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  1. Hi, I weaned myself off of Lexapro 10 mgs. about three weeks ago. I was on it for 20+ years. My main symptom are stomach upset and terrible, overwhelming fatigue from the moment I wake up in the morning. The exhaustion is so bad I'm thinking of reinstating. Does anyone know if the fatigue eventually passes? I really appreciate any feedback!
  2. Hi Everyone. I would like to introduce myself. I am new to the forum, in fact new to any forum so please excuse me if this rambles! I have been finding this site a massive help and wondered if anyone could help, I would really appreciate any advice as to what to do next. I was diagnosed with GAD/Mild depression about 8 years ago, when I was suffering from severe anxiety. My Doctor prescribed 5mg Escitalopram initially but over about a two year period it was increased up to 20mg which I have been on for about the last 6 years solid. In the last year my anxiety seemed to bubble through a
  3. Moderator note: link to benzo forum thread - Wisco: Tapering off of Valium Hi everyone. I've been on a long journey with medication. I took various SSRI's from 2004-2012 (this was mainly during my adolescence) for OCD and GAD. I did not put much effort into therapy during this time and was told by multiple psychiatrists that I'd probably need to be on antidepressants for life. I tapered off 20mg of Lexapro back in 2012. It was a very quick taper and to the best of my memory my side effects were not terrible. Unfortunately I have neglected to treat my underly
  4. Hello all, I'm generally very private about my medical history and have never posted to a public forum before, and feel a little uncomfortable doing so, but I could really use some insight and reassurance BEFORE I see my health care provider tomorrow afternoon. Here is a brief background on my history: Bi Polar 1 and Bordereline Personality, Panic disorder, Past medical history: Paxil, Ativan, Lamictal, Ambilify, Probably something else I can't recall.. Current: Lithium, Trleptal, Xanax, Lexapro (Tappering), Wellbutrin I have tapered off Lexapro before only to shorty go back o
  5. Hi everyone, glad to have found this forum. I'm from the Netherlands and we don't have big, active forums in Dutch with so much information and help-topics. I've been reading a few of them last night and it was really comforting. At the moment I'm tapering from 15 mg of escitalopram. Now on 5 mg. The first SSRI I took was fluvoxamine (Luvox) and it worked wonders. Also had CBT and was introduced to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. I tapered after 1,5 / 2 years, but relapsed a few months later and started taking Luvox again. This time it didn't have any effect so after 9 weeks I went to
  6. Hi, I've been taking 10 mg of Lexapro for the last 12 years. I decided in October 2015 that I wanted to get off Lexapro. I read that you should taper off the drugs slowly so that's exactly what I did over a 6 month period. I was completely off in March 2016 and the first 2 weeks I was fine. Then the 3rd week I started to get heart palpitations, anxiety, extreme fatigue(body feels so heavy), terrible brain fog, dizziness, shaky, tingling and numbness in left foot and muscle pain that shifts to different areas of my body. At first I didn't think it was related to coming off Lexapro so I went to
  7. Hi everyone, my name is Kynan. I am suffering from an immediate adverse reaction to only two 10mg tablets of lexapro taken over a two day period. I felt a strong effect only 15 minutes after taking the first one. I could feel waves and waves of seratonin crashing through my brain. It came in cycles but some parts of the day, the feeling was so strong it was almost unbearable. As I was desperate, after years of suffering anxiety and I heard it took time for the brain to adapt, I decided to wait for the first pill to wear off and take another one the next night. That night I wasn't able
  8. Hello I've come across this site whilst trying to find some reassurance to help me get through this hell. I was put on AD when I was 14 (now 33) for adolescent anxiety and depression. I have been on one form of AD or another since. I've failed many times in the past timing off these drugs, not handling the symptoms and ending up going back on a full dose. I've lost count how many of those years I have been on Escitralopram but that is the drug I'm now withdrawing from. I used the liquid to taper off slowly over the last year. I got down to 1mg and just over two weeks ago was the last time I t
  9. Redhawk24

    Redhawk24: About me

    Hello all, I am a 19 year old male who has been taking Lexapro (10mg) for about 2 years. I should have found this website a long time ago. I had an amazing relationship for 7 months with a girl i have known for almost a year now. While i was taking lexapro, I noticed how it negatively affected my relationship. Decreased libido, not being able to make connections to others, and constant running away from my problems. One night, I left her at a party to talk to someone else because i was upset with her because of problems in bed. On my way out, i saw bouncers pepper spraying people to get ou
  10. Hello All, I'm new here and this is my first post. Since I can remember (as early as pre-k) I've suffered from anxiety. When I turned about 13, it started to develop into depression. From that age, I have been on and off drugs for my condition (Zoloft, Xanex). When I was 19, I was prescribed 20mg of Lexapro and have been taking it ever since. It's worked okay, up until recently I've had terrible suicidal thoughts. I went to a psychiatrist, who suggested I up my dosage to 30mg. I've tried this, and it has helped with suicidal thoughts, but I feel like I am barely there mentally. I hate feel
  11. I am a minor. I've made a lot of good progress in weekly psychotherapy and meds. I am on 10mg of Lexapro, and have been for roughly three months. However I think my psychiatrist will be more likely to diagnose me as a paranoid schizophrenic than take me off the lexapro if I ask for it. I don't take much and haven't been taking it long, but I don't want to take it, in fear of these horrible withdrawals and the fact I want to feel better without drugs. If I can't persuade my psych I may end up just slowly tapering on my own.... Thank you very much for having me.
  12. Dear anyone who can help. I've had some serious withdrawal effects and i'm wondering if you can lend me some of your wisdom, with my fading soul.To keep it short, i'm 14(15 on may 26) years old, i took 10 mg of prozac the first month, and 20 mg the second month, then i was prescribed lexapro. Once i had lexapro in my system for only 1 week, i knew something was extremely off with my mind and body. it was a strange constant, empty and achy inhuman feeling. my stupid doctor told me i became more depressed and bipolar so she tried prescribing more and more of these deadly pills. we knew something
  13. First of all, thanks for your wonderful site. I found a lot of info on here that really helps me. I am currently laying on my bed at my mums house and I don't know what to do. So i've started an account, maybe you guys can cheer me up. (I am crying while I am writing this) I am in a horrible state at the moment. I lost a lot of weight and muscle, I am feeling numb in my head and I am scared of everything. Scared of my own thoughts, my body, all pills and the future. It all started when in 2010 (I was 19 at the time) I was diagnosed with something, I don't even know what really, nobody to
  14. Hello everyone. I wanted to jump on here and hopefully gain some perspective on my situation. I started Lexapro 10 mg in Oct. 2012 for situational depression. As that situation resolved, I questioned whether I still needed to be on it and began tapering in April 2014. I went down to 7.5 mg for about a month, then discovered I was pregnant. I really wanted to wean off Lexapro for the duration of the pregnancy. Sadly I miscarried at 10 weeks. I was still on 7.5 mg for a little while. Felt I processed the miscarriage as much as I could, then went down to 5 mg for awhile. I was doing okay
  15. Hi there, I was started on Remeron in July 2015 for sleeping difficulties due to worsening depression due to an abusive relationship. I attempted to cold turkey the Remeron in Nov 2015 and was up for 7 days. I was also experienced flu-like symptoms, severe anxiety and intense fear. I had to restart the Remeron per my MD suggestion. I was doing ok for a couple months but still battling with depression. By Feb 2016 I had sought out an intensive outpatient program for treatment. I was told it was ok to tape my Remeron AND Lexapro (I have been on an SSRI for 20 yrs, Prozac first, t
  16. Hi there, I am approaching my one year mark on generic Lexapro following a three month period of severe insomnia (I've been prone to intermittent, but severe, episodes of insomnia my whole adult life, since I was 18). The drug has greatly helped my sleep (and anxiety around sleep), but I don't believe it is a permanent solution and I feel ready to get off it. I started last June on 10 mg and 3 mos. ago (under dr's supervision) dropped to a "maintenance dose" of 5 mg. I sketched out a taper plan which I was looking for feedback on. I will run it by my doc of course, but I believe he will th
  17. Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so I hope I am doing it correctly! I was prescribed Lexapro during a very stressful time after losing a job in my late 50's. After the first week on Lexapro, I told the therapist I didn't think I could use this drug as I had insomnia from the very start. She suggested that I take it in the am, and use Xanax as needed for sleep. This gave me satisfaction........for a couple of years. But then, I developed GI issues and lost between 30 and 40 lbs. After I was diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis, I discovered that this issue can be associated with AD us
  18. Hi Everyone -- I guess I am coming at this backwards! I didn't really know about this community until I was done with my tapering, but it was the advice I found here when searching on how to detox from Lexapro that finally allowed me to successfully taper off. Last night I received a message from someone on this forum and it got me to thinking that my experience could be helpful to others. So I wanted to share how I was able to become totally free of anti-depressants. I have had some low level depression for much of my life and always resisted any suggestion that I try an SSRI.
  19. Hello, I am a new member. I am currently tapering off Escitalopram, a generic Lexapro. I have been tapering since January of this year, 10 mg and now at 4.5 mg. I tapered quite fast at the start and now am reducing .5 mg every 3-4 weeks as I am not having too bad of symptoms. I should also mention I came off Lorazepam so don't know if the withdrawals I am having are from the Lorazepam or the Lexapro. I have heard as tapering gets lower on the Lexapro, symptoms may get stronger. Has anyone experienced this? I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who has or is going through Lexa
  20. cheery

    Cheery Here

    Hello! I am SO grateful to have found this site. What a wonderful place and great form of support! I had never taken antidepressants but was prescribed escitalopram after a tragedy I experienced. I started last August and had terrible side effects. So lethargic, jaw clenching, hair loss, tooth pain, swallowing issues to name a few. I believe now I tapered far too quickly. On the advice of a friend I simply cut the pills in half during a two week period and was done. I had some brain zaps and dizziness for the first few weeks and then felt fine. After about two months I started exp
  21. I have been depressed most of my life and most of my childhood is completely blank. I can't remember it at all. Often times, I have wondered if depression ran in my family and I have a suspicion that it does. My sister suffers from it, I can just tell my mom does (though she would not admit to it), and I know my dad did (before he passed away in 07). I am a Christian and have been most of my life. But a large number of people within the Christian community, and my family, feel like Antidepressants and any type of mental illness means you aren't praying hard enough, your life isn't right w
  22. Hello, I have been lurking for a few days on the forum. There is some incredibly useful information here, so thank you to all who have taken the time to share your experience and wisdom. I have been on Cipralex (Lexapro) and Wellbutrin for a few years, and now want to at least reduce them because of increased migraines. I have spoken to my family doctor about this and she does not agree, but did agree to refer me to a neurologist and to a psychiatrist. However, the wait times for appointments are long. I have had to go on medical leave because I am getting 2-4 migraines a week, so I ha
  23. I was on lexapro 50 for over 4 years. it wasn't working that well for me so my psychiatrist decided it would be best to try a different medication,so she put me on prozac 10 then upped me to 40. I tapered off of lexapro for 2 weeks and everything went fine, I started prozac at the same time. I was on prozac for 2 months until I felt it was only making me worse. so I tapered off of it for 2 weeks. it has been about 4 weeks now and since I went off of it completely I have been agitated, random crying fits,tired,no motivation and having memory and speaking issues. could this be a withdrawal issue
  24. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. My oh my, where to start. I guess from the beginning. I'm a 24 year old male. A year and a half ago, while still in college, I would smoke weed almost everyday. I had only started smoking about a year before that, so I would consider my experience with it slightly amateurish. I'm a normal kid, but I'm definitely shy, more than the average, introverted I guess. I'm also very sensitive. I don't like to be shy, I just care too much about what others think. I think this is why I turned to weed. It gave me happiness I guess you can say. I neve
  25. Hi everyone, I am 31 years old and have been on an SSRI for 20 years, since I was 11! I was originally prescribed it to help combat anxiety that I now assume occurred with my hormones changing (getting my period). I only visited a psychiatrist one time before being prescribed Zoloft. I was on 200mg of Zoloft for about 18 years when it stopped working. About 18 months ago I was put on 20mg of Lexapro to manage my anxiety but I no longer feel like 'myself'. I have some symptoms that just aren't resolving themselves through diet and attitude changes. I'm not sure where to start but I feel like a
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