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  1. I went cold turkey off of Geodon which was the last in line of numerous antipsychotics and antidepressants I was on for cca 2.5 years. I went off in Aug 2015. Since then I haven't had an idea what I should have been doing. Now I'm ready to tackle my recovery process. Have I caused more damage by not adhering to some recovery regimen all this time? Or am I totally fine? Is there any place where I can get all the definitive answers on this whole issue? I want to mastermind the hell out of this process and you guys need to help me.
  2. I started taking 50 mg Zoloft about 6 weeks ago. I had horrible side effects but it took me a while to realize it - I thought I was just sick! At first I was nauseous and achy and then I had terrible headaches for weeks. I thought I had a sinus infection. Over the 6 weeks it started to get better very slowly but I would still get the headaches. I started tapering to 25mg about a week ago but got impatient after about 3 days and just stopped it altogether. I was fine for a few days, and all of a sudden last night my headache came back like crazy! So last night I took 25mg. Today I’ve had a horr
  3. I came across this. It is wonderful. http://psychrights.org/articles/newdrugsnewproblems.htm
  4. I've been off prozac for almost 4 months now and in November I started experiencing body zaps. They don't feel like they are in my brain but maybe down the back of my neck and spine and throughout my body. They seem to come and go. I feel like some things trigger them amongst other symptoms, like exercise and recently I'm beginning to think acupuncture. Within hours after she does some points on my head I start getting body zaps even if I haven't had them for days so I am wondering if there is a connection. They freak me out though and make me want to curl in a ball. Is adrenal fatigue caused
  5. Hopeinahpwr


    Hi I am new to this forum. I've been on zoloft for approx 15 years for OCD/anxiety. I decided to stop the medicine and naively thought just meant not taking the pills and I'd be fine. Two months in post-zoloft, was hit with brutal depression that I'd never had before. Very scared, I started back on zoloft and has been two weeks. I must quit this medicine and pray for support in doing so, hoping I can learn from others' experiences and also help those that I can with my experiences. I pray for you all.
  6. Thank you for accepting me into your forum, im so grateful to a member Cheeky who introduced me to this site... I have been on zoloft for 13 years. The first few years were fine, then I started to become addicted to drinking large quantities of alcohol, mainly wine. I asked my doctor about this drinking thing, she said there was no evidence of such thing. My drinking got so bad I had to go to rehab. I'm not a drinker I drink occasionally a glass or two of wine. I could not believe what was happening to me. When I was in rehab I also decided to go cold turkey on zo
  7. Hi everyone first i like to thank every member of this forum for al their information and Personal story's. Second, excuse me for the incorrect english. It is not my native language. Long story.. and really dont knie where to begin. Had mental problems early in life. Diagnosed depression and ptss. At 18y. Psychiatrist wanted me on ad. IT made me angry, so i left. ANd went on With my life. Age 28. After giving birth to my first child. Thingms went wrong, i got very anxious. Al kinds of crazy thoughts about all things could happen with my baby. After 6 months colours fad
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm really happy to have found this support system for antidepressant withdrawal. I have spent the past 8 months weaning off of Zoloft 100mg (am now at 12.5) and am experiencing delayed withdrawal side effects. I initially was on for depression about my parents' divorce, as well as some anxiety issues. I experienced my first panic attack in Geometry class in high school- I'll never forget that day. I felt like I was floating, and completely disconnected from my body. It quickly subsided once I drank some cold water, and I never thought much of it after that until I rea
  9. I have been in chronic pain for five years -- on and off various medication for five years (which never decreased my pain and did a number on my CNS). I can't tell what is a pain symptom, side effect or withdrawal at this point. You can see some history in my signature. My plan was to withdraw from Valium first, then Gabapentin, then Zoloft, but I've been tapering slowly off Gabapentin and Valium at the same time. I also made a jump from 25mgs of Zoloft to 12.5mg of Zoloft 8/10/17. I was only taking 25mg of Zoloft since 6/16/17, Then before that, 10mg Paxil from 2/16/ - 6/14/17, wh
  10. Hello everyone, Here is my history and what I am currently dealing with... In 2011 I had an extremely stressful semester of college in which I did nothing but study all day every day and isolate myself. At the beginning of the next semester I believe I experienced a panic attack and the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. I took a leave of absence from school and starting seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed Lexapro. It did not help at all. Over the next several years I did not change my unhealthy coping habits but I continued to see various psychiatrist
  11. Hi everyone - Long story but here it goes i will do my best to use that bit of brain that still feels like its working to explain. (Bet you all know how and what i mean). Over the years i have been on a few different SSRI drugs or as i like to call them now POISON!. Starting of 5 years ago on citalopram 40mg i had anxiety at this point... Looking back it was nothing like i have experienced in the last few months it happened more in situational circumstances as in i worried about being stuck in traffic and not having a toilet around. My anxiety would then ca
  12. TRIGGER WARNING: MENTION OF SUICIDE ATTEMPT, EATING DISORDER So I've been dealing with a lot of challenging information this week with regard to my mental health. In 2000, when I was 15, I attempted suicide. I'd had an aggressive eating disorder for about 2 years at this point - that continued until I was 24 or 25. My parents got me a little bit of counseling after the attempt, but they mostly swept it all under the rug. Then, in 2002, I had what they classified as another "depressive episode," which caused them to send me to a psychiatrist who prescribed antidepressants (Wellbutrin).
  13. Hello fellow survivors, In 1998 I was in the throes of peri-menopause and some life stressors which caused me to experience severe anxiety. Went to my family doc who prescribed some Ativan, which caused me to feel really depressed. I was then prescribed Zoloft and slowly but surely I weaned myself off the Ativan. I have to be honest and say that the Zoloft did help with the anxiety and other peri-menopausal symptoms so I continued to take it. In 2010 my insurance changed and it no longer covered the brand name Zoloft I was using so went on the generic. I did not feel well after I began taking
  14. I am currently cross-tapering from Zoloft to Viibryd. I've gone from 150 to 62.5mg of zoloft and 10 to 40 mg of Viibryd over a 7-week peripd. Throughout the process I've had periods of insomnia, mood highs/lows, body exhaustion/weakness and fatigue. However, not until I went from 75 to 62.5 did it become extremely uncomfortable. My brain feels heavy, especially in the front. I've had crying jags. I'm exhausted. I'm having trouble thinking, if that makes sense. My brain feels slowed sometimes. I've started having what they call hypnagogic hallucinations--hearing things right before falling as
  15. I have been on Zoloft for many years. Switching between antidepressants for a total of 20 years. I was on Zoloft or other antidepressants and xanax for about 20 years. I was up to 200 mg Zoloft and 2 xanax pills at night with another xanax during the day to take edge off once in awhile. I was under psychiatrist care for all those years until he retired. I chose to go to my general doctor for continuing getting my meds. I have tried to get off a few times and have failed. I will continue in a minute. This is my first post and want to make sure it works
  16. I quit Zoloft a month ago 50mg as day for 4 months when will when I start to feel normal
  17. Hi there, first time post I came across this site searching about side effect withdrawal systems. As of 11 days ago, I was taking 50 mg of sertraline. At my Dr.'s appointment he said I could just stop taking the 50 mg (I have been coming off that medicine for approx 6 months or so...I was originally on 150 mg). At each dose decrease (150, 125, 100, 75, 50) I would have a few days to a week of uncomfortable withdrawal side effects. Since just stopping the 50 mg, I am beyond uncomfortable. My headaches are bad and I feel horrible! (just to name a few things). Things were so bad
  18. nityananda

    nityananda: Zoloft

    Link to above quote: james-heaney-article-on-what-to-expect-in-restatement Hello LexAnger, I'm considering myself to go up with a dose, because of my withdrawal symptoms I'm suffering for 4 months now, since my last taper. I was waiting to stabilize but seems I feel worse with every day. Maybe my anxiety mimicall that pains and shaking and spasms.. I'm confused. I feel stuck. I was on Zoloft 50 mg for 12 years, beside xanax. I started to taper Zoloft february, last year.. This year in april was my last taper and I'm on 8mg since then and feeling awful. Why do you think its not good to go
  19. Hi, my name is nadia and I'm 16 , I've been put on zoloft 25mg and I've taken about 8 days worth and I am experiencing PGAD. If I mention this to my doctor and get put off zoloft, will my pgad go away? I was already very suicidal before this and the PGAD is making it worse, I don't think I can live with this forever. Also, if it is something that will go away if I get taken off zoloft, what can I do to manage it in the meantime? Any help is appreciated
  20. Hi everyone. I found you today while frantically googling for answers after another 'episode' on my Zoloft withdrawal journey to hell. I am a 42 year old mother of two beautiful school ages boys, and had been on 100mg Zoloft for 5 years, since the first year of the birth of my second child. I started tapering off 3 months ago in consultation with my dr, it looks like it was a quick taper after everything I've now read, cutting off 25mg a week, so a taper of 4 weeks. My life has been hell ever since. I've experienced every symptom I've read about, brain zap, headaches
  21. I have been on ssris for 13 years now. I was switched to Zoloft 9 months ago because it's suppose to be good for anxiety. Unfortunately it gives me crazy heartburn and now I'm having to take meds for that. After talking to my dr we decided to try coming off the meds all together. I am having bad out of it, drunk feelings and am wondering if there is anything you can take to help with that?
  22. I was on 150mg of Zoloft and tried weaning off by halfing the dose every few weeks... I got down to zero but the symptoms after a few weeks were too bad... I went back up to 25 and then to 50... I've been at 50mg for at least 6 months (maybe longer)... Having read the info here, it looks like it's going to take me a few years to taper off 😨... I can do it I've sort of forgotten why I want to taper off... I think I just want to be free of pharmaceuticals. Thank you for this forum!!!!
  23. Moderator note: link to jenthorz's members-only benzo thread My name is Jennifer. Been on some form of antidepressants and/ or benzo starting off and on since age 16. I'm 45 now. Life's been challenging non-stop. Some because of poor decisions, some from trauma, and some from just being an anxious and fearful person. Married too young. Must be all my Daddy issues. Had baby at 18. Divorced that guy. Brother died around then at age 14. Was hit by two drunk drivers December 12, 1989. Married again later to someone I knew was good for me and son. Thought I would learn to love hi
  24. pete333

    Pete333 33 years

    Hello, I've suffered with depression for 33 years. 12 years with no medication because I thought I just needed to try harder. Finally my father, who had suffered with it too found me a helpful church counselor who convinced me I needed medicine. This saved my life. The first medicine Anafranil kept me from suicide. It got me back to work more steadily and made me able to live. Then I started 21 years of Zoloft and then Paxil. Oh, with 3 years of Pexeva in between and it was fine. But government insurance changes forced me back on Paxil the last 3 years or so. I lost my 26 year
  25. wombles


    Hi all, I have only just started reading all the wonderful, hope-giving posts on this forum. I have been on Effexor for 20+ years and while I had ups and downs it did seem to do the job mostly, although in saying that I would have fatigue which I would put down to the depression - but who knows?? Anyway a couple of years ago I got very fatigued and was diagnosed with Ceoliac Disease, so went GF and started to feel really good, then after about 10 months the fatigue set in again, my Dr felt I should increase the Effexor. Now in the past I am aware that Effexor raises my BP an
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