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Found 4 results

  1. January 14 at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm US Pacific Time / 8:00pm to 10:00pm Eastern. As the numbers of the chronically ill grow rapidly worldwide due to what is being called “long Covid,” there is much to be learned from the experience of those who were grappling with the effects of difficult-to-diagnose, understudied, and invisibilized diseases long before the appearance of the novel coronavirus. What do the experiences of the chronically ill teach us about how to survive – not just physically, but emotionally and socially – in the face of huge knowledge gaps and medical disbelief? How ca
  2. I believe the death of actress Patty Duke has presented an opportunity for us to speak out against her brand of "advocacy" and all those who would tell us to "Sit down! Shut up! And take your meds!" To this end, I have written this short "letter to the editor" which I intend to submit to local papers. Please feel free to copy and distribute this to your local papers, etc. You can even claim it as your own. Patty Duke, Advocate for Big Pharma, Not People In a 2008 speech sponsored by the drug company Astra Zeneca to the American Psychiatric Association, Patty Duke is quoted as sayin
  3. Hi everyone - My mother's doctor has asked for more information on this "protracted drug withdrawal syndrome" that he obviously doesn't believe in. He is trying to talk her out of slowly tapering with a liquid form of her AD. I'm calling his bluff and sending off the information. Unfortunately, however, everytime I sit down to write him a letter I simmer in a stew of anger, bitterness and overwhelm so terribly that I can't get anything down on paper. So, I thought I would ask the experts..... What info would you point him to TO INFORM AND VALIDATE PROTRACTED PSYCH DRUG WITHDRAWAL?
  4. so, i live in the US and am planning to write a series of letters to pertinent organizations and entities regarding my withdrawal experience. im seeking advice on who i should write, and how to style these letters. i have already written to a few places, like a psychiatric clinic to tell them of their continued misdiagnoses and mistreatment and the Drug Abuse Resistance Education [DARE] program that "teaches" kids about drugs to inform them of the dangers and ease of access to prescription psychotropics, but these letters unsurprisingly received no response or acknowledgement whatsoever.
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