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  1. Hi everyone, My husband, the love of my life, has been on SSRIs since he was 15. Last year at age 35 he told me he no longer loved me, hadn't for some time, and left me within weeks of the birth of our third baby. It has been agony. I've been researching this phenomenon for the last year and can see so CLEARLY the ways he became more and more emotionally disabled the longer he stayed on the meds. He became a TOTALLY different person spring 2016 when his dose of Lexapro was doubled from 10 to 20 mg. - hypomanic, cold, hostile. By the GRACE OF GOD he has reduced down to 5 mg, t
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been on Paxil or Paroxetine for about 16 years now. I suffered from Panic attacks and not wanting to go anywhere do to being scared. It all started around puberty for me, I wasn't sure what was going on. I thought I was going crazy, about at 20 years old in 2001 or so my Dr. Diagnosed me with Anxiety and Panic attacks and prescribed me SSRI I tried a couple different ones. Im not sure which ones I tried. But I had success with Paxil and was able to cope with life again. I gained about 50LBS my first year on that! I have been okay for the most part but I feel like a lot o
  3. Hi guys im gonna show you my intresting story, im not a long time ssri user and my withrawal may be not happen or wil be minimal. But my experience can help you guys to survive withrawal. this escitalopram thing is worked like a charm on me 2 hours after poping first 5mg pill. its aiitng like a benzo on me may be because of proven ''synergistic and on set speed up'' properties of my gym suplements. when i and my gf realized my male member* is getting smaller and im having wrinkles all over my face i freaked out and went cold turkey. i was using 2.5mg ritalin + 25mg sildenaf
  4. Moderator note - link to Sandfield's benzo thread - Sandfield: Try to taper off Ativan My name is Sandfield. I am on Cipralex and Ativan. I have been on Cipralex 10 mg for 6 months. Prior to that I was on 5 mg of Cipralex for 2 years. i was on clonzepam for 2 months May and June 2017 and tapered down to .375 mg at the end of June. The doctor then put me on Ativan .5mg twice daily and I was able to taper and get off 3 weeks ago for 2 days however the withdrawal was so bad I am now on .5 to .75 daily. My doctor is having me taper off the Cipralex by reducing
  5. Mjhelpsme


    I don't know if anybody will ever read this, but I'll have you know from my personal experience I was on Lexapro and had to temporarily come off. It's a freaking nightmare I'm actually going through the withdrawals now and this is my 2nd week without them. I just can't stand it I feel crazy, constant brain zaps like seriously electric shock like feelings!! Dizzy, vertigo, nausea, just feeling crazy and lost in this funk. I have officially decided I cared more about my mental well being especially since I have children and need to feel at my best at all times and so I had to try som
  6. Hi everybody! I started taking Lorazepam 0.5mg and escitalopram (Lexapro) 10mg for anxiety attacks back in Sep 2016 after 4 months of one-per-month short vertigo episodes, dizziness, imbalance and (unconfirmed later) misdiagnosis of Meniere's "Syndrome"). I never reached the prescribed limits started with 1/2 pill -> 3/4 pill of Lorazepam and 2.5 -> 5 ->7.5 mg of Lexapro. I wasn't feeling good. Constant dizziness, sometimes a bit of nausea and overall while feeling less anxious not feeling good most of the time (a bit dizzy in some situations like elevators or driving). Th
  7. geekwhostudiesfinance


    Hi Barbara, I quit taking lexapro 2.5 months ago. Prior to that, I had it for about for 1.5 years (10-30 mg). I am currently getting the waves and windows pattern. I am at the point where I have started to get extreme flashbacks of my life. Sometimes happy, sometimes not. Can you let me know at what time in your recovery did you experience this? How long did it take you to recover after this? In the windows, I find my old self back completely and that feeling is amazing! But then, the dreaded wave comes (~a week's duration) then for 1.5 weeks I dominate in m
  8. "This Prize is part of a two-pronged attack on the unwillingness of the medical and regulatory establishments to listen to people with adverse events in general – not just the sexual dysfunctions mentioned here. The second front in the attack will be unveiled in a few weeks’ time.""The prizeWe are following in the footsteps of the method that led to a solution to the famous Longitude problem in instituting a Prize.The first step is to raise $100,000 toward a Prize for a Cure. We would like as many people as possible who are affected or related to someone who is affected to make a donation of $
  9. Moderator note: Link to Nikki74's benzo thread: lexapro kindling akasthesia Mirtazipine diazepam Help. i recently stopped lexapro after a short taper from ten to five mg over 9 days. i had been on 20mg since 2011 then tapered quickly in June and stopped. This was a few weeks after stopping pregabalin 150mg v abruptly. all this time I was also on 15mg Mirtazipine. my anxiety went crazy and gp told me to double Mirtazipine dose to 30. I lasted 3 weeks of hellish symptoms and was put on diazepam and Zopiclone. im now off Zo
  10. Hi, I really need some help.. I started to taking Seroplex 10 mg (lexapro, escitalopram in other name) and Nordaz 5 mg during 2 years In France, after my traumatic childhood and adulthood. I came to foreign country (France) to rescue myself. I was taking these drugs alone last 1 year, without a psy cause i met a real disaster one. I stoped taking drugs since 4 months cause i suddenly felt no need, i don't know how to describe. I took 1 month to stop them and after I was literraly in a hell physically for the first one month, and from seconde, in a hell except my body an
  11. Hello all! Details are in my sig, but here's the latest for me... in a nutshell... I think I'm on my way to recovery (knock on wood). I'm well past the tapering stage and have been experiencing PAWS, although I didn't realize it until just recently (within the past couple weeks). I didn't find this site until I had already experienced a LONG "wave", a "window" and very quickly another "wave." In fact, I had basically come up with a "windows/waves" theory of my own (although I didn't use those exact terms in my mind). Then I found this site which basically co
  12. Moderator Note: link to Moonpie's benzo thread - Moonpie: Need help Ativan weight tapering My name is Moonpie. I feel so blessed to have found this site. I was put on Ativan and BuSpar and Lexapro, one at a time for a medication thyroid mess up. For eight months my thyroid was going crazy in my anxiety was off the charts. It normalized in March and I am trying to take her off the Ativan. I'm extremely sensitive to it. I just realized I have been doing a 5 per cent reduction instead of 10 and I have still had withdrawl symptoms! I am using a file and a jeweler scale. My t
  13. Hi everyone -- I am currently on week 7 of being off of 20 mg of Escitalopram. The issue is, I'm not getting better as far as my mood. I'm extremely weepy, have lost a desire to cook (I barely eat or feel hungry), have lost a drive for basically anything except exercise and work (because I need it to survive of course). Further, this summer (right before I quit the drugs) my boyfriend broke up with me (due to his own depression/issues), I moved into a new apartment in a new city on my own (with not many friends in said city besides my ex-boyfriends family), and my job title changed
  14. Hello all- i just want to introduce myself to the group. I have been a long time reader and follower. I just decided to create account. I will be totally honest.\ Back in 2014 Started using steroids to enhance my body building. I never used before but all my coworkers used them and so i started a 8 week cycle. After stopping them and going through the whole post cycle therapy, i started to experience what i did not know at the time was anxiety attacks for no apparent reason. Please note i never had panic or anxiety attacks before. On July 4, 2014 i experienc
  15. Hello to all! I was tapered, over a period of two months w/doctor's help, off of venlafaxine xr, buspirone, trazadone, and abilify. I had taken venlafaxine xr and abilify for 7 years and the other two for 14 years. Prior to the venlafaxine and abilify, I was on lexapro for 7 years. Considering the multiple meds and number of years of having taken them, I believe that my doctor tapered me down much too quickly. What is a real kicker is that when I contacted her to tell her I was having terrible symptoms, she diagnosed me over the phone with allergies and told me to go see my GP for further help
  16. I was on 10 mg ciprelax for 6 years. I tapered off for 6 weeks and finally stopped. All was well for about 3 weeks then all hell broke loose. Night sweats, loss of appetite, restlessness, suicidal thoughts. I have had non stop burning, prickly pins and needles tingling in my head, hands, and feet for 3 months now. Went and got all checked out and everything came back normal. Found this web site and showed it to my Dr. He believes this is what I am going through. I have tried everything from fish oil, magnesium, to CBD oils. I even tried going back on a low dose to no
  17. hi all my name is Miguel and i have a question about Lexapro here is the medication I took and the time lines Sertraline 50 mg on 5/10/15 and took Trazodona, 150 mg then i stopped continued on sertraline Mexazolam, 1 mg 1/12/15 on 6/6/16 I went to 100 mg Sertraline then 03-10-2016 i changed to Escitalopram, 20 mg and Xanax 0.5 and took it until i stopped on 28/5/2017 by my own bad mistake I did a super fast tampering of 20 15 10 5 0 in 1 mouth ^^ and i whent back on it on 7/08/2017 owe my one whit out saying to the doctor but i am now at 10 mg and i have an ap
  18. Dear peer forum members, I am writing here searching for hope and your support and advice. My name is Yulia, I am 27 years old and I am from Russia. Here is my sad story. There was a unfortunate point in my life when I almost had given up due to the life situation. Therefore it happened so that I had to take Lexapro antidepressant not by my wish but by insistance of my parents. First time it was introduced it when I was in a psychiatric clinic - I was given phenasepam in glass drop water and 10mg of Lexapro.. for around 2 months. It was zombifying me, giving a flat emotional state
  19. Hi All, This is my First Post. I am from South America, Argentina (sorry if my English is wrong... ) I wanted to share my history and my current situation. Everything Maybe started when I was very young. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I could never sleep in other bed which was not mine at home. I had no father because he is from Europe and my mother from Argentina. So obviously I started therapy and all that stuff that maybe helped but not too much. When I turned 17 every winter I started to have some kind of depression every winter for 4 to 8 weeks and then my life we
  20. Dear SA members September 1, 2017 will mark one year of full withdrawal from Lexapro. ( I withdrew completely after 9 months of gradual tapering, after which I had very bad WD symptoms for about 10 months. please see my signature). I am very happy to say that things have gotten much much better, and that one year after full withdrawal I am almost symptom free! All the symptoms I had, waves, zaps, anxiety attacks, feelings of doom, insomnia, sweats, depression, are all but gone. I am enjoying a feeling of stability and well being for the first time in a couple of years.
  21. Hello, I'm new here but have come across this forum via looking for info on the internet. I was on Lexapro for 6 months and after having side effects..slowed heartbeat, etc I decided in March of 2017 to go off of it. Unfortunately I did not taper properly..I went from 10 mg to 1/2 pill for a week and then for a few days I went down to a quarter of a pill. I should have sought help from the doctor but she was very pro medication and I felt like she would continue to push this for my GAD..I was on meds years ago but have been able to manage without anything for the last 7 years
  22. Hello All, I was on Lexapro. Started at 5mg, eventually made my way up to 20mg. I had a HORRIBLE reaction to it immediately which should have been my warning to just stop taking it. But I continued anyways. My initial reactions were horrible intrusive thoughts, paranoia, obsessive thoughts, it also made my senses intensify (has anyone else had this?) any little sound in my house would scare the crap out of me! It was the weirdest thing I also had short term memory loss. This eventually faded about 6 weeks after I started except for the memory loss has stuck around. I was on Lexapro for a to
  23. Littlegrandma


    Moderator note - link to Littlegrandma's benzo thread Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and give you my history june 2015 lunesta 2 mg for insomnia. . July 2015 started celexa for GAD and insomnia. S/A headache, nausea, stomach pain, increased anxiety, blurry vision. Sept 2015 celexa switched to lexapro due to extreme eye pressure I never felt right on the lexapro. My fog never cleared and I still needed lunesta every night to sleep. But it helped slightly with anxiety and I was able to go about life but never really enjoying it. I fel
  24. I'm kindled now since 2012,when I reinstated Fluoxetine after 10 months clean of it .the first capsule I took made my symptoms worse than before.After that I tried to come off of it,I did quick taper,then CT,then reinstating untill I went on brain kindling,last year my psychiatrist switched me to Escitalopram Lexapro tablets but made once again my depression and anxiety more worse! I m tapering now by doing no more than 5% of daily dose wich was 5 mg ,it's my second cut now every cut is 15 days,but steel feeling withdrawals! Any thoughts?and advices,?
  25. hi guys, Its been 10 days since I stopped Lexapro after 1.2 years 10 mg and tapering off for 2.1 months last dose 5mg . I got light on and off dizziness and mild anxiety after 1 week but I am able to do my job like going to gym working out . ihave no problem with it . every 6 years I get dizziness sensation while walking sitting or lying down . I had mri done twice , neurological examination twice , ent twice , cardiologist , blood tests everything completely normal even heart rhythm and paplitaions were normal. so they put it to anxiety related dizziness and was put on Lexapro . in the
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