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  1. Hi all. I`m new to this forum and this is me: I`m 35 yrs old male, husband and father of 3 children. I lived my youth in an abusive family and went through my early years with panic attacks and depression without any help from anyone. Just judgement and 0 love & acceptance. This left me in really bad shape after leaving home. Nevertheless I managed to start a family, get phd and land a good job. My past still has always been haunting me. So in 2008 I went to doctor cause I felt so terrible. He gave me 10mg of Cirpalex per day. I took it for a few months until I forgot to take t
  2. Sorry for my bad English but I use Google translator. I am a woman of 45 years old, housewife, living in Italy with her husband and parents who live in the adjoining. Before having psychiatric problems in 2006, I was found a leucoencelopatia vascular disease. In January 2006 I began to take Zoloft ( 1 x 50 mg) for generalized anxiety and depression. After one month and a half I was fine, I continued to take it until November 2006 when I had a relapse and I have replaced it with Cymbalta ( 1 x 60 mg). I took it up to July 2007 and then climb it in two months. In September 2007 I was fine withou
  3. I had a successful taper off klonopin that finished over 18 months ago...I was feeling GREAT for about a year...ZERO anxiety/ depression. In fact I was feeling so great I threw myself into a high stress job, moved to a new city, started drinking socially ( at times a bit too much). Since my taper I have been on 50mg of Zoloft and trazadone ( doses vary but about 25mg for the past yr). About 6-8 weeks ago I ran out of my trazadone and I remember starring in the mirror thinking I should just stop taking it because I was feeling so good. The thought of w/d crossed through my mind but I remember t
  4. Hi, About my experiences, well about 16 yrs ago my gp gave me zoloft because I had really bad fatigue and body pains. I willingly tried it, because I had no idea of the difficulty getting off of course, until I tried a few months later and had problems, so I just stayed on because I didn't really know how to get off or if I should. Then I moved a lot went to university and worked alternately in different places. With all the stresses of life I decided just to stay on. Finally about 5 yrs ago doctors gave me a hard time getting refills for effexor because I couldn't really explain why I
  5. Hi everyone, I joined this site because after 13 years of contributing to the pharmaceutical fund, and investing my retirement into the tuition of the children of my shrinks (eleven of them), only to mess up my brain chemistry and find no relief, I am tired of being on medication and looking for a way out. How it started. Fifteen years ago, I developed an eating disorder, which started as anorexia then after two years turned into bulimia. At the time, I had no other psychiatric issues. I was not depressed, did not suffer from anxiety (except relating to food) or cyclothymia... A
  6. I've been on anti-depressants for 10 years. Most recently 200mg of Zoloft, trazodone, klonopin. I've been experiencing mood swings the last 9 months that keep getting worse. Assuming it was a side effect of my medication I asked my doctor if it was a good idea to taper off. I did as he directed and ended up barely sleeping for three weeks which culminated with a serious episode where I was violent threw my husband out of the house and barricaded myself in my bedroom which ended in self-mutilation (cutting). I'm 32 years old. I thought cutting was something teenagers did. I've never had mood sw
  7. Hi Everyone - Just found this forum, and thankful that I did. I've been on SSRIs since about 1996 when I was 16 years old. Had typical adolescent depression/anxiety w/ a bit of OCD on the side. Tried a variety of SSRIs for a few years. They put me on Zoloft around 2002, and I've pretty much been on it ever since. Discovered that I had a mild case of Tourette's as well a couple of years later, and added .5mg Haldol to the mix in 2005. I realized about a year ago that these things were doing me more harm than good. Followed my doctor's directions for tapering in fall/winter of last year
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and share my history. I was on 200mg Zoloft for over 5 years, mostly for anxiety but also depression, and have been tapering for around a year now. I've frequently visited this site, which has been very helpful, but this is the first time I've actually posted anything. I started tapering last June at 25 mg per month and was off meds by January, 8 months later. Then the withdrawal symptoms started. In the first week I experienced what I think people mean by "brain zaps;" short periods of dizziness, disorientation and nausea. In the second week I
  9. Hi, I found this site a couple of weeks ago and have slowly been starting to wonder if what I’ve been going through the past 18 months is related to SSRI withdrawal. I managed to successfully withdraw from Lexapro at the end of 2010, after over 13 years of AD use. I had various fluctuating symptoms for a couple of months, but then apart from constant ringing in my ears and a return of occasional anxiety, I seemed to be ok. I was studying to be a chi-ball instructor, was exercising regularly, was eating healthy and was generally quite happy. After getting off Lexapro, I had been diagnos
  10. Hey there, I just wanted to put my story here and see if anyone had encouraging words for me. I've been off of Lexapro since September 2010, and it has been one hell of a ride. I was only on for about 9 months, and now I'm about 22 months removed from the stuff. So, I endured really tough withdrawal for the first six months after the CT, and at that point my sleep began to improve and my depression/anxiety/DP/intrusive thoughts began to subside. Months 6 thru 12 also showed improvement, and by month 12 after my CT, I was feeling like I was on a trajectory to feeling 'normal'. Months 12 thru 17
  11. Well after 15 years I have decided to come off the Zoloft 150 mg ... I am very nervous about this as I know there can be horrible withdrawal symptoms. I will start my taper tommorrow my doctor said we would start at 150mg and decrease to 125mg then after 2 weeks we will decrease to 100 mg then 2 weeks later to 75 mg then after this we will decrease by 12.5mg every 3 to 4 weeks.... Does this sound like a good taper plan? I am trying to avoid HORRIBLE BRAIN ZAPS at all costs... Thanks!!!
  12. I've been tapering from 75 mg. zoloft since November, 2010. I was on 75 mg. for only about 6 weeks, I had increased from 50 which I had been taking for 13 years prior. I'd entered menopause, was irritable and anxious...no depression really, so my family doctor shoved some sample zoloft in my hand and said, try this, they are very mild, just like aspirin. Right! He said they were not addictive, very safe. I resisted at first, but then caved and tried it. The first year or two was just great. I was in love with zoloft. But after about two years, I tried to taper because I knew
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