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  1. Hello, I just found this website looking for continued information on Anhedonia after taking prescription drugs. It started in 2009 and I was 16. I was anxious and full of hormones. My parents took me to a psychiatrist and I was prescribed 10mg Fluoxetine for the anxiety, I took it for one month and when it started taking effect I basically became emotionless. I can remember going to live music and feeling no excitement no enjoyment from the situation. I then was tapered to Venlafaxine and that was gradually raised to 150mg daily. I took Venlafaxine for 4 months. I experienced fewer co
  2. Hello everyone, I need some serious help!!! I have stopped taking Zoloft completely by the request of my GP and am suffering immensely. I was originally on 100mg and began to tapper off mid November. My doctor had me alternate between 100mg and 50mg every other day for 2 weeks. He said that's the equivalent of 75mg. Then from there I went down to two days 50mg then one day 100mg for two weeks. At this point the withdrawal started to get bad but I was able to suck it up. So I kept tapering. By the time I got to about 10mg (at Christmas) I was to dizzy to stand, nauseated, felling feeling
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm in a difficult spot right now as I've just weaned off of Paroxetine 40 mg after roughly 15 years to go onto Bupropion 300mg+. I've had experiences crashing quite badly 'twice' after trying to wean off of Paroxetine - once having to stay in bed for 2 weeks. I'm not trying to stop antidepressants this time because it's not the right time in my life, I just want to try something that doesn't give me as much sexual side effects and Bupropion seems to be the one recommended for that... I'm just scared right now because of tapering paroxetine / side effe
  4. I've never posted here before, but I'm pretty sure I've read through threads in the past. I was told by someone this may be a good place to get answers that I'm looking for. So I started taking 50 mg of Zoloft about 5 weeks ago for OCD. I had it a lot worse when I was younger and then around my senior year of high school it came back (the same thing happened to my father and it went away around after he graduated college). I'm now 21 and figured it was time to give SSRIs another shot even though I had bad experiences in the past. I wanted to be optimistic. Long story short after my 5th dos
  5. Congress Proposes Research on the Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Suicide By Chuck Ruby, PhD Featured Blogs March 30, 2016 Congressman David Jolly (FL-13) has recently introduced the Veteran Suicide Prevention Act (H.R. 4640). The bill calls for the VA to study veteran suicides over the past five years and to determine what extent psychiatric drugs are implicated in those suicides. The International Society of Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) has long been concerned about this issue, and more broadly, how our veterans and military members suffering from the horrors of war
  6. Hello All, This is my first post here. Firstly, thank you so much for the existence of this forum and support available which is severely lacking in mainstream health care services. I am currently trying to taper from Escitalopram / Lexapro as I feel that SSRI medications do not help me and cause additional problems to my existing anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. In October 2014, I reduced my medication from 10mg to 5mg of Escitalopram / Lexapro as a result of not being able to get to my GP as a result of the severity of my agoraphobia and not being able to get a GP to do a
  7. My apathy and inability to care about anything makes me too docile and easily abused by others. I have always been a nice guy, the kind of guy that seems easily abused, but I have always had enough self-love to stop people abusing me, like whenever I saw that someone was socially abusing me in whatever, I knew how to defend myself. I had something inside me to prevent me from being abused. Now the prozac-induced apathy/indifference has made me very very easy to abuse, because I just don't care. Yesterday I was with my friends, and I noticed that I was paying more than them for a sh
  8. faultandfracture

    faultandfracture: Greetings!

    Just wanted to say "Hello!" Want to come off 10mg fluoxetine hcl.
  9. Hi everyone, I am 31 years old and have been on an SSRI for 20 years, since I was 11! I was originally prescribed it to help combat anxiety that I now assume occurred with my hormones changing (getting my period). I only visited a psychiatrist one time before being prescribed Zoloft. I was on 200mg of Zoloft for about 18 years when it stopped working. About 18 months ago I was put on 20mg of Lexapro to manage my anxiety but I no longer feel like 'myself'. I have some symptoms that just aren't resolving themselves through diet and attitude changes. I'm not sure where to start but I feel like a
  10. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. My oh my, where to start. I guess from the beginning. I'm a 24 year old male. A year and a half ago, while still in college, I would smoke weed almost everyday. I had only started smoking about a year before that, so I would consider my experience with it slightly amateurish. I'm a normal kid, but I'm definitely shy, more than the average, introverted I guess. I'm also very sensitive. I don't like to be shy, I just care too much about what others think. I think this is why I turned to weed. It gave me happiness I guess you can say. I neve
  11. Hello All, Thank you for this wonderful site! A lot of my Google searches come back to this site and I've been helped by quite a few posts. I apologize if this post is a little unreadable. My brain isn't working today, but I felt I needed to at least start a thread. I'm going to omit some symptoms I had/have because I just want to start this thread. My story starts in 1998 with Paxil (I was 17 years old) with self-esteem issues and depression. Since then I've been on almost every SSRI and some tricyclics and one MAOI. I've read Anatomy of an Epidemic as well as a couple of b
  12. If the theory of up-regulated serotonin receptor sites is true as an explanation for depression, this could be a compensatory measure taken by the brain as a result of anxiety, acute stress responses, environmental factors, and even other medications. Seems to me that only non-pharmacological interventions would have any real long-term therapeutic value. Ie. cognitive behavioral therapy, altered thinking process, etc. Any thoughts?
  13. OKAY. Where to begin. I had post partum depression after my baby girl was born. I remember being in the kitchen and she was crying (she cried A LOT due to colic and I was stressed) and up popped an intrusive thought. Well this ont op of my anxiety and all was NOT a good combination. It scared me so bad and I literally got hysterical and called my mom and had to her come to my house. Later I went to my OB-GYN and she literally told me it was PMS and it was OK. So I went to get another opinion. By the time I had seen the second doctor, I was so anxious and upset that I was literrally talking
  14. Hello guys, I have been given this site from benzobuddies. Because of a major depressive episodes, i have been to psychiatrist who put me on Ciraplex. I dont trust pills anymore (I was on Clonazepam for couple of months with alwful withdrawal effects), so i didnt take the pills on the dose he prescribed them. I started on 2.5 mgs, for couple of weeks, then went on 5 mgs instead of 10. The problem is i feel very bad when i take a dose. I feel like a zombie, i feel depressed and at times suicidal. I am afraid to increase the dose, and i am afraid of what happens when i decide to quit. Will i a
  15. Where to begin... I've been off/on antidepressants since my ex and I broke up seven years ago. I've quit cold turkey (I know) at least half a dozen times and didn't notice much beyond irritability, but it might've been more noticeable or worse if I wasn't medicating with marijuana. In June of this year, I tapered off Fetzima from the full 80mg dose which I was on for two years. The only thing I noticed was a lack of motivation but I still managed to run five days a week and live my life. About three months in, I noticed when I smoked pot that my left arm would go numb or phantom-like. Sidebar:
  16. Good afternoon and thank you for taking some time to read this. First of all, sorry for my low English level. I will try to explain my case as clearly as I can. Last year, I was diagnosed with depression. My psychiatrist prescribed me Pristiq 100 mg (one pill a day). I finished the treatment in July, 2015. However, since the middle of the treatment until now, I notice this subjective side effects: -Memory problems, I have to make much effort to remember anything. -I used to have a clear mind, since I took Pristiq, my mind is slow and I lost my esase of expression. (Is this that some people
  17. Hello! I've been living without Lexapro for just at 3 months now and many forums and sites have been much help during this rollercoaster- so I thought I would try and utilize the site for what I could during this process. Here's my story: I was prescribed Lexapro when I was 21 after graduating college and struggling to find a job. I had always, since being a child, suffered with anxiety and insomnia, but was always told to 'handle it'. After having to move back in with my parents after college and feeling pretty defeated my internist put me on 10mg of Lexapro and 10mg of Ambien (as needed)
  18. Good afternoon! I finally found this after searching FB for an antidepressant forum there. I am a senior citizen (!), T1diabetic on an insulin pump, very well controlled. My journey with Prozac then the generic Fluoxitine began 15 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma (probably from Agent Orange in Vietnam). After he went into remission in 2000, I tried to go off and became very agitated and hard to live with, so I went back on it. Now, 15 years later having been unable to cry or feel any emotions for 10 years, it is time to get my life back! I am in a
  19. Hi all, I was put on Olanzapine for 4 weeks, but after reading material on the site and others I decided to go off. While taking Olanzapine I could sleep so the doctor prescribed Zopiclone 7.5mg. I've been taking it now for 4 weeks. And last night I cut it out cold turkey and didn't sleep for a single minute. I'm terrified of this withdrawal/insomnia. Has anyone else gone through this? How long should the insomnia last? How do I get through this? Do you recommend going back on a tapering? I also have bipolar and am worried that this insomnia will trigger mania.
  20. 2014 the beginning of November I went to a psychiatrist and got misdiagnosed with psychosis and depression and was prescribed Rispolept (Risperidone) 3 mg and Cipralex (Escitalopram) 10 mg. I took these drugs at home, then in the psychiatric hospital until around the end of December, so for about 1.5 month, until I was discharged, then cold turkeyed. Antipsychotic - 3 mg/day, SSRI - 10 mg/day. I felt very bad, suicidal that whole time, at first not even realizing it was the drugs affecting me and in fact almost committed suicide. While on medication I experienced akathisia, severe fatigue, anh
  21. After reading about Andreas Lubitz & the Germanwings disaster, the only difference between him & me is that someone intervened before I got the chance to kill somebody. It was at that point that I tried to quit cold-turkey (see 2nd attempt in my "tapering" history). Even though I went back on my meds after that "incident," I knew that somehow, someway, I had to get off these meds. I was a total psycho & my dosage was off the charts. After doing research on the net, I discovered that the reason for violent withdrawals from SN/SSRIs was their very short half-life. These drug
  22. Hi, my name is Alex, I am 31 years old and live in Germany. There is a German forum for antidepressent withdrawal and thats where I got a hint to this site. The topic of withdrawal problems is widely unknown in Germany and so I hope that I can get more information here. You can see my history in the signature. I lost my job, my boyfriend, my friends, had to move closer to my parents because I can hardly manage my every day life. My symptoms are ALL the symptoms you find in the SSRI-withdrawal descriptions. Nowadays its mostly bloodcirculation problems, sudden fatigues that
  23. Hi, Im Lauren, I've been on lamictal 150mg and celexa 10mg for about 2-3 years, originally for major depression with some "bipolar II qualities" ie hypomania, panic attacks. For the last 6-9 months I havent been taking them every day, more like every other to 3rd day sometimes as long as every 4th day. I didn't notice any ill effects and thought this was maybe a good way to limit my dependence if/when I ever wanted off. In retrospect I can see some increasing anxiety (esp rebound anxiety from other meds) over the last year but I chalked that up to the other meds. Then I got the
  24. Hello, I came across this forum a few times while searching for information about my situation. After going through some posts I thought it might be a good idea to tell my story and see if anybody has any direction I might try. I apologize for the long post, but honestly even after writing all this down there's even more I didn't write about... The past 4 years of my life have been quite a turmoil. Lost my mother to cancer, failed startup in which I lost quite a sum of money going into, got my own share of cancer and surgery, lost my cat to skin cancer and was forced to put her down. Add
  25. I was a healthy female months ago and i don`t even want to talk how i got into this mess (it is really painful to me ). A summary is that I developed very debilitating headaches that had made my life hell. My neurologist instead of looking for real causes decided without doing any serious examination that I was depressed and send me to a psychiatrist. I first refused then psychiatrist told me it was giving me just anti nausea drugs and other to help endure the pain not 2 ssri and a benzo. I decided to look for other causes for my headache and after a long wait I found out that I have raise
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