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  1. Hi everyone. I’m trying to come off 15mg Paroxetine after 21 years as it seemed to be ineffective. Doc has prescribed Sertraline to support the withdrawal. I started with a 25mg dose of Sertraline two weeks ago and one week ago I dropped to 10mg Paroxetine. At the same time I upped the Sertraline to 50mg. By day 6 I was having some pretty unpleasant withdrawal symptoms - mainly panic attacks (which I have rarely had in the past), constant anxiety (which is triggering old scripts) and some bleak dreams / thoughts. I was supposed to drop to 5mg Paroxetine today and go up to 75g Setralin
  2. 3 months clean, still withdrawal symptoms alot less than first. almost a succes story. Hi i wrote a little update. (i made someposts lately on my own topic but nobody responded). I made alot of progress, especially the last 4 weeks. i'ill make a symptoms list of what i got and how i deal with it. maybe it could help some others even. For some reason i still get sick more often and everytime i get better the symptoms get a bit better. Improvements -DP and DA: Almost gone -Racing toughts: not permanent anymore -Tremors: A
  3. Its been 3 days since I stopped sertraline. I was taking it since about a year. Dose was 50mg. Then 25mg. Then 12.5mg… after being on 12.5mg for 6 weeks I started cutting half of it until I couldnt cut it no more. Someone recommended this forum to me so I wish I could resolve many doubts!!
  4. hi, i'm thankful to have found this site but i really wish i would've found it at the start of my medication journey. i'll give some background on everything before i describe my situation now. so i started zoloft/sertraline in october 2019 when i was 19 years old, i was put on 25mg to start because i was essentially having one long panic attack that lasted several weeks and as a result i became agoraphobic because of how terrified i was of what was happening to me. i had a house visit from my doctor who prescribed me zoloft (i'd actually been prescribed diazepam too a couple days
  5. Basically got here from intense google searching for support from SSRI withdrawals. I'm still searching for answers and thankfully have found success stories on here of people who have eventually recovered. I was just wondering if there's anyone out there like me who have only used SSRIs, specifically Sertraline, for a short period of time and have had to stop due to bad side effects after a week. I've since stopped using Sertraline as advised by my doctor, but I'm still struggling with concentrating and I don't feel like myself, with bouts of dissociation and losing my
  6. I have been on Sertraline (Zoloft) over the last 11 years. These were prescribed by a physician in an effort to treat my GAD/panic condition caused from high stress levels in college. Prescribed within a 10 minute appointment. I was 20 years old. And with no information on how long to take it or how to stop taking it. "Take this, it will help." The medication seemed to work OK for a few years. However, my experience over the last 2.5 years on this medication and with the psychiatry system has been a complete mess. My symptoms of anxiety (and the addition of depression)
  7. Hi everyone So I have been debating whether or not to add my situation or just continue to read the success stories as they really help me. I decided to add my own story as I’m hoping people can give me some hope! So I had my daughter after a terrible pregnancy, I had a condition that put both baby and me at risk and I was rushed into hospital every week heavily bleeding. I was told each time that anything could happen and everytime I work up bleeding in the middle of the night I panicked that I was going to loose my little girl or die and leave my other daughter behind
  8. Caralee

    Caralee: Caralee

    Hi. Obligatory intro post. I am currently on 75mg Sertraline. Have been on antidepressants for the past 15 years (Cipralex initially and then Prozac). Severe anxiety and depression sufferer. Discovered this site while searching for answers for my son (11 y) who recently started antidepressants and is now suffering from incontinence.
  9. I am going through same bad times. I was started ( 4/21) on Zoloft, Lunesta and Diazepam for my anxiety, after a health scare. Not my first episode. Usually on Effexor, Valium and some Z drugs. Always been able to taper to zero once the crisis is over. This episode I and took Lunesta and Diazepam for a couple weeks, and sertraline, after my surgery (for a few days). Due to increased jitteriness and sleep issues, my doc switch me to mirtazapine, increasing to 45. Sayed there for 6 weeks or so...no improvement. Cut the mirtazapine down to 30 in a month (I know, too fast..
  10. Hello, I quit drinking alcohol 11 years ago and a doctor at that time thought the anti depressant Zoloft would be beneficial for my "anxiety" from quitting. This is how I started using these drugs. It has taken me forever to finally quit. I'm a 43 year old male. I've quit Lexapro 2.5 mg 24 days ago and have had the worst three day stretch to date. I feel extremely tired and fatigued. I feel symptoms of brain fog, memory failures, cognitive decline, crying spells, sadness, slight headache, head pressure, eyes tired, some body ache, and slight brain zaps. I'm tryin
  11. Hello, I'm a mum to my 13 year old son and have gradually come to the conclusion, that most of my health complications are due to psychiatric drugs, most recently sertraline. I've been prescribed a few in the last 10 years and no one warned me of dependency issues. I found out by researching with other patients. I would like to be able to give up work but can't afford to. I have been gradually reducing since 2020 and have been having terrible low mood including hormonal issues. Sadly I feel the medication has caused fertility issues now and I'm now 4
  12. I have tired to taper off meds a few times, most recently in 2018 and now over the past 8 weeks. I’m currently down to 50 mg Sertraline/Zoloft from 100mg which I was on for probably a little over a year. Prior to that I have been on different antidepressants for a little over 20 years. When I tapered in 2018 I ended up severely depressed and anxious, unable to function in my demanding job or with my family as a parent. I am worried, as many have been, that these drugs have permanently altered my brain’s ability to produce and regulate serotonin.
  13. I've been on Zoloft for 11 years. 50mg was my highest dose. I was on that for several years and then started taking it every other day, I'm not sure why, nor do I remember if I had any bad reactions or W/D symptoms. 7 years ago I started experiencing chronic fatigue and brain fog. None of the four of the doctors I went to had any answers as to what was causing it. From 2019-2020 I was in a pretty good place emotionally and mentally and realized that the zoloft had dampened my ability to really enjoy anything and wanted to come off of it. My dr agreed when I saw him in January this year. Well,
  14. Hi all, my name is Bart, I've been on Sertraline (zoloft) only for 3 months or so, including a bout with Alprazolam as well -- and I discovered this place after a pretty harsh day when I stopped abruptly. Being the engineer that I am, I've browsed in deep detail the the tapering-related discussions and specifically the ones about calculating the curve based on the "famous 2019 Lancet Horowitz paper". I'm 80% of the way in building an excel spreadsheet that models their recommended approach, slows it down some, and applies it to Sertraline thanks to other papers' SERT occupancy
  15. Hi Guys, So here's my story. I was first depressed when I was 18 over a breakup that wasn't that long. i had always struggled with anxiety and depression and I was simply overcome with it over something as simple as a short high school relationship. Maybe it was growing up but long and short I was first prescribe Zoloft then Lexapro which made me go manic because as I found out years later I was unable to metabolize it properly. In any case, after trying different antipsychotics and other sleeping drugs, I ultimately found Trintellix , which I was first perscribed 5mg of in 2017.
  16. When i started using zoloft and how i became clean. i started using zoloft in 2017 at 16 years old. now since june the 6th i came clean. what i experiences was weight gain . brain fog, and zombie feeling. impossible to break certain patterns. Worsening depression. now spark in the eyes after year 2 hormone imbalance that caused breast growth it was slowly, first i barely noticed anything only after year 2 i started noticing bad things happening. The decrease and tappering of from zoloft was pure hell and nothing more, i
  17. hi My name is Karen, I’m 46 and been on and off Zoloft since age 16. i was off once in my 20s and 30s for about 6-7 years and that was a hard and horrible time. Then I went back on about twelve years ago and have been on them ever since. I did lots of work cutting out alcohol and smoking plus now I’m non dairy, non gluten, low grain, high protein (as much as possible) with a ton of supplements for a mast cell disorder and osteoporosis. Fourth months ago I started tapering very slowly from 200 mg and just this past month I started having nightmares, high REM asleep, sleeping 10
  18. Dears, I'm desperately writing you as I feel noone on this Earth is understanding me now. I was a cheerful, social, active girl. Last year in August I gave life to my boy. When he turned 3.5 month, I started to have sleep issues out of the sudden. I got super scared as it continued day after day. Then after 5 days I got my first postpartum period. That day I KNEW, oh my God this must be it. This whole thing is just hormonal. Since then I lived with this problem for 6 months. Peak troubled nights were always around ny periods and ovulation, but I also had sleep issues beyond them. Over ti
  19. Hello! I’m 62 years old, female. I first started with antidepressants, Anafranil, in the early nineties. I quit ct after a year and 6 months later I ended up in hospital where I stayed 6 months before they kicked me out with a new prescription of Anafranil and with Rohypnol for sleep issues. A couple of years later I switched to SSRI, can’t remember which, and Rohypnol switched to Zopiclone 7,5 mg. No one ever told me I ended up in hospital because of withdrawal syndrome. I medicated for years and years. In 2022 I switched Cipramil and had Sertraline instead. The symptoms when I
  20. Hi there, I'm growing quite concerned that this high dose of sertraline that I'm on may be causing great difficulty in stopping myself from engaging in BFRBs (Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior), particular picking & biting my nails & the skin on my fingers. To be honest, I didn't even know these behaviors had an umbrella title until looking it up, just now. The reason I think it might be associated with sertraline is this behavior seemed to start shortly after dosage increases that went beyond prescribing guidelines for this medication. I used to have a problem with BFRBs bu
  21. By February 2017, after suffering an a intensive mobbing at my first year of university, I was suffering an a clinical picture of being unable to get concentrate and having headaches all the day. My doctor diagnosed me depression and prescribed me Zoloft. I took it about 45 days, 50 mg, and then I stopped abruptly due to an a side effect that I didn't like (I don't remember which one, it was something completely banal). I've to say that I experienced an a improvement, the headaches disappeared, my brain began to work fluenty, being able to concentrate and read perfectly. After 45 days, I stopp
  22. Hi my name is Jacqualyn and over 4 years ago I quit taking Zoloft. Let me give you a back story. I have posted on here before when I was about 6 months into withdrawal. I started Zoloft when I was 12 or 13 (the timeline is blurry) I was on it for around 8 years and didn’t really have any negative side effects besides weight gain. When I was 20 years old I decided to get off. I tapered from my 100mg over the course of a couple weeks (which I now know was way to quick). I think I cut my does in half for a week and then in half again for a week and then quit. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms
  23. Hello. I’m new so will give a little background. I have been on roughly three SSRI’s since the age of about 22 (tapering off of one just to start on another ) I am 37 now. I had started on Lexapro for a tough time I was going through in which it did help me through, at that point I should have gotten off of it but never did. I stayed on it for about seven years then transitioned to Zoloft as I had developed stomach issues (ibs) in the time frame and was told Zoloft was better for that. After being on Zoloft for a few years I decided it was time to come off as I felt there was no reason for me
  24. I am a teenager going through withdrawal and it is pure torture. I dont know what to do. I feel alienated from the fact I still have a developing brain. I was put on 50mg Zoloft for one month, maybe 2 weeks more. I cant remember. My memory is deteriorating. I was prescribed this, heavily encouraged and before my gut-feeling said no to taking this medication that I was forced to take; My family encouraged me. It was flaky between 25mg and 50mg. I was switched to Prozac 25mg. I dont remember how long I took this, and 2 weeks is my best guess. One week? 3 Weeks? 2 and a half? I start
  25. In 2015 I had my first big breakdown in my life where suddenly I was unable to drive because I had insane panic. I hadn't taken care of myself well up to that time and my body just broke down mentally. A doctor gave me Paxil and Xanax but I refused to take them and slowly over 2 years more or less recovered through the help of friends and self help. Eventually got a career, started driving to and from my job and life was decent. The pandemic comes and I decide I can't cope with getting this new disease so I lock down 100% more or less and spend a year by myself. I eventually start
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