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  1. Hi Everyone, The short story is that I have had depression & anxiety for 15+ years. I have taken a variety of anti-depressants over the years and have experienced 2 cold turkey withdrawals that resulted in hospitalization (will never ever do that again). I am currently stable but feel "flat" almost all the time. I am ready to taper off of all my medication (if I can). I visited my psychiatrist today to request his help. He was less than optimistic. His comments included he is "100% against me going off my medication, 80% of attempts to get off meds fail, I will be on meds for
  2. Hello everybody, My name is Eva, I am 47 years old, and a mother of three boys, aged 7, 13 and 14. When i was 24, my psychiatrist put me on prozac, that seemed to be the new wonderdrug. it helped me, made me less shy, and less depressed. in the course of the years i have tried to quit quite a few times but every time i fell into a depressed and extremely irritated state that was worse then i had ever experienced before i started taking prozac. Now, i have been off prozac for almost a year, and right now i am feeling so low that i've started thinking about taking prozac again. but i really do
  3. My two children were exposed to my (25mg/day) dose of generic Prozac (Fluoxetine) during our pregnancies and through years of breastfeeding. My 8-year old daughter experiences severe mood swings and complains multiple times a day about stomach or headaches, usually in conjunction with dreaded activities like school. I found out my seratonin levels were half what they should be, and my dopamine levels twice that of normal during a urinalysis. I'm considering testing her neurotransmitter levels, and am also needing advice on how else to support her. I've taken her out of school and we are now
  4. Quazzi

    Quazzi Intro

    Hello, It's very difficult to concentrate right now, but I thought I would try to post an intro anyway. I'm not a man of many words, so this is going to be somewhat brief. I really don't have great memory capacity at this time, and can't tell you a detailed history of myself, but I was on Effexor XR from some time in 1993 when it first came to market, until 2013, when I switched to Prozac to try to get off of it completely. A few times over the years I had tried to wean off of Effexor, but after a few months of not getting any better I always ended up going back on it. I actually
  5. I weened off lexapro last week. since i tapper off slowly from 5 mg since January 2012 to about Jan 2013 i feel perfectly alive so i start droping to 2.5 mg i feel quiet a w/d but it's bearable once the w/d stop i then drop to 1.25 mg. and i stay there for 2 weeks then stop. after 4 days, i experiencing calm and slow heartbeat, (50 beat / mins when siting, normally i got 60 beat/mins ) i feel very calm but not in a good way, it fulfilled with anxiety inside. i still can hear my heart pumping when i lay down. Doctor said everyone can hear their heart beating it's normal. but i don't it's
  6. I was on 50mgs of Pristiq for 6 years and because I am trying to get pregnant I wanted to come off. I had a great experience on it, I had such bad anxiety I couldn't leave the house. Plus bouts of depression. It helped me greatly. BUT getting off it has been really hard. My dr gave me 10mgs of prozac to help ween. So for 10 days I took prozac while taking pristiq every other day. Two days off I had REALLY bad withdrawal. Very dizzy, verdigo, brain spaciness... its hard to explain really. But it was bad. I couldn't work or do much. So my dr put me back on prozac for 5 days and that helped A
  7. This is a very long introduction... Actually it is more of a complete psychiatric medical history and I don't expect anyone to actually read it all. I just want to document my experience and maybe it will be helpful for someone or help raise awareness. Basically, I have been following mainstream medicine's advice for the past 11 years and now my brain is 'addicted' to Wellbutrin XL. I have tried to get off multiple times but have not been successful yet. You may just want to skip to the tldr paragraph at the bottom... In 2002 (age 17) I was a junior in high school and I was depressed.
  8. Hello! I am so glad to have found this site and even just to read a post by another member who was in hell at the 5 day post withdrawal of Lexapro. (Where I am now). After a real meltdown yesterday I am seeing my Dr this afternoon but had some questions I was hoping someone could help with, based on their experience? I started Lexapro for post natal anxiety 3 years ago. After a year on and feeling wonderful I slowly tapered off and did fine. I recall some mild brain zaps and tears each time I stepped down the dose but nothing that did not pass within 72 hrs. I was on a 10mg dose but do not
  9. Hi everyone, I joined this site because after 13 years of contributing to the pharmaceutical fund, and investing my retirement into the tuition of the children of my shrinks (eleven of them), only to mess up my brain chemistry and find no relief, I am tired of being on medication and looking for a way out. How it started. Fifteen years ago, I developed an eating disorder, which started as anorexia then after two years turned into bulimia. At the time, I had no other psychiatric issues. I was not depressed, did not suffer from anxiety (except relating to food) or cyclothymia... A
  10. An essential video of a court hearing that happened that officially lets the cat out of the bag about how Eli Lilly hid the negative results of pre test results on Prozac. The hearing was related to how american solders had flipped out as a direct result of using SSRI type medications. It also explains how these type of 'medications' are causing people to commit suicide, murder other people. Dr.Breggin is a Psychiatrist who's published many books on the bad aspects of psychiatric drug use & has a site that is also essential reading for anyone interested in the subject www.breggin.com
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