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Found 201 results

  1. Hi gang ! I am here to use the summer of 2018 to taper off Paxil after taking it for Decades !! I appreciate all the helpful suggestions and ideas thus far read. wishing you all a smooth transition. I have stated by liquefying my dose..but may go to filing my tabs to the right dose using a scale...we will see. wish me luck !
  2. Link to Penny's success story: PennyLane26 Success Story- Protracted Paxil Withdrawal Hi all- I am new to this site and would like some advice. Here is the deal; I have been weaning off of 15 mg Paxil slowly since January 2016. Before that I was on it (off once 4 months ) for approximately three years. I had been supplementing with five 5 HTP and it helped me get down to 5 mg. Like an idiot, I took way too much and gave myself serotonin syndrome. I was then instructed by my doctor to stop all supplementation as well as the 5 MG of Paxil . This is when withdrawal hit. I was then prescribed 5 mg of Ambien as I was having severe insomnia. I reinstated 1 mg of Paxil in April to stabilize, and it helped somwhat. I have been doing pretty well up until now as I was getting sleep. Sleep is my biggest issue right now I do feel I cannot cope without it. Now the Ambien seems to not be working as effectively and I am having increased anxiety, severe depression and no motivation. I really want to get off the Ambien and I am contemplating reinstating even more Paxil to stabilize. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
  3. Started with postpartum depression 34 years ago - treated with imipramine. Went off it in a couple months.. Repeated four years later with next pregnancy. Again - off in a couple months. With third pregnancy 27 years ago I went on paxil and never went off. 10mg for 20 years and added welbutrin about five years ago. I would like to go off of the Paxil.
  4. After experiencing blood sugar problems that are obviously linked to the Seroxat, I have been tapering my original 20 mg´s dose to 10 mg´s and have been on 10 mg´s for 60 days, Now I have tapered to 10 mg´s every other day and I feel worse on the days when I take the dose. I have been benzo-free for 7 years now, after taking 3 mg´s of Lexotan for 17 years. Tapered it gradually for 6 months (from March 2011 - September 2011) and felt prolonged withdrawal symptoms for up to 3 years after that - off and on. Last Wednesday I started getting severe dizzy spells if I turn my head, bend etc. and now I have to be extra careful about my posture. I am toying with the idea of dissolving the doze and would like to know if some of you have experience of dissolving Seroxat in water. I am fairly optimistic as I know from experience that drug withdrawal can be survived ⏳ WIth regards, Lexotania P.S. I decided to stick to my old nick from Benzobuddies.org as it sounds better than Seroxatia
  5. I have been off of Paxil completely for 3 months now after 13 years. Where do I get more info on the healing process. I am depressed, moody, impatient, tearful and having difficulty working due to the stress in my job. Will normal ever come back? I am so tempted to go back on drugs but after having 4 month terrible months of withdrawal I hate to go backwards. Any words of advice or sites for more info.... I had no idea that after 2 months of being drug free that I would still struggle so much emotionally
  6. My third and hopefully final attempt to get off Paxil is here I start March 1st of this year, which is just around the corner. I have a lot of hope It will be over 3 years, but I feel good about my taper plan. Thankful for this site of encouragement and testimonies - I will be praying for freedom for you all! I've included a photo of my handwritten taper plan. The length of time is in months. Will keep this updated for whoever cares to read. Let's do this.
  7. Hey guys my name is Steve and I grew up with terrible anxiety. I found out around age 12 when i was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and started therapy. Nothing worked and eventually I was prescribed to paxil. I was on roughly 40 mg for at least ten years. At some point i switched it to 20 mg and had no issue doing so. I remained at that 20mg dose for the remainder of my time on paxil. There was a few times i tried to quit unsuccessfully and reinstated. I would have the hardest time breathing, that seems to be my biggest symptom(which was never part of my original anxiety). Now I am 33 and have successfully weaned down from the 20 mg to 0 over the period of a few months. The process was terrible but i managed it knowing that I did not want this stuff to be inside my body any longer. My last dose was exactly 76 days ago. As of lately I have had a lot of shortness of breath and intense anxiety. I still am getting brain zaps and vertigo so I am hoping what i feel is still indeed withdrawal/discontinuation as apposed to a emergence of new anxiety symptoms. Once I fall asleep I seem to have no issues. It seems when I can distract myself I can forget how I am feeling. I was not expecting to get hit with a wave like this at nearly 3 months off. I was hoping someone who has been through this before could shed some light on my issues. thanks
  8. Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you I have been taking Aropax (Paroxetine) since 1998. I can't believe it's been 20 years. Initially prescribed at 20mg, then increased to 40mg sometime in the mid 2000s. I always use the Aropax brand, as any generics give me brain zaps and withdrawal symptoms. Had brief experiences in the mid 2000s with Prozac (Fluoxetine), Aurorix (Moclobemide) and Lexapro (Escitalopram), which were prescribed in place of Aropax, in an effort to avoid side effects I was experiencing. Little did I know at the time, that the reason I felt so awful when started on these medications was that I was in intense, cold turkey withdrawal from Aropax. I literally feel like I don't know who I am without Aropax. I don't know what parts of my emotions and the way I think are me and what parts are the medication. I want to regain control of my weight and have my sex drive back. Initially, it was prescribed for depression when I was 18 years old. I'm 38 now. Over time I realised that if I forgot to take my dose for a day or two, I'd feel depressed, and experience brain zaps amongst other side effects. Doctors told me, and I thought, that this meant I needed the medication as I was clearly still very depressed. Over time I learned that the side effects I experienced were actually withdrawal. How ironic that the thing that SSRIs are prescribed for - depression - is one of the most prominent withdrawal symptoms! So I've decided it is time for me to try to withdraw from Aropax slowly. When I asked my doctor about it, she immediately suggested another antidepressant I could take while withdrawing, Valdoxan (Agomelatine). After some thought, this made me feel a little angry. Whilst I understand she is trying to help, it seems that if I leave my fate in the hands of doctors, I will never be drug free! Over August and September 2018, I have gradually reduced my dose from 40mg, by 2.5 - 5mg at a time, as I felt like I could tolerate it. I am now at 17.5mg and holding until I stabilise before continuing. I have had no brain zaps or depression so far. In the last week I've been feeling very tired and fatigued. I'm hoping this will lift soon, but only time will tell. I plan to taper the last 17.5mg much slower than I did the first 22.5mg, as I assume it will be much more difficult. Love to all, Snail
  9. Hi, guys. My depression started over 15 years ago and I came to the point when I wanted to end up my life, but I've failed. So my journey from one shrink to another began. I've found a good one when my depression was at my worse. I wasn't happy about taking any medications, because the lack of knowledge in psychiatry field (I'm a nurse with some practice in mental facilities as well and I'm not happy about the things I've seen there nor the general thinking from many doctors and other medical stuff. I was also amazed about the lack of knowledge and common sense in them as well). My depression was so bad that I gave up and started using paroxetine. I had some side effects, but withdrawal after few months was much worse. The vertigo and headaches were horrible. And depression was still there in it's best. I was then on few other SSRI and SNRI, none of them worked (fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, escitalopram, tianeptine, venlafaxine, duloxetine), but all of them gave me their own special withdrawal symptoms. At least I knew I wasn't getting sugar pills. In the meantime I also developed panic attacks and severe anxiety. After few years I suggested switcing to bupropion and I was getting better for the first time. I was also taking clonazepam the whole time. I'm feeling fine for over 4 years now but I had to wait with taper due to some other pain related medical condition. I was adviced to start taper clonazepam first (I started taper 4 months ago). What a mistake! I was on 2mg daily and managed to taper to 1mg. Than I suggested my GP and shrink to taper bupropion as well, because it was making taper heavier and none of them were happy with my suggestion. I have my GP on my side now after seeing me in really bad condition a couple of times. Right now I'm taking 0,875mg of clonazepam and 300mg of gabapentin (started a week ago and I'm not on final dose which will be around 600-900mg) because of my pain related condition. It also helps with the withdrawal. I'm well aware that it has a WD of it's own, it's a risk I'm willing to pay considering the current options. I took my last dose of bupropion today and I will give myself a little brake until the end of this month. In january I'll continue to taper clonazepam. I'm not a native english speaker and I appologize for potential weird (ab)use of grammar. I'm sure you've seen worse due to my current taper I'm also not very good with words.
  10. Hi all, I have been checking out this website for a long time but have never posted before. I have been on Paxil for 12 years at a dose of 20 mg. After a failed attempt at stopping the drug in 2012 and thankfully finding this site, I have been reducing slowly for nearly 5 years. I have been reducing using 10% drops every 6-8 weeks. However, there have been times when I have struggled and stayed at a dose for longer periods. I am now at a dose of 0.8 mg. I could really use some advice as I have been really struggling ever since I have dropped below 1.2 mg. My symptoms are sll purely physical and I can't seem to find any 'windows'. I can't help but wonder if I should just stop taking the drugs. Maybe I am experiencing side effects rather than withdrawal at this stage. Has anyone experienced real trouble at such low doses? Thanks for any advice!
  11. Hello! Seeking advice and support having discovered how dependent I am after over 20 yrs of taking paroxetine. Withdrawal symptoms of extreme sustained insomnia, excessive sweating and intense anxiety are making life unbearable and I am horrified at how ignorant I have been about my meds. I now realise GP probably made things worse by suggesting a change to mirtazapine before returning to paroxetine. GP suggested back to 20mg but I couldn't bare the thought of possibly having to repeat the withdrawal so decided on ½ dose (10mg). Not sure if I've done the right thing as still have severe symptoms after 7 days. I now realise all these changes were far too fast but do I hang on to this dose to see if I stabilise and how long do I give it?? I'm just beginning to realise that this is likely to be life changing....not what I'd planned at 58....as may well loose my job and it's a huge strain on family and friends. It's confusing and frightening. See gp on Thurs and feel it would be good to have an idea of what I should be aiming for re medication. He gave me propranolol (a beta blocker) for the anxiety but I've since discovered it could be contributing to the insomnia. Has anyone got any experience of that? With thanks and hoping to be able to share experiences!
  12. Hello, I have recently found this site and it's been a tremendous relief to see other people going through similar things. Withdrawal and anxiety can be such isolating experiences, especially when your doctor or psychiatrist doesn't seem to have any concrete knowledge of the way it works for many people. I began taking 30mg of Paxil in 2004 during an episode of major depression and anxiety. It helped me regain my stability and in addition to the medication I spent many years in psychotherapy. I considered going off the drug many times but even skipping one dose made me feel physically ill and my psychiatrist also warned me that because I had suffered a previous episode of depression, I was likely to relapse. In the fall of 2017, my partner and I decided we wanted to try having a baby and on the advice of my doctor, I began weaning off Paxil, decreasing the dose by 7.5 g each month. I know realize that was probably way too fast but I didn't have any serious problems until I stopped it completely. My doctor's recommendation was to switch to 50mg Zoloft/Sertraline but I wanted to see if I could go without drugs. I lasted a month. At first it was mainly physical symptoms: nausea, dizzines, diahrrea, muscle pain, headaches but then anxiety set in and I ended up in the ER. I began taking 50mg of Zoloft/Sertraline in February buteven after several weeks didn't notice much improvement. They increased my dose to 100 and then 150mg but the anxiety persisted and I got terrible diahrrea and began losing weight at an alarming rate. I went back down to 50mg and continue there. In February, March and part of April (?) I was taking .5mg of Lorazepam each morning and evening to function and sleep but have stopped that. I only take it very occasionally when I really need a good night's sleep or feel a panic attack coming. I have had good weeks and bad weeks and the idea of "windows and waves" really resonates with me. I have a couple weeks where I feel like myself and then the anxiety returns and hangs around for a week or two. I've been taking care of myself as well as possible: exercise, meditation, diet, time with friends, and that helps but it seems like the only thing that is really going to make a difference is time. I have a couple of questions for my fellow SA members'. Do you recommend magnesium citrate? I'm not taking any supplements because I'm trying to get my nutrients from food and I also don't want to get my hopes up that if I just find the right combination of vitamins and minerals and powders that I will be cure. Secondly, I've been taking Zoloft for almost 5 months now and I can't say that I have noticed any huge benefit. It doesn't seem to be helping with the anxiety at all. I don't want to double my withdrawal misery but I also don't want to stay on it too long and make it harder for myself later. I've been contemplating halving my dose and seeing what happens. During the time I was increasing and lowering my dose by 50mg over these previous months, I didn't notice any significant changes in my mood or mental state, FYI. Any thoughts?
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new here and I've seen many helpful threads. There must be lots on Paxil withdrawal but there's so much to go through, I hope y'all can help me out regardless. Basically, I used to be on 40 mg of Paxil. I'm coming off it in order to get on a mood stabilizer, started taking 30 mg before yesterday. I'm experiencing quite the bothersome symptoms: severe dizziness, loss of appetite and feeling numb (rather than me the usual depressed). Can anyone relate to these while having been on the same dosage of Paxil? How are you dealing with the withdrawal symptoms and how long did they last? Thanks for reading and wishing you all well!
  14. Hello I am a 1st time poster and am very frightened by my symptoms after withdrawing from 10 mg Paroxetine from September 2015 to December 2016. After 2 months at 0 mg I developed PGAD and intense anxiety. I reinstated 1mg at the end of January 2017 but it didn't help and gave me bad diarrhea; then I increased to 2.5 mg in June 2017, but I now have had akathisia, numbness and pain in feet, and worsening depression. I am spending more and more time in bed and I am frightened to go out. Please could you give me any advice as to whether I should taper again or hold to stabilise? I am also suffering badly from insomnia and take benadryl quite often.
  15. Alixxchan

    Alixxchan: Paxil

    I had an immediate reaction to Paxil, for the past month I have been having seizures, nobody knew why. I wasn’t epileptic, and everything was fairly normal, so day before last I was diagnosed with pseudo seizures, told me it was in my head and there was probably some emotional trauma and stress I wasn’t dealing with, and the emergency room doctor prescribed me with Paxil, so next morning comes. I take my Paxil at 8 am. By 9 am, I am having horrible diarrhea, all day long. Around 2:30 I started to get a bit jittery feeling, I start flinging my left hand and pretty soon my whole arm is flailing, I can’t control it, so I decide to go sit on the couch, then my legs start kicking up and down and they go faster and faster, till my whole body is shaking and I’m going into full body convulsions, I start burning up, every thing is hot. My convulsions made me fall off the couch onto the ground, I’m full conscious now, but my arms and legs are still flailing, I’m hitting my hands so hard on the hard wood floor they are starting to bruise but I can’t stop, during all of this my heart rate is at like 165, so my mom calls 911,they said my pupils are dilated and asked if I had taken any drugs today, I say no. Just the Paxil. So we get to the hospital, I’m super unstable at this point, my heart rate is insane, blood pressure is climbing and I’m having full body convulsions every 30 seconds and I’m drenched in my own sweat. The hospital was rude by the way, they were like yeah I guess it could be a reaction to the Paxil, the Paxil their emergency room prescribed but we can’t say fersure, just don’t take it anymore. Here’s some Ativan since you seem to be having some severe Anxiety, which I wasn’t. even with the Ativan it didn’t stop the convulsions completely and my heart rate was still 100, they sent me home maybe like 35 mins of being there and said well it’s gonna take a couple of days to flush it out of your system, here’s your Ativan and good luck basically. All in all terrible experience
  16. Hi All, A bit of history here. I've been on Paxil for around 15 years, maybe longer, but basically I've lost a lot of the feelings I've had for my GF and I realize it's most likely a drug induced issue. Per my signature, I've been tapering since Oct 2013 and am just below the 4 mg mark. Question is, I don't feel it is fair to neither of us that I feel this way and wondering if I should prolong the relationship? I know marriages/relationships have been destroyed by these drugs and I don't want to hurt anyone including myself. I still have some feelings for her although not as strong as before. Mind you, I've been with her for about a year now and at that time I was around 6.2mg of paxil a day. I do exhibit the typical symptoms of lack of libido, emotions, wanting to be by myself etc. Any input is appreciated. Thank you
  17. serrj

    serrj: Paxil

    Hello, I'm serrj I'm 35yo ukrainian expat living in Netherlands. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and hypochondria. Things wend bad very rapidly, during few months I was turned from a normal healthy men to a miserable clot of nerves with no ability to eat, sleep, work, and live. Stupid Dutch healthcare system threw me from one GP to another with no help. The only medicine I was prescribed was Oxazepam during the day and Temazepam for sleep at night. Non of them helped me with depression, so after a months of struggling I ended up at specialist in special clinic for mental disorders. This is where my Paxil road begins. I started with 40 mg/day, though doctor insisted I need 60. It started to work almost immediately: most symptoms went away in weeks, I tappered from benzos and I felt totally "cured" after around 3 month. There were side effects as well, but I could live with that. In june 2015 I made a first attempt to tapper. At dosage ~5mg/day I started to have severe heart arrhythmia, I even ended up in ER once. So I returned to 20mg and stayed on this dosage until beginning of 2017. During whole 2017 I gradually reduced dosage by 5mg: 20,15,10,5,2.5.. I've been on 2.5 mg/day for few month now and last week decided it is time to stop. So 20 of March 2018 for my last intake. Surprisingly, I felt totally fine 6 days after, which made me confident that there will be no withdrawals at all. I was so naive. It hitted me on day 7: mood swing, anxiety, confusion, lost of appetite, stomach and chest pain. Last night I didnt sleep at all, despite all effort and right now I feel myself just horrible. The worst nightmare, hell on earth. Totally depressed, pain in whole body, anxiety, fear, you name it. And and have a full-time job that I can easily lose if it will continue like this. This morning I even had suicidal thoughts. I'm desperate Should I return to last working dosage? (2.5mg/day) Or is it too late? And sorry about my English, I'm not native speaker and obviously cannot concentrate now..
  18. mary2

    mary2: paxil

    I tried to introduce myself but it said locked on page. So I'll say hello hello here. I'm on my 2nd decrease of paxil. I'm doing well. I found very useful the 10% reduction procedure. I find magnesium and taking paxil at bedtime better. Thank God you exist. I use the Gemini weighing machine and it v works well. I have liquid but it's too concentrated cos 20 drops to 20mg. It's so nice to have other people.
  19. Ok, so here goes again, I had the unfortunate luck of being thrown into this horror for actually no reason at all. Back in September 2003 got sick and was given an antibiotic never had any problems before with them so i took em. Well, two weeks later not putting 2+2 together I went to the. Doc because I literally couldn't walk and had severe insomnia , like not a wink of sleep for a week also, couldn't hold onto power tools because the vibration was EXTREEM muscles stiff and sore all over and urinated almost black one night. They did tests and found nothing MRI blood. He said it was anxiety and I needed paxil, I was in horrific shape and said ok. Never had anxiety before though. Five years go by and I tapered off in March 08 things are great until I get chest infection in August. I get another antibiotic and after a few weeks, INSOMNIA, HORRIBLE PAIN, CANT WALK, TERRIBLE NIGHT SWEATS, I realize this is what happened 5 years prior and called my doc to find out what he gave me the first time I went nuts. LEVAQUIN!!! the same crap I had just finished. I begged for paxil again to straighten me out because I thought that is what fixed me the first time. Oh, he also said antibiotics can't do that, yeah right, a normal one doesn't but the atomic bomb of antibiotics can and its called a flouroquinolone. I had been FLOXED. Well, after miserable startup effects the paxil worked again and now I knew it was not me that went nuts the first time and thought paxil was harmless and made me more mellow. I read all the horror stories on paxilprogress back in 2003 when I was looking this stuff up and thought these were just weak people and the stuff is fine. I decided in 2011 to come off in one months time from 10mg. And this time weird stuff happened to me , I was reliving my teen life (which was awesome) like a tape playing over and over and songs repeating over and over and hyper excited constantly with huge adrenaline rushes. I had no idea what it was and I just pushed on. Until I found my father dead in his yard a day after he drove my mom to airport for vacation at my sisters. He was in 98F full sun all day and I found him after he failed to pick up his best buddy, my son for tae kwon do . It was not pretty there were bugs and sunken blackened eyes and just not the way you would want to remember someone. Well, in my weakness I figured I'll go back on my 10 mg. again and after lousy startup it went ok but not the same, then I noticed I was not doing all my favorite things and realized that over ten years MANY of my passions left me. So in February 13 one month taper again and 1.5 months later all hell breaks loose with insomnia terrible foot sensations and many other things like anhedonia and no libido , fog and all the usual things people get. Reinstated again and figured I would do it right. Come November 2013'i got stress fracture in foot and was taking huge amounts of NSAIDs and all of a sudden I went into withdrawal with extreme sound sensitivity and everything else. In December I kicked a table so hard it triggered an autoimmune disease which no one in my family has called psoriatic arthritis and I am sure it is withdrawal related and painfull as hell and 1 year later my foot is still swollen and now I have minor psoriasis too that my dermatologist says is rare to start at 46 years old. In January 2014 I began my 10% taper and was ok until sept. When severe withdrawal hit and the great people from PP talked me through not reinstating, I was at about 2.35. I got better but I still have daily or weekly window wave patterns but never feel normal yet. I usually only get 4 hours of sleep per night and twitch all over and no more night sweats in like 8 months. I do. Notice my sensation on fingers and feet are greatly exaggerated and I have become ticklish again ( I used to have to fake it when my little ones tickled me now it really happens). I work full time in construction and I fell exhausted every day but can't sleep, although last night I made six hours which has been extremely rare. The doctors want me on humira for my arthritis but I am holding out hope that my immune system may change when I'm off for good in a few weeks. I am currently on .8 mg and I am very scared of dropping off soon. Sorry for the long post but there it is.... Oh and my taper was lost with the closing of PP but it was generally 10% every 4 weeks or so unless I felt good I went quicker but was at nine almost a year goo and now .8 so I think it was ok.
  20. Hi everyone! I'll update my signature later but basically my long story made short for now...is that in the beginning of 2010 Effexor began to poop out after 5 years of slowly increasing dosages. I was having intense anxiety and derealization and the only explanation my Dr had was that it was the effexor and it was time to come off. He tapered me from 262.mg over 3 months while adding a small dose of Celexa a bit at a time. A month after being done Effexor and being on 40mg of Celexa, I had a significant, sudden, awful experience. Massive anxiety, derealization and suicidal awful confused and dark thoughts. Akathesia so bad i could not sit still and had to walk fast, or keep pacing in the house. I cut my dose in half that night and immediately felt relief from the suicidal thoughts and terror. The anxiety and chills, unreality or derealization disconnect, nausea, diarrhea and shakes, lasted for another 7 months with no relief, even while we attempted Ciprolex and eventually Paxil. I lost 30 pounds during that 7 months and truly thought my life and self as I had known it, were over. I finally began to stabilize and then decided it was time to get off all SSRI's. I was originally given meds to combat post partum depression and by now I figured that was in the past and my Dr agreed, it was time to get off everything. I am now tapering my paxil very slowly, and am down from 20mg to 10mg. In the meantime i still get these waves of intense anxiety, akathesia, chills, shakes, diarrhea and nausea, and a sense of profound unreality that come over me. these spells last about 2 months, and then fade and I'm left feeling pretty good, with the exception of dulled emotions and no motivation. I figure that might be from the Paxil, while the stronger waves of symptoms are still from coming off effexor too fast 21 months ago. I haven't had one of these intense waves since July, but since then have had milder versions of them, that are shorter. Considering that I'm 21 months out, maybe it's time the waves are going to get milder and easier to handle now, I'm hopeful for that! I find when I taper my paxil i do have symptoms but they aren't as strong as these other waves I get, and have had since coming off the effexor (even prior to tapering paxil). maybe this will make more sense when I create a signature,lol ...Either way, i feel SO much better now than i did even last year. I have full faith that I will eventually recover 100% and also finish this paxil taper and get back to my life. This has been a very long and frightening 3 years, and i am so looking forward to being me again! If I could change anything I would say I should have reinstated my original medication when w/d hit, and then come off much slower. However, we had no idea what the issue was, so we tried different meds instead, and that was not the answer. But here's to a new year and a new journey, with healing every step of the way.
  21. This site has been a sanctuary for several months and I would like to thank AltoStrata, her fellow Admins and all posting members for the invaluable information shared in the various forums. In this most confusing and isolating phase of my life so far, you have all helped me to feel less alone, less confused, and important teachers. I believe I may have created a meds signature line in my sign-up form, but if not I will correct that shortly. Briefly, I realized I was in a polypharmacy rut in February of this year. Prozac 10 or 20 mg (?) from early 1997 to early 1998. Newly sober, the Paxil caused "speediness" and I was switched to Paxil - Paxil 20mg/day (depression/anxiety) from 1998 to approximately Spring 2007. I simply stopped taking it after running out, was in long-term therapy and did not think twice about leaving such a "small thing" behind. Even though there were large stressors at work. The state of lability, extreme depression, dysphoria, DP, DR (terms I did not know then) were horrendous. I returned to the original psychiatrist who tried me on various other meds for a hellish 2 months, never once mentioning I might be in withdrawal from stopping the Paxil. The last straw was an Effexor trial, which put me in a state of agitation, physical heat, and inability to leave bed beyond imagination. It took months to find a new Psychiatrist, which happened about February 2008. He felt I had simply been on too small a Paxil dose - I had heard about "poop out" by that time but he dismissed it - I had not heard about withdrawal on Paxil cessation and he did not mention it. He put me back on Paxil and built up slowly from 10 to eventually 60mg. Unfortunately I don't remember the timeline for that buildup. However, 60mg became the maintenance dose at which I remained until Feb. 2017 of this year - nearly 10 years. He also became my psychotherapist and had a wonderfully humane aspect to him to which I attribute most of the great healing that happened over the first 3-4 years. My life became strong and rich and fulfilling again - in all areas. In 2010 there was a collision of traumatic stressors in work and family. As well, somatic experience of panic, high anxiety and heart palpitations such as I'd never experienced since childhood episodes of severe abuse became frequent. I made certain decisions in my life. We continued the meds and the therapy. In June (?) 2012 - after months of persistent inner agitation, weepiness, anxiety (following death of family member), he added Ativan 0.5 at night. A year later he added another 0.5 in the am. A year after that he added another 0.5 at noon. I can not know with any certainty but based on everything that I have read about tolerance and withdrawal with Paxil and Ativan, I believe that I experienced pre-taper withdrawal-like symptoms for several years. I wish I had known then - when he began adding the benzo to the Paxil - what I know now. I had trusted him so completely as a person and a professional. Fast forward to February 2017. He announced abruptly that he was closing his practice - in 3 months. We had been working together for about 9 years. The anxiety caused by the announcement led him to increase my RXs for Paxil to 80 and to double Ativan to 1mg 3 times a day. He acknowledged that the 2 drugs did not appear to be "working" or "ideal" anymore. Sadly I think his priority at that point was to get to the end of the three months without liability - so it was easier to simply up the meds and "explore referral options." Two months on the upped prescriptions saw me living like an outpatient in a chemical straightjacket - as a full on zombie. I found my way to Mad in America and the literature on iatrogenic psychotropic drug injuries, the psychiatric profession's blind faith in the hypothesis of the "chemical imbalance", and the frightening stories about withdrawing from SSRIs and benzodiazepines - especially the 2 I was prescribed. This was all quite frightening and overwhelming. I was able to find a wonderful and sympathetic therapist. The zombie straightjacket was too much. I decided to taper myself back to my "baseline" though no-longer-working (even according to the Psychiatrist) polypharmacy of Paxil 60mg and Ativan .05 3 times a day. I did that from April to August. Symptoms ranging from extreme loss of appetite, acute DP/DR, extreme and sudden heart palpitations and anxiety, and a slow-motion hyper depressive grey movie in the background looping "this is the end of the road for me" movies - but always behind a screen. The gestalt in terms of doing anything is a 1000 mile distance between a flourishing idea or thought and any action to carry it out. Including washing dishes! The search for a meds doctor who is sympathetic to a patient wishing to taper off psychotropic drugs that no longer work and are causing is still on. I will be meeting one next week, and I believe his name does appear on a list of potentially knowledgeable providers somewhere on this site. I will report back. He appears to be familiar with tapering patients off psychotropic drugs and he is also a holistic treater with experience in acupuncture, something called "functional psychology" (?), and other holistic practices. Thanks to SA I shall have with me a lot of information to discuss - very calmly - with him, including the formula of tapering 10% (vs. last dose), listening to the body even within a tapering protocol, and the question as to whether the Paxil or the Ativan should be tapered first. (I saw a psychiatrist one month ago who wrote out a taper schedule for Ativan that was very aggressive - I modified it and have "held" at an early stage after feeling my body rebelling and reading here about the 10% recommendation. Same psychiatrist was ready to have me start tapering Paxil simultaneously until I mentioned perhaps it was not a great idea and he very quickly agreed. Those fancy degrees, Research Hospital affiliations, decades of experience .... That's another story.) I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart - for being here.
  22. Ηello everyone. I have severe anhedonia, emotional anesthesia, severe PSSD, extremelly fatique and dizziness due to cold turkey of paxil(60mg!!). I tοοκ it for 6 weeks and I am free 8 months now. The issue is that I am on benzo (xanax) 3 years(!) in doses 1 - 1,5 mg and now I am on hell in other words :( because I have dependence and tolerance (maybe) to xanax. Ι was never warned that ssri will cause me so terrible side effects such as anhedonia and PSSD. Therefore, I was concentrated to cut the xanax gradually this year. Now I have so many nightmares and nobody doctor believes me, because, as you Know very well, all these situations aren't recognizable. Also I am very confused because I don't Know if it is W/D or adverse reaction. Although I got a huge dose, I Think 6 weeks is a short exposure to develop W/D. I don't have waves and windows. Every day is the same.I keep thinking that is permanent and I have intense suicidal thoughts. It' so unbearable ... I feel so EMPTY. I can't feel love even for my parents and I haven't substantial support because they ALL think that I am simply depressed. Ιt's a sick joce....Do you think that I must taper the xanax now? My brain is in chaos and I am afraid for W/D from xanax now, but maybe I have not other choice. Keep in mind that I had not these effects (anhedonia, emotional blunting,PSSD) 2.5 years while I was ONLY on xanax. Any advise would be highly appreciated! Sorry for my bad English. Greetings
  23. Ozil

    Ozil off Paxil

    I have been in this paxil drug for 3 year and quit it cold turkey. And has been sober for last 3 year,. But these years were like a hell to me. The mood swings insomnia stomach pain panic attack rest leg syndrome etc made my life miserable. Still these especially insomnia hit back and feel miserable. I wish never have taken this paxil.
  24. Hello everyone, Glad to find this forum as I have been lost without advice and the GP is clueless. I am also a health care professional myself. So I was started on Seroxat/Paxil in 2001( 20mg ) and have been on it for over 16 years. Altering doses but hovered around 10mg on the liquid form for majority. I then decided this year to taper and went too fast. I went from 10mg to 2mg in around 4 months. I then kind of crashed only a few weeks ago. I then upped my dose to 8mg and have been on that dose for 5 weeks. I still feel crap and all the initial ssri side effects of when I originally started. Horrific. My question is how long do I wait at 8mg to feel better or at least balance? My plan is to wait until week 8 and if no improvement up my dose to 12mg but its taking me in the wrong direction. I want to come off this drug. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated??
  25. Link to BrassMonkey's success story Hi All--I go by Brassmonkey, but you can also call me Tom. I new to this group but mnot new to WD. I started on 20mg of Paxil 19 years ago and over the years built up to 40mg. Aboth three years ago it stafted causing mre problems than it helped. I was constently in a fog, couldn't remember anything more than a few seconds, had balance problems and very heavy night sweets. My drinking was also out of control. After some serious "discussions" with my wife I decided I had better do something. My Dr said "if you want off, then just quit." I knew better from when I had to change from 30 CR to 30 regular and there was a problem with the Rx. Some web research lead me to a forum that suggested tapering at 10% a month. Sounded good to me, not being one to leave a good thnig alone, I decided to sneek up on the 10% by dropping 2.5% a week for 4 weeks and then holding for an additional 2 weeks. In the past 14 months I have dropped from the 40mg to 13.7mg and have to say that I have had very little trouble with the WD symptoms. They are there, but are fairly easy to handle. A few weeks after starting my taper I joined AA and CTed the 15 oz a night vodka habit I had developed. I'm technically not sober 'cause I still enjoy 2 beers on most nights, but it's nothing like I was drinking. I recently switched from AA to DDA (dual diagnosced anon) and find that they tend to understand the AD problems a lot better. Oh yes, and my wife is very happy with the positive changes I have made. That's the basics, I'll blither on more as the topics arise.
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