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  1. I am a teenager going through withdrawal and it is pure torture. I dont know what to do. I feel alienated from the fact I still have a developing brain. I was put on 50mg Zoloft for one month, maybe 2 weeks more. I cant remember. My memory is deteriorating. I was prescribed this, heavily encouraged and before my gut-feeling said no to taking this medication that I was forced to take; My family encouraged me. It was flaky between 25mg and 50mg. I was switched to Prozac 25mg. I dont remember how long I took this, and 2 weeks is my best guess. One week? 3 Weeks? 2 and a half? I start
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you guys are keeping your chins up I finally took the time off work last July to diagnose and treat my PMDD. I'd have MDD since 18, diagnosed and on cymbalta at 27 and was working well on it until my PMDD developed. I remember cymbalta fixing me within 2 hours, and I cried because it had filled this struggle inside me that had hurt me for so long. My PMDD symptoms developed and for a few years I honestly couldn't tell (neither could my...admittedly male GPs) whether my immune system sucked, low iron, or was just one of those people who w
  3. Hi everybody, this is my first post in this forum. I am generally a optimistic person and I consider my life as good. Nevertheless, some life events and circumstances brought me to some anxiety/depression episodes. My first anxiety episode was some years ago due to highly stressing events. After struggling for months without asking theraphy, I was to a doctor who gave me Citalopram 20 mg for 6 months, then down to 10 mg for other 9 months and then stop. My anxiety was very hard in that time, but I recovered really good and was proud of it. However, after like 10 month of
  4. I take 20 mg prozac and 0.5mg etizolam daily since July 2020, started on these meds due to anxiety specifically health anxiety. Now seems to recovered with intermittent bouts of anxiety on some days. Planning to taper prozac, can I go on faster taper say 10% reduction every 10 days given my short period of drug exposure.
  5. Hi! My name’s Emily and I’m currently on my 5th day of Effexor withdrawal. I’ve been really in need of someone to talk to and have seen some really heartwarming interactions on here, so I’m going to share my story below in hope that I too can develop a support team of people who may relate to what I’ve gone through. This is a long read, so thanks if you read it all, I get to my withdrawal experience eventually. Currently I am a 17 year old high school senior who is about to graduate, I will be 18 in July. My childhood had some negative events such as parents divorcing, and there m
  6. I have no idea how to start this, so perhaps my name? Rich. I'm 38 and nearly six months off sertraline and I'm verging on suicidal, and feel completely and utterly like I can't take another minute of this nightmare. Will it ever end? I started taking the drug in 2015 (I believe I'm called a short timer) after a long period of depression, chronic fatigue and a bit of a nervous breakdown after a traumatic relationship and years of intense stress at university (ba, ma and mid way through a PhD with no break). I had super severe side effects going on the drug, but I got through it. I
  7. Hi, History I was having depression/anxiety with physical sympthoms (constant headache, stomach pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc) so doctor put me on sertraline 50mg for 6 months but soon after the effect wore off and doc increased it to 100mg once daily for another 6 or 8 months. I was not happy with the result i got from sertraline as i was dizzy, nauseous, very sleep and gained weight - from 57kg to 65kg (8kg in less than a year) so I switched it to Prozac (generic) 20mg for the first 3 months and again it didnt really worked completely particularly with my depression s
  8. Hi there, fellow Surviving Antidepressants Community Members As weird as this might sound, I'm excited to be here. After many years of feeling I have been surviving but not thriving and suspecting that my antidepressants are part of the problem--or at the very least, preventing me from identifying some of the root problems--I feel like I'm starting to get on track with full recovery at 31 years old. It might be a bit premature to say that but today, with the sun out, and having just gotten the support of my psychiatrist to go ahead with starting to taper off Prozac, I'm hopeful tha
  9. Hello all, I am new here and joining because the last three months have been something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It started in January when I decided to finally start seeing some specialists instead of just my Family Doctor. I started with a neuro for my migraines and a psych to try and figure out a better med for me. I had been on Lexapro (20mg) for just over 2 years ish I think. We had added Wellbutrin to fix some of the side effects about a year ago. Lexapro was just making me so very tired and I was still finding myself having anxiety. So
  10. Dear community, I was recommended this forum after seeking advice for my current situation on Reddit. The last four month have been the hardest so far in my life. I took Przac for about 10,5 years (from when I was 16 to when I was 27 years old) until I stopped taking it in December 2020. At that point I was on 10 mg Prozac for about a year (20 mg previously) and my psychologist encouraged me to try stopping it for good. It was my wish to stop too as I had develop restless-leg-syndrome over the past yars and suspected it might be connected to Prozac. I took Prozac for my anxiety, de
  11. I was treated with various anti-depressants for Panic Disorder & Depression as a teenager for about 25 years. Most antidepressants pooped out over time, or had bad side effects so I would be put on a different med, or add another one to try and address the side effects. First withdrawal issues were fairly short lived but I recall getting brain zaps going off Effexor in my 20’s. By my mid 30’s I was sick of not feeling like myself, chasing side effects with more meds, the failed trials & cocktails, & not knowing what was causing what vs where my underlying original issues stood.
  12. I have been put on Escitaloprám ( 10 years) then stopped working, next day on Zoloft (7 weeks) made me terrible ill and stopped, put on Citalapram for 9 days and Dr said stop for 2 weeks and he will evaluate me. I didn't go back ro see my Dr and was clean for 3 months and I crashed. Went on Cymbalta for 1 day and was out cold for 2 days, Dr put me on prozac (2 days) made me sick, so I stopped, then put back on Zoloft for 2 days and became really ill and lost 8kg in 2 weeks. 23 days clean and I was going crazy. Went to my Dr and she put me on Mirtazapine 7.5mg, 11 days in and I don't want ro t
  13. I am brand new to this site and scared to death after reading this post BUT hopeful. 1986 Prozac now Fluoxetine 20mg 2x a day added 2002 Postpardum Wellbutrin now on 300XL 1 x day Just began reading A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan MD which is how I learned of this site I will soon turn 56 and antidepressants have ruled my life. I can see the prolonged use is causing my condition to worsen as I an having to go to Canada for Brand Name (generic doesn’t work) Insurance won’t cover $2400 month Brand in the US. I know this will be a challenge but with Dr. Brogan’s
  14. Hello, I m Melany and I stopped Prozac 66 days ago. I ve been on antidepressants for 2 years now because I had a major depression and Gad with Ptsd and probably a personality disorder. I have some borderline tendancies and obsesive compulsive behaviour sometimes.Recently diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. But mainly I suffer from anxiety the most. I was on benzos for months and quit them and now I am trying to recover from antidepressants or my disease. I was never doing really well on prozac either , it was just keeping my panic atacks away. I was having waves till some
  15. Hello! How slowly should you taper off Fluoxetine when you’ve been taking it for 20 years? I started taking 20mg fluoxetine every day in 2002. In 2013 I reduced it to one every other day. Then in 2019 I reduced it again to Mondays and Thursdays (i.e. alternating between every two and every three days). Two weeks ago (Jan 2021) I reduced it further to every three days - and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms. How long do you think these symptoms will last for? And should I wait until next year before reducing it to every four days? Any advice would be very welcome!
  16. Hi! My name is Kim. I’m 62 years old. I’ve been on 20mg of Prozac for about 28 years. I started on them from having PTSD as a survivor of childhood sex abuse. I went to talk therapy many times which helped a lot. I have had multiple medical problems over the years that I now believe, in retrospect, are from taking the Prozac. I’ve been to many psychiatrists in my life. They all told me antidepressants were harmless, esp SSRIs, that I could stop anytime I wanted to. But I’ve tried many times and couldnt get off. I was told by the psychiatrist that my symptoms were returning. Years later I reali
  17. Hi all, I am trying to wean off of Paxil 20mg. Has anyone switched to Prozac due to its longer half life then tapered off with success?
  18. First of all, hello everyone.My native language not English.Im from Turkey.Im 26 years old and Im male.I had social phobia and I looked for a solution to this situation.My psychiatric adventure started at the age of 12 with prozac. I used it for 1 week and quit.Then I started again at the age of 18 with paxil. I used it for 2 weeks and quit.Short-term use of the drugs because it numbed me. When I could not cope with anxiety at the age of 21, I went to the doctor again. And this is how the real adventure that lasted until 10 months ago started. Doctors have tried all the drugs on me (lustral,
  19. Hello everyone, just a 43 year old woman looking for advice I have been on Sertaline 50 mg since 2016 switch from prozac 20 mg by my GP; before that I was on prozac for about 13 years. I was less religious with my use of my sertraline over the past year, and I had an anxiety flair over the fall and reinstated my 50 mg. My anxiety increased and was given ativan 1 mg. I took this nightly for 10 days, then got another Rx from my doctor. I was freaked out for addiction, so took it rarely in .5-1 mg. Eventually my insomnia and depression was so bad that at the urging of my friend I wa
  20. Hi everyone, I have been on SSRIs for ~15 years (since I was a child). This summer, I discontinued the medication. I had been feeling very well for several years prior. Upon withdrawal, I experienced severe symptoms including rage, depression, and feelings of horror and agitation. Rage, horror, and agitation were symptoms I had never experienced before, and I thought I had been depressed a few times in the past while on the medication (largely though I went years experiencing no symptoms, yet no doctor suggested I come off the medication), what I experienced upon withdrawal made me
  21. Hello, I’m new, I’ve been on 10 mg lexapro for 11 days. I want to bridge to Prozac. Lexapro side effects and fear of harder withdrawal ( to say the least from what I’ve read) if I wait are my strong motivations. I was on 20 mg of Prozac for about 6 yrs up until 2017. I had no problem stopping because of the long half life I assume but had virtually zero issues. For context I’ve also taken trazadone 50mg for sleep for 12 yrs and have not been able to get off that, so I do have experience with miserably failed ct attempts and one crude ( pill cutt
  22. Hi all. My journey stared back in 2009 when I had a severe panic attack. My PCP prescribed me 20mg Celexa and 1 Mg per day of Klonopin. In 2017 I was switched over to Prozac. Later that year I decided I wanted off The Klonopin and tapered rapidly until March of 2018 when I jumped off. I immediately began acute withdrawal symptoms. The worst of it lasted for about 3 months and slowly I started seeing small windows. By June 2018, I was starting to feel much better and began getting on with my life again. The goal was to get off all the meds at some point. I stuck with the Prozac on
  23. Hi, I hope I'm using this correctly. I have been on Paxil for about 10 years. Had trouble getting off it. My psychiatrist said to try Prozac. Switched and was on Prozac for about 8 months. Tapered to 10mg for a month after being on 20mg and quit. Had brain zaps but nothing else. Everything was okay until a month after. I suddenly had insomnia. Couldn't sleep and trazadone only helped 1-2 hours. Didn't talk to my psychiatrist but just went back on Prozac 10mg. Met with him two days later. But this time taking it caused a lot of anxiety issues. He said it will take weeks to work aga
  24. Hi, this forum has been doing so much for me, so I want to thank you for all your stories and the constant hope that has got me through withdrawal this far. After the worst 7 months ever. I’m finally seeing major progress and I like to say now I’m half way back to healed. The issue is I’m currently in a tough wave and just like from the start I’m experiencing very confusing and intrusive thoughts, on top of many many other symptoms, these thoughts do not feel like my own.. almost like I’m a spectator and sometimes the nature of the thoughts can be very distressing. w
  25. I have been on Prozac since 1998 max dose. It began to not do it's job. so 2 months ago I was switched to Remeron 15mg. After 1 month on Remeron I began having terrible anxiety and terrors. I never had this before so my doctor increased Remeron to 30mgs. Stayed on 30mgs 2 weeks with no change. So I asked my doctor to put me back on Prozac and quit Remeron. He did but only 10mgs. This is when major anxiety and terrors began so after 5 days I got back on Remeron with Prozac. The symptoms decreased maybe 25% but are still unbearable. I began to read and read. I realized I induced Remeron withdraw
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