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  1. GirlfromD

    GirlfromD: insomnia

    Hi im new, I will update my storie when I am feeling better than now. At the moment i can't sleep, i fall a sleep in the morning at 7 or 8. the other day i tried to change it by staying awake for 25 hours straight. And i got a little bit of sleep last night. But today im feeling odd, like i haven't slept for 3 days or something, could the insomania return, in that case me staying awake for so long is a total waste of time!? Should i just go with the insomania and sleep when I can not try to force myself into a better sleeping pattern. Please help! And sorry for my English.
  2. Hello! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Katie and am 38. I was a completely happy, carefree woman until Thanksgiving when my 5 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, the deadlist brain cancer. After getting two opinions, Drs said she will probably only live another year. Well, I started to get panic attacks in mid-Dec. I was scared and did not know what was going on with my body. They gave me Xanax and .5mg would calm them down. A few days later my GP put me on Zoloft....12.5mg for a few days and 25mg for a few more. It was the WORST experience and I got heart palpations, my GP took me off cold turkey. So, the day after I was dizzy. The dizziness went on for 4.5 weeks until I got on Prozac because everyone was saying "it must be anxiety causing the dizziness". I know NOW that it was withdrawal, even though I was on for a short time. The reason I know this is because I am going through withdrawal NOW AGAIN! I tried Prozac, Lexapro and Zoloft (again) for about 3-4 weeks.....each one gave me agitation, intense 24/7 anxiety, an angry and depressed heightened state, etc... I ended up in the psych ward for 3 days because I was scared and didn't know what was going on with my body and they took me off Zoloft. They said my body does not metabolize SSRIs right. I KNEW IT!!!! Ugh, so now she took me off COLD TURKEY last week and have been dizzy and feeling seasick every since. The seabands you get in drugstores do wonders for stopping the sick feeling if any of you need this advice! Anyway, so the 1st week off was tolerable and now I am 24/7 wired/agitated with anxiety. Nothing can stop this feeling, it's the same feeling I had while ON the antidepressants. Does withdrawal go through different stages? I was only on 25mg (2.5 weeks) and 50mg (1 week). I don't want ANYTHING to do with SSRIs every again. They are poison!!!!!
  3. Hi, I was on 50mg of sertraline for 4 mths. I'm 53 years old and consider myself pretty intelligent. I allowed a Dr to let me think the medicine would help me be able to cope on some UPCOMING things that I shared with her...that my life was pretty overwhelming. I have an 88yr old Mother that lives with me, she had had a recent stroke and just her years of life coming to a close and needing to deal with that....my last child of 5 was going to be going away to college so I was GONNA be an empty nester.....my daughter that has my grandchildren was GONNA be moving further and I was loving them being 7 miles away. ALLLL of those things were coming in the future - NOTHING had happened and she put me on it as a precaution. Im still soooo mad that I took it. SOOO...4 mths on, I had nasal congestion the whole time, no sex drive & my sleep was messed up. The 1st mth I felt so beyond WEIRD on it. Very disconnected and kinda floating feeling. I pretty much cold-turkey'd off of the 50mg. I was ok for the 1st 10 days. Then the VERY DAY we moved our son in to his dorm...my life stopped as I knew it. I had crazy dizziness, TOTAL exhaustion feeling, just barely could put 1 foot in front of the other. Slept for days that 1st week or 10 days. My brain just felt weird - I just really dont know how to explain it. I had a few brain zaps but mine came with fast motion of my head sideways or up and down - so i did NOT do that. I could move my eyes sideways or look up...it was awful. In the night i couldnt turn over much because it would send me into vertigo spin. NOW...all of that mostly has gone - I'm 3 mths into WD! But the dizziness hasnt left. It's not like the beginning where I couldnt walk anywhere straight - I ran into everything. But my head just feels weird. I'll go shopping (never by myself because I don't think I can drive) and I will feel good -- but then the next time I'll feel floaty the whole time... My question that I asked -- am I dumb... I've had some xanax that when I have to do something important I take 1 and I don't even know if it helps but I'm desperate to feel normal... Is the Xanax starting some of my WD all over again or making me hold on to the dizziness. In 3 mths I've probably take 8 & they are low dose (not sure what mg) -- but am I shooting myself in the foot?? I've also had some numbness around my lip, nose, eye - that's hung on and my tongue is slightly numb and burns some. I think alot of that is anxiety. Anyways - I appreciate anyones thoughts. Im soooo beyond grateful my WD havent been mental - all physical. I just found SA and Im gonna be praying for you all. Took sertraline for 4 mths and i'm beginning my 4th month of this WD junk. Blessings to you all!!
  4. Hey! I recently switched from pills to liquid form Sertraline. I took 1ml (20mg) liquid today and 1-2 hours later i get hard to controll to anxiety, almost went in to a anxiety attack. Should hold on to do this switch since it easier to taper liquid or should i switch back to pills? Im very sensitive to meds. Regards L
  5. Hello everyone, Thank you for accepting me into this peer support group! I discovered SA a few weeks ago and have read many compelling and informative threads. I feel like I truly understand my situation now. Thank you to all! Discovering in my late-20s that ‘adult ADD’ was the cause of my anxiety and impulsivity, I tried Ritalin, wellbutrin, paxil and finally 50 mg of zoloft. I found that SSRI’s really focused me and reduced my anxiety. I was on Zoloft from 2004 to 2013 and tapered myself off the drug over the course of a year. I experienced the usual acute symptoms over the next month or so but then I seemed to recover. Roughly 4 months later I began experiencing severe prolonged AD withdrawal symptoms and ended up essentially house-bound with insomnia, high anxiety, OCD symptoms…I eventually lost 30 pounds. I was a professional musician at the time performing a rock opera and had to cancel all remaining shows. It essentially ended my career as a performing musician. A nurse practitioner at the time urged me to begin taking Zoloft again and in July of 2013, I was prescribed 50mgs. Eventually my symptoms subsided and I went back to school in 2014. One of the WD symptoms that remained with me was a case of body dysmorphia, which became manageable due to cognitive behavioral therapy. In 2015, I read “Nutrient Power” by William Walsh and discovered the joys of methylation and L-methionine, which I added to my decreased dose of Zoloft (35mg from 50mg). The side effects of taking both were increased dry mouth/lips etc along with increased water retention. But I noticed that I was much sharper and even more relaxed socially. Fast forward to March of 2018 and I’m in my 2ndsemester in medical school (as a 40+ year old) and I decided that I just couldn’t take the combination L-methionine with the Zoloft anymore because of the dry mouth and other symptoms. After a week of not taking L-methionine, I began experiencing horrible WD symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, deep depression, brain fog, body dysmorphia etc…It never occurred to me that an amino acid would cause withdrawals like a benzo or an SSRI! I had to drop the semester and was later placed on medical leave of absence. During this time, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown due to prolonged exposure to medical school stress…but I was doing well. I did try to restart L-methionine again in April but experienced a spike in anxiety, adrenaline and dry mouth. It was too much. I find I’m reliving the same nightmare of my previous WD experience in 2013…thanks to my ignorance. My insomnia is better after taking Seriphos and now Kavinace. But thanks to SA, I know that I will have to start a slow taper off the phenibut. I am now at almost 4 months since I stopped L-methionine. I still take Zoloft but have reduced the dose from 35 to 25mg. After all I’ve been through, I don’t think I will taper the ssri now. I experience a significant degree of social anxiety, which has caused me to isolate. The social anxiety is closely related to my body dysmorphia. It seems a bit worse than a few months ago… My wife is very understanding and I feel more stable in public with her by my side. I have enrolled in an oriental medicine program this fall (11 credits only) and have a wedding to go to overseas in August. My dilemma is that isolating seems to make my social anxiety worse but getting out in the world can bring fresh trauma! However, my social anxiety tends to decrease the more time I spend in public and socializing with friends/family. I have read here during AD WD that minimizing stress is an important factor…but in my case, it comes at the cost…safe isolation. Thank you for your help. I look forward to engaging this community and offering my support…I’ve learned so much so far.
  6. Hello I have been taking sertraline 100mg for 2.5 years and am starting a 10% of previous dose cut and hold style taper from 75mg. I cut to 75mg in October 2018 on advice from my therapist to alternate 100/75 for a month and then hold at 75, but I started experiencing WD symptoms in waves and have held at 75mg since that time while I have researched tapering. When I started having these WD symptoms I finally feel as though I had confirmation that my original symptoms for which I was prescribed sertraline were actually WD symptoms for a drug domperidone (see bottom of post for details) which I was prescribed off label as a lactation aide. These more recent WD symptoms I have experienced are a mild version of what I experienced initially. My initial thoughts at the time were that domperidone was the culprit, but after raising this with several doctors I was told that I was experiencing anxiety/PND/panic disorder which I eventually accepted. This led to spending two months in a psychiatric ward and being prescribed sertraline. I have seen that a few users here had the same reaction to weaning off domperidone as I did. So my theory is that going on and off a high dose (120mg) of this drug twice in a month was the start of this. I hope that because I am 2.5 years on from this experience it won't be factoring in to what's happening now, but I'm putting it here so you all know about it. So, my plan is to do a 10% taper from 75mg and just hold until stable each time. My main symptom is I think a kind of kindling thing? My nerves just feel like they are all switched on and overreacting to everything. The post about PGAD resonates with me, but I think I feel it because all my nerves are sensitised. And the other one is GI related. My theory is my vagus nerve gets irritated and I get pain, heartburn and diarrhoea but no nausea. I get some dizziness, and feel a bit disconnected to reality in the worst bits. My strategies for coping are tapering slowly, mindfulness and meditation, a small daily dose of magnesium, I've just started some yoga. Anyway, I'm going to hang around here while I taper and hopefully contribute some useful information and support! Nice to meet you all and thank you for existing!
  7. Its a feeling that's very difficult for me to comprehend, literally get my head around, and I'm just wondering if the forum could shed some light on it. Maybe other people experience this as well or maybe there's already another post on it (I have tried to look)? There was a BBC report on SSRI withdrawal and one woman said she'd had this 'lobotomised feeling' and the words struck a chord with me. I've had this odd sense since about week 8 after I took my last dose of sertraline of not being able to grasp all my own thoughts and feelings and hold them in my mind in their entirety (It sounds clumsy but that's the best way I can sum it up). I call it the 'lobotomised feeling' and 'brick/ hole in my brain" feeling. Somethings missing and I cant figure out what it is. Sometimes I just call it brain fog, because I often feel spaced out and detached, but I'm not entirely sure if its accurate to call it that. It doesn't quite feel like depersonalisation either (though again it feels close, but I've had to a small degree before and this feels kind of different and worse somehow) Its like I try and take stock, or audit how I'm feeling, try to take a look at me, 'myself' and I just can't. I'm completely on autopilot and have been ever since, like big bits of my subjective experience, maybe all of it are missing. Yet I'm still aware that I feeling things like depression, or agitation or anxiety. I'm just not sure what's feeling them I'm not even sure who, or what is writing this, really. I mean I know its me, but I'm not here? I know this sounds crazy and ridiculous. Can anyone understand or relate or shed some light?
  8. Im going through a very, very severe withdrawal from Zoloft and a bunch of other psych meds. I took Zoloft for about 18 months, then stopped cold turkey. A few months later I had a complete mental breakdown with severe panic attacks and depression I never had prior to going on Zoloft. I didnt realize for a long time that it was from the drug, and I thought it was caused by circumstances in my life. For the next 11 months I went to a psychiatrist thinking it was just a new case of severe depression, and was given a bunch of different psych meds, including lamictal, trileptal, vraylar, latuda, and a few more that I cant even remember. I even reinstated Zoloft at one point. None of these new meds I was on for very long, because I kept having bad reactions to all of them. Zoloft I was on the longest, for about 2 months, while the rest only for about 1 to 3 weeks or so. This went on for almost a year untill I did some research recently and discovered it was actually me being in Zoloft for 18 months and quitting cold turkey that did this to me. All the other meds I took in the last year made me worse. I was also in Xanax for about 4 months. I took it every day, and sropped cold turkey in December. I went through a terrible withdrawal that im still feeling effects from. I was put on Gabapentin that im still in the process of weaning off slowly. Now im an extremely severe state if withdrawal. I ve gotten worse instead of better in the last year because of how much drugs were put in me. The last time I took a psych med was 4 months ago, besides the gabapentin that im still weaning off. Im severely depressed, severely anhedonic,I have PSSD, have severe fatigue and loss of appetite, and ive been housebound this last month. Ive had occasional windows during this whole experience, but 90 percent of the time my symptoms are there and lately im much worse. Im in an unbelievable amountof pain every second and I dont think im gonna make it. Im very suicidal and Im almost completely hopeless. Someone please help me. Im horrified ill be stuck like this forever, and even if I can eventually recover, I dont know if I can make it through im in so much pain. I just want my feelings back, my anhedonia is so strong I havent smiled in months. Please help me.
  9. Hi, Currently taking 150mg of sertraline a day and looking to ween myself off it. How would i go about doing this? I did some digging and it seems to go by 10% a month of lower dosage. Is this correct? Also, could someone explain why liquidising the dosage is better? Is there no other method of safely tapering? I was going to reduce it by 25mg a week consecutively. Would this be non advisable? Thanks.
  10. Hi has anyone ever had what feels like their emotions are blocked? I feel nothing and it doesn't feel natural to me, I feel so empty and hollow. I can see and hear but nothing has any impact on the way I feel. I'm sure I have dpdr too. I've not been right since my Dr got me to quit sertraline cold turkey last year. And I was on mirtazapine a week after which I took for 3 weeks. Then reinstated sertraline after 3 months. I hope this does get better.
  11. Hi! I'm new to this forum. What are your best natural remedies for sleepiness and fatigue? I've been taking Sertraline 100mg since 2014. I'm now down to 50mg and my energy levels are low. So far, I've been using B-Complex and Fish Oil supplements as well as exercise to combat this, but I was wondering if anyone has any other remedies for this? Kind regards, P.
  12. Hi all, thanks for having such an amazing and helpful forum!!! I was prescribed Venlafaxine (Effexor) for anxiety and depression (moderate in my opinion). I started taking it. I'm so stupid... I had read about withdrawal symptoms, but I wasn't imagining it as so awful. After 5 days I got bleedings from the uterus, even though my period wasn't due. They were about as strong as a normal period, but more painful. The GP (doctor) made me stop Effexor. After 2 days I started to have the symptoms everyone reports: Crying, suicidal, self harming, fits of rage, nausea, dizziness, heart racing, trouble breathing. My GP didn't know anything about withdrawal symptoms and wanted to admit me to the psychiatric hospital. I sent him a bunch of information and finally convinced him to leave me alone and deal with it myself. I think he feels a bit guilty now, but that doesn't help me.... It's day 9 after stopping and my brain is still totally messed up. Question to you all: Do you think I need to go back on Venlafaxine and taper down slowly to prevent lasting damage to my brain? I also got some Sertraline from the GP, which I could use to switch to temporarily. I think even if the bleeding comes back, I can handle it. Iron values are ok. I had thought that after just 5 days of taking Venlafaxine, the withdrawal should be short and mild. But after reading a lot, I'm getting a bit scared. Any advice welcome! Laura PS: I really think I had a guardian angel who sent me those bleedings and made me stop before I took the medication for longer.
  13. Hello, I’m new and I’m drowning. My husband of nearly 20 years told me a month ago that his love for me has faded away and he wants to separate (still loves and respects me but doesn’t love me ‘like that’). It was a huge huge shock. I didn’t see it coming (and neither did any of our friends or our 2 beautiful daughters, 18 and 20). I feel shattered into a million pieces and more heartbroken than I thought it was possible to be. I’ve thought of nothing else for the past month. He’s been on 100mg Sertraline for general anxiety for about 3 years and it was only after he told me that I went looking for answers and discovered the insidious relationship/attachment destroying nature of SSRIs. I’m now clinging to this as it ticks all the boxes for being the major cause of his loss of feelings. He definitely suffered from the sexual side effects (loss of desire/libido, inability to ejaculate) and it was this that both started my search and lead me down the rabbit hole of discovery about the other effects, and also convinced him that it was worth considering and tapering to see if that made a difference to his feelings. He’s not convinced it will. But he’s not convinced it won’t either (as evidenced by his easy willingness to taper). I showed him him all the evidence and he’s agreed to taper off the medication. Unfortunately before we found the detailed information on this site about tapering very very slowly (and the reasons why this is so important) he self-tapered from 100 to 75mg about 3 weeks ago. He says he hasn’t had any WD symptoms so far but also doesn’t feel any different. Our situation is complicated because a week or two before he told me he wanted out he met another woman. So far he tells me this is just an emotional connection because they’ve agreed they can’t ‘do anything’ until he’s sorted his marriage out. Even though he’s agreed to taper and see if that makes a difference to his feelings for me, he refuses to stop talking to and seeing her on the weekends he comes ‘home’ (he works and stays 3 hours away during the week and is usually ‘home’ most weekends). This is very odd behaviour and especially odd for him. He genuinely doesn’t see anything inappropriate about seeing her because in his mind ‘we’re separated’... even though our finances are still combined, his toothbrush is still in our bathroom, his clothes are still in our wardrobe etc etc and he has still slept in our bed when he returns. This is incredibly out of character for him and another reason I think the medication is effecting his ability to think rationally. So, I am here to seek support. I feel like I’m in a small boat in huge seas and my only course of action is to batten down the hatches and ride out this storm. It is truly truly terrifying. But I truly love this man. We have a GOOD marriage and I know he loves me (he still says so). I just want my husband and my marriage and my life back. Not sure that’s possible. And I know it will be different. But I must fight for it. No other option for me.
  14. I am a 27 years old man. I was on sertraline 100mg for about 8 years. While being on the medication I could not attain penile erection. Tried to have sex with my girlfriend multiple times but failed everytime. My penis felt unresponsive to any sexual stimulus. This was very distressing and hence I stopped taking the medicine by slowly tapering it off. It has been 10 months since I last ingested the medicine but the sexual dysfunction is persistent. I still cannot attain erection and in an addition I have been facing the problem of severe premature ejaculation since I stopped taking the SSRI.Moreover, my memory has been highly affected by the drug. I struggle to remember everyday things. I cannot concentrate. I don't feel emotions. It feels like I am dead from inside. And I almost always feel a burning sensation in my brain. The drug has profoundly impacted my brain functions. I am very helpless right now. My life has become an unbearable tragedy. I don't know what I should do now. I am in a long distance relationship with a girl who wants to marry me. I am desperate to have a family. But I am afraid to go further given my condition. I am completely helpless and somehow surviving the distress caused by PSSD. I am eagerly waiting to hear from my peers in this forum.
  15. Hi everyone, just wanted to share my story (and hopefully my eventual recovery). I am 20 years old, and was 19 when I started on 50mg of Sertraline I was prescribed it in Feb 2015 for social anxiety and took it for a month. Quit cold turkey because I felt pretty depersonalised, and cause of the sexual side effects. All of my symptoms came on during my time on the drug or shortly afterwards. They are: Dulling of emotion/Anhedonia - Have felt sadness a few times, and anger a few times. No joy, no passion, maybe some flashes of love but that's it. Unable to relate to characters in books/TV. Dimunition of visual imagination - I used to daydream constantly prior to taking the drug. Since cold turkeying the pictures in my mind are very blurred and I am no longer able to daydream. Loss of creativity - Before the drug I used to read a lot, and when I read I always felt like ideas were constantly popping into my brain. Since I stopped medication this no longer happens. I feel like I am reading the words on the page very superficially.. Physical numbness in brain - Feels like there's a great pressure in the frontal lobe of my head, almost like it is torn (but there is no pain) PSSD - No libido, anorgasmia, difficulty getting and maintaining erections (too much information but I want to be thorough here) No fatigue behind eyes - this one isn't necessarily negative, but since stopping the drug my eyes never get tired regardless of how much time I spend using screens or reading. Possible other symptoms that could be unrelated: Muscle twinges (very mild), worsening of eyesight (20/20 vision pre medication), urine delay (is considerably better now) Improvements - I saw very positive changes when it came to anorgasmia and erections around 6 months into my withdrawal. Unfortunately it seems like in the past 2 months things have gone back to square one. The physical pressure in my head varies a lot, and is definitely much better than it was at the start of my withdrawal (though it still gets very bad). I couldn't read for the first 6 months of this withdrawal because I got absolutely no enjoyment out of it and that was depressing because I used to love reading prior to the drug. Now I read a bit, and it feels nicer than doing nothing I guess, but seriously if that's an improvement in my anhedonia then it's 0% to 1%, because I still have zero positive emotion. General - I feel hopeless about recovery a lot of the time. I have suicidal thoughts but would never commit suicide because of the effect that would have on my mum. I browse through the forums looking for recovery stories, but it seems like most people who recover haven't had this constant anhedonia, and were in a more turbulent emotional withdrawal. If anyone who is in my position, or anyone who was in my position but recovered, could reply I'd be very grateful. Many thanks, Raven
  16. Hi I am currently, recently trying to reduce my dosage to the lowest possible for me. I am on Zoloft (sertraline). Today I am feeling spaced out and not too well, as withdrawl symptoms. They reduced my dose down too fast which is why I am here. If I had the brain power to be cross I would be! I was on 100mg zoloft and reduced it fine to 75mg, I had a few bits of being more emotional but was OK. Then they reduced it to 50mg and I experiencing really bad withdrawls,like anxiety through the roof to the point of needing to go home and lie down from an attempted visit to the shops. I am annoyed with the health professionals who seem quite stupid about this dose reduction! I am being told now to try alternate doses from 75mg to 50mg, um no I dont want to do this! It seems stupid and like playing yoyo with my brain! So I am not going to do this, and find myself here to learn about 10% tapering and in my country I cant get liquid form and the smallest pill size is 50mg. One good thing from this is yesterday I meditated for 30 minutes. Its the only thing I think I can do to try help myself and my health. I need to learn about tapering, as these withdrawls are too horrible. The idea of making liquid seems daunting to me as I am not good at Math! And my brain is not good at the moment. So I am going to take myself back to the 75mg until I feel normal and then be able to read and concertrate about this tapering. Thanks for being here, I have been reading the posts here and everyone seems quite logical and intelligent about this! Perhaps because I am having withdrawls I am quite sad how the medical profession seems to be so useless about the withdrawls. I have been told "most people dont get any withdrawls", so what?! Some people do and experience awlful symptoms so why on earth put people at risk of this, just makes me sad. As feeling this rotten with headaches etc makes it so hard to advocate for oneself.
  17. luv2knit


    I am at my wits' end. Hoping someone can help. I am a female, 60 years old, and was put on Zoloft 20 years ago for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I know, stupid--no depression or anxiety--just fatigue. I never knew there were issues getting off these drugs. Got my new prescription in June, and the pharmacy said they needed a pre-authorization. I knew this was not going to be quick and easy (I was right), and had wanted to go off anyway, so I made a pretty much spur-of-the-moment decision that it was time. Looking back on it, I was having issues I didn't know were related to the Zoloft--probably for years. I did taper (6 weeks--obviously not long enough), because I knew if I missed a few days, I would get kind of crazy. I had no idea about the withdrawal, though. I have now been completely off about 11 weeks now, and things are just going from bad to worse! At the end of my taper, I just had vertigo for about three weeks, and then basically nothing for another three or four weeks. Then it hit!! In researching symptoms, my main issue(s) seem to be consistent with akathisia. Not sure if this is what it is, but just to give an idea of what symptoms are--restlessness, jitters (tremors), agitation, irritability, just totally "losing it" from time to time--especially under stress. I have also had nausea and today, actually vomiting. No appetite, and went from insomnia to no insomnia, and back to insomnia. I have not been in contact with my doctor, because I do not want to be put on more meds, and I am sure that's what will happen. I did attempt to contact about the only naturopath in our area to see if they could help, but they advised me to contact the doc that prescribed it. (The doc who originally prescribed it has been gone from this area for years and years.) From what I have read so far, reinstating is not really an option this far out, and also seems like it would be risky with the issues I was already having. I know one usual symptom seems to be "brain zaps", and I really have not has these. From what I understand, fish oil is one treatment for them, and I have been taking krill oil now for a couple of years, along with some other supplements for my blood pressure, so I'm thinking this may be the reason why I haven't had these--or maybe just haven't had them yet?! (YIKES!) I've pretty much stayed with the supplements I had been using previously. I have tried it with them and without, and can't really tell much difference. I have added Vitamin C, and have upped (gradually) my magnesium usage (glycinate and topical mag. chloride). I really feel like the REAL side effects are just beginning, and don't know where to go from here!! My husband helped me do research, and based on his research, I have been taking seriphos for the last few days, to hopefully help with the akathisia symptoms. The first day or two it seemed to help, but today--not so much!! I really have no idea what I am doing, other than what I have read, so i am probably completely on the wrong track!!
  18. Hi, my name is Asher and I have ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. I struggled a lot with college after my first year and then sought help as I had done everything in my power to address my struggles. I started Zoloft in November of 2013 and have been on it since. My max does was at 150mg and that lasted about a month or two, as I was having decreased libido, thus I stepped the dosage down to 125mg (all this occurring in 2015). I didn't feel good about it still so I tried switching to citalopram for 4 months in February of 2016 into the summer. However, I became very lethargic on it and returning to classes in the Fall, I felt terrible. Thus, I switched back to Zoloft, slowly increasing the dosage while decreasing the citalopram. In 2017, I was back on Zoloft and up to 75 mg dosage, which felt great, until returning to classes in the Fall of 2017. I then went back up to 100mg and then 125 mg, and then back down to 75 mg, all by Christmas time of 2017. I decided to switch to Wellbutrin in January of 2018, slowly decreasing my dosage of Zoloft. I went from to 50 mg from January to February, then I added Wellbutrin in mid February and decreased the Zoloft to 25 mg. This was all up until last week when I stopped taking it completely (per schedule of my doctor). However, after a week I seemed okay but on Saturday, March 17th, I woke up feeling disoriented, having electric-shock-like feelings and a migraine. My symptoms have persisted since then, which has landed me here. I have read up on tapering and am so glad I found this place as once my doctor and I started the process of switching to Wellbutrin, I knew it seemed too quick to come off Zoloft. Today, I had to take an exam while my withdrawal symptoms seemed to be at there highest so far, and that was the last straw for me. I knew something was wrong and hopefully, I can utilize the resources and experiences of this forum to create a plan in which I can feel more normal again. After reading other posts, I am comfortable with mixing my own doses of Zoloft and just need to figure out the right process of doing so and am welcome to any and all feedback or recommendations.
  19. I’m both happy and sad to be posting my intro here. Happy, because I think I’m finally starting to figure out what’s been happening to me when I try to quit my antidepressant. Sad, because I’ve been on them so long and there are a lot of scary stories here. L I’ve had spells of anxiety since my late teens (usually caused by life changes), but I wasn’t put on AD’s until 2001 due to situational depression from a bad home buying experience. My general practitioner put me on Celexa and, since then, I’ve been on Lexapro, Cymbalta (Lexapro pooped out), and eventually ended up on Zoloft (Sertraline) after cycling unsuccessfully back through Celexa when my Cymbalta pooped out. It seems that every so often my brain quits responding to ADs and I go through a crisis mode before eventually getting stabilized again. Which makes sense if my brain has truly adapted to these medications, as I suspect. My last poop-out happened back in 2011, and I had to be hospitalized for a week for suicidal ideation. I managed to get stabilized after many months with some polydrugging (I’ve been on Seroquel, Trazodone, Remeron, Ambien and Klonopin at one time or another…all to help with insomnia). I tried getting off of Sertraline last year and tapered gradually down from 150mg over the course of a few months, only to find that my insomnia and anxiety returned after about 3 months off the drug. I thought I was relapsing, so I reinstated the Sertraline and stabilized at 100mg after several weeks. This year, I talked with my doctor and decided to try lowering my dose from 100mg to 50mg over the summer months. I tapered over about 6 weeks, but started having insomnia and anxiety again after a few weeks from what I can now see is a too-quick taper. I’ve updosed to 75mg on my Sertraline (I only have 50mg pills on hand) about a week ago, and I am praying that I can stabilize there for several months before trying a long, slow taper beginning next year (and lasting for several years). I’ll admit that I’m a bit terrified about what’s in store for me. It seems that no one here has had an easy time of it, and I’ve been on AD’s longer than many. Has anyone successfully done the recommended 10% taper while still being able to work full-time? I’m pretty darned functional on ADs, but I have serious misgivings about how long I’ve been on them, whether I truly need them, and the damage that they’re causing to my body. Part of me thinks that, if I’m going to crash and burn doing a slow taper, it might just be better to CT and start the process sooner. I’m really filled with regret that I stayed on these drugs for so long, but my doctors kept telling me that it was fine. My parents are less than supportive (my mother is a long-term Ambien user and is a retired nurse who has no problem taking pills for all her problems). And, although my husband would like to see me be med-free, I’m concerned that he doesn’t really grasp the potential implications that withdrawal may have to my functionality. Arrg. I’m frustrated and more than a little scared right now about what the future holds for me. Any words of advice/comfort?
  20. Cherry47


    I have had CFS for 32 years. Put on Zoloft 100 mg 14 years ago because 'it seems to help but nobody really knows why'. Certainly some help for the first ten years then seemed to have trouble tolerating other meds eg cholesterol meds, supplements, magnesium, sleeping pills albeit at low doses. Through process of elimination got down to the Zoloft, so stopped over a year although the last 50 to zero too quick I now realise. My introduction to hell! After 15 weeks, seemed to get a bit better but then relapsed. Around the 15 week mark out of sheer desperation I took half a sleeping pill (temazapan), great the next day, then slowly slid back. I have also taken some Q10 for four weeks for energy. Is that building up? Was it the temazapan? Is there any rhyme or reason to this? So hard to work out. Only medical advice different drugs and more of them! Has anyone with CFS been on this same roller coaster?
  21. Liamb123456

    Liamb123456: Zoloft 50mg

    Hi my name Liam was on 50 mg cold turkey Zoloft 6 moths still in very bad way was on it for 8 months doctor said it was fine to come off by was I wrong paining for it now
  22. Hi, I just thought I'd introduce myself and let you all know my story and if it resonates with any of you. I was pretty low before starting antidepressants but they sent me down to a place I haven't experienced before. I was on Sertraline for a couple of weeks at its lowest dose (this caused me to have racing suicidal thoughts so I stopped), I was then put on Venlaflaxine which made me feel like I was a ghost, after I stopped I had extreme suicidal thoughts again, these thoughts have plagued me now for the past 5 months. initially I had these thoughts 24/7, now they come in waves. Hopefully I will be free of these thoughts one day, it's more the feeling I get when I have them, it's like it isn't me thinking them at all. Has anyone had something similar after stopping these drugs. All the best to you all Suttisan
  23. Hello, I've been on antidepressants off and on for about 11 years. I'm 25 now and started when I was fourteen, just months after I started transitioning into adolescence. My parents put me on them so I didn't have that much of a choice. I also never received therapy while taking medication. I've been in therapy for about 3 years and have a wonderful woman who is willing to help me through all of this. However, I'm having some reservations about coming off of medication because I've tried it so many times unsuccessfully. I have been taking 50mg of Sertraline for the last two years and tried to wean once, while I was living with my boyfriend of the time. It didn't work out at all, and I had to take unemployment for several months because of it. I haven't given up yet, but I don't know when I should even start thinking about trying to come off again. Reasons I want to taper include: -my depression/anxiety have identifiable origins based on life experiences -possible lowered sex drive -stomach problems -lack of emotional coping skills/feelings of inherent helplessness (lack of self-sufficiency) that require more than medication -a desire to feel things fully and work towards developing long term emotional strength -feelings of inadequacy, self-hate, and guilt continue to be prevalent and resurface regardless -I want to use the strengths I already have to overcome challenging life situations and overcome old belief systems Reasons I'm apprehensive about tapering: -still learning to deal with triggers -still unhappy with myself/my relationships -still trying to come out of an eating disorder -need to retain my job to stay financially independent -I don't have a psychiatrist (much less one who will help me with this) -I'm terrified that I'll be doing something irresponsible and cause my family/friends to suffer My goal is to gain sustainable strength of character, and to live my life as fully and lovingly as possible. I'm a little freaked out and isolated feeling, as I can't talk to most of my family about this. If anyone has any messages of hope and some solid advice, please help me. The last thing I ever want to do is to go through this alone again. Obviously I have a lot of mental/emotional baggage to keep working through. If anyone has another forum that would be a safe support for the types of things I mentioned above, that would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks so much for reading this.
  24. Hello everyone. I have been struggling with sleep, dizziness, feeling faint, jelly legs, brain fog and occasional derealization since june 2018. It may have been because of various stress, like new work, big project, lot of work around the house that needed to be done and so on. All this spiked my health anxiety and I got my heart and blood checked, seen a neurologist(but no MRI done), got my thyroid checked. In the end of july it got worse as I had these intense feelings in my chest as if someone has died, but I couldn't cry. My wife tried the best to comfort me that everything is allright, but to no avail. Then I visited a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with GAD and put me on Sertraline. It gave me even worse anxiety, sweaty palms, woke up with horrible feeling (panic I guess) 10 minutes after falling asleep for first 2-3 nights. I knew that first weeks are bad so i carried on. On 4th day a sort of intrusive visual toughts during the day started coming, they were like pictures with a depressive lonely hopeless atmosphere and this atmosphere flooded my reality. Again, I tought it's just a side effect that will pass. After 5 and half weeks it only got worse, I didn't feel like myself, derealization was horrible. So i stopped cold turkey (I was on 25mg for 4 weeks , 37.5mg for one week and 50mg for two days) as I wasn't on a high dose and only a few weeks. First week I was feeling way better and I tought the worst is over. However, 2 weeks after stopping these visual intrusive toughts that feel like waking dreams got more intense. Dissociation spiked in the end of October, 6 weeks after stopping, I was very depressed and reality felt like something that shouldn't exist, it's hard to explain. I survived some days only because I was intensly thinking about my wife and parents and didn't want to cause them suffering by doing something dumb like killing myself. I tried acceptig everything and not fight it. But some days I got these intense feelings of doom and depression, coupled with these intrusive waking dreams, something like a PTSD flashback. It happened especially when hungry or while I was eating. It always left me severly depressed after. 2 weeks ago (10 weeks since stopping Sertraline) I started to feel more like myself and reality began to feel a little more ok. Those intense flashbacks stopped also, but I guess they morphed into something else. Instead of being intense and shorlived, they began to be milder but go on for hours, especially when it's bright outside, or when I see something that reminds me of some memory. It's hard to explain, but for example today is a bright sunny chilly November, but I feel like it's summer 25 years ago, the atmosphere is so overwhelming, that I feel like going crazy. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal? Some days I get hours of feeling kinda ok, some days I only get derealization, but that's ok too. These feelings that dont correspond to reality are what scares me the most, it's like they tell me I'm somewhere else, or that I live in a memory. Sorry for the long ramble.
  25. Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing well! So, I've been taking sertraline since I was 19. I started at 50 mg and ended up at 100 mg for a couple of years. I weaned down to 50 mg until I had a severe depressive episode at age 23 and worked up to 200 mg combined with risperdal. I came off the risperdal within a year but stayed on the sertraline. About 3 years later, I started to taper down. I went down 50 mg at one time and felt truly awful but stuck with it. I then tried a 25 mg drop but got really sick, not realizing that it was the medicine causing it. I went back to 150 until I was over my "sickness." After realizing that the withdrawals were making me sick, I tried different rates of drops over the course of a year. Sometimes 10 mg, sometimes 5 mg, sometimes 1/3 mg until I reached 100 mg. That was about a year ago; I'm now 29 and I still don't feel right. I'm anxious, fatigued, cloudy-minded and sick most of the time. So here are my questions: When should I expect to "level out?" I would like a period of feeling normal before I start back on my taper, but is that naive? Should I just keep tapering now? Furthermore, if these withdrawal side effects are permanent, shouldn't I stop tapering to prevent further damage? Any practical advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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