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  1. Hi! English is not my native language and I apologise in advance. Started cipralex 20mg in 2013 and i ended the treatment in february 2017 total of 4 years. I did a quick taper of 2 weeks. Immediate symptoms: Brain zapps/body zapps, crippling anxiety and depression, could not leave bed literally for 2 weeks. For me the biggest problem were the brain zapps/body zapps wich are still ongoing. The zapps lasted every single second for 7 weeks (with an exception will explain later in post) it never stoped it kept me up at night and when I fell asleep these za
  2. Hello, I am new to this site and not sure how it works. Need some info and perhaps some reassurance.; I've been having a history depression and anxiety since my teenage years, I am 49 years old, which I have been able to manage it more or less. I attempted to use the antidepressants but also had an adverse reaction that I was not able/ready to put up with. Yet, living with the depression isn't easy either. In short, yet again, I started taking Lexapro last October in order to deal with the painful state of depression, and did seem to work in the past. I increased the dose v
  3. Hi all, I could really use anyone's experience or advice here as i'm in a very fragile mental state. My history I was diagnosed with OCD and severe anxiety in 2011. I was put on SSRI's and they did eliminate my symptoms but it also resulted in several other symptoms such as chronic fatigue and motivation and emotional blunting. I tried cycling through the SSRI's (see history below) to see if I could do better but none of them ended up removing the side effects. In the past I had tried tapering off the antidepressants (usually over the course of a month with no success, I
  4. Hi all! I am a 28 year old clinical social worker who is currently withdrawing from Lexapro. I work as a medical social worker and spent most of my days helping patients with acute psychiatric and medical issues navigate their daily lives and the health system. As a seemingly experienced practictioner and someone who has battled with mental illness for the better part of 15 years, I thought I was "doing everything right". I went yearssss refusing to go on an SSRI or any medication, leading to my eventually hospitalization in which I still refused any and all medication. Many of us anxiou
  5. Long story as short as possible; I have been on Lexapro 10mg for about 13 years. I stopped it abruptly about 10 years ago after being on it for about 3 years. Within the span of 6 months (maybe?) after stopping (most likey 3-12 months, unclear as it was so long ago) I had sudden onset illness that I have had to this day which is best described as fatigue, dizyness, lightheadedness, and brain fog. A lot of my symptom overlap with Mal Department syndrome, CFS, and dysautonomia. Shortly after the illness symptoms started I started back up Lexapro to help manage the stress of the illness and ne
  6. Hello all. I'm not sure my signature will show up. I'm on 0.33 mg Lexapro (liquid) and 25 mg Bupropion SR. I have been serious about tapering over the last year. My highest doses were 150mg Bupropion and 20mg Lexapro (2008). I started on Wellbutrin to offset the sleepiness caused by Lexapro. My goal is to get off both drugs, but my tapers over the last year have all been from Lexapro. I've noticed my PMS is much worse than before and in general my lows are much lower now than when I was on higher doses. But otherwise I feel ok most of the time. Questions: Should I focu
  7. I'm new here. I have been on various SSRIs for 22 years and depressed since I was at least age 12. I went off the latest SSRI, generic Lexapro, because I have gained 30+ pounds over the last few years, needed at least 12 hours per day of sleep and still wasn't happy. I am on the max of Bruproprion. It doesn't seem to have any unwanted side effects. It is supposed to be at least weight neutral when taken without other drugs. The physical withdrawal effects are brain zaps, ringing in the ears, dizziness and nausea. These aren't 24/7 and they may be subsiding. Hard to say. I tapered from
  8. Hi everybody, Some background on myself. I'm 22 years old, female, and live in Chicago currently, but I'm from New Orleans. When I was seventeen years old and a junior in high school, I was struggling with severe social anxiety (the can't-look-people-in-the-eye kind), disordered eating, and violent attacks of depression coinciding with the beginning of my period every month. My mother had just lost her mother, and was going through her own period of struggle, and we fought constantly about my burgeoning abuse of alcohol and drugs, and my increasingly obvious eating issues.
  9. Hello, I was diagnosed with fibro in 1994. I was just diagnosed by a rheumatologist with CSS - central sensitivity syndrome. A central nervous system disease/disorder that makes people hypersensitive to almost everything. Here are two studies that might be of interest: Fibromyalgia and Overlapping Disorders: The Unifying Concept of Central Sensitivity Syndromes by Muhammad B Yunus, MD -also: clinical review and education- JAMA April 16, 2014 volume 311, number 15 - Fibromyalgia A Clinical Review by Daniel J Clauw, MD. These articles show how the central nervous system plays a huge role i
  10. I was on Prozac and amitryptyline for 25 years the last three of those Xanax was apart for Fibromyalgia. A year and a half ago I was in such bad shape , thought I was dying. Mainly from Xanax interdose withdrawals. I started taper of Xanax but I checked myself into a rehab drug detox center as my doctor at the time wanted to add more drugs etc. the center stopped Xanax and Prozac cold turkey . They put me in neurontin to prevent seizure. Needless to say I was in worse shape. Horrific withdrawals. And sensory overload . A few months later I stopped amitryptyline. But co
  11. Hi there everyone, so I've managed to come off Lexapro 10mg with no issues at all (or so I thought). The first week I had the usual Brain zaps and palpitations, which are now thankfully completely gone. I'm now one month into the process and have been having a surge of anxiety which started last week, so the fourth week. I keep feeling like old symptoms are manifesting again, such as: - Feeling my heart beat all the time - Anxiety - I dont want to say depression, but sadness. Is this normal withdrawing from AD, L
  12. Hi, I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I'm hoping to get some advice or shared stories as I am having a horrific time with Lexapro withdrawal. I was taking 10 mg for 20 years for depression and anxiety. Depression does run in my family but not sure if that has anything to do with why I was diagnosed as having it...probably not. How do you know if you are able to be without Lexapro after taking it for so long? Of course, I would like to think that I won't always need it but not sure how to figure that out because I have been on it so long and did need it. Anyway, I
  13. Hi everyone, I want to express my gratitude for this online community. I have returned to this site multiple times over the past six months and have left it *somewhat* more reassured. I am a childhood incest survivor and when I was in high school my mother died and left me behind with my father abuser. At 18, I somehow made it out of my town of origin to attend UCLA. When I was 21, I was hospitalized (UCLA medical system) for 3 months for an eating disorder (bulimia) + suicide attempt and while inpatient, was force-fed prozac 60mgs. About a year or so in on the Prozac, I developed
  14. Hello, everyone. I am happy to have discovered this website because I would love feedback regarding my current struggles. Last Friday (June 30th) I was having dinner and out of nowhere my blood chilled, heart started racing and I began to feel like I was losing my vision. I live at an apartment complex, so I thought going to the pool and being around people would help... Unfortunately I feel that decision made my anxiety attack worse, so I returned to my apartment and began pacing for what felt like hours. Eventually I was able to sit down and eventually hit a wall (like most
  15. Hello everyone! Sorry if there is already info on this issue but I couldn't find posts related to what exactly I'm experiencing. I'm now at the end of tapering off Lexapro (reduced from 1.25mg to 0,625mg one and a half weeks ago). Recently I started having strange symptoms that I'm really scared of - very small jerks/involuntary body twitches (I suppose it's different from muscle twitching) and inability to focus my eyes(!), like they are constantly trembling, even when I close them - this restlessness persists. It's important to say that these tremors/involuntary movements are k
  16. Has anybody used TMS to come off SSRI? I did and did not get any withdrawal symptoms while being treated with TMS. I'm in the taper phase of TMS and my last dose of Lexapro was on 5/27. I was using Lexapro for many years and decided it was time to let go. Since coming off TMS my symptoms have elevated some. Not feeling myself and moody. Does anyone else have experience with this. Thanks
  17. Hi Everyone! I started taking Lexapro three years ago at the age of 24 after therapy sessions and the occasional Xanax were no longer working for my anxiety. My psychologist diagnosed me with OCD and GAD. Dread is the only way I can explain it. Vicious thoughts and dread. I wasn't depressed nor had I ever been and this hit me like a ton of bricks. I would be out and then this wave of panic would come out of no where. Dizzying and all consuming. I would start crying, become dizzy, and just be in an all out panic. It got to the point where aside from getting up and going to w
  18. Hello. I always had general anxiety issued what are accompanied by obsessivee behaviours. I have usually have been okay to live with it and can function pretty well in society and with myself. Usually things get worst when i get stressfull times, sometimes near hellish. But I have always been able to handle myself. But aftera sever breakup **** thit the fan. I needed helped I was going trough hell for 3 months. Then I visited doctor who put me on 10mg lexapro and xanax first. xanax was for thee short relief and helped. But now I want to get of the SSRis fast as possible, because I am pretty
  19. Hi everyone, I have been off cipralex for 4 months now and it's been quite a difficult experience. I feel quite bad today and I'm trying to figure out whether it's stress or pms. I picked up a garden table outside a couple of days ago and it was quite heavy, the next day I had a very tense shoulder, which radiates to the front of my shoulder joint and armpit. I cannot tell if I have breast tenderness or whether I'm so anxious it's making me think this is the case. I've had a few little stabbing pains but I feel acutely aware of any feelings in my breast as though I'm magnitising everything. Wh
  20. Hi everyone, I've been looking at this forum from the outside for a while as I'm trying so hard to taper off of Lexapro. For the past year or so I've bounced around from Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro (I'm definitely missing one but my memory is so whacked from these drugs). Zoloft gave me some serious emotional blunting so my GP put me on "The Mercedes of SSRIs" - Lexapro. Within 2 weeks of being on the drug, my brain was telling me that I had no reason to be on this planet anymore. I called my doctor immediately to begin tapering off of it. I'm about a week i
  21. Hi, I will try to keep it brief, but I am in desperate need of advice. I am a 34YO Male, my 1st bout of anxiety happened 10 years ago when I experienced a very stressful time in my life. I had my 1st child, started MBA school, and opened my own business all within a 3 month span. Had a panic attack one night, and what followed was a year of high general anxiety, with some intrusive OCDish thoughts sprinkled in. After a year I decided I would give meds a try. Tried Buspar...did nothing except make me dizzy. Tried Zoloft, and this was the magic bullet for me. Felt my anxiety lesson (
  22. Can lexapro withdrawl is it common to get agoraphobia and depersonalizatiom and derealization main problems and of coarse severe anxiety ? Need help lost my job cant even go for a walk was on 20mg now at 5 mg in 3.5 months
  23. Hi all, I have a wife tapering from Prozac, a 15yo daughter tapering from Lexapro, and a 12yo daughter tapering from Prozac. I'm exhausted. WIFE In 1999 she became very depressed shortly after we were married. After months of heartache, she was prescribed Prozac in 2000, which pulled her up from the abyss. (In hindsight, her depression was probably from the birth control pills messing with her hormones, which she began taking shortly before we were married.) She has been on Prozac most of the past 17 years, with a short stint on Zoloft. She has tried stopping cold turkey a couple times,
  24. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. A little history about myself. I'm 42 year old female who has always been an active runner. In 2010 I went through a divorce and my anxiety and insomnia meant I was running 10km a day just to cope. I was burning out and decided to see my Dr. who then put me on Cipralex 10mg. The divorce proceedings went on for almost 3 years. In 2014, I tried tapering off because I felt less energetic and I had put on 25 pounds. At the time, I think I tapered off too fast (25-50% decreases every 2 weeks). I felt horrible so I went back to
  25. Hello all. I am just shy of two weeks off of Lexapro after a few months of tapering. It has been very manageable. Before I tell you how I did it, let me say I am the type that gets ALL the side effects from SSRI's. I had a bad experience with zoloft and paxil. They both about killed me. So, needless to say I was frightened to come off Lex. I found a site that had a good formula and I followed it. I was on 10mg. Mg for mg, Lex is twice as strong as other ssri’s and it has a VERY short half-life. That is why tapering slowly is so important! I tapered 10
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