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  1. Good Day, I wish I could say that my withdrawal symptoms from quitting Lexapro are the worst, but quitting Xanax takes that title. I have been off Xanax for two years and six months. The first day was the worst, the first year was the worst, and I am not feeling any Xanax issues now except waking up in a cold sweat every night since 2014. Anyway, I have not looked back or taken Xanax ever again. During that entire ordeal, I was still on Lexapro. I didn't quit it also because I didn't want to do too much at once. I finally quit Lexapro on the 25th of Dec 2016. Side note: To help me qui
  2. I've been on 5mg of Lexapro for 3 months - first time taking SSRIs. I was prescribed it because of my anxiety and depression related to a tumultuous marriage and subsequent divorce (currently in the middle of that). Honestly, it worked wonders for me mentally. I consider it a turning point in my emotional recovery. For the first time since leaving my husband, I wasn't waking up hopeless and completely worn down. I felt able, in control, and just...okay for the first time in months. But since then I've also noticed some physical symptoms off and on. I don't know if these are related to the
  3. I have a question, i'm on escilopram AD for 2 years and trying to quit, by taking one day, and the second day not taking them. I' m doing this method a week. Is it safe?
  4. I did read the "read this first" post about the distinction between relapse and withdrawal, but I've read conflicting ideas about time frames, distinguishing symptoms, etc., so I welcome any insights. I tapered off Cipralex (Escitalopram) after taking it for two years, in January of this year. That seemed to go smoothly with little withdrawal to speak of. I tapered off Remeron (Mirtazapine), which I took at 15 mg for two years. I tapered first to 7.5 mg for a month, then 3.75 mg for a month and then discontinued entirely on April 3. I had more symptoms, primarily headaches, loss of
  5. Hello All, First, I am FRIGHTENED!!!! I've been on SSRI's and Mood Stabilizer (Lamictal) with intermittent Benzo (however, I'm an addict~and I always end up abusing those) for 27 years. I've been diagnosed w depression, anxiety, and "soft" bipolar. This year has been sheer Hell and I've changed meds 5x. I was about to go on a 6th med~when I decided that I'd had ENOUGH! And so, I weaned for 3 weeks and then cold turkeyed for a week~at a drs. suggestion~I added back lexapro for about a week and now am off everything. I am ANXIOUS round the clock~even in my sleep. The sad thing is-my life i
  6. Hi I am a new member to this site and boy what an eye opener it is. My history is a long battle with anxiety that came out of the blue 15 years ago, no rhyme nor reason as to why My Dr started me on Zoloft 50mg, 2 days in was a total mess, highly agitated, tremors anxiety waves one after the other, a manic episode had me taken into the ED by my husband, Dr's explanation oh yes symptoms will be worse for a few weeks, here's some Vallium take it when needed and ride it out. Tough 3 weeks. Settled eventually and took it for 2 years, tapered off and felt great. 2010 the anxiety r
  7. Hi all, Recently stumbled upon your site while trying to manage withdrawal symptoms. I was put on Lexapro in 2015 after discussing some extreme emotional fluctuations and bouts of anger. Depression runs in my family, so I took the advice of my Dr. and trusted it was in my best interest. While the medication helped stabilize my mood, it also made me feel like I was on the outside looking in. I don't feel like I am fully living my life, and I definitely don't feel like myself. In addition, I have gained about 60 lbs. The medication, in addition to the weight gain, has made me lethargic and mad
  8. Hello, Im a 28yo male, from Brazil, and Im desperate! - 2005 start taking Paroxetine 40mg, no big deal, worked quite nice. - 2006 stopped cold turkey, not more than a week with brain zaps and I was fine. - 2007 anxiety and depression came back, like when I wasnt on Paroxetine. - 2007 back to Paroxetine. I was "normal" again. - 2013 depression started again, transitioned to LexaPro 15 + Wellbutrin XL 300 with very few problems, 2 weeks and I was fine. - 2015 dropped Wellbutrin cold turkey without problems. - 04/2017 Transition to Pristiq 50, for five days I took half lexapro pill + half pris
  9. Hi I was on lexapro 10 mg for 6 years. I tapered off starting Feb 2017 following my doctors advice. I took 5 mg for 2 weeks then 5 mg every other day for 1 week then stopped completely. 3 days after my last dose the brain zaps started. Now after 8 weeks I have a continuous feeling like a sparkler is firing off in my brain, all day long. Sometimes it is more intense than other times, but it never goes away. It feels like a shower of sparks is swirling around in my brain, it is so hard to describe. It is not in my ears, but in my brain. I went back to my doctor to see if I should go
  10. Hello Everyone, I am so grateful I found this SA forum. I am tapering liquid Lexapro, after 6 years struggling with it without adequate doctor's advice. (Did CT and restarted and so on). I found out that the drops coming from the bottle are not measuring each the same amount. Bottle says, one drop is one mgr. It is not. Bottle contains 15 ml, equivalent to 20 mgrs Lexapro. This is the Lundbeck Lexapro available here in Holland. I bought the medicine scale, I've been reading about here, and began to weigh the drops. It's terrifying. None of them measures the same weight. Now I know for s
  11. I've been ssri free for two months now, after a gradual taper. I was on cipralex for 6years 20mg. I was originally prescribed for anexity and after years of feeling numb and missing out on my kids lives I decided to go drug free. Let me tell you being married with kids and trying to deal with withdrawals is not easy. I have found great strength reading these posts and using mindfulness meditation definitely helps. I'm 37 years old and see my future being bright but uncertain. I worried if I'll be able to enjoy my life and family after all these years of drug dependence. My career suffered whil
  12. After having weird symptoms, and being somewhat familiar with the idea of antidepressant withdrawal symptoms, I stumbled onto this site. I've been on and off SSRIs since adolescence (in my late 30s now), but never had withdrawal symptoms. Most recently I was on 20 mg of Lexapro for a little over 2 1/2 years - one of my longer SSRI stints and for sure the longest I had ever been on Lexapro. I did a self-taper in the same way I had in the past to get off SSRIs, but now I understand I did it WAY too fast (I thought it was slow at the time...). I have been completely off Lexapro for probably about
  13. I heard there was a liquid way to taper off of Lexapro...can someone explain to me how to do this just in case my insurance won't cover it?
  14. Hi! English is not my first language so I apologize if my texts are confusing, same with my signature. I quit the last 5 mg escitalopram/cipralex 3 weeks ago. When I went down from 10 to 5 mg nothing got better so I started reading about tardive dysphoria which made me very eager to quit my medication completely. I also found out about 6 months ago that quitting 5 mg at a time is way too drastic for someone who has been using the medication for years, but I figured i'd just endure this last time. The problem is that I've now found out from reading on this site and on other pl
  15. Hey everyone, 46 year old single woman here with a history of anxiety and recently some intrusive thoughts & depression because of the anxiety/intrusive thougths. Have been on Remeron, Lexapro and Klonopin since 8/2015, my signature has the complete history and details. Anyway, I am currently trying to taper off 15mg of Remeron mainly due to weight gain and feeling better, but am having a pretty hard time. My psychiatrist originally told me to go down to 7.5 for 2 weeks, then 0 but I knew that would be too fast. I tried to drop by a quarter pill and was ok the first week just a li
  16. Question for the amazing managers here I would like to taper according to Dr. Peter Berggin's plan only!!! I suffer from severe side effects with Lexapro and can not make a very slow taper The recommendation you brought in Peter's forums here is to taper 10% every week in case I took a med for 1 year What does he say by chance that I took a 10-year medication? is there answer for that in his book? http://breggin.com/a-guide-for-prescribers-therapists-patients-and-their-families/ Thank you
  17. Hi All, Great to see such a community together here. I've been reading a bunch of posts but recently decided to start my own topic. im normally a pretty happy enthusiastic person, but suffered from what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown late last year after years of stress due to not dealing with certain things in my life. I Had been experiencing a lot weird symptoms for a while before the crash (new onset of social awkwardness, nightmares, racing thoughts, anger/rage), and in general was acutely aware that my brain was not functioning right. I had a lot of stress in my li
  18. Hi all, I have been struggling off and on over the last 14 years with what I thought was anxiety the whole time, but am now realizing it was more likely withdrawal from stopping antidepressants too quickly. The first SSRI I was put on was Paxil. I tapered off after 7 months because I never really liked the idea of being on an antidepressant. I started having anxiety a few months later and was switched to 50 mg of Zoloft. I tried multiple times over the next 13 or so years to stop Zoloft, but the anxiety always returned, so back on I would go. In the fall of 2015 I had a return of anxie
  19. I was on lexapro for 7 years at 10mg decided it was a good time to stop at the start of last year. I went down to 5mg for 3 months, no withdrawals, the the doctor said I could stop, I decided to go day on day off, then a few days between, I started to feel small amounts of anxiety return aswell as some tiredness. My doctor said to go back on 10mg, I did, then with in a few weeks I started getting worse, my heart would race I couldn't get out of bed, after 3 weeks the doctor raised it to 20mg i felt so posioned I didn't eat for 2 months straight, I was in bed couldn't even roll over, I
  20. Hello, I was hoping someone could give me some advice about some severe symptoms I've been experiencing since switching from Lexapro to Prozac and back again. Here is my story: Diagnosed with OCD and depression at 18. Prescribed 60 mg Prozac which I eventually manage to reduce to 30 mg. Continue taking this dose of Prozac for about 20 years. At the end of last year Prozac seems to have lost its effectiveness so I speak to my doctor about switching to Lexapro which I've heard has less side effects. As instructed by my doctor I reduce my Prozac dose to 20 mg for two weeks, wait 5 days withou
  21. Hi , After being on escitalopram 20mg for 2 years I have decided it is time to get off of it. I initially started taking it because events in my life had reawakened a trauma while I was in college in a high workload program. The doctor gave me a diagnosis of panic disorder that the counselor later suggested should be changed to PTSD. Anyway, at the time I really needed the meds and they put a halt to the daily panic attacks. Now, I have developed better coping mechanisms, my life is relatively stable. But I feel almost nothing except sadness. The meds have replaced anxiety with d
  22. I am very sensitive to SSRIs post pregnancy but was put on one for anxiety. Prior to,I was taking 20mg Lexapro with no side effects. Now, I am on 5 mg (took me two weeks at 2.5 mg to get up to this). I have been on for about 2 months. I haven't even been on a high enough dose long enough to feel full benefits...some glimmers of hope now and then but I have experienced some very dark clouds and worsening anxiety since starting and I have lost so much weight. My head feels like it is going to explode and I just want out. I have never felt this way on it before. However, every time I try to stop,
  23. Isabel


    I came to this in hindsight as I was niave about withdrawal. I tapered to 1 mg Lexapro and stopped. 5 days later noticed insomina, change in appetite, thoughts coming back so I started back on 2.5mg as I didn't realize i needed to start back on the last dose used. Added anxiety and no changes in symptoms 2 weeks later the dr told me to increase to 5 mg. This has been for 5 weeks and I notice no stabilization of symptoms, almost worse then before. I'm not sure if I'm stuck in withdrawal because I am sensitized to lexpro and the high dose is too much and will become toxic because it isn
  24. Am new to this site. Need to quit the meds, but scared at the same time as it almost wreaked my new relationship with a great man, as he said my mood swings were bad. Widowed 4 years ago and thought I was coping but it hit me last year. I wore a mask and never wanted to deal with it. Found love again and can't lose it!! Between the chemist giving me generic or a different box - causes havoc to me mentally, as headaches unbearable, tremors freaky, fatigue and sleeplessness draining. Just joined and there is alot to read and all I need is SUPPORT from people who understand!! Manager
  25. Hello. I am twenty years old and had been on antidepressants since I was ten. From then on through my teenage years, all I knew was I needed to take my medicine . Once I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, my pediatrician referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist then put me on respiradone and strattera. I don't remember if I had any behavior problems or not, but my neurologist told me I would have to be on medicine for the rest of my life. I stayed on those two meds until I got into high school. My first two years of high school, I couldn't stop crying. I cried day and night.
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