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  1. My medication history is complicated and in all honesty my memory isnt working all that well. I cant really remember a lot of my medication journey which is a scary thing to admit. Ill do my best to summarise. I started taking diazepam in 2013 i believe. I took it for the sudden onset of panic attacks. To begin with I only used my medication sparingly (and always, always as prescribed). I was seeing a psychiatrist at the time who was trying to help me find an antidepressant to help, however after trying almost all of them, i found nothing worked. At this point my Pdoc agreed it might be wise
  2. Greetings everyone. I'm am (was) your average Class A personality male working in one of the most stressful / dangerous occupations in the US and one that never touched a medication until my son suffered a serious injury several years ago. Worry (health anxiety) resulted in insomnia, which resulted in anxiety, which resulted in insomnia...and the cycle began. Foolishly I found myself being prescribed Xanax (.25 to 1mg) and Ambien (10mg) for what became almost 4 years. Following a rough taper off Xanax last in 2017 I ditched it, but developed rebound anxiety. I was prescribed 2.5mg Lexapro and
  3. Hello, I stumbled onto this forum because I wanted to do more research about the Road Back Program ... I am certainly glad that I did! Here's a little background about my history and my current state: I have had clinical depression since college. I struggled with taking anti-depressants and finally gave in around 2013 (and by "gave in" I mean taking my prescribed anti-depressant consistently). Needless to say, it's been about 5 years that I've been on Lexapro. I am currently unemployed at the moment. I do not believe that this is a trigger as I didn't really like my former place o
  4. I am a 55 year old woman that has taken Zoloft in the 90's for panic disorder and anxiety. I can't really remember when I stopped taking it, but it worked for a few years. In 2004, I had a fluttering heartbeat and high pulse so I went to the Dr. and he put me on Metoprolol ER 25 mg. to help my heart beat stronger and also help with anxiety. He also started me on Lexapro 10 mg. once a day. I absolutely found Lexapro to be so beneficial to me. It worked so well on my panic and depression. After about 7 or so years, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and became health phobic. Dr.
  5. I've been looking at this site for a whole month before deciding to reach out and get specific advice about what I'm going through. I was determined to go off my 15 mg of Lexapro this year, not because I had any specific problems on the medication but because I was feeling a little foggy and lazy and wanted to check in with my unmedicated self. I am 22 years old. My very non-plused psychiatrist allowed me to do this and told me I could taper off the medicine by taking 10mg for two weeks and then 5mg for another two weeks. I did this fast taper with unfortunately no guidance other than her (wis
  6. I weened off my Welbutrin and almost done weening off my Lexapro. It took almost a year now but with a lot of time staying at the same dose (could've taken a lot shorter amount of time but procrastinated initiating dosage drop). Just wanted to let everyone know that I used 5 htp to help with withdrawal symptoms (mainly light headedness/ brain flashes). and it really helped. I basically stopped the Welbutrin cold turkey with taking about 200 - 300 mg of 5 htp for about a week then lowering the 5 htp dramatically and that really helped. The lexapro is harder but the 5 htp really helps. I don't c
  7. I’m 27 years old and I have been off lexapro for almost a month now and around week 3 (used for 3-4 years) is when the struggle really began. I have read endless forums for peace of mind. The small manageable things are random headaches manageable with ibuprofen, random brain zaps which are lessening each week, and quick ejaculation during intercourse. The dizziness and zaps have subsided since stopping 5htp during withdrawal. The real struggle is my anxiety and irritability. Small things in the family household tend to flood me with anger quickly to where I want to punch things an
  8. Hi Y'all, I have been taking an SSRI since 1993 ????. I was prescribed Prozac for Panic D/O. I am now committed to ending my addiction to this poison. Knowing there are many others that are going through the same process is very comforting. I am grateful for this forum and everyone's contributions. With trepidation and hope.
  9. My signature should have pertinent info. Essentially, I am not in a great place right now. I've been on 1.5mg (.5 3xday) Clonazepam for the past 3 years. . . and for the past week I've had bad anxiety in the morning. I have teased wanting to get off of it many times. I DO need to get off of it. My main concern is that I ran into severe akathisia/dysphoria earlier in life while tapering a much lower dose. I believe that Lexapro had SOME role in this and perhaps the benzos were/still are just masking this side effect til I got down to a dose where it wasn't. I'm lost as
  10. Hello everyone, ...been lurking on this site for awhile, but just now worked up the courage to post. I’m 30 years old, and was taking 10mg of Lexapro daily for a total of 7 years. I began tapering January of 2018, and so far I’ve managed to make it successfully down to 2.5mg daily. I’m planning on staying at this dose for quite some time before initiating another taper. Honestly, this experience overall has been quite horrible. My worst symptoms have included: a metallic taste in my mouth, EXTREME e-x-t-r-e-m-e fatigue and sudden extreme irritability towards my peers. S
  11. When i try to taper off, at about the three month mark the terrible feelings of irrational fear return. i have never made it past this point. Has anyone else experienced this? My diagnosis is bi polar 1, with psychotic features in the distant past. Also, i am on lamictal and 5 mg of lexapro
  12. Does anybody have experience with tapering off 5 mg of Lexapro? I have been on for 8 weeks and wish to come off.
  13. Hello all, I'm new here, and wondering if anyone could provide insight or an opinion. Woud appreciate some of your knowledge. Here it goes: Last year, Jan 2014, I had a bad tmj disorder flare up. Vertigo and all. It caused me horrid anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn't sleep because I kept jolting up when my body started resting. It was awful. The doc prescribed Lexapro, 10mg and Xanax .5mg as needed. I used the Xanax to sleep for about 3weeks, then weaned off when the Lexapro kicked in. After a few weeks, I felt better. A couple of months later, I felt great despite the tmj symptoms.
  14. Since I've been going off all these meds and this last one, lexapro, everything looks different. I don't mean blurry... I mean like ppl and things. When I look in the mirror now it's almost like I am not even looking at myself. It's really hard to explain. I notice stuff I never ever saw before I started this journey. Lines, bags, age, thin hair, vat rolls, and not just me but everyone else! However I feel I look the worst. I have become super self conscious about my looks. As a woman it's just compounded! I'm not really depressed about it just... Wow. Is
  15. Trying to figure out if I tapered too quickly and if I should reinstate. I am completely off the Lexapro since April 23. Brain zaps are finally gone, but severe fatigue, brain fog and now depression is really setting in. I’ve had various body aches, and generally feeling sick also. I don’t know if this is withdrawal, relapse, or just regular me! Not sure what to do at this point. Looking for support here and advice.
  16. Littlegrandma


    Moderator note - link to Littlegrandma's benzo thread Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and give you my history june 2015 lunesta 2 mg for insomnia. . July 2015 started celexa for GAD and insomnia. S/A headache, nausea, stomach pain, increased anxiety, blurry vision. Sept 2015 celexa switched to lexapro due to extreme eye pressure I never felt right on the lexapro. My fog never cleared and I still needed lunesta every night to sleep. But it helped slightly with anxiety and I was able to go about life but never really enjoying it. I fel
  17. Hello this is where am at. I was on lexpro for a total of 6 weeks. Started at 10 and went to 20mg. Was in on bus par for 4 weeks before that. I should have never started this stuff!!! My pharmisit said to taper by going to 10 mg for a week than 10 mg every other day for a week. Well my last dose was may 17. That first week after I stopped I felt great. Since than I started with worse anxity no interst in the regular things I used to like. My back hurts sometimes. Can’t concentrate and anything. I know this was not the way to come off but I did not know. When I was on lexpro it did not he
  18. Hi guys, I am a long time frequent visited of this site but just decided to make an account today and share a little of my experience with everyone. Just FYI I'm a 28 year old male, had my first episode of depression in middle school, probably around 14 or so. After breaking up with my first girlfriend when I was 17 I went into a deep depression and isolation, eventually leading to me taking Lexapro. After almost ten years of continuous use that I believe led to some terrible life decisions I decided to quit Lexapro once and for all. I had tried tapering and quitting
  19. LellieH

    LellieH: Lexapro

    I am new to this group. Boy how I wish I knew tapering information before I came off Lexapro. Only 6 weeks after my last dose, I am experiencing the kind of akathisia of extreme anxiety, agitation, fear.... I dread going to sleep, as it means I will be awakened by fits of anxiety and fear-filled dreams. The reason to get off of antidepressants in the first place was to far into my PTSD, the reason why I took AD in the first place. Reading the information on how long WD might take, I am really trying to wrap my head around how I need to change my attitude towards all of this. It is a ver
  20. ponsrock

    ponsrock: Lexapro

    Dear all, today is March 16, 2018 and i am doing a chronicle/diary of process of FINALLY stopping LEXAPRO. ———————— i have been on lexapro since october 2012.... on and off. When i tried stopping, the symptoms of depression and anxiety would return after 4 months that i would return to using the drug. It has happened for three cycles. from october 2017 to december 2017, i have been taking 1/2 tab once to twice per week. I felt symptom free. December 16, 2017 was my last dose. I DECIDED TO BREAK FREE. january 2018 was easy. I didn’t fe
  21. cindylou03


    I took some time to taper off Effexor. I decided to quit taking it after I forgot my pill one night and ended up crashing in the middle of a ski hill and being hauled down on a toboggan. I was wrecked for the rest of the weekend. My doctor recommended taking a pill every other night for 2 weeks and then stopping, but I choose to open the capsules and take out one little ball every night until there were none. I didn't have too many withdrawals symptoms and when I felt bad I just didn't remove additional balls that night. So, I off Effexor now, but I am concerned about the extra 15 pounds I am
  22. Hello all- i just want to introduce myself to the group. I have been a long time reader and follower. I just decided to create account. I will be totally honest.\ Back in 2014 Started using steroids to enhance my body building. I never used before but all my coworkers used them and so i started a 8 week cycle. After stopping them and going through the whole post cycle therapy, i started to experience what i did not know at the time was anxiety attacks for no apparent reason. Please note i never had panic or anxiety attacks before. On July 4, 2014 i experienc
  23. Hi all, I have a wife tapering from Prozac, a 15yo daughter tapering from Lexapro, and a 12yo daughter tapering from Prozac. I'm exhausted. WIFE In 1999 she became very depressed shortly after we were married. After months of heartache, she was prescribed Prozac in 2000, which pulled her up from the abyss. (In hindsight, her depression was probably from the birth control pills messing with her hormones, which she began taking shortly before we were married.) She has been on Prozac most of the past 17 years, with a short stint on Zoloft. She has tried stopping cold turkey a couple times,
  24. Hi! This is my first day on here as a participant and not just an observer. Ive been in Lexapro for around 5 years after having anxiety after some life changes. I found that it wasn’t really working for me so went off to the GP who wanted to taper me off in 2 weeks yo get on to something new. I decided I didn’t want to go into something new after doing further research on AD’s, withdrawal etc. so I decided to slow down my tapering myself. The drop from 20-10 was a bit difficult but eventually I was having more good days than bad so after about 4-5 weeks, I took the plunge and
  25. I am looking for some advice or reassurance. ---For 8 years, I was on Lexapro (most of the time at 10mg and 15 mg for last year). I tried many times to taper off of it but the anxiety was too crushing and I never got far. --However, in Dec 2013 I was prescribed a remedy by a homeopath that completely wiped out the anxiety. As soon as the feelings of generalized anxiety (heart, palpitations, knot in stomach) were gone, the Lexapro felt completely too stimulating to take and I literally gained 12 lbs in a week. (My weight has been stable for over 15 years.) --So, I began to taper in
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