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  1. Hi all. Greetings from Brazil! I guess that SurvivingAntidepressants.org is becoming a shrine like place where people from all over the world meet searching for some words of wisdom and support. I'm a 53 years old male, divorced, no kids, university professor. I took AD's for about 13 years, stopped cold turkey (I know, it was a stupid move)in December 2011 and have been off all medication, including finasteride (stopped one year earlier) and simvastatin, since then. The good thing about having stopped taking these drugs is to have lost 20 pounds. The worst thing is the awful mornin
  2. Hi everyone It has been six months since I took my last dose of Lexapro. I have slowly been reducing the dosage since October 2012, after being on 10mg for six months. I would experience some irritability, nausea and a fair amount of dizziness with each drop. This would usually stabilize and I would wait a week or two before my next reduction. By mid 2014 I was on approximately 0.7mg and I considered the process to be going well. For some or other reason I was under the impression that a slow taper would dramatically minimize withdrawal after my last dose, and with the help of supplem
  3. Am new to this site. Need to quit the meds, but scared at the same time as it almost wreaked my new relationship with a great man, as he said my mood swings were bad. Widowed 4 years ago and thought I was coping but it hit me last year. I wore a mask and never wanted to deal with it. Found love again and can't lose it!! Between the chemist giving me generic or a different box - causes havoc to me mentally, as headaches unbearable, tremors freaky, fatigue and sleeplessness draining. Just joined and there is alot to read and all I need is SUPPORT from people who understand!! Manager
  4. I was on lexapro for 13 years. It has been an amazing drug for me. I have only been off it once 8 years ago and I had to go back on it straight away after my anxiety started again. The last 12 months have been horrific because lexapro proved no longer effective despite my dose being increased from 10 to 20mg. The doctor then added mirtazapine which only helped with my sleep. He has tried to take me off lexapro 5 times and swap me onto another drug but each time I have plummeted. Most recently he swapped me from 5mg lexapro to 10mg citalopram and 10mg burspirone. After two weeks I started to f
  5. Hello there. I'm going through a horrendous time trying to come off Lexapro and would like some advice, and this is my story - sorry if its a bit long. In April 2013 I took some recreational drugs and had a severe panic attack the following day. I was abroad so this made things even scarier. Thought I was dying, rang an ambulance and went to hospital. Ended up staying the night. In my heightened state of panic that night I convinced myself I was dying of cancer. Had several more panic attacks the following few days. Struggled with crippling anxiety and panic attacks for 2 months afterwards. Co
  6. This guy's name on another site is Aeroman. He worked his way through withdrawals from Lexapro and posted before and after pictures that really do tell the story. Very inspiring so I thought I'd share: ******/forums/showthread.php?t=55268 See ya, Steerpike **moderator note: dead link because site no longer exists
  7. On the 18th December, 2016, I took my last Lexapro and within days, I started feeling excessively tired and in January I got very sick with infections and have been really low. A week ago my Lyrica was reduced from 200mg to 100mg due to weight gain. My head is all over the shop at present, OMG.. so low. Having death visions of like me [details removed by moderator] How the hell do I get out of this?? Want to give it a go without the Lexapro (SSRI's) as I have been on them 10 years on and off for GAD and hear very bad reports about Lyrica for weight gain and brain fog...
  8. Moderator note - link to Fonz's benzo forum thread - Fonz: Protracted Withdrawal, anyone ? hi, I'm new to this forum but have put my time in on other forums. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with becoming sick before your SSRI dose? Within a couple hours of the dose it seems to clear up a lot. I'm also wondering if anyone has ever became sick from taking a dose ? Like you feel alright but after taking the SSRI you become sick. History: I have been on SSRI's for 10 years. 18 days ago I finished my 12 mo
  9. Hi folks, After many years on struggling with anxiety, I decided to try an ssri. My doc prescribed 10mg of Lexapro. It caused intense nausea, jaw clenching, and ringing/buzzing in my ears. On the fourth day, I just couldn't take it again. Now, 12 days after my last dose, I am still nauseated and I have an intense case of vertigo. My doctor says my nausea must be caused by something else because the lexapro should be out of my system by now. This of course has totally freaked me out. It's possible this bad case of vertigo was set off by the lexapro (inner ear problems are a common side
  10. Hello everyone. I wanted to jump on here and hopefully gain some perspective on my situation. I started Lexapro 10 mg in Oct. 2012 for situational depression. As that situation resolved, I questioned whether I still needed to be on it and began tapering in April 2014. I went down to 7.5 mg for about a month, then discovered I was pregnant. I really wanted to wean off Lexapro for the duration of the pregnancy. Sadly I miscarried at 10 weeks. I was still on 7.5 mg for a little while. Felt I processed the miscarriage as much as I could, then went down to 5 mg for awhile. I was doing okay
  11. Hello, here is my abreviated story.I have been taking 20mg of Lexapro since 01-09, going through bitter divorce. Last Jan. I was in a MVA and had shoulder surg. 03-16 and spinal fusion 01-03-17. During my treatment, I began to see changes in my health. IE elevated blood pressure, weight gain, and changes in my bloodwork. B.P. I could kinda explain :white coat syndrome, weight gain: changes in my physical activity blood work: ?. So, I wanted to clear my system and see where I was "at" emotionally and physically. My taper was really non existent after reading posts on this site. I dec
  12. Hi. I finally have built up the courage to try and stop taking antidepressants, under the guidance of my doctor. I have been on many antidepressants in the past for GAD and panic disorder. IHopping from one to another. For the last 8 years I have been on lexapro 10mg. As well as Klonopin ,5 at night. (I am not reducing the Klonopin yet). I am very scared to do this as I once tried when taking cymbalta and I turned into a mess and ended up on mitrazapam which was a zombie drug for me. Anyway, I am down to the 5mg of lexapro for three days now. Nothing too serious happening except headaches. I a
  13. Sorry if this is in wrong forum and sorry its long but heres the deal... Im a 32 year old male. I Stopped lexapro 5mg in may of 2016. Starting to suffer major anxiety again after 6 and a half months off it. Suffering Major insomnia, either complete insomnia, zero sleep or paradoxical insomnia also known as sleep state misperception. Starting to think my brain is re wired. Starting to have periods of detatchment, but I think thats related to lack of sleep. I never hallucinate which is weird, so i must sleep some but Im aware all night. I stopped lexapro in a short weening period by
  14. I am taking 20mg Lexapro at the moment for my anxiety over neurological symptoms. I had 28 days worth first to help me sleep. Then I finished it I didn't have it for one week and a half now I'm back on it. My leg twictches I don't know but is anyone here on lexapro or have been and been experiencing neurological side effects. Thanks
  15. I have been on Anti-Depressants for 10 years (age 15-25). I currently take 20mg Lexapro & 15mg Buspar daily. In the past, I succeeded in tapering from 30mg to 20mg Lexapro, but failed at tapering from 15mg to 10mg of Buspar. Most of my depression and anxiety stemmed from school and now that I have graduated college and lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I feel that it is safe to taper again. I am currently researching the best way to taper off these 2 medications and searching for a local doctor to assist me with this (in Charleston, SC). It seems that tapering off Lexapro is well
  16. Hey everyone, I was on Lexapro from February 2009 to December 2014, on varying doses. I tried a few times during that period to wean myself off, but with terrible results (panic got worse, horrible side-effects, etc.) In December 2013, I was at my GP for a throat infection, and he saw that I was still on Lexapro and recommended that I start to wean myself off it, by taking 10mg then 5mg then 10mg then 5mg on alternating days, instead of 10mg every day. And I was in a really good place in my life, mentally, at the time, so I decided to go for it! From January 2014 to December 2014,
  17. Hello all, Wow am I grateful to find this resource. Thank you all for being here. I abruptly ceased my lexapro (40mg) about three weeks ago. I know I should have tapered but I did not. I felt confident as I rode the first week of headaches out and things were okay. Week 2 was all about nausea, anxiety, dizziness and week three was similar but morning sickness vitamins helped eased my nausea. I have windows - sometimes they're almost a whole day, or half a day, and the more frequent they occur the more I start to believe I can push through this. I'm so grateful for these moments. The hard p
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new around here. From looking through the archives, it seems like a few of you have had the unfortunate experience of PGAD that began shortly after beginning SSRIs. I'm in the same boat. I begin Lexapro (escitalopram) 5mg in November, and after 4 days, I experienced a sudden onset of PGAD. I immediately stopped taking the Lexapro, and now (3 months later), the PGAD has definitely lessened, but it's not totally gone. It's manageable at this point, and I feel like it will probably continue to fade over time, but man it was really, really awful when it was at its worst. Diffi
  19. f00zzy

    f00zzy: intro

    Hi male - 40's - on lexapro for 7 years - initially 10mg then up'd to 15mg. also on losec ppi, high bp meds, statins for cholesterol lexapro made v. positve impact for anxiety and mild depression - however downside is blood pressure started to increase and bit by bit weight (that had been steady all my life) has increased despite trying many things diet/exercise - generally fit convinced lex is source of weight issue - like my metabolism is out of whack have tried tapering back to 10 - but found mood went very flat so went back to 15 want to get weight under ctrl so welcome
  20. Hi, Off Lexapro for two weeks and took my last Ativan (0.5mg) pill last night. Have muscle and joint pains- more on my right side than on my left. Also have cold tremors when waking up in the morning. Lots of crying and anxiety - any advice or sharing of stories with similar symptoms will be much appreciated. See below for full story. Does anyone have bad muscle knots, pain - primarily more on one side than the other? My Psychiatrist told me it couldn't be side-effects if it was more on one side. I am predominantly right-handed and have more pain there. I have been on Prozac off and on sinc
  21. OK I'm praying things are going to start improving and wanted to hear opinions of what maybe could be done to lessen the severity of what I'm going through now . I'll try to give a brief history of what has transpired over past year when this started . So I got bored and lonely one month when the main person I hanged with when I moved to a different state went away for school for 5 months , n began drinking every other day for bout a month then had my first ever panic attack . ( before this happened I was not a very anxious person , a little social anxiety and no depression that was reall
  22. Sami


    Hello, I am new on here. I have been off of 2 drugs, Lexapro and Venlafaxine. I tell you it's been a crappy January. Just to give you a brief history, I started weaning off of Lexapro last summer and was having bad withdrawal effects, severe dizziness, vomiting, etc. At the time I was on 5 mgs. I am seeing a nurse practitioner at a psychiatrists office, never saw the doctor. She had me on a roller coaster ride, going on and coming back off cold turkey and the intention October she took me off of Lexapro and put me on Venlafaxine 37.5 mg to get me off of Lexapro. We again tried the w
  23. Hello everyone, I am a 35 year old mom who works as a Computer Analyst. I have suffered with anxiety attacks and heart palpitations since my early 20's. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 28. Took a whole host of antibiotics and steroids to get through a really hard time. I eventually ended up on IV Remicade every 6 weeks to reduce the inflammation caused by Crohns. I made a 17 hour move to a new state Summer of 2015. Was very excited about the move, love my new job, have made a lot of really close friends, and life has been good to me in my new state. However, back where I used t
  24. Hi all! I've been using Cipralex (5 mg) for two weeks, but quit because of stomach pain/GERD. Because I had been using Cipralex for only two weeks I desided to quit "cold turkey". As ws to be expected I felt slightly bad for a couple of days, and then just fine. However, after about six weeks I started to have problems. More presisely I got hypersensitive to all psychactive stimulants such as coffe, chocolate, tea, ginseng etc. I have'nt tasted any stimulants including alchohol for the last couple of months, it is now about three to four months since I quit Cipralex, and symtoms are on
  25. I'm new here and have just begun to taper off 10mg of lexapro. I've been on it for a month. I'm decreasing by 10% per month and I am highly sensitive to drugs. My question is how to dose fractions like 7.29. Do I round up or down? Your help will be greatly appreciated. BTW, l'm on the third day of my first reduction. Pika
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