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  1. I was on sertraline 75mg for 2.5 years for postpartum depression. During that time I sought counseling and my therapist diagnosed me with bipolar 2 because I had irritability along with my depression. My therapist referred me to the Psychiatric NP in the same practice. The NP told me to "wean" off the sertraline within a month so she could introduce latuda. She put me on 20mg of latuda and increased it to 80mg within 4 months. At 80mg, I immediately experienced heightened anxiety, insomnia (I still haven't had more than 2-4 hours of sleep per night since December 2016 and some nights ZERO sleep!), and SEVERE akathisia. When I brought up the adverse reactions, the NP assured me these were side effects that would eventually subside - she was wrong. I suffered entire month and begged her to come off of latuda. She finally agreed and told me to taper 20mg every 2 weeks. My taper looked like this: 60mg to 40mg to 20mg then off. With each decrease I noticed my anxiety would spike and I'd go into an emotional tailspin about 4-5 days after a drop in dose and then stabilized a bit. I assumed once I tapered off the latuda I'd be able to sleep again, my anxiety would lessen and the akathisia would go away. I was partially right, the Akathesia went away as I lowered my dose, but the insomnia and anxiety remained. The NP had also put me on 100mg of lamictal two months after introducing latuda. I wanted to come off this medication as well, but she told me to stay on it because she thought it would prevent mania or depression while coming off the latuda. She was wrong again. One week after my last dose of latuda, I had a complete emotional breakdown and was severely suicidal. I voluntarily checked myself into a psych hospital. There I was told that I had been misdiagnosed by the NP and was abruptly taken off the lamictal. Then they reintroduced sertraline 150mg to bring me out of my depressive state. That seemed to stabilize me so I was released with a Rx for sertraline 150mg. A week after I was home from the hospital I knew instinctively something wasn't right. Instead of steadily improving, I felt worse physically (mentally I was actually doing ok). I began to have muscle twitches, tingling throughout my body, my eyelids kept twictching, my heart was racing, I would get hot and cold flushes radiating over my entire body, my skin felt like it was burning, headache, weakness, and the left side of my face was completely numb. I went to the Psychiatric urgent care where the NP diagnosed me with break through anxiety. I told her she was wrong and that I believed I was suffering from serotonin syndrome. She looked dubious, but sought out the medical director who conducted a neurological test and concurred with me. I was placed in psych hospital again and taken off the sertraline. I felt better within a day. They gave me remeron 7.5mg that knocked me out for almost two days. Needless to say, I refused to take another dose. A day before my release, the doctor and I discussed reintroducing sertraline at a very low level - 25mg to 50mg. I was sent home with a Rx for sertraline 50mg. Within 1 hour of taking the sertraline, all the serotonin syndromes came back so I had to stop taking sertraline with no possibility of reinstatement. All this time, I believed my insomnia, anxiety and akathesia were related to the Latuda. I also believed that my emotional distress and depression stemmed from latuda withdrawal, but now I'm wondering if it was actually protracted withdrawal from the first time I weaned off of sertraline 75mg and the weaning off latuda being merely coincidental. I did not experience any acute withdrawal symptoms with the exception of a little Weepiness from time to time. Is it possible to experience withdrawal symptoms from sertraline SIX months after the last dose? It's been 3 weeks since my last dose of sertraline 50mg and I've experienced the following: headaches, muscle twitching, shivers, tingling, internal restlessness, body aches, a general feeling of being unwell, severe mood swings: rage, depression, apathy, suicidal thoughts, hypomania, uncontrollable crying, and anxiety. I've had some good functional days, followed by days of being physically & emotionally incapacitated. Is the what's known as waves & windows? I'm trying to figure out if this is withdrawal from the latuda & lamictal or a continuation of the the possible withdrawal of the sertraline. I'm also hoping that the reintroduction of sertraline followed by the abruptly stopping won't prolong whatever it is that is going on. I am also worried because after doing much research I realized that I did the first taper much too fast, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it now due to the serotonin syndrome. Any advice, insight or shared experiences are most welcome. This site makes me feel less alone. My new psych told me I shouldn't be experiencing any withdrawal and I was just having breakthrough symptoms.
  2. Hi! My history of Psychiatric drugs looks like this: dec 2006 fluoxetine 20 mg went on and of 20-40 mg until july 2008 when I got put on effexor 150 mg tapered that 2009 april to August. Went back on effexor 75 mg 2010 january. stayed on that until march 2013 when I started taper. Tapered and went off march 2014. Crashed and was put on fluoxetine 20 mg march 2014. Stayed on that until november 2015 then went CT. Got back on effexor (venlafaxin) march 2016 was put on 225 mg and stayed until August 2016. Tapered off and stopped october 2016. Crashed december 2016 and put on citalopram 20 mg which updosed to 40 mg. Tapered off from 40-30 mg August 2017 and from 30-25 november 2017. Crashed january 2018. Put on sertralin and up to 150 mg by march 2018. tapered down to 125 june. Down to 112,5 july and down to 100 mg last september. much likely I have Aspergers syndrome, the psychiatry have started to do an ”investigation”, it started only a couple of months ago. My plan was to continue tapering by 10%. but I don’t feel fully recovered from the last taper. And Reading my own introduction I can see that I have put my nervous system through a lot during the last 12 years. right now I feel very tired, my mood is quite low from time to time, and I wake up with anxiety, or rather nervousness. I do feel a bit more like myself though. Which has always been the reason for tapering. It feels like I loose touch with my self when medicating. Its very likely that I do have Aspergers syndrome and the medication helps a bit with filtering. I feel a bit scared to continue tapering.and I belive It would be smart to hold at 100 mg. any thoughts on my history and how to continue tapering would be great:) thanks!
  3. Hi, I've been a 'lurker' since about February. I'm very impressed with this site and feel that Altostrata is truly a hero. I hesitated to post my story because it felt too long and convoluted, but I feel I could really use some advice (and maybe it's not so convoluted), so here it is. In 1996, shortly before my 21st birthday, I was prescribed Zoloft for major depression, which I had been experiencing for about a year (I had never had major depression before that). Soon after starting the Zoloft, the psychiatrist increased my dose to 200 mg. My depression was lifted and I felt like a new person. Over the next several years, I had a few more episodes of depression, plus some anxiety issues, but nothing as severe or long-lasting as the first episode, so I figured I should just keep taking the sertraline because it was probably keeping me from more serious depression. When I got pregnant at age 32, I lowered my dose to 100 mg and felt OK. At some point over the next few years, I started seriously questioning the wisdom of being on psychiatric medication for so long. I also had the vague sense that the medication was somehow preventing me from being fully human, in the truest sense if the word; it was as if it placed an invisible wall between me and others, as well as between me and my true self. So I decided to lower my dose and see what would happen. I went down to 75 mg a little over two years ago, in early 2016, when I was 40. I didn't feel great at that point but I didn't feel the kind of depression I had felt in the past. I was suffering from a lot of abdominal pain and nausea and was feeling run down and moody, but I attributed those symptoms to the after effects of major abdominal surgery I had undergone after my appendix had ruptured in 2015. I was determined to move forward with my taper and so, a few months later, in August of 2016, I lowered my dose to 50 mg. In January of 2017, although I was still feeling sick and moody, I asked my primary doctor how to transition from the 50 mg of sertraline I was on to St. John's Wort. I knew nothing about protracted SSRI withdrawal; I just figured if I could get off the sertraline and have St. John's Wort protecting me from relapsing into major depression, I'd be fine. She told me to lower my dose to 25 mg, start the SJW and see how I felt after a month. I went down to 25 mg of sertraline, started the SJW and stayed on that combination for 8 months. During that period, my mood was not great and I felt both detached and intensely emotional much of the time, but I was still dealing with a lot of GI issues, including SIBO, and I really wasn't sure if my lowered mood was due to the drop in sertraline or the SIBO, which causes nutrient deficiencies that can lead to depression. I also had been taking sertraline at that point for 21 years and really wanted to be rid of it once and for all. So, in August of 2017, I stopped the sertraline altogether while continuing with the SJW. I immediately started experiencing horrible insomnia, frequent brain zaps and dramatic mood swings. I still knew nothing about SSRI withdrawal and assumed that, aside from the brain zaps, this was the natural state of my brain, which had returned in the absence of the sertraline. At that point, I read 'The Mood Cure,' by Julia Ross because my goal was to find a natural alternative to sertraline to 'normalize' my brain chemistry. I tried 5-htp, which helped with mood and insomnia (I also tried some other amino acids which had strange effects on me). I decided to stop the SJW and stick with the 5-htp, plus 400 mg/day of SAM-e. My abdominal pain and nausea got worse with the 5-htp, but I was able to sleep better at night and my mood was at least stable. That was, at least, until February, when I started to feel extremely depressed for a few days. Then, I woke up one morning in the midst of a panic attack, accompanied by intense depersonalization and derealization and an overwhelming feeling that I was about to die. I had never had a panic attack in my life but knew what it was based on others' descriptions. I stopped the 5-htp and some other supplements immediately, thinking that one of them had triggered the episode. An almost constant feeling of panic stayed with me for about a week and then slowly started to fade. Once the panic and depersonalization subsided, I was left feeling extremely depressed again. Scared of taking more amino acids, I went back on the SJW, which started working again after a couple of weeks. Around this time, I discovered SA. It opened my eyes to the fact that everything I had been experiencing was part of a protracted withdrawal from the sertraline and not my 'true, depressed brain' reemerging after the sertraline was taken away. The panic attacks really drove that point home since I had never experienced anything like that before the sertraline. From February until a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling stable on the SJW and SAM-e and really felt I was on the road to recovery. Then, I began to feel 'off' again - depersonalization with a lost sense of self - and I started to worry that taking the SJW and SAM-e might be interfering with my brain's ability to heal properly. I (foolishly) abruptly stopped both and became severely depressed again. I felt I couldn't go on in that state, primarily because I have young children and I can't really be decent mother while in the depths of depression. So, I got back on the SJW and SAM-e a few days ago and I feel all right again (when I say 'all right' I mean I still don't feel quite like myself and I'm still experiencing a variety of symptoms, but at least I'm not severely depressed at the moment). My fear is that by taking the SJW and SAM-e, I am preventing my brain from really returning to normal. I know that the general recommendation around here is to stay away from supplements that act on neurotransmitters during withdrawal. Even if I found that I only needed one of the supplements to prevent depression, I wonder if it would still interfere with recovery. Interestingly, on Kelly Brogan's website, she says she uses St. John's Wort, as well as 5-htp and tryptophan, when patients are tapering. I don't know if she thinks they're a good idea during recovery, though. I guess I'm wondering if anyone knows anyone who recovered from SSRI withdrawal while taking St. John's Wort or SAM-e or another supplement that helps increase serotonin levels in the brain? My hope is that one day I won't need any of those supplements but it seems as though, at the moment, I can't really function without them. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I felt depressed around beginning of April realised something was wrong. I have depression and OCD. I went to my doctors and they put me on citalopram which i was on about a year and a half ago took ages to work then then finally did and I was better again also with talk plus counselling. I was on citalopram for 2 weeks last month and it didn't agree with me I was so sick so I changed to sertraline for 2 - 3 weeks and it still made me ill and my ocd worse.With my doctors advice she signed me off for a week and I came off them completely. I went back for a follow up appointment Monday I'm off them completely. However, I still feel numb and disconnected like I can't feel anything even though I know the love and happiness and support is there but I feel like I'm on the outside of my life looking in and my OCD is going in to over drive because I'm worried about it. I'm still doing talk plus counselling. I just want to know had anyone experienced this and how long does it take to get your emotions back? If anyone has any advice please let me know, Jen
  5. Hi, I have been going througha really tough time the past little while and am hoping to find some people who can relate. I went to see my family Dr. around 8 weeks ago because my life had gotten very stressful and I was having some uncomfortable physical symptoms (itchy skin, tingling hands, rining in ears chest pain etc.) I have always been on the anxious/woryer side of things and have always noted that it got worse when I am stressed (work, life, etc) and generally got better when the stress lessened. A number of factors over the past year compounded together made my anxiety worse than it ever was before and I felt I was having a hard time coping. Some of the stresses were difficult to remove (work, worries about family members etc) so I decided to go and seek help from my family Dr. who diagnosed me as having generalized anxiety disorder and recommended that I try Zoloft. I was on Zoloft was Zoloft for approximately 6-7 weeks and was tapered on to the medication at 25mg/week (started at 25mg) to a maximum of 100mg/day. Almost immediately I started to feel "unwell". It's difficult to describe but something just didn't feel right inside my head. My feeling of anxiety got much worse and were consistent (where they were only sporadic before starting the drug. My brain felt "foggy", I had a hard time concentrating and I developed a headache "pressure on both sides of my head" that was almost consistent throughout the day. Most days I felt tired and needed to rest in the afternoon but when I closed my eyes to try to have a nap I would wake up within. 15mins with a sense of panic. I also experienced worse insomnia (that was one of the reasons I had gone to the Dr. in the first place) I returned to my Dr. and asked to be taken off of Zoloft and he sad that these were normal side effects which should stop at around week 4 of taking the drug. He pointed out that it would be shame to stop taking the Zoloft before seeing the positive effects and so he prescribed me .5mg of Clonazepam (taken twice daily) to help with the side effects and to help me sleep. I have a history of drug addiction and alcoholism (sober now for 11 years) and was was afraid of taking the Clonazepam, so i decided to only take .5mg in the evening to help with the insomnia I was experiencing. The Clonazepam helped me sleep better but the combination of the drugs left me feeling groggy the next day. Overall my sense of anxiety got worse than before I initially asked for help so I returned to my Dr and asked to be tapered off the Meds. He agreed that what I was experiencing was not the "normal"/desired effects of the drug and told me to begin tapering off. Per the Dr's instructions I tapered off of the Zoloft by 25mg every 5 days and stopped taking both the Zoloft and Clonazepam (no tapering of Clonazepam) 5 days ago and have felt terrible since then. Below are the symptoms I have had since then: -My head started to hurt immediately - I have been unable to fall asleep and have experienced the worst insomnia I have ever had. I feel as if I am in between sleep and awake for most of the night. - During the day I am dizzy and have a headache. -If I turn my head I feel as if I am going to fall over/dizzy -Almost constant headache/pressure on my temples -I have tinnitus in my ears and my left ear feels fully plugged. -I have an electric feeling that radiates from my head (worse when I turn my head or stand up) which I have read online is called a "brain zap". -When I stand up too suddenly I feel like I'm going to pass out -I am feeling (slightly) paranoid and on the verge of crying (sporadically) throughout the day (particularly when trying to explain to people how I feel) -I feel generally unwell and anxious when I have to go out in public I went back to my Dr. yesterday and he said that he thinks I'm experiencing withdrawal from the Zoloft and that it is normal. He also said that I am not experiencing any withdrawal from the Clonazepam because it was such a low dose for such a short time. He prescribed me Torazadone to help me sleep, which I took last night in a desperate attempt to get some rest and feel "normal" again but I am now very afraid of becoming dependent on that and then needing to go through all this withdrawal again...I'm wondering if I should just "tough it out" and not take anything but the lack of sleep make me feel almost like I'm losing my mind. Part of me feels as if I haven't been taking these drugs long enough to feel this bad and that maybe I am losing my mind or that I should just "suck it up", but the truth is I feel truly awful and am pretty damn scared at the moment. I have come off of street drugs in the past, and do not remember feeling this bad, but maybe that is just because so much time has passed since then. I am hoping I can look back and laugh at tis experience one day. My wife/family are being as supportive as they can but it's hard to verbalize what I am feeling so I came here hoping to gain some support/advice from people who can empathize. I apologize in advance for to those who just had to read through my whole novel..lol
  6. Hey warriors! Posting here for informational and support purposes. 2017 I was started on 25 mg of Sertraline. A couple of side effects beginning the medication but as I continued it, I felt great. Hadn't had a panic attack in 10 months and was enjoying life. After being on the med for 10 months I went to the ER with a Kidney Infection and was treated with CIPRO (anti biotic). After taking 2 doses of the CIPRO along with still being on my Sertraline, I had a reaction to the medications and it sent me into horrific panic. I stopped the CIPRO immediately but it seemed like every time I took my Sertraline after that, I would have horrific panic attacks. So bad I drove myself to the hospital 3 separate times begging them to find out what was wrong with me. I was sent home every single time with "its just panic attacks". I made an appointment with my Psych doctor and tried to explain to him how horrible I was feeling and he insisted I increase my dose and brushed me off like it was no concern and sent me on my way. At that point, being discouraged and not well educated about abruptly stopping anti depressants I decided I was no longer going to take Sertraline. Then, the withdraws hit. The first 3 months were hell on earth for me. Crawling out of my own skin, vomiting, digestive issues, extreme anxiety, dizzy, brain fog, tremors, jolting out of a dead sleep, muscle aches and weakness, weight loss and lack of appetite etc... After the 3 months my symptoms seemed to subside a little and have not been as intense but now I am 10 months off after quitting cold turkey and still suffer. Recently I have experienced Intrusive Thoughts and extreme OCD which I have NEVER experience in my life. Has anyone gone through or is going through a similar experience? Do we heal (especially from going cold turkey)? Are there any recommendations for help or advice? I have lost 35 lbs in 10 months, have severe digestive issues, anxiety almost all day everyday that is now intensified by 100, depressed and just all in all feeling very low and losing hope that I will never get back to how I was before this horrific experience. Looking forward to hearing opinions. Love and light your way ❤️
  7. Hi everyone, I took the minimum recommended dose of sertraline /zoloft (50mg) for a year to help with post-natal insomnia (Nov 16 - Nov 17). It worked and I slept well. I tapered off from Nov 17 - March 18 (about 4 months). This was more gradual than what is recommended by the NHS so I thought I was being extra careful! I reduced my dose by half a pill (25mg) a week. Anyway, 6 weeks after my final dose I started experiencing insomnia (my original symptom), physical anxiety & brain fog - despite not being consciously anxious or worried. It has come and gone in waves every few days over the last 3 months. At least once a week I'll get only an hour or 2 of sleep, then I have a good night and then some nights where I get maybe 5-6 hours which I can just about cope with. Last night was a 1 hour sleep night and I'm sick of it. I thought my original symptoms were coming back but now I've found this site, I'm wondering if it's withdrawal symptoms. They are just about bearable if I know that they will improve. However, the insomnia is affecting my day to day life and can't go on indefinitely. So do I:- a) Tough it out - I've already made it 3 months without realising these are potentially withdrawal symptoms b) Start taking a tiny dose - maybe quarter of a pill a day (12.5mg) c) Take sleeping pills short term just to get through this temporary period (I take half a Temazepam 10mg tablet when really desperate - this is a last resort and my GP does not like to prescribe them) I do yoga and meditation to manage it but would welcome any other suggestions for rebalancing the nervous system without upping the drugs again.... Accupuncture was recommended by someone?? I should mention that I also took the same dose for the same symptoms the year after my daughter was born (April 14 - April 15) and tapered in the same way. I remember briefly getting a resurgence of unexplainable anxiety but then I was back to my old self for a year or so with no ill-effects. Please help, insomnia is my nemesis!! 😭😱
  8. crsonja

    crsonja: Hey there

    Hey there, I'm off sertraline for 27 days I inititally took them for horrible anxiety I had following a psychotic episode, and most importantly, surviving 40 days locked in a psych ward I used to take antipsychotics, it was really easy to come off them, no withdrawal whatsoever I stopped the AD because I don't think I need them anymore, plus I never felt like I was sleeping and I couldn't take it anymore Microdosing psilocybin to help with the withdrawal (don't do it it's probably illegal where you are!!) I never though a legal drug could be so bad for you Thx for reading me! Sonia
  9. I’ve suffered most of my adult life from anxiety mostly, with occasional depression. I’d like to come off my daily Zoloft 100 mg dose. I’ve tried by reducing my daily dose by half, but after about a week, I begin to feel more anxious. I’ve recently added 2 good herbal supplements daily to aid in the transition: tulsi-holy basil & ashwagandha. They have had a noticeable gentle calming effect. I’m hoping to now be able to gradually transition of the Zoloft.
  10. Here's my story. I went to the doctor 2yrs ago because of chronic muscle soreness and fatigue. I was diagnosed anxiety and started to take antidepressants. I’ve tried several of them and ended up with sertraline which seems to be “milder”. I have been on it with doze of 25mg every day for 1.5yrs until I stopped it this July. In this April I began to have severe back soreness here and there every time when I was trying to lie down sleep or sit at the desk working. Also I had tremor all over the body like my muscles were getting weaker. My GP suspected it might be caused by sertraline and then asked me to stop it cold turkey. I did not follow that exactly but continued to take 12.5mg per day for another 2-3 wks based on common sense (which turns out to be still too fast obviously, as I came to realize later). Starting then the nightmare began. I have developed brain zap, nausea, akathisia, blur eyesight, severe lightheadness and other symptoms. Now my whole body is so,so much tight that I look like an old man with Parkinson. I can barely stretch my back. And, what’s the most unbearable, the tightness in my shoulders and neck makes me feel very difficult to breath, like somebody is strangling me. I can’t sit still for literally 5mins because of that. I’m so glad to find this place and see people helping each other. Wish I can find some hope here to get me keep going. Any comment or advice would be appreciated.
  11. Hello everybody, hope you're all as well as can be expected given this horror we're all enduring. Bit of history. I've been on Ad (Seroxat) since '97 or '98, I got off that after a 2.5 month taper (i know i know!) from 30mg, and then went straight on to Prozac 40mg (August '13). 3 month after the swap my head practically exploded. It was hell on earth. I managed to get stable-ish after 8 months on Prozac but my doctor wanted me on Sertraline - so i endured another awful swap over. This was Feb 2014. Since about June 2014 i have been relatively well and even made it back to work after 10 months off. After getting through the winter, always a horrible time for me and the reason i went on AD's in the 1st place, i stepped on the scale in March this year and noticed i'd put on 4 stone in one sodding year on th Sert. You can imagine my delight. Well, that was the point i decided to get off this poison once and for all. I tapered from 75mg to 0mg from March to May under the docs instructions. I thought this a reasonable time-scale. I got all the usual nausea, anger, etc but handled it ok, even though my work colleagues probably woudn't agree! From May to last week i was coping and though i'd cracked it. Then last week happened. I just crashed. Luckily i was on holiday...Foggy brain, crying, suicidal thoughts, body shakes, depersonalisation, deep despair...and those were the good days. Thought it couldn't get any worse till today. 1st day back at work and i started feeling very restless. This turned into constant walks to the toilet just to escape the office. Then i suddenly went very hot and was literally peeing sweat from every pore in my body. My clothes and hair were drenched. I went very pale and started shaking. Then my eyesight started going very kaleidescopey and i nearlt had to lie on the office floor in front of my colleagues. Awful! I was taken to ER immediately and thankfully all tests were negative. They put it down to a panic attack. I now know different having found this site. So, what would you advise? I haven't slept for 4 nights, I rarely eat and i just don't feel right. Should i reinstate a small dose after 3 months off? Also do i have Akaithsia (sp)? I'm ok now in the evening but the last few days and then today at work i've haven't been able to sit still. It has lessened this evening but it is worrying the hell out of me? Anyway, thanks for reading and for any advice you might be able to offer, It is truly appreciated.
  12. Hello, I have recently found this site and it's been a tremendous relief to see other people going through similar things. Withdrawal and anxiety can be such isolating experiences, especially when your doctor or psychiatrist doesn't seem to have any concrete knowledge of the way it works for many people. I began taking 30mg of Paxil in 2004 during an episode of major depression and anxiety. It helped me regain my stability and in addition to the medication I spent many years in psychotherapy. I considered going off the drug many times but even skipping one dose made me feel physically ill and my psychiatrist also warned me that because I had suffered a previous episode of depression, I was likely to relapse. In the fall of 2017, my partner and I decided we wanted to try having a baby and on the advice of my doctor, I began weaning off Paxil, decreasing the dose by 7.5 g each month. I know realize that was probably way too fast but I didn't have any serious problems until I stopped it completely. My doctor's recommendation was to switch to 50mg Zoloft/Sertraline but I wanted to see if I could go without drugs. I lasted a month. At first it was mainly physical symptoms: nausea, dizzines, diahrrea, muscle pain, headaches but then anxiety set in and I ended up in the ER. I began taking 50mg of Zoloft/Sertraline in February buteven after several weeks didn't notice much improvement. They increased my dose to 100 and then 150mg but the anxiety persisted and I got terrible diahrrea and began losing weight at an alarming rate. I went back down to 50mg and continue there. In February, March and part of April (?) I was taking .5mg of Lorazepam each morning and evening to function and sleep but have stopped that. I only take it very occasionally when I really need a good night's sleep or feel a panic attack coming. I have had good weeks and bad weeks and the idea of "windows and waves" really resonates with me. I have a couple weeks where I feel like myself and then the anxiety returns and hangs around for a week or two. I've been taking care of myself as well as possible: exercise, meditation, diet, time with friends, and that helps but it seems like the only thing that is really going to make a difference is time. I have a couple of questions for my fellow SA members'. Do you recommend magnesium citrate? I'm not taking any supplements because I'm trying to get my nutrients from food and I also don't want to get my hopes up that if I just find the right combination of vitamins and minerals and powders that I will be cure. Secondly, I've been taking Zoloft for almost 5 months now and I can't say that I have noticed any huge benefit. It doesn't seem to be helping with the anxiety at all. I don't want to double my withdrawal misery but I also don't want to stay on it too long and make it harder for myself later. I've been contemplating halving my dose and seeing what happens. During the time I was increasing and lowering my dose by 50mg over these previous months, I didn't notice any significant changes in my mood or mental state, FYI. Any thoughts?
  13. Hi all. I`m new to this forum and this is me: I`m 35 yrs old male, husband and father of 3 children. I lived my youth in an abusive family and went through my early years with panic attacks and depression without any help from anyone. Just judgement and 0 love & acceptance. This left me in really bad shape after leaving home. Nevertheless I managed to start a family, get phd and land a good job. My past still has always been haunting me. So in 2008 I went to doctor cause I felt so terrible. He gave me 10mg of Cirpalex per day. I took it for a few months until I forgot to take them anymore. I had no issues coming off the drug. Then came the year 2011. My employer is in trouble and is planning to shut down the firm. I`m getting bad anxiety. At the same time I had big trouble with some of my relatives, our dog died, had to buy a new car, feeling axious and very tired since our 3rd child had just been born. I felt for a long time that my stress levels were too much for me to handle. Then the disaster struck. One night, out of nowhere, I started hearing this very loud hiss inside my head. I panicked and got up. After some walking it went away. I was relieved and went back to sleep. Maybe a couple of weeks later the same thing happened again. Only this time it became permanent. I lost all will to live. I went to a doctor. They took MRI and hearing tests. All was fine but I could not take it anymore. So I went back on cipralex. This time the dosage was 20mg. I took the med for months. Also I got a description for 10mg diazepam 2-3 times per day to help my anxiety attacks. Luckily I did not take it that much but looking back the last 2 years, I`ve taken a Lot of benzos. All was fine until summer. Suddenly I felt that Cipralex was no longer working. My doc told me to get off cipralex in a couple of weeks! I did just that but after little over a month I was in hell and went back to see my doctor. He was buzzled and told me to go to another doctor. He was very understanding and put me on Zoloft. First 50mg, later 100mg. Again things got better until last summer I felt that the drug is no longer working. I did not want to increase the dosage so I made a plan to withdraw myself from it. During the next 80 days I went of the drug. The last pill I took 11th of november 2013. Now it`s xmas eve and I`m in hell. I just realized that I`m not only coming off Zoloft. It`s also the benzo that is giving me this sweet ride in hell. There have been few good moments lately. I`m sensitive to everything. Especially to sounds and stress. My tinnitus is terrible most of the time. Sometimes I get a free moment of it. It fluctuates a lot. Stress triggers it very easily. Slightest amount of stress gives me bad hiss in the head and tinnitus with panic attack. I can hardly survive everyday life. AD and benzos have made my nervous system a complete wreck. Even much worse than what it was before. If I manage to free myself from stress and being afraid of everything, I am fine for a while. I have read a lot of WD stories and common factor in those cases that have it very hard to get off these meds seems to be the amount of stress that is present in their lives. I`m determined that I will not put another AD or benzo in my mouth ever again. I do not know if I will survive this but my hope is that some of you will help me during this very hard path I have chosen to walk. Thanks. Moody Blues
  14. I've been a widow and single mom since 2004. I have a history of asthma, osteoarthritis, and slightly elevated blood pressure that is controlled. I am very sensitive to many antibiotics and blood pressure meds so it is hard for me to find something that works but doesn't cause horrible side effects. I have a very short list of "approved by me" prescription medicines. My doctor suggested I try an antidepressant when I mentioned some off and on depression in 2010. She prescribed Effexor first which was unbearable to me as it caused brain zaps and extreme dizziness. She switched me to Sertaline at the smallest dose. It didn't have the same effects so I got used to it. My depression mostly disappeared and I thought I was fixed. I only felt side effects if I skipped a day. In 2015, I started having memory loss. Not every day, but on and off. I might wake up in the morning and take a longer than normal time to determine the day and if I had anything going on that morning. It was such an unnerving and scary feeling! I noticed a harder time retrieving names and words. I was a teacher and trainer and it really scared me! I started researching side effects and found that it's quite common to have trouble with memory when on antidepressants. I also noticed that, although I didn't have worrying or depressing thoughts as often, I also had begun to notice that I didn't care about so many important things in my life. It was like I had an even setting but not a true joy. I also was able to completely ignore important things that a little worry helps keep me motivated to get accomplished. I felt unconcerned about deadlines when in the past, that same concern would have helped me accomplish more.I tried to take myself off that year but soon went back on because of brain zaps and dizziness. In June 2017, I decided to start cutting the pills in half and then quarters over a two month period. I used Benedryl to help with sleep (as I had seen suggested somewhere online) and was finally able to get completely off of Sertraline. I thought it was finished and done until the middle of September when I started having strange symptoms. I had just returned from a month long trip to Europe so I thought my body was just recovering from travel. It's now December and I still have the symptoms so I figure it has to be the withdrawal. I went back to researching and found this site! Here are the withdrawal symptoms I'm dealing with now: on and off depression that lasts for 2-4 days at a time poor appetite and some weight loss (I gained about 20 while on Sertraline) tension and pain in isolated muscle groups that moves around numbness, cold or hot feeling in feet burning soles on both feet after standing and walking for a little while fatigue and low energy feelings waking up in early morning not able to sleep again anxious or catastrophic thoughts and worries constant sinus issues (I do have allergies but usually not year round.) This forum has already calmed many of my worries because I've seen many of these symptoms listed by others!
  15. Hello, I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety and prescribed 200mg sertraline at age 15. I took it with few side-effects for 6 years until a psychiatrist advised me to try getting off of it, citing the poorly-understood long term effects of the drug, especially on those who begin taking it while young. I waited several months until I felt stable, then reduced from the 200mg to 0 in several weeks. I had no serious side effects at the time. Within several months, I felt more intense emotions again, including happiness, but also sadness at realizing how my numbed mind had allowed me to stay in unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships/jobs. I began to wake up with intense panic, and had chronic swelling and pain in my jaw. 8 months after going off sertraline, the chronic pain intensified and did not respond to painkillers. I began experiencing extreme fatigue, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and flashbacks to traumatic experiences. After many months of inconclusive doctors' appointments, a rheumatologist diagnosed me with Sjogren's Syndrome, although I have no dryness symptoms and am much younger than most people with the disease. I began to have daily panic attacks, increased fatigue, and disorientation. I went back on sertraline in 2017 and took about 4 weeks to get up to the 200mg dose. Since starting the sertraline again, I have remained fatigued, have occasional panic attacks, intense periods of depression/anxiety, and many difficult physical symptoms (body aches, nerve pain, tingling, rash, bowel issues). I decided last week to begin tapering, but to go slowly this time and learn more about the process. I joined this forum to share what I know in case it's helpful, and to add another voice to these shared experiences of living on and off of psychoactive drugs. Best wishes, Alice
  16. Hi everyone, I'm brand new here and wanted to tell everyone how much I've appreciate seeing all the positivity that everyone brings to the table. It has helped me more than you guys know. I was on sertraline for 18 or so years before I decided that I hadn't really found out genuinely who I was as a person considering I had been on the drug my entire adult life. I'm now 30 and 11 months into my withdrawal. I did get back on the medication for a month and a half after I had to go out of town for work for a week and was unable to eat or sleep for basically the entire time because of crippling anxiety. It has been the most difficult time in my life but the tough days always come and go. My biggest thing is wondering if anyone else has taken the drug for such a long time like me and made it through to full recovery. Does all of this pain go away? I know that my brain has endured a lot of years of brain altering chemicals so I'm trying to be patient with it but it's so difficult. Any replies would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all for being awesome 🤘🏻
  17. Hello, i am glad to have found this site! This is probably my 3rd or 4th time taking Zoloft. While I’ve always had some issues with brain zaps when stopping, I’ve never had so much trouble going off it before. I think this is the longest period I have taken it (about 3 years) . I have taken a number of different antidepressants, and the worst for me to go off of was Cymbalta a few years ago. This time going off Zoloft is almost as bad. i was only taking 50mg, when I decided to stop I had no problem going down to 25mg (did that for a couple of weeks) and then down to 12.5...not too bad, though from what I’ve read here it seems I went to too fast. I’ve had brain zaps, dizziness (like drunk feeling) nausea, insomnia, and just general malaise and extreme fatigue. This is also mixed in with perimenopausal symptoms. So not fun. i got an rx for 25 as I thought it might be easier to cut the pills to smaller doses. My pill cutter ends up just chipping it. i went down to about 6.25, and stopped that, I guess too quickly, and have been feeling absolutely awful. It sounds like I need to stick with that dose for awhile. But I am having so much trouble getting it cut precisely. Today after reading on these forums I decided to give myself a dose (about 6 or 7mg) as it had been awhile, over a week. it sounds like I should get a scale and maybe make a powder to get a precise dose? We are going on vacation in Europe soon and I was hoping to be done with all this soon, I’m not sure if I should be messing with powders when away from home for turning it into powder is it better to put into capsules of dissolve in water? (Sounds like it tastes awful) Thank you!!
  18. I've been on antidepressants on and off for the past 20 years. A few years ago, I was on 100mg Zoloft. I felt overmedicated and tapered down to 50mg. A couple of years on that, I felt better so I started to slowly taper to 37.5mg, 25, and then finally to 12. I had been on 12mg for about 2 years. Every time I went to 6mg, or skipped a day or two, I didn't do well so I went back to 12mg. The last few weeks, I started to have neurological symptoms and I cannot tell if it's something medical, stress, or SSRI withdrawal from trying to taper off the 12mg. I really had thought going off 12mg would be the easiest step, since it is so low a dosage. These are the symptoms I've been having: 1) Extreme fatigue in my entire body and brain. Different from sleepiness or feeling tired 2) Leg muscle soreness, cramps, weakness 3) Trouble with balance when walking 4) Difficulty with coordination; clumsiness 5) Migraine like headaches (I never had migraines before) 6) Difficulty concentrating 7) Visual disturbances including lack of focus on what I am looking at, and two episodes the other day of seeing a flashing quick white light. Optometrist said exam revealed nothing wrong other than I may need a stronger prescription (visual disturbance is not blurry, vision is sharp) 8) Can't find the word I want to use 9) Speaking issues - slurring or stuttering. The past week I could barely speak, and then hours after taking a 25mg Zoloft, I was able to speak again. 10) Arm muscle sorness and weakness 11)Waking up extremely fatigued although getting enough sleep 12)Lack of motivation, decision making, planning 13)Anxious 14) Difficulty multitasking and becoming irritable if I try to I have no history of these symptoms, other than the fatigue and the anxiety (and history of depression, though I am not now depressed). My medical doctor is concerned and suggested I increase the Zoloft, (as did my spouse who says I'm more anxious without the Zoloft even though it's only been a short time), so I very reluctantly started taking 25mg again.That being said, I am curious how to tell the difference between SSRI withdrawal, true anxiety/stress, or something medical. I thought it unlikely to have SSRI withdrawal if I was only on 12mg. I feel like I'm never going to get off these meds. For those of you with knowledge and experience of SSRI withdrawal, please share your opinion of what the reason for this might be--is it related to SSRIs or not? Also for those of you who think it's related to withdrawing too quickly off the 12mg, please let me know how I should manage the Zoloft going forward to avoid these kinds of symptoms. Thank you
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    jefflc: Zoloft

    Ok after reading forums on this site it seems like my doctor gave me poor withdrawl advice. I was on Zoloft (sertraline) for 6 months, I started my dose at 50mg and then upped it to 75mg and then again to 100mg at its peak. I upped it due to tic's I had. I thought my tic's were caused by stress and anxiety but they weren't so upping it didn't make it any better. However the SSRI's worked very well except for some sexual dysfunction problems, so myself and my doctor decided to ween me off the meds and this is how my tapering schedule went. 100mg - 100 - 100 - 100 75 - 100 -75 - 100 75 - 75 -75 -75 75 - 50 -75- 50 50 - 50 - 50 - 50 50 - 25 -50 -25 25 - 25 - 25 -25 - Finished Since starting the taped I was getting head spins and feeling dizzy. Since coming off them completely my head spins are very frequent, when I stand up or sit down or even move my head too quickly. Sometimes I can feel vertigo like and can feel unsteady on y feet. My balance isn't great and I've fount myself tripping over my own foot from time to time leading to more obsessive thoughts, is this the early on set of MS? Did I have a mild stroke in my sleep? I know none of this is true but it's the obsessive thoughts that I was having before taking Zoloft creeping back in. Recently I've started to feel very angry for no reason and thinking about things that can upset me, when I was on Zoloft none of this was apparent, I can't explain how good I felt and although I know this is part of the withdrawl process it just seems like it goes on for too long. Whats the point in taking SSRI's if you're going to feel the way you did before for a year or so, doesn't make sense to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm sure a number of people on this forum have gone through the same things as me. Thanks.
  20. Hello, I am looking for some advice or success stories from other people who have been through a similar problem. Due to depression I was on 150mg sertraline for approx 2.5 years. As I felt I no longer needed to be on them I started the weaning process - dropped to 100 mg for 1 month, then 50mg for 1 month then 50mg every 2 days then every few days etc. I have now been off them completely for about 3 weeks. For the last 5-6 weeks I have experienced headaches dizziness and nausea with it becoming significantly worse over last week or 2. I hadn't even considered withdrawal until Dr at urgent care appt suggested it. He reckons I should go back on 50mg dose but I am loathed to do so as I have been off for while and weaned for so long. But I am also loathed to continue feeling like this. Has anyone been through similar? Can anyone shed any light on how long these symptoms will last? Is it worth going back on the sertraline or just battling through? I have been trying to get appt with my own gp but earliest is end of the week. Any advice in the meantime would be much appreciated.
  21. Hello, I have a 20 year history of antidepressant use following a breakdown. I have been on and off Citalopram and Sertraline which are the GP's 'go to' meds for most of their patients. However, about 5 years ago my anxiety and depression seemed to get worse, maybe it was something to do with the Menopause? - I spent a small fortune on private counselling, which by the way didn't seem to clear up any problems psychologically. So, on her recommendation I went to see a private psych doc (£300 per hour!) - He prescribed my Venlafaxine which I stayed on for about 2 years. The dose was increased incrementally from 150mg until I was on 375mg daily (quite a big dose for a 4'11" petite lady!) I found Venlafaxine a weird drug which gave me horrendous nightmares every night, stomach problems and while it did work for a few weeks, didn't provide a stable plateau in my general mental health. I decided to taper from Venlafaxine last September (2016) and reduced fairly quickly dropping by 37.5mg every 4 weeks ish. When I was down to 112.5mg Ven, my GP decided to introduce Sertraline 50mg (as I was very tearful) - I continued taking both and stopped the Ven all together in March 2017. My GP increased the Sertraline to 100mg which gave me awful anxiety for 7 weeks, so I reduced back down to 50mg. I have now stopped ALL ANTIDEPRESSANT drugs completely !!!! I have been drug free for 3 weeks now - what a roller-coaster it has been.These are my current symptoms: I cry daily, I feel woozy and dizzy and very tired at times, I have suicidal thoughts occasionally and yet, there are moments of total normality and general happiness! My depression has never been the 'stay in bed' type, I am very active - I love gardening, cycling, painting, sewing and being a Granny! and I continue to do things even when I feel like crap. My dilemma is, do I stick with this emotional hell that I feel I am going through at the moment? will it get better? will I ever be 'normal' again without antidepressants? Am I strong enough to keep going? Please, please give me some advice. I would love to hear some success stories, I really need some support and idea how long these horrible discontinuation symptoms will last Thanks, Thepaintinglady (currently painting the kitchen ceiling and not a work of art!)
  22. Hi everyone. I am hoping to get some much needed (and very much appreciated) advice on my situation. As you see, I had been on Sertraline for almost 2 years, or around the two year mark, before I began a too fast taper in 2016 which lead to my withdrawal syndrome in September 2016. My doctor had me taper in 6 weeks completely off Sertraline, jumping off at 25mg and not even tapering the 25mg, just cold turkeying the 25 per his instruction. Well, I was feeling some withdrawal symptoms, I just didn't realize what they truly meant, and my doctor had told me not to worry 'they will clear up in a few weeks" well they didn't really clear up, but actually got worse two-three months later. I want to make this as short as possible so it is easy to read, but long story short, I ended up reinstating Sertraline at 12.5mg first week, at the same time tapering the 30mg of buspirone my doctor had tried to test out on me for almost two weeks. Each week, he upped my dose of Sertraline during my reinstatement, until I reached 57mg and my body rejected anything above the 57mg. However, I did not know anything about withdrawal or tapering back then, and realize that I was put on way too high of a dose for reinstatement. This has me very scared and very anxious, I try hard not to be, and most of it is likely neuro related, but I wonder what I can do if I feel it's too high? I've got the anhedonia, but I've had this since December, and it actually was brought on more or less by my doctor trying to put me back up to 75mg, maybe that was just a coincidence, but I am not so sure. Each adjustment of the sertraline left me with worsened insomnia, worsened panic, trembling and what I can only describe as body jolts every morning for four months straight. And trying to sleep at night I felt like I was having seizures almost, where my body would jolt me awake just as I was drifting off to sleep, heart would be racing, fear and panic would run rampant and worsen in the morning. I still have mild teeth chattering every morning and especially when the anxiety or stress comes on. I reinstated pretty quick, where I reinstated as soon as my withdrawal symptoms started getting worse, I didn't wait it out even though I really wanted to. I didn't want to go back on the medication after what it had done to me, but didn't know what else to do. Then, everyone I trusted, my doctor especially, had me convinced I had developed several new mental disorders in a matter of three days. I was so so scared, and my anxiety was through the roof. I really stressed myself out a lot trying to figure out "what was wrong with me" because I did not know at the time. On top of that I had the professionals I trusted assuring me it was my "symptoms coming back" (they actually said that right after I already told them I never ever had these symptoms before in my life, not even one of them.) Then I happened to find SA, during my research into my symptoms and the ssri I was taking. I learned a lot in one night, and my jaw dropped. My gut had been telling me all this time it was the drug, it was withdrawal. But I ignored it and listened to the "experts" instead. HUGE MISTAKE!! Now I am stuck in a situation that makes me fear for the future, and not sure what I can do now that I am back on a higher dose. If I would've known better, I would not have allowed my doctor to titrate me up so high. I would've sat at the lowest possible dose, even the 12.5mg. My withdrawal symptoms had really settled down a lot for the last two or three months now though. My appetite came back, libido came back, depression lifted almost instantly upon reinstatement, the anxiety and panic took a while to lift but that has really settled down a ton and only sporadically (maybe lasting a second or two) I'll feel a blip of panic and anxiety (typically when under a lot of built up stress), and my biggest gripe for withdrawal symptoms as of now is the anhedonia, but even that was beginning to lift where I'd get moments of joy or contentment or my interests peaking through the veil of anhedonia. My sleep actually went back to normal in the last week or two, and I haven't been waking with the dread or anxiety for the past three months now, and I have been feeling pretty good except now I got back into this wave and I think it's because I'm stressing over tapering and my dosage after what I read last night. I read on SA someone said that being on too high a reinstatement dose can permanently damage your brain, where you will never heal from it. So I am really scared... I really need advice or wisdom on where to go from here. At this point, I worry I'll always feel this way and I'll never recover any further than where I currently am. I'd be fine if I felt somewhat normal, where I could handle the withdrawal symptoms temporarily until they pass, and I do admit that on my better days I certainly can handle them. But I feel like reinstatement was pointless or worse for me than just muscling through the withdrawals after what I read about high dose reinstatement. I feel like A) it's going to take forever just to stabilise on this dose and B it's going to be painful trying to taper when the time comes, due to that I may have permanently damaged my brain with my reinstatement. I guess what I am wondering now is, do I stay on this dose and wait for the anhedonia to completely go away, or how do I know when I am ready to begin tapering? At this point I am just feeling very confused and afraid about my dose and tapering in the future. I feel lost. I'd really appreciate any help! Thank you!
  23. New here. First post. 1 month since taking Zoloft 50 I'm feeling very depressed - I think this is part of the withdrawal? But I don't know ? So low tonight I thought about taking the tablet again to escape the feelings of despair- very self absorbed. Fatigued not sleeping well. Hating myself and the world. Should be asleep but wide awake reading these brave stories of success and determination. I began tapering the tab at a bad time - I am grieving the loss of two much loved souls now. So many emotions mixed together to deal with. My partner is away so no close support, feeling very alone. Isolating myself and feeling full of shame. But buoyed by the wonderful people sharing here. Thank you
  24. Hello everyone, I'm Kangamangus. Been looking at this forum for a few months now and finally decided to post. I have been on Zoloft since I was 16 years old, I am now 25. It seems to help a bit with my depression, but it causes me some apathy/numbness. I have laughed hard, cried hard, and felt anger on this med, so my emotions aren't completely gone but they do seem harder to access. I have also had a substance abuse problem throughout this time period. Recently (may of this year) I finally realized my depression wasn't going to get any better if I didn't do something. I have since stopped taking all illegal drugs and I have been clean for 60 days now. I made the terrible mistake of coming cold turkey off my Zoloft in this time period too. I'm not sure what led to me to make this decision, but I think it was just a sense that the meds weren't really helping me anymore and poor decision making skills from all the drugs I was doing. I was fine for about 3 weeks and then I crashed hard. Extreme depression, flu like symptoms, and suicidal ideation led to a week of extreme hell. I ended up in an intensive outpatient treatment program where I was reinstated on my meds. I was also put onto a low dose of Remeron(mirtazapine) to help with sleep. I am now stable and feeling much better than I was when I was off my meds. Unfortunately I am now feeling the numbness/apathy again. Like I said, my emotions aren't completely gone but they seem muted. I have realized in this time period that I really do want to come off the Zoloft. It helps with my depression but I really hate the muted feeling that I have. I accept that I am one of those people that needs to be medicated for my depression, as it gets really bad, but I'm sick of the Zoloft and I'm very wary of going onto any other SSRIs. My libido and emotions are already impacted by the Zoloft and I don't want to risk those things getting any worse. My goal is to very slowly wean myself off of the Zoloft while simultaneously upping my dosage of Remeron. Obviously I will be doing this under the direction of my doctor. I have heard good things about Remeron, and I understand its much less likely to impact your libido and emotions than any SSRI drugs. I might not completely come off the Zoloft but I would at least like to try and see if these side effects that I hate so much lift up a bit. I'm posting here to get any feedback from members of this forum on my plan, and to see if anybody has any tips for me. My plan to taper is to follow the 10% cut that I have seen posted on this site before. Once i feel stable on the lowered dose I plan to wait for a long time before cutting again. Simultaneously I plan to increase my dose of Remeron to hopefully help with the depression that I expect to return from coming off the Zoloft. I'm taking this very seriously and I want to do this the right way. Any input is appreciated, and thank you for welcoming me to this forum. My current doses: Zoloft( sertraline) 50mg/daily Remeron(mirtazapine) 7.5mg/daily
  25. Good Morning Everyone, I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself to this wonderful community. I believe I may be experiencing some protracted withdrawal from SSRIs and have some questions. I started my SSRI use around 10 years ago with Sertraline, with 150mg being my eventual dosage. This helped to eliminate some physical symptoms I had been experiencing that my doctor and I thought might be stress and anxiety related. After a few years I complained of some sexual side effects and Wellbutrin XL 300mg was added to my regimen. This didn't really resolve the issue, but I remained on both medications until I abruptly stopped about 4 months ago. As implied, I quit cold turkey. I now know that was not a smart thing to do and potentially dangerous. If I could go back knowing what I know now I would have started a long tapering process. Unfortunately I did not. To make matters worse, the time that I quit was right before I moved to a new state to pursue a promotion and new work environment. Writing this now makes me feel quite foolish. I did not experience any noticeable withdrawal symptoms during the typical acute withdrawal time period. I felt great up until about 2 weeks ago, when I fell into a state of constant anxiety and likely also some depression. I had begun to become very introspective about my career and the move I had just undertaken. I feel that my existential concerns and my added stress at work led to me falling into this state of anxiety and depression. I feel a high level of anxiety all day that will not go away and it particularly bad when I wake up in the morning. The anxiety level fluctuates a bit throughout the day, but is always there. It is extremely taxing and I am generally tense and slightly nauseous most of the time. It has become very hard to get things done at work and I am concerned about my ability to continue to hold onto my job. Since falling into this state I have been doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere and have now become familiar with the concept of protracted withdrawal. I am unsure at the moment if this is withdrawal or not, as I don't have symptoms beyond the extreme anxiety. However, the level and duration of anxiety I am experiencing is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, including before I started taking AD drugs. As I am finding it hard to cope and am concerned about the effect this is having on my life, I am considering reinstating the Sertraline to try and stabilize. Especially since I stopped my AD use cold turkey, it seems like it might be a good idea to try to reinstate and stabilize and then begin a slow taper once I am in a better place. While I know that the members here cannot diagnose me or give me medical advice, I am hoping that your insights might prove useful in helping me make a decision on reinstatement. I am currently seeing a GP and a therapist, and both are supportive of reinstatement if it is what I want. I have read the thread on reinstating and know that it seems to have worked for some and not for others and that we are all different. Given this, do I seem like a candidate for reinstatement? I see some recommended reinstatement dosages for various SSRIs, but since dosages between the drugs differ, I was unsure on what a good reinstatement dosage might be. I see it is recommended that a very small does to start is recommended due to potential hypersensitivity. For Sertraline, is there any consensus on what this kind of does would look like? Thank you for any insight you can provide. It has been a very challenging few weeks and I am so glad that there are communities like this for me to reach out to!
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