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  1. Hi, I'm totally new here. I started prozac 10 years ago for anxiety. I was always on 20mg a day. It helped me tremendously at the time but I never expected to be on it for so long.. My life is less stressful (not in grad school any more, job stability etc.) so I decided to go off it. At my doctor's advice I tapered slowly, decreasing roughly like: 2 weeks of: 10mg 3x/week, 20mg 4x/week 2 weeks of: 10mg 5x/week, 20mg 2x/week 2 weeks of: 10 mg all week 2 weeks of: 10mg 5x/week, 5mg 2x/week 2 weeks of: 10mg 3x/week, 5mg 4x/week 2 weeks of: 5mg all week 2 weeks of: 5mg 3x week, then 5mg 1x and then OFF. NO emotional side effects during this entire process. Just some IBD stuff (which I had with the stress/anxiety before starting the prozac). So I took my last pill 2 weeks ago. Just in the past few days I've had racing in my chest, palpitations, some joint pain, and mild irritability. And last night I had terrible insomnia. Is this finally the withdrawal kicking in? I'm a teacher and start classes after Labor Day. My goal was to be DONE with all this by the time school started. I figured with the slow tapering, I wouldn't have withdrawal once I stopped. Is there anything I can do to help the withdrawal? I DO NOT want to go back on it. I want to ride this out. Going off it like this has shown me how insidious it is. I know it helped me and helps people, but it's messed up that it's so hard to get off of!
  2. I'm new here and appreciate the time people take to help others who are struggling! As of June of this year, I discontinued paroxetine after slowly reducing to about 1 mg. Now I'm having severe anxiety and insomnia again. It's so bad so that I went to the Dr. to get a prescription. She prescribed lexapro (generic) and ambien (generic). Now after reading more about lexapro I don't think it's a good idea to take this. I might just try the ambien because of the severe insomnia, constant waking and feeling of dread. The Dr. is very cautious with meds, and knows I don't want to be on this stuff. But, she thinks it's more important that I get rest even if I just take the meds for a short time. But I know the risks. I've tried every natural supplement under the sun--nothing works. I've tried ibuprofen and a little benedryl but it doesn't help much. Should I reinstate paroxetine to 5 mg instead of lexapro (generic)? Or just try 2.5 mg of ambien (generic)? i desperately need sleep.
  3. Hello beautiful people, I am new here. I apologise if this topic was already covered a million times, but.... I am rather hopeless right now. I've been reducing my paroxetine dosage. The last reduction was from 20mg to 10mg a day. About a week or so passed of me taking this new 10mg dose and I started having TERRIBLE headaches. Mainly it's my temples, my jaw, my teeth. Have any of you had this problem ? How did you cope? I mean, I could be taking ibuprofen everyday,but it's been more than a week and that in itself has side effects... So I'm looking for something, just about anything that could help.
  4. I used to be a member over at PaxilProgress years ago when I attempted a gradual withdrawal. I have a story for you all today that some may related to. I have been on Paxil for 18 years because of Panic attacks. At first, I was prescribed 20mg. After 6 months I dropped to 10mg. After a year of hating the sexual side effects I dropped to 5mg for the next 16 years. At 5mg, I have no panic attacks and I thought I was living a normal life.....until today. I am a health nut. I have a fixed routine for taking my Paxil, blood pressure meds (trying to get off) and natural supplements each morning. About a week ago. I started a bunch of oral surgery. My blood pressure also rose to unsafe levels. Because of all this my stress was off the charts. I have been feeling emotional and have even shed tear a few times (I am a married man who is not that emotional). To top things off, yesterday it was like I found the fountain of youth. My sexual energy and sensitivity was off the charts to the point my wife could not figure what was going on. I was shocked also because I felt like an 18 year old. This was all getting a bit too weird and we could not figure out what was going on. Today I went in for my normal workout at the Gym. I felt really energized besides the stress. But then, I started noticing dizziness and ringing in my ears. Out of the blue, I felt the familiar signs of a panic attack starting. After sitting down for a bit, it all became clear. Years ago I started to ween myself of Paxil gradually and I had the same dizzyness and ringing. I went to the doctor thinking it was an inner ear infection, which it was not. Fortunately, another doctor was passing by and heard my conversation. He asked if I had stopped taking any Paxil. I told him that yes, I was reducing my amount. That is when he said "you can't do that with Paxil. It has to be a very gradual process". That is the conversation that gave me my epiphany today. Sure enough, when I got home I realized that my paxil bottle was nowhere to be found. So, I missed it during my daily rotation with the others. Most likely, this has gone on for about a week. So here I sit. I know from the past that if I don't get back on Paxil really really soon, horrible things are going to start happening. But for the evening at least, I plan on snuggling up with my wife and remember what it feels like to have sensitivity and tingling sensations (the good kind) again. I remember reading that it takes at least 5 days for Paxil to complete leave your system. So, I know that I have been off it at least that long. Tomorrow I will have to make sure I start the Paxil back up again, or suffer the consequences. However, after feeling alive like I feel today, I sure would like to feel like this again some day. So, I think I will make another attempt at cutting back (even from 5mg), After 18 years, it may take me 1 year to taper off. It has been really nice not having panic attacks for the last 18 years (except when I quit Paxil). But, I had forgotten what it is like to have ALL your emotions and sensitivities back, both good and bad. Thanks for letting me share. I feel so strange right now that the Paxil is completely out of my system, even if it is temporary. I feel like a male Cinderella at the ball and the clock is ticking down to 12am, when it is time to take a Paxil pill and return to what has been the norm for the last 18 years.
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a new user and new to SSRIs. I just start Paroxetine on 5/1/17 as part of treatment for PMDD, which has been exacerbated post-partum. My daughter is 16 months and I felt very strongly that it was time to deal with the returning depression that I have had and ignored for 10 years. Being pregnant was the best mood stabilizer I had experienced in a long time and it taught me that I could feel better and be a better version of myself. But now I've started Dr. Kelly Brogan's book "Mind of Our Own" and though I knew that I never wanted to be on an SSRI permanently, I want to begin tapering ASAP. I haven't been on this medication too long and I am so hoping that this makes tapering—albeit slowly—consequence free. Advice, recommendations, etc. are welcome. Isabella
  6. LostInTheWoods

    LostInTheWoods: Healing

    Hi everyone, I’m Lost Woods from PP, changed to LostInTheWoods because it makes more sense, although for calling out names I guess you could abreviate LitW. A reintroduction may follow. I’m 30 years old and I’m male. Introverted and with a tendency to worry too much about things the average person may not find important. Although having little escoliosis and a deviated nasal septum since I can remember, overall I was doing fine in the health department, far from clinics and pharmacies. I had some minor dizziness periods about three years ago, but they faded. Two years ago is when everything started. A job crisis filled me with fear of both losing my job in a moment I couldn’t afford to stay unemployed. Naturally, I was anxious a lot of the time: however, the crisis passed, nothing bad happened but I could no longer shut down the anxiety in my body, even if I knew there was nothing to worry about. It started to bring somatic symptoms to the point I suspected I was physically ill. Made some blood tests and came out “disappointed” that there was nothing wrong with them even if I didn’t feel healthy. Sleep was getting shorter until one night I got only two hours and a panic attack. The rest of the story is well known: I got directed to a psychiatrist and he put me on 20 mg Paxil and Clonazepam for a short time. It got me to sleep better and I was calm enough to not worry about the initial side effects, which were minor and I was informed about them. My first attempt to leave clonazepam was a failure, but the second attempt was successful: I only lasted two months under benzos. After that period of stabilization, I got to experiment the dream: far less worrisome as before, active through all the day with the sensation of a clear mind and even getting more extroverted, might have been a little hypomania. However, it didn’t last forever and eventually I was descending into this state where you couldn’t care about anyone or anything, a state I know wasn’t good overall, and decided to withdraw. Detailed notes and history of taper are lost even to me. I went the way down from 20 mg down to 5 mg there were bad days when I couldn’t concentrate and could only stare at the screen like a zombie, days when anxiety could surge out of nowhere or days where sleep tooks hours to happen since the moment I was laying on bed, days where some odd pain in a part of the body it didn’t used to hurt appeard with no apparent explanation. However, I never wished to reinstate and after stabilizing and keep the tapering off. After a few weeks on 5 mg, cutting the pills became difficult and my daily dose of paroxetine was more irregular. To my dismay, absolutely no drugstore in my town sells liquid paroxetine! I got those weird looks from the employees as I were looking for some martian medicine. I got desperate, feeling no difference whether I took the paroxetine or not and CT from there, without wanting to look back. This was 6 months ago. I’ll leave details of these last months symptoms for another post where I’ll look for advice. Right now I feel old, with less vitality than before. Back in the day I thought that the aging process with be very gradual and slow, and that I could lead a ordinary life in the 30-40 decade with little decrease on mental and physical energy. Instead, I feel as if I had been cursed with a sudden aging spell that left me with little will to do plans with my life and move forward. I know I must do it but lacking the spirit to do it, it is hard to try. As others, I’m mad that drugs like the SSRIs exist, with little knowledge about how they work at the biological level and with the potential to screw the whole organism, feet to head, in ways no one can predict and leave everyone guessing, with some statistics thrown there to pretend there’s knowledge. But getting mad for the sole sake of it leads nowhere, and I’m completely oriented to getting personal and concrete courses of action. Hello everyone here and also previous PP posters. As I said there, forums like these have very good people and quality and I respect them a lot. Hopefully I can add something as well.
  7. First of all, I would like to say that I am very thankful to have found this site- Just knowing that I am not alone in going through this horrible nightmare that is withdrawal, makes me feel a lot better, and gives me hope. I started tapering off 40 mg Seroxat (form of Paxil) in December 2016, after being on them for about 3 years. Before Seroxat, I was on different types of SSRI (tried them all), for about 12 years. I tapered from 40 directly down to 30 mg, and kept it on 30 mg from December to March. From the end of March, I tapered from 30 mg to 20 mg, and sat with that dose till the end of June (June 21st). After doing some research online, I found that quite a few people were having success switching from Paxil to Prozac during taper, as Prozac has a longer half-line. Since I found that tapering off Paxil came with a lot of physical symptoms (stomach upset, diarrhea, dizziness, headaches), I thought I would give it at try to switch to Prozac. Since my insurance only cover the generic version of Prozac (Fluoxetine), that is what I had to go with. So, on June 21st, I switched from 20 mg Seroxat (form of Paxil), directly to 20 mg of Fluoxetine. I had the usual upset stomach, and general feeling of being unwell, but that was as expected. Then, a few weeks back, I started waking up every morning with intense anxiety- A heavy and extremely tight feeling on the chest. This went on for about two weeks, and I then had about a week where I felt much better. I had made up my mind to not do any changes in my dosage of 20 mg Fluoxetine, until I felt like it was safe to do so. So here I am, on 20 mg of Fluoxetine, on my 46th day, and the reason why I am writing this is: A couple of days ago, I started to feel intense anxiety, not only when I woke up, but throughout the day. I started taking these medications for mild social anxiety, and general anxiety disorder- But the intensity of the anxiety that I am currently (and have been experiencing for the past couple of days) is excruciating. I am now left feeling desperate, terrified and just scared that I have done something horrible to my brain! I can't go on feeling like this, and want to start reinstating the drug. My question is, how would I go about this? My GP have little to no knowledge on the topic, and I feel like I am left on my own to figure this out. If anyone has any advice on what to do, please let me know. I am feeling very confused and worried as to how the reinstating should be done- Should I go back on 20 mg Seroxat? Any advice or input would be received with great appreciation. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. I truly appreciate it.
  8. Over the course of 6 months I was rapidly tapered by my psychiatrist from 60mg to 20mg of paxil. April of this year I was told to stop taking the 20mg paxil as my psych thought it was making my benzo withdrawal symptoms worse. It's been over a month now and I'm having horrible anxiety, fatigue, nausea and insomnia. My psychiatrist doesn't think that my withdrawal symptoms are coming from the paxil withdrawals. He said that my body should be past that. But at the same time he's rapidly cut my dose of valium too from 60mg to 30mg in one month. I don't know what to do. If I should reinstate the paxil? Check in at a behavioral center and try to stabilize. It's been hell and I'm not sure what to do. I have since been prescribed Seroquel 200mg, lamictal 25mg, remeron 15mg, and I'm currently on valium 30mg. Please give me advice. I already know that this psychiatrist sounds like a horrible one, but I wouldn't be able to see a different one in at least a couple months. Thanks everybody! --sorry, forgot to mention that I was on the paxil for over 3 1/2 years and over the course of the 6 month taper I was switched between a lot of different ssri's. More than I can remember.
  9. Hello! I was given a suggestion to come to this site. I am in the middle of a mess. I was on Paxil for 15 years, never more than 40, mainly 20. About 4 months ago, I started to taper because I wanted off medications. I don't like taking medicine. I took it for severe anxiety issues and thought I was better. I tapered and was off it for 6 weeks. I thought I was doing great. Brain swooshes were gone, flashing lights were gone. Last week I started getting up tight and thought I had a UTI. Went to see the doctor and she seemed to think it was withdrawal, even after 6 weeks. I was not sure, but thought she might be right. She suggested Celexa. I started it on Friday night and by Saturday, I was a raving mess. Nausea, diarrhea, "doom cloud", just horrible. Got thru Sunday and yesterday I decided to take 10 mg of Paxil, thinking getting back on it is better and feeling better is what I need to do. Yesterday was horrible. Last night was bad. Today is bad. I took another 10 mg this morning, hoping for relief. I know it won't happen immediately, but I did this once before and was off 2 weeks and got back on. Maybe I waited too long to get back on, I don't know. I just know feeling like this is horrible. I'm going back to doctor this morning in the hopes of help. Any input would be appreciated. I know I have anxiety issues, I have had them all my life, but I thought at this stage of life ... good job, good life ... I could do without medication. I'm obviously mistaken.
  10. A week ago I lost emotions for my boyfriend which is very weird cause I know that I love him dearly. I remember praying for a good man to love and a couple of months later Xander shows up:) And he has been nothing but amazing and supportive with my WD. I'm confused cause once I felt like I lost feelings started happening, I started to think women were more attractive than Xander. I know its crazy cause I'm straight. I have never thought like this ever before while I was with Xander or any other man. I had experimented with only one women and it was only one time. And that was a year ago. And that was that. After that experience didn't want to do it again. And after that time I would only talk to men and have casual sex with them if I wanted. You can say before Xander I was sort of a tramp. Haha. I know theres nothing wrong with being gay. My sibling (sister/brother) is gay and I love her so much. But I honestly don't want to be gay. And I'm scared that this WD is gonna make me end up gay and when I recover I'll literally be gay:( I know that sounds weird but thats how my thoughts are. And I don't want to lose what I have with Xander cause deep deep down I still love him so much. I need help:(
  11. I take 5 mg. of Paxil, daily. I cut my pills. Brain zaps start after missing one day. I don't see how I can half my dose. Any suggestions?
  12. I have a question. I too have been on Paxil for 15 yrs. I started hearing music in my mind referred to as auditory hallucinations. Is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms while still on the med if it poops out on you?
  13. Hello, I have been on paxil since I was 16 years old. I'm now 34. I was never depressed. I've always had adhd which escalated to some anxiety a psych visit and a script for paxil that I have never escaped. The first time I ever felt true depression was when I tried to quit taking paxil. I was told this was depression resurfacing and a sign the medication is working. I now realize this was simply withdrawls. I have had insane electric shocking sensations, sensitivity to sound, light, mood swings aggression, confusion ect. when trying to quit. I believe my withdrawl process would take years. I believe the last few mg's will be the very hardest. I am interested in hearing any suggestions.
  14. Help needed..I tapered to 7.5 ish without a problem. Now all hell breaks loose if I try to go further. What should I do? 10% drops no longer work. The results of the drop are so devastating I cannot function, panic attacks all night, lack of sleep builds up and I end up a total basket case ready for the hospital. So I reinstate back to a "normal feeling and life is normal. The drug haze lifted at about 10mg so I am O.K. Would like to get off Paxil but don't have to. Any ideas are welcome. Alice
  15. Hello, I am new to the forum. Long story short... I have been on Paxil for 15+ years now. I was started on it after developing anxiety/depression after acquiring visual snow syndrome vs persistent migraine symptoms at age 18. It seems the visual may have been triggered by panic after illicit drug experimentation. Prior to starting the Paxil, I had developed trails off of moving objects, a feeling of depersonalization/derealization, and the illusion of objects wavering if I stared long enough. My psychiatrist placed me on Zoloft to start along with as needed clonazepam. I eventually switched to Paxil and most of my symptoms came under very good control. At least, my anxiety about the visual phenomena was well controlled. Eventually, I stopped clonazepam alltogether. Things went relatively well for the following 15 years. I graduated from college, had plenty of friends and enjoyed my life, rarely thought about the visuals, eventually went to grad school, met a great girl, and have been practicing in medicine for the past 3-4 years. All the while, I remained on Paxil at ~ 15 mg daily. Unfortunately, there was a period of extreme emotional stress 2-3 years ago when the girl and I were "on the rocks". It was an awful time as we were living in separate states and were seeing other people. I couldn't sleep, couldn't focus at work, wasn't eating, etc. I ended up increasing my Paxil dosage to 20 mg and taking a clonazepem nightly to get some sleep. During that turmoil, I stupidly smoked some pot with friends to try and forget things. I hadn't done that in like 8 yrs so it was a shock to the system. On one occasion, I experienced a sort of panic attack and had a migraine the following day. About 1-2 months later, I started to notice severe photophobia, followed by prolonged afterimages, trails, and a constant daily headache that seemed to stem from my palate/jaw. Ironically, the girl and I worked things out and are now engaged to be married!! We have been doing relatively well except all the sxs have continued to worsen. These recurrences of symptoms reminded me of those I had experienced from 15 yrs earlier, but much worse. They have persisted for the past 2+ years!! It seems that in moments of heightened stress, the visual symptoms become much worse. I have tried a few treatments, mainly targeting the headaches (Lamictal, Nadolol, Verapamil, Nortriptyline), none of which helped. I have even tried slowly tapering the Paxil, thinking it may be the culprit. I have only made it from 15 down to 10 mg. This brings me to my question... I have started Gabapentin 300 mg at night in hopes that it will ease the facial pain/headaches. I have been on it for 1 month now and only experiencing worsening visual symptoms including longer trails/afterimages and now significant blurred vision. I have grown MUCH more anxious over the worsening of symptoms and general despair of the situation. I am not sleeping well and fear things will continue to worsen. My neurologist wants me to switch from Paxil to Lexapro in hopes that it may help with the pain and facilitate coming off the Paxil once and for all. She is certain that it is safe to do a sudden switch, dropping 10 mg of Paxil and starting 10 mg of Lexapro in the same night. My fear is that I will go into an awful w/d from the Paxil while the Lexapro is ramping up. She is certain this won't happen since they work on similar receptors so the Lexapro should't take 6 weeks to get into the system. Is this true? Is it wiser to cross-taper? Should I continue to taper Paxil completely before starting Lexapro? Should I stop the Gabapentin as it may be worsening the visuals? I fear that I will develop worsening visual symptoms regardless. I am aware go the horror stories about SSRIs causing visual snow, etc. I just know from my history that the Paxil HELPED the visual symptoms initially. Thanks for any and all advice.
  16. I ve been on Paxil for 2 years. I really would like to go off of it, especially because of the weight gain!! I feel I am ready for this. I am on 20 mg once a day. What I would really love is a chart of some sorts to follow. Day by day.... My Dr. suggested I think about going off of Paxil. And Id like to do it! Is there any chart I can print out? I did try before, but the "brain zaps" were too much. I didnt taper slow enough I think. thanks!!
  17. Hello, I've been on Paxil 20mg for 20 years. 2 years ago I weaned off it only to experience worsening depression and suicidal thoughts. I had to start to take it again and the doctor added Wellbutrin. I'm also on Trazadone for sleep and anxiety. I struggle 70% of the time with oversleeping,no sex drive,loss of appetite, and actually making myself take walks, go to work etc..my question is is my antidepressants working? Thanks
  18. Hello to my fellow SSRIs survivors out there! It's been one hell of a ride for all of us, hasn't it? The good news is that the healing does happen. I'm one of you - many years spent on the drugs and then after going off of those experiencing the protracted WD-syndrome. I've been off of SSRIs for more than two years now - the improvement is undeniable, yet many symptoms are still present. Judging by the progress so far, though, the healing willl eventually take place. Good luck to everybody!
  19. Hello Everybody! In December 2010 (I just turned 21) I started taking Paxil because I was having severe anxiety (Agoraphobia / Emetophobia). After intensive therapy I made a good recovery which allowed me to pick up daily life (the Anxiety is never completely gone, but it no longer has a big impact on my life). I tried to stop twice and twice this failed extremely hard. By then me and my psych/GP thought it was easy and with todays knowledge I can say that the failures were probably due to way to fast withdrawal schedules (first time I halved to 10mg and stopped the week after.. second time I reduced by 2mg each week). Early summer 2016 I was feeling better than ever on every aspect of my life, but in the second half of the summer suddenly I started feeling worse. Fatigued, unmotivated, tingling sensations and a somewhat drugged/absent feeling. Even though I did feel familiar (to Paxil symptoms, which I had a lot the first ~2-3 months when starting Paxil each time) I did not immediately link it to my medication due to no increase in anxiety. However after a thorough checkup (both physically and mentally) without any other possible finding the only remaining hypothesis was the sudden change in how my body responded to the medication. I decided to start tapering of paxil, but this time I would be prepared: I found out about the 5-10% in 3-6 weeks schedules and found a psychiatrist to help me with my tapering. I also switched to liquid Seroxat to make tapering easier. My plan was to start with tapering 10% each 4 weeks and only reduce dosage once I felt mainly stable/good during the last week. The first taper step went good with only minor/innocent side effect. The second step already became a bit heavier especially with the addition of headaches and eye floaters both of which reduced my daily productivity/concentration. However after 5 weeks I felt stable/better and decided to taper again. The first week on my new dosage (14.4mg) went surprisingly well. But after that suddenly everything changed: The anxiety came back in full force. In addition I felt hunted/restless, nauseous, vague/absent (like I'm a spectator in my own life), still had headaches, almost no energy, heart palpitations and sometimes hyperventilating. We are now three months further and I slowly/steadily start feeling better each week but still feel far from stable (more like a house without foundation which could collapse any moment). Besides all I remain positive and hope to feel better in a couple of weeks, but I am uncertain of what to do next: - I could continue tapering Paxil as if nothing happened, but given the insane symptoms I just recovered from I might consider a smaller step of 5%. - An alternative could be, due to the heavy symptoms in a this early stage of tapering to switch to an AD which is famous for being still-horrible-but-slightly-less-horrible-than-parox with regards to tapering and withdrawal symptoms. I found this topic on this site which states this and that Prozac is often used for this. I can not decide what to do.. hopefully this and other topics on this site will help me make this decision..
  20. Hello everyone, I'm new here from Montreal, Canada. I'm almost 40 years old, had been taking Paxil 20mg for almost 7 years, for general anxiety. Started withdrawal from Paxil couple months ago. Doctor prescribed 10mg to take in alternance with 20mg for the first month. Now I'm at 10mg everyday. Next month will be 10mg and none in alternance. And the month after that nothing. Couple years ago I had started withdrawal, but waaayyy to fast, and it did not go well at all (suicidal toughts, etc.) Now with my doctor it's going pretty well, but I have side effects such as dizzyness, hot flashes, nervousness. Are these side effects normal? Will they pass enventually? Thank you! Talk to you soon!
  21. freakZ0ne: Hi folks - I'm a 61 year old guy with lifelong depression precipitated by PTSD from childhood trauma. Prescribed antidepressants 1994. Tried many SSRI's and took Paxil from 2004 to present. Now have tapered off completely. Suffering with various symptoms like brain zaps, headaches, crying spells, black moods, irritability, distrust, paranoia, poor sleep with bad dreams. I want to feel my feelings and not mask myself with any drugs. Want to regain sexual functionality. Exploring using all natural ways of dealing with emotional issues with supplements, herbs, meditation, yoga and the like. Need support. Thanks!
  22. Hi everybody, I've been on paxil for over 10 years at 20 mg daily, and 4 month ago I tried to stop takin it, but I ended in a livin hell! After two month after stopped the drug I started to have bad vertigo, palpitation, anxiety, and depression. I decided I had to reinstate Paxil but I did it at full dosage of 20mg. After 4 days I started to have stomach pain, hypertension, muscle cramps, and severe agitation to to the point I couldn't stay sit for more than 20 seconds. My life quality since this episode changed dramatically because some of the symptoms are still there, in particular stomach pain, muscle cramps, vertigo and anxiety. I tried a second time with Paxil at 5mg daily but still at the fourth day I had bad muscle cramps during the night. I don't know what to do! I'd like to reinstate and find again that equilibrium but now I fear to take Paxil again! My doctor suggested me lexapro at low dose like 2mg but I heard bad stories about this drug after Paxil. Please give me a suggestion, my life is going on a downhill and I can't stop it. Please help me!
  23. I have been on Seroxat for about 10 years and each time my depression gets worse the dose is increased. It was actually suggested by a psychiatrist that I should take 100mg, although I refused. Since last year I have gradually reduced from 70mg to 50mg. The trouble is I have terrible withdrawal symptoms even if I reduce by a tiny amount. I get really bad physical symptoms, but also get incredibly irritable and angry. My GP is not very supportive about reducing.
  24. Hi! I've joined for support and advice as I begin to withdraw from Aropax. I've been on a 20mg daily dose of Paroxetine (aropax) since 2011. Over time I have skipped tablets and taken my dose to 20mg every second day. I've asked my Dr for a withdrawal schedule and she has advised; 1 week - take 10mg per day to even out...rather than 20mg every second day 3 weeks - take 10mg every second day 1 week - 10mg every third day Stop This seems very fast and I was concerned after reading around online I'm not sure this will work. I look forward to any advice! Kim
  25. If you or a loved one gave birth to a child with a heart defect after taking Paxil (paroxetine, Seroxat) while pregnant, email me and we''ll talk. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm. My email address is patrickhahn (at) hotmail.com.
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