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Found 187 results

  1. I have been taking Mirtazapine on & off for two years and have now become completely tolerant & feel no benefit apart from it knocking me out at night. I have recently been prescribed pregabalin to deal with the anxiety I seem to be suffering as a side effect of mirtazapine. The pregabalin seemed to help at first but the benefits have very quickly worn off. I have really reached the end of my tether with the devastating effect medication has had on my life. I don't think i should have been prescribed an antidepressant in the first place & there isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret taking one. I know I can't change what's happened but I can try to withdraw I try to get my life back.
  2. Intolerant59

    Intolerant59 Mirtazapine

    Hoping someone can help I have recently been prescribed Mirtazapine which I believe has increased my anxiety, I tremble inside through my whole body. I have been on many many different AD's all with terrible side effects. I'm too scared to taper off slowly as the anxiety is out of control and my dr told me to take Valium to counteract the anxiety. Very stressed and anxious would love to hear from someone who has experienced this anxiety side effect from Mirtazapine
  3. Starting withdrawal of Remeron from 30mg after taking for 9 months. Remaining on Effexor XR 300mg, Wellbutrin 300mg, and others. Have felt like parts of my head, face, and neck have seized up (like muscular stiffness) off and on over last few months. For the longest while thought it was psychosomatic. Then noticed I hadn't felt these sensations prior to Remeron, and that there were not thoughts or emotion associated with the tension spells. Subsequently, I have begun to suspect Remeron as possible culprit. Intend to withdraw slowly and keep a journal. Also intend to work with psychiatrist as a team throughout withdrawal. May note that I am nearing end of 36-session TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). My mood seems much better than it was during the psychiatric hospitalizations I had ~1 year ago, which precipitated the medication cocktail I am on today. At present, biggest problem is muscular rigidity from shoulders up that I am unable to relax. Psychiatrist has given me a muscle relaxant (methocarbamol 500mg as needed) which seems to help, but only a little. Will try to stay active on this post during my taper process so others may benefit from my experiences. No real questions at moment, but I did recently encounter an individual in Emotions Anonymous who said after being bipolar for 40 years and having 10 hospitalizations he has gone off all his med's. Said he did it by following a neuroplasticity program prescribed by Caroline Leaf (it probably took many years). If anyone has followed her guidance, please share. I am considering buying her books and giving it a try.
  4. Hi everyone! I started on 15mg of mirtazapine about 1year 3months ago for depression and acute anxiety (used to get up many times in the night with a racing heart). Dosage was increased to 30mg 3 months later and then reduced to 15mg a further 3 months down the road. My psych doc finally agreed for me to stop the mirtazapine in late October as I had already tried experimenting with intermittent drop of dosages to 7.5mg before I had the go ahead from my doc. She mentioned that I could go for a week on 7.5mg and then stop taking it altogether. I did as mentioned but a few days after stopping, had a mad rush of anxiety and insomnia. I went back to 7.5mg for 2 days and then dropped the dose down to 3.75mg for a further 3 days before stopping again. While the anxiety came back again, it wasn't as intense. Over the next day or 2, the anxiety subsided and everything was fine. I felt great and began swimming and jogging and lost quite a bit of weight. Then, 2 weeks later, it all went south. I started having sharp shooting, burning pains in my inner thighs and calves and numbness in both my big toes. Went to the Doctors and no one could diagnose what is causing it, with one doctor guessing it might be nerve related (which is hard to accept as it started so suddenly with no trauma) and tried putting me on Lyrica, which I refused. It's been about 3 weeks since I stopped Mirtazapine. My anxiety and insomnia are elevated. The constant burning pain in my thighs and calves however, have subsided to intermittent electric shocks that come on randomly. I still have intermittent numbness in my big left toe. The sensation in my big right toe has returned to normal. I had slight light sensitivity and ache in my left eye. I am also waking up with what can only be described as hot flashes in the middle of the night when I do get to sleep. I feel like I am burning up but then the it subsides almost immediately and I perspire like mad after. I am also experiencing restless legs just when I am about to doze off. And despite the insomnia, I feel quite active in the day and am unable to take any naps. I do not have any depressive or suicidal thoughts like I did pre-mirtazapine though. So I don't think it's depression returning. Are these withdrawal symptoms of Mirtazapine My doc seems to think it's all just my anxiety returning,which I am not buying.
  5. Had a bought of BAD BAD BAD anxiety at age 23 (I'm now 30). Didnt know what was wrong with me. Couldnt sleep, eat, or sit still for 6 days. I thought I was sick. Went to the Dr.. Said what I was experiencing was anxiety. He gave me Ativan and Lexapro. That was 6 years ago. I ditched the Lexapro and only took Ativan. But I took it sparingly, b/c I did not like the thought of withdrawal or addiction. My Dr. told me that I can not get addicted. Long story short over a 4 year period I had SO many UPS and DOWNS, strange symptoms that got weirder and weirder as the years went on. Numerous Dr visits. All crazy symptoms were ALWAYS written off as anxiety. The remedy? Take more ativan. Over a 4 years span I went from taking 0.25mg (and that knocked me out) to taking 2mg. Still not daily, but I realized I was building tolerance. I did research after getting REALLY sick, and found out I was going through benzo tolerance withdrawal. Probably have been for 4 years. My Dr. didnt believe me, so I saw a psychiatrist who believed me and helped me ween off. He gave me Remeron to help ween off. It worked wonders. I then got excited about Remeron b/c I didnt think it was that potent. I was told it was more of a antihistimine at lower doses. It helped me sleep, and most of all helped with appetite. After weening off ativan, and swearing to NEVER touch a benzo again, I then weened off Remeron. It was not that difficult. Months went by and I seemed to have gotten my life back. It was amazing. But then I started having issues with sleep. So I thought 'd start up a small dose of Remeron again, thinking it was nothing. Fearing another withdrawal though, I only took Remeron for a month, then weened off. I did this kind of sporadic use for the past 2 years. Example: On Remeron 7.5mg or 3.75mg for 1 month, then OFF for 2 months or 3, then Back ON Remeron for 1-2 months, then OFF for 2 months. This spring/summer of 2013, I was still having issues with sleep, but also having issues with high stress with the sell of our home and purchase of our new home. I was SO stressed, I couldnt handle it. SO I broke down and started taking Remeron again 7.5mg then to 3.75mg. Except this time, I could not ween off. I was on it for 1.5 months, and when I weened off, I kept getting these adrenaline surges in my sleep for 3 nights straight, followed by a heart rate of 114bpm. I then reinstated the drug at 3.75mg and did a SLOWER ween. This made a total of 3 months of being on Remeron this time. That's the LONGEST I've ever been on it in one stretch. Basically I weened down til I got down to taking crumbs. The first few days were okay once I was off. Then the Adrenaline surges started again, mostly at night in my sleep. I could NOT sleep for 6 nights. I was pacing the floors, my heart rate was SOOOO high. 120bpm. I would be shaking and sweating. It was HELL. I finally broke down and HAD to go to the Dr.. I could not function at work. It was awful. The Dr. told me it was not Remeron withdrawal and that I needed something. He said it was the return of my anxiety. I did not believe him. This was TOO intense. I then called the psychiatrist who I had not seen in 2 years who helped me get off ativan. I was hopeful he would help me and believe me that it was withdrawal. My Dr. gave me a small script of xanax. I swore I'D NEVER take a benzo again, but I was feeling SOOOO ROUGH I took a few rescue doses, but THAT WAS IT. NEVER AGAIN. I then finally got into my psychiatrist, and was very disappointed. He told me I needed medication the rest of my life. He told me this in a 30 minute session. I was feeling SOOO POORLY, that I started to second guess myself. He prescribed me Serequel 50mg. I told him I'd take it. I took it 1 night, and 1 night ONLY. It was what I call THE DEVILS DRUG. It made me hallucinate in my sleep. Like REALLY bad sleep paralysis. I called his office the next morning and told them I WAS NOT TAKING IT, NOR was I taking ANY MORE PSYCH MEDS. I told them I believe this is Remeron withdrawal. These adrenaline shocks ARE NOT ME. I prayed to God, waited it out, and sure enough I slowly started feeling BETTER. Day by day. Now Im 32 days clean off Remeron, and Ive had my ups and downs. I cant really complain compared to 3 weeks ago. But Im glad I stuck it out. Symptoms Im having: sleep is better, but some nights are choppy with early morning awakening. Mind chatter some nights in my sleep if awaken early in the morning or awakening in the middle of the night. Like I hear my own subconscious voice in my head chattering away. Im NOT hearing voices, its just my over active subconscious mind. Im also losing appetite again, even though it came back a week or 2 ago pretty good. Ive also been having the urge to cry here and there. I feel some sort of weird "disconnection" feeling, not quite depersonalization, but kind of?? Im gassy. I feel depressed kind of? Cant feel like I can really relax. Just overall crappy. But yet, OKAY. I also struggle mostly with the fact of "Is this withdrawal still 4 weeks out? Is this just me? Can I do this without medication?" It's just tough. But I'm hanging in there.
  6. Hi All, I've been following the forum for months now, but finally decided to post, as my recovery isn't coming along as anticipated. I was introduced to psychiatric drugs this year, after a bout of insomnia and some anxiety surrounding it. After reading in Consumer Reports how people generally did best with drugs and therapy, I decided to give it a shot. My doctor prescribed 5 mg Lexapro, which I took for four weeks. It was miserable. I'd never felt depression before, but the drug introduced it to me. After three weeks the anxiety was controlled, but I was still wired all the time and sleep was suffering. So my doctor had me cut the dose of Lexapro in half for three days then stop, and put me on mirtazapine 15 mg, to help with sleep. After a couple weeks, I felt okay except, of course, sleep. I was always wired, and could stay up for two nights and still not feel sleepy. Mid-April, I went to 7.5 mg for four days (doctor's instructions), then stopped mirtazapine. It was rough for a few weeks, but at about 6 weeks out, I was mostly okay, and approaching 6 hours sleep per night. Then a life stressor came my way, and I wasn't falling asleep again. I took a Xanax once, and decided the rebound anxiety the next day wasn't worth it. Other than that, I'd had a beer once, melatonin for sleep, and occasionally magnesium. No caffeine or any other drugs. I had a rocky week or so, then a couple sleepless nights. At 3 am one night I got desperate, and tried 0.25 mg of Xanax (only the second time I'd tried it). I got 3-4 hours sleep but then I was wired with anxiety. The next night, I took the full 0.5 mg Xanax. Same thing. The following night, I got crazy and tried drinking a beer. Same thing - totally wired after a few hours. Then I decided I'd try naproxen (Alleve) to help with the muscle tightness in my legs, which was keeping me up. I did that for two days before learning that NSAIDs affect GABA as well. That stopped one week ago today, and I've taken nothing since, not even melatonin. I'm still super anxious most of the day, not triggered by anything in particular. I wake up and it's there. The last couple nights I woke up at least 5 times during the night, and usually managed to fall back asleep while experiencing varying degrees of anxiety. It feels like my nervous system is incredibly sensitive to the slightest bit of stimulation. For example, filling out a registration form for my son last night was an gut-wrenching ordeal. Everything feels so difficult! We're at 10 weeks out now, and all other withdrawal symptoms are gone. It's just this intense anxiety! It's like the Xanax messed with GABA and restarted the whole process. Has anyone had this sort of experience? I was on a low dose for a short time, and never anticipated this sort of ordeal - the biggest challenge in my life by far. Before I started antidepressants, I had occasional anxiety, but always related to a particular stressor. Not this "always on" sort of thing I have now. I'm guessing I'm too far out to reinstate, and don't really want to, since I didn't do well on mirtazapine anyway. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello to all. My name is Traveller, and I am a mirtazapine addict. Was prescribed mirt after I reacted badly to Lexapro. Started at 7.5 mg for a week, then up to 15 mg. Worked great for sleep and depression, but left me feeling a bit numb. After complaining of the day-after sedating effects, I was bumped up to 30 mg after several weeks. Big mistake. At that point, my anxiety increased, and sleep became erratic. After several more weeks, I dropped back to 15 mg. Felt fine for a few days, then on the fourth day withdrawal kicked in with a vengeance. I've since gone back up to 30 mg, but my sleep has disappeared, and my anxiety is still high. I tried going back down to 26.75 mg shortly thereafter, but again, withdrawal kicked in after four days. Chest pain, difficulty concentrating, tinnitus, anxiety worse than I've ever had in my life. I'm trying to stabilize at 30 mg again before I taper, but I still can't sleep. If I take an Ambien, I'm lucky to get 2 hours at this point. I have a demanding job and a family to support. Fortunately (for them) they've been out of town while I struggle with sleep and anxiety, but they're schedule to return this weekend. Moreover, my performance at work has been noticeably inadequate. How the heck will I ever get off mirt if I can't even get to 26 mg? My psychiatrist believes mirt has no withdrawal, so he's no help. Seeing a new doctor this afternoon, but I suspect he'll just tell me the same. Will I lose my career, my family, and possibly my life to this stupid little pill?
  8. 8 years ago, I had a panic attack and an episode of depression. I was not suicidal or anything. I tried SSRIs in the past and never liked them and smartly threw them away after about 2 weeks. And indeed, I always got better anyway. But for some reason, I was convinced that Mirtazapine was better and newer. That I should take this one. I was sceptical. I wish I resisted. In Canada, they start you right at 30mg. Seems that is the smallest pill. I took it and it freaked me out. So I just chipped off the end and started with that. Since they don't make Mirtazipine small, I did my best. I was probably taking 3mg to 7.5 mg for about 4 years. The sad thing is that about 4 years ago, when I was travelling, I was tapering off the Mirtazapine out of necessity because I was running out. I fell asleep with no drug one night but woke up feeling both rested but in a panic. I never felt this before in my life. I was scared and ran to a local clinic. I got another refill and took it that night. It felt like a wave of calm and release. It was then I knew I was hooked. I didn't know at that time what to do. And with my busy schedule, I just continued on 7.5 mg. I should have researched and continued my withdrawal with that low dose. I was sleeping well without it. I was so damn close. But I didn't. Then I moved to BC, Canada 3 year ago. I was having trouble sleeping so I went to a 15mg from 7.5mg, then 30, 45, then 60. I realized it did not help with sleep anymore. 8 years ago, I would fall asleep with no effort at all. I almost always got 7 hours each night of uninterrupted sleep. And when I was on 7.5 mg of Mirtazapine up to 3 year ago, I was also sleeping ok. In fact, no sleepless nights. But 3 years ago, it started and it took my confidence away completely. So I went to the doc and he gave me zolpidem 10mg and a months supply (he was a real pill pusher). So I took it and got hooked. The positive thing is that I reduced my Mirtazapine back down to almost nothing. However, I noticed I had withdrawals sometime so I took a 15mg from time to time. But now, I was hooked on this sleeping pill zolpidem. I never took sleeping pills in my life. After 8 months of daily usage, I got off them. But one thing that helped me was to take a 15 mg Mirtazapine. So now I'm back on that poison again. Then, I couldn't sleep until I took a 30mg, then 45. So now I am on this site as a new member because I am now entering my withdrawal hell. I went down to 26 mg last night. I had a hard time getting to sleep and I only slept 5 hours when I did. I am scared I have screwed up my sleep. That is the worst fear I have. I have lost confidence in sleep without Mirtazapine. I know I will have other issues like depression, anxiety, mania,. That is very bad. But if I don't sleep well, then all those will get worse. I am tempted to get another type of sleeping pill and alternate the use. But ultimately, I want to sleep without a pill period. I want off Mirtazapine and I want my life back. How can I get my sleep back. What have I done to my neuroreceptors? I need sleep to function. I might have to quit my job. I have to support a family. Is there any way to help my brain heal these damaged neuro receptors that have been downregulated? Will there be some permanent damage? I appreciated the info on HI. I didn't know about that so I will try that diet. I looked at wikipedia at the list of binding sites in the brain for Mirtazapine. Which binding site should I be the most concerned about and how can I heal my damaged brain stem? Cheers, J
  9. Hallo all I was only on Mirtazapine for a few weeks after being given it in hospital for sleep after surgery. Did not know about the addictive properties I am very sensitive and never normally take medications. Thanks to this site I was able to taper with a liquid compound over 5 months, finishing 4 months ago, with no withdrawal at all. Great! However, I had rebound insomnia, waking all through the night for some time. I always slept well. Now, I go to sleep immediately, and wake up at either 3.30 or 4 if I am lucky, every night. Can anyone tell me if this is a normal effect after tapering, and how long it might go on? I have tried ALL the usual natural remedies to no avail. Health and diet is good otherwise. I do not do caffeine or alcohol. Will I ever be able to sleep longer like I used to? Thanks
  10. Greetings to each of you! Diagnosed with PTSD at the VA in 1987 (26 months with the Marines in Vietnam). Was immediately put on Xanax. Later switched to Valium. So 28 years with a benzodiazepine, at times as high as 60mg/day Valium. Past two years at 20mg/day. I’d reduced that over the past year down to 2.5mg/day, and then four days early this month without. About that time I noticed not caring much about things. Confusion, heat-sensitivity and a myriad of other unusual physical and mental states. “What is this?” I thought. I leapt at the latest medication prescribed: mirtazapine. Did a search and found it’s incredibly hard and awful to withdraw from. I was prescribed Mirtazapine in January this year (2015). My prescription is 15mg with 30mg tabs I have to cut in half. Now I’m cutting the 30mg tabs in half, and then in quarters. And I just got a new prescription of 7.5mg tabs, telling the doc I need to wean from it. I cut 7.5mg tabs in half. Using a razor blade I cut the half 7.5mgs in quarters, which leaves a tiny chunk and some powder. Last night I took a quarter 15mg=7.5mg plus a half 7.5mg=3.75mg plus the chunk and powder of the quarter 7.5mg=1.875. This equals approximately 13.375mg. I got two hours bad sleep, and felt pretty sick for a few hours after I got up. It’s not bad now. But going from 15mg to 13.375mg must be too fast for me. To compound matters I’m truly math illiterate. It took me a day with a calculator to come up with 13.375mg. And now I see that I should start at 13.5mg. But how, with what I’ve got, to get that? Doing some research here on this forum I find this formula: 15 mg starting dosage => 13.5mg => 12.2mg => 11.0mg => 9.9mg => 9.0mg => 8.1mg => 7.3mg => 6.5mg => 5.9mg => 5.4mg => 4.9mg => 4.4mg => 4.0mg => 3.6mg Very good. But still, how in the world to get these doses with what I have?! It looks like I’m going to need a scale. And perhaps some little capsules to put the powder in? Until I can figure out how to get the first one (13.5mg), I’m not going to start again. But I want to start as soon as possible. If I’m not confusing things, please, if someone knows how to get me started on this let me know. Oh, as for Gabapentin, I will not be weaning from that. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010. The VA removed the upper lobe of the left lung. They gave me another total disability for lung cancer “due to exposure to Agent Orange”. I’ve been cancer free ever since. But the pain has never resolved. For 15 months I was given 30mg long acting morphine and 15mg breakthrough morphine. Over that time I’d never taken the full doses. So, when the VA suddenly cancelled it with no refills, I had enough to wean myself from morphine. The VA today will not prescribe anything stronger than Gabapentin. So I’ll stay on that forever. The dose is 300mg, two capsules four times a day (2400mg/day). And I did take that much for the first year, reducing it over the past year to 300mg four times a day (1200mg/day). I didn’t suffer at all in withdrawing, or reducing from morphine or Valium or Gabapentin. But mirtazapine looks to be a horrific thing. I fear I say too much. In short I’m here to discover how to withdraw from 15mg Mirtazapine. I’m pretty sure most of my questions are answered somewhere in this forum. For that, I thank you very much.
  11. Hello all, I found this forum and am very glad. I want to share my experience and welcome any advice and support because it is what I do not have much. Two months ago I had a kidney infection, alergic reaction to ATB and I simply could not sleep anymore. Besides, I would like to point out that I do not have any history of depression, anxieties, simply nothing of the kind. I contacted a help center and they told me I was having panic attacks maybe started by the illness and the lack of sleep. Ok, I was put on Trazodone as a sleeping pill. I did not know it was an antidepressant, I did not know at the time what an antidepressant was. When I was put on 100 mg I started to experience extremely strange things, I started to fear I will cutt myself or I will jump from the window. I was scared to death, I immediately contacted the doc (at that time I had not my psychiatrist, it was still the help center), he just told me it is the elevated anxiety in my head. I told the psychologist at least 5 times, the same reply. I had the strange feeling that something is going on inside my head and that it is not my feelings. But as they kept saying it, I gradually started to believe the docs. After 2 weeks on 200 mg, everything worsened and worsened, I had stragest thoughts about death, my death, it was so horrible. It was like the rests of my outgoing personality fight with the drug, really. I told a new psychologist, she was really scared, called the doctor, he told me to get off Trazodone (but privately told the psychologist it cannot be Trazodone). He told me to go from 200 mg immediately to 100. Which I did four days ago and I feel the most horrible sensations in my life. I asked him whether there could be problems, he said nope, it is safe. During the weekend, I googled and find so many useful info, Dr. Glenmullen´s, for instance...so many terrible stories about SSRI, about what I feel. I now know the problem is the drug not me! But I am still scared to death because I feel so vulnerable with all these thougts. I do not know how long it will take them to vanish...I would use any of my money left to be able to enter some private psychiatry ward for monitoring since I do not feel safe, but there are non in my country and all psychiatrists seem to disregard the side effects, I read blogs from our most prominent psychiatrist that all this is rubbish. So here I am, desperat mum of three young children whom I love so much which aggravates my fear.
  12. It was suggested I do this by a moderator (I believe), so here I am introducing myself. For the past ~2 months, I've been in a roller-coaster ride of a relationship with a girl that I love very much. During this period my anxiety has skyrocketed, and some mild/moderate depression has resurfaced as well. I have tried Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft in the past, but never for more than 2-3 weeks max. With those 3 SSRI's, I had total anorgasma. I had been AD-free for 10+ years. I did online research about AD's that didn't cause sexual side-effects (being in this new relationship, I didn't want to deal with that, if possible). I started taking Mirtazapine as that seemed to be the best option for my desires. Anyway, I've only been on Mirtazpine for 19 days total. I took half a 30mg tablet for the first 6 nights, then took the whole 30mg tablet for 13 nights in a row. I decided I wanted to stop. I've stopped cold turkey now, and it's been about 48 hours since my last dose. So far I haven't noticed anything odd. I cried earlier a bit, but I think that's situational stuff due to this relationship (it may be at its end). I'll update this if my cold turkey technique fails me. Edit: Oh, I just wanted to add that Holy Basil seems to be excellent for anxiety. I can't say for sure it's a placebo effect, but the first night I took it, I had the most relaxing, wonderful night with my girlfriend that I had in memory. I've used it since and I feel like I've been able to control my racing thoughts sooooo much better than I had before. Could be the remaining Mirtazpine in my body, but I suppose it's worth a try for others that have experienced intense anxiety.
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