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  1. Hi! I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago and was prescribed zyprexa and treated up to 25mg. Previous to the medication I was working on an art career. I hated the side effects of the medication and when I was in the hospital I could feel and see all the creative ideas I had nearly vanishing. I want to add that I was also on an antipsychotic for depression and anxiety since my mother just died. I went from a bubbly, creative, ADHD person with a wide emotional range to flat. When I came home I didn't realize I needed to titrate off the medication and went cold turkey. It's been a couple week
  2. Hello. I have been on zyprexa and prozac for 2 years. I tried stopping twice and began to have severe insomnia. The last try was just stopping the zyprexa by itself and after a week of stopping 2.5 mg, the insomnia was so bad that I began taking again. I really want to be off of both medicines, but I'm struggling. My doctor told me that the dose that I'm taking is like taking tic tacs and its not doing too much. I was originally prescribed the medicine because I had a nervous breakdown and couldn't sleep or eat. The doctor feels I should be off of the medicine but she is not giving me much hel
  3. Hello, everyone. I have been reading everything I can on Zyprexa tapering, withdrawal etc. Our story is different. My husband was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder originally known as olivopontocerebellum atrophy. It is now known as Multiple systems Atrophy. This disease is progressive and fatal. no known cure. He is losing all ability to walk , talk and eventually swallowing. He had an injection of a steroid for hip pain that caused him to have a severe psychotic episode that didn't resolve for over 2 weeks. desperate for relief he was put on seroqual for short time
  4. ozzyz


    Need some advice. Was given 15 milligrams Zyprexa in the hospital for anxiety and depression. Been on 15 milligrams for one month. Stopped taking it because of restless legs and now my anxiety is back very high. Should I have tapered off after only being on 4 One month. Is this just my withdrawal or original anxiety returning. My doctor wasn't much help he basically just said that I could have anxiety again after stopping the medication but did not tell me that I needed to taper from it. Also taking Prozac for a past 5 weeks 20 milligrams a day. And two milligrams clonazepam.
  5. Hi there, I'm so glad I found this forum and would appreciate any advice on tapering off zyprexa. I've been on this medication for about 4 months. I'm also taking Effexor. I had a serve depression coupled with anxiety and I was given zyprexa for insomnia. My psychiatrist told me that unlike benzodiazepine that it was non addictive. Although, recently he has been has been tapering me off the zyprexa. I was taking 10mgs at one point and then reduced to 7.5mgs, after a few weeks to 5mgs, then 2.5, with no significant withdrawal symptoms. After being on 2.5 for a couple of weeks I was again reduce
  6. Due to ignorance, I stopped taking zyprexa 5mg cold turkey back on Sept. 20 2016. My psychiatrist had prescribed it for me in March after being diagnosed Borderline personality disorder with bipolar traits along with anxiety and depression. It helped with a lot of my symptoms but I did not like the weight gain. When I began this medication in march, I was only 130 lbs and by september I was up to 160 pounds! So I stopped taking it. I haven't had problems stopping medications in the past so I didn't see how it would be any different with this medication. Boy was I wrong! My first with
  7. Hey. I have two questions. 1. I am currently thinking of weaning off Geodon a drug that is in a capsule. And I have question about weaning it off.
  8. Hello all, i am new and on quite the cocktail and i realize that withdrawing will take a significant amount of time. 3 weeks ago my doctor went from 25mg Zyprexa to 20mg voluntarily. Yesterday i went from 75mg Trazodone to 62.5mg. drug, morning dose, noon dose, evening dose, nighttime dose: Seroquel XR 300-0-0-0 Seroquel 0-0-0-650 Zyprexa 2.5-0-2.5-15 Trazodone 62,5-0-0-0 Venlafaxine 0-0-0-37,5 Metformin 500-0-500-1000 I have OCDish side effects from those and that sucks. Regards Julian
  9. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help please... I am a 33 woman and I took Zypexa for 6 years due to very mistaken and stupid diagnosis (10mg`s for 2 years and 5mg for 4 years) and Cypralex for first 3 years. I quit Cypralex 5 years ago while on Zyprexa and quit Zyprexa 26 months ago after a 3 months taper. I am absolutely,100% drug free. I am in full withdrawal/discontinuation syndrome and I have experienced a lot of debilitating sypmtoms, severe insomnia, severe muscular pain throughout the body, uncontrolled rage, tremors, severe headaches, stiff/pain in my neck and shoulders, severe st
  10. kevin21


    I had terrible experience trip to China this summer. I was forced to took the similar drugs in hospital that schizor had two years ago (Zeprexa -up to 20 mg- for a month and Zoloft(sertraline HCL) for 8 days). my mom lied to me into local mental hospital by telling me to have health examination(never mentioned "mental hospital"). I never had any psych episode. upon the arrival, worker from there tied me on the bed and lock me up in the cage, then give me a shot(no idea what is it, makes me feel lost ability to be angry) without any explanation or reason. Since then, I was forced to take p
  11. Hello - I just joined this site as I need help for my mother. She is 69 years old and starting having some fairly acute bouts of depression after she retired. She had been taking a sleeping pill (I don't know the name) since the mid 80's and decided she wanted to stop taking them around age 66. She stopped cold turkey. I think this is when the depressive symptoms began (as a result of withdrawls) for which she started seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist. After trial and error...lots of error...she has now been on Cymbalta (1 daily - 60mgs), Olylanzabine (zyprexa - 1 at bed - 5mgs) and
  12. On and off meds for the last 7 years. Whenever tried to stop, things just got worse. The last time I tried to stop was Cymbalta. The withdrawal was awful after coming slowly off from 30, to 25 and then off at direction of Psych. I was in physical and emotional pain for 2 months, then had some mania, and then so depressed and anxious that I felt I was going to die. Even though I swore I would never go back on the meds, I felt like I had no choice after looking into the more holistic options and feeling unsure how to go about it all. (And trying some of it with no results) So in desperation I la
  13. Hello I am Andy 18 months ago after the premature birth (26 weeks) and serious illness (NEC) of my daughter I had a classic nervous breakdown. I was exhausted and after 18 months of hospital visits I broke down completely both mentally and physically .The doctors put me on a high dose of citalopram which finished me off and i was admitted to a psych ward for 6 longs weeks. During the stay I was took off cit cold turkey and put on Seroquel. The stay was a blur and I felt spaced out and lost touch with reality, I became delusional and felt worse than when I was admitted. After I was admitted
  14. After a year of being on xyprexa and lithium and feeling depressed and far way from myself I have started the tapering process. My new Dr first put me on Zoloft (I felt no result) and then she tapered me from 2.5 xyprexa to 0 in a month. This is the first time I got through it. But I'm 2 weeks in and sleeping but wake anxious and feel pretty dark. Is this the withdrawal? I wasn't depressed or anxious before the meds. I'm really afraid. I still don't feel like myself at all and I have 2 more drugs to get off of. I would so appreciate any words of wisdom
  15. i am coming off olanzapine aka zyprexa i have been off it for about a week my psychiatrist offered no dsuggestions other then to take myself off this we fine until yesterday i have been super dizzy and extremly fatigued i took a nap yesterday and woke up feeling very weak and diszzy and disoriented and paniced and i took my lorazapam and was alright after awhile well today right around the same time i got super fatigued and dizzy and weal and shakey i tapered 2.5 mg in like a weeki dont know if i should reinstate or just gut it out since i have already taken myself off of it
  16. Hello, people! I ask you that question in the topic title, so I am pretty sure what exactly is my problem and it is supressed deep fear and aslo not feeling the pain which i am sure is healthy to feel in my situation. But when i try to feel the pain or the fear i can't do it to the point i know i should. I am taking Zyprexa and Abilify for 3 years and for these 3 years i was strugling searching, trying to understand what is going on with me and what exactly is my problem. i read a lot of books and articles. watched a lot af videos and now i finally realized what i needed. But i think Zyprexa a
  17. Hi all, Thanks to a kind user over at Reddit I was referred to this forum. I am a 25 year old college graduate with no history of mental illness. However, in April of this year, I was hospitalized voluntarily for depression. During my stay, the hospital psychiatrists placed me on a series of meds: Lexapro, Lithium, Zyprexa, Cogentin and Klonopin. The Cogentin and Klonopin were discontinued during my outpatient visits. Having been fed up with the manner I was treated by my doctor, I chose to taper myself off the Lithium and Zyprexa. I got tired of sleeping 12-13 hours a da
  18. Hi everyone, I joined this site because after 13 years of contributing to the pharmaceutical fund, and investing my retirement into the tuition of the children of my shrinks (eleven of them), only to mess up my brain chemistry and find no relief, I am tired of being on medication and looking for a way out. How it started. Fifteen years ago, I developed an eating disorder, which started as anorexia then after two years turned into bulimia. At the time, I had no other psychiatric issues. I was not depressed, did not suffer from anxiety (except relating to food) or cyclothymia... A
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