?Have you heard of rhodiola for mood improvement? Lately I've been getting crying spells.Will these get worse as I lower?Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.
  10. Hello. My name is Dixie and I have been on Effexor for 9 years. I am currently on 150 mg a day (75 twice a day). The last nine years save the 9 months I was pregnant I have been in a fog. I just recently through much research, talking to ignorant psychs and some smart psychs have realized that this is the reason for my increased depression and total personality change. I have tried to go off the effexor with the worst experience of my life. And I have been through alot including spinal fusion surgery and opiate withdrawal. No pain, no experience has ever been this bad. I am determined to start my life anew and get off this horrible drug. I realize I will have a harder time than others getting past this medication because I had a gastric bypass 7 years ago and the way my body absorbs meds is crazy. I have to increase my dosages and it is a tedious balance at times. So this will be trial and error and I am terrified. What scares me more is that most doctors are just as baffled as me. And that is amazing. They should be aware of these issues with this drug. The other thing that has baffled most doctors is that while I was pregnant I was off the effexor for 9 months. With no side effects from the cold turkey method. Nothing. Some have hinted that it may be from the chemicals that change in your body and brain while pregnant. I was a different person while pregnant with my daughter. I had different more positive thoughts...I was not depressed. i was active and motivated. A few days after the baby was born I was a mess again and went back on the effexor. If anyone has any advice or similar experiences please share them with me. I was originally hoping to find a drug that would help with my depressive disorder that I was diagnosed with at 17 that would not make me feel like a zombie but have no good recommendations yet. I have heard wellbutrin and celexa might work. But who knows.
  11. I know only a bit- I know I need to taper and have read the articles on how to taper. I know I need to supplement somehow. Exactly where do I begin? I need a plan. Do probiotics and supplements come first before tapering? I'm scared. I have been on these drugs since I was 13. I am 39... Main issue right now is I have absolutely no memory. By that I mean to the point where I try to conduct business with people and apparently I already have been there... I'm ok as far as depression but I'm scared of the taper.
  12. First and foremost I 'm not a great forum participator. Regardless I recently completed a 111 day taper of Venlafaxine that has been successful and I wanted to share my experiences. Some back story (possibly a little more at a later date but as I said I'm not a prolific poster); I was on 225mg Venlafaxine ER once daily for 5 years. I had fallen into a major depression and after numerous trials of different AD’s we got to Venlafaxine and it seemed to be accountable with pulling me out of the hellish depths of major depression. Late last fall my wife pointed out to me that my depression had crept back into our lives again. I went to my GP in December and he prescribed 150mg of generic Wellbutrin once daily. Within weeks I was once again on steady ground. On my next follow up with my GP we discussed that it appeared that the Venlafaxine had pooped out on me and the onset of SAD was our agreed upon diagnosis. It seriously concerned me that I was now on an AD stack and something needed to change. Motivated by this situation I began a deep dive study into SNRI discontinuation methods/protocols, how to recognize discontinuation symptoms from a relapse, recorded clinical trial Venlafaxine side effects, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, neurotropics, vitamins etc. etc. etc. I had a huge laugh at the "clinical trial" data suggesting to reduce the daily dose by 75mg at 1 week intervals. Geez how irresponsible on the part of the manufacturers and the FDA! All of my research reinforced the diagnosis of Venlafaxine poop out. Additionally illuminating was the realization that symptoms, changes, whatever you want to call them which I was equating to aging might actually be attributable to being on this SNRI for 5 years. As it turns out it many of these items were attributable to long term Venlafaxine usage since they either stopped/improved or are in the process of changing as of this writing. But I digress. So armed with a 3 phase - 4 month discontinuation schedule based upon Venlafaxine half-life data and blood plasma levels and numerous articles and studies on all of the aforementioned research I had compiled, I told my GP that I wanted to taper off Venlafaxine with my plan and he agreed (I did have a ton of credible data and info). After the first phase, which was 3 weeks long, I once again spoke with my GP and we agreed to continue forward. I finished my last Venlafaxine dose on June 15, 2017. The first 2 phases were fairly easy on me. The final phase required a major alteration mid-stream due to the onset on some major discontinuation symptoms. When I started this phase I had some significant second guessing since it was quite different from the first 2 phases. Consequently, the final phase was filled with many of the FINISH Mnemonic for Recognition of AD Discontinuation Syndrome as well as significant lower GI tract distress which was rather debilitating. I now have a re worked 3rd phase which should be much, much easier on the body. I’d like to share a lot of what I have learned but my overall reduction protocol included neurotropics, vitamins, supplements as well as the a mixture of ER and SR Venlafaxine and is not in line with the standard reduction recommendations on this forum. I respect the suggested reduction recommendations. With that said I will not go into any more details of my tapering schema. I’m now 12 days from my last Venlafaxine dose. Brain zaps have rapidly decreased in intensity and frequency (I had a few today but they were so mild that I almost didn’t notice them) and I’m adjusting to life without Venlafaxine in my system. For those who are still reading please do not give up hope. It is possible to get off of an AD with the caveat that it will be difficult, some days you’ll feel like something from the bottom of your shoe but it can be done and I’m living proof of it.
  13. Hi, I'm brand new to this, am surprised this is the exists and incredibly grateful to have found it. Basically, I've been on and off venlafaxine since I was 12. I'm now 31 and have been on it continually since I was 21, albeit for a terrible time of trying to dangerously cold turkey it. I'm on 225mg, 300mg pregabalin (though due to depression and panic take 450 my daily) and am yet again feeling that crappy pit in my throat, head and stomach again that we feel that is a black pit of falling hollow despair. I have lived the past decade in a miserable fof, where at my best I feel apathetic, my worst I feel suicidal and can't move. I recently had tests and was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia as well as social anxiety and they believe I may be on the autistic spectrum though I haven't been tested. They've suspected since I was 17 that I may be epileptic but haven't tested for that either. I was told I was bipolar, then told by someone else it didn't look like that to them. I have felt truly depressed since the age of 8, there is a strong history of depression running through both sides of my family. A few months ago i called the crisis team.... who never bothered to get back to me. Or my doctor. My doctor was on the precipice (phone in hand, finger on button) of having me committed through suicidal intention, but I have responsibilities to my parents and my dog was waiting with them in the car and only I drive so I convinced him not to section me. Not the first time I haven't been sectioned out of guilt of how it would make my parents feel. The fog I have lived my life in on these tablets hasn't done me much good, other than managing to postpone suicidal intent at times, but when I questioned if these drugs were working at all I was switched to another type that made me sleep solidly for 48 hours and oanic incessantly when awake. Mirtazapine. So I'm back to venlafaxine and I'm desperate. I've schooled myself in therapies from nlp, CBT, psychology, counselling to crystal healing and homeopathy. I have been through counselling and am trained to counsel, yet I am now in the throws of a panic attack I've tried to damp down with numerous anti anxiety and anti depressants, and am terrified that the reason my depression has got worse and I cannot live a close to normal life is due to tardive dysphoria. I find it hard to move, suffer CFS, and have a constant brain fog. Any advice and or opinions I can get from fellow depressive survivors and not from pill pushers would be gratefully received. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I am new here but I've been reading posts since last fall, when I started weaning off the Gabapentin I was put on a month before, pre-herniated disc surgery. Surgery went very well, stopping Gabapentin was a horrific nightmare of about 5 months. However, the results were so amazing I felt encouraged to get off Effexor as well. I was put on Effexor for fibro, stopped cold turkey when I got pregnant (wowza!), then was put back after postpartum depression. Six years later, here I am. So now comes the question: My recommended taper for Effexor XR 75 is Effexor ER 35 (morning) + Trazodone 50 (evening) for a week, then half the Effexor for a week, then stop the Effexor. (Whatever I do with Trazodone afterward is left as an exercise to the taker...). I haven't found any information about this particular combination, and after the Gabapentin saga I consider myself an expert googler I can see that Trazodone itself is highly questionable, although the doses that I did take proved to me that I hadn't had deep sleep in years ( and that despite the daytime grogginess). Can the good people of this forum provide some insight into this combo? In particular, are the two medications in any way equivalent in effects, or am I going in withdrawal overnight and starting again in the morning? Taking the trazodone before the Effexor ER is completely out of the system lessens the "brain shut-down" effect, so maybe? My previous effects going cold turkey off Effexor were severe nausea, vertigo and horrifying "other" gasto-intestinal symptoms . After Gabapentin, which had shocking vertigo plus a whole host of other physical and mental symptoms (like bouts of extreme rage), this doesn't seem too bad, which is why I agreed to a fast taper. Internet suggestions I have found helpful up to this point to mitigate symptoms: Omega-3 in large quantities, protein snacks (edamame and toasted pumpkin seeds worked particularly well), ginger and liberal curry-like spice combos in the food, sun and sweat-inducing exercise (my garden has never been so weeded and trimmed).
  15. yogamad

    yogamad: Symptoms

    Feel exhausted, shouting/rude to people, hopelessness, breathless, waking early, not interested in anything, can't speak to people. Broke down in tears in work today after shouting at colleague and in trouble with manager. Came off venlafaxine between sept 16- Jan this year. Husband died January. I had foot Surgery in March. I have been isolated for 3 month at home after surgery. I keep flying off handle and giving up.....So tired. Wondering if i should just go back on venlafaxine...
  16. For the past 9 years, I've been using Prozac at 40 mg/day, along with Wellbutrin at 450 mg/day. 2 months ago, my psychiatrist decided to take me off the Prozac and put me on Effexor at 75 mg/day. I've been having side effects, like lack of motivation. I tried to wean myself off of them by taking them every 2 days, instead of everyday. I started getting withdrawal symptoms. Now I'm taking them every 4 days. The symptoms aren't as bad, but they're still there. Especially when I take that 75 mg. dose. How can I find a doctor who will properly wean me off this crap? And not put me on anymore antidepressants?
  17. Hey hi, Just looking to hear from those who have successfully made a liquid solution of venlaflaxine and successfully tapered this way? Am half-way down having converted some of my XR to IM and cut pills but now need to make a liquid form as can't get smaller than 4.5mg odd with the cutter... Cheers!
  18. I took 300mg Effexor XR and clonazepam for somewhere around 10-15 years, then since 2010 I've successfully tapered/reduced a bunch of it: 2010-2011 - Tapered Clonazepam/Klonopin gradually from 200mcg/day to ZERO 2012 March - Dropped Effexor XR from 300mg/day down to 150mg/day 2012 October-2013 February - Tapered Neurontin from 2400mg/day to 800mg/day 2013 March 4 - Tapered Effexor XR to 131.25mg 2013 March 27 - Tapered Effexor XR to 112.5mg 2013 April 16 - Tapered Effexor XR to 93.75mg 2013 April 21 - Tapered Effexor XR to 87.5mg 2013 June 22 - Tapered Effexor XR to 75mg At that point I took a break from tapering for a few years because it's hard work and those doses were easy places to stay steady. My experience with my own body is that taking breaks makes things easier in the long run, so it didn't concern me (I've also previously tapered slowly from high doses of opiates). I do still seem to need the Neurontin for migraines and chronic pain and myoclonic jerks, but the only reason I'm taking the Effexor is that getting off it is such a hassle. Anyway it seems like time to try to do the last little bit of Effexor XR tapering so I'm starting on that as of today and my last progress log was on PaxilProgress so I guess that's disappeared into the ether. My generic Effexor XR is set out like this: - Each 75mg capsule contains 2 x 37.5mg tablets - Each 37.5mg capsule contains 3 x 12.5mg tablets That makes it really easy to drop down by 12.5mg and moderately easy to drop down by 6.25mg and a huge pain in the ass to drop down by almost any other increment, sadly. I'll switch to brand name stuff and weigh the tiny little balls out if I have to, but it's expensive and with my other disabilities it's an enormous problem to get it done so if I can safely avoid it I'd rather do that. I'll see how things go. I've dropped down to 62.5mg today. So far I just have a whole bunch of nausea and gut cramps (why do bodies have neurotransmitter receptors in guts anyway!?) but nothing worse. Fingers crossed!
  19. I'm a 31 yr old female. In November of last year I began tapering my off of Effexor. I have taken 225 mg for 10 yrs. I also stopped taking birth control. I decreased 25 mg every two weeks and this was under the supervision of my dr. My withdrawal symptoms were quite bad so I asked my dr to take Prozac as I had read it can relieve the withdrawal symptoms of Effexor. Unfortunately I had awful side effects from Prozac (dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea etc) so I weaned of off Prozac after a month. Over the next few weeks I had to stop working due to how sick I was. I developed severe acid reflux and heartburn, nausea, disoriented, gained a significant amount of weight, severe headaches, etc. I went to emerg and had a ct scan, bloodwork, etc. Everything was fine. I should mention I have hashimotos disease (an autoimmune disease) and had my thyroid levels checked and they are normal. I'm still feeling awful. When will I be feeling better?? I've started to take vitamin b, d, c, fish oil, probiotics, and have cut dairy out of my diet in an attempt to feel better but nothing yet. Is there anything else I can do to feel better??
  20. Hi guys, first time doing something like this but don't know where to go for advice. Basically I've been taking Effexor XR for severe anxiety and depression for the last 3 years. I was prescribed it after Mirtazepine pooped out, which I had been taking for 2 years prior. I am now 26. I finished tapering off with my GP's help about 2 months ago now. I wanted to stop taking effexor as I found I never enjoyed anything and my partner was noticing that I was not very present and a bit docile. Since getting off I've been experiencing emotions I haven't felt in the longest time, more lows than highs, but I guess thats to be expected for a while. My anxiety has been quite good since coming off, but I do find that I feel stuck in my life and have no ambition or real direction which is causing depressive thoughts and feelings. I still feel foggy and slow; before I was taking effexor I was quite confident and had many friends. Nowadays just talking to people I don't know seems like the absolute hardest thing to do. I feel stuck in my life, that it's going to be like this forever and that it won't ever really get better. So I guess I'm just curious how long others have had to wait for any real changes and whether things do ever get better? All I want is to get the confidence back and take control of my life.
  21. I took one dose of snri venlafaxine 50 mg for my panic disorder it relieved by chest pain and breathing difficulty after only one dose it also gave me serotonin syndrome and i stopped after that and after 20 days i started feeling withdrawal symptoms i was disoriented chronic headche couldn't fall asleep alienated feeling completely suicidal so i went into ER and they diagnosed me as depression then after i was put on 50 mg of nortriptyline and .5 mg of klonopin for three months and after that i tapered off in one month its been three months now im not at all gettin any withdrawal symtomps iam afraid of getting delayed withdrawals from these medications becas one dose gave me unpleasent withdrawal iam afraid how will be the withdrawal of taking drugs for months is it possible to get withdrawals after 6 months from stopping or after one year from stopping???
  22. I am currently taking Effexor 37.5 mg after two unsuccessful attempts to get off these meds. Each time i tapered off and was completely off the meds, I experienced some flu like symptoms and brain zaps right after discontinuing but i was then OK for the next 2-3 months. After about 3 to 4 months off the meds i suddenly get severe anxiety, a complete loss of appetite, and can't sleep. A lot of people have reported these symptoms but i haven't found anyone yet to mention if they experienced these symptoms directly after stopping the meds or if it developed over time. Does anyone know if it is still considered withdrawal if the symptoms are of a delayed onset? My doc told me its a relapse in depression however i don't know if this is in fact true as i never had anxiety that bad BEFORE i started these drugs 10 years ago. Thanks guys and i would appreciate any input.
  23. I've been taking 300 mg of effexor XR for approximately 18 years. Eventually doctors started telling me it was very difficult to get off of but never the doctors prescribing an increase. I've been titrating down for weeks with withdrawal symptoms (brain zaps, headaches, stomach problems, etc). However I could function. I've been going 37.5 mg per week and when I got to 75 mg everythng changed. It's been almost 2 weeks and I can barely function. I feel like I have the flu, horrible stomach pain and diarrhea, exhaustion where my body feels like lead and my brain is a foggy mess. I can barely work. About a week ago I called my doctor to cry uncle and he gave be prozac. I've read it should help ASAP but it hasn't. I need to do my job and live my life. I scared to keep going but I need to.
  24. Hello, I am in my mid-20s and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2014. For a year, I was prescribed Fluoxetine (Prozac) which did very little past placebo effect in improving my mood. June 2015, I was prescribed Venlafaxine which initially caused a rapid decline in my mental health. After a couple of months on interim doses, there was only a small increase in my mood and my dose was increased to the maximum of 325mg. This helped to stabilise my mood while I tried cognitive behavioural therapy. September 2015, I started to get severally ill periodically. I had severe diarrhoea or constipation and stomach cramps which both my GP and I thought was just down to recurrent stomach flu due to my dampened immune system from depression. During bouts of the 'mystery illness' (Which I realise now were side effects) my temperature would swing up and down and I would sweat randomly and very easily. I had night sweats. I would start to feel waves of nausea at random and was incredibly tired all the time. I felt dizzy and disorientated as soon as I sat or stood up. I also had dry mouth and incredibly itchy and dry skin. My GP and I were not sure that these were side effects from the medication as I also put on about 20kg of weight over a period of 6 months. Suspecting a thyroid syndrome mixed in with side effects, I took various blood tests and saw an endocrinologist but this led nowhere. January 2016, I dropped down to 150mg of venlafaxine a day to manage the side effects and consulted my GP. On 150mg, I noticed that my bouts of illness coincided with missed does due to forgetting or running out of medication. So I started taking my medication militantly with breakfast every morning. I was still constantly exhausted which I then put down to my depression. I started using saliva replacement spray for dry mouth and making my own skin creams to combat the dry skin. Luckily, in September 2016, I started seeing an affordable therapist, outside the NHS and began dealing with the underlying issues causing my depression, through modern psychoanalysis. I feel much better now but there has definitely been a plateau in my recovery due to feeling incredibly tired all the time. I am not able to exercise (which I now have the motivation to do) because of fatigue and I still periodically suffer from terrible bouts of what I now know to be discontinuance syndrome. Weighing up the pros and cons of taking the medication I decided to come off it, which is something I did not think I would be doing for a very long time. It has been incredibly difficult and as much as I respect and admire all the hard work my GP does he did not have the slightest clue about how to taper off medication. Going through withdrawal has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life, second only to my worst episodes of depression. In April (2017), I started taking 150mg every other day which gave me incredibly intense side effects, I decided I would just persevere, thinking that it would just be a short period of time that I would have to put up with it. Those symptoms calmed down after a month and this week I started taking 150mg every 3 days. After 2 days of absolute hell, I was ready to give up and I started researching withdrawal and found this forum. I am so glad I found this forum and will definitely be going down 10% a month from now on. I still had pretty debilitating withdrawal symptoms at 150mg every two days and went to every 3 days against my better judgement. I am going to try a reinstatement of sorts by taking 75mg every day. I will see my GP in a months time and figure out what forms of Venlafaxine are available on the NHS so that I can go to 67.5mg a day.
  25. Hi, My user name is Jodawoda. I am not tech savvy at all and not familiar with navigating forums. I am in a horrible awful terrible emotional space which I attribute primarily to a messed up nervous system; 20 years on Effexor followed by a slow 18 month titration down then completely off, went into complete PTSD flight or fight mode during which time I was paranoid and in full on fighting mode due to extreme defensiveness, literally feeling the need to fight for my soul, my very being. After about 2 months of daily agony, it was either take my life or go back on psychiatric meds, I didn't know what else to do. So here I am now, a few months back on Effexor, which initially seemed to alleviate much of the fight or flight mode, but unfortunately that is now returning and my nervous system feels like it is being hijacked all over again. I don't know what to do. I apologize in advance, I don't know how to do whatever it is I'm supposed to do with my "signature", something about my medication history or current medication?
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