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  1. I have been trapped on Sertraline for 5 years (Citalopram for 5 years before that for treatment of severe anxiety ). In 2016, due to the numbing effects that Citalopram was having on my emotions, libido and the negative impact on my personal relationships, I tapered from 20mg to zero over the space of a week (GP said this was fine). Uncontrollable rage and despair led to a suicide attempt and I eagerly accepted the sertraline I was prescribed by a mental health nurse. I have attempted to taper off sertraline twice, first time by dropping dose of 150mg to 50mg every ot
  2. I am taking sertraline and was told by my doctor to taper off by taking dosage every other day but I am having horrible symptoms.
  3. Hi everyone, ive taken sertraline for about a year and a half and was stable at 100mgs. I decided to come off it as I was feeling better mentally and had been prescribed cbd and thc which I’d much rather take. Despite the positive results of sertraline, the negative side effects had become too much to handle - continuous diarrhoea, muscle tension, migraines, restless leg syndrome and so I decided to begin the process of coming off them. My dr told me to just start cutting it down over a period of weeks lol 🤦‍♂️ I had read horror stories of that so I decided to play it slow, wait u
  4. Hi, History I was having depression/anxiety with physical sympthoms (constant headache, stomach pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc) so doctor put me on sertraline 50mg for 6 months but soon after the effect wore off and doc increased it to 100mg once daily for another 6 or 8 months. I was not happy with the result i got from sertraline as i was dizzy, nauseous, very sleep and gained weight - from 57kg to 65kg (8kg in less than a year) so I switched it to Prozac (generic) 20mg for the first 3 months and again it didnt really worked completely particularly with my depression s
  5. I'm a 45 year old woman from Wisconsin. I'm a happily married mother of 2 small kids, and work as a computer programmer. My psych med history is Prozac: ?mg for 3-4 months, 1995-1996 (age 20-21). At age 20, I was very depressed-seeming, with low motivations and psychomotor retardation. I now believe that this was due to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. No doctor tested me for that at that time, however -- I was given a Prozac prescription the first time I saw a doctor. I didn't like the sexual side effects and jumped off it C/T. Serzone: 150mg-300mg, 1999-200
  6. Hi! I've been taking Zoloft 50mg for the past 15 weeks. I was very reluctant to get on an AD mostly because of my extreme fear of withdrawals (and brain zaps). Unfortunately the Zoloft seems to have done nothing for my mood (I think it's all ADHD related). Just side effects. So with my psychiatrist's permission I'm coming off. To my shock (but not really) psych has recommended a five day taper. As in cut to 25mg for 5 days and then just top. I know that that's likely to be way too fast so I've been scrutinizing the posts here. I plan on doing som
  7. Hi, After being on SSRI's since the early 2000s, I find myself at the end of an unplanned, too fast, taper from 100 mg Zoloft. I had been on 10 mg Lexapro for a number of years, but it wasn't really working well anymore. Had been in a major depression state for many months (Covid isolation, mother with advancing dementia, empty nest), so Psychiatrist upped the Lexapro, but it barely helped and he said we should try different SSRI because he said, over time, a particular drug can lose it's effectiveness, so we tried Zoloft. Again, it helped a little, but not much. So he wanted to
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a 20-year-old female from Cambridge, England. I have taken 50mg of sertraline for two days to treat my severe depression and am quickly realizing that is it not the best decision and that I want to come off them. I'd like some advice on how to do so from the forum members. Do I just stop taking them altogether? I'd be grateful for any information as I am in this situation because I'm pretty clueless.
  9. Does withdrawal get progressively worse for a bit and then plateau at its worst level? I feel like there may have been subtle signs for 3 months amd I wasn't really aware that my CNS was messed up. Like light tingle in lip and feet for 3 months and then after trying to feel better with b complex it triggered the onset of tingles, burns, muscle soreness everywhere and it basically just held there for the last 3 months with brief periods of improvement and then quick reversals back to bad feelings. This is so frustrating and I feel like doctors don't have a clue and think I am crazy.
  10. Hi everyone, I have been following this website for a couple of months. I have been on sertraline for almost 3 years, the highest being 200mg but the majority of the time I have been on 100mg. I started them back in 2018 when I was critically depressed and recovering from opioid and cocaine addiction. I have really bettered my life and decided to start coming off of sertraline about two months ago. Initially, I reduced my dose by 50mg from 100mg not knowing this horrible drug would leave me puking, hot, tingly, lethargic, and with some heart arrhythmia issues. My "psychiatrist" (this women sho
  11. Hello I was prescribed zoloft and invega sustenna for some problems that may have been misdiagnosed. I stopped both medications approx 78 days ago and I an starting to feel weirder and weirder as the days go by. I currently have some anxiety and I feel like I have emotions "trapped" or "stuck" physically inside my body. At times I can sort of feel anger and fear inside faintly. Also this is no the first time I've stopped taking a medication cold Turkey, after being on it for at least a few weeks/ months. I have stopped my medications cold turkey at least 5 times over the last two years.Bo
  12. Hi guys My name is Dave and I'm 55. I was put on Sertraline about 2½ years ago as I was struggling with depression and anxiety. A few weeks ago I had a big anxiety whilst dropping my 7 yo son at school. I kind of freaked out at all the other parents wearing facemasks. I have been off work since October last year as I can't wear a face mask and I work for the NHS so I cannot enter the hospital without having a facemask on. Luckily they found some work I can do from work so at least my job is relatively safe. After that panic attack my GP increased the Sertraline to 200mg, which seem
  13. Hi all, I am quite new here but I think I really need help and support. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 18 years old and I was prescribed sertraline 400mg( yes 400) and fluxetine at the same time. I was using them for couple of years and I was literally sleeping all the time. I could not keep my studies or even a normal everyday life. After a few years my OCD turned into severe depression. For which I had to keep using sertraline. Since then I have been using this medicine in at least 100 mg and I have suffered hypersomnia and cognitive impairment. Back in highschool I was
  14. Hi! Fifteen years ago, I entered into what turned out was an emotionally abusive relationship. At the time, I thought he was a great guy, and I wanted to marry him. I couldn’t understand why I felt despair and shame. I thought my emotions were the problem rather than clues that I should probably get the heck out of there. At that time, my boyfriend, best friend, and mom all took antidepressants. I thought, “there’s no shame in taking antidepressants. It’s just like taking medication for anything else in the body.” After taking a masters-level psychopharmacology class in 2005 f
  15. Hello and thank you you to all the users, moderators and general community. My name is Andy and I'm from Seattle. I'm cold turkey of Sertraline going into week 7. I've done this before but all memory of the experience of doing it in the past eludes me. This process feels BRAND NEW and the regret of going CT is hitting me hard every few minutes, all day, everyday. I'm coping. Days feel like a war, a fight. I'm as fragile as glass or like skim ice on a puddle of water. I'm pushing SO hard through this while practicing mindfulness, meditating and researching. I'm a father of 13 and 4 yr
  16. Hello, I was not drug free for a long time. I got depressed again a so ended on drugs again. Did not know what else to do. Doing quite poorly now. I have a lot of anxiety and trouble sleeping. Currently, on 50mg sertraline and 25mg agomelatine. Weird thing is that even when I am in a good mood and anxiety is at bay I wont be able to fell asleep. Whenever I feel my brain is slumbering off then "zzap" and I wake up. I think it is the sertraline, that is preventing me from sleep. I'm just in a bad place mentally and cannot try to discontinue the drug as I'd than sp
  17. I've been taking Zoloft for 3 and a half months. I was on 150mg and have begun tapering starting with 100mg 1st week, 50mg 2week, then 0mg as prescribed by my doc. I'm about to finish week 1 at 100mg and haven't had any noticeable side effects. Does this tapering schedule sound too quick or should I continue where I'm at and go to the 50mg in a few days? I'm very eager to explore alternatives like LSD and psilocybin once I'm off as well or towards the end of the taper.
  18. Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and give a quick background about my experience with antidepressant medication. I was first prescribed Prozac in 2010 for persistent depression/anxiety and in subsequent years tried several others including Cymbalta, Lexapro, Symbyax, Viibryd, Xanax.. often prescribed with a sentiment much like "well, let's see if this works." The road was windy through these years. Some of them totally numbed my emotions or fogged my thinking, some heightened anxiety, others simply were not effective in reducing depressive symptoms. Sin
  19. Hello, Everyone! First of all, I would want to apologise for my English because it is not my native language. Second, I have been coming here and reading stories and suggestions for a some time. While it made me calmer in a way that i'm not the only one suffering, it made me more stressed realising what i have done wrong and what's coming. My depression and anxiety started when i was about 19-20. I believe i was very suppresed by my family, i couldn't express who i am, my feelings, my opinion. Anyway... it is not smart to diagnose your self but at one moment i real
  20. Hey everyone, I want to share my story. Since november 2012 i am taking 50 mg of sertraline. Since 2010 i started to suffer from anxiety attacks in classrooms in University. But apart from that i was functioning without any major mental problems or physical problems. A psychiatrist prescriped me lexapro for the anxiety attacks. I took one dose of lexapro in september 2012 but that gave me bad nausea. I got an prescription of primperan to help the nausea, but that gave me an extreme dystonic reaction. My neck was tilt over to my back and i couldnt move it back. So
  21. Hello everyone, just a 43 year old woman looking for advice I have been on Sertaline 50 mg since 2016 switch from prozac 20 mg by my GP; before that I was on prozac for about 13 years. I was less religious with my use of my sertraline over the past year, and I had an anxiety flair over the fall and reinstated my 50 mg. My anxiety increased and was given ativan 1 mg. I took this nightly for 10 days, then got another Rx from my doctor. I was freaked out for addiction, so took it rarely in .5-1 mg. Eventually my insomnia and depression was so bad that at the urging of my friend I wa
  22. Hi, Just joined the group. I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. Have been on a range of antidepressants for many years. Have had a number of major breakdowns and been in some very dark places. Half way through 2020 I began to notice that Effexor 360m was not working for me. I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms- without withdrawing - nausea, vision issues, stomach aches, increased anxiety and depression. i got bloods etc done, all good. The doctor took me off Effexor and put me on Setraline. After a couple of weeks I felt terrible. Constant nausea, dizziness, fati
  23. I have been reading this forum for a long time, but I only now decided to post, because my story is quite complicated and it stresses me out just to write about it. I started my first AD amitriptilin when I was 18 years old. Now I’m 44. It was prescribed for OCD and insomnia. I didn’t feel it helped much so I stopped it after a few months, I don’t remember exactly. I had no WD, at least I don’t remember. My OCD was manageable. After 3 years (not sure) I was having really stressful life and my insomnia and OCD became unbearable, so I went to a GP and he prescribed me Paxil. It
  24. savior998

    savior998: About Zoloft 25 mg

    hi everyone ,i am thinking in tapering sertraline because i think maybe is stopping me for recovering for my benzo(clonazepam) withdrawal after 8 months of the last dose. can this happen?
  25. Hi everyone, so glad I found this website. Have been struggling with terrible side effects since starting SSRI medications in August 2020 due to health anxiety following a traumatic miscarriage in June 2020. Been utterly terrified by my symptoms and every time I approached my GP they denied it was side effects from the SSRIs. A brief history: Aug 2020 - started 15mg Mirtazapine, increased to 30mg 2 weeks later. Signed off work shortly after this. Restless Leg Syndrome became unbearable and had to abruptly stop taking it after 6 weeks. RLS eased almost immediately. Septemb
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