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Found 351 results

  1. Have reached week 7 of no Venlafaxine in my system after a 5 month very gradual reduction process and am wondering how other people in a similar situation are doing/being.......Have taken some form of medication for depression and anxiety for 30 years so knew it was going to be a long process to make the adjustment back to life without conventional medicine......Whats tricky is the periodic unprovoked anger that rises from nowhere and wants to find release......Its not dangerous to the outer environment but living as i do now in the UK a bit of a taboo.......Feel its due to a dysfunctional cortisol release system that became used to chemical suppression over the years..........Have confidence that the neural plasticity of my brain will in time rectify this situation but don't know the time span involved......Looked at various websites but been unable to find much content about the long term period after stopping medication.....
  2. Hi Everyone, My first post here. I was planning to use the Prozac bridge to come off Effexor but I see that some of you have been on Prozac and switched to Effexor! I'm very glad I've found this place. I've only been around for an hour but I can already tell what a great resource you have built here!! Looking forward to learning from you and sharing the knowledge with others. Alenka
  3. I have been on antidepressants for 20 years (since my mid-twenties), but recently--over the past five years or so--was put on an "aggressive" cocktail of drugs. After trials of zoloft, wellbutrin, effexor, serzone and abilify my psychiatrist settled on a combination of serzone, effexor and abilify. I was also taking adderall for general fatigue and inability to concentrate through all of the anxiety and depression, as well as ambien to allow me to sleep. At the time that I began this cocktail, I had a high stress job and I was finding it more and more difficult to cope with the pressure each year. My work involved mostly research and teaching and I was no longer at all interested in the subject matter, but there was always tremendous pressure to be producing and publishing papers. And social anxiety made the teaching excruciating. I had always been a high achiever and I was terrified of "failure". I thought that the only thing I could do was to keep pushing myself. But my brain and body were telling me I couldn't do it anymore. Desperate, I put myself in my psychiatrist's hands. But as I have discovered since then--and as so many of the people writing in this forum know--the discipline of psychiatry today has very little idea about what the drugs they prescribe are actually doing to our brains, bodies and spirits. As I began adding the drugs mentioned above, there would sometimes seem to be some positive effect for a few days here and there. But very soon any positive effect would wear off. Adderall was by far the most effective of all the drugs when I first began taking it. But that effect plateaued as well over time. And the Ambien has been consistently effective in helping me sleep--though I don't know what the cost has been to my mental health. This past Spring, I had a severe episode of sustained anxiety and depression despite (or because of?) the drug cocktail. It may initially have been the result of serotonin syndrome, as I was at the time on a high dose of both serzone and effexor. Whatever the cause, the episode got bad enough that my psychiatrist was recommending that I check into a hospital. I decided not to do that, and struggled through to the end of the semester. It was then that I began doing research of my own on the effects of antidepressants and discovered Peter Breggin and David Healy's work. All that they said seemed to mirror my experience exactly. I decided that it was time to try to get off the meds. Unfortunately, I am so submerged in the sea of anxiety and depression right now that I don't think there is any way I can go through the healing process without leaving my job. Things are bad enough now, and I know that withdrawal from Effexor, Adderall and Ambien can be brutal. (I was able to get off of the Serzone and Abilify completely over the past several months.) So, I'm going to resign my position, ending a career that I spent an enormous amount of time and effort to build. It's extremely painful for me to do this, but my brain and body just won't let me go on. About three weeks ago I began tapering off of Effexor. I had been taking 150mg (75mg 2x per day) and cut back to 75mg. I didn't notice any change in the first two weeks, but this past week has been rough. I've experienced a significant spike in anxiety--bad enough that I have barely been able to concentrate on anything. My only relief is sleep, when I can manage it. And this is only step one...
  4. Hi everyone, My husband is currently on 150mg of venlafaxine (regular tablets). He was taking it just in the morning but with the aim of starting the tapering schedule suggested here, a week ago he split the dose, now taking 75 mg in the morning and 75mg at night. Since this change (note: not a drop yet just a split) he immediately started getting withdrawal symptoms - fatigue, loss of appetite, tremors, body rushes, vision changes, vertigo, negative thoughts, anxiety. I'm wondering if this is because he's on just the tablets, not the slower release capsules? I'm wondering whether we should go back to the 150mg in the morning or stay at this level of 75mg (am) and 75mg (pm) until he feels well again? He says he just wants it over with and is ready to drop to the next dose but I envision that being potentially dangerous and am desperate for support in deciding what to encourage him to do. He can't even handle talking dose numbers at the moment, so I guess it's down to me to figure this out and advise him as best I can. For the record, he has been taking the venlafaxine at the 150mg dose for 1.5 years, along with a cocktail of other drugs. I might add that what's happening now is not as bad as what happened a few months ago when he followed the GP's advice to come off his quetiapine pill over a 15 day period. What ensued was SEVERE withdrawal - vommiting, the runs, crawling up the wall with day terrors, electric shock feelings, plus everything he's feeling now. It took him about a month before he started to feel better. Up until a week ago he was feeling very good. We knew this one would be another hard one to come off so we wanted to follow the 3-4 month tapering schedule we found here. Frankly, we know the GPs haven't a clue about these things. He's been on a list waiting to see a NHS psychiatrist since January 2016. He's been through 3 months of CBT therapy in the meantime... (FYI he is also still on temazepam 10mg and mertazapine 15mg at night before bed). Any advice / support / thoughts / feedback most welcome. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. Hello. My husband (of 26 years) has dealt with depression since he was 18. He is 50. For the last 8 years, he was on 100 mg Pristiq and 150 mg Wellbutrin and doing pretty well. (Tried many other things and quit for various reasons.) Only really bad side effect was nightmares. Insurance quit covering Pristiq so he switched to Effexor for four months, first 150 mg then 75 mg. No problem making the switch, but sexual side effects were very bad and he felt a little "fuzzy." So when we got the insurance company to agree to cover Pristiq (long battle), he switched back to 100 mg Pristiq. That was three days ago. He's about to lose it -- off-the-wall angry, tearful, shaking, insomnia. Sexual side effects of Effexor are completely gone, which is great, but doesn't mean much compared with everything else. Why is this happening -- is it Effexor withdrawal or Pristiq side effects? What should his next step be? Would LOVE some immediate help!
  6. NaturalBorn

    Help Me

    i'm hopeless man, completely hopeless, i can't express my pain, i can't express how bad i feel when i realize that this will go on for YEARS. from the severety of what i felt i can just say that this will not pass in a few months. how can i live like this?, knowing that everything i will do from now on will be poor quality? i met a lot of people with drug problems, NONE of them felt the kind of sickness we felt, i really just wish that i could see some light in the end of the tunnel, because when i was off drugs i did not got one single day of improvement it was just like watching my health being sucked away and there's nothing i can do about it. i wish i could skip 5 years of my life to see if i will be fine then... this is just worst than any drug related problem i can imagine. REALLY, so please guys just help me i can't stand my life anymore
  7. Bubbly1

    Bubbly1: Effexor

    Hi, I'm Angela from Sydney! I started taking Effexor XR 150mg 10years For major Depression. I barely had anxiety issues until 7 years of taking the Effexor. At that time I had tried to decrease my meds slowy, But I crashed and fell to the floor thinking I was going to die. I never knew what a panic attack was before I experienced ot for the fist time I fell down. Ambulance came and got me and I wasnt sure what was happening to me. They told me I was havving a panic attack. This was the first for me, after my first attack, one week turned into two weeks then three months went by and and during that entire time I wasnt sleeping nor eating and having continous panic attacks. Nothing put me to sleep. eventually I went three ebtire days without sleep and couldnt take it any longer.. I got on google and looked up Chinese medicine, and went to see and acupuncturist who also prescribed me herbals.. After the first treatment I went home and slept that night.. woke up the next morning and was like the withdrawal didnt even exist. It been three years and I am still seeying my acupuncturist. I feel I am ready to come off my medication soon.. Ot took so long because I jadnt put any dietary adjustments in place yet. Now that I understand that diet and healthy lifestyle changes along with TCM and acupuncture, I believe in my heart that I will be ok soon. (Acupuncture must be performed by a professional practitioner with experience, and in no way is this post intended to encourage people to quit AD medication cold turkey). Thank you!
  8. Hi all, I have been taking Effexor Xr 75mg for about 8 years now. During that time, the cause of my anxiety became known (ADHD-PI) and while Effexor was excellent at controlling my anxiety, I no longer feel I need it now that my ADHD is under control via other medication. Plus the sweat. God the sweat. I sweat if I tie my shoes, I sweat reaching up to brush off the sweat that came from tying my shoes. I am not unfit. I just sweat. All. the. time. It is ruining my life (and my sheets) I cant remember when the sweat started, but my mother is on it, same sweating issue. My aunt recently started it. Never had a sweat problem, now its uncontrollable. I am pretty sure its the Effexor. The problem is, I cant get off it. The manufacturers recommendation to doctors is, 75mg, 37.5mg, 75mg, 37.5mg etc etc for two weeks. Then two weeks of 37.5mg, then 37.5mg, nothing, 37.5mg, nothing etc for two weeks until off. This does not work. The brain zaps and vertigo make life impossible. I took a long break from work to do this and ended up having to go back to the full dose because I wouldnt have been able to go back to work at the end of my leave if I didnt. So. I had an idea to reduce the dose via removing beads, searched how many beads in a capsule and found this site. Hi. What I would love to know first off is... Did anyone else have this sweating problem? Did ending Effexor work to stop it? Has anyone else successfully stopped effexor after being on it as long as I have? Thanks all.
  9. Vitality

    Vitality: Effexor

    Can I please ask if I was taking even just 10 beads out of 225mg xr Effexor would it be a genuine withdrawal issue if I was feeling out of sorts just after a day or two? Or is this in my head?! I've been on 225mg for 2 years since resolving a major depressive episode with ECT.
  10. Hi...I am new here. I am female in my 60's and I would like to withdraw from venlafaxine ER 37.5 mg. I have just finished a taper off benzos and I am 3 months out and I am still quite symptomatic. I was prescribed both the AD and ativan at the beginning of June, 2015 for a panic attack because of a misdiagnosed health issue. I never felt that either the benzo or the AD helped me at all during that time and so I began to taper the benzo. I would now like to taper the AD because I think I am having some side effects or paratoxical effects from the AD. All of the symptoms that I have had since June are still with me. I would appreciate any info., suggestions, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I have been taking effexor for almost 15 years. I was on a very high dosage, 450 mg for a long time and 650 mg for a few weeks. But I managed to taper it down to 150 mg a day. Then I wanted to stop taking effexor completely because soon in the future I want to have a baby and breastfeed. With a GP's advice, I reduced the dosage by 37.5 mg every two weeks, until, about 3 weeks ago, I stopped fully. The result has been hell. The first week and a half, I had the usual withdrawal symptoms like nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, horrid nightmares, insomnia, mood swings, anger etc. I stuck it out and most symptoms died down, except the diarrhea and insomnia. They are as bad as ever. However, over the last week, I have been having severe intrusive thoughts. They were triggered by some foul language used by a family member. Now I have those bad words and others spinning non stop inside my brain. It makes me feel yucky and contaminated. I can barely function. So today I went back to the GP. He advised me that I will likely have to be on effexor for life. He started me back on 75 mg XR for two weeks and then step back up to 150 mg a day. My questions are: 1. is it safe to take effexor while pregnant and breastfeeding? 2. I'm wondering if the intrusive thoughts are a side effect of effexor withdrawal or a sympton of another separaare anxiety disorder. Does anyone have any experience like this?
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself. I've been on the mental health journey since 2007, offically diagnosed with Major Depression. I've never really had any formal triggers that get me down and naturally the symptoms of depression I battle with are usually more physical, but can be thought related too (tired, poor memory, poor concentration, can't be bothered with anything, guilt etc.). I was started on Lexapro in 2011 at 10mg and then increased a few months later to 20mg, I don't remember building up gradually or any side effects of the bump up in dose. In 2014 I checked myself into hospital and was commenced on Pristiq 25mg. I remember tapering off Lexapro over a weekend and starting Prisitq on the monday. While in hospital, for 6/7 weeks I was gradually brought up to 200mg Pristiq, as well as being started on lithium (450mg then 900mg) and Euthyrox (100mcg) to help speed up metabolism and body processes. Once discharged my meds were still tweaked to 300mg Pristiq (+900 lithium, 100 euthyrox) and I have been on them from mid 2014 until recently August 2016. I'm now going to be changing from Pristiq to Effexor. Initial plan is taper 300mg --> 200mg Pristiq over the weekend then commence 300mg Effexor next week. So far I'm just experiencing low grade headache (not going away with sleep, water or paracetamol), lethargy and fuzzy vision. In the past when having accidentally missed a dose of meds or run out, I've experienced headaches, nausea, lethargy, poor vision, need to keep moving (??), electric shock type feelings under my skin and in my brain. I usually just try to sleep until its over or can get some meds. I wonder if anyone else has changed from Pristiq--> Effexor and what worked from them in regards to the swap and limiting withdrawal/new drug ill feelings? Look forward to getting to know some of you
  13. Before I get onto the horrible topic at hand, hello! *waves* I am a working professional in my twenties with my own business and home and a lovely partner and little doggie to boot. I enjoy funny stuff and writing and singing and parks and board games. Very lucky and in lots of respects, happy. But the title isn't clickbit - I am getting desperate with my withdrawal. My current issue is discontinuing effexor XR. I started on the drug in mid-2013 at 300mg following 10 years of treatment on various other drugs, some of which helped for a month or so but most of which did little but side effects. Primary diagnosis is anxiety and major depression, officially in 2004 but in reality my whole life. Late 2014 I read Anatomy of an Epidemic and learned more about the scientific development of antidepressants (and the problems with chronic use) and I tapered down from 300mg to 122.5mg over a few months while improving my non-medical supports like mindfulness, exercise, nutrition. That first tapering was not especially difficult. From November 2015 to April 2016 I tapered off the rest, reducing the dosage a few beads at a time. I grew more tearful and anxious but it was basically manageable. I saw a psychiatrist in March who told me that the dose I was on (by then 37.5mg) was basically nothing and he did not see any issue or foresee any discontinuation effects from stopping over a week or so. In mid-April I was off the drug. Since then I have had a horrific time of it with suicidal-levels of anxiety and panic coming in waves for a few days at a time. The physical synptoms of shaking and diarrhoea and headaches and dissociation have passed and I have had a few good days where I felt like myself. Also since coming off my brain has felt clearer and my creativity has gone up a lot, which is great. However. The level and frequency of panic/anxiety/tearful episodes is unbearable, as is my newfound irritability and rage, two feelings I rarely experienced before. I am really scared that the anxiety and rage are here to stay. While the extreme emotion is similar to when I was first diagnosed, I am still active and maintaining my house and life, which I could not manage any time I was depressed. I am therefore (sometimes) optimistic that this is just a thing that will pass and not the depression or my base emotional state (i am aware discontinuation often looks like the return of the condition). There is not much on the internet to tell me how long this stuff should last at this unliveable level so I am hoping upon hope that some people here will be able to give me a sense of things. It is now four weeks and I don't know how much more I can take. I have the support of a psychologist, whom I see weekly, and my mum, who is extraordinary. My partner is mostly good but is struggling himself at the moment so often we do not have the resources to be there for each other. Can anyone assist with some indication of what to expect for a timeline of withdrawl given my dosage and period taking the drug? Is there anything I can do to make things easier while I get through the worst of it? I am so grateful that this place exists. I thank you sincerely in advance for any thoughts or insight you can offer. LWN
  14. NewMe


    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum but not new to antidepressants. 3/10/2014 marks the first day of a hard decision to micro taper from effexor ER. I hope I can do this without the intense wd symptoms of times past - and without the return of the symptoms for which I was prescribed the medication. Paxil CT withdrawal 10/2012 Effexor 37.5 started 02/2013, 75mg by 03/2013, 150mg by 05/2012 (approx) Effexor 3/10/2014 Microtaper -3beads
  15. I really could use some advice I am not sure if what I am experiencing is from Effexor withdrawal or not. I was on 150mg for a few years I have been slowly tapering down for several months now (weighing beads on a micro scale for accuracy) on Friday 22nd I took my last dose which was 0.124g of beads (so very little actual drug). For months now I've had severe dizziness and nausea, and diarrhea too. Enough to keep me in bed a lot. Plus a strange sensation on the tip of my tongue. Now it's pretty much just dizziness but it's so bad. Previously when I was down to 0.5g of weighed beads I decided to take it back to 1.5g to see if my symptoms eased and go a little slower. I think things improved a little but I've not been symptom-free. I'm out of the drug completely now. I took 2-3 weeks to taper back down from that to zero. Slower than the first time. I thought my symptoms had actually improved because I bought a whole lot of natural remedies for giardia and tried them all and had relief within a day, but now I don't even remember if that's also when I took my dosage back up. I'm just not sure what's wrong with me. The doctors did a bunch of tests and gave me no answers. My family doctor told me to go off birth control and take naproxen every day. Well I'm doing half that... I'm not risking pregnancy just because SHE thinks I should have a baby. Yikes. It's been over a week since I stopped, still so dizzy I am wondering if I should go back on (I'd have to go refill the script) and if I do, what dosage? I would try the 10% taper every 3-4 weeks but I don't want to be doing this much longer. I hate taking it. And honestly I'm not totally sure if this is even the cause of my dizziness. I had no headaches or brain zaps or the other sensations I had when I missed a dose. But sometimes I am hearing sounds and I'm not sure if it's my head or the sounds are really there. I just don't want this diziness to go on forever and I feel like it's going to. But I also don't want to go back on Effexor if that's not even the reason I'm dizzy!
  16. Hi guys. I've just started tapering off Efexor XR 75mg tablets once a day. I've been reducing the beads by 1 every two days. For e.g. I take out one tablet today, one tomorrow, then two beads on the third day, two on the fourth, three on the fifth, etc. I have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms of sore eyes, (I do wear glasses), become very tired and have to take a nap half way through my day, brain fog, flu like symptoms such as slight runny nose, cough. I was wondering, and read somewhere previously that there are other things to take while on the taper to help. I was wondering if anyone knows other things to help such as fish oil tablets. I'm a male, 40 years of age, and I am getting off this horrible drug because I want my life back. Efexor has made me like a zombie for a while now, I am tired all the time, have low motivation and it is terrible for me, because I am a singer/songwriter musician, and I haven't worked for months as this drug has just controlled my life, and I want to get off it. I originally had to get back on it as I was having regular panic attacks. The Efexor has kept the panic attacks away, but the cons far outweigh the pros for mine. I know some doctors have even tried to have this drug taken off the register. Just a horrible drug!
  17. Hi all, My signature basically sums it all up. I am experiencing terrible withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing 150mg Effexor XR. I wish that my psychiatrists had told me about discontinuation syndrome before they pushed these drugs on me. I am wondering when the discontinuation symptoms will go away. The symptoms are severely affecting my ability to work, and I cannot afford to lose my job. I REFUSE to go back on the drug. I would rather die than start this process all over again. The drugs never did anything to improve my mood and simply made orgasms impossible for the last 3 years of my life. Now I am worried that I am going to suffer from these symptoms for the rest of my life. This, of course, is all compounded by my pregnancy hormones. This is my first pregnancy, so I have nothing to compare it to, but many of my symptoms, particularly the neurological ones (brain zaps, spontaneous muscle twitching, dizziness, delayed brain response) can only be attributed to Effexor withdrawal. I just wish that I knew how long to expect this to continue so that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very discouraged by the fact that I am seeing many people taking years to fully recover. My husband, family, and friends do not understand because they have never had to go through this. I feel totally alone. Katie
  18. I have been on Effexor for 6 years. Since my stroke may 2010. I started weaning my self off about 3 months ago. Finally 2 weeks ago. I was able to stop taking them completely. My issue is I still feel like crap. Depressed. Brain fog. (Granted I had a stroke so this may just be the norm). I don't sleep. I have rls bad. I also have been on norco for that many years or more. Been attempting to get off of them every month. Now my doc says I am not taking them. Like I am selling them or something. What?!? I take at least 2 a day. I must also say I have a pretty stressful life with my family. Honestly. I dont know what I want from this. Maybe just some help. Some reassurance. I feel pretty lost. And I am normally a positive and happy person. But not lately. Thank you for reading. Mcmamaof3
  19. Hi SA Community, I am the core support for my long-time love and life partner, and joined so that I can ask questions related to him coming off of Effexor. Very, very long story short, 1 year ago my high-functioning partner started having HIGH anxiety, extended insomnia, , ER visits, etc. Prescribed Ativan 1.5mg/day (on first ER visit), then Effexor XR to stablize (first 75mg then upped to 150mg after 2 weeks) After 5 months, he did a slow 3 month titration off of Ativan (10% at at time, going down 10% each week), finished 2 months ago. Had a compounding pharmacy make troches (basically, edible waxy cubes) in small Ativan amounts to create an easy way to reduce slowly. NO withdrawal symtoms! He is about to start reduction-toward-elimination of the Effexor. We just found this site recently. Will be following the precise 10% method that this SA site suggests. Just bought a Gemini 20 scale to weigh out the 10%. Current naturopath has him taking the following daily: Total Amino Solution DLPA GABA DHEA He has also started taking daily: 2000 IEU Fish oil 2000 IU Vitamin D I actually believe that the Effexor is causing many of the current problems he's now experiencing--poor memory, complete lack of motivation, sleeping 12-15 hrs/day, etc. Yes, some of these occurred at start of this 1 year-so-far journey, before starting to take the Effexor a month of so into it. However, I believe a number of his current symptoms will lift as he comes off the anti-depressant. If they don't, then at least we'll know what is really HIM and not the drug, to better deal with what's going on underneath. Thanks! LovingSupport
  20. How can I build of the best? Now I've cut my pil in half and have no severe side effects. What should be the next step? And is there anyone there who als went of this dose. My dokter said it wasn't a high dose, but i don't see much people with my dose on internet. With love
  21. My question is this: How can I wean myself off of Venlafaxine without getting dizzy/vertigo spells and horrible nightmares? Hello, this is my first time on this site, and I've come for advice, if possible. My doctor recently suggested I change from 150 mg of Venlafaxine(generic Effexor) to Bupropion(HCL SR 150) I decided to wean myself off quickly from the Venlafaxine, (it's been two days) so basically just stopped taking it, and started the other one. I started experiencing intense dizziness and vertigo. I also started having horrible nightmares. I thought it was the Bupropion that was causing it, but now I suspect it was quitting the Venlafaxine cold turkey that caused it, 'cause I took a Venlafaxine today to just see if the vertigo would go away, and within an hour of taking it, the vertigo was gone! My question is this: How can I wean myself off of Venlafaxine without getting dizzy/vertigo spells and horrible nightmares?
  22. Hi, all. I've been tapering off Effexor XR for the past month. My psychiatrist and I decided together that, after 12 years, Effexor was no longer working for me. She set me up on the following schedule, down from 150mg: Start: 150 Week 1: 112.5 Week 2: 75 Week 3: 37.5 Week 4: Completely off The taper hasn't been going well at all, so she decided to let me have two weeks between reductions. It's helping a little, but not much. After this last taper (to 37.5mg), it's been a nightmare. I can deal with the dizziness, brain zaps, and shakiness, but the constant mood swings are horrible. Mainly, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) makes me cry. I'll cry for hours at a time. During this episodes, I feel intensely suicidal. Unfortunately, the mental health care system in New Mexico sucks. If you go to the ER with suicidal ideation, they tell you you're not really suicidal and to call your doctor in the morning. The only way to get admitted is to actually make an attempt. Pretty stupid, eh? Calling my psychiatrist doesn't do much good either. I have to go through her medical assistant, and she's terrible at returning calls. Sometimes it takes a week to get back to me, and unless I make an appointment, I can't actually speak to my provider. Appointments are very difficult to get. I feel stuck. I can't drive because of the dizziness, I can barely eat because my stomach is constantly upset. My anxiety is off the charts. And then there's the crying. I wake up each morning terrified of having another crying jag. I don't think I can handle another one. Has anyone else had this much trouble going off Effexor XR? I'd love to hear from you!
  23. Hello there, I'm, itching to start a withdrawl but keep changing my mind on which one.. - mirtazapine (45mg) will probably be the easiest from past experience and makes me fat - but does help me sleep and potentially buffers the sexual side effects of venlafaxine - venlafaxine (112.5mg ER) is nasty stuff and I want to see if I have a proper libido left! Feel it caps my emotions a lot. Scared of reducing it though after cymbalta experience in 2007 - lamotrigine (300mg) on this high dose is really slowing me down, starting to compromise my immune system and I reckon doesn't help libido. since going up to this dose alcohol even ocasionally in small amounts is nasty. Like the idea of getting it down somewhat. I came off it back in 2011 OK but that was from a possibly sub-therapeutic almost placebo dose of 150mg not the monster 300mg I'm now on. Feels like poison at this level. My suspicion is that the earlier stages of the reduction of this - perhaps the opppoisite of AD's - will be the hardest? Is it best to start with the easiest? Is lamotrigine best kept on while reducing AD's due its GABA/glutamate effects? How about focusing on one for a bit, then another, then returning to the first? I am planning a slow taper. Just generally feel they don't do much apart from the side effects, my body is still trying to present the deep trauma that needs facing and I still need to work on taming the mind. They seem redundant and I am learning to trust in other tools and my body but scared of the withdrawl effects..I am having a lot of life changes so won't do it just yet but want to be prepared. Try not to let my anger at psychiatry and pharma and fear compromise my nervous system further but that can be hard Thanks! Here's my history: ----------------------- Current: Venlafaxine 112.5mg; Lamotrigine 300mg; Mirtazapine 45mg restarted Lamotrigine/Mirtazapine in 2012, bumped up Lasmotrigine and then very reluctantly added Venlafaxine in 2013 and further bumped up Lamotrigine in 2014. Got a new psychiatrist since who is less med focused! Reduced Vn to 75mg in 2013; brief experiment a year later reducing venlafaxine to 37.5mg, ended up going back to 112.5mg! (bit hasty). This year dropped Lamotrigine to 250mg under psychiatrist's advice (he suggested to 225mg) - nasty stuff, too quick! A time of personal change so decided to put back up rather than tough it out - maybe too hasty but I have the fear! Impatient to start getting off them - libido, weight gain, tiredness, capping of mood yet not really helping with depression. Though I have a lot of life changes at the moment so more that i want to get prepared so I can hit the ground running. Recently started seeing highly recommended acupuncturist with experience of med WD to boost my system, take omega 3 (recently started fermented cod liver oil in addition to EPA/DHA) and restarted vit D., try to follow guidelines in Mood Cure book (keep meaning to give gluten free diet a proper go), do good therapy on psychological issues, work part-time etc Previous meds: 2006 Citalopram quickly switched to Duoloxetine; 2007 off Duloxetine with continual tiny taper over six months (sexual side effects), bad WD's in the end, lasted a couple of months off and was then tried on... 2008: Mirtazapine up to 45mg (off 2010) + Lamotrigine up to 150mg 2009-2010 came off mirtazapine in 6 tapers of 7.5mg, no big issues, felt better for it. 2011 - came off lamotrigine over a few months, tapers of 25mg a time - little bit of depression returning. summer 2012 big crash after lots of life changes over the last year! Feel like my nervous system is severely sensitised even with (or due to!!) the meds. Diagnoses: reactive depression, bipolar depression, borderline traits - according to which professional you speak to!
  24. Hi all, thanks for being here.
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