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  1. Hello- I am taking 37.5 mg of venlafaxine. I have been on it since March 2015 for treatment of migraines caused by a concussion. My doctor said I could try going off now (no migraines since May) because we want to start trying to conceive again. I could tell that withdrawal wouldn't be easy from a dizzy/vertigo feeling and headaches I get when I take a dose a bit late. I also had a hard time starting the drug- not sleeping for 3 days and lost 7 pounds. I started taking it every 36 hours, but was feeling quite groggy, no attention span. I found this forum and saw that is never recommended to increase time between doses, which makes sense given the short half life. So I called my dr and pharmacist several times until I finally received a prescription for tablets. I started though by tapering the beads of drug. For the past couple days I removed 6 of the 36 beads. This is more like 26%... But I am giving it a try for now. I am wondering about the 4 week period between tapers. Is this a conservative timespan meant to apply to all drugs? For something with a short half life, such as venlafaxine would symptoms really appear 2-3 weeks later? I was thinking I would taper 20% every 2-3 weeks and then drop by 3 mg when I hit 12 mg. But even at this rate it would take a minimum of 22 weeks to wean off. That's almost as long as I've been on it! Any advice from someone who weaned off the lowest dose and how it went for them? The dose is so small, I'm hoping that a 'larger' drop of 6 mg or so would not be so impactful. Why is it important for the drops to keep becoming smaller? I can't imagine, but this plan with a typical dose of 100 mg or more would take years! As a note I do take a fair amount of supplements that I've found to help with my headaches.. These are Mg, B2, vit E, omega 3, and Co Q10.
  2. I've been a happy taker of Venlafaxine for 10 years, most of the time fairly happy (well I did live with a wife who had a psychosis 4 years back and I was at the centre of it and coped with it but that's another matter). Depending on what you think is the cause/causes of depression and that maybe different people have different causes, I would myself in perhaps the endogenous/biological area, low-5-HT/serotonin - which is why maybe venlafaxine works for me. But it would be nice to cut down at least I did try cutting down at what I thought was quite prudently small amounts - I failed each time. This is when Iearned how difficult it could be. Looking at the tapering forum, I can't seem to find how it's actually done - with in my case capsules containing beads which I think are coated. Are there differing tapering regimes for different drugs? If you can direct me to the right places, I'd be very grateful. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone. I'm glad to have joined the community. I have suffered from depression for many years, most of which I have been on SSRIs. I have tried to go on without them on several occasions without success. This time I have been on venlafaxine for around 1.5 years. Started on 150mg and have gradually come down to 37.5mg. I know very well how it feels to reduce the medication or come off from it. Lately I am trying breathing techniques that induce vagus nerve stimulation and -less frequently- meditation, this seems to help considerably, but I still have not managed to turn it into a strong habit. I am also becoming acquainted with the relationship between the digestive systems, eating habits and mood disorders. I hope to provide my little grain of sand to the community by sharing experiences and thoughts and also learn from different views. Best wishes, Jose
  4. Hi Everyone, I am 27, British, and recently stopped taking Venlafaxine 75mg XR via a very short fluoxetine 20mg taper. My GP was keen I stopped taking the medication as my BP was 169/98 at one consultation! ( I am 27, I don't take the contraceptive pill, do not smoke and my BMI is 23) - since stopping the Venlafaxine it has dropped to normal ranges (although I'd take the stroke risk over my current situation!) I am currently struggling to do anything productive, barely getting to the gym, crying for 25% of my waking hours, experiencing extreme social anxiety and feeling generally negative. I am a fourth year medical student and also have a paid job as my family don't have the money to pay my way through med school - what this means in practise is that I work 6-7 days per week, I am also engaged to a medical student. I am probably not being the easiest person to live with but he keeps telling me to go to the doctor - I know (and he knows) more than most, that my GPs options are more pills or CBT with a 6 week waiting list (I'm not keen on CBT anyway personally, I've tried it before) Anyone who can help me to understand if this is relapse (and so I should maybe take Venlafaxine again) or withdrawal, and if it is withdrawal how do I explain to my partner and how do I get through the day? If I have low attendance I will be kicked off my course and I am so close to the end it would be awful. I also doubt there would be a 'less stressful time' in the next 5 years of my life due to the career of a doctor in the NHS, so I don't think going through this at a 'better time' is an option unfortunately.
  5. Hello, I'm new on here, I'm trying to sort out my meds (& eventually come off them). I'm currently on 300mg of Venlafaxine but am totally hopeless at taking them and am therefore often experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It's only when I start experiencing withdrawal symptoms that I remember that I've forgotten to take them! I want to get off the roller coaster and get rid of Venlafaxine forever!
  6. Hi I'll share a little of my story. In 2004 I took Effexor for less than a year having been depressed, tapered off slowly over a few months with no withdrawal issues. This time the Effexor definitely lifted my mood significantly. I took the slow release version 75mg. In Summer 2010 I took Effexor for 3 weeks, for what in hindsight was PTSD and stopped with no withdrawal issues. In Sept 2011 I started taking 75mg Effexor XR for depression. There was no big improvement, I wasn't sure if the medication even made a difference but didn't want to stop in case things got worse. Interestingly I got a big improvement once I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started taking levothyroxine. Around Spring 2013 my symptoms of depression had significantly reduced, enough to declare myself 'better'. I decided to give myself 6 months of feeling good before withdrawing. In Sept 2013 switched to 37.5mg Effexor or a generic venlafaxine twice a day and after 10 days tapered to half a tablet (18mg) in morning, 37.5 mg in evening, just by using a pill cutter. At this point I went through a relationship breakup so decided to postpone withdrawal and went back to the full dose, just in case the medication was providing me with some support. I started to withdraw again this year. I again started by tapering to half a tablet in the morning and a whole one in the evening. I then continued on this dose for a few weeks before reducing to half for both morning and evening in August 2014. The next stage was to reduce to a quarter tablet in the morning and a half in the evening. It's impossible to be very scientific about these reduced sizes - my inexpert pill cutting meant the quarters varied hugely in size. I decided not to be in any hurry over this, which my doctor agreed was sensible. If I felt bad or low then I paused and just continued on the current dose. I am now, November 2014, on a quarter tablet both morning and evening and occasionally forget one or both. I plan another week or two at this dose and then I will stop the morning dose. It will be good to come off this medication. I do wonder if I will become depressed again. Statistically I know it is likely. I wanted to add my voice to the mix partly to reassure that not everyone has difficulty withdrawing - although I did take it much slower than the standard advice.
  7. Hi all! My history below.. i am lost and dont know where to go from here. Im desperate as im self employed and scared to go to work! Venlafaxine 150mg 2 x 75mg per day, tapered far too fast (Due to Doctors Advice). Extreme withdrawal, depersonalisation, suicidal feelings. Doctor reinstated dose at 150 mg xr, felt horrendous, constipation, disconnected unable to work. Doctor then upped my dose to 300mg all the above symtoms but even worse. Again followed doctors advice on discontinuing venlafaxine had awful withdrawals but no panic attacks. Doctor perscribed sertraline to help withdraw which got rid of the brain zaps but was not helping in general so perscibed me citalopram starting at 20 and now to 40mg. I am also taking Diazapam up to 8mg per day. I am now experiencing HUGE anxiety and agrophobic symptoms and wondering if i am going through prolonged withdrawal from initial decrease in Venlafaxine . Would i be better off re instating Venlafaxine at a lower dosage or do i stick with the Citalopram? I do not want to turn agrophobic i am very scared i am or is this the Citaloprams initial side effects? Any help would be a God send.
  8. Hi guysI'm new here. I'm a 33 year old female from the UK.I was diagnosed with depression when I was 19, and went through a couple of different anti-depressants, before settling on Venlafaxine. I took 225mg per day. I've quite small (only 5'1) so I was told that was the highest I should go to. I also used to have social anxiety, mild OCD behavior, and was very 'snappy' and moody, but depression was the main problem. I'd had all these problems since about age 12.Around the same time as that diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycaemia, which I now control through diet, but vastly affects my mood when my blood sugar levels get low. It's pretty much under control now through a strict diet and regular eating, except for about one day a month when my hormones affect it.14 years has passed and I started to think that maybe my problem had always mainly been the hypoglycaemia rather than true depression. I've seen a lot of doctors about the hypo and they all have very little knowledge about it - I would end up explaining it to them! - and they don't seem to understand how much it affects my mental state. I'd avoided attempting to come off the meds for a long time as I've heard horror stories, but I tapered them very slowly since the end of November last year, and stopped taking them around the end of May this year.My depression seemed fine, everything seemed fine. I was the same me as ever, and proud of myself.But the last few weeks...stupidly I didn't write down the exact date I stopped them - but maybe a week or two later, I'm not sure, I started feeling anxiety gradually building. It's so hard to know to what extent outside life affects it, but all I know is that I have a knot of anxiety in my stomach, and feeling so on edge is making me snap at my loved ones so much. I'm feeling really fragile, wanting to cry a lot, and this anxiety is driving me mad.So my questions are, is this my brain readjusting to living without chemicals, is this likely to get better?Or is this just how I am... do you think I need to go back on a low dose of the meds?I was so pleased with myself doing so well coming off them, but I'm finding life such a struggle right now. If I know there's an end to this anxiety I can struggle through, but how long do I want until I know if this is just how I am? I'm so tempted to just start them again, but it would be such a shame if this is just a withdrawal symptom.Advice really appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but not to venlafxine. Quick history: was prescribed Effexor XR in 2003-ish for depression, which my doctors called Dysthmic disorder. I was initially prescribed 75 mg, and stayed on that dose for 2-3 years. Once depression was under control, doc switched me down to 37.5 mg, which I have been on ever since with no end in sight. There was never any discussion of ending my course of effexor. A couple years ago, I asked my shrink about discontinuing the drug and he told me that the 37.5mg dose is so low it doesn't treat depression at all, and if i wanted to get off the drug it would be best to switch to Prozac and work my way down. I have only ever been "off" my med for a day when I forget to take it, and have only experienced "brain shivers" thus far. Once, in 2006, I discontinued use of the drug for a few days and found myself angering very quickly and yelling easily. The thing that concerns me most about trying to discontinue is ******* up my life as it is now, which is pretty good. Why quit? Because the thought of being on a drug, one that may not be needed (see above) for the rest of my life is terrifying.
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