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Found 219 results

  1. Hello Survivors, I am wondering if you could help me shed some light on my symptoms. I would really appreciate any thoughts on my condition as the doctors have not been able to figure it out. I have had a spinal tap ruling out M.S. and 2 mri's of the head and neck, standard blood tests are normal. 9 months ago I had a series of stroke like episodes, intense fatigue and dizziness/vertigo and I ended up in emergency at least half a dozen times. It developed in to persistent dizziness and disequilibrium now going on strong for 9 months. A few months before this happened I was tapering off 15-30 mg of remeron and I also was taking ativan occassionally, perhaps 3-4 times per month on average. I have had severe chronic insomnia all of my adult life (I am 44 years old) and I found that 15mg of remeron was no longer helping me sleep like it did in the past so I stopped taking it or took it intermitently. I figure I ended up sleeping on average 4 hours per night, many times not sleeping at all for days even. But when I had the ativan I was able to get a descent night sleep, which was about once per week. Then the doctor decided not to take away the ativan and I was not getting that one good night per week anymore which I think was keeping me afloat. Most of my adult life I have had chronic insomnia so I am not sure if these new neurological symptoms are related. I started noticing that things did not look or seem right, or there was some spatial distortion and I had a general feeling of malaise leading up the weeks before I would experience the more intense dizziness/fatigue/stroke-like episodes. I also started experiencing tingling in my legs and feet, electric shock like sensations in my head (mostly at night), severe hypoglycemia, muscle contractions, tachycardia, swinging blood pressure (now it's mostly low), intense fatigue and weakness that sometimes felt difficult to breathe, feelings of travelling pressure in my head that sometimes would travel downwards in my body, a pressure in my torso like it was being crushed, heaviness in my legs, feeling like I am on an elevator or a boat, and other sensory distortions like having difficulty locating my feet in space. What made me concerned that it was MS was that my left foot felt like it had less feeling than the right at times I would wake up unable to move it for a few minutes - (it did not have the feeling of loss of blood sensation) but the foot feelings have passed. My doctor prescribed trazadone to help with sleep which has helped initially but I'm up to 150mg and often it doesn't work. When I add remeron it helps a little, but sometimes they both don't work for sleep. So I dont' take them consistently and at there has been days I haven't taken them at all because it seems the drugs don't really work anyway. 9 months later, mostly I am dizzy, like my brain can't catch up with my body movements or my balance and there is a light spinning sensation in my head, but sometimes my balance really gets bad. I have been offered Effexor, but in the past it made me more of an insomniac and I really would rather get off the anti-depressants as I feel like they might be the problem... Even though I feel like I am living in a nightmare I would rather ride out this neurological melt-down and try to heal naturally. Do my symptoms sound like it could anti-depressant withdrawal symptoms at all? And if so, is it possible to have permanent damage? I am concerned as this has no sign of letting up after 9 months. I am still as dizzy as ever. I have been taking remeron for about 7 years. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been visiting this forum for quite a while now and It’s been such a great help to me. So it’s probably about time to say hello to you all . Here's the past few years of my story (sorry if it’s a little long). In 2014 my GP prescribed me 25mg of Sertraline for anxiety. The effect of this drug was pretty horrifying, within 12 hours of taking the first tablet I woke up from my sleep in absolute terror. I had partially lost my vision, was violently shaking, had a severe headache and kept being violently sick. A few hours later I developed light sensitivity and a purple skin rash. My GP told me not to take anymore of the tablets. The light sensitivity never went away, I also started suffering from dizziness, body temperature problems and panic attacks for no reason (never had this before). My GP told me that all of this was my anxiety getting worse and that I needed to try another antidepressant. I was extremely worried about this, but my GP reassured me that I wouldn't experience any side-effects and I just needed to find the right antidepressant. I was prescribed 15mg of Mirtazapine. There weren’t any immediate adverse effects so I thought the drug might eventually help. But within a few months I started feeling very strange. My GP decided to increase the dose to 30mg to see if it would help. The side-effects became much worse and I now think that I was probably developing Akathisia along with GI issues and many other physical problems like having problems walking. I felt emotionally numb and developed suicidal feelings like I’d never experienced before. It was absolutely torturous but my GP told me I should stay on the Mirtazapine. They said it was anxiety making me feel so awful and that they could give me either Seroquel or Pregabalin to help. I was too terrified to take either of them and decided to taper off the mirtazapine by myself​ (so glad now that I made this choice). I tapered off over 4 months, I now know this was much too fast, I didn't think to go any slower because I was so ill whilst on the medication and was told in the past it was okay to taper off over a few weeks. Things got much worse 5 days after my last tablet. I got severe insomnia, heart palpitations, Tremors and numerous other symptoms that I had never had before. At the time I didn't know anything about withdrawal and had no idea what was happening. I was hospitalised during the first few weeks and given Diazepam to try and help. It didn't do much so I only took it to try and stop the racing thoughts. 16 months later and things are better but I’m still struggling with many symptoms. Things come and go and vary in intensity, thankfully this is so much better than a year ago when the symptoms were pretty much constant. Sometimes It’s still hard to believe that this could all be caused by the antidepressants. Especially after the Doctors told me that I would have no side-effects. The thing that makes me so sure that it must be drug induced is because I have never had any of these things before I took the drugs (apart from anxiety) In the past few weeks I’ve been suffering a lot with nerve pain and numbness (mainly in the hands and feet). And haven't been able to find out much about whether these symptoms could be related to the WD and was wondering if others had experienced them too. Is it possible that they could be related to the Mirtazapine or the withdrawal ? I’m so scared that it could be something seriously wrong. Thank you so much for listening and for this great site !
  3. Hi everyone, I started taking 25mg Sertraline roughly four weeks ago and pretty soon decided it wasn't the right thing. I took 25mg for a week, then 25mg every other day for the next two weeks and have taken 25mg every three days for the last week. Can anyone recommend if I should now just stop, or should I get a liquid so I can drop down further and more consistently? There haven’t been any major WD symptoms so far but the first week of taking it I experienced sleep disturbance and extreme agitation/palpitations, which has got better since I started tapering it. My feeling is adding it to the Mirtazapine is not a good idea despite the doctor’s advice to try it for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms (they’ll never admit drugs might be part of the problem..). I'm really nervous, even about a short term taper, as in hindsight I believe the Mirtazapine taper I did between Nov 2015 and Aug 2016 (45mg to 33mg), then reinstating 45mg, has resulted in a hypersensitive nervous system. I'm also starting to suspect the CFS is partly caused by long term AD use (8 years on Sertraline before changing to Mirtazapine). I want to get off all this stuff one day! Me and my battered nervous system very much appreciate any comments/advice!
  4. Hello, this is zamwessell, and I am new to the forum as of this afternoon. I'd like to give a bit of background, and ask for some advice. Back in mid-July 2015, I had a bout of anxiety and insomnia due to worrying about the beginning of a new relationship. I initially asked for some help for this, and my doc prescribed Wellbutrin, but after 5 days of being numb, I stopped it. Then asked for something different and was prescribed Ambien 5 mg. Was on that for 16 days, but it was not working to get me to sleep, so I ended up at a Psych ER at the local university hospital. They suggested Remeron, so I went on that at 7.5 mg to begin with. That combination was still not working, and I ended up in the hospital for 5 days, where they took me off Ambien and put me on Ativan. I'm sorry to say, I don't remember the exact dosage, but I believe it was 1 mg in am and 1 mg in pm. I was able to taper off of that beginning October of 2015, after switching to Valium. Over the course of a couple of months, I reached the final dose of Remeron that my doc and I agreed on: 30 mg. I was on that, doing well, until mid-September of last year, when we decided things were stable enough in my life that I could start tapering off that. Not knowing any better, we agreed on a taper schedule: 3 weeks each at 22.5 mg, 15 mg, 7.5 mg, and 3.75 mg (if I felt I needed to - I did, but probably only stayed at that dosage for a week). Only a week later, I began having pretty bad insomnia, coming in waves, with a few good nights and plenty of bad ones. I also noticed I was very cold, then would get very hot while trying to get to sleep. I also had muscle jerks, just as I was beginning to fall asleep, which would keep me from being able to fall asleep - a vicious cycle. This all continued for 7 weeks, until I couldn't take it any more and contacted my doc. She suggested going back on at a low dose to try to reinstate. I reluctantly agreed and that went well for about 7 nights. Then on nights 8 and 9, I noticed it took me longer to get to sleep, and by night 10 at 7.5, I didn't get any sleep at all. That was a Friday night. I contacted the on-call psychiatrist at the university's psych department, which was my only option on the weekend, and they said going up to 15 mg was fine, so that's what I did. I so wish I had seen this forum prior to trying to reinstate. I definitely would have suggested starting only at 3.75 mg, but, alas, that didn't happen. Not knowing any better, I was under the impression that going back up, maybe even to where I was prior to starting the taper, was what I should do. So, now I've been on the 15 mg for 6 nights. It takes me a couple of hours to get to sleep (I've been taking the dose about 10 pm), and have experienced the brain zaps others have talked about, as well as the muscle jerks just as I'm falling asleep, though to a slightly lesser intensity than when I was in withdrawal. I wake up numerous times, and realize I've been dreaming, so I just try and say to myself that you did get to sleep at some point, so try to get back to sleep. I have been able to get back to sleep, and have probably averaged 4-5 hours these past 6 nights. Last night was worse than the night before, however. My questions are numerous, but I guess the main ones are: have others experienced this scenario, have I gone too high in going up to 15 mg, and what are some recommendations? I know that you all are not doctors, but I'm willing to consider experiences in what others have gone through.
  5. Hi, I am currently trying to taper off Mirtazapine but about 48 hours after last dose I am getting a high pitched noise/tinnitus at back of head and left ear. Has anyone else had the same and how long did it last for? Many thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I'm new to putting myself on this site. I've been browsing on here and there for a while but time to put my stuff out there and get some help. I'm in a fairly desperate panicky place right now and feeling a bit paralysed as to what to do. I experienced protracted withdrawal in 2013 being moved up to a high dose of 180mg Venlofaxine then told to withdraw too quick it was a beyond hideous time. Psych quickly put me on Sertraline where my mood plummeted and sleep suffered so she declared me 'treatment resistant' and prescribed 30 mg Remeron. The second I was on this drug it felt wrong - slowed thinking, sedation, intense dry mouth, food cravings, felt emotionally numb, gained weight - horrid!! I knew I could not spend rest of my life on this so began a slow taper immediately and got down to 10mg by end of 2014 without too much hassle. Nice to be able to think a bit more clearly!! So 2015 was the year I would continue to do this. I dipped in and out of SA to check I had the right concepts. My doctors didn't understand my need to do it slowly - so did it myself as follows: Jan 2015 - 10mg 2 Feb - 9mg 17Feb- 8mg 3 March - 7mg 17 March - 6.5mg 23March - 6mg 7 April - 5.5mg 21April - 5mg May 5 - 4.5mg June 29 - 4mg July 13 - 3.5mg Aug 10 - 3.2mg Oct 14 - 3.1mg Oct 26 - 3.0 Nov 1 - 0mg!!! This wasn't planned! As you can see I tried to follow 10% taper or less and realised I had to go super slow after 4mg. Unfortunately the last few days of October I experienced a very confusing time. I was overwhelmed by a person in my life, I was so confused I forgot to take the meds for 3 nights and experienced - no sleep, racing thoughts a mania type psychosis. It was a terrible confusing time which I felt was precipitated by unwittingly going off Remeron by accident. I went into hospital for a few days. Thankfully staff were so lovely and supportive and didn't push more medication on me. They would not give me the Remeron as they said 3mg was such a small dose hardly worth being on. I panicked at this at first but then things seemed ok for a few weeks - good mood, clear thinking, sense of humour back etc... With the help of a community mental health nurse we thought we'd monitor it over a few months and see how it goes. I'm at week 10 off Remeron and things feel like they are going downhill fast now. I'm experiencing: Intense dry mouth Insomnia (7.5mg zopiclone taken nightly) Anxiety increasing especially at night Crying spells where I hit the wall Intense vice like headaches / light sensitivity Nausea Food sensitivity This is tough guys!! Im living moment to moment and feeling desperate. I'm a little paralysed as to what to do. My GP recommended going back on a small dose of Remeron. What do you suggest? A new psychiatrist (I've seen and don't have much respect for/nor do I wish to see her again ) said NO don't go back on the Remeron given the psychosis I experienced stopping abruptly. I'm feeling terribly vulnerable and don't know who to believe! I can't go on much more with these sweeping vice-like headaches. I'm very very scared I'm heading down the path of protracted withdrawal syndrome. Please any advice would be more than appreciated. If you think reinstating what sort of dose given my history to start on and for how long? My GP just said a low dose. Thanks a million for support Bex
  7. Help. I was on benzo for 15 years. Did a detox at a clinic 6 mos ago. In the last three months I took mertazapine to sleep. I had no idea!!! Then I decided the side effects were terrible I am confused by the taper idea and exactlyhow to safely reinstate. On metazapen 15 mg for 3 mos. Went to 7.5 for three days. No sleep. Went on 15 mg. Felt like crap. Still decided to cut to 11.25 mgs. 14 days. quit. Six days, last of which, no sleep. Terrible!! ER. My doctor told me I needed it and to go back on 15mg. I did and slept last night. Woke up feeling very drugged and had anxiety attacks. Went on the web and found this site. Read about reinstating at a smaller dose then I came off of. Did 3.75 to see if I felt better. I think I do. But tonight is coming and I don't want to take anymore today if it will mess up any future. I thought I could slowly taper from here. Or do I up the dose and taper from that?? Help!! I am confused about how this works.
  8. Hello, I am currently experiencing significant PTSD after a very traumatic life event. I started 12.5 mg trazedone 1 week ago. It allowed sleep - I thought I could take it as needed but I am wrong. I also tried 3.75 mg Remeron which I was on several years ago. Anyway, I feel so agitated in the morning after spotty sleep. Is it too late to do a quick taper. I've read about the mcpp metabolite and am scared to make things worse. I am barely staying out of our local stress center. Should I switch over to the Remeron, get stable then taper off of that or stay on the 12.5 mg trazedone. Four weeks ago I was completely stable and drug free and then the PTSD hit. Please help!
  9. Hello all-I was given alprazolam in 2008 to quit smoking of all things. I reached tolerance in dec 2014 and was diagnosed as depressed and put on 45mg remeron and 40 mg celexa. I started to taper the alprazolam in 2015 and jumped off in december 2016. the depression has been brutal but I am determined to get off all these drugs. I will probably just dry cut the remeron and when I am done, I will liquid titrate the celexa. Any help and/or encouragement will be humbly appreciated.
  10. Hi all, I saw an acupuncturist for the first time yesterday, and she prescribed me some chinese herbs and told me to stop taking all my other medication including vitamins. I was surprised she told me to do this so quickly - I guess I was expecting she would treat me for a while before considering going off the meds. It also seems potentially unwise since usually you taper off of these things (I am only on 15mg of remeron so it wouldn't be much a taper, but she didn't actually ask me my dosage). She told me that I won't need the remeron anymore because I will have the chinese medicine and that it is not required to taper for my medication. I've been curious to try alternative treatment for a while, so part of me wants to give it a real shot and do everything she recommends, but I'm also nervous this is unwise. I'm not suicidal, so maybe there isn't that much to lose (being depressed is really painful, but I have always been functionally depressed so I'm not so much worried about external consequences). Has anyone else had experience with acupuncture/TCM and discontinuing meds?
  11. flatrock

    flatrock: My Journey

    Hi. My story is a bit complicated, sorry. Much of it is about Klonopin, but my main problems currently seem to be a result of Remeron (Mirtzapine) and a drastic forced reduction of the Klonopin 4 months ago. I apologize if this is the wrong place to discuss Klonopin (chlonazepam). I'm 62. My overall diagnosis for the past 7 yrs is Fibromyalgia. I took 1.0 g Klonopin every night for several years for RLS, and it didn't seem to hurt me in any way. Occasionally my dr increased that dosage, as it is addictive - but I kept insisting on tapering down again. Sometimes I went down to .5 per night. I was very consistent until the past year when many stresses caused huge anxiety and during those times my dr allowed me to take Klonopin as needed. Anyway, I moved to a new area to be near my grandchildren 5 months ago. It triggered extreme anxiety and depression. I went to a new doctor who started me (4 months ago) wham-bam on Cymbalta and Remeron and Tizanadine (a muscle relaxant) (despite my telling him that my old dr had prescribed it for only occasional use for muscle cramps). At the time I was taking Klonopin (1.0) several times per day (6-8 per day) for the anxiety, as approved by my previous doctor. New dr insisted I immediately reduce to 3.0 mg per day. I suffered terribly from the quick reduction of the Klonopin. Jittery, shaky, anxious. That was 4 months ago... still haven't recovered. He started me on 15 mg Remeron, then after one week up to 30mg. Although I liked the emotional effect Remeron gave me, I struggled terribly with crazy restless legs. I hear a certain number of patients get this side effect. It was bad, lasted sometimes a couple of hours. But then some nights I did not have it at all. I began to call it Russian Roullette RLS. To combat this RLS side effect, new dr approved of taking all of my 3 allotted Klonopin at night. I then slept great. BTW, I begged the dr to take me off of the Tizanadine, as it seemed to be causing extra anxiety, so he finally did. I'm back to using that only occasionally. I've been on Cymbalta in the past and feel it is a good medicine for me. However, I suspect that the Klonopin mixed with Remeron caused problems. Or it's just the Remeron, I don't know. But the scariest thing going on for me is an "action tremor." When I am still, you can't see any shaking. But when I use my muscles in any way, I can feel the tremor, and there are certain moves I can do to show others the tremors. Also my heart rate tends to be quite fast - up to 100/minute. I never had that before. But today I meditated and it went down to 72. And my overall shakiness makes me scared and confused... I'm at that age when it could be something serious, but I'm trying to wait it out. My new dr kept saying it must be caused by the Remeron. I've been off of it for a week, and I'm hoping he's right. I'm seeing a psychiatrist now, since my new dr did not want to prescribe the mood medications. A week ago he prescribed my 1.0 Klonopin to be taken - a total of 1.0 - at a steady pace, .25 morning, .25 afternoon, .25 bedtime, .25 middle of night. He thought that perhaps I'm experiencing "withdrawal" during the day by only taking the Klonopin at night, which was a pretty good idea, but it is not making a difference. To further complicate my life, 2 months ago I was diagnosed as prediabetic, so my diet has also changed drastically. I'm not overweight and diabetes does not run in my family... I think I just had a bad year and ate/drank too much sugar. My mom was sick for that year and then died, I had a 4-month anxiety reaction to a normal dose of prednisone, and I moved. Some pretty big stuff. This was really long. Anybody who reads through it - thank you for listening.
  12. Hi, I'm curious if any of the men who are withdrawing experience hot flashes and sweating. I have mainly chalked them up to menopausal symptoms that have been intensified by wd I know there is temperature dis-regulation during withdrawal but was curious if the sweating and hot flashes were symptoms for men as well. And when they occur, am or pm? I know some of this will sort itself out when I am finally of my meds but any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Following a rapid (lesson learned) taper from Mirtazapine approx 5 months ago, I have been suffering from persistent Akathisia. This has been by far the most horrendous and distressing of a long line of side effects. It appeared 5 weeks after coming off meds and appeared to subside and become less intense, thus some quality of life returned. Over the last couple of weeks it has intensified and I am once again in its awful grip, constantly pacing, crying, feeling agitated with a return of those terrible feelings of grief and despair. I have seen three different doctors, none of whom have ever heard of Akathisia, so I have had to do my own research (thank heavens for forums like this one). I have managed to get an appointment with a neuropsychiatrist in a couple of weeks, so really hoping to at least have a conversation with someone who actually understands what this is! The downside of doing your own research is that I have been left feeling scared to death about the various stories of different types of Akathisia (acute, chronic, withdrawal and tardive) and whether it is likely to resolve. I'm hoping fellow sufferers out there can offer some support and share their knowledge and experiences with me, as there doesn't seem to be that many treatments available for withdrawal Akathisia. I am currently not taking any meds for this (tried Propranalol but it gave me heartburn). I've also been prescribed benzodiazapines for agitation but I'm now so reluctant to take any meds that may aggravate or prolong this side effect. I am also reluctant to take anything that will lead to a further withdrawal process in the future. On the plus side, all other withdrawal symptoms have gradually faded away (high anxiety, extreme claustrophobia, panic attacks, hot flashes, stomach upsets and insomnia). Thank you for your support
  14. Hi everyone and thanks for operating this great site. I found it by googling "How to survive antidepressants" -- sardonic LOL I am so angry about these drugs after reading _Anatomy of an Epidemic_ and then reading some people's stories on here. I feel like I dodged a bullet because I hadn't been on meds for that long when I came across that book. I feel sheepish asking for help when a lot of people are so bravely facing getting off of multiple psych meds and I am just dealing with one or two and at low doses. Nevertheless here's my story…I'm a 36 year old woman who has been struggling with health anxiety/hypochondria. There's a lot of anxiety in my family and a lot of history of benzo use among parents, grandparents etc. I haven't seen great things happen with psych meds and I resisted for a long time but I finally got desperate 5 months ago and accepted my PCP's repeated offers of Paxil. Paxil was a nightmare with ever increasing heart palpitations and other side effects too. (Oh, and it didn't help) I was just taking 10 mg, I quit that almost cold turkey and was unbelievably wretched with anxiety for a while. Then I took 30 mg Zoloft for a month or two and had such bad headaches that the ENT sent me for a brain MRI; he was adamant that it wasn't the Zoloft. I am very thankful that my brain was fine; and I still think it was the Zoloft. I also had a lot of other side effects. Then I started seeing an actual psychiatrist and she had me start Remeron/mirtazapine; severe insomnia has been a big part of my problem with anxiety and Remeron at least made me sleep so that may have helped. I did feel a little better after I'd been on Remeron for a while but I was gaining half a pound a day with no sign of slowing, and I couldn't remember things well. I normally have a great memory and the weight gain really bothered me because exercise is the only thing that actually helps me and I felt like the rapid weight gain was setting me up for injury and being sidelined from jogging. I had gotten up to 22.5 mg of Remeron because I didn't sleep well with 15 mg--also I think I may have taken 30 mg a few times but I don't really remember Anyway I spent another week at 22.5, a week at 15, and then a week at 7.5. I sleep really well taking 7.5 (it's a weird drug, the side effects are higher at lower doses--? and sleeping well is a side effect; so is extreme appetite stimulation) Now I have been at 7.5 every other day for 2 plus weeks. I've tried twice to take 2 days off between doses, and the first time I had a killer headache and the second time I was insanely anxious. Having a lot of minor headaches and pretty high anxiety whether it's the day after I've taken it or the day after I haven't taken it--just unpredictable. The psychiatrist prescribed me Trazodone to take instead of Remeron and I have taken it maybe 5 times on the nights I'm not taking Remeron--but I just realized it is also an SSRI. Is it then counter-productive to take it? Should I just push through the insomnia and hope that eventually I'll start sleeping better? I typically fall asleep easily but wake up after 4 hours and am done sleeping for the night. On the nights I haven't taken either Remeron or Trazodone I've taken a Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate) at 3 when I wake up to go back to sleep but I don't want to be mixing and matching drugs in my system like that I'm seeing the info about tapering by 10% so I should probably go get a pill cutter from the drugstore. I have no idea whether I'll sleep or not if I take 3.25 mg of Remeron. The search bar wasn't showing up for me before I became a member so I can use that now to try and get more info but I would really appreciate any advice anyone has to share when you read this, whether about getting off meds or about the anxiety itself! I've tried CBT, hypnotherapy, and self-help books like _When Panic Attacks_ and each thing may have a helped a little bit…but I'm essentially still in the same place I fear. Thanks SO Much for your time!!!
  15. Hey, I'm new here. I was prescribed Stesolid and Paralgin Forte for fifteen years. Ended this in December 2015. I have ended my use of Cipralex (SSRI), and Remeron, which I got during my withdrawal periode. I still use Quetiapin (100 mg x 2). I am having a severe depression. How shall I go on with Quetiapin to end this cruel situation? I'm Norwegian. Sometimes my English might be a little different...
  16. Used Remeron for a couple of months, and was weirdly content at all times, but also zombie/lethargic/sedated, and it increases my adhd symptoms/stops mt adhd meds from working. Meh, ill write more later. Been lurking on this forum after my first taper attemt was to impatiemt, and backfired after 2-3 weeks. Got a sore throat todat, and feeling a bit sick, not sure if it is from tapering or if I'm actually getting a cold. Feel sick from time to time, that is probably due to cutting Remeron from 7,5 mg to half of that. Was on 7,5 (from 15) for 3 or 4 weeks, and it was fine, except that I was still umable to get anything done. A lot of my meds history indicates that I'm a poor metaboliser, and when I read that the antihistamine effect was full even on small doses og Remeron, I dropped to the last dose of 3.75. A little trouble with sleeping, but melatonin helps. Eating got better after adhd meds was increased, cuz now head works better. Im not spaced out. Basically a nuber of symptoms coyld either ve tapering symptoms, or; because reducing remeron might give more room for adhd meds to work, side effects of Vyvanse. After dropping remeron I have washed clothes for the first time in 1 or 2 months. Yay! Meh. Need to have patience. When Remeron tapering is done I need to look on my adhd dose. Writing symptoms & diary is a good idea. Lasted for 2 weeks, perhaps itnwent south when I started with Remeron. Didn't know it blocked histamine receptors, know from experience that antihistamines and ritalin made me so "woosy" I could not walk straight. Yeha, Remeron, and also tapering, messes up my adhd. Big time.just look at this post. Took it to reduce ptsd symptoms, sleep more and eat more. Not having so many triggers now (change of situation), so going to try to use adhd meds alone. Being so sensitive to meds it's not tempting to spend several months trying out something that is likely to give too troublesome side effects. As in not functioning. Want to cook, take out trash and get stuff done, not play app games all day and too litle energy to shower or change a light bulb. I'll sort out my introduction later.
  17. Disposition


    HI all, I am new here! I am Dan My signature sais it all but basically I am here for support to taper remeron. I have only been on it for about 3 weeks to help with insonia from benzo withdrawl. I seriosuly thinking it is making things worse with my head so I want to taper to half of 7.5. As of now I am on around 7.0. I have a sesitive scale so I could use your advice. I will also read the forum here for info. Thanks for having me! Dan-
  18. Hi, I was prescribed mirtazapine 15mg and took my first dose on Friday night. Sadly I had a very adverse reaction and was hallucinating so was advised to discontinue immediately. I have not taken another tablet and the doctor said it would be out of my system in a few days without anymore problems, it is now Tuesday and I keep getting a prickly, itchy feeling on random patches of my body, arms,legs, back and torso in particular. I thought it was the tablet still in my system but it only started yesterday and seems to be getting worse, I know it sounds crazy but is it possible that I am experiencing withdrawals after just one 15mg tablet? I am absolutely terrified here, please help.
  19. Hi from Oz, I recently got real fed up with the amount of tablets I was taking. I looked at them and thought... Which one is the least needed... Mirtazapine was my choice. I've been on 15mcg nightly for well over a year now and it was given to help with my elevated anxiety and crap sleep. I'm also on pristiq many years now. Well, 3 weeks ago, I stopped it cold turkey... Felt fine, felt great, no worries whatsoever. About one week later I started itching like mad, I thought... Bug bites, scabies, bed bugs, fleas. I would feel the itch, scratch it and bang, big itchy mozzie like lumps would form. I got tested for scabies, all clear, cleaned all my linen, vacuumed, even did my hair for head lice. All clear. Two visits to doc, no conclusion except topical steroid base cream and oral anti histamine to stop the UNBELIEVABLE insane itch. I am riddled with hives! Just this morning my daughter asked me about my meds and said maybe it's withdrawal? So here I am, itching like the devil himself is torturing me and decided that I can't go on anymore, the creams ain't cutting it, I went back on the Mirtazapine tonight! Who else itched and scratched and scratched, I can't handle it anymore! Every doorjamb has my dna all over it from my backscratching
  20. Hi there! This is going to be a long post so please bear with me! I had postnatal depression after the birth of my son in 2007...undiagnosed for 11 months, I was started on Citalopram which was fab. I recovered on that and then decided to stop it, I had no withdrawals and stopped it with no problems. Move forward - December 2010 and the birth of my 2nd son, 8 hours of post birth agitation, crying, depression, hysteria...all started within an hour of birth - must've been my hormones! I was seen by the mental health midwife team and because of my history of PND previously was started on Sertraline 50mg (the only AD they recommended for a breastfeeding mother!). I started it 3 days later as there was a delay in getting the tablets despite the fact that with one dose of diazepam, 4 hours of sleep and within 24 hours of giving birth I felt much better...I got through the next few days absolutely fine. It was a week after starting Sertraline I suddenly woke up with the worst sweating and anxiety and panic EVER! I did consider stopping them but after a visit to the G.P. - in fact I saw my Dr every day for a week...he convinced me it was depression and anxiety and to carry on with the meds. Within 10 days of starting them I was admitted to a psychiatric mother and baby unit for 'management' My sertraline was increased even though the symptoms had started to get better...again exactly a week after the increase in dose all the symptoms came back worse resulting in a further increase until I was on the maximum 200mg. After about 3 weeks I was still suffering the anxiety symptoms although the symptoms were mostly physical not psychological. Plus hearing, and eye sight disturbances, dizzyness, nausea, slowed heart rate, low blood pressure. Eventually these things got easier but I was still weepy and 'depressed'. So they decided to 'kick start' the AD with an antipsychotic - Risperidone, 1mg. I started with tiredness and after a few weeks muscle aches - I was given procyclidine which I took (and still do to help with the leg stiffness). Got out of hospital after 3 months better but not right. Mood swings...mood up and down..super happy one week, depressed the next, lack of energy and motivation, unable to function normally. August 2012 - suicide attempt. I saw my psychiatrist and it was decided to change my AD to mirtazipine...weaned down the sertraline as instructed over 3 weeks then stopped. Started the mirt. at the same time as weaning the sertraline. Result..sudden increase in physical symptoms of anxiety and sweating...got really bad about a week after stopping sertraline for about 3 days then went back to the level it was at when it started. I decided maybe it was the effect of the mirt. so under advice of my psychiatrist weaned off the mirt. Had 2 weeks of horrendous withdrawals then the anxiety went back to the level it had been at before I weaned the mirt. So no we were thinking had the sertraline been masking side effects of risperidone and when I changed to mirt. they surfaced??? Decided to wean the rispiradone as I had started with muscle tremors, sweating, nausea all in the mornings starting about 6am til 10 or 11 am, always at the same time and never at any other point in the day...I did it quite quickly, a few days after dropping the dose by a tiny amount I would get increase in anxiety symptoms then it would go back to what it had been and so I would then drop the dose again after about a week of it being at the 'normal'level. Im now off the risperidone for 14 days and the tremors are no better neither is the anxiety. My muscles are stiff and painful somedays. I never had any of this before meds. I had a couple of good days with hardly any tremors or anxiety day 11 and 12 after stopping the risperidone so I thought I was starting to recover from the withdrawal. Today I have started with an uncontrollable urge to cry I had thought that the sertraline had been masking the effects of risperidone and that coming off it would sort the problems. The anxiety started again (its physical symptoms of anxiety, Im able to function normally mentally even with all the sweating, tremors, and prickling of skin, I get adrenaline rushes -frequently) when I weaned the sertraline and started the mirt and has been with me ever since even though its been approx 5 months off the sert. and 2-3months off the mirt. Thanks for reading, any advice or alternative therapy advice would be appreciated. I know I am suffering and maybe have stopped the risperidone +/ the other meds a little too quickly but I don't want to go back on it at all as the other effects I was getting combined with what Im getting now would be too much to tolerate. I'm hoping this will end soon and any knowledge from people who have gone through it would be helpful
  21. readytobedone

    readytobedone: Remeron

    ***Moved from Tips for Tapering Lexapro*** I know this thread is old, but I have a question a little different than what I'm reading. Everyone is different, and I am thankful for the experience I'm having although I have questions. I realize there are people on this thread who have struggled more. I took Lexapro for less than 6 months in 2009. I quit cold turkey - I had no idea that there was a withdrawal effect. PCP didn't tell me, which I'm learning is a theme. My withdrawal didn't last long, maybe a month, gradually getting better over that time. My major sign was the brain zaps. I understand these are not as common with Remeron, although it wouldn't surprise me. Jump forward to 2013, I started taking Remeron. I was experiencing situational anxiety and not sleeping well (very difficult job at a place I hated). I have since switched jobs and I love where I am. I would also like to start a family. My PCP has suggested going off the med, as I feel I am in a place where I can do this, and Remeron is not safe for pregnancy (which is now obvious to me...) I heard that Remeron withdrawal was not as bad as the SSRI/SNRI withdrawal. I started cutting my 15 mg pills in half over Memorial Day weekend 2016 - over 3 months ago. I didn't think to taper. I didn't know I should. I am having some withdrawal symptoms, a little mind fog, dizziness, fatigue, and tremors. No effect on GI or insomnia. My symptoms seem minor compared to what I'm reading. My question is - since I did a 50% cut with few symptoms, should I go all the way to 3.75? This was my original plan, but I'm questioning that now. I think a 10% taper is maybe overkill in my situation, but I don't really know. Has anyone done a 30-50% taper with no symptoms? Is this normal? I am thankful, but now apprehensive that the last 7.5 will be hard to manage.
  22. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. So I was on Abilify back in May for 3 weeks and then I went off of it. Everything went down hill so I went back on it for 3 more weeks then went off of it. It's been a month since my last dose. I wake up every morning crying for no reason. And feeling depressed for no reason. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process? I'm feeling really hopeless. PS I was on 2mg
  23. Hey there guys, I'm as desperate as they come and don't know where else to turn now since I've spoken to just about everyone already. I'm 31 years old (male) and made a few really bad / stupid! decisions after being misdagnosed with an illness last year (which actually was REALLY anxiety) which ultimately lead me to becoming really anxious and a little depressed in August last year. I've generally been a worrier and do obsess about things so I sadly dealt with the situation horribly which made me even more anxious by October 2014. I had seen psychologists and so forth and was taking Valium on and off to help with the anxiety for those 2 months, but sadly the psychologist wasn't too good with physical symptoms (which I had plenty of) and didn't really re-assure me enough. I was going to the gym and meditating from time to time but I didn't stick to it religeously, instead focusing on the illness I thought I had and trying to resolve it (which instead just made me really REALLY anxious). At this point, I was desperate for some help, so I saw a doctor who suggested a strict daily exercise and meditation regime (both wise), along with a new psychologist (who was actually really good) and Mirtazapine 15mg each night. He said I should be fine within a month ... After a week or so, I started feeling better, but I was noticeably feeling worse in the mornings and much better in the afternoons. I did mention this to the doctor who didn't think anything of it. However, by end of the second week on Mirtazapine, I started getting ridiculously anxious (bordering on insane). I went back and spoke to the doctor who suggested I double the dose. Naturally, this sounded wrong to me so instead I spoke to a few pharmacists who suggested I stop the medication. I did this (no tapering) after 26 days at 15mg. The next week was particularly bad, brain zaps, burning sensation in the forehead and a few other things but those went away. I also noticed some loss of hearing a few days prior to stopping the drug, although everyone assures me that this is not the drug and more likely that my eustachian tubes have blocked up due to the anxiety. This is still the case months on though and my hearing is still not at all what it used to be which has devastated me. However, months after all of this, I have been left severely depressed and without interest in doing anything, not work, exercise, meditation, my hobbies, watching tv ... nothing. I feel completely hopeless and cry heaps. I have thought about the S word so much more since then and have honestly destroyed my family and friendships. As sad as it sounds, the S word is really the most appealing option right now, it's the only thing that makes me a little happy when I think of it. Everyone in my family is upset, angry .etc themselves now. I struggle to even feel love for those around me who I know that I love with all my heart. The best I can do is play games or go for walks which helps to distract me a little. Going for walks is more of an escape from the household but I don't walk with any sort of pleasure, it's just a way to be alone. There are times that I just blankly stare and just feel numb as hell. There are other times where I'm extremely jumpy and agitated and can't stop pacing. I have not smiled willingly since late October last year, I just can't bring myself to do it, I have no reason to smile. I was once a successful, smart and very happy person and now I'm simply nothing. Anytime I see an old photo or anything that reminds of me of a time prior to August last year, I break down pretty quickly. The fact that this entire experience was self-induced due to me not staying calm and taking advice of those around me (e.g. avoid medical tests, exercise daily .etc) has also left me extremely angry (furious!) at myself which has also increased my anxiety. I chose to see the doctor for the anti-depressants as recommended by a friend who's wife is a psychiatric nurse and that also kills me, because only a quick Google search would have revealed the dangers in taking these drugs! I truly think I would have recovered by now had it now been for those drugs. Almost everyone I've spoken to (psychologist, doctors, pharmacists) insist that there's no way the drug is in my system anymore and that all the things I'm feeling are me and not the remains of the Mirtazapine. Is this true? I feel like the Mirtazapine has permanently damaged my brain and am incredibly paranoid about what it's done to me now. I have done significant research on AD drugs since then and honestly have no desire at all to take anymore of them. Yet, I can't live like this and keep torturing my family who are the most giving, loving and caring people in the world. I'm currently not on any supplements and haven't had a blood test since July last year (before this crap started). In July, the only problem in my blood work was very low Vitamin D (14) which should have been a clear indicator that I was suffering from a seasonal anxiety/depression, but the doctor never connected those dots and neither did I. The only thing I have in mind right now is getting a fresh blood test done and also getting my testosterone levels checked. Perhaps also discussing an omega 3 supplement with my new doctor (who is much more against big pharma than the previous idiot). I'd also be interested in seeing an ENT specialist about my ears, to confirm with certainty what's going on there. However, these hardly seem like the answer to getting past this. I really don't know what anyone can offer me now. I have been through 2 psychologists (one of which was as good as they get) and read just about everything there is about depression and anxiety on the web, but I struggle to get myself up to do anything about it. I just feel completely furious, numb, hopeless and devastated all the time. I wake up in hell every single day and think about who I used to be and how I've destroyed everything great around me, everything that I've worked for, everything that my family has worked to give me! Anyway, thanks heaps for reading and am open to suggestions and advice.
  24. Hi,been on mirt 15mg for 18 months.Decid5ed to start cutting in may.1st and 2nd cuts went ok,3rd cut of 7%,has been bad-i had a week ok good health,14 days of feeling like death,10 days of feeling ok,and then the awfulness returned and has remained for 4 weeks, and shows no signs of lifting.I therefore updosed by 2%,3 days ago (meaning last cut was 5%). I was tempted to updose by 7% to get me to last cut I was stable at but after reading this site I only did 2%.So far no great change.I would love to hear anyones thought on my decision and next move.
  25. Hello all, per the instructions I'm posting my introduction. I was on Zoloft for mild anxiety from 2002 to November 2014. We went to China to adopt a 3 year old son, when I got really sick with a GI bug. I got home to the US and no one could diagnose the issue, told me it was in my head, and started throwing psyc meds at me. They put me on Klonopin with Xanax which I developed tolerance to and crashed in December of 2014, but didn't know what was going on. February of 2015 they took me off Zoloft and put me on Amitriptyline, the week after took me off Amitriptyline and put me on Cymbalta. I started tapering Klonopin February 2015, to "help" I was put on Seroquel which was HORRIBLE. I continued to taper, got off June 2, 2015 from Klonopin and felt good for 3 weeks then crashed again while on Cymbalta and Seroquel. Switched back to Zoloft from Cymbalta August of 2015, and started tapering Seroquel which did NOT go well. Dyskinesia, autonomic muscular issues, etc. So they put me on Compazine which was even worse. To help coming off Copmazine I was put on Remeron. Around the first of November 2015 I ended Compazine, felt good for a couple days, then started having excessive agitation, anxiety, mood disturbances, tremors, shaking, chills and was told I was having serotonin syndrome. I had to stop Zoloft abruptly and things got a bit better, but stayed on Remeron. Still did not feel myself, mood and sleep disturbances, then discovered that Remeron doubled the risk for my GI infection (yes, they finally discovered I had c. difficile) so stopped it as well on December 29. 3 weeks ago my psyc tried Clonidine, which was bad then then 2 days later Buspirone which was even worse (caused significant horrific deep depression), then tried 1/8 of a 25 mg Zoloft which about destroyed me. Been off everything since then (3 weeks). Over the past year I've been on 31 different meds (not all psyc) Things are NOT going well. I have depression which I never struggled with before all this, waking with severe agitation/anxiety at 4am every day, sleep disturbance, horrendous body aches/flu like symptoms, leg pain, nerve pain, numbness and tingling in my feet, ringing in my ears, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea/constipation/abdominal pain, food intolerance, general sense of malaise, visual disturbances with migraine like symptoms (seeing bright lights, blurred vision), incredible dizziness and vertigo. Significant difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, loss of interest in things. During the day I'll have random periods where I will feel a sense of impending doom and/or agitation. Then last week my legs started giving out on me...there are times when I am shuffling around the house like I have MS or something and my legs buckle to the point where I've fallen a couple of times. I would have instances of this while experiencing serotonin syndrome and also while doing a "cut" from Klonopin, but the last 2 weeks it has been sustained. This week the flu like symptoms have ramped up...I've never had such severe flu symptoms before, the pain is unbearable unless I take 800mg of Motrin which is starting to eat the lining of my stomach. I also have severe stiffness, particularly in my hands, legs and arms to the point where I have difficulty moving in the evening. My wife believes this is either "withdrawal" or lyme disease. There is also the brain-gut connection issue with my infection, but I had a Fecal Microbial Transplant 3 weeks ago which is supposed to restore the good bugs... I also have severe adverse reactions to ALL psyc meds and anticholinergics including Benadryl. I struggle with thinking that I need something to "stabilize" me because I feel so badly, but deep down I know that I wasn't like this before, so I am hoping and praying that my CNS heals and I can get back to my pre-China state. Life is unbearable at times, there are very few times where I have a couple of hours of relief, usually at night. That's my story...
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